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of the Committee on State Charitable Institutions


and member of Public Education and State Prisons,
in 1878, and member of Public Education, State Pris-
ons and special committee on Railroad? in 1879. He
was elected to the present Assembly by a plurality of
702, his opponents being Thomas Reed (Dem.) and
Duncan Mcintosh (Gr.) The RepubUcan plurality
in 1880 was 2,169.

Chantavqna County.
Population, in 1865, 54,837 ; in 1875, 64,869.

1st District. (Towns of Busti, Chautauqua, Cly-
mer, Ellery, French Creek, Harmony, Mina, Port-
land, Ripley, Sherman, Stockton and Westfleld.)
ALBERT B. SHELDON (Rep.), of Sherman. Mr.
S. was born in Westfleld, Chautauqua county, April
7, 1842, and educated at district and select schools. He
began teaching at the early age of fourteen and con-
tinued the same each winter for ten years, receiving
from Superintendent Victor M. Rice a State certifi-
cate before he was twenty-one. At eighteen he began
to purchase stock during the summer season and has
continued the same each year since. For the past
fifteen years he has also been doing a large business
in real estate and produce, and is now the owner of
land in four towns of Chautauqua county. He was
Supervisor in 1879, '80 and '81, being chosen without
opposition the latter year ; member of the last As-
sembly, serving on the Committees on Insurance,
State Prisons, and Agriculture, and was re-elected
bv a plurality of 36, his opponents being Theodore S.
Moss (Dem.), John B. Baker (Rep.), Simeon Weaver
(Gr.) and Judson H. Miller (Pro. ) Mr. S. met with
strong opposition in his own party in the late can-
vass, and Mr. Moss was regarded as the strongest
Democrat in the county. Mr. Sheldon's plurality
in 1880 was 1,545,

2d District. (Towns of Arkwright, Carroll, Char-
lotte, Cherry Creek, Dunkirk, Ellicott, Elhngton,
Gerrv, Hanover, Kiantone, Poland, Pomfret, Sheri-
den and ViUenova.) MILTON M.FENNER (Rep.), of
Fredonia. Mr. F. was bom in the town of Ellery,
Chautauqua county, N. Y., July 28, 1.S37. He is of
English extraction on both sides. His grandfather.
Resolved W. Fenner, was a native of Rhode Island.
Two members of the latter's family, James and
James, Jr., served as Governors of the State. He
settled in Madison county, N. Y., in 1800, and re-
moved to Chautauqua county in 1810. Mr. Fenner's
grandfather on the mother's side settled in Chautau-
qua county In 1810, and served in the war of 1812,
being present at the burning of Buffalo. Mr. F. was
educated at home, in district schools, and at Alle-
gheny College, Meadville, Pa., Ellington Academy
and Medical College, Cincinnati, the latter iu 1860.
He worked on a farm until 18, and then taught sev-
eral terms of district and select schools before he was
23 years of age. In July, 1860, he located at Flint,
Mich., engaging in the practice of medicine, and in
1861 entered the armv, enlisting in Co. A, 8th Mich-
igan Vols., as Hospital Steward. He was promoted
to Second Lieutenant Nov. 22, 1861; First Lieutenant
Oct. 1, 1862; appointed Assistant Surgeon U. S.
Navy Mav 28, 1863, and resigned Nov. 6, 1863. He was
at the battle of Port Royal, S. C, Nov. 7, 1S6I ; Coosan
River, S. C, Jan.l, 1862; Fort Pulaski, mouth of the
Savannah river, Ga., and commanded a company
during the siege that resulted in its fall April 11,1862;
at the battle of Fort Wagner, Morris Island, S. C,
July 18, 1863; at night attack on Spanish Mills, Hil-
ton Head Island, S. C, March 12, 1663, and on board
Admiral Dahlgren's Flag Ship Philadelphia, during
the naval night attack on Fort Sumter, Charleston
Harbor, Sept. 8, 1863. At present he is a practicing
physician and manufacturer of proprietary medi-
cines ; secretary, treasurer and manager of the Dun-
kirk and Fredonia railroad ; director and one of the
executive committee of five managers of the Agri-
cultural Society of northern Chautauqua; and is direc-
tor of the Merchants' National Bank of Dunkirk, and
Fredonia National Bank. In 1872 he was President
of the State Eclectic Medical Society. He has been
a Republican since 1856, having previously been a
Democrat ; was Supervisor of the town of Pomfret,
1878, '79; member of the last. Assembly, serving as


Evening Journal Almanac, 188:^

Chairman of the Committee on Public Health and
member of Afl'airs of "Villages, and Expenditures of
the House, and re-elected by a plurality of 423, his
opponents being Charles E. Weeks (Dem.), Simeon
C. Davis (Gr.) and Walter A. Sellew (Pro.) His
plurality in 1880 was 2,693. He was identified with
the Oleomargarine and Kerosene Oil bills in the last

Chemung County.

Population, in 1865, 31,923 ; in 1875, 41,879.
ORVILLEP. DIMON (Dem.), of Tan Ettenville.
Mr. D. was born at Van Ettenville, January 18, 1835 ;
educated in common schools ; was formerly a far
mer, and is now a merchant. He was Supervisor
1875-77, and '79-"81, being three times chosen Chair-
man of the Board, and was elected to the Assembly
bv a plurality of 464, his opponents being Daniel 5".
Pickering (Rep.), and Thos. K. Beecher (Gr.) The
Democratic plurality in 18S0 was 222.

Chenango County,

Population, iu 1865, 38,360; iu 1875, 39,937.
SILAS W. BERRY (Rep.), of East Pharsalia. Mr.
B. was born at Pharsalia, i'ebruary 14, 1847 ; edu-
cated at common schools; taught school winters
during early life; is a farmer; voted the Liberal i;e-
publican ticket in 1872; was Superintendent of Poor,
1874-77. He was elected to the Assembly by a plur-
ality of 155, his opponents being David Shattuck
(Dem.), and John F. Seaman (Gr.) The Repub-
lican plurality in 1880 was 1,217.

Clinton County.

Population, in 1865, 45,713 ; in 1875, 49,761.

BENJAMIN D. CLAPP (Rep.), of Keeseville.
Mr. C. was born in North Argyle, Washington
county, January 12, 1838, and was educated at com-
mon schools, at Argyle Academy and at Fort Edward
Seminary and Collegiate Institute. During fifteen
years he was a bank officer, being seven years in the
National Bank at Fort Edward and eight years
Cashier of the Vilas National Bank at Plattsburgh.
Since April, 1871, he has been a hardware merchant.
He has always been a Republican ; was Supervisor of
Chesterfield, Essex county, 1673, 74; President of
the Village of Keeseville in 1880 ; present Supervisor
of Ausable, Clinton county ; member of Assembly
from Essex county, 1877, 78, serving in 1877 on the
Committees on Banks and Public Printing; and in
1878 as Chairman of Banks and member of Insurance
and Public Lands. He was elected to the present
House by a majority of 948 over John B. Riley (Dem. )
The Republican plurality in 1880 was 1,924.

Columbia County.

Population, in 1865, 44,905 ; in 1875, 47,756.
Muitzeskill, Rensselaer county. Mr. S. was born
at Stuyvesant, Columbia county, October 22, 1838 ;
was educated in common schools and Kinderhook
Academy, and is a farmer. He has been Supervisor
of the town of Stuyvesant for the last five years,
being elected without opposition. He was elected
to the Assembly by a majority of 1,531 over John T.
Hogeboom (Rep.) The Republican majority in
1880 was 650, Mr. S. being then the defeated candi-

Cortland County,

Population, in 1SG5, 24,865 ; in 1875, 24,500.
ALBURTIS A. CARLEY (Rep.), of Marathon.
Mr. C. was born at Marathon, January 6, 1834 ; edu-
cated at common schools and Cortland Academv ;
has been a merchant and manufacturer, and is now
a fanner; has been Town Superintendent of Com-
mon [schools; was enrolling officer in 1863; Super-
visor of Marathon, 1880; is a director In the First
Isational Bank of Cortland, and has held other local
positions. He was a member of the last Assembly,
serving on the Committees on [Banks, Affairs of Vil-
lages, Charitable and Religious Societies and Public

Lands ; and was re-elected by a plurality of 247, his
opponents being Judson C. Nelson (Dem.) and
Henry A. Bolles (Pro.) His plurality in 1880 was

Delaware County.

Population, in 1865, 41,638; in 1875, 42,149.
CHESTER H. TREADWELL (Rep.), of Croton.
Mr. T. was born of Connecticut parentage, at Croton,
July 16, 1824; educated in common schools; is a
merchant, and was formerly engaged in farming;
was formerly a Whig ; Postmaster, 1850-'57, '61-81 ;
has been three times elected Supervisor of Franklin,
and still holds the office. He was appointed, in 1863,
'64 and '65, to fill the quotas of his town under the
President's call for volunteers. He was elected to
the Assembly by a plurality of 1,019, his opponents
being John K. Odell (Dem.), Orlando C. Frisbee
(Gr.), and Frank T. Reet (Pro.) The Republican
plurality in 1880 was 660

Dutchess County.

Population, in 1865, 65,192 ; in 1875, 76,056.
1st District. (Towns of Amenia, Beekman, Do-
ver, East Fishkill, Fishkill, La Grange, Northeast,
Pawling, Pine Plains, Stanford, Union Vale and
Washington.) ALFRED BONNEY (Rep,), of HojJe-
well Junction. Mr. B. was born in New York city,
February 17, 1857. He is a son of Benjamin \V.
Boiiney, ex-Judge of the Supreme Court of the State
of New York. He was educated at Pearl Cot-
tage Seminary, Elizabeth, N. J., 1868, '69; Royal
French Gymnasium, Berlin, Prussia, 1872, 73;
Brooklyn Collegiate and Polytechnic Institute, 1874,
'75; and Cornell University, Ithaca, N. Y., 1876, '77.
He is a farmer, and was elected to the Assembly by
a plurality ot 2,344. his opponents being Andrew C.
Warren (Dem.). and Phineas R. Wing (Gr.) The
Republican plurality in 1880 was 1,845.

2d District. (Towns of Clinton, Hyde Park, Mi-
lan, Pleasant Valley, Poughkeepsie, Poughkeepsie
city. Red Hook and Rhmebeck.) JOHN O'BRIEN
(Dem.), of Rhinebeck. Mr. 0. was born in New
York city July 31. 18-13; educated in public schools
at Rome, N. Y-; is a contractor and slate manu-
facturer ; is director of the First National Bank of
Rhinebeck ; has been a member of the Democratic
State Committee four years ; is Trustee of the Village
ol Rhinebeck , and was elected to the Assembly by a
majority of 209 over James E. Dutcher (Rep.), who
was chosen to the last House by a majority of 1,134.

Erie County.

Population, in 1865, 134,656 ; in 1875, 199,570,
1st District. (1st, 2d, 3d, 8th and 13th wards of
Buffalo.) JEREMIAH HIGGINS (Dem.), of Buffalo
(89 Scott street). Mr. H. was born in Buffalo July
27, 1853; educated in the public schools; is a machi-
nist ; was Supervisor of first ward of Buffalo, 1876,77 ;
member of the last Assembly, serving on the Com-
mittees on Privileges and Elections and Indian
Affairs ; and re-elected by a majority of 9C9 over
Thomas Uogan (Rep.) His majority in 1880 was 998.
2d District. (4th. 5th and 6th wards of Buffalo. )
FRANK SIPP (Rep.), of Buffalo (514 William street).
Mr. S. was born in Germany, January], 1832; edu-
cated in public schools ; came to this country in 1849 ;
is a carpenter and builder; was Alderman of the 5th
ward of Bufl'alo, 1872, '73 ; member of Assembly in
1880, serving on the Committees on Internal Affairs,
Public Health and Claims ; in 1881, serving as Chair-
man of Expenditures of the Executive Department,
and member of Internal AtTairs and Charitable and
Religious Societies ; and re-elected to the present
House by a majority of 443 over Mathias F]nders
(Dem.) His majority was 1,001 in 1879, and 550 in

3d District. (7th, 9th, 10th and 11th wards of
(Ind. Rep.), of Buffalo (8 and 10 E. Eagle street).
Mr. H. was born of English parentage at Marshall,
Calhoun county, Mich., June 18, 1S50; educated in

Evening Journal Almanac, 1882.


common schools and the Central High School of
Buffalo, graduating in 1868 : is an attorney and coun-
selor-at-law : waa a member of the last Assembly,
serving on the Committees on Judiciary, Privileges
and Elections and Engrossed Bills, and was re-elected
hv a majority of 1,S48 over Charles H. Avery (Machine
Rep. ) His majority in ISSO, over a Democratic op-
ponent, was 2,116. 3Ir. Hickman ran as an anti-
machine Republican, the Democrats making no

4th District. (Towns of Alden, Amherst, Cheek-
towaga, Clarence, Grand Island, Lancaster, Marilla.
Newstead, Tonawanda and Wales. ) TIMOTHY \\\
JACKSON (Dem.), of Akron. Mr. J. was born at
Clarence, Erie county, July 1, 1837, his mother being
of English and Puritan descent, and his father of
German. He was educated at Cary Collegiate In-
stitute and Bryant & Stratton"s Business College at
Buffalo. He was a merchant for eighteen years, and
is now engaged in farming and the manufacture of
barrel supplies ; has been Supervisor for the past Ave
years; was Superintendent of Schools, lS72-'75 ; Vil-
lage Tru^^tee two years ; and was elected to the As-
sembly by a majority of 646 over A. B. Williams
(Rep. ) The Republican majority in 1880 was 100=

5th District. (Towns of Aurora. Boston, Brant,
Golden, Collins, Concord, East Hamburgh, Eden,
Elma, Evans, Hamburgh, Holland, North Collins,
Sardinia and West Seneca.) JOB SOUTH WICK
(Rep. ), of North Collins. Mr. S. was born of EugUsh
parentage at Brant, Erie county, November 22, 1837 ;
educated at common schools and at Westfleld Aca-
demy in 1856 ; is a farmer and was formerly a nurse-
ryman and fruit grower ; has always been an active
Republican ; was Deputy County Clerk of Erie
countv, in 1874, and was elected to the Assembly by
a majority of 4:38 over Erasmus Smith (Dem.) The
Republican majority in 1880 was 779.

Essex County.

Population, in 1865, 28,644 ; in 1875, 34,474.
Henry. Mr. S. was born at Lacolle. Canada, August
26,1845, his family removiiig to this State when he was
three or four years old. He was educated in the pub-
lic schools, and was a farmer until the war broke out,
when he served three years in the army. Then he
attended school, studied law, was admitted to the bar
in 1867, and has since practiced the legal profession at
Port Henry. His army service was in the Fifteenth
New York Independent Battery, which formed part
of the Irish Brigade, Army of the Potomac. He en-
listed Nov. 14, 1861 ; was mustered out Nov. 14, 1864,
and participated in all the battles of the Potomac
army, except those of the Peninsula campaign. He
was a member of the last Assembly, serving on the
Committees on Militia and Privileges and Elections,
and was re-elected by a plurality of 1,742, his oppo-
nents being Joseph V. Nash (Dem.) and George W.
Watkins (Gr.) His majority in laso was 2,069.

Franklin County.

Population, in 1865, 23,575; in 1875, 31,581.
Falls. Mr. 0. was born at Brighton, Franklin
county, February 7, 1850 ; educated at common
schools and Fort Edward Collegiate Institute, 1864-
'66 ; is a merchant and farmer ; was Supervisor of
the town of Waverly in 1881, being unanimously
elected ; has always been a Republican, and was
elected to the Assembly by a plurality of 1,233, his
opponents being William F. Creed (Dem.) and
Josiah Bailey (Gr.) The Republican plurality in
1880 was 1,356.

Fulton and Hamilton Counties.

Population, in 1865, 27,165; In 1875, 33,670.
JAMES W. GREEN (Dem.), of Gloversville. Mr.
G. was born at Kingsboro, Fulton county, August
21, 1845 ; educated in the public schools of Glovers-
ville and Kingsboro ; has been engaged in the lum-
ber business since he attained his majority; was a

Republican previous to 1872, then a Greeley Democrat,
but always an independent and anti-machine voter.
He was elected to the Assembly by a majority of 153
over James A Dennison (Rep.) The Republican
majority in 1880 was 1,.342. The district has been
carried by the Republicans for the last six years.

Genesee County.

Population, in 1865, 31,728; in 1875, 32,551.
JOSEPH W. HOLMES (Rep. ), of Batavia. Mr.
H. was born in Alabama, Genesee county, July 4,
1831 . His ancestors on both sides, for two or three
generations back, have been natives of New York.
He was educated in Cary Collegiate Seminary and
Michigan Central College , is a surveyor and civil
engineer, but was formerly a farmer ; was originally
a Whig, and has been a Republican since the organi-
zation of the party ; was Supervisor four years, and
two years chairman of the Board ; was a member of
the last Assembly, serving on the Committees on
Civil Divisions, Federal Relations and Special Com-
mittee to revise the assessment laws, and was re-
elected by a plurality of 139, his opponents being
George Burt (Dem. ), and George B. Edwards (Gr. )
His majority in 1880 was 1, 2-38. Mr. H. was opposed
by all the power of the machine Republicans.

Greene County.

Population, in 1865, 31,780 ; in 1875, 32,554.
Athens, Mr N was born at Athens, December 2o,
1821, and educated in select schools at Athens and
Hudson. He was a mercantile clerk from his 18th
to his 40th year, and has since been a farmer, in-
surance agent and conveyancer. He was Justice of
the Peace from 1855 to 1875, 20 years ; Trustee of the
village of Athens, 1862-64 ; Clerk of the Board of
Supervisors, 18.57, and Tillage Clerk for 12 years.
He has always been a Democrat, and was elected to
the Assembly by a plurality of 675, his opponents
being J. Atwater Cooke (Rep.) and Samuel Dewey
(Gr. ) The Democratic plurality in 1880 was 487.

Herkimer County.

Population, in 1865, 39,154; in 1875, 41,692.
ALBERT :NL ROSS (Rep.), of Hion. Mr. R. was
born at Newport, N. 1'., January 23, 1835, and edu-
cated in common and select schools of Newport.
He was formerly a mechanic, and is now the Super-
intendendent of the Remington Agricultural Works
at Dion, having been IS years with that company.
He has been Supervisor of the town of German
Flats six terms, and was elected to the Assembly by
a plurality of 964, his opponents being Rufus G.
Starkweather (Dem.). and Fred. Smith (Pro.)
The Republican plurality in 1880 was 1,028.

Jefferson County.

Population, in 1S65, 66,458; in 1875, 65,362.

1st District. (4th ward of the city of Watertown,
and towns of Adams, Champion, EUisburgh, Hender-
erson, Houndsfleld, Lorraine, Rodman, Rutland,
Watertown, Wilua and Worth ) ISAAC L. HUNT,
Jr. (Rep.), of Orleans. Mr. H. was born at Salis-
bury, N. Y., December 4, 1850; educated in Caze-
novia Seminary, Hungerford Collegiate Institute at
Adams, N. Y., and Albany Law School; formerly
a lawyer and farmer, and is now an accountant in a
bank. He was elected to the Assembly bv a major-
ity of 8S3 over James C. Green (Dem.) The Repub-
lican majority in 1880 was 1,653.

2d District. (1st, 2d and 3d wards of the citv of
Watertown, and towns of Alexandria, Antwerp,
Brownville, Cape Tincent, Clayton, Le Rav, Lyme,
Orleans, Pamelia, Philadelphia, and Theresa.)
HENRY BINNINGER (Rep.), of Dexter. Mr. B.
was born in Germany, December 26, 18.3-5 ; educated
at common and select schools ; was formerly a car-
penter, and is now a manufacturer of lumber, shin-
gles, sash, blinds and doors; has alwavs been a Re-
publican ; was Supervisor of Brownville, 1877-80 ;


Evening Journal Almanac, 1882.

member of the last House, serving on the commit-
tees on Charitable and KeliRious Societies, Militia,
Game Laws, and Trade and Manufactures ; and was
re-elected by a majority of 363 over Alfred A.
Holmes (Dem.) Mr. B. 's majority in 18S0 was 322.

Kings County.

Population, In 1865, 243,459; in 1875, 509,216.

1st District. (1st and 6th wards of Brooklyn.)
JOHN SHANLEY (Dem), of Brooklyn (548 Henry
• street). Mr. S. was born in Ireland, March 29,
'1843; was educated in private schools; has been a
clerk, and is now a broker. During the war he served
in the famous 14th Regiment of Brooklyn. He was
a member of Assembly in 1878, serving on the Com-
mittee on Commerce and Navigation ; in 1879, serv-
ng on Sub-Committee of the Whole; in 1880, serv-
ing on Ways and Means, Petitions of Aliens and
Rules: in 1881, serving on General Laws, Claims and
Two-Thirds and Three-Fifths Bills; and re-elected to
the present House by a majority of 87 over Dennis
M. Hurley (Rep.) His majority in the then third
district in 1877. was 4,195, in 1878, 4,071, in 1879, 1.538,
and in 1880, 5.594. In 1880 he was the minority candi-
date for Speaker of the House

2d District. (2d and 4th wards of Brooklyn.)
MICHAEL J. HANNAN(Dem.), of Brooklyn (113
Tillary street). Mr. H. was born in Waterford,
Ireland, November 24, 1842; educated in public
sclwols of New York and Brooklyn ; was formerly a
mason and builder, and has held clerical positions
in offices of receiver of taxes, superintendent of
streets, etc.; is Inspector of Licenses, Mayor's office;
was at one time connected with the Engineer's De-
partment, Key West, Fla., and was elected to the As-
sembly by a majority of .554 over R. Dikeman (Rep.)
The Democratic majority in 1880 was 474.

3d District. (3d and 10th wards of Brooklvn.)
JAMES G. TIGHE (Dem.), of Brooklyn (377 Fulton
treet). Mr. T. was born in New York city, Decem-
ber 31, 1840 ; educated in public schools ; is a lawyer ;
was a member of Assemblv from the fourth district of
Kings in 1877, serving on the Committees on Civil
Divisions and Expenditures of the House ; and elec-
ted to the present Assembly by a majority of 3c0
over Arthur L. Duryea(Rep.) The Democratic ma-
lority in 1880 was 668.

4th District. (5th and 11th wards of Brooklyn.)
DANIEL M. KELLY (Dem.), of Brooklyn (393
Bridge street). Mr. K. was born in the citv of
Brooklyn, February 12, 1851. His grandfather, a
native of Ireland, came to this country, at the age
of 16, with a party of prospecting engineers under
the English Government. Both his parents were
born in Halifax, N. S. He was educated in public
school No. 1, Brooklyn, studying also, a short time,
in a business college ; followed various occupations
from an early age up to 16 ; read law until the age of
20; and has since been a clerk in the emplov of the
County Government. He was elected to "the As-
sembly by a malority of 1.206 over Charles D
Graham (Rep.) The Democratic plurality in 1880
was 115.

.5Tn District. (12th ward of Brooklyn.) THOMAS
J. SHERIDAN (Dem.), of Brooklyn (478 Smith
street^ Mr. S. was born in Brooklyn, October 30,
1«45; educated in public schools ; is a merchant and
was formerly a cooper ; was Constable of the 12th
ward in 1805; Supervisor, 1870-'74 ; member of As-
sembly in 1879, '8U, '81 serving on the Committees
on Commerce and Navigation, Public Health, Chari-
table and Religious Societies and Cities ; and was re-
elected to the present House by a plurality of 475
his opponents being .John J. Kennedy (Rep.), Dan-
iel O Reilly (Dem.) and Dennis W. Bvrnes (Ind.)
His plurality in 1879 was 197, and in 1880 it was .59.
Mr. S. has been elected as an Independent three
times In succession. He was nominated last fall by
the regular Democrats.

d^T^'^Ji^rict. (14th and 15th wards of Brooklvn.)
PAlRIClv H. McCARREN (Dem.), of Brooklyn,
L. D. (308 Second street). Mr. M. was born at

Boston, Mass., July 8, 1849; educated at public and
select schools in Brooklyn, is a cooper by trade, but
is now an oil Inspector; is a member of the Demo-
cratic General Committee of Kings county ; and was
elected to the Assembly by a majority of 6.50 over
Edward H. Schulter (Rep.) The Democratic plu-
rality in 18S0 was 1,284.

7th District. (16th ward of Brooklvn.) GEORGE
H. LINDSAY (Dem.), of WilUamsburgh (244 Old
Brunswick.) Mr. L. was born in New Y'ork city,
January 7, 1837 ; educated at Public School No. 18 in
Brooklyn ; is a hotel keeper ; was a member of the
old Volunteer Fire Department of Brooklyn Ave
years; was six years in the Brooklyn City Works
Department, and five years in the New York Custom
House : several years ago he acted with the Repub-
licans. He was elected to the Assembly by a ma-
jority of 631 over John Reitz (Rep.), who was elec-
ted to the last Assembly by a majority of 812.

8th District. (17th and 18th wards of Brooklvn.)
MOSES ENGLE (Dem.), of Brooklyn, E. D. (73 Oak-
land street). Mr. E. was born in New York city.
May 1, 1844, and is the son of Hiram Engle, well
known in the Eleventh ward of New York, and
Deputy Sheriffunder J. C. Willett. He was educa-
ted partly at a public school and partly under the
tuition of Henry M. Boehm, in a college on Staten
Island. From 1861 to 1870 he was clerk in the
wholesale hat house of Coughlan, Randall & Co , in
New York, and since then has been a clerk for
Bernard Kelly & Son, contractors for dock and bridge
building in the same city ; member of the last House,
serving on the Committee on Expenditures of the
House, and was re-elected to the present House by a

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