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Holy Altar and Sacrifice explained in some familiar dialogues on the Mass and what may appertain to it : for the more easy information ... online

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Online LibraryPraisegod BarbonHoly Altar and Sacrifice explained in some familiar dialogues on the Mass and what may appertain to it : for the more easy information ... → online text (page 1 of 18)
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Dialogues on the M A S S^


What may appertain to it :

For the more eafy Information and
Instruction of thofe who defire to
hear MASS well, and to aifill: at
that great Sacrifice, according to
the Spirit and Intention of the

By P. B. O.S.F.

Printed in the Year MDCCLXVJIf.


THERE is juft re-publifhed Mr. Gh-
ther's Four Methods of Hearing
M A S S, in the fame Letter and Size as
this, fo as to be bound together, for
the Conveniency of thofe who chufe to
have thofc Methods and thefe Expacathfts
ef the Mafs Ia one Book.

P K E F A € E.

•iut to- > K io vjii

TH E following Dialogues contain
a fhort Abridgment of a learned
Work, ftiled, A Liturpcal Difcourfe on
the Mafs^ by F, A, Mafon^ an EngU/h
Friar, publifhed in 1670 ; a Work
wherein appeared the great Piety and
Erudition of the Author, who was in-
duced, a few Years afterwards, to make
an Abridgment of it, which he printed
in the Year 1675. Both thefe having
been long fince out of Print, and not
cafily to be met with, a worthy Gentle-
man was very defirous to .have another
Abridgment made, in order to render it
of a leifer Price, and thereby moreeanly
to be come at by devoiit but poorer People.
This Abridgment I undertook at the
Requeft of the 'forefaid Gentleman, a
Peribn in an eminent Station, and for
whom I have the greatcft Deference,
after having carefully collated the two
printed Editions together. F. Mafon
publiibed hia Books by Way of Quef-

1493449 ''"'^


tlon and Anfwer, I chofe to do it by
Way of Dialogue, or Converfation,
which, in fome Meafure, takes ofF the
Drynefs of a continued uninterrupted
Explanation, as well as the dull Forma-
lity of a Catechifm, good for Children
and young People. Dialogues have fome-
thing of Spirit in them, and while read,
make the Reader a Party, as it were, in
the Converfation, which gives a Liveli-
nefs to the Whole.

How far and how well I have executed
my Defign, muft be left to the Decifion
of others. I have endeavoured to be as
brief as I could, yet not to omit any
material Part, or to leave out any Thing
proper to be taken Notice of or explain-
ed. The Style is plain and familiar,
moft fuitable to Dialogues, or a iite and
eafy Converfation. It is to be hoped
it may be ufeful to devout Catholics,
thofe who defire to underfland that Ser-
vice of the Church they fo often are pre-
fent at, efpecially on Days of Obliga-
tion. The Whole is entirely fubmitted
to the Cenfure and Judgment of my Su-
periors, and to that of our Holy Mother
the Catholic Church, by

P. B. O. S, jfs



SACRIFICE Explained.


Theotime. THope, Theophilus, I do not

X intrude upon, or interrupt

any neccfTary Employments by paying you

a Morning Vifit, not only to afk you how

you do, as a Friend, but to have a little

ferious Converfation with you, if at Lei-

fure, and it may not be too troublelome.

Theophilus. That, I aflur®ycu, 'J'hcofitTie,

it will not be; am truly glad to fee you ;

nor could you come at a more fcafonable

B Time:

2 Of the Word xMafs.

T*ime : I am at full Leifure, expe*^ no
Company who may interrupt us, and am
ready to hear what you have to fay.

Theof. You are very obliging, and with-
out any further Introduflion, will tell you
the Occafion of i::y Viiit. I have been at
Chapel this Morning and heard Mafs.
Staying there a little while after it was fi-
niihed, a Thought came into my Mind
that it would be a great Help to me, in
order to hear Mafs and aflift at it with
greater Attention, if I was thoroughly in-
itrucfted 4n the Signification of the Name,
cr Word Mafs : The Nature and End of
this great Sacrifice : The Meaning of the
many and various Ceremonies ufed in the
Celebration of it; as alio the beft and
moll proper Method of hearing it accord-
ing to the Spirit and Intention of the
Church. To fatisfy me in thefe Particu-
lars I do not know any one more capable
than ycurfelf, and am well acquainted with
your good Nature, and Willingnefs to aflift
your Neighbour in Matters of this Con-
cern. This the Occafion : This the End
of my Vifit to you at prefent.

Tkeoph. A laudable Defire : and with
great Pleafure I will endeavour to fatisfy
it. Propofe therefore with the greatell
Freedom what Queftions you pleafe. I am
ready, and hope to give fatisfaftory An-
fwers to them.

Of the IForaMak. 3

Tkot. The firil Thing I would gladly be
informed of is, what the Word Mq/s figni-
fies, and why that Name is appropriated to
this public Service of the Church.

Of theWordy\.2.h.

Thecpfy, 1% /TANY are the Derivations
J_VA of this Word, as may be
feen in the various Writers on the Ofhces
of the Church. That which feems to mc
moft pertinent to our prcfent Purpofe, and
to be the moft natural Signification of it is,
that M?JJm, or Tranfmijfa^ from whence the
Word Mafs, is a Miilion, or Tranfmitting
the Sacrifice, together with the Prayers of
the People, by the Miniilry of the Prieft,
to Heaven. The Greeks call it Liturgta, or
Liturgy^ which properly figniiles Miniftry,
and by Way of Excellence, is appropriated
to the Holy Sacrifice of the Mafs. Hence
Liturgy and Mafs fignify one and the fame
Thing. What the Greeks call Liturgy, the
Latins call Mafs, which is the greac Sacri-
fice of the New Law, fucceeding to all le-
gal Sacrifices of the Mo/aick Inftitute, and
comprehends all th-e Differences of them in
one pure, holy, and unbloody Oblation.

Theot. You have given me a very fatis-
faftory Account what the Word fignifics ;
be pleafed to proceed, and tell mc what 1
am to und^rftand by Mafs: What it is in

B z What

4 JVhat the Mafs is,

IVhat the Mafs is.

Theoph. T> Y the Mafs we are to under-
IJ iland a Sacrilice of the Evan-
gelical or New Law infrituted by Chriil at
his lail Supper ; confifting in an Oblation
of Chrifrs Body and Blood, under the Spe-
cies of Bread and Wine, for a perpetual
Memorial of his PafTion. Here, pieafe to
obferve, that from the Creation of the
World, in all the different Periods of it,
God would be, and always was, honoured
and worfhipped by offering up Sacrifices to
him. Thi:, the Religion of the antient
Patriarch, before and after Noah\ Flood ;
this, the Religion of the Jews; and this,
the Religion of Chriilians in all Parts of
the .World. This Sacrifice of the New-
Law was iniHtuted by Jefus Chrift at his
laft Supper. As he, and he only, could
inllitute Sacraments ; fo he, and he only,
could inftitute this Sacrifice, and wherein
he exercifed the Fun£lions of his Prieftly
Order, according to that of Melchifadeck,
as a Handing and perpetual Memorial of
his Death and Paflion, commanding his
ApolHes and their SucceiTors to do the fame,
faying, Do this in Remembrance of me\ St.
Lukc^ c. xxii. that is, as St. Paul expreffes
it, ToJhe-iV the Death of our Lord until he
£omes, I Cor. c. xi.

From this Definition of what the Mafs is,
I may reafonably prefume, Theotime, yoa


Of the Fruits of the Mafs. 5

are willing to be told what are the Fruits
0/ Efieds of the Koly Mafs.

Thcct. As this will be very u fef ul and in-

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Online LibraryPraisegod BarbonHoly Altar and Sacrifice explained in some familiar dialogues on the Mass and what may appertain to it : for the more easy information ... → online text (page 1 of 18)