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June nineteen hundred and nine




Printed at

Princeton University Press

Princeton, N.J.



A mingled compilation of Class gossip, gentle twitting of old pals
with their various frailties and inside talks "from the heart out."

Designed as a "Who's Who in '94" and to recall old memories and
the days when most of us knew little law and abided by less; when
ailments were few and our only medicine that which is to this day
prescribed for indispositions following Class reunions ; when our
Reverends were "Sandy" and "Hop" and "Army" and "Jim," and
our Profs, were "Charley" and "Doggy" and "Irish" ; the days when
touch-downs, base-hits and exams., in the order named, were as
important as the pay-day of the present.

The product of tears, cajolery, threats, many harsh thoughts and
much travail, all entailing the loss of a once really sweet disposition.

A labor of affection for '94.

For any sins of omission or of commission, for the Record's lack
of system and for the few strained efforts to be jocose, no criticism
could be more fitted than that advanced by the compiler's good
friend, F. Peter Dunne (Mr. Dooley) : "Jack Wilkins is like a
young grasshopper. He's got a helluva lot of agility but a deplorable
lack of direction."

That's all. ^ J. F. W.


William F. Meredith,
Rev. W. P. Armstrong
Jas. E. Bathgate, Jr.
Alexander Benson
Frederick L. Buckelew
H. W. Buxton, Jr.
H. H. Condit
George D. Edwards
William Floyd
Karl George
James Gibson, Jr.
Joseph F. Guffey
Rev. C. G. Hopper
Theodore F. Humphrey

Class Secretary
Alexander D. Jenney
George B. Linnard
C. S. Mackenzie
G. M. McCampbell, Jr.
Prof. H. McClenahan
Prof. C. H. Mcllwain
S. N. McWilliams
L. Irving Reichner
F. H. Smith, HI.
Rev. J. R. Swain
M'Cready Sykes
George H. Williams
J. F. Wilkins, Chairman


p =z Permanent address,
r = Present residence.

b = Business address.

Conner Jones Akin

p rb Columbia, Tenn.

Akin is a civil and mining engineer and at present the Consultmg
Engineer for the Federal Chemical Company, the Franco-American
Phosphate Company, the Bear Creek Phosphate Mining and Manu-
facturing Company, and the Charleston (S. C.) Mining and Manu-
facturing Company, among the largest and best phosphate companies
in the South.

"Runt" has the true Southern gentleman's passion for good horse
flesh. He writes that he turns out a few "ponies" every year and
when there is a lull in the phosphates Conner goes on the circuit and
puts over some good things at the County fairs.

Akin married Mattie Bell November nth, 1903, and their daughter,

Jean Bell was born July loth, 1907.

Henry Leland Akin, M.D.

p b 403 McCague Building, Omaha, Neb.

At the time of the Class Decennial Akin was abroad finishing his
medical studies, spending a year in Vienna, Berlin, Paris and London.
He received his M.D. degree from J. A. Creighton Medical, Omaha,
in 1 90 1, and is now practicing in his home city, making a specialty
of the diseases of the digestive organs.

He writes : "I paid a visit to the East in November and December
and saw the Yale game and the Harvard-Yale contest the following
week. Spent a month in New York and stopped with Bill Sykes.
Hospital work in the daytime and Bill and Broadway at night.


Enjoyed my trip very much and particularly seeing some of the old
crowd, Patterson, Carter, Jim Blake, Clytie George and others. I
hope that you all will have a splendid time in June and am sorry that
I cannot be there."

Rev. John Harvey Alexander

p r Council Grove, Kansas.

The lost is found. "Pop" could not be located for either the
Triennial or Decennial Records. He is in the Presbyterian ministry
in Council Grove, Kansas.

Alexander received the degree of Bachelor of Divinity from Yale
University in 1900.

He was married June 27th, 1908, to Elinor M. Wilkins of St.
Louis, Missouri.

•"rederick Warner Allen

p South Orange, New Jersey.

r b Galeton, Pennsylvania.

After our Decennial, "Fred" went from the Erie Railroad to the
Great Northern to become Roadmaster of the Cascade division,
which includes the lines over the Cascade mountains and up the
coast from Seattle, Washington, to Vancouver, B. C.

In 1905 he was made Assistant Superintendent of the Minot
(N. D.) division of the Great Northern Railway, and in 1907 he
became the Operating Superintendent of the Buffalo division of the
Buffalo and Susquehanna Railway.

The two operating divisions and maintenance of way department
were consolidated in 1908 and Allen's Superintendency now extends
over the whole road. He is a member of the Princeton Club of
New York.

Yorke Allen

p r South Orange, N. J.
b 135 Broadway, New York.

Yorke is making a name as a trial lawyer in New York City. He
received his degree of LL.B. from the New York Law School in
1896 and is associated with W. T. Sabine, Jr., '93, in the firm of
Allen and Sabine. Allen is a member of the Princeton Club of New



York and a member of the executive committee of the Princeton
Alumni Association of the Oranges, Inc.

October 20th, 1906, Yorke married Mary VanLear Findlay of
Towson, Md.

John Findlay was born August ist, 1908.

ildwin Eads Andrews

p Akron, Ohio.

r 115 Byers Ave., Akron, Ohio.

h Care Bruner Goodhue-Cooke Company, Akron, Ohio.

Eads is the Manager of the stock and bond department of the
above named company in Akron, Ohio.

He writes : "Am living a quiet life trying to get separated from
the little I have left in helping to drill some gas wells. Expect to be
all in when we have a few of these drilled. Family all well and
looking prosperous even if the old man is not. I sure expect to be
with you all in June to see the old fellows of '94. Long live the
King of Jamesburg."

June 22nd, 1898, Andrews married Anna F. Finch. Their two
boys are:

Charles Bruce, born November i8th, 1905, and

Edwin Eads, Jr., born October 3rd, 1907.

.Franklin Morse Archer

p b 104 Market St., Camden, N. J.
r Haddonfield, N. J.

Archer is practicing law in Camden with Norman Grey '89, under
the firm name of Grey and Archer. "Mud" received his LL.B. from
Harvard in 1897.

He says : "I demolished the record hereabouts three years ago by
resigning a public office, that of Assistant Prosecutor of Camden
County, at which time I entered into the partnership mentioned
above. The recent losses sustained by the Class were a great shock
to all of us in this vicinity. We will all have to sing in June the
good old song, "Then stand by your glasses, steady."

Archer is a director of the Camden National Bank and a member
of the Princeton Club of Philadelphia.

June 14th, 1900, he married Bessie M. Chandlee.


Franklin Morse, Jr., was born September 17th, 1902, and
Elizabeth Chandlee, December 5th, 1908.

Rev. William Park Armstrong

p r Princeton, N. J.

Armstrong is Professor of New Testament Literature and Exe-
gesis in the Princeton Theological Seminary. He received his
Princeton A.M. in 1896 and graduated from the Seminary in 1897,
later studying in Germany at the Universities of Marburg, Berlin
and Erlangen.

Thereafter, from 1899 to 1904, he was Instructor in the Seminary,
at which time he attained his present high position. "Army" stands
very close to Dr. Patton and is the Editor-in-Chief of the Princeton
Theological Review.

Rebekah Purves became Mrs. Armstrong December 8th, 1904.
Their three children are :

Rebekah Purves, born April 7th, 1906,

William Park, Jr., born May 31st, 1907, and

George Purves, born October 9th, 1908.

Judson Hooker Bailey

8 Sherman St., Albany, N. Y.
• 58 North Allen St., Albany, N. Y.

Care Kirchner Brewing Co., Albany, N. Y. ^^
"J..J' is Secretary and Treasurer of the Kirchner Brewing Com-
pany of Albany, New York.

He writes : "I will be at the reunion with a full and complete line
of spring samples and will expect every '94 man to do his duty. You
can enter me right now for the Marathon and all the other long
distance events. It is a long time since I last put on one of Charlie
Gulick's spring bonnets and bowled up Nassau Street, but you will
find me like the days of yore."

April 15th, 1903, Bailey married Mildred Heckman of Cleveland,

Thomas Fisher Bailey

p rh Huntingdon, Pa.

"Tom" has been practicing law since June, 1896, and especially

before the Courts of Common Pleas and Appellate Courts of Penn-

He writes : "I am doing the same old thing — hammering away at
the old practice and telling disappointed and defeated clients that
their sad plight came about by reason of the prejudice of the jury
and the ignorance and incapability of the court. As to other informa-
tion asked for, the longer I live the more I am convinced that 'born,
lived and died' makes up the great life of man."

Philadelphia is a lonely city for a stranger, so Tom keeps an
anchor to windward in the shape of a membership in the Princeton
Club, wherein at divers times he maketh merry and forgetteth ye

November 19th, 1902, Wilhelmina Lentz became Mrs. Bailey.

Elizabeth Weldrick was born January 9th, 1904.

Carroll Baldwin

pb 61 Leonard St., New York.
r 15 East 48th St., New York.

Carroll is a "Manufacturer and Commission Merchant," but gives
the Record no further details as to his particular line of business.
He writes: "No wife, no chick, no chance." He is a member of the
Princeton and Union Clubs of New York.

Later: Meredith supplies the missing links of Baldwin's story.
The firm name is Woodward, Baldwin and Company, dry goods com-
mission merchants and manufacturers of cotton duck, etc.

Edward Hill Baldwin, M.D.

p rh 85 Clinton Ave., Newark, N. J.

Baldwin is a specialist in the eye, ear, nose and throat and has
been a member of the New Jersey State Board of Medical Exam-
iners since 1901.

He received his degree of M.D. in 1895 and in 1896 the degree
of Oculi et Auris Chirurgus from the College of the New York
Ophthalmic Hospital. After serving on the hospital staff he was
elected a member of the faculty and lectured in the post-graduate
school until 1902, at which time he went to the University of Vienna
for a course in mastoid surgery.

Baldwin and Doggy Dahlgren caused '93 a sufficiency of profanity

and hard work when they succeeded in putting up that '94 banner on
the telegraph wire freshman year.

November nth, 1896, Rosahnd Grover Shepard became Mrs.

.David Milton Balliet

p r Myerstown, Pa.
b ion Commonwealth Trust Building, Philadelphia, Pa.

"Pete", our old Varsity center, is in the wholesale coal business,
connected with the Clark Brothers Coal Mining Company.

He writes : "I am a sort of globe-trotter for a wholesale coal
company at this time. There is quite a difference between my job
and the life of a gentleman tourist. Will try to be with you in June
if possible." Pete flits about all right. It took two months for a
letter to catch up with him in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, and then he
was on his way to the station to take a train for Boston.

He married Sara A. Uhrich July 19th, 1894.

Catharine Uhrich was born July 5th, 1895.

Arthur C. Bartels

h 301 Cooper Building, Denver, Colo.

Bartels is an attorney in Denver and a member of the firm of
Bartels and Silverstein. He received the degree of LL.B. from
Michigan University and has served two terms in the Colorado
Legislature. He writes that he has nothing to add to his life story
in the Decennial Record and that he is plugging away at the law in
partnership with H. S. Silverstein, a Yale graduate.

Fames Edward Bathgate, Jr.

ph 30 Plane St., Newark, N. J.
r 25 Berkeley Ave., Orange, N. J.

"Jimmy" is in the provision and pork packing business in Newark
and making it a real "go", notwithstanding the fact that he is outside
of the trust. He writes mournfully that the annual outings of the Sea
Puss Association have come to be a thing of the past. A few years
ago Jimmy bought a farm in Somerset County, which is a portion
of New Jersey embracing the well known section of Bernardsville.

Becoming interested in the improvement of roads, he was made a
member of the Township Committe and is now its Treasurer.

Bathgate is a member of the Board of Missions in the Diocese of
Newark and is interested in the building and development of a
number of missions of the Episcopal Church throughout the northern
part of the state. He raised the money and superintended the build-
ing of a church at Millington, New Jersey.

He is the Recording Secretary of the Princeton Alumni Associa-
tion of the Oranges, Inc., and is a member also of the executive
committee. Jim is one of the '94 members of the Princeton Club
of New York. He is a director of the Federal Trust Company
of Newark.

Margaret A. Montgomery became Mrs. Bathgate June 7th, 1897.
Their two children are :

Esther Seymour, born June 8th, 1898, and

James E., IK, born January 9th, 1900.

Harold MacKnight Beck

p Electric Storage Battery Co., Chicago, 111.

r 1608 Ashland Ave., Evanston, 111.

h 1400 Association Building, Chicago, 111.

Beck is connected with the Electric Storage Battery Company of
Philadelphia, with headquarters in the offices of their Middle-West
operating department in Chicago. This is the same company with
which Popsy Kellogg is associated in New York.

Beck was formerly in charge of the company laboratories and
subsequently advanced to the position of Engineer of Middle-West
Operating Department, his duties including the periodical inspection
of the various battery installations made by his company.

June 17th, 1903, Beck married Margaret Deane.

James Flournoy Beck, M.D.

p r 2200 Bloomington Ave., Minneapolis, Minn.
h 1525 East Franklin Ave., Minneapolis, Minn.

Beck received his M.D. from the University of Minnesota in 1896
and is now a practicing physician and surgeon in Minneapolis. He
writes : "Am simply a busy practitioner of general medicine trying
to raise enough coin to send the kid to Princeton, Class of '23. That
class numeral is hard luck, but he will have to live it down."


On February 8th, 1899, Beck married Katharine Cowing.
John Flournoy was born August 13th, 1901.

Alexander Benson

pr 2107 Wahiut St., Philadelphia, Pa. ^^'^^ *^a /¥-r
b Land Title Building; Philadelphia, Pa. *^<^"*^'E«- ^7> *

"Benny" was admitted to the Philadelphia bar in 1898, having
received his LL.B. from the University of Pennsylvania the same
year. He is as popular as ever in his home city, where his chief
occupation, however, seems to be the answering of invitations to
dinners, dances and other miscellaneous functions.

The following is from one of the Record's special correspondents :
"Alex, has a very attractive bungalow in New Jersey two or three
miles back in the pines from a station called New Egypt, which
station you approach from Philadelphia by milk trains and various
jerk- water railroads. The trains consist of one combination pas-
senger and baggage car and apparently carry more ducks, geese, eggs
and other country produce than they do passengers. Benny's place
is very prettily situated on the banks of a little lake about three to
six hundred yards wide and three miles long. He seems to have
become imbued with the bucolic atmosphere, as he has acquired
twelve hens, ten roosters, five drakes, six ducks, three ganders and
three geese, also a thoroughly quiet and respectable family horse, a
wagon which I believe is called a surrey, and a lame dog. He pro-
vides comfortable beds and excellent elementary refreshments, also
a visitors' book, in which he demands that each guest shall inscribe
his name. This guest book has stamped upon the cover the name of
the place, which is "The Bride's Trap". One of the girls saw the
name when she went to write in the book and suggested that the bait
was a little stale. Owing to the fact that Alex, is about the age of
most of the class, they will be grieved to hear that he felt himself
old enough to really resent the imputation. He will give you a very
good time if you go down, and I advise the class to treat it as class
property and enjoy it with Alex. I regret that I cannot sign my
name to this sketch, but I am afraid that I might not be asked down

Benny is a member of the University and Princeton Clubs of New
York and of the Princeton Club of Philadelphia.


John Livingston Bissell

pb 115 Broadway, New York.
r 23 Westchester Ave., White Plains, N. Y.

Bissell is an attorney in New York City.

He writes : "Since October, 1898, I have been practicing law at 50
Broadway with Edward N. Emerson, Amherst '96. On the first of
May next we expect to move to 115 Broadway, where we will con-
tinue the practice of law. My best regards to '94."

"Bis" received his LL.B. degree from the New York State Board
of Regents in 1896.

April 29th, 1903, he married Valetta Hawthorne. Their two
boys are :

John Hawthorne, born January 21st, 1904, and

Hawthorne, born August 22nd, 1908.

Claude Villie Black

r 970 Lenox Place, Avondale, Cincinnati, O.

h The John H. Hibben Drygoods Co., Cincinnati, O.

Black failed to reply to any of the Record's letters. Dick Bogart,
who saw him in February, supplies his business address and Dr.
McLeish his home address.

Black is the Secretary and Treasurer of the John H. Hibben Dry-
goods Company of Cincinnati, and has been connected with that
concern for the past seven years.

January 12th, 1897, he married Fanny F. Fox. They have no

Later: Black's letter came in on the last call. It confirms the

^avid Blair

p r Indiana, Pa.

h 556 Philadelphia St., Indiana, Pa.
Blair is practicing law and received the degree of A.M. from
Washington and Jefferson College.

He married Helen Torrence September i8th, 1901. Their chil-
dren are :

David, Jr., born April 2nd, 1903.

Katharine Torrence, born February 6th, 1906.

John P., born December loth, 1907.


Fames Robert Blake

p r Plainfield, N. J.
b 54 William St., New York.

Our old fullback is interested in developing and promoting western
mines. He was at Princeton during the last football season coaching
the team. He writes : "I don't feel that I have anything new of
interest to add to my record. However, I do want to know what the
other fellows are doing, having been out of touch with the Class for
so long, owing to my three years underground."

February 7th, 1899, Blake married Florence A. Abbott.

Judson A. Blake was born March 15th, 1900.

Philip Paul Bliss

p The John Church Co., Cincinnati, Ohio.

r 21 16 Auburn Ave., Cincinnati, Ohio.

b 4th and Elm Sts., Cincinnati, Ohio.

Bliss is the musical editor of The John Church Company of Cin-
cinnati, publishers of sheet music and music books. He says : 'T am
actively engaged in writing music under various noms de plume and
meeting with success in every line. My male choruses are sung by
all of the big male choruses of the United States; my teaching
pieces used in the schools and in recital work ; my songs sung from
music halls to classical recitals, and my piano things played by
orchestras from beer gardens to Pop. concerts." Bliss also edits all
of the manuscripts received by the company.

On June 2nd, 1903, he married Lina Louise Mayor.

Hchard Walker Bogart, Jr. 4-p»/lwt^'^

p 412 North Broadway, Yonkers, N. Y. / 9*^.^^^

b National Board Fire Underwriters, 135 William St., New York.

Bogart has been in the employ of the National Board of Fire
Underwriters since July ist, 1904, with headquarters in New York
City. "Dick" has no particular habitat, his work as an engineer
taking him all over the United States. His particular duties are the
investigation of the water supply of the various cities from the fire
protection standpoint and the submitting of reports upon conflagra-
tion hazards and the adequateness of fire fighting facilities.

Dick is with a corps of engineers representing the Committee on



Fire Prevention of the National Board, traveling from city to city,
his last places of duty being Cincinnati, Louisville and Memphis.
In his travels he carries with him a copy of the Decennial Record and
in this way has been able to locate many of the class who have found
it impossible to come regularly to reunions. He writes that he ran
across McLeish in Cincinnati and found the Doctor's hair has turned
very gray. As Mac. is unmarried, Dick says that he can't account
for it.

Reginald E. Bonner

p r West New Brighton, Staten Island, N. Y.

h 35 Wall St., New York.
Bonner is a stock broker and a member of the Princeton Club of
New York. ^^.^

February 23rd, 1903, he married Effie Caesar. '*'

Thomas Hamilton Bowes

p Care Joseph Bowes, Mgr. Equitable Life Assurance Society,
Equitable Building, Baltimore, Md.

"Tom" is with the Mono Power Company of Bishop, Cal, engaged
in bottling up all of the stray water power in his neighborhood.
Prior to his present work he was in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, with
Norton, Megraw and Company.

Later : Tom seems to have hit the trail once more. The Record's -\ ^
last letter was returned by the postmaster indorsed "Not with Mono
Power Co." The California address was secured by Meredith in
Baltimore and Ed. Hammett confirmed it.

Under date of April 26th a member of Tom's family (100 Beech-
dale Road, Roland Park, Baltimore, Md.) wrote the Record as fol-
lows: "At present we do not know Tom's address. His last letter
stated that he was going to another mining station and we have not
heard from him for a long time."

Frank Howard Braislin

p P. O. Box 3, Crosswicks, N. J.

BraisHn is in the commission business in Crosswicks, New Jersey.
After a number of unsuccessful appeals the Record had about given
him up. However, on the day of going to press, word was received
from him with the following excuse, which, in his expressed wish


to get in personal touch with the Class rather than through another,
shows an affection for old '94 that earns the Record's pardon

"If this letter of mine is not in time, don't bother about it. I
couldn't help it. My typewriter was without ink, for anything ap-
proaching legibility, for a long time, until within a day or so, as the
first that I could get it really, and this is its first job. And this was
one letter that, well, incidentally, I'd rather write myself, than com-
pile to dictation, to another to write. Why? Well I don't know.
But because it is. Writing is one's self. Dictation is through
another. If that gives point, there you have it."

He says further in his letter: "All that I can say for myself is
that for several years I have been trying, under handicap and diffi-
culties, circumstantial and otherwise, to do the only thing that has
seemed feasible at all, as situated, and maybe not that, a sort of
commission business, poor enough, but hitherto holding together and
hoping toward possibilities, other or better. The school in which I
was last teaching was discontinued. Operation has thus shifted.

"On many accounts I should Hke to be at the meet in June, but
it's doubtful and even more so, I fear. With best wishes to the
Class and members, collectively and individually, and for the re-
union, and sustained blessings thereafter indissoluble of dint or
wear, of worth and time, believe me, in cordiality and reminiscent
genuineness ..."

< Edward Arnold Brannon

p r b 122 Court Ave., Weston, W. Va.

Brannon is an attorney at law in Weston, West Virginia.

In 1895 he received the degree of Bachelor of Laws from Wash-
ington and Lee University, Lexington, Va.
1/ Brannon is Joe Guffey's attorney in his section of West Virginia

and Joe says that his company gets all that is coming to it.

Brannon married Irma Cowey of Middleport, Ohio, February
loth, 1909.

* John Miller Bridges

p 248 South Hanover St., Carlisle, Pa.
\ Bridges lives where the Indians come from and is a broker, chiefly

' interested in lumber and the development of timber lands.


He writes that he is still a bachelor, but that prospects have im~
proved so much of late that he may have fuller details before the
Record goes to press. Ed. Hammett intimates the near approach
of orange blossoms.

George Howard Bright

p r Reading, Pa.

h 504 Penn Square, Reading, Pa.

Howard is right hand man in the extensive business of Bright
and Company in Reading, wholesale dealers in hardware, sporting

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