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ating in 1897. I was ordained to the ministry in May of the same
year. After remaining for some months as Assistant at the Central
Presbyterian Church of Brooklyn I assumed the pastorate of the


First Presbyterian Church of South Framingham, Massachusetts,
twenty miles from Boston.

"I stayed in South Framingham for seven years, during which time
the church edifice was completed and the mortgage debt which had
been standing for some years, was paid off. In the town I was
trustee of the town library, an elective office, and did a good deal
of work in the No-License League as Secretary, Treasurer, Editor of
the campaign paper, etc., at various times.

"Resigning at South Framingham I went to New York state as
Pastor of the Presbyterian Church at Milton-on-the-Hudson. A
year and a half later I left to enter my father's business — hardware
and police equipments — on account of his broken health. Other
interests eventually bought in and I left to engage in the above named
charity in New York City. During the year 1907-08 forty-five
thousand applications for relief were received at our office, twenty
thousand of these being from homeless individuals. Though not
of the active pastorate I am still in a very practical ministry, and in
addition preach from time to time, having done so ten times in the
last three months and a half."

February 24th, 1898, Tower married Annie Carter of Montclair,
N. J.

Alice Katharine was born June 7th, 1902.

60yd Van Benthuysen

p Princeton Club, New York.

r University Club, San Francisco, Cal.

Van Benthuysen is an architect. After leaving Princeton he
studied at Columbia, receiving his degree of Ph.B. in 1896. There-
after he studied at the Ecole des Beaux Arts in Paris.

No news was received from him, but the Princeton Club of New
York, of which Van Benthuysen is a member, has had instructions
from him to forward all mail to the San Francisco address given

£dwin Courtlandt Van Cise, 11!

p 701 Springfield Ave., Summit, N. J.
r 336 Sussex Ave., Roseville, N. J.
b 120 Broadway, New York.


Van Cise is Assistant Actuary of the Equitable Life Assurance
Society of New York.

He writes : "I am happy as a king in my Httle daughter, who
arrived not long ago, and am trying to make a little wind-shield
thick enough to keep out the wolf. I began the study of medicine
in 1896 at the College of Physicians and Surgeons in New York.
My health gave out and I went to Florida for some years, where I
met Gaddy Drake prospering in the fruit business at Miami, Doty
on his honeymoon, and many junior alumni. Am doing well up
here now and have ac(|uired the degree of "P.F." (pater familias)
and some degree of prosperity."

"Doc" married Theresa Baker November 14th, 1906, and their
two children are :

Edwin, IV, born November 17th, 1907, and

Gladys, born January 30th, 1909.

ildward Seguin VanDuyn, M. D.

p rh 318 James St., Syracuse, New York.

Van Duyn is practicing medicine in Syracuse and is Associate
Professor in Surgery in the Medical College of Syracuse University.
He is also Hospital Surgeon to the Hospital of the Good Shepherd.

He received his M. D. degree from Syracuse University in 1897.

February 4th, 1903, Van Duyn married Lucy Leavenworth Bal-

Mary was born December lOth, 1903.

John n, was born


Rev. Nathan Frederick Van Horsen

p r 52 Moreland St., Roxbury Dist., Boston, Mass.
b 3 Winthrop Square, Boston, Mass.

Van Horsen graduated from the Princeton Theological Seminary
in 1898 and was Pastor of Gilead Presbyterian Church of Carmel,
N. Y., from October of that year to October, 1903, when he resigned
to accept a position with the publishing house of Hill and Co., New
York City.

Since the Class Decennial Van Horsen has severed his connection
with the publishing business and is now with R. G. Dun's Mercantile
Agency in Boston. He writes that he is engaged in Sunday School
and Missionary work on the side.


June 22nd, 1899, he married Ella Louise Rhoades.
Winifred was born January 7th, 1902, and
Eleanor, December 28th, 1905.

Fohn Van Nortwick

p b Batavia, 111.
r Geneva, 111.

"Van" is Treasurer of the Appleton Manufacturing Company of
Batavia, 111., manufacturers of agricultural implements.

"Tell the boys", he says, "that my wind-mills, feed cutters, corn »

shellers, corn buskers and grinding mills ought to be in every '94 /

home. I can show you more than 57 varieties of diplomas and
medals and more prizes than Bill Sykes took at Commencement, all
showing that I am the real little white-haired boy with Cyrus and
Reuben, by heckie. My out-drop is working fine. You can put me
in for the whole game, but I think from Friday to Tuesday ought
to hold me."

Helen Elizabeth Buchwalter became Mrs. Van Nortwick Novem-
ber 7th, 1907.

Frank P. R. Van Syckel

p r b Irvington-on-Hudson, N. Y.

Van Syckel is teaching at the address given above. He writes that
he graduated with the Class of 1896 and should not, therefore, be
enrolled with '94. However, before leaving Princeton he passed
through the trials and joys of Freshman and Sophomore years with
'94, so the Class latch string always hangs out for him.

^John Jewell Van Vliet

prb Goshen, N. Y.

John is in the general furniture business with his father in his old
home. He is unmarried and 'tis whispered that he is a fancier of
fast horses, like his famous fellow townsman, E. H. Harriman.

Harry Vincent

p Mifflin, Pa.

Bill Meredith met Vincent about a year ago and secured the
address given above. Letters so directed remained unanswered. As


a last resort a registered letter containing an information blank was
sent to Mifflin. The return receipt was signed "Harry Vincent,
Per Thad S. Vincent." No reply came to this last appeal.

At the time of the Class Decennial Vincent was in the lumber
business in Pennsylvania.

John Leslie Voorhees

p 105 Division St., Amsterdam, N. Y.
h Care P. H. Smeallie and Co., Amsterdam, N. Y.
"Pop's" business is board manufacturing in Amsterdam, New
York. He was Charley French's best man in October, 1904.
June 5th, 1907, he married Rebecca M. Morris.

Arthur Holland Wadsworth

pr 168 Lefferts Place, Brooklyn, N. Y.

Wadsworth is in the United States Customs Service in New York
City and is Acting Deputy Surveyor. Class globe-trotters make a
note of this. "Wad" doesn't tell us to look him up on the dock, but
surely it can do no harm to give a '94 cheer and start a "Clio Hall
this way", just for the sake of the old days, you know.

September 5th, 1900. Wadsworth married Georgianna Brady..
Their two children are :

James Alfred, born December loth, 1902, and

Helen Elizabeth, born February 28th, 1905.

Rev. George Handy Wailes

Xp Salisbury, Md.
r 1922 South 15th St., Philadelphia, Pa.
*" Wailes is a minister of the Presbyterian Church. At present he

is Professor of Hebrew at Temple College, Philadelphia, a co-
educational institution with over three thousand students.

He is also Professor of Greek at Ursinus College, Collegeville, Pa.
In 1896 Wailes received the degree of A.M. from Princeton.
October 8th, 1902, he married Lucretia Mott Franklin of Wood-
bury, N. J.


•avid Shove Walton

pr 88 Cold Spring St., New Haven, Conn.

h James and Alton Sts., New Haven, Conn.
Walton is Treasurer of the National Folding Box and Paper Co.^

of New Haven, Conn. Give us a tip on the Yale team this fall,

June 15th, 1904, he married Pearl Coburn of Holyoke, Mass.

Their little daughter, Lucy, was born April nth, 1905.

He is a member of the Princeton Club of New York

Ernest Coniston Waterhouse, M. D.

Honolulu, H. I.

No news from Waterhouse. He received his M.D. from Colum-
bia, Physicians and Surgeons, in 1897, and in 1904 was Attending
Surgeon to the Queen's Hospital and Chinese Hospital of Honolulu.

February 26th, 1900, he married Helen Amy Harding.

Helen Amy was born January 26th, 1901, and

Ernest Burton Leigh, March 19th, 1902.

Pendleton Gaines Watmough, Jr.

Letters returned by the Postmaster and his name not in the Di-
rectory of Philadelphia, from which city he matriculated.
He left college in 1891.

Rev Charles Roger Watson

ph Reformed Church Building, 200 N. 15th St., Philadelphia,
r The Avondale, 37th and Locust Sts., Philadelphia, Pa.

Watson was a professor in Ohio State University the year follow-
ing graduation. Subsequently he was Pastor of the First United
Presbyterian Church of St. Louis, Mo.

Since November, 1902, he has been Corresponding Secretary of
the Board of Foreign Missions of the United Presbyterian Church
of North America.

From 1895 to 1896 he was Instructor in French in Princeton, re-
ceiving the degree of A.M. in 1899.

In 1903, in his official capacity, he visited the mission fields in
India, Egypt and the Soudan.

November 20th, 1902, Watson married Maria Elizabeth Powell.

James Avis Wentzell

J p rh Elmer, N. J. Wentzell has been County Superintendent of
Schools of Salem County, New Jersey, for the past six years.


Prior to 1902 he was a public school teacher.
July 17th, 1901, he married Elnora Denelsbeck.
Helen Beaver was born April 26th, 1905.

James L. Whitaker |

p r Cedar Grove, Olney, Pa.
h 408 M. and M. Building, 3rd and Chestnut Sts, Philadelphia,
"Jim" is a manufacturer of cotton goods.

February 9th, 1897, he married Mary F. Chase. They have had
five children, four of whom are living:

James L., Jr., born November 15th, 1897. Died June i8th, 1902.
R. Chase, born February 6th, 1900.
Howard F., born October 9th, 1901.
Anthony Howe, born September nth, 1903.
Mary C, born April 15th, 1906.

Joseph Billette White

p 21-24 State St., New York.
r Indianapolis, Ind.

h Robinson Lumber Co., 21 State St., New York.
"Joe" is the Treasurer of the Robinson Land and Lumber Com-
pany of New York.

November 24th, 1898, he married Mabel E. Robinson.

Dorothy M. was born August 26th, 1900.

Maude R., born January 28th, 1903.

"Both handsome like father," writes Joe, "that's all."

eorge Dudley Whitney

p rh Glassboro, N. J.

Whitney is President of the Whitney Glass Works, manufactur-
ers of bottles and fruit jars, one of the largest and oldest plants of
its kind in the United States, having been established in 1775.

"Whit" received the degree of LL.B. from Columbia (now
George Washington) University, Washington, D. C, in 1896. For
two years following he engaged in the practice of law in that city,
and thereafter in Philadelphia, until a little over a year ago when he
was elected to his present position.

He writes that the contrast between practicing law and making


bottles is rather startling but that he has found the work very con-
genial. It keeps him tied down so closely, however, that he does not
see as much of Princeton men as he used to, save an occasional trip
to the great city, which, he says, "helps some."

"Dud" is a member of the Princeton Clubs of New York and

jJohn Franklin Wilkins

p Metropolitan Qub, Washington, D. C.

r 1824 Mass. Ave., Washington, D. C.

h 808 Hibbs Building, Washington, D. C.

In 1905 Wilkins sold a large interest in The Washington Post
and a year later retired from the active management of its affairs.
He is the President of the Randolph Hotel Company and of the
Washington Fertilizer Company, Secretary of the Potomac Realty
Company and a director in The Washington Post Company, the
National Metropolitan Bank and the American Security and Trust
Company. He is also a member of the Washington Stock Ex-
change, of the Princeton Club of Philadelphia and of the University
and Princeton Clubs of New York.

December 6th, 1904, he married Jula Crittenden Harris of Rich-
mond, Va.

Katharine Emily was born July 23rd, 1907.

^David Milne Willard

/ p b 302 Broadway, New York.

r "62 West 68th St., New York.
' "Dave" is in the insurance business in New York, and is connected
with the American Credit-Indemnity Company of that city.

He is the father of the only living twins in the Class, Jack Bush-
nell having lost one son, John L., Jr., in January of 1905.

June 17th, 1896, Willard married Ethel W. Darby. The twins,
Rosalind and David, Jr., were born October 13th, 1898, and Edwin
T. D., March 28th, 1902.

Dwight Daniel Willard

^ p r Merion, Pa.

'W- b Crozer Building, Philadelphia, Pa.

/ "Doc" is an attorney in Philadelphia, and is also President of the



MacPherson Willard Forge and Machine Company of Bordentown,
New Jersey.

February 13th, 1895, Willard married Lulu Wine of Washington,
D. C.

Mildred McCreary was born October 6th, 1896, and

Venette Milne, January 7th, 1898.

George Howard Williams

p Circuit Court, St. Louis, Mo.

r 7 Windemere Place, St. Louis, Mo.

George H. received his LL.B. from Washington University in
1897 and is now Judge of the Circuit Court of St. Louis.

He writes : "In 1906 I was elected to the Circuit Court, which is
our court of general jurisdiction. The term is six years. One
fourth of that time is spent in a criminal division for the trial of
felonies. There are three divisions for the trial of such cases. One
of the judges in the criminal divisions presides also over the Juve-
nile division. On entering my work I drew a criminal division plus
the juvenile and at once became engrossed in that most interesting
field of judicial labors, devoting about half my time to each. The
criminal was easy enough but so many sociological considerations
enter into the juvenile trial that it took fully six months to become
familiar with the neglected and delinquent urchin. Last July I took
up a civil division. My best work thus far on the bench has been
a revision of all forms used in Juvenile Court procedure and the
preparation of a new uniform Juvenile Court law for the state.
Since then I have done what I hope every other man in '94 has —
taken an active interest in municipal politics. That is the unsolved
problem, and college-bred men in St. Louis are just awakening to
their responsibilities in that direction. My vagary is golf and I
am serving my second term as President of St. Louis Field Club,
one of our oldest and best golf clubs.

Am a member of Pilgrim Congregational Church and my interest
there is especially in the development of the work along social lines.
My two boys have a firm belief that no four footed beast compares
with the Tiger. When the roll is called in June I'll be there, and
when we sing the glad songs there'll be "smiles through our tear
dimmed sight" for the old pals who have seen the sunset and evening
star and have answered the one clear call."


June I2th, 1900, George married Harriet Chase Stewart and they
have two boys :

Stewart, born August 24th, 1902, and
Howard, born June 7th, 1904.

George Weems Williams

p r 407 West Lanvale St., Bakimore, Md.
h Maryland Trust Building, Baltimore, Md.

"Judge" Williams is a member of the law firm of Marbury and
Gosnell of Baltimore and has shoals of clients. One of them is the
Washington, Baltimore and Annapolis Electric Railway Company.

George gets his title by virtue of the fact that the powers that
be of the Monumental City had him slated for a judgeship at the
time of the last elections, but George refused to allow his name to
be used. He is also a member of the Park Board of the City of

He has been admitted to practice before the Supreme Court of the
United States.

Under matrimonial data the Judge is very uncommunicative. One
of his '94 bachelor brothers in Baltimore says : "There is a dinky
little rumor circulating here, etc. I am not in "Ha-Boy's" confidence,
but when a man breaks ail records by sitting on the water wagon
for fifteen or sixteen years it's high time for him to break out in a
new place."

Williams received the degree of LL.B. from the University of
Maryland in 1896 and his A. M. from Princeton in 1897.

Guy Wilson

r Mi ssoula, M ont.

b Care WesternMontana National Bank, Missoula, Mont.

Wilson has been in the banking business for the past ten years in
Laurel, Nebraska.

He has just resigned the cashiership of the Farmers State Bank
of Laurel to move to a wider and better field in Montana.

^George Clarence Wintringer

r 1 162 Broad St., Newark, N. J.

h Westinghouse Electric and Manufacturing Co., Newark, N. J.
Wintringer is an electrical engineer connected with the Westing-
house Electric and Manufacturing Company at their Newark works.
October 8th, 1901, "Dutch" married Mary E. Finlay.


William Griffith Wilson

Died December 31st, 1908, Baltimore, Md.

Wilson was in the real estate business in Baltimore. His health
for the past three years had been such that he could not devote his
best energies to his work. "Chuck" was a very ardent and enthusi-
astic Princeton man and the Class has lost a member whose loyalty
was ever constant and to be counted upon.

In his will he provided :

"As a small token of the loyalty I feel to the Class of 1894 of
Princeton University, of which I was a member, I give and bequeath
the sum of fifty dollars ($50) to J. MacN. Thompson, William F.
Meredith and George Weems Williams (all members of said class)
and the survivor or survivors of them if I should die before June,
1919, in trust to purchase with the said sum of fifty dollars ($50)
and any interest accruing thereon a silver loving cup, suitably in-
scribed, and to present the same at the twenty-fifth reunion of said
class at Princeton, which will take place in the year 19 19, to that
member of the class who shall at that time have the largest number
of children then living, the above named persons to have full power
to decide by lot or otherwise between members of the class having
equal claims for said cup."

George Williams is also executor under the will.

Albert Martin Woodruff

/> r 38 South Oxford St., Brooklyn, N. Y.
b 100 Broad St., New York.

"Al" is Assistant Secretary of the Bush Terminal Company, the
largest and most modern terminal warehouse in Greater New York.
He is a member of the Princeton Club of New York and, though
unmarried and apparently untouched for the past fifteen years, can
still "see his love at the window, look, look."

/harles Beatty Worden, M.D.
prb 322 South i6th St., Philadelphia, Pa.
Worden received the degree of M.D. from University in 1898
and has a large and remunerative practice in Philadelphia.


For a time he was the resident physician attached to John Wana-
maker's establishment in Philadelphia. Through hard work and
his pleasant personality "Charley" earned for himself the whole of
the Wanamaker influence and settled down as a permanent practi-
tioner in Philadelphia.

Worden is very prominent in the affairs of the Princeton Qub
of Philadelphia and is a member of the House Committee.

December i8th, 1907, he married Ora Otis Williams of San Fran-
cisco, California.

Ora Otis Worden was born January 29th, 1909.

Edward Bell Wright

"Ed" was employed at the National Hotel, Washington, D. C, for
several years after the Class graduated. His people are not known
and the Record could not cross his trail.

Edward Henry Wright, Jr.

p r 24 Park Place, Newark, N. J.
h Prudential Building, Newark, N. J.

Wright is back at the law once more, after a term in the lower
house of the New Jersey Legislature. He is a Democrat of the old
Jeffersonian school. Essex County, usually a Republican strong-
hold, became involved in a party quarrel and the whole Democratic
ticket was elected for the first time in fifteen years.

Applying Cy Heath's famous expression to "Teddy's" political
misfortune — "his foot slipped" at the 1907 election and Edward
Henry was sent back to the minor leagues.

"I fought the bosses and got mine," writes Ted. "No good
Democrat has a chance until Bill Bryan goes to roost. While I am
waiting you can say that I'll sign for a legal job with any old trust
any day." Wright is a member of the Princeton Club of New York.

June 17th, 1905, he married Caroline Lesher Firth of South
Orange, New Jersey.

Edward Henry, 3rd, was born January 20th, 1906.

Rev. Sydney Radwell Yarrow

Mill Valley, Marin Co., Cal.

Yarrow is beyond our ken. For want of a better address the one
given in the Decennial Record is repeated. The Princeton Univer-


sity Alumni Directory gives his address as the Pacific Theological
Seminary, Oakland, Cal.

Letters sent to both addresses failed to be returned by the post-
masters, and apparently, therefore, were received.

Yarrow married C. Millacent Palmer August 3rd, 1897.

Sidney Burton, born in November, 1899; died in November, 1901.

Harriet was born June 13th, 1902.

Harvey Wade Young, M.D.

prb Red Bank, N. J.

Harvey received his M.D. from New York University in 1897,
and is now a practicing physician and surgeon.

September 22nd, 1902, he married Lucretia Torrence. Their two
children are :

Alexander Oliver, born August 21st, 1905, and

Harvey Torrence, born May 4th, 1907.

Harry Null Yont

p Greensburg, Pa.

b Court House, Greensburg, Pa.

Yont is a lawyer and Prothonotary of Westmoreland County, Pa.

January 21st, 1902, he married Emma Sauden Reeves of Altoona, V/
Pa. Joe Guffey and Kay Portser were two of his ushers, and ^
Altoona is talking about them yet.



has been received from the following :

Bowes, Collins, Downes, Duff, Evans, Farnum, Goldthwaite,
Inslee, Kiesling, McCague, McCartney, McAllister, McLeod, Morri-
son, Pitcairn, E. S. Ramsdell, R. R. Ramsdell, Read, Roberts,
Schmidt, Swan, Vincent, Watmough, E. B. Wright and Yarrow.

Note: Italics denote that addresses and information given under
the above names in the body of the Record were obtained from other
sources. Any information concerning these men in the possession
of other members of the Class should be sent to the Class Secretary.



*James Maclin Brodnax, July 22nd, 1904.

Thomas Douglas Corry, April 3rd, 1902.

Horace Day, July 30th, 1899.

Adolph William Dunbar, July 20th, 1901.

William Hall English, November 14th, 1890.

Charles Dudley Fuller, July i8th, 1892.

William W. Fisk, August 19th, 1902.

William Edward Grant, February ist, 1895.

Wyllys King Grier, February ist, 1902.

Edmund Drake Halsey, December 3rd, 1901.
♦Thomas Addison Jenkins, October nth, 1905.

Ernest Farwell Keikwin, October 8th, 1897.

John Miller Kennedy, Jr., December 5th, 1901.
*Winfield Scott Kennedy, August 23rd, 1908.
*Samuel Wardwell Kinney, January 30th, 1909.
*Edward Reed Laughlin, March 21st, 1909.

Walter Lowrie, August 29th, 1901.

William Lloyd McCauley, March 23rd, 1898.

John Davidson McCord, April 9th, 1903.

Frederick Morton Merrill, March 23rd, 1900.

Harold D. McMillan, June loth, 1902.

John Murdoch, May 3rd, 1894.

Edward Clare Oliver, April 7th, 1901.
♦Frederick Clark Paulmier, March 3rd, 1906.

William Alfred Sexton, October ist, 1903.
*James MacNaughton Thompson, December 26th, 1908.

John Harold Turner, March 15th, 1902.

John McGill White, October 22nd, 1899.
♦William Griffith Wilson, December 31st, 1908.

William Ring Woodruff, March i6th, 1895.

* Since Decennial Reunion.


Surviving Deceased Total

Married 170 3 173

Unmarried 90 27 117

Class membership 260 30 290

Children born:

Boys 115 10 125

Girls Ill 6 117

Sex unknown 2 2

Total 226 18 244




Hugh Foster Union Springs


J. W. Kiesling Happy Camp

S. D. Dice Hollywood

H. H. Fisher Los Angeles

S. R. Yarrow Mill Valley

B. Van Benthuysen San Francisco


A. C. Bartels Denver

-E. S. Smith Denver


'H. S. Fisher Greenwich

H. S. Thompson Greenwich

XL. Hoge Hartford

y^[x^- S. Walton New Haven


W. C. Spruance, Jr Wilmington


T. Riggs, Jr Washington

J. F. Wilkins Washington


E. P. Roberts Key West

G. Drake Miami


^H. Richardson Atlanta

J. F. Evans Savannah



•M'Cready Sykes Boise


J. VanNortwick Batavia

H. M. Beck Chicago

C. M. Cartwright Chicago

A. R. Chamberlain Chicago

■S. H. Curran Chicago

S. Dickey Chicago

F. M. Dusenberry Chicago

•J. Fentress Chicago

G. H. Forsyth Chicago

E. F. Johnson Chicago

F. C. Kenly Chicago

J. C. Neely Chicago

«E. C. Petrie Chicago

C. M. Cartwri2!llfti,''*?f?''?'S*?^'?^*?*r'?^''?^?'?^^^

J. Van Nortwick Geneva

W. M. Clark Peoria

^^- P. Jack Peoria

/''\,G. M. Brinkerhoff, Jr Springfield

'^ ^]. Fentress Winnetka


C. McBride Elkhart

^^]. B. White Indianapolis

'S. H. Curran Roby


J. H. Alexander Council Grove

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