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Avey & Irish, real estate, mortgages and insurance, Pittsburgh, Pa.

July-December IQ17. overseas as ambulance driver, at first with American Ambu-
lance and later with American Field Service.

M. Alberta Harper, January 5, 1910.

Lydia Irish, b. November 4, 191 1.


(a) 61 Pleasant Street, Concord, N. H.

(b) 5 South State Street, Concord, N. H. .


[Born May 28, 1878, at Antrim, N. H. Son of Nathan Cleaves Jameson and

Isabel Butler Jameson. Prepared for Princeton at Andover.]

1901-05, student at College of Physicians and Surgeons, New York City, re-
ceiving degree of Doctor of Medicine in 1905 ; 1906-08, interne at Presbyterian
Hospital and at Sloane Maternity Hospital ; Assistant Surgeon Presbyterian
Hospital; 1908-17, practiced medicine, New York City. Since 1919, practicing
surgery at Concord, New Hampshire.

1916, Plattsburg Medical Reserve Corps Training Camp, commissioned ist Lieu-
tenant June 1917; ordered on active duty Fort Benjamin Harrison, Ind. ; August
6, 191 7, promoted Captain and assigned as Surgeon to 301st Field Artillerj^ Camp
Devens, Mass. ; October 20, 1917, transferred to Base Hospital, Camp Dix, N. J. ;
December 4, 1917, assigned to Evacuation Hospital No. 6, at Fort Oglethorpe,
Ga.. sailing for France with this unit on April 8, 1918; promoted Major April
18, 1918; June i6-August 18, 1918, Chief of Operating Train No. 2; August 19,
1918-April 3, 1919, Chief of Surgical Service Evacuation Hospital No. 6, which
was stationed at Coblentz, Germany, from December 14, 1918, to March 13, 1919.
February 17, 1919, promoted Lieutenant-Colonel. Returned to U. S. April 22,
1919, discharged May 12, 1919. Received citation and personal letter of thanks
from Commander-in-Chief A. E. F. for services as Surgical Chief of Evacuation
Hospital No. 6, which also received three citations for efficient service.

M. Oleonda Prince, October 13, 1913.


(a) U. S. Hospital Ship "'Relief," care Navy Department, Washing-
ton, D. C.

(c) New Brunswick, N. J., U. S. Navy.

[Born July 21, 1880, at Garden Spot (alias New Brunswick), N. J. Son of
William Richard Janeway and Frances S. Dayton Janeway. Prepared for
Princeton at Rutgers Preparatory School and Lawrenceville, N. J.]

1901-03, General Secretary of Philadelphian Society, Princeton, N. J. ; 1903-06,
student at Union Theological Seminary, receiving degree of B.D. in May 1906;
ordained to the Christian Ministry of the Presbyterian Church September 23,
1906, New York City; 1906-11, Minister of Church of Christ of Dartmouth Col-
lege, Hanover, N. H. ; 1912-18, Assistant Minister of Brick Presbyterian Church,
New York City. August-November 1917, with Y. M. C. A., Second Plattsburg
Training Camp. February 1918, commissioned Lieutenant of the Senior Grade





in Chaplains' Corps, U. S. Navy, anticipating the delights and dangers of life on
the ocean wave, but instead was ordered to "See America First" by receiving an
assignment on board the Receiving Ship at the Bremerton Navy Yard, Puget
Sound, Washington. 1919-21, Junior Chaplain, U. S. Naval Academy, Annapolis,
Md., serving in the summers of 1920 and 1921 as Chaplain of U. S. S. "Minne-
sota" and U. S. S. "South Carolina" respectively. Since September 1921, Chaplain
of Hospital Ship "Relief" attached to North Atlantic Squadron.


(c) 109 Luzerne Avenue, Pittston, Pa.

[Born November 22, 1878, at Pittston, Pa. Son of George Johnson and Ella
Robertson Johnson. Prepared for Princeton at Harry Hillman Academy, Wilkes-
Barre, Pa.]

1901-02, in business in New Brunswick, N. J.; 1902-03, lumbering in Minnesota;
1903-06, student in Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Boston, Mass. ; 1967,
with American Realty Company, West Milan, N. H. ; 1908, with Reading (Pa.)
Iron Company; 1912-13, Assistant Chemist in Bureau of Chemistry, United
States Department of Agriculture at Washington. For a number of years past
has been in poor health, and at last accounts was at a sanatorium in Danville, Pa.


(a) 2 La Veta Place, Nyack, N. Y.

(b) New York Underwriters' Agency, 100 William Street, New York.

Fire Insurance.

[Born January 29, 1879, at New York City. Son of John E. Johnson and
Fannie E. Hallock Johnson. Prepared for Princeton at Holbrook Military
School, Ossining, N. Y.]

After leaving Princeton in 1898, with Faulkner, Page & Co., dry goods. New
York City. Since July 1901, with New York Underwriters' Agency, New York

M. Helen A. Brown, September 8, 1904.

Stanley Lathrop Johnson, b. October 25, 1909.
Theodore Brown Johnson, b. June 26, 1912.
Ruth Hallock Johnson, b. June 25, 1914.


(a) 31 Oak Street, Metuchen, N. J.

(b) 301-303 Market Street, Newark, N. J.

Wheel Manufacturer.

[Born January 3, 1879, at Newark, N. J. Son of Henry Phineas Jones and Ada

Anderson Jones. Prepared for Princeton at Newark (N. J.) Academy.]

1901-02, rodman with Pennsylvania Railroad. Since 1903 ivith Phineas Jones &
Co., Neivark, N. J., makers of the "Best Wheels on Earth" for yowr automobile,
and now- Treasurer and General Manag'er of that company.

1917-18, engaged in an "essential industry," i.e., the manufacture of motor truck
wheels for the U. S. Government.

M. Mildred Fisher, March 21, 1911.
Phyllis Jones, b. May 2, 1915.



(a) 248 Barclay Street, Flushing, N. Y.

(b) 120 Broadway, New York City.


[Born August 24, 1877, at New Providence, N. J. Son of Stephen Hoyt Jones

and Mary Day Jones. Prepared for Princeton at Blair Hall, Blairstown, N. J.]

1901-03, student at Xevv York Law School ; since then practicing law in New
York City, for a time with Edward S. Hosmer under the firm name of Hosmer &
Jones. Since 1907 practicing alone in Neu' York City.

1917-18, member Liberty Loan Committee, Flushing, Long Island, "Four Minute
Man" in War Drives in Queens Borough, New York City; Director Salvation
Army Drive, Flushing, Long Island, Legal Adviser Flushing Local Draft Board.

M. Edith De Witt Miesse, October 25, 1906.

Bradford De Witt Jones, b. December 17, 1913.


(a) 720 Pomery Street, Kenosha, Wisconsin.

(b) The American Brass Company, Kenosha, Wisconsin.

Brass Manufacturer.

[Born August 26, 1880, at Thomaston, Conn. Son of Horace Q. Judd, and Ellen

E. Crofut Judd. Prepared for Princeton at Pennington (N. J.) Seminary.]

1901-02, Fellow in History at Princeton University; 1902-10, with Coe Brass
Branch of American Brass Company at Torrington, Connecticut, first as mill
hand, then Assistant Foreman and later as Assistant Superintendent. Since 1910,
with the American Brass Company, for a time as Superintendent and more
recently as Managing Vice-President.

1917-18, Member of Kenosha County, Wis., Council of Defense; Member of
Liberty Bond Committee, Kenosha County; Secretary of Patriots Fund Com-
mittee, Kenosha; Superintendent of plant engaged entirely on production of
component materials for rifle and artillery ammunition, grenades, mines, etc.

M. Eva M. Sanders, November 8, 1905.

Howard Carter Judd, b. September 25, 1906.
Marcia Ellen Judd, b. February 9, 1910.
Alice Saunders Judd, b. August 25, 191 1.


(a) New Canaan, Connecticut.

(b) 17 East 42nd Street, New York City.

[Born February 23, 1880, at New York City. Son of William Henry Katzenbach
'67 and Julia Emery Katzenbach. Prepared for Princeton at Drisler School,
New York City.]

1901-06, in Accounting Department of New York Central and Hudson River
Railroad Company, New York City; 1906-11, Assistant Secretary and Treasurer
of Colorado & Southern Railway; 1912-20, Secretary and Treasurer of Great
Northern Railroad Company, with offices at St. Paul, Minn., and Director of that
Company from 1914 to 1920; 1920, President of Tri-State Sales Company with


offices at Newark, N. J. Since early in 1921, Secretary and Treasurer of the
General Syndicate, Inc., Nezv York City, and also Assistant Secretary and Treas-
urer of the Katsenbach & Bullock Company of Trenton.

1917-18, First Sergeant and then Second Lieutenant of Minnesota Home Guards,
later organized as Sixth Regiment Infantry, Minnesota National Guard. Partici-
pated in Liberty Loan and Red Cross drives. Engaged in Raih-oad work under
Director-General of Railways.

M. Mary Whittredge, November 7, 1903.

William Emery Katzenbach, b. August 30, 1904.
Worthington Whittredge Katzenbach, b. Dec. 8, 1907.
Louis Emery Katzenbach, Jr., b. December iS, 1915.


(a) Camp Hill, Cumberland County, Pa.

(b) 204 Chestnut Street, Harrisburg, Pa.

Industrial Banker.

[Born February 18, 1878, at Harrisburg, Pa. Son of Jacob Kehr and Margaret

Raub Kehr. Prepared for Princeton at Harrisburg (Pa.) High School.]

1901-04, Advertising Manager Harrisburg Shoe Manufacturing Co., Harris-
burg; 1904-09, with J. Horace McFarland Company, printers, Harrisburg; 1909-
II, Secretary of Pennsylvania Conservation Association, Harrisburg; since 1910,
President and General Manager Co-operative Loan and Investment Company;
also National Secretary American Industrial Licensed Lenders Association.

1917-18, participated in Liberty Loan, War Savings Stamps, Red Cross Drives,
etc., and co-operated in assisting contributors to finance their supscriptions.

M. Merte Gardner, June 8, 1910.


(a) Kenilworth, Illinois.

(b) 623 South Wabash Avenue, Chicago, Illinois.


[Born July 23, 1879, at Washington, D. C. Son of Abner B. Kelly, '70, and Helen
Elizabeth Gilbert Kelly. Prepared for Princeton at Eastern High School and
George Washington University, Washington, D. C. Entered Princeton in 1899.]

1901, Coach University of Tennessee football team; 1902-08, teaching in Central
High School, Washington, D. C, meanwhile studying law at George Washington
University Law School, graduating in 1905 with degree of LL.B.; 1908-10, prin-
cipal of East Aurora (111.) High School; 191 1 to date, Editor of the Educational
Publications, textbooks, etc., of Scott, Foresman & Co., Chicago, III.

1917-18, member of Home Guard at Kenilworth, 111.; participated in various
war drives.

M. Edna Vause Riddleberger, June 29, 1909-

Elizabeth Vause Kelly, b. December 7, 1910.



(a) Dana Place, Englewood, N. J.

(b) 5 Nassau Street, New York City.


[Born August 15, 1878, at Fairfield, Westmoreland County, Pa. Son of Thomas
Bakewell Kerr (U. of Pitt. '67) and Clara Dilworth Kerr. Prepared for Prince-
ton at Lawrenceville.]

1901-04, student at Columbia Law School, New York City, received degree of
LL.B. in 1904, admitted to practice, New York, in November 1903 ; 1904-07, with
law firm of White & Case; 1907-09, associated with Thomas W. Bakewell, New
York. Since January i, 1910, member of firm of Fish, Richardson, Herrick &
Neave, now Fish, Richardson & Neave, specializing particularly in patent and
trade-mark law.

January i. 1922, became Mayor of Englewood, N. J.

1917-18, June-July, 1917, in ofiice of Director of Council of National Defense,
Washington, D. C. ; in August 1917, on formation of War Industries Board, be-
came Assistant to Robert S. Brookings, Commissioner of Finished Products of
that Board; September 1917-April 1918, Secretary of Clearance Committee, War
Industries Board ; April 1918-September 1918, Chief of Commodities Section,
Requirements Division, of Purchase Storage and Traffic Division of General
Staff, U. S. A. October 4, 1918, commissioned Captain, Chemical Warfare Ser-
vice, U. S. Army, and assigned to Engineer Officers Training School, Camp
Humphreys, Va. ; November-December 1918, at U. S. Gas School, Camp Ken-
drick, N. J.

M. Janet Brinckerhoff, April 17. 1906.

John Brinkerhoff Kerr, b. April 7, 1907.
Harold Brinckerhoff Kerr, b. August 29, 1909.
Clarence Dilworth Kerr, Jr., b. October 3, 1913.
Mary Mason Kerr, b. July 23, 1916.
William Dilworth Kerr, b. January 28, 1920.


(a) 661 East 24th Street, Paterson, N. J.

(b) Riverside Steel Castings Company, Newark, N. J.

Manufacturer of Steel Castings.

[Born November 21, 1879, at Paterson, N. J. Son of Porter Spaulding Kinne

and Amelia Smylie Kinne. Prepared for Princeton at Newark (N. J.) Academy.]

1901-03, with F. T. May & Co., jewelers. New York City; 1903-04, with Cooper,
Wig & Cooke Company, Steel Castings, Delawanna, N. J. Since 1905 zvith River-
side Steel Castings Company, of zvhich he is Secretary and Treasurer.

1917-18, manufacturing steel castings for Navy and Emergency Fleet and other
contractors for Government use.

M. Helen Baldwin, April 19, 191 1.

Marjorie Helen Kinne, b. January 12, 1912.
Janet Ridgeway Kinne, b. July 27, 1914.
James Smylie Kinne, b. July 27, 1914.



(b) 131 1 G. Street, N. W., Washington, D. C.

(c) Hagerstown, Md.


[Born May 15, 1877, at Hagerstown, Md. Sou of Charles Seth Lane, ''72, and

Hetty McGill Lane. Prepared for Princeton at Lawrenceville and Rand's


After leaving college in 1898, was engaged in journalism in New York City. Since
then has been engaged in journalism in Washington, D. C., for a time with
Washington "Post," upon the editorial staff of the "Evening Star," and in the
Washington office of the New York "American," successively. After 1915 was
for a time on the editorial staffs of two government service weeklies. More
recently has been writing special articles on senators, congressmen and other
Washington celebrities. N ow living on a farm in Virginia, near Washington.

M. Mary Helen Finlay, October i, 1898.


(a) Hagerstown, Md.


[Born January 6, 1880, at Hagerstown, Md. Son of Charles Seth Lane, '72,

and Hetty McGill Lane. Prepared for Princeton at Lawrenceville.]

1901-03, with Trust Company of New Jersey, Hoboken, N. J. 1903-0S, with
Cuyler, Morgan & Co., New York City. Since then zviih Eavey, Lane & Co.,
hankers, Hagerstown, Md., now the Maryland Surety and Trust Company, of
which he is Secretary and Assistant Treasurer.

1917-18, participated in War Drives and was Chairman of the Executive Com-
mittee for Third and Fourth Liberty Loan Campaigns in the Hagerstown district.


(a) 700 Missouri Avenue, Deer Lodge, Mont.

(b) Main Street, Deer Lodge, Mont.


[Born December 15, 1878, at Deer Lodge, Mont. Son of Samuel Edward Larabie
and Julia Woolfolk Larabie. Prepared for Princeton at College of Montana.
Entered Princeton in September 1898.]

1901-04, with Larabie Brothers, Bankers, Deer Lodge, Mont.; 1904-05, with

Western Banking Co., Portland, Oregon; 1906-14, Cashier of The State Bank,

Idaho Falls, Idaho. Since June 1914, President of Larabie Brothers, Bankers,
Inc., Deer Lodge, Montana.

1917-18, Don modestly writes: "Nothing except membership on various war
committees." Information from another source reveals that he was Chairman
of the following Boards for Powell County, Montana: Defense Council, Fuel
Administration, Food Conservation, Examiners for Candidates Reserve Officers
Training Camps.

M. Mabel Beaumont, January 29, 1908.



(a) 6338 Washington Avenue, St. Louis, Mo.

(b) 1226 Pierce Building, St. Louis, Mo.


[Born on October 2, 1878, at St. Louis, Mo. Son of Joseph E. Lawton and Alary

L. Lawton. Prepared for Princeton at Central High School, St. Louis, Mo.]

Since graduation, in the insurance business in St. Louis, for a time member
of firm of J. E. Lawton & Son and now member of firm of Lawton, Byrne &
Bniner, Insurance, St. Louis.

1917-18, "Four-Minute Man"; participated in various Liberty Loan Drives.

M. Maude Miller, October 14, 1903.

Janet Law'ton, b. May 5, 1908.
M. Bernice Wholerey, January 15, 1921.

Carl Stewart Lawton, Jr., November 20, 1921.


(b) Care American Legation, Port-au-Prince, Haiti.

(c) U. S. Marine Corps, Navy Department, Washington, D. C.


[Born February 8, 1878. Son of William M. Lay. Prepared for Princeton at

On leaving Princeton in 1899, entered United States Marine Corps, and was
assigned to serve in East, taking part in China Relief Expedition and Philippine
campaigns. Later was on duty in Washington as Aide-de-Camp of President
Roosevelt. Was with the first American troops to land in France in June 1917.
Served with the Marine Corps Brigade of the Second Division, A. E. F., as
Adjutant-General until August 1918, when he was promoted to Lieutenant-Colonel
and made Inspector-General of the Second Division ; serving in this capacity
until the return of the Second Division to the United States. He received the
following decorations and citations for gallantry: Croix de Guerre (with Gold
Star), action — Blanc Mont; Croix de Guerre (with Palms), action — Belleau
Woods ; 2nd Divisional citations, actions — Chateau Thierry, Soissons, St.
Mihiel, Blanc Mont, Argonne; Navy Cross, action-Vierzy ; twice recommended
for Distinguished Service Medal and once for Distinguished Service Cross ; also
received citation for Meritorious Service. From July 1919 to October 1921, was
stationed at Washington. Since October ig2i has been stationed at Port-au-
Prince, Haiti. Commissioned: Second Lieutenant, February 10, 1900; First
Lieutenant, March 28, 1901 ; Captain, March 20, 1905; Major, March 16, 1917;
and Lieutenant-Colonel, August 28, 1918. His present rank is Lieutenant-Colonel
of the United States Marines.

Married in June 1920.


(a) P. O. Box 7Z, River Edge, N. J.

(b) Interborough Rapid Transit Company, in East 41st Street, New

York City.


[Born September 7, 1879. at New York City. Son of Austin Leake and Mary F.

Leake. Prepared for Princeton at Halsey Collegiate School, New York City.]


1901-02, with Rapid Transit Construction Company, New York City; 1902-05,
with Sicilician Asphalt Paving Company, New York City; 1905-10, Secretary-
Treasurer of Eagan-Leake Company; 1910-12, with Crawford, Patton & Cannon,
bankers, New York City. Since 1917, on Engineering Staff Interborough Rapid
Transit Company, New York City.

M. Mabel L. Mitchell, June 18, 1903.

Austin Leake, 3rd, b. May 20, 1904.
Mabel Frances Leake, b. July 28, 1913.
Eleanor Leake, b. November 28, 1918.


(a) 39 Butler Street, Kingston, Pa.

(b) 200 Second National Bank Building, Wilkes-Barre, Pa.


[Born December 16, 1878, at Plymouth, Pa. Son of John R. Lee and Emily G.

Pell Lee. Prepared for Princeton at Harry Hillman Academy, Wilkes-Barre,


For many years a member of the firm of Hart, Lee & Co., wholesale grocers;
more recently a member of the firm of Eyer &• Co., shippers of hay and gra^in,
Wilkes-Barre, Pa.

1917-18, Superintendent of "Home Defense Police" for Luzerne County, Pa.,
under appointment of the Governor of Pennsylvania, having under his com-
mand about 500 men.

M. Margaret Scott, April 26, 1905.

John Roscoe Lee, b. January 17, 1907.
Roscoe Scott Lee, b. January 6, 1917.


(a) 1044 North Delaware Street, Indianapolis, Ind.

(b) Lemcke Buildings, Indianapolis, Ind.


[Born February 5, 1880, at Evansville, Indiana. Son of Julius Augustus Lemcke

and Emma O'Riley Lemcke. Prepared for Princeton at Lawrenceville and under


On leaving Princeton in June 1898, enlisted in U. S. Navy, for service during
Spanish War. After being honorably discharged in the latter part of 1898, was
during 1899-1902 successively with the Merchants' National Bank, Marion Trust
Company and German Fire Insurance Company, all of Indianapolis. 1903-04, with
Evansville Woolen Mills; since 1904, President of R. A. Lemcke Realty Company,
Manager and Trustee of Lemcke Estate, and more recently Treasurer of Marion
County and the City of Indianapolis.

1917-18, participated in all Liberty Loan, Red Cross and War Chest Drives.

M. Cornelia C. Cunningham, January 6, 1904.

George Augustus Lemcke, b. October 31, 1904.

Cornelia Lemcke, b. August 29, 1907.

Ralph Alexander Lemcke, Jr., b. July 29, 1912.


(a) Waverly, Pa.


[Born October 19, 1879, at Scranton, Pa. Son of James A. Linen and Anna
Blair Linen. Prepared for Princeton at the School of the Lackawanna, Scran-
ton, Pa.]

After graduation for some years with the First National Bank of Scranton,
for a time in a clerical capacity and later as Assistant Cashier ; then with
Brooks & Co., bankers, Scranton. He, at a still later period, studied portrait
painting in New York City. For some time past he has been proprietor of the
Linair Dairy and Poultry Farm at Waverly. Pa.

1917-18, worked on his farm, increasing the country's food production.


(a) Englewood, N. J.

(b) Equitable Trust Company, 45th Street and Madison Avenue, New

York City.


[Born November 7, 1878, at Morristown, N. J. Son of Stephen Hedges Little,
'68, and Cornelia Rhodes Halsted Little (grandson of Theodore Little, '38).
Prepared for Princeton at Lawrenceville.]

1901-02, Assistant to C. W. McAlpin, Secretary of Princeton University. 1902-
05, in offices of Comptroller and Treasurer of American Locomotive Company,
New York City; 1905-11, salesman with Manning, Maxwell & Moore, railway
and machinist tools and supplies in New York City; 1911-18, eastern sales agent
Detroit Twist Drill Company; since 1919, in the neiv business department of
the Equitable Trust Company, New York City.

191 7-18, Englewood Home Guard; August-December 1918, attended Central In-
fantry Officers Training School at Camp Lee, Va., completing course and quali-
fying for a commission.

M. Ruth Sellers Archbald. November 7, 1914.


(a) Rockaway Hunting Club, Cedarhurst, L. I.

(b) 435 East 24th Street, New York City.


[Born January 5. 1880, at New York City. Son of Joseph J. Little and Josephine

Robinson Little. Prepared for Princeton at Cutler School, New York City.]

[901, with W. B. Franklin & Co., brokers, New York City. Since then with
]. J. Little Co., New York, publishers, printers, and bookbinders, of which for
some time past he has been the Treasurer.

Author of "Tennis Tactics."

1917-18, connected with the American Protective League.

M. Beatrice Kobbe, January 8, 1907.

Beatrice Kobbe Little, b. November 11, 1911.
Elsie Kobbe Little, b. April 8, 1914.



(a) 260 Piermont Avenue, Nyack, N. Y.

(b) 6 South Broadway, Nyack, N. Y.


[Born December 27, 1878, at Orangeburg, N. Y. Son of Edwin Lydecker and
Margaret A. Blauvelt Lydecker. Prepared for Princeton at Siglar's School
(Newburgh, N. Y.) and under private tutor.]

1901-03, student at New York Law School, admitted to New York Bar October
1903; 1903-04, practicing law in New York City; Since ig04 has hem practicing
law in Nyack, N. Y., and is a Referee in Bankrptcy for Rockland Comity, N. Y.
Among his other activities, he is President of the Nyack Republican Club ;
Member of the Executive Committee of the Rockland County Republican Com-
mittee, and Chairman of the Township Committee.

1917-18, served as legal adviser local draft board; counsel to Nyack Chapter,
Home Service Section, participating in Liberty Loan, Red Cross and War
Work Drives. Director of Salvation Army Drive for Rockland County.

M. Marjorie M. Tate, November 29, 1916.


(a) Fifth and Hiland Avenues, Pittsburgh, Pa.

(b) Farmers' Bank Building, Pittsburgh, Pa.


[Born February 19, 1879. Son of Wicklii¥e C. Lyne and Mary Winters Lyne.]

After leaving Princeton was for a time with the Pittsburgh agency of the
National Life Insurance Company of Vermont, and later with the Rent and
Sales Department of the Real Estate Trust Company, Pittsburgh. He then
took the Electrical Engineering course of the Westinghouse Electric & Manu-
facturing Co. at Pittsburgh, and was subsequently with the Sales Department of
that company. Recently he has been a partner in the firm of Lyne & SonS;
engaged in life underivriting , and ag'ents of the Union Central Life Insurance

July-August 1916, Plattsburg; June 1918, commissioned Captain Chemical War-
fare Service. Arrived overseas in August 1918. Served as gas officer of the 91st


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