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Digitized by VjOOQ IC

Digitized by VjOOQ IC

Digitized by VjOOQ IC

Digitized by VjOOQ IC



Living Graduates and Former Students






Digitized by VjOOQ IC

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' -V^^ GIFT OF

FEB 10192/




Digitized by VjOOQ IC


The fourth edition of the Directory of Living Graduates and Former
Students of Princeton IJniyersity has been prepared with as much care as
possible. Despite all efforts, however, there still remain a number of names
without addresses. Information about such names, notice of errors, omis-
sions or changes, and suggestions will be gladly received by the Secretary of
the University and noted in the card catalogue kept in his office.

Thanks are due to many of the Glass Secretaries for their cooperation, to
the Rev. L. W. Mudge, D.D., '62, for revising the list of University students
in the Graduate Department, and to Professor Henry Clay Cameron, Ph.D.,
D.D., '47, whose advice has been of great service. In addition, postmasters,
editors, county clerks, the Alumni Weekly , and many graduates have rendered

valuable assistance.

Ghablbs W. McAlpin,

Princeton, N. J.

Halstsd Little.

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


A Abt

AB Abohitbct


B • BusiKsss

OS OiTiL Sebyice




F Fabmeb

G At Leisube


L Law

M Medicike

PL Flanteb

B Banch

ST Stxxdeitt

STD . . . Student of Ditinitt


STM . . Stttbsnt of Medicike

T Teaohikg

USA U. S. Abmt

USN U.S. Navy

The names of all the graduates of the University not known to be dead
are given in the Directory. No complete record has been kept of the ex.
members of the various classes, and it has been impossible to catalogue them
ally those known to be alive have been placed at the foot of the classes to
which they belonged while members of the University. Additions to this
list will be welcomed.

The first of the two figures following each class represents the total
number of graduates of that class, the second figures the number of survivors.

The names of the Glass Secretaries are in heavy-faced type.

Digitized by





M Hepburn, JamoB Gurtb, M.D., LL.D.,

71 Glen wood Ave., East Orange, N. J.

Turner, George W



McOulloi^h, William

D Stratton, Rev. Joseph B., D.D. . 417 S. Bankin St., Natchez, MiM.

4»— 2.


D Growell, Bev. John, D.D. . 76 Evergreen Place, Bast Orange, K. J.

J Godwin, Parke, LL.D 19 E. 87th St., N. Y. Ci^.

Scott, Mather



D Leakin, Bev. George A, ^ Lake Boland, Baltimore, Md.


B Camp, Thomas B


T Belser, Junius J

D Lyon, Bev. David SloanesviUe, Schoharie, Co., N. Y.

Taylor, Alexander

Ward, Bnos P



B Burckle, Emanuel B

L Gaillard, James Trial, Berkeley Co., S. 0.

Henderson, Fenton M

L Schenck, Edward T 167 Lexington Ave., N. Y. City.


L Hamilton, Thomas A 68 St. Francis St., Mobile, Alt.


ST Allen, William Temple Gaylord, Va.

L Beardsley, Charles Snerman 292 North St., Auburn, N. Y.


Digitized by VjOOQ IC



L Montgomery, Thomas Golman . .215 Powers Bldg., Rochester .N . Y.

M Pendleton, Blisha Boyd, M. D Berkeley Springs, W. Va.

o Bowan, Edward Stephen,

649 Metropolitan Ave., Brooklyri, N. Y. City.
D Schenck, Bev. William Edward, D. D..

88 Plymouth St., Montclair, N. J.

o Van Giesen, Morrell 278 Washington, St., Geneva, N. Y.

D Waddell, Bev. James Addison, D.D Boxbury, Ya.


B Badeau, Bev. Bichard M 2229 Hollywood Ave., Toledo, O.

D Belville, Bev. Jacob, D.D . . 6122 McGallum St., Philadelphia, Pa.
o Davis, Gharles O Bridgeton, N. J.

Howard, William B. H

L Kelly, Hon. James Kerr . . 1919 N. St, N. W., Washin^n, D. 0.
D KimMttrick, Bev. John B Edinburgh, Sootland

Mctay, JohnW

L Tillotson, Gouvemeur 80-82 William St., K. Y. City.


Wright, Samuel G Missouri Valley, Iowa.


D Banister, Bev. John M., D.D Huntsville, Ala.

L Halsted, John J 1686 19th St, Washington, D. G.

M Johnson, William J., M.D ^

J Jones, J. Armstrong

McKee, Henry Ogden

Pierson, John Shaw 126 W. 41st St, N. Y. City.

Schory, Peter D

Strawbridge, James

L Taylor, Franklin 6848 Magnolia St, Germantown, Pa.

L Watt, William M

Webster, Charles B »



D Baldwin, Bev. Caleb C, D.D . . 608 Park Ave., East Orange, N. J.
L Biddle, Hon. Craig, LL.D .... 2088 Pine St, Philadelphia, Pa.

B Burnet, William 1626 O'Farrell St, San Francisco, Cal.

D Ouyler, Bev. Theodore L., D.D., LL.D.,

176 Oxford St, Brooklyn, N. Y. City.

L Dodd, Hon. Amzi, LL.D 82 Broad St, Bloomfleld, N.J.

M Boyer, J. Warren, M.D Trappe, Pa.

L Voorhees, John H North Bend, O.


w Voorhees, John P Franklin Park P. O., N. J.


Beatty, John

D Craven, Bev. Elijah B., D.D., LL.D,

1819 Walnut St, Philadelphia, Pa.

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


M Dudley, Charles W., M.D Lexington, Ky,

MacPnerson, diaries H Aquasco, Md*

Murphy, James M

D Sawyer, Bev. Samuel 220 Eden Place, Indianapolis, Ind.

B Schley, Charles 588 Astor St., Milwaukee, Wis.

M Tucker, George W., M.D



Bagley, David T.
" ft, J ol "" "

Lea, John fiuhler

L Mcllvaine, Charles J Edj^artown, Mass.

J Prime, Prof. William C, LL.D 88 B. 28d St., N. Y. City.

M Bice, Bev. Archibald A., M.D Spanish Baks, Ya.

D Schenck, Bev. Addison V. C, D.D..

1112 W. Johnson St., Madison, Wis.

Wilson, Bichard I,


B Hunter, Henry B Warrenton, N. C.


D Bowman, Bev. John B., D.D

Burton, Benjamin

B Gibson, Wimam J. . . .8 Commonwealth Ave., Cottage City, Mass.
B Gulick, William Beekman,

care of the Navy Department, Washington, D. C.

M Hogg, Thomas D., M.D Baleigh, N. C.

D King, Bev. Frederick LaBue .... Fifth Ave. Bank, N. Y. City.

B Little, Hon. Henr^ S Trenton House, Trenton, K. J.

B MacKair, Bev. William W Audenreid, Pa.

Murphy, John

Pinkerton, Joseph W

T Shields, Prof. Charles W., D.D., LL.D Princeton, N. J.

D Welles, Bev. Henry H., D.D Forty Fort, Pa.

B Wells, Thomas J

L Wright, Col. Edward H 24 Park Place, Newark, N. J.



L Allen, Bobert, Jr. Bed Bank, N. J.

B Beach, James C 89 Cortlandt St., N. Y. City.

L Champneys, Edward 165 N. Queen St., Lancaster, Pa.

Gregory, Joseph 8

L Hagner, Hon. Alexander B., LL.D. . . 1818 H St., Washington, D. C.

M Higgins, William M., M.D Anaheim, Cal.

L Jackson, Hon. John Jay Parkereburg, W. Va.

AV Leland, Charles Godfrey,

care Baring Bros., 8 Blshopsgate, London, Eng.

CE Montffomeiy, James E 47 Broadway, N. Y. City.

M Partridge, Frank B., M.D

M Shippen, Edward, M.D 2089 Pine St., Philadelphia. Pa.

M Taylor, Alexander C, M.D. . . .648 Landis Ave., Yineland, N. J.

L Wickes, Hon. Joseph Augustus, M.D Chestertown, Md.



D Annin, Bev. John A Bolla, Mo.

D Babbitt, Bev. William H., 468 Bussell Ave Cleveland, O.

Digitized by VjOOQ IC



Baltzell, John B Madison, Wis.

M Bruyere, Peter Henry, M.D Waco, Tex.

M Cleveland, Joseph M., M.D Foughkeepsie, N. Y.

L Combs, Gilbert Freehold, N. J.

D Dodd, Rev. Stephen Grover Boise, Ida.

L McLure, John J Finckney St, Chester, S. C.

D Moore, Bev. Ambrose T., D.D Hanover, Ind.

L Moore, Joseph F Oakland, Cal.

M Smith, Berwick Bruce, M.D

L Tallmadge, Theodore W 1428 S St., Washington, D. C.

F Taylor, Henry Medlock, Va.

L Thorp, Albert G • . 2 W. 95th St., N. Y. City.

M Townsend, John K., M.D

L YanSyckel, Hon. Bennet, LL.D. .125 Greenwood Ave., Trenton, N. J.

M VanSyckel, Sylvester, M.D Clinton, N. J.

L Weaver, Joseph Creston, Iowa.

White, F. Henry

M Wilson, Joseph Hunt, M.D 225 Main St., Somerville, N. J.


B Cruser, Cornelius A. . . . F. O. Box 162, Atlantic Highlands, N. J.
F Sturges, Henry


M Adler, John Mercer, M.D. . . . 1028 Spruce St. , Fhiladelphia, Fa.
L Armstrong, Hon. William Hepburn,

Continental Hotel, Fhiladelphia, Fa.

F Bacon, Frederick Hatley, Canada.

T Cameron, Frof. Henry Clay, Ph.D., D.D Princeton, N. J.

L Clark, Bobert Brackenridge St. Louis, Mo.

B Glassell, Bev. John Belcher, La.

T Gosman, John, Ph.D Doylestown, Pa.

F Lloyd, Col. Edward • Baston, Md.

J Martien, Alfred 6028 Morris St., Germantown, Pa.

L Munn, Hon. Henry B . . . . 1884 B St., N. W., Washington, D. C.

D Binker, Bev. Henry Carlisle, Fa.

D Bittenhouse, Bev. J . M Nottoway Court House, Va.

F Smithpeter, William Bogard, Mo.

M Swope, Hon. John Augustus, M.D.,

1812 N St., N. W., Washington, D. C.
L Wellford, Hon. Beverly Bandolph, LL.D.,

400 W. Grace St., Bichmond, Va.

L Welsh, Hen. William Henry Washington, D. C.

L Whitehead, Hon. William Silas . . . 751 Broad St., Newark, N. J.


G Barber, John V Mifflingburg, Union Co., Fa.

B Grant, Seth Hastings Montclair, N. J.

L Shewmake, Hon. John T 1108 Green St., Augusta, Ga.


G Abert, S. Thayer Metropolitan Club, Washington, D. C.

G Acworth, Albert E Mardela Springs, Md.

Clark, Addison S Westfleld, N. J.

D Crowell, Bev. James M., D,D.y

4604 Kingsessing Ave., Fhiladelphia, Fa.

T Davidson, Thomas D., Fh.D Abingdon, Va.

D Edwards, Bev. John 604 S. 8th St., San Jose, Cal.

Field, Boscoe

M Morehouse, George Bead, M.D., Ph.D.,

2088 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Fa.

Digitized by VjOOQ IC


M Nichols, Edward P., M.D Killin^worth, Conn.

L Pitney, Hon. flenry 43 Maple Ave., Momstown, N. J.

a Bosenmiller, Josiah Frederick .... 28 West Market St., York, Pa.

F Kuckman, Thomas Helena, Texas.

L Skillman, Charles A 11 Main St., Lambertville, N. J.

Springer, James H

T Wall, Prof. Edward Barry. . 167 Scotland Road, South Orange, N. J.

L Woods, William H 827 Washington St., Huntingdon, Pa.

T Wurts, Prof. Henry 165 W. 129th St., N. Y. City.

L Wyman Isaac C 468 Lafayette St., Salem, Mass.


AB Smith, Louis Henry Philadelphia, Pa.


D Bittenger, Rev. Michael Henry Greenville, W. Va.

D Brown, Rev. Nathaniel Poster Carlton, N. Y.

D Campbell, Rev. Charles N., D.D Charlestown, W. Va.

Davies, Thomas J

M Dodd, Bethuel L., M.D Box 645, Orange, N. J.

j> Emerson, Prof. Edwin 14 Tsukiji, Tokyo, Japan

T Gildersleeve, Prof. Basil L., Ph.D., LL.D.,

Johns Hopkins Univenily, Baltimore, Md.

B Henderson, William Henry Middletown, N. J.

B Ingham, William A 820 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa.

L Johnson, Gten. Bradl^ T Amelia Court House, Va.

Kent, Hon. Robert Craig Wytheville, Va.

M King, Oliver R., M.D., .... 1008 Putnam Ave., Plainfield, N. J.

D Paige, Rev. James A Carlton, Minn.

M Paul, James, M.D 1608 Walnut St., Philadelphia, Pa.

Smith, Duncan . . •

M Smith, David E., M.D Bronxville, N. Y.

M Vason, Marcellus E., M.D 2 Brayitley St., Dublin, Ga.

Q Wade, Lewis Harvey ... • IJnion P. O., N. J.

B Wyman, William

B Zanniser, Michael State St., Sharon, Pa.


M Crowell, Elisha, M.D . . . •. . 4412 Osage Ave., Philadelphia, Pa.
L Pentz, Hon. George B


L Anderson, Hon. Thomas Ill Market St., Newark, N. J.

D Baker, Rev. William E Roswell, (Ja.

B Bruere, Joseph H. . • Princeton. N. J.

D Comelison, Rev. Isaac A Washington, 111.

Downman, William Y

L Egan, Hon. James C Coushatta, La.

L Eyre, Severn Maryland Club, Baltimore, Md.

Grant, James B

L Halsey, Abraham .... 1298 Van Ness Ave., San Francisco, Cal.

M Hedges, Joseph, M.D Branchville, N. J.

D Hughes, Rev. James P Bishop St., Bellefonte, Pa.

p Johns, John Huger State Road P. O., Del.

F Montgomery, William B Starkville, Miss.

D Osmond, Rev. Samuel M., D.D. . 742 N. 48d St., Philadelphia, Pa.
M Piper, Jackson Boiling, M.D. . . 825 St. Paul St., Baltimore, Md.
L Sergeant, George 255 S. 4th St., Philadelphia, Pa.

Shaw, William A

L Simonton, Hon. John W. . . . 817 N. Front St., Harrisburg, Pa.

Digitized by VjOOQ IC



Snodgrass, James

Stewart, Beuel

Thomas, D. Stone Faulkner P. O., Charles Co., Md.

C8 Thomas, Gen. Allen La Guayra, Venezuela

M Wells, William L., M.D New Kochelle, N. Y.

L Whitehead, A. Pennington 60 Wall St., N. Y. City



L Whitehead, William H Warrenton, Ga.


Buck, William H

D Chester, Rev. John, M. D., D.D., 618 4th St, N. W., Washington,D.O.

L Crawford, Geoige L 606 Chestnut St., Philadelphia, Pa.

L Guild, Hon. William B 8 LaGrange PI., Newark, N. J.

d Henry, Hugh William Keeling, Pittsylvania Co., Va.

Heyer, John E. C

L Johns, Henry Y. D 9 N. Calvert St., Baltimore, Md.

M Johnson, George, M.D 88 B. 2d St., Frederick, Md.

o Shreve, Benjamin F.,

Cor. High and Bidgway Sts., Mount Holly, N. J.
L Shreve, Caleb D Medford, N. J.

Stinson, John H

Sumner, John L

Thomas, James Jefferson 188 Spring St., Atlanta, G«.

D Thompson, Bev. Samuel T Tarpon Springs, Fla.

M Wikoff, James H., M.D Princeton, N. J.


X Kell, Alexander B., C.E Sunny Side, Ga.


Alexander, J. Hamilton, La. F

D Armstrong, Bev. Amzi L Dutch Neck, N. J.

Berry, Cicero M

L Cameron. Hon. J. Donald . . 21 Lafayette Square, Washington, D. C.

B Carr, Dabney 817 N. 8d St., St. Louis, Mo.

M Chaney, William I., M.D Boiling Fork, Sharkey Co., Miss.

B Dull, Andrew J Harrisburg, Pa.

L Dunlop, William L 804 N St., Washington, D. C.

Field, Alexander S

Hall, Bichard Henry 1619 12th St., Washington, D. C.

F Hickman, Louis McL. ... care Palace Hotel, San Francisco, Cal.

B Hinsdale, Bev. Horace G., D.D Lake wood, N. J.

F Hynson, Joseph Henry 1786 Valmont St., New Orleans.

D Jennison, Bev. Joseph F Catonsville, Md.

L Johns, John New Castle, Del.

L MoDonald, James C 22 Clinton St., Newark, N. J.

L Magie, Hon. William J., LL.D Elizabeth, N. J.

B Moore, Austin D

F Murray, J. Stirling Leesburg, Va.

L Phelps, Hon. Chanes E.,

Walbrook Ave. and 18th St., Baltimore, Md.
T Bendall, Prest. Isaac N., D.D. . . . Lincoln University, Oxford, Pa.

T Bood, Prof. Ogden N Columbia University, N. Y. City.

T Simonton, Prof. James S.,

Washington and Jefferson College, Washington, Pa.

L Spruance, Hon. William C Wilmington, Del.

M Stavely, William B., M.D Buckingham P. O., Pa.

Steele, John

Digitized by VjOOQ IC



Steele, William I Frankfort, Ky.

Stonestreet, Benjamin Gwiniv LaPlata, Md.

L Texada, Hon. Joseph W Quadrate Bapides Parish, La.

cs Thompson, Robert F Indian Office, Washington, D. 0.

Tucker, Lucien Q

Turman, William R Syrlary, Jefferson Co., Ala.

Woods, Thomas Nicholasville, Ely.


L Thompson, Hon. J. Boss Erie, Pa.


11 Belden, OliyerS., M.D., S. llthSt,and Cor. Pine St., Philadelphia, Pa.

L Brown, Col. Stewart 222 St. Paul St., Baltimore, Md.

Q Clark, Gabriel Duval, Jr 41 W. 72d St, N. Y. City.

1. Coleman, Hon. Thomas W Eutaw, Ala.

D Gordon, Bey. J. Smith Fannettsbun;h, Pa.

B Groot, CornelUe 8 280 Broadway, N. Y. City.

I. Gumee, John D Madison, Wis.

D Haley, Bev. Charles T., D.D ... 81 Boseville Ave., Newark. N. J.

I. Henry, James Buchanan Hotel Maryland, Annapolis, Md.

B Hod^, John Ledyard . . 1420 New York Ave., Washinirton, D. C.

Jemison, Lewis Gaston, Md.

B LaMonte, Abram H

L Leaming, Jeremiah E 1418 Ashland Block, Chicago, 111.

B Lee, James, Jr. . . 864 Adams St., or 292 Front St., Memphis, Tenn.

L Levis, Franklin B Mount Holly, N. J.

L Lewis, Alfred E

L Mather, Thomas D 96 Park Place, Brooklyn. N. Y. City.

cs Merchant, Silas 1818 B St, Washin^n, D. C.

L Butledge, Hon. Patrick Upper Cross Koads, Md.

M ShoU, Edward H., M.D Birmingham, Ala.

D Simpson, Bev. Franklin T Aonia, Ga.

L Skinner, Hon. William E Hoboken, N. J.

TB Torrey, John 424 Central Park, West, N. Y. City.

M Van Dyke, Edward B., M.D. ... 806 S. 10th St, Philadelphia, Pa.

M Ira C. Whitehead, M.D Walden, Orange Co., N. Y.


Sterrett, John K 28 W. 8d St, Cincinnati, O.


B Baker, Rev. Lewis C Princeton, N. J.

L Brewster, George Henry 88 Nassau St, N. Y. City.

CK Coit, James C . . . 48 I St N. W., Washington, D. 0.

L Coleman, James T YicksDurg, Miss.

F Condit, Benjamin S Troy Hills, N. J.

B Conover, Bichard S South Amboy, N. J.

B Crane, Israel Montclair, N. J.

D Darroch, Bev. John Scotland.

H Edmonds, Matthew W., M.D Delphi, Ind.

T> Gamble, Bev. Bobert South Hermitage, Pa.

D Harlow, Bev. Henry A Nyack, N. Y.

L Hollister, William New Berne, N. C.

T> Jessup, Bev. Samuel, D.D Oneida, N. Y.

PL Kenner, Philip Minor New Orleans, La.

L Knapp, Sanford B. Peekskill, N. Y.

T McCord, Prof. Charles William . . Stevens Institute, Hoboken, N. J.

D Nassau, Bobert Hamill, A.M., M.D., D.D.,

American Protestant Mission, Kamerun, Batanga, West Africa.

Digitized by VjOOQ IC



B Norman, William Buckner 288 Fifth Ave., N. Y. City.

L Foe, Hon. John P 100 East Lexington St., Baltimore, Md.

L Beid, John G Atlanta, Gki.

L Bowell, Christopher Bome, Gkt.

L Sanford, William B Spottsylvania 0. H., Va.

L Sherrod, Benjamin F Valparaiso, Ghili.

D Taylor, Bev. A. A. E., D.D., LL.D Columbus, Ohio.

L Wakeman, Thaddeus B 98 Nassau St., N. Y. Citv.

B Wallace, John Goshen, N. Y.

L Walsh, Hon. Joseph Travis

T Wyckoff, Bev. Joseph C New Haven, Conn.

B Youngblood, Erasmus Hugh . . . Winterseat, Greenwood Co., S. G.

80 - 29.

L Chapman, Bobert Hett San Francisco, Gal.

M Field, James T., M.D Bayonne, N. J.

Glatz, A. Hiestand York, Pa.

D Harris, Bev. J. Andrews, D.D Chestnut Hill, Pa.

B Higbee, George H Burlington, la.

B Kimmell, Manning M Henderson, Ky.

Mehaffey, QteoTse H Marietta, Pa.

L Walker, Hon. John W Pittsburg, Pa.

L White, Hon. Harry Indiana, Pa.


B Brown, John W. . • 281 E. North Ave., Baltimore, Md.

D Campbell, Bev. James William Sewickley, Pa.

D Crane, Bev. Floyd A (Joshen, N. Y.

M Drewry, Henry Si., M.D Martinsville, Va.

M Evans, Horace Y., M. D. . . .^1681 Green St., Philadelphia, Pa.

Gillespie, James *

Greenewalt, Henry C Fayetteville, Pa.

D Handy, Bev. William C Schoharie, N. H.

B Hardie, Col. Joseph Birminghun, Ala.

M Harrison, Alfred J., M. D Orange, N. J.

L Hebb, Hon. J. Loker 18 E. Franklin St., Baltimore, Md.

Johnson, John

D King, Bev. Albert Barnes Fifth Ave. Bank, N. Y. City

D Lee, Bev. Henry Flavel 681 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa.

F Ludlam, Joseph S Oyster Bay, L. 1., N. Y.

L Martin, Hon. Joseph W., LL.D Little Bock, Ark.

D McElwee, Bev. William • Madera, Cal.

L Middlebrook, Charles Trinder 20 Nassau St., N. Y. Ci^r

B Boberts, Frederick C • New Berne. N. C.

D Boberts, Bev. William C.,S.T.D.,D.D., LL.D. . . . Danville, Ky.

D Spencer, Bev. Charles S Danville, Ky.

J) Stuckey, Bev. George W

D Thompson, Bev. John James,

care of Bev. Gen. Shearer, D.D., Am. Tract Society, N. Y. City

Twells, John Steel 1527 Spruce St., Philadelphia, Pa.

Williamson, James W SomerviUe, Tenn.


F Walker, Gen, Thomas M Grandin, N. Dak.


M Abbay, Sidney M., M.D Centreville, St. Mary's Parish, La.

b' Beattie, Hamlin * * . . Greenville, S. C.

B Blair, De Witt C 88 Wall St., N. Y. aty.

F Bryant, James William Butler, Ala.

Digitized by VjOOQ IC



L Cadwalader, John L., LL.D 40 Wall St., N. Y. City.

M Chew, Samuel C, M.D 216 W. Lanvale St., Baltimore, Md.

L Cochran, Andrew P. L Springfield, O.

Q Cochran, George Winslow. N. J.

L Cochran, Henry • 8611 Baring St., Philadelphia, Pa.

T> Eccleston, Bev. J. H., D.D 910 St Paul St., Baltimore, Md.

D Everitt, Bev. Benjamin S Jamesburg, JN. J.

T Pairchild, Rev. BUjah S 61 St. Clair St., Chicago, lU.

D PeagleB, Bev. Bobert S Cutler, 111.

B Haile, Charles E Alachua, Fla.

J Hodgson, Hon. Joseph .... 714 Carondelet St., New Orleans, La.

D Little, Bev. James Belfiist, Ireland.

D Magie, Bev. David, D.D Paterson, N. J.

L Mercer, Hon. George A Savannah, G«.

B Neely, John B Portsmouth, Va.

L Noland, Thomas Yau^han Mississippi City, Miss.

L Overton, Hon. Edwara ... • Towanda, Pa.

D Parker, Bev. Hersey B Como, N. C.

D Proctor, Bev. Bobert • ... Hot Springs, Ark.

B Boss, Charles W Predenck, Md

L Shreve, Benjamin D 106 Market St., Camden, N. J.

L Steele, Michael A

D Stewart, Bev. John S., D.D Towanda, Pa.

M Stirling. Bobert Henry, M.D. . . 206 E. North Ave., Baltimore, Md.

D Stitt, Bev. William, D.D 76 Wall St., N. Y. City.

B Strong, Bev. Bobert Pasadena. Cal.

D Studdiford, Bev. Samuel M., D.D. ... Trenton, N. J.

L Tabb, Thomas, LL.D Hampton, Va.

B Whitehead, Asa 82 Pulton St., Newark, N. J.

L Wickes, Hon. Per6 Lethbenr ... 920 St. Paul St., Baltimore, Md.

USA Woodhull, CoL A. A«, M.D., LL.D. . . . . Princeton, N. J.

B Woods, John F 188 Main St., West Superior, Wis.



o Bonham, J. Milton

PL Cress, John G Elmeria, Va.

B Hudnut, Charles O Belmar, N. J.'

B Lane, Bev. John W ... North Hadley, Mass.

PL Suydam, Charles H., M.D Congaree, S. C.

B Wright, James C Columbus, Ohio


D Beekman, Bev. John S Crescent City, Fla.

L Bigelow, Samuel F 802 Broad St, Newark, N. J.

D Blauvelt, Bev. I. Alstyne, D.D Roselle, N. J.

M Cook, Bev. Philip B., M.D Le Baysville, Pa.

M Cook, Thomas d M.D Weimar, Texas.

B Chris^, Calvin M 4878 Morgan Ford Boad, St. Louis, Mo.

B Dod, Bev. Samuel Bayard . . 178 Harrison St., East Orange, N. J.

Gale, Edward B 66 Washington St, Nash villej Tenn.

T Gregory, Bev. Daniel S., D.D. . . West New Brighton, S. I., N. Y.

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