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he finally left his native state, settling in Winterset
in the summer of 1853. Here he opened an office
and gradually built up a remunerative practice. He
is an inveterate reader, having, perhaps, the largest
library of any lawyer in the southwestern quarter of
the state.

Mr. Leonard was elected district attorney in 1862,
and resigned in 1864. In January, 1874, he was
placed on the bench, and there he is still found. As
a jurist, he comprehends the theory underlying a

case very readily, is prompt in his rulings, and full
and very clear in his instructions to a jury. His dis-
trict embraces the city of Des Moines, where he
spends nearly one-half of his time, and where the
most important civil and criminal cases are tried.
He is equal to any emergency.

In his earlier years. Judge Leonard was a dem-
.ocrat. For more than twenty years he has been a
staunch republican, and among the leading and most
influential members of the party in this part of the

Judge Leonard is a member of the Baptist church
of long and high standing, and a man whose con-
sistent christian character has greatly heightened
the esteem held for him in his judicial district.

The wife of Judge Leonard was Mrs. Minerva Den-
man Best, daughter of Joseph Denman, a pioneer
farmer in Morrow county, Ohio. They were married
in October, 1848, and have two children. Byram is
an attorney of much promise in Winterset, and John
Frederick is a student in the Cedar Valley Seminary,
Osage, Iowa. Mrs. Leonard had one child by her
first husband. That child, Mary J. Best, is the wife
of Hon. Frederick Mott, whose sketch appears in
this volume.


Adams, Hon. Abraham G Burlington i6o

Adams, Hon. Austin Dubuque 42

Adams, Shubael P Dubuque 133

Ains worth, Hon. Lucian L West Union 139

Aldrich, Charles Webster City iS

AUeman, Levi J., M.D Boone 731

Allen, John H., M.D Maquoketa 154

Allen, William W., M.D Mason City 148

Allison, Hon. William B Dubuque 49

Anient, Hon. Joseph P Muscatine 506

Anderson, J. Si., M.D Montrose 166

Anderson, Thomas J Knoxville 523

Anthony, Horace Camanche 163

Applegate, David D Toledo 760

Argo, George W Lemars 519

Armstrong, Rev. John Fairfield 526

Arnold, Hon. Delos Marshalltown .... 149

Atkins, Hon. Jeremiah T Decorah 138

Atlee, John C Fort Madison 176

Ayres, Orlando B Knoxville 518

Babbitt, Hon. Lysander W Council Bluifs. . . . 169

Bagg, Hon. Sylvester Waterloo 54

Baker, Gen. Andrew J .Centerville 409

Baker, John W. H., M.D Davenport 187

Baldwin, Hon. Caleb Council Bluffs 175

Baldwin, John T Council Bluffs. . . . 173

Baldy, Henry T., M.D Toledo 438

Ball, James M., M.D Waterloo 163

Ballingall, Peter G Ottumwa 614

Barhydt, Theodore W Burlington 89

Barr, James, M.D Algona 424

Baxter, William H., M.D ...Wilton 473

Beach, Col. Benjamin A Muscatine 520

Beaman, David C Keosauqua 484

Beaman, Rev. Gamaliel C Keosauqua 483

Becker, Frederick Burlington 245

Beebe, Joseph T., M.D Afton 698

Beed, George Hampton 243

Bemis, Hon. George W Independence .... 64

Bennett, Joseph Muscatine 516

Bever, Sampson C Cedar Rapids .... 106

Bingham, Rev. Joel S., D.D Dubuque 300

Black, Alexander Keokuk 119

Blackett, William Clermont 207

Blackinan, William W., M.D West Mitchell 435

Bloom, Hon. Moses Iowa City 198

Bloomer, Dexter C Council Bluffs. . . . 159

Blythe, Smith G., M.D Nora Springs 270

Boardman, Hon. Norman Lyons 12S

Boies, Horace Waterloo 144

Bonnifield, West B Ottumwa 570

Boomer, Albert, M.D Delhi 254

Booth, Gen. C. H Dubuque 253

Borchers, Augustus Hamburg 680

Bosbyshell, Hon. E. C Glenwood 531

Bowdoin, Hon. Elbridge G Rockford 426

Boyd, William S., M.D Vinton 413

Bracewell, Hartley Corydon 541

Bradley, Rev. George S., A.M Wilton 633

Bradley, William Centerville 457

Bray ton, Hon. John M Delhi 62

Brooks, James Harper Tama City 417

Broomhall, Allen, LL.B Muscatine 548

Brown, I Ion. Alfred F Cedar Falls 137

Brown, Rev. Charles E Lime Springs 544

Brown, Timothy Marshalltown .... 158

Bruner, Francis M Oakaloosa 146

Brush, Jacob H Osage 416

Buchanan, John C Lemars 716

Buell, Elijah Lyons 180

Bulls, Henry C, M.D Decorah 214

Burch, Hon. George B Dubuque 62

Burdick, Hon. Theodore W Decorah 205

Burns, Alexander, D.D Indianola 525

Burrows, John McD Davenport 45

Burton, Hon. Edward L Ottumwa 489

Butler, Lindlev S Northwood 120

Butterfield, Thomas F DeWitt 209

Buttolph, Jonathan T Iowa Falls 527

Button, Henry P., M.D Iowa City 248

Cable, George W Davenport 316

Call, Ambrose A Algona 654

Call, Asa C Algona 654

Campbell, Hon. Frank T Newton 728

Card, Hon. Irving W Mason City 365

Carmichael, Lewis Tama City 592

Carpenter, Prof. A. M Keokuk 354

Carpenter, Hon. Anthony W Burlington 369

Carpenter, Hon. Cyrus C Fort Dodge 781

Carpenter, Judson E Clinton 339

Carr, Major John W Montezuma 596

Carter, James D Winterset 446

Carton, John A Ackley 395

Casady, Jefferson P Council Bluffs . . . 179

Casey, Hon. Joseph M Fort Madison 168

Chamberlain, William C Dubuque 305

Chambers, Charles L., M.D Tipton 597

Chambers, Wra., and Sons Muscatine 273

Chaney, Lieutenant John Osceola 577

Chapin, Elias C Davenport 53

Chapman, Hon. Joseph Colesburgh 534

Chapman, John W Council Bluffs . .. 165

Chase, Daniel D Webster City 90

Chase, Dwight W., M.D Elkader 318

Chase, Jacob L Osage 666

Chase, Sumner B., M.D Osage 460

Child, John S Rockford 554

Christy, George B., M.D Dunlap 584

Clark, Alexander Muscatine 536

Clark, Col. Leander Toledo 569

Clark, Hon. Rush Iowa City 47

Claussen, Hon. Hans R Davenport 174

Clement, Jesse Chicago 625

Cloud, Hon. David C Muscatine 582

Coffman, A. W Avoca 594

Coldwell, Timothy J., M.D Adel 5^9

Cole, Hon. Chester C Des Moines 10

Cole, Samuel W Fort Dodge 264

Collins, Adgate W Knoxville 598

Conaway, John, M.D Brookl^'n 637

Cook, Hon. Lyman Burlington 188

Cooley, Hon. Dennis N Dubuque 34

Cooley, Hon. Ezekiel E Decorah 63

Corbett, Carlton Cherokee 532

Cornell, Norman R., M.D Knoxville 596

Cornish, Col. Joel N Hamburg 769

Corns, William, M.D Tama City 578

Coverdale, Capt. Robert T Muscatine 609

Cowles, Eugene Cherokee 533

Craig, Seth H., M.D Fort Madison 177

Crooks, George W Boone 6S3

Culbertson, John Tipton 509

Culbertson, William L Carroll 653

Cummings, Hon. Henry J. B Winterset 2

Curr, Rev. Allan Dubuque 97

Cushing, Hon. James Dubuque 150

Cutler, Hon. Ezekiel Decorah 255

Dana, John L Nevada 659

Davenport, George L Davenport 32

David, Col. John S Burlington 178

Davies, Hon. John L Davenport 299

Davis, Charles W., A.M., M.D Indianola 673

Davis, James Exira 779

Davis, John S Davenport 335



Davis, Mahlon J., M.D Lewis 646

Davis, Samuel T Sioux City 121

Dawson, James Washington 757

Day, Hon. James G ■ Sidney 691

Dean, Henry M., M.D Muscatine 748

Decker, William H Davenport 179

Deering, Hon. N. C Osage 220

Denison, Rev. Jesse W Denison 663

Dillon, Hon. John F Davenport 773

Donnan, Hon. William G Independence .... 378

Douglass, Thomas J., M.D Ottumwa 587

Dow, Col. Tristram T Davenport 349

Dows, Hon. Stephen L Cedar Rapids .... 665

Drake, Gen. Francis M Centerville 690

Drake, John A Centerville 632

Drake, John H Albia > . . . . 705

Drayer, Hon. John B Mount Pleasant . . 701

Duffield, Col. George Bloomfield 679

Duncan, R. Wallace Albia 604

Duncombe, Hon. John F Fort Dodge 74

Dungan, Hon. Warren S Chariton 755

Dunham, Hon. Lewis B Maquoketa 268

Dvvelle, Hon. Lemuel Northwood 56

Eastman, Hon. Enoch W Eldora 66

Edgington Brothers Eldora 419

Edmundson, Hon. David Newton 726

Eiboeck, Joseph Des Moines 709

Eldridge, Jacob M Davenport 308

Ellsworth, Daniel F Eldora 319

Ely, John F., M.D Cedar Rapids 267

Emonds, Rev. William Iowa City 250

Evans, James F Council Bluflfs, . . . 167

Evans, John V Logan 607

Everett, Francis M., M.D Corydon 670

Fairfield, Hon. William B Charles City 743

Farwell, Cyrus A Waterloo 127

Fellows, Liberty E Lansing 125

Fellows, Rev. Stephen M., D.D Iowa City 3i;6

Felt, Andrew J Nashua 317

Finch, Daniel O Des Moines 4S5

Findley, Daniel, M.D Atlantic 736

Findley, William McK., M.D Bloomfield 733

Fisher, Zelotes T Red Oak 602

Foley, John New Hampton . . . 258

Forrest, John Davenport §2

Foster, Suel Muscatine 286

Foster, William A Davenport 394

French, George H Davenport 155

French, Lucius, M.D Davenport 289

Fuller, Levi, M.D West Union 118

Fulton, Hon. A. C Davenport 190

Gabbert, Henry Blue Grass 366

Gabbert, William H Davenport 170

Gage, James P Lyons 244

Gallup, Hon. William H Nevada 656

Gardner, Gideon New Hampton . . . 226

Garrett, William Burlington 233

Garrison, Oscar W Iowa Falls 667

Gear, Gov. John H Burlington 9

Gibbon, W. H., M.D Chariton 644

Gilbert, Milo Charles City 745

Gillett, John W Atlantic 641

Gilman, ChaiMes C Eldora 217

Goodenow, John E Maquoketa 72

Gordon, Leopold H Newell 762

Gordon, William Muscatine 68l

Gorrell, Joseph R., M.D Newton 636

Granger, Hon. Charles T Waukon 57

Granger, Henry S Elkader 185

Grant, Hon. James Davenport 38

Graves, Hon. J. K Dubuque 61

Graves, Rufus E Dubuque 141;

Greeley, Edward P Nashua 256

Green, John W Davenport 189

Greene, Benjamin Adel 678

Greene, Hon. George Cedar Rapids . , . . 98

Greenleaf, Daniel C, M.D Bloomfield 648

Griggs, Francis H Davenport 226

Grimes, Hon. James W Burlington i

Grimes, William S., M.D Des Moines 637

Grimmell, George H., M.D Jefferson 647

Groves, L. S., M.D Afton 568

Gruwell, Dr. John P Oskaloosa 71S

Gue, Benjamin F Des Moines 700

Guilbert, Edward A., M.D Dubuque 114

Gurley, Harrison New Hampton . . . 684

Guthrie, Patrick M Carroll 731

Hagerman, James Keokuk 238

Hale, Col. Oscar C Keokuk 206

Hall, Lieut. George F Davenport ...... 197

Hall, Israel Davenport 196

Hall, Hon. John Eldora 234

Hall, Hon. Jonathan C Burlington 228

Hammond, William G Iowa City 40

Hancock, Frederick H Davenport 199

Hane3',John Lansing 225

Harkness, Prof. Richard A., A.M. .Garden Grove 754

Harlan, Hon. James Mount Pleasant . . 29

Harlow, S. C Avoca 594

Harris,_Daniel M Missouri Valley. . 724

Hart, Henry W., M.D Council Bluffs 515

Harvey, Addison L Logan 514

Hatch, Leander O McGregor 157

Hawley, Cyrus Muscatine 283

Hawley, James Ottumwa 774

Hayes, Walter I Clinton 184

Hazen, Edward H., M.D Davenport 240

Head, Hon. Albert Jefferson 508

Healy, Rev. Jos. W., M.D., D.D. . .Iowa City 164

Hedge, Thomas Burlmgton 1 86

Hedges, Charles E Sioux City 697

Hempstead, Hon. Stephen Dubuque 779

Hendrie, Charles Council Bluffs. . . . 235

Herron, John Lemars 515

Hershey, Benjamin Muscatine 464

Hewett, Hon. Sumner B Eagle Grove 470

Hewett, Seamun R., M.D NoraSprings 524

Hildreth, Hon. Azro B. F. . .'. Charles City 85

Hildreth, Isaac F., M.D Leon 519

Hillis, Gen. David B., M.D Keokuk 65

Hilsinger, Hon. John Sabula 227

Hobbs, Hon. Wesley C Fort Madison .... 219

Hobson, Hon. Joseph .-West Union 153

Hoffman, David A., M.D Oskaloosa 530

Hoggatt, Lucian Q Ames 497

Hogin, Hon. James L Sigourney 215

Holbrook, Norman B Marengo 508

Holmes, Robert Cedar Rapids 247

Holyoke, Thomas C, M.D Grinnell 294

Horr, Asa, M.D Dubuque 50

Hosford, Abraim P Clinton 430

House, John G., M.D Independence .... 266

Howe, Samuel L Mount Pleasant . . 223

Howell, Harrison S Keokuk 236

Hubbard, Hon. Asahel W Sioux City 33

Huff, Henry L Eldora 126

Huft", Sanford W., M.D , Sigourney 474

Hughes, Joseph C, M.D Keokuk 239

Hunt, Hon. Daniel Avoca 522

Hunter, Hon. John D Webster City 259

Huntsman, Henry C, M.D Oskaloosa 246

Hurley, Hon. James S Wapello 626

Huston, William L., M.D Marengo 524

Hutchings, Joseph J Winterset 42.1;

Ireland, Alexander B., M.D Camanche 299

Iseminger, William, M.D Denison 696

Jaeger, Hon. Edmund Keokuk 69

James, Samuel A Sigourney 450

Jones, Gen. George W Dubuque 785

Jones, Maston H Bloomfield 710

Jones, Wesley Burlington 383

Joy, Hon, William L Sioux City 73



Joyce, David Lyons 329

Karr, Hamilton L Osceola 764

Keatley, Col. John H Council Bluffs 303

Keck, 'Joseph Washington 31

Kellogg, Major Racine D . Garden Grove ... 715

Kelso, James S., M.D Ackley 423

Kilburn, Francis A Montezuma 572

Kimball, Hon. Aaron Cresco 618

Kincaid, Col. George W Muscatine 752

King, Hon. John H Hampton 683

King, William F., D.D Mount Vernon . . . 660

Kinne, Hon. Samuel H Lansing 571

Kirk wood, Hon. Samuel J Iowa City 367

Kister, Hon. Israel Bloomfield 613

Knapp, Hon. Joseph C Keosauqua 26

Knapp, Thomas B Iowa Falls 600

Knox, Rev. James Cedar Rapids 566

Knox, James H Indianola 705

Lake, Col. Jed Independence .... 384

Lamb, Chauncey Clinton 375

Lambert, William S., M.D Albia 770

Laub, Henry C Denison 558

Lauman, George C Burlington 405

Lauman, Gen. Jacob G Burlington 406

Lawrence, Hon. Albert H Lemars 761

Lawrence, Solmon L Wilton 104

Lea, Claiborn Keosauqua 706

Lea, Rutledge Keosauqua 674

Leach, Hon. Wm. B Cedar Rapids .... 386

LeClaire, Antoine Davenport 363

Leonard, Hon. Harvey Davenport 400

Leonard, Hon. John Winterset 786

Lewis, Hon. Charles H Cherokee 368

Lewis, William C, M.D Clermont 528

Lindley, Hon. Stephen N Newton 493

Lockridge, William Nevada 456

Loring, Daniel W Oskaloosa 766

Lucas, William D Ames 750

Luse, Hon. Zephaniah C Iowa City 390

Lyman, Joseph Council Bluffs, . . . 759

Lyon, Captain Orlo H Rockford 553

McAllister, Charles, M.D Spencer 498

McAyeal, Rev. Robert A., D.D ... . Oskaloosa 727

McCall, Thomas C Nevada 775

McClelland, Josiah R., M.D Leon 711

McCluer, Benjamin, M.D Dubuque 397

McCrary, Hon. George W Keokuk 605

McGavren, George H., M.D '.Missouri Valley. . 765

McGuire, John F Clinton 455

Mclntire, C. C Osceola 561

Mcjunkin, Hon. John F Washington 24

McKean, Rev. James Anamosa 649

McKean, Hon. John Anamosa 650

McKnight, William W Winterset 642

McMahan, Oliver Lyons 420

McNutt, Hon. Samuel Muscatine 685

McPherson, Smith Red Oak 674

McRae, Rev. Thaddeus .' Cedar Rapids 458

Maclay, John and Co Dubuque 479

Mahin, Hon. John Muscatine 675

Mahony, Hon. Dennis A Dubuque 783

Maish, George H Des Moines 777

Manning, Edwin Keosauqua 510

Mansfield, Eber L., M.D Cedar Rapids 756

Mathews, Robert N Rockford 260

Maxwell, Archibald S., M.D Da-enport 579

Maxwell, Hon. Hugh W Des Moines 696

Mayes, William B Jefferson 714

Maynard, Henry H., M.D Tipton 717

Mehlhop, John Dubuque 753

Merrell, Hon. Nathaniel A DeWitt 313

Merrill, Hon. Samuel Des Moines 14

Merritt, Col. Wm. H Des Moines 737

Meservey, William N Fort Dodge 719

Meyer, Hon. John Newton 720

Miller, Edmund Waterloo 439

Miller, Hon. George R Mason City 383

Miller, George W Waterloo 379

Miller, Hon. William E Des Moines 763

Mills, Oliver ? Lewis 760

Mitchell, Hon. G. C. R Davenport 48

Mitchell, Hon. Isaac J Boonesboro 403

Mitchell, Hon. Thomas Mitchellville 547

Mixer, Henry M., M.D New Hampton . . . 324

Montgomery, Benjamin F Council Bluffs . . . 328

Mooar, Hon. Daniel Keok uk 437

Moore, Hon. Napoleon B Clarinda 739

Morgan, Albert W., M.D DeWitt 347

Morse, Hon. George A Corning 542

Mott, Hon. Frederick Winterset 702

Moulton, M Monticello 428

Murphy, Hon. Jeremiah H Davenport 677

Murdock, Hon. Samuel .Elkader 399

Nash, John A., D.D Des Moines 60S

Neidig, Abraham H., A.M Marshalltown .... 429

Nelson, Levi B Toledo 622

Newbold, Hon. Joshua G Mount Pleasant . . 8

Newcomb, Daniel T Davenport 559

Newman, Hon. Thomas W Burlington 320

Noble, Hon. Reuben McGregor 529

Nowlin, Hon. Hardin Waterloo 454

Ogilvie, Adam Muscatine 407

Olney, Stephen B., M.D Fort Dodge 263

Olshausen, Jolin J., M.D Davenport 374

Osborne, Henry, M.D Council Bluffs. . . . 664

Palmer, Hon. Le Roy G Mount Pleasant . . 749

Park, Castanus B., M.D Grand Junction . . 672

Parker, Charles C, M.D Fayette 357

Parker, George H Davenport 741

Parrott, General James C Keokuk 269

Parrott, Hon. Matt Waterloo 588

Parry, Charles C, M.D. Davenport "77

Parsons, Albert W Burlington 490

Parsons, Robert F., M.D AUerton 746

Parvin, Hon. Theodore S., LL.D. . .Iowa Citv 310

Patterson, Hon. John G Charles City 729

Patterson, Col. William Keokuk 550

Peasley, James C Burlington 359

Peck, Washington F., M.D Davenport 285

Perkins, Charles G Onawa 643

Perkins, Hon. Jeremiah Adel 738

Phillips, John M Council Bluffs 327

Phipps, Albert Cherokee 711

Piatt, Hermon C Tipton 735

Pitman, Edward K Leon 744

Pitzer, JohnA Winterset 734

Pollock, Samuel M Dubuque 340

Pond, S. P Keokuk 268

Porter, Hon. John Eldora 369

Potter, Harvey Jefferson 740

Powers, Hon. Julius H New Hampton ... 730

Pratt, Hon. Henry O Charles City 735

Price, Hrn. Hiram Davenport 41b

Putnam, Joseph D Davenport 630

Quimby, George Burlington 359

Rand, Elbridge D Burlington 237

Randall, Hon. Elisha Mason City 2^7

Read, Samuel G. A., A.M., M.D. . . Algona ...... 494

Redhead, Wesley Des Moines 102

Redman, William H Montezuma 427

Reed, Joseph L Wilton 290

Reeve, Col. Arthur T Hampton '35^

Reeve, James Baldwin Mavsville -ic-,

Reiniger, Hon. Robert G Charles City 1:75

Renwick, Hon. James Davenport ... \:^t

Renwick, William Davenport 58

Reupke, Schmidt and Schwarting. .Davenport . .. . 604

Reynolds, George M New Hampton . 2-'9

Reynolds, James H Fort Madison .... 306

Rice, Hon. Byron Des Moines 88

Rice, Hon. James Osceola. r7i

Rice,JoshuaM Lyons "" 280



Richards, Charles B Fort Dodge 230

Richardson, David W Davenport 208

Richman, De Witt C Muscatine 503

Richman, Hon. Jacob S Davenport 545

Riley, Louis A Wapello 751

Robertson, James M., M.D Muscatine no

Robertson, William S., M.D Muscatine 767

Robinson, Stephen E., M.D West Union 315

Rogers, Hon. Charles J Dubuque 122

Rogers, Hon. John N Davenport 70

Rogers, Jacob W West Union 445

Rohlis, Hon. M. J Davenport 24S

Rose, Hon. Samuel L Rose Grove 249

Ross, Hon. Lewis W Council Blutfs, . . . 4^9

Ross, Thomas J Nevada 463

Roszell, Charles A. L Clarksville 646

Rothrock, Hon. James II Tipton 772

Ruddick, Hon. George W Waverly 635

Rumple, Hon. John N. W Marengo 443

Russell, Edward Davenport 333

Sales, Lorenzo H., M.D Leon 5S1

Sampson, Hon. Ezekiel S Sigourney 200

Sapp, Hon. William F Council Bluffs, . . . 370

Saunders, Presley , Mount Pleasant . . 642

Schranjm, John S Burlington 3S7

Scobey, Rev. Zephaniah D Favette 307

Scofield, Darius, M.D Washington 628

Scofield, Gen. Hiram Washington 620

Sears, Hon. Epenetus H Sidney 662

Secor, Hon. David Des Moines 377

Seevers, Hon. William H Oskaloosa 776

Selbv, Hon. Llovd Corvdon 547

Shannon, Julius'W Elkader 388

Sharp, Hon. Hiram T Atlantic 613

Shaw, Benjamin F Anamosa 574

Shaw, George S Davenport 385

Shaw, Col. William T Anamosa 444

Shelley, James M Keokuk 414

Sherman, Hon. Buren R Des Moines 440

Shoemaker, Samuel II De Witt 331;

Shrader, John Clinton, M.D Iowa City 360

Sinnett, Samuel Muscatine 112

Sloan, Hon. Robert Keosauqua 721

Smedley, Col. Abel B Cresco 689

Smith, Anderson J., M.D De Soto 551

Smith, Hon. Delano T Marshalltown .... 623

Smith, Hon. John J Van Meter 376

Smith, Tames S Iowa Falls 541

Smith, Joel W., M.D Charles City 576

Smith, Col. Milo Clinton . . . ." 486

Smith, Milo P Marengo 708

Smith, Samuel F Davenport 343

Smith, Hon. Sherman G Newton 415

Smith, William R., M.D Sioux City 404

Smyth, Hon. Robert Mount Vernon . . . 535

Spencer, Charles H Grinnell 552

Stac3',John S Anamosa 325

Staples, George M., A.M., M.D Dubuque 477

Starker, Charles H. W Burlington 557

Starr, Hon. Henry W Burlington 398

Stein, Simon G Muscatine 467

Stewart, Hon. Jacob W Davenport 380

Stewart, Hon. William G Dubuque 393

Stewart, William H Muscatine 601

Stiles, Hon. Edward H Ottumwa 722

Stivers, William H Toledo 500

Stockton, Hon. Thomas R Sydney 703

Stone, Joseph C, M.D Burlington 389

Stone, Hon. John Y Glenwood 7

Stone, Thomas J Sioux City 408

Stone, Hon. William M Knoxville 573

Sloneman, Hon. John T McGregor 671

Stout, Hon. Henrv L Dubuque 3150

Stubb.s, Hon. Daniel P Fairfield 668

Sweatt, Charles West Mitchell 418

Swigart, William C Maquoketa 309

Taylor, Hon. Robert H., M.D Marshalltown 436

Teesdale, John Mount Pleasant . . 704

Temple, Henry Atlantic 585

Temple, M. L Osceola 469

Thickston, Rev. Thomas F Council Bluffs. . . . 707

Thompson, Benjamin W., M.D . . . .Muscatine 134

Thompson, Hon. William G Marion 344

Tilford, John St. Clair Vinton 496

Todhunter, Lewis Indianola 778

Toll, Major Charles H Clinton 555

Tracy, Hon. Joshua Burlington 533

Traer, James C, M.D Vinton 488

Traverse, Hon. Henry C Bloom field 595

Trimble, Hon. Henry H Bloomfield 692

Tults, Hon. John Q.. Wilton 586

Tuthill, Hon. William H Tipton 434

Tuttle, Gen. James M .Des Moines 79

Tuttle, Hon. Marcus Clear Lake 210

Underwood, Hon. James Eldora 80

Underwood, Myron, M.D Eldora 338

Vandever, Gen. William Dubuque 278

Van Sandt, N. L., M.D Clarinda 619

Vest, John W. H., M.D Montezuma 612

Viele, Hon. Philip Fort Madison ... 94

Von Coelln, Hon. Carl W Des Moines 426

Walden, Hon. Madison M Centerville 770

Walker, Benjamin K Northwood 347

Walker, John D Wilton 136

Walker, William W Cedar Rapids .... 265

Wain, Elijah D Mount Vernon . . . 640

Walton, Josiah P IVJuscatine 657

Ward, Charles H Des Moines 87

Ware, Jesse C, M.D Fairfield 478

Warren, George H Tama City 480

Washburn, Lyman H Muscatine 499

Wasson, Jesse, M.D La Porte City 348

Waters, William B., M.D Marshalltown .... 747

Watson, Samuel H Vinton 712

Watson, William, M.D Dubuque 655

Weare, John Cedar Rapids 55

Weaver, Gen. James B Bloomfield i5

Webster, Wesley W Muscatine 638

Weiser, Horace S Decorah 330

Wells, William M Oskaloosa 326

Wetherell, Aaron D., M.D Knoxville 598

Wheeler, Hon. Loring De Witt 345

Whiting, Timothy Mount Pleasant . . 713

Wilcox, Phineas C. . . . ." Independence .... 130

Willey, Andrew J., M.D ; Mount Ayr 724

Williams, Hamlin B Glenwood 561

Williams, Hon. Morris J Ottumwa 599

Williams, Major William Fort Dodge 784

Williams, Willis F Vinton 725

Williamson, Hon. William W Des Moines 314

Wilson, Hon. David S Dubuque 396

Wilson, E. H., M.D Osceola 723

Wilson, Hon. James F Fairfield 780

Wilson, Hon. Thomas S Dubuque 366

Wilson, Hon. W. M Osceola 732

Winchester, Sheldon G Eldora 346

Winslo w, Hon. Horace S Newton 1562

Witham, Charles E., M.D Wilton 295

Woodbridge, Enoch D Nashua 721

Woodin, George D Sigourney 276

Woodruff, Marcus C Dubuque . .• 258

Woods, Peter N., M.D Fairfield 593

Woodward, Hon. Jerome S Independence .... 279

Worley, Joshua, M.D Belle Plaine 687

Wright, Hon. George F Council Bluffs 336

Wright, Hon. George G Des;Moines 771

Wright, George H Sioux City 337

Wyman, Rufus H., M.D Keokuk 554

Young, George T Leon 688

Young, Hon. Josiah T Des Moines 140

Zeigler, Samuel B West Union 565

Zuver, Hon. Joseph R Sioux City. . . 645

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