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ANDREW M. 3IOREY, carpenter and builder, Maquoketa; is a native
of Caledonia Co., Vt., and was born June 6, 1827. When very young, his parents
removed to Cortland Co., N. Y. He grew up to manhood in that State, and learned the
trade of carpenter and joiner. He came to Iowa and located in Maquoketa in March,
1 854, and began working at his trade. There is no one working here now at the bus-
iness, that has been engaged in building as long as he and S. F. Brown. In February,
1848, he married Rosina Palmer, from New York State; she died in 1871, leaving six
children — Sophia, Saphronia, Mary, Andrew, Benoni and Viola. In 1873, he married
Mrs. Emma Crocker, a native of New York State.

CALVIN E. NORTHROP, of the firm of Northrop & Glaser, dealers in
furniture, Main street, Maquoketa ; a native of Franklin Co., Vt., and was born June
5, 1823. From his 12th year, he lived in New York, and learned the furniture bus-
iness. In May, 1853, he came to Iowa, located in Maquoketa, and engaged in the
furniture business. He bought the property he now occupies, and has carried on the fur-
niture business in the same location over twenty-six years ; he is the oldest furniture
dealer in this city, or in Jackson Co. ; he has been engaged in the businass longer than
any other merchant, except P. Mitchell. He married Miss H. M. Bond, from Niagara
Co., N. Y., in 1845. They have five children— Sanford E., Frank, Alfred, Clara and

S. P. OEMSTEAD, farmer ; P. 0. Maquoketa; born in Sangamon Co.,
111., Dec. 25, 1832 ; came to Jackson Co. in 1878. Married Mary Gate, (born in Ohio


in 1832), June 6, 1878 ; uianied Mary E. Copeland in 1849; she was born in Ireland
in 1831 ; she died in 1854, leaving two children — James H. and Elarvey S. Dem-
ocrat. He enlisted in the army in the late war ; served in Missouri cavalry one year,
and was honorably discharged Sept. 5, 1862.

J ASOX PANGBORN, capitalist, retired, Maquoketa ; was born in Essex
Co., N. Y., June 13, 1806, and lived there until April 30, 1838, when he started for
Iowa and arrived here June 1. He located just east of where he now lives ; bought
a claim and put up one of the first frame houses that was built in Maquoketa ; he broke
a farm and afterward started a blacksmith-shop ; he has lived here over forty-one years
and is one of the few oldest settlers of the county now living ; he has held the office
of Township Supervisor and was member of the City Council. Mr. Pangborn has been
twice married; his first wife was Eunice Post, of Essex Co., N. Y.; she died Aug. 23,
1855, leaving four children — Asa, Herschel, Sarah and Julia ; May 23, 1856, he mar-
ried Sarah A. Abel, a native of Essex Co., N. Y.; they have three children — Addie,
Herbert L. and Eddie. When Mr. Pangborn began life he had nothing, and owes his
success to his own industry and good management.

CHARLES H. PATTERSON, farmer, Sec. 15; P. 0. Maquoketa;
born in Cortland Co., N. Y., June 22, 1 825 ; came to Jackson Co. in 1856, where he has
since resided. Married Lethea Barker in 1847 ; she was born in Putnam Co., N. Y.,
March 4, 1825 ; they had one child ; his wife died June 20, 1857 ; he married Lorinda
Pate July 4, 1858; she was born in Maquoketa Township Jan. 10, 1839 ; they have
had seven children, five living — Charles H., born June 8, 1861 ; Jesse, October, 1867 ;
Elmer, March 23, 1S71 ; Willie, July, 1873 ; Nellie, July, 1878. He has been Town-
ship Trustee three years. Owns 180 acres land valued at $25 per acre. Democrat.

R. PERHAH, Justice of the Peace, Maquoketa ; was born in Franklin Co.,
Vt., Jan. 10, 1816 ; his parents removed to Ohio when he was very young ; his father
died there and his mother removed to Western New York; in 1836, he went to
Buffalo, and in 1842, he engaged in teaching there and was Principal of one of the
public schools for six years; in May, 1849, he came to Iowa and located just west of
Delmar and engaged in farming for nine years ; then removed here and has been engaged
in the mercantile and milling business. He has held the office of Justice of the Peace
most of the time since coming here ; he has also held other town and school offices.
In 1833, he married Miss Charlotte W. Newton, a native of Erie Co.,N. Y.; they have
three children George D. (lives in Chicago and is connected with the Inter-Ocean),
Isabel M. and Archibald N.

ABXER REEVE, retired, Maquoketa; is a native of Brattleboro, Wind-
ham Co., Vt., and was born Oct. 22, 1800; he was brought up and attended the old
academy there and learned the harness-maker's trade ; in company with Dexter Field,
he came to Iowa and located in Maquoketa in the spring of 1853 and engaged in his
business of harness-making and continued over twenty years. In 1834, he married
Miss Eliza Westlake, a native of England and daughter of William Westlake, an officer
in the army ; Mr. and Mrs. Reeve have had five children, of whom only one son sur-
vives — Benjamin Franklin Reeve, who was born June 19, 1846; he grew up here and
received his education ; he was formerly editor of the Excelsior and was engaged in the
mercantile business here and is now engaged in the mercantile business in Dakota. He
married Miss Gertie Smith, of Maquoketa; they have one daughter — Alice Gertrude.

N. O. RHODES, boarding and sale stable and proprietor of City Bus Line,
Maquoketa; is a native of Chautauqua Co., N. Y., and was born Jan. 18, 1837; his
parents came to Jackson Co. and located at Maquoketa when there were only a few
houses here; he grew up to manhood here, and, in 1859, engaged in the livery business.
He married Miss Hattie E. Barnes, of Medina, Ohio, March 17, 1869 ; they have four
children — Frank. Harry, Bruce and Bessie.

SEYMOUR M. SADEER, attorney at law, Maquoketa ; is a native of
Huron Co., Ohio ; born June 25, 1853 ; when only 3 years of age, his parents removed
to Centerville, St. Joseph Co., Mich. ; he attended school there, but received his educa-
tion mostly in Ohio and Michigan ; attended school in Ohio for three years, then


entered the Michigan State University at Ann Arbor, where he remained four years
and graduated in June, 1874 ; he entered the law office of his father, commenced read-
ing law and was admitted to the bar in August, 1875 ; he associated with his father in
the practice of law until Jan. 1, 1877, when he was elected Circuit Court Commissioner
of St. Joseph Co. and held that office for two years. He came to Jackson Co., Iowa, and
located at Maquoketa in June, 1879, and engaged in the practice of his profession.
He married Miss Nellie Campbell, a native of Detroit, Sept. 20, 1876 ; they have one
son— Clifford C, born May 27, 1878.

C. M. SANBORN, senior partner of the firm of C. M. Sanborn & Son,
wholesale and retail dealers; is a native of Niagara Co., N. Y., and was born Aug. 26,
1836 ; his parents removed to Michigan when he was young, where he lived until he
was 1 8 years of age ; after his father's death he and his mother came, by wagon, to
Iowa; arrived here in October, 1854; he carried on wagon and carriage making for
some time, and established his present business in 1862 ; he has built up a large and
successful business, his sales amounting to $100,000 annually; when Mr. Sanborn came
to this county, in 1854, he only had, beside two span of horses and wagons, $2.50 in
money. Oct. 18, 1857, he married Miss Harriet Burd, of Mercer Co., Penn. ; they have
"five children — -Nettie, Le Roy, Charlie, Hattie and Ella.

J. T. SARGENT, of the firm of Decker & Sargent, also of the firm of
Sarsrent, Smith & Co. ; is a native of Greensburg, Westmoreland Co., Penn., and was
bora July 30, 1836; he grew up there and learned the printing business ; in 1855,
he came to Iowa, and, in 1857, he came to Maquoketa, and entered the office of
the Sentinel,, where be remained three years, and went to Marengo and published
the Iowa Valby Democrat for two years ; after the breaking-out of the rebellion, he
raised a company and was commissioned First Lieutenant Co. B., 28th I. V. I. ; in the
fall of 1863, he resigned his commission, on account of disease contracted in the serv-
ice; in 1864, he went South, and was in the employ of Adams Express Company, at
Nashville; he went to Pittsburgh, Penn., and remained until 1868, then returned to
Maquoketa, and, in 1872, associated with Mr. Swigart and published the Jackson
Count)/ Sentinel. The firm of Sargent & Swigart continued until 1877, when Mr.
Sargent retired from the Sentinel, and since then has been in the mercantile business ;
he has served as member of the City Council. In 1870, he married Miss Mary E.
Delano, a native of Essex Co., N. Y. ; they have two children — Nettie and Willie.

JAMES D. SCHOLE, farmer; P. O. Maquoketa; born in Berks Co.,
Penn., Oct. 16, 1825; came to Jackson Co. in 1854, where he has since resided.
Married Barbara Weasner July 14, 1849 ; she was born in Berks Co., Penn., Nov. 18,
1830. They have had seven children, six are living — George F., John H., Emma C,
James L., Adeline T. and William A. He owns 101 acres of land ; value, $30 per
acre. Republican.

A. I>. SHAW, of the firm of Shaw & Matthews, proprietor of the Maquoketa
Excelsior; is a native of Jackson Co., and was born in Maquoketa May 2, 1850, his
parents being among the early settlers of this county ; he attended school here, and
entered Cornell University, at Ithaca, N. Y., and graduated in 1875; the following year,
in March, 1876, he associated with Mr. E. L. Matthews, and purchased the Maquoketa
Excelsior, and since then has successfully conducted this paper.

JOSIAH SHEFFIELD, retired, Maquoketa; is a native of Nantucket
Mass., and was born July 6, 1807 ; he lived there until 16 years of age, and then went
to sea on a whaling vessel, on the ship Brothers ; the next voyage, he went, on the
Paragon, to the Japan seas. When only nine days from home, on their return, the ship
sank, and the crew was saved and carried to the Society Islands, and then came home.
Other voyages were on the ships Averick and Tyrolean, and his last voyage was on the
ship Roman ; he sailed on the sea for eighteen years, to all parts of the world. He
gave up sailing and located in Onondaga Co., N. Y., and engaged in farming for sixteen .
years, then came to Iowa and settled in Jackson Co., and bought a farm here ; a few
years ago he moved in Maquoketa and built a fine house, and since then has lived here.
He has been twice married; his first wife was Cynthia Castle, from Onondaga Co., N.


Y.; his present wife is Mary E. Mason, a native of New York City. They have one
daughter — May Cynthia.

CHARLES SHIREY, of the firm of Shirey & Hill, bakers and confec-
tioners, corner of Main and Piatt streets, Maquoketa ; is a native of Washington Co.,
Md.; was born Oct. 11, 1851 ; when 14 years of age, he came to Illinois, and lived in
Lanark, Carroll Co.; he came to Jackson Co. and located in Maquoketa, in September,
1878, and engaged in his present business, and they are building up a good trade. He
married Miss Marietta Gertrude Moffett, of Lanark, Carroll Co., 111., May 4, 1876.
They have two children — Edith and Nellie.

SAMUEL SOUTHWELL, tanner, Sec. 4; ?. 0. Maquoketa; born in
England in 1810 ; came to the United States in 1835. and to Jackson Co. in 1847, and
has resided in his present locality ever since. Married Mary Branscorn in 1839 ; she
was born May 15, 1S1G, in Kentucky; they have had thirteen children, nine living;
lost one son, William R., in the late war ; he died in the army ; owns 120 acres of land,
value, $30 per acre. Himself and wife are members of the M: E. Church ; Democrat.

B. A. SPE^ T CER, of the firm of Spencer & Knittle, dealers in dry goods,
hats and caps, Maquoketa ; is a native of Ontario, Canada, and was born March 5, 1841 ;
his parents came to Iowa and settled in Maquoketa when he was only 13 years of
age ; he entered a store as clerk, in the fall of 1856, and continued in the same store
until 1863, when he associated with Henry Knittle and engaged in business; the firm
of Spencer & Knittle has continued since then, sixteen years, without change. He
holds the office of County Supervisor, and has held the office of Mayor. When he began
life he had nothing, and he has succeeded by his own efforts. In 1870, he married Miss
Frank A. Fox, of Lewis Co., N. Y. They have three children — Lena, Frank and

WILLIAM STRUBLE, nurseryman, Maquoketa; is a native of Penn-
sylvania, and was born in Graysburg. near Pittsburgh, Penn., Jan. 8, 1821 ; when
very young his parents removed to Trumbull Co., Ohio. He grew up to manhood there
and. in March, 1842, he was united in marriage *o Miss Elizabeth Hutcheson, from
Trumbull Co., Ohio ; they came to Iowa, and arrived in Bellevue, Jackson Co., May 1,
1854; he located in Perry Township, and engaged in farming; in 1862, he engaged
in the nursery business, and continued living there until 1873, when he removed to
Maquoketa, on the place where he now lives, within the town corporation, and estab-
lished the nursery business here ; when he began life he had nothing, and now owus
his farm in Perry Township, also his place here. Mr. and Mrs. Struble have seven
children — Jane, Riley, Lucy, Asa, Mary, Louisa, Addie. Mr. Struble had two sons in
the army — Rile}- enlisted and served in the 12th I. V. I. ; Asa enlisted and served
in the 2d I. V. C.

WILLIAM C. SWIGART, publisher of the Sentinel, Maquoketa.
The oldest journalist in Jackson Co., Iowa, is William C. Swigart ; he was born at
Newark, Licking Co., Ohio, Dec. 12, 1824 ; he attended the common schools, and after-
ward graduated from the Academic Department of Granville College, now Denison
University, in 1844. He entered the office of the Newark Advocate, and spent several
years; about 1852, he went to Bucyrus. Ohio, and assisted in editing the Forum, until
April, 1854, when he removed to Maquoketa, Iowa. He and his younger brother,
Stephen, started the Sentinel; after the death of his brother, in 1856, Mr. Swigart
continued the publication of the paper until 1872, when James T. Sargent became his
partner ; at first it was a seven-column folio, assuming its present form in 1872. Mr.
Swigart held the office of Postmaster of Maquoketa six years, during the administra-
tions of Franklin Pierce and James Buchanan. On the 6th of November, 1849, he was
married to Miss Martha P. Gage, of Findlay, Ohio, and they have had nine children,
two of whom they have lost. The eldest sons, Philemon D. and Josiah, are associated
with their father in publishing the paper, which is the official paper of the city and
county, and the organ of the Democratic party.

HENRY TAUBMAN, merchant tailor and dealer in ready-made clothing
and gents' furnishing goods, Main street, Maquoketa ; is a native of the Isle of Man,


and was born Dec. 3, 1827 ; when 20 years of age, he came to America, in 1847 ; he
came to Iowa to Jackson Co. and located in Maquoketa in the spring of 1850, and
engaged in tailoring and has carried on that business here in Maquoketa longer than
any merchant tailor in Jackson Co. He has been twice married ; his first wife was
Miss Maloa Current, from Canada; she died in February, 1871, leaving six children,
five sons and one daughter — Thomas E. (living in Sac Co.), William (living in Sac
Co.), Lee (engaged in business with his father), Linn, Andy, Emma. During the
present year, Mr. Taubman was united in marriage to Miss Laura Pairbrother,
daughter of Alvin Fairbrother, one of the earliest settlers now living in Jackson Co.

J. R. TOBIAS, farmer, Sec. 5 ; P. 0. Maquoketa ; born in Litchfield Co.,
Conn., Nov. 30, 1798. He moved to Maquoketa Township in 1848, and has resided
on the farm where he now lives, since 1852. Married Susan Brown in 1825 ; she was
born in New York, and died in Iowa. He married Mrs. Helen M. Lyons May 4, 1862.
Owns eighty acres ; value, $40 per acre. Kepublican.

SIDNEY J. TUBBS, farmer, Sees. 8 and 12; P. O. Maquoketa; born
Feb. 17, 1847, in Maquoketa, and has always resided here single. Owns 132 acres;
value, $15 per acre. Democrat.

J. R. VAN EVERA, of the firm of J. R. Van Evera & Co., dealers in
hardware and house furnishing goods, also dealers in drugs, Main street, Maquoketa ;
is a native of Montgomery Co., N. Y. ; born Sept. 16, 1819 ; he grew up to manhood
there and engaged in farming until he came to Iowa and located in Maquoketa June
11, 1872 ; then engaged in the house furnishing and hardware trade; in March, 1878,
he engaged in the drug business ; his sons De Witt and John are with him in the hard-
ware store, and Wallace and James are in the drug store. While living in New York
State, Mr. Van Evera held the offices of Supervisor, Assessor and Commissioner, and
was Captain of the military company. In 1845, he married Miss Nancy L. Eacker,
from Montgomery Co., N. Y. ; they have eight children — four sons and four daughters.

DR. OTTO VON SCHRADER, deceased; was one of the early
settlers of Jackson Co. ; he came from Pennsylvania and settled in Maquoketa in
the month of April, 1846 ; his professional life commenced in 1844, and he was in act-
ive practice in Maquoketa for ten years; he added to his native skill in his profession,
wide reading, accurate knowledge, a discriminating mind and rare common sense. In
1856, he established, in connection with his brother-in-law, L. B. Dunham, a State
Bank, which was afterward changed to the First National Bank of Maquoketa. Few
men in our time have attached to themselves, with so kindly an interest, so many
friends, and few men so variously gifted have ever shown themselves so indifferent to
any recognition of their talents and their acquirements, beyond that involved in the
affectionate respect of a circle of personal friends and acquaintances. He was a refined
gentleman, and in all the relations of life, his urbanity and courtesy were very marked,
and his death, which took place in 1875, deprived his family and this community of an
estimable citizen. He left a wife and seven children — three sons and four daughters,
now living in Maquoketa.

SMITH WARREN, architect and builder, Maquoketa ; is a native of Che-
mung Co., N. Y., and was born Nov. 27, 1842 ; he was brought up there and served
an apprenticeship of three years at the trade of carpenter and builder ; he held the
position of foreman in a large factory there ; he has given much attention to the study
of architecture; he came to Iowa and located at Maquoketa June 1, 1876, and engaged
in contracting and building. In November, 1863, he married Miss Frances E. Wat-
son, of Chemung Co., N. Y. ; they have one daughter — Clara E.

CHARLES WENDEE, farmer and stock -buyer; P.O. Maquoketa; he
lives in Sec. 34, and owns eighty acres in Jackson and forty-five in Clinton Co. ; he
was born in Wyoming Co., Penn., on the 1st day of December, 1829, where he was
raised and schooled until he was 13 years of age, when, in 1842, he emigrated to Jack-
son Co., Iowa, with his parents, who came the entire distance by private conveyance,
taking seven weeks to make the trip ; he has served his township for several years as
School Director and Road Supervisor ; he is a stanch old Jacksonian Democrat of the


old school, and has always strongly vindicated the principles of that party. He married
Julia Livermore, a native of Ohio, in Jackson Co., Iowa, on the 3d day of February,
1847, and had ten children, all of whom are living at the writing of this history,
namely, Albert S., Eugenie, Daniel, Mary Adell, Charles Henry, Carrie, Annie, Will-
iam Abraham, George and Emma. He and his family are attendants of the Methodist
Episcopal Church ; he was a very poor man when he started in Clinton Co., and has
made and accumulated his whole possessions by his own industry and perseverance ; he
has a good and comfortable homestead and a fortune of from $6,000 to $7,000.

A. L. WILKINS, farmer, Sec. 18 ; P. O. Maquoketa ; was born in Canada
West Oct. 25, 1838 ; he came with his father's family to Clinton Co., Iowa, in 1810 ;
to Jackson Co. in 1809, and have remained here since. Married Catherine J. Parris
June 29, 18(30 ; she was born in Warren Co., Ohio, March 18, 1843 ; they have had
six children, five living— Winfield S., born March 23, 1S64; Frank W., April 28,
1800; Albert L., Jr., Aug. 13, 1868; Charles E., Oct. 1, 1870; Rossie C, April 10,
1876. Owns forty acres, valued at $30 per acre. Mrs. Wilkins is a member of the
M. E. Church ; Greenbacker. His father is still living at 73 years of age ; his mother
died Jan. 0, 1878.

E. R. WOLEY, capitalist, and manager of the Decker House, Maquoketa ;
is a native of Ulster Co., N. Y.; he grew up to manhood there ; came to Iowa in 1854,
and located in Jackson Co., and eugnged in buying and selling laud. He married Miss
Rebecca E. Decker, daughter of James Decker, owner of the Decker House ; they have
three children — James, Harry and Edna.


LYMAN BATES, farmer, Sec. 25 ; P. O. Maquoketa ; is a native of War-
ren Co., N. Y. ; born Nov. 22, 1817 ; he grew to manhood there, and, in the spring of
1838, he and Mr. John E. Goodenow started for Iowa with a four-horse team prepared
to journey either on wheels or runners, were forty-eight days on the way ; traveled
thirty-nine days, and crossed the river on the ice, March 10, 1838 ; they reached the
place where Maquoketa now stands, March 19; they bridged every stream between here
and the river. After coming here, he and Mr. Goodenow kept bach for a year ; they
made claims, and began making farms, though it was seven years before the land was
offered for sale by the Government. Dec. 1, 1839, he married Miss Sylvia D. Eaton, a
native of Cortland Co., N. Y. ; mention is made of their wedding in another part of
this work ; they began housekeeping in a log shanty. Sir. Bates has lived here
over forty-one years ; is one of the earliest settlers now living. He owns a good farm
of 160 acres just south of the city limits. His wife died leaving three children — Miles
E., Mary, and Julia (now Mrs. Edson), all living in this vicinity. Mr. Bates married
Emily A. Darling, from Franklin Co., Vt. ; they have one child — Ella.

S. BURLESON, farmer and stock-raiser, Sec. 20 ; P. O. Nashville ; one of
the best-known men in Jackson Co., and the oldest settler now living in this part of the
county ; is familiarly known as " Shade Burleson " of " Buck Horn ;" he is a native
of the State of Vermont, and was born in the town of Pownal, Bennington Co., Sept.
19, 1805 ; he grew up to manhood there ; when 19 years of age, he went to Waterford,
N. Y., and lived there and in Troy ten years, and ran a freight packet on the Erie
Canal. (In the 8th of February, 1824, he was united in marriage to Miss Eunice J.
Houghton, in Waterford. In 1836, he started for the West, coming from Detroit
through Chicago, to Galena, by stage, and arrived there in September ; he had to walk
one-half of the distance from Detroit ; they remained in Galena during the winter, and
the following spring came to Jackson Co., and arrived here April 6, 1837 ; he made the
claim where he now lives, and located upon it, and has lived on this over forty-two years,
a longer time than any person has lived in this part of the county, if not in the whole
county, on the claim made by themselves ; he and his wife used to make mittens out of


deer skins, and had a demand, at $1 a pair, for all they could make ; he was an excel-
lent marksman, and it was no trouble for him to secure game, if he could get sight of
it. In the winter of 1839, he got $20 in money, and started for Galena with his
team, after provisions. When he reached Bellevue, they were having a shooting match
for a bear — ten chauces, at $5 each ; he went and borrowed a rifle of Hugh Kilgore,
and paid $5, and won the bear ; he put the bear up again at $5 a chance,
retaining one chance for himself, and won it again ; he then sold the bear for $25, on
condition that he would not shoot again ; he went on to Galena, bought his provisions,
including, among other things, a barrel of pork, and when he reached home, and his
family found he had some meat, they cried for joy, and immediately opened the pork
and found it was spoiled, and entirely unfit for use ; the oxen were yoked up immedi-
ately, the barrel of.pork was rolled on the sled, and although it was nearly sunset, the
team was started for Galena, where the meat was exchanged for a good barrel, and it
was brought home and thoroughly enjoyed ; there are very few men who have endured

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