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"We hold these truths to be self-cvidont: that iill men are created equal, and endowed liy their Creator with cer-
tain unalienable rights; that among these are life, liberty, and tlie pursuit of happiness."— £ )ec. Indepen dence U. S.

No. 5 VolJV


Whole No. 48.

(Cr Bills and Blank Receipts will be forward-
ed to the Agents for this work, generally, in a
short time; and all, who are in arrears, arc re-

spectfully and earnestly requested to liquidate i^tor, of tliat name.

the. sums now due for the present, as well a^
the preceding: volumes. According to the terms
of subscription, the price of each volume is ex-
pected in advance. As the sum, demanded, is
"very small, it is hoped that the requisition w
he readily complied with.

The existence of the establishment is entire-
ly dependent on the punctuality of those who
patronize it:-— and it m&y be reasonably calcii
lated, that this hint will be a sufficient induce-
ment for such as entertain a wish for its pros-
perity, lo attend to the above notice

Subscribers, who reside in places where no
AgenI has ])een appointed, are desired to remit
to the editor. The safety -of the mails will be
guaranteed by him, in all cases, as respects the
conveyance of money for subscriptions to this

have embarked for Porl-an-Prince, on board a
vessel owned by Elisba Tyson, of this city, son
of the late distinguished and venerable emanci-


"I would nftt have 'a slave, to till ray ground;
To carry nie; to fan me while t sleep,
And tremble when I wake, for all the gold
That sinews, bought and sold, have ever earned."

It is with the greatest pleasure, that the edi
tor of this paper presents his readers with the
following important information.

David Patterson, Esq. a gentleman who re
sides in Orange County, North Carolina, has re
cently emancipated a family of' slaves, consist-
ing of eleven in number, and sent them all to
the Republic of Hayti. This disinterested plii-
lanthropist, is a very exemplary member of the
Baptist Society. He had long been desirons ofj
breaking the chains of unconditwnal bondage
with which his slaves were invested; but the
laws of that repiihlicnn state would not permit
it. He applied to some of the members of the
American Colonization Society, to -aid him in
carrying his benevolent wishes into effect, but
received no encouragement At length, he was
informed of the propositions of President Boy-
er, and immediately resolved to close with
them. A few weeks since, the slaves- arrived in
Baltimore, to take their passage to Hayt't; andli

This one act, conceived in religious benevo-
lence, and brought fdrtl) in the true spirit of hu-
manity and patriotism, outweighs all the pre-
tentions of the greatest theorizing philnnUiro-
pists, which America can boast. It is a practi-
cal illustration of the wholesome effects pro-
duced by the exercise of Christian charity, and
a disposition to pursue tlie path of honest rec-
titude. The value of his slaves, was not esti-
mated, in dollars and cents, by this pious and
benevoleftt man. Had he made such a calcu-
lation, he would have perceived that he was
about to make a sacrifice of at least /our thou-
tnd i:iisioN. It is stut^il tliat a recent
law ilicision, in (he stute of Missouri, runs
tlais; — '^Tliat llif ivsidcnce of a master, with
)iis slave, in llliiiois,Mvi(li the intention of mak-
ing that state his |)ernuuicnt iilaip ot" abode,

IS astonishiiilacency on the
scenes of carnage, and cruelty, which
must be the result of their inconsiderate
and mischievous machinations.

Resolved, That this Legislature sees
with surprise, that the attention of the

Carolina, is desirous of' complying withj British Minister was not directed to the

any measure necessiry to promote liar
mony between this State, and the gov-
ernment of the I iiiled Stales and tbreigii

numerous acts which have been passed
by the Parliament of Great Britain with-
in the last twenty years, for the expul-

nations, and will clieerfully comply in alh sion of Aliens, and for the repeal of the
cases which do not involve a surrender Habeas Corpus act, founded on the sus-

of the safety and inherent rights of the

Fvesolved, That the Legislature of this
State, has carefully considered the doc-
uments transmitted by the President of
the United States, being a correspondence
with the British Minister, relative to a
law passed December 1822, regulating
tree negroes and persons of colour, and
can yet perceive no departuie fiom the
duties and lights of this State, or of the
L'nited States, in that law.

He^olved, -I'liat the Legislature sees
with profound retrret the alarming svmp-
ti>nis of an unconstitutional interference
with her coloured population, whose con

picion that foreigners were interlerring

Iwith tl'.e domestic tranquillity of the
country, and justified in Great Britain
by the very law of self-preservation, to

wliich we now appeal.

j Resolved, That this Legislature hav-
ing received a very strange and ill ad-

jvised communication from the Legisla-

iture of the State of Ohio, approves of
the reply of the governor of Georgia to
a similar comnmnication, and will on this
sul>ject be ready to make common cause

iwiih the State of (ieorgia, and the other
Southern States similarly circumstanced

.in this respect.

' lienolved, 'I'herefore, that the Legis-

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