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L. G. De Segue.

From Very Rev. Father Etienne, Superior-General of the


I have charged with the examination of your work two
Fathers who have been Professors of History for many years
in the schools of our society. They unite in praising it in the
highest terms. I therefore cheerfully add my approbation of
your History to the many indorsements which you have
received, and which no doubt you will still receive from other

Etienne, Superior- General.

Lingard's History of England.

From the latest revised London edition, in 13 vols., 12mo,
beautifully illustrated with fourteen fine line engravings
on steel, by Goodall, including a beautiful and correct
portrait of the author from an original painting by Lover.

Thirteen vols., large 12mo, cloth $16 00

" " " " sheep, library style 20 00

" " " " half-calf extra, marble edges.. 28 00

This is undeniably the standard History of England. No
library should be without it. No other writer, it is universally
acknowledged, has made use of the vast mass of materials
bearing on the Histor}- of England, with so much impartiality,
skill, industry and ability as Lingard. Maoatjlat and Hallam,
rivals in the same field, have both acknowledged his superior
merits. Daniel "Webster asserted that there was no other
work worthy the name of History of England, except Lin-
gard's. To the lawyer who would make himself thoroughly
acquainted with the growth of the common law and the Con-
stitution of England, Lingard's History is indispensable. To
the general reader, perhaps there is no work so interesting
and instructive. It abounds in events and incidents related
in a style unsurpassed for beauty and elegance. The arrange-
ment is clear and simple, and on the margin of each page are
to be found the dates of the occurrences related theiein.


The American Republic,

Its Constitution, Tendencies and Destiny. By 0. A.
Brownson, Esq., LL. D. 1 vol., 8vo, 456 pp.

Cloth plain $3 00

Half-calf extra 5 00


After a general introduction, Dr. Brownson proceeds to
discuss, in seven chapters, Government, its Origin, and its
Constitution ; and having thus settled the leading principles
of his political belief, applies them to the consideration of the
United States, the Constitution of the United States, Seces-
sion, Reconstruction, the Political Tendencies, and Political
and Religious Destiny of the Republic. The topics are such
as come home to every intelligent citizen, and they are treated
in a manner which will interest large classes of readers who
are commonly repelled by works on political science. As
the ablest and most matured of the author's publications, it
will doubtless receive what it unquestionably deserves — the
thoughtful attention of thinking minds.

We have neither time nor space to indicate our points ot
agreement with, or dissent from, Dr. Brown son's logic, and
indeed the interest of the book does not depend on the
reader's sympathy with the writer's views. He is a born
reasoner, as some other men are born poets ; he must have
toyed with the syllogism in his cradle ; and among all Ameri-
can writers, he is perhaps the only one who has succeeded in
giving to consecutive argumentation the interest and charm
of narrative. His reasoning fastens the attention like other
men's stories; he delights in the process himself, and his
readers and hearers catch it by infection ; and from the time
he first unfolded to the working-men of Boston the meta-
physics of Cousin, to the present day, he has never lost the
power of presenting the most abstruse and intricate problems
in clear, forcible, logically-connected and captivating state-
ments. In the present volume this power is exhibited in its
most attractive form ; and as the subject is of the utmost
importance, while its treatment is as vigorous as it is per-
spicuous, it would seem that the book must obtain a multitude
of readers. — Boston Transcript.

This is no ordinary book. It gives us the mature con-
clusions of a mind long schooled in religious and political
philosophies, and conscientiously devoted to the pursuit of
Truth. It is undeniably of that class of intellectual achieve-
ments which build up the highest reputations, and resist alike,


with a recoil fatal to all assaults, the artillery of denunciation
and the slow corrosion of intentional neglect. — New York

There can be no doubt that this work will give rise to
conflicting opinions, and notices of the most antagonistic
character. But the work will outlive it all, and remain a
iasting monument of a great mind and a patriotic heart. We
venture to say that this work will not only remain as one of
reference, but actually a Text-book in our Catholic schools.
— Boston Pilot.

The Gentle Skeptic,

Or Easy Conversations of a Country Justice on the Au-
thenticity and Truthfulness of the Old Testament Records.
By Rev. C. Walworth. New and Revised Edition.
1 vol., 368 pp., 8vo.

Cloth $1 50

" gilt edges, beveled 2 50

Half-calf, extra. 3 75

From the Catholic World of January, 1867.
" The Gentle Skeptic, by Rev. C. A. Walworth, now pastor
of St. Mary's Church, Albany, treats of several topics here
noticed in a cursory manner. This work is the result of
several years' close and accurate study in theology and science.
It has, therefore, the solidity and elaborate finish of a work
executed with care and diligence by one who is both a strong
thinker and a sound scholar. In style it is a model of classic
elegance and purity, and in every respect it deserves a place
among the best works of English Catholic literature. The
author has broke ground in a field of investigation which it is
imperative on Catholic scientific men to work up thoroughly.
The entire change which has taken place in the attitude of
science toward revealed religion within a few years, and in the
doctrines of science themselves, makes the old works written
on the connection between religion and science to a great
degree useless. The subject needs to be taken up afresh, and
handled in manner adequate to the present intellectual wants
of the age."

Henry Clay's Works,

The Life, Correspondence, and Speeches of Henry Clay.
Six volumes, 8vo. By Calvin Colton, LL. D.
Cloth, beveled, uncut edges $18 00


Sheep, library style 20 00

Half calf, extra 25 00


A new edition of the Life, Correspondence, and Speeches
of Henry Clay, handsomely printed on tinted paper, in six
portly octavo volumes, has just been published by Mr. P.
O'Shea. This important work, originally issued in separate
volumes, at long intervals, under the editorial care of the late
Calvin Colton, has Undergone a thorough revision, both in
the arrangement of the subject-matter and the correction of
typographical and other accidental errors. It now appears in
a form and dress worthy of the memory of one of the most
illustrious statesmen of the Republic.


This edition of Clay's Works is gotten up in the very best


We congratulate Mr. O'Shea on his being able in these
hard times to bring forth another edition of such a costly and
splendid work as the one before us. * * * * From no
other work can our young men derive better materials or more
reliable data to understand the working and nature of our
Government, or draw purer inspirations to serve it faithfully,
than from Mr. Colton's Life of Henry Clay.

The Complete Works of Dean Swift,

including a Life of the Dean, by Roscoe. Six volumes,
large 12mo. Illustrated with a Portrait.

Cloth, extra $12 00

Sheep, library style 16 00

Half calf, extra 24 00

This is the only elegant, complete, and readable edition of
Swift's Works extant.


We commend strongly to our readers this magnificent
edition of the greatest writer of his age. — The Irish American.

This edition of Swift's Works is above all praise. It has
been carefully edited and beautifully gotten up. — Philadel-
phia Press.


Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary,

1 vol., 12mo. Printed on superfine paper, and beautifully
Illustrated. By Rev. Titus Joslin, author of " Life of
St. Francis of Assisium," "Scenes from Life of the
B. V. M.," " Star of Bethlehem," &c, <kc.
Cloth, plain, illustrated with fine steel engrav-
ing of the Immaculate Conception $1 00

Cloth, gilt edges, 3 steel engravings 1 50

Turkey Morocco, extra 3 00

This beautiful tribute to the Immaculate Mother of God,
from the glowing pen of its pious author, must prove a wel-
come acquisition to the Catholic literature of America. Its
superb mechanical execution, embracing the finest paper, most
beautiful typography, excellent illustrations, and richest bind-
ing, must render it as desirable an ornament in a Catholic
household as its contents are interesting and edifying.

The Life of St. Joseph.

Translated from the French of the Abbe P — , Vicar-
General of Evreux. To which are added Prayers and
Devotions for the Month of March, consecrated to his
honor. 1 vol., 12mo.

Cloth, plain : . $1 50

" gilt edges 2 00

The Life of St Dominic,

and a Historical Sketch of the Dominican Order, with
an Introduction by the Most Rev. J. S. Alemany, D. D.,
Archbishop of San Francisco. 1 vol., 12rao.

Cloth, extra $1 50

" " gilt edges 2 00

There is no department of Catholic literature so interesting
and instructive as the Lives of Saints, and there is not, in the
whole range of sacred biography, a more interesting and im-
portant work than the Life of St. Dominic and the sketch of
his renowned Order now presented to American readers un^er
the auspices of the learned and distinguished Archbishop of
San Francisco.

The Life of St. Anthony of Padua.

By Father Servais Dirks, Friar Minor, Recollect of


the Belgian Province. Translated from the French.
1 vol., 12 mo.

Cloth, plain $1 50

" gilt edges 2 00

The incidents of St. Anthony's life are here related in a
charming manner. Even without the fascination of style,
this book could not fail to be popular, so remarkable are the
various incidents and miraculous occurrences of the Saint's

The Life of St, Zita,

A servant-girl of Lucca, in the thirteenth century. Trans-
lated from the French of the Baron De Montreuil. To
which is added, the Life of Catherine Teaghokuita, the
Iroquois Virgin, by Father De Charlevoix, of the So-
ciety of Jesus.

1 vol., 18mo., cloth 60 cents.

" " " gilt edges 90 "

Here is a book which should be read not only by every
servant-girl, but also by every Catholic in America. It shows
how the Church, like her Divine Master, honors the poor as
well as the rich, according to their deserts. The Servant-girl
of Lucca is a model, which not only servant-girls, but all
others, will find worthy of imitation.

History of the Pontificate and Captivity of Pope
Pius VL;

Together with a glance at the Catholic Church. Trans-
lated from the French by Miss H***th, a graduate of
St. Joseph's, near Emmitsburg, Maryland. 1 vol., 1 8mo,
cloth, 240 pp., 60 cents.

A more intensely interesting narrative has rarely, if ever,
been written. The heroic devotton and constancy of the
Pope, the insanely rabid conduct of his persecutors, his meek-
ness under every contumely, their vexation at the calm resig-
nation with which he bore every affront, together with the
many important events which then agitated the Christian
world, invest this volume with an interest which rarely at-
taches to any book.


The Star of the North.

Life of the Right Rev. Bishop Maginn. By Thomas
D'Arcy McGee, Esq. 1 vol., 12mo, cloth, $1.00.


The life of this great champion of the Irish church, so full
of apostolic zeal, moral courage, and iron fortitude, cannot
fail to attract the Catholic reader. — Baltimore Catholic Mir-

The history of the Right Rev. Bishop Maginn is the history
of one of the most deeply interesting epochs of Irish history —
the close of a religious struggle for the freedom of religious
worship, and the beginning of a yet unfinished struggle for
national independence. * * * We. commend this book as a
valuable addition to Irish literature in America, which Mr.
McGee has done so much to foster and to establish. — Phila-
delphia Catholic Herald and Visitor.

We have not often read so interesting a work as this memoir
is.— N. Y. Truth Teller.

Life of St, Francis of Assisium,

By Rev. Titus Joslin. 1 vol., 18mo, cloth, gilt back,
45 cents.


Thank you, Father Joslin, for writing this interesting and
earnest little volume. — AT. Y. Freeman's Journal.

It is a charming history of the life of one of the humblest
and most devoted servants of the Lord. — Jjf. Y. Truth Teller.



Life of Guendaline, Princess Borghese,

Translated from the German, with an introduction by
Rev. A. F. Hewit. 1 vol., 18mo, cloth, 45 cents.

We are delighted to see this admirable little life of so exem-
plary a Catholic of our own times. The subject is one of
interest, and the style of the translator is particularly agree-
able. — 2f. Y. Freeman 's Journal.

We have often to commend books with words of praise,
since no other would be exactly suitable, although they
scarcely merit what the words convey. The present volume
is an exception. It is in reality equally interesting and edify-
ing, and forms a most promising commencement of the New
Catholic Library commenced by Mr. O'Shea. The Life of
Guendaline Talbot reads like a story of romance, yet it is all
true. — St. Louis Leader.


Life of the Egyptian Aloysins;

Or, The Little Angel of the Copts, by Rev. Father Bres-
ciani. Translated from the Italian by Rev. A. F. Hewit.

1 vol., cloth, plain $0 75

" " gilt edges 1 00


This is one of the most delightful little biographies we have
ever laid eyes on, and we hope it will find its way into every
separate school, and every other Catholic institution in the
Province. A life of a saint of the ancient Coptic Church is a
rarity, especially such an extended one as the present. — To-
ronto {Canada) Mirror.

This English version is beautiful and fascinating. It is put
forth as a literal one ; but while we doubt not that it is an


exact reproduction of the original, we can recognize in it
none of the dryness or stiffness of style characteristic of pro-
claimed literal translations. Indeed, we cannot see any noble
feature in the English dress of the memoir, that is not to be
discerned in the translator's edifying introduction. The ar-
tistic and glowing touches of the same evenly guided pen are
visible throughout the whole work, and one must be. hyper-
critical to an extreme who fails to observe and appreciate the
many charming merits either of the original prefatory remarks
of the translator or the translation of the biography itself.

Had we room, we would gladly quote some portions of the
work, which seems to us singularly beautiful and entertaining.
However, we are obliged to content ourselves with what we
have said in favor of the publication, and again recommend-
ing it to the notice of every thoughtful Catholio reader.—
ilT. Y. Truth Teller.


Life of a Modern Martyr, Bishop Borie.

By Rev. A. F. Hewit.
1 vol., 18mo, cloth, gilt back $0 50


This is another of Father Hewit's edifying little books. His
name is a sufficient recommendation, yet we cannot avoid
calling especial attention to this life of a faithful servant of
God, not alone on account of the Christian heroism it illus-
trates, and the attractive style in which it is presented, but
also because the subject of Catholic missions is one which de-
serves the greatest attention. — JV". Y". Freeman 's Journal.

This beautiful book presents to us a memoir of one of the
most truly heroic men of modern times. His burning zeal
led him to the remote regions of Tonquin to spread the con-
quests of Christianity, where he labored, in despite of the
most cruel persecution, until his blood was shed under the
glorious banner of the Cross.—- Catholic Herald.

The Life of Blessed Paul of the Cross.

Founder of the Congregation of Discalced Clerks, of the
Most Holy Cross and Passion of Jesus Christ. Written
by Father Pius of the name of Mary, consultor-gcneral of
the same congregation. Translated by Father Ignatius
of St. Paul, consultor for the Anglo-Hibernian Province.
First American edition, with the approbation of the


Very Rev. Dominic Tarletini, Provincial of the Passionists
in the United States.

1 vol. 12rao, cloth $0 75

" * " gilt edge 112

The Life of St, Bridget.

"The Mary of Erin." By an Irish Priest.

1 vol., 18mo, cloth plain 60 cents.

" " " gilt edges 90 "

A more extended account of the life of this great Saint, so
much revered, and so dear to the Catholics of Ireland, had long
been looked for.

The publisher is happy to be able to announce at last the
publication of such a work.

The Life of Mary Magdalen;

Or, the Path of Penitents. By the Rev. Thomas S.
Preston, author of the " Ark of the Covenant."
1 vol., 18mo, cloth 60 cents.

Such a book has long been needed. It now appears from
a masterly pen, and is well calculated to do all the good which
a work of this kind could be instrumental in effecting.

The Life and Miracles of St, Philomena, Virgin
and Martyr,

Whose sacred body was lately discovered in the cata-
combs at Rome, and from thence transferred to Mugnano,
in the kingdom of Naples. Translated from the French.

1 vol., 18rno, cloth 60 cents.

" " " gilt edges .90 "


We trust this little volume will serve to enkindle a tender
devotion to the Saint in many a young heart. At the early
age of thirteen years, this true heroine trampled all the vanities
of the world under her feet, and chose to endure multiplied
torments rather than renounce her vow to her crucified Saviour.
What a model of constancy and of every virtue does she
present to us. Let the youthful heart go to her when tried
and with unbounded confidence implore her intercession.


The Life of Bishop Brute.

First Bishop of Vincennes, with sketches describing his
recollections of scenes connected with the French Revolu-
tion, and extracts from his Journal. By the Rt. Rev.
James R. Bayley, D. D., Bishop of Newark. New
1 vol., 12mo, illustrated $1 50


Iitstradton,gdiofi0ti aitir §UMfattoit

Most of these Books are highly approved for distribution at Missions.



A Treatise on the Love of God.

By St. Francis De Sales. A new translation.
1 vol., large 12mo, over 600 pp., cloth $1 75


We have before us a new translation of that sublime and
beautiful treatise on the Love of God by St. Francis de Sales.
We have taken some pains to examine into the excellences
which should characterize a new translation of such a work,
and the ease and beauty of diction, together with the idiomatic
correctness of expression throughout, are such as to enable us
to give a most favorable notice of the rendering of this beauti-
ful treatise.— Philadelphia Catholic Herald.

To those who have read the "Devout Life," it will be only
necessary to say of the style of this treatise, that its beauties
are those with which they are already familiar ; but there is


a depth of thought and of feeling here beyond what we find
in any other writings of St. Francis. The translation is very
creditable. We hope this work will meet with the circulation
which it well merits, and of which the present excellent edition
seems to promise assurance. — Baltimore Catholic Mirror.

This handsome volume is a valuable addition to the ascetic
literature of the English language. It is a mine of rich
thought concerning that virtue which was the distinguishing
characteristic of its author. It appears to have been carefully
translated, and to give the name of its publisher is equivalent
to saying that it is a creditable specimen of book-making. —
Boston Pilot.

Of the work itself it would be superfluous to speak — a work
which is remarkable alike for its deep philosophy and theology,
and its sweet, unaffected piety. We are glad to see the work
placed within the reach of the English reader, and we hope it
will take the place of the light superficial, sentimental devo-
tional works which have become so fashionable in late years.
Its constant study and meditation will render our piety solid
and robust as well as tender. St. Francis was in some sort
the apostle of Calvinists, and his are the best works extant
for Catholics who live in a Calvinistic country like ours. —
Brownson's Review.


The Introduction to a Devout Life,

By St. Francis of Sales. To which is added a Sketch
of his Life.

1 vol., 24mo, cloth, plain 60 cents.

" 18mo, " ' " 75 u

This book is beyond all praise. Its reputation is world-wide.
Perhaps there is no other work so universal a favorite or so
generally useful as this.


The Spirit of St. Francis of Sales,

By the Bishop of Belley. Translated from the French

by a Priest of the Diocese of Boston.
1 vol., 12mo, cloth, beveled $2 00

The Philadelphia Catholic Standard says :

" This work of Bishop Camus is so well known to the ad-
mirers of the sainted Bishop of Geneva, that the mere
announcement of its appearance in an English dress will secure


for it a wide circulation. The author enjoyed for years the
familiar and intimate friendship of St. Francis de Sales, and
during this time treasured up many of his sayings and doings
which he has given to the world in this volume. Though St.
Francis is well known for his works, it is his "spirit" that
makes his name immortal. In this book, written by his friend,
he teaches by example, and instills into the mind and heart
some of his own gentle earnestness. It is peculiarly adapted
to ecclesiastics, who will find in it a mine of sound, practical



Crasset's Meditations for every Day in the Year.

Translated from the French by Mrs. Anna H. Dorset.

With an Introduction by Rer. C. Walworth.
1 vol., large 12mo, cloth $1 80

The Rev. Father Walworth, in his Introduction, says :

" Of meditation books we know of none which seem to
fulfill their purpose, except this work of Father Orasset. * * *
"We repeat once more, for those who aspire, not simply to read
meditations, but to practice mental prayer, this work of Father
Orasset is the book of books.


These Meditations, perhaps the most popular and cele-
brated of any in Europe, rich in matter and well-arranged in
form, should be hailed with pleasure by English-speaking
Catholics. It is no common book of meditations, and should
receive no common welcome. Mrs. Dorsey is esteemed as a
translator, and has no doubt done her duty well. Mr. O'Shea
has had the book well printed and on good paper. — New York
Freeman's Journal.

The best of meditation books. — New York Tablet.

Many of the meditation books that are to be found in the
book-shops are mere books of spiritual reading, all the points
in them being elaborated to such an extent as to leave nothing
to the mind of the meditator to work out. Others err in the
opposite direction, and are mere bald collections of heads of
topics for meditation. Father Crasset's work is free from
both of these objections. It is eminently suggestive and prac-
tical. For people living in the world, it is the best manual of
meditation that we know of. — Boston Pilot.


Orasset's Meditations, translated by Mrs. Anna H. Dorsey,
is an almost necessary book, for no one book of Meditations
can supply the varied demand of those who cultivate mental
prayer. We have now two solid, excellent works — Challoner's
and Orasset's. In spite of our familiarity with the former,
and our reverence for its sterling worth, we are almost forced
to admit that for ordinary meditation Cr asset is the book of
books. It will bear comparison with the highest standards
of piety. We wish it the widest circulation, for it will prove
a spiritual treasure wherever its use obtains. — Catholic Mirror.

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