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The Sufferings of our Lord Jesus Christ.

By Father Thomas of Jesus. 1 vol., 12mo, cloth,
beveled, $2. This is the great standard book of Medi-
tation and Instruction on the Life and Sufferings of our

The Catholic World 3ays of it :

" This is a work composed by a great saint, and justly de-
serving of the great reputation it has always enjoyed as one
of the best of spiritual books. It contains an inexhaustible
mine of meditation, sufficient to last a person during his
whole life, and just as new and fresh after the hundredth
perusal as during the first. It is as a book for meditation that
it should be used, and for this purpose it cannot be too highly
recommended to religious communities or to devout persons in
the world who desire and need a guide and model for the
practice of meditation."

The Sufferings of Jesus,

By Catherine Emmerich. Translated by a Sister of
Mercy. 1 vol., 18mo.

Cloth, with a fine steel Engraving of the

" Agony in the Garden" 60 cents.

NOTICES of the press.

This is a very attractive little volume, relating to the
passion and death of our Saviour. The authoress is repre-
sented as having been favored with visions during the holy
season of Lent, in which she spiritually witnessed the progress
of the " Sufferings of Jesus." What was thus revealed to her
she describes in a graceful style, which this condensed trans-


lation presents unimpaired to edify the reader." — N. Y. Truth

Persons of contemplative minds can have no better guide
to the thrilling scenes of Calvary than the Sufferings. — N. Y.

Here is an excellent book, and is a valuable addition to
our books of devotion. It is got out in good style, and is em-
bellished with a beautiful engraving of our Blessed Lord in
his agony. — Boston Pilot.

Spiritual Progress.

By Rev. J. W. Cummings, D. D., late Pastor of St. Ste-
phen's Church, New York.
1 vol., 12mo, cloth, red edges $1 50

The Cincinnati Catholic Telegraph says of it :

" After a careful perusal of the work, we beg to advise our

readers to purchase, preserve, and attentively read it. It is a

work of merit."

Selections from the Writings of Fenelon,

With an introduction by Rev. Thomas S. Preston, and
a sketch of the life of Fenelon, by J. G-. R. Hassard,

1 vol., 12mo, cloth, plain $1 25

a " " gilt edges 175

This book is a gem. — Catholic Telegraph.
We have nowhere else seen so much of beautiful senti-
ment, solid instruction, and sound philosophy combined. —
Nat. Quarterly Review.

The Following of Christ.

In four books, by Thomas A Kempis. Translated from
the Latin by Rt. Rev. Richard Challoner, D. D.

1 vol., 48mo, beautiful type, cloth, plain $0 40

" " " " '• gilt edges. . . 60

Roan, gilt edges 75

Turkey Morocco, extra 1 50

The Spiritual Combat ;

Or, the Christian Defended against the Enemy of his


Salvation. 1 vol., 48mo, uniform with " The Following
of Christ.' 1

Cloth, plain 40 cents.

" gilt edges 60 u

Eoan, " " 75 "

The Spiritual Combat was the favorite book of St. Fkanois
De Sales. He always carried it in his pocket.

Instructions on the Commandments and Sacra-

Translated from the Italian of St. Alphonsus M. Liguori.
1 vol., 48mo, uniform with "The Following of Christ*
Cloth, plain, 40 cents.

A Treatise on Prayer,

By St. Alphonsus Liguori. 1 vol., 48mo, cloth, uni-
form with the above, 40 cents.

The Ark of the Covenant ;

Or, a series of short Discourses upon the Joys, Sorrows,
Glories, and Virtues of the Ever Blessed Mother of God.
By Rev. Thomas S. Preston. 1 vol., 18mo, cloth,
plain, 60 cents.

A Month of May;

Or, Scenes from the Life of the Blessed Virgin Mary.
Arranged for the devotions of the month of May, with
practices, prayers, and examples. 1 vol., 32mo, cloth,
38 cents.


This is a precious little jewel case, containing a number of
the most precious pearls of the crown of the Immaculate Vir-
gin Mother. They are really brilliant, quite free from com-
mon-place, and wrought in sparkling style, so that they are
beyond all praise. We warmly commend this beautiful book


to every household. It cannot be read without having our
love for our Blessed Lady increased. — Philadelphia Catholic

This little book is a gem. * * * It is beautifully gotten up.
— N~. Y. Freeman 's Journal.

The Little Month of the Holy Infancy;

Or, the First Mysteries of the Life of Our Lord Jesus
Christ, proposed to the imitation of youth. Trans-
lated from the French of the Abbe Letourneur, V. G.
of Soissons, and dedicated to the members of the Society
of The Holy Childhood. 1 vol., 18mo, cloth, 63 cents.

This is the most instructive, interesting, and edifying book,
especially for youth, that has ever fallen under our notice. It
presents in the most charming manner an account of the first
years of the life of our Divine Lord, with suitable reflections.
Each chapter contains a happily conceived colloquy between
the Infant Saviour and the youthful Christian reader, and
closes with a beautiful historical example well calculated to
impress upon the mind principles of true Christian heroism,
always inseparable from the performance of simple daily

Give this booh to your children and neglect not to read it

Think WellOn't;

Or, Reflections on the Great Truths of the Chris-
tian Religion for every day of the month. By Rt.
Rev. R. Challoner, D. D. 1 vol., 32mo, cloth, 30

This is decidedly the most beautiful edition extant of this
famous book of Bishop Challoner.

Via Crucis ;

Or, the Stations of the Holy Way of the Cross. Paper
covers, 6 cents. $4 per 100 copies.

New Testament,

24mo. A beautiful pocket edition. Printed from pearl


type. With the approbation of the Most Rev. John
McCloskey, D. D., Archbishop of New York.

No. 1. Oloth $0 40

2. Roan, embossed, plain edges 60

3. " " gilt " 75

4. Turkey Morocco, extra 2 25

Douay Bible,

24nio. A beautiful pocket edition. In press.

The Manual of the Confraternities,

Containing the Stations of the Cross, and the form of
erecting and blessing them ; the Scapular of the Blessed
Trinity ; the Scapular of the Passion ; the Scapular of
the Immaculate Conception ; the Scapular of the Seven
Dolors ; the Scapular of Mount Carmel, Via Matris, Liv-
ing Rosary, &c, &c. 1 vol., 32 mo, cloth, 45 cents.

The Rosa Mystica;

or, Mary of Nazareth. The Lily of the House of David.

By Marie Josephine.

1 vol., 12mo, extra, cloth, red edges $2 00

" " " ' " gilt edges 3 00

The gifted author of this, while yet a Protestant, and with
no intention of becoming a Catholic, conceived the idea of
giving in poetry the life of the Blessed Virgin ; and after she
had completed it, the present work, " Rosa Mystica," she
formally renounced Protestantism and professed Catholicism —
a striking example of the fact that our holy religion requires
only investigation in order to be adopted. The work is an
unique gem. It possesses much fervent piety, poetical excellency
and originality. Its tender devotional sentiments toward our
Blessed Mother and its literary merits will instruct and please
any one who appreciates the good and the beautiful. — Cin-
cinnati Catholic Telegraph.

Rosa Immaculata,

or, Tower of Ivory in the House of Anna and Joachim.



A Poem by Marie Josephine, author of u Rosa Mystica."
1 vol., 12mo, uniform with Rosa Mystica, $2; gilt
sides and edges, $3.

The Siege of Spoleto.

A Poem by Michael J. A. McCaffery, M. A.

1 vol., 12mo, cloth $0 75

" M superfineed 1 00

This is a poem of very rare merit. The story of the Siege
of Spoleto will always possess historic interest. It is recited in
this charming poem in a manner which happily combines
historic fidelity with poetical grace and vivacity.

Agnes Hilton ;

or, Practical Views of Catholicity, a tale of trials and
triumphs, by Miss Mart J. Hoffman. 1 vol., 12mo,
cloth, $1 50.

This is unquestionably the most charming, and at the same
time the most useful Catholic tale that we have yet had from
the pen of an American writer. It has received high praise
from the secular as well as the Catholic press. Perhaps
no better book could be placed in the hands of a non Catholic
reader in order to give in an attractive manner a broad and
clear view of the teaching and practices of the Church.

Bickerton ;

or, The Immigrant's Daughter. A tale of the times. By
the author of "Harry Layden," <fcc. 1 vol., 12mo, cloth,
60 cts.


This is an excellent story, and well suited to the times. —
Brownsorts Review.

Any work like the Immigrant's Daughter, whose tendency
is to wither or uproot bigotry and intolerance, ought to be
welcomed by every man who loves the country and its institu-
tions, and is animated by the holy principle of Patrick Henry
— " Give me liberty or give me death." — N~. Y. Citizen.

This is an excellent little work of fiction, grounded on the
present aspect of political affairs in this country. It is a true


narrative of the sufferings of many a poor immigrant, and
will be read with interest. — 2f. Y. Irish American.

This is an interesting story, and will be read with great
interest at the present time, as it dips into the Know Noth-
ings in grand style. The book is well gotten up by the pub-
lisher. — Boston Pilot.

Edina and Marguerite,

A tale by the author of the "Orphan of Moscow."
18mo, cloth, gilt back, 60 cents.


It is a highly pleasing story for young persons, illustrative
of the duty, pleasure, and reward of filial devotion, charity,
and friendship. — Philadelphia C. Herald.

A truly edifying and interesting story. — 2ST. T. Truth Teller.

The Young Communicants,

By the author of " Geraldine." 1 vol., 18mo, cloth,
38 cents.

It is unnecessary to point out the merits of a book written
by the author of "Geraldine." It may not, however, be out
of place to say that Father Joslin especially recommends it as
a most instructive and interesting book, in a note in that ex-
cellent prayer book, the Star of Bethlehem.

Legends of the Blessed Virgin,

Translated from the French of Colin de Plancy, and pub-
lished with the approbations of the Archbishop of Paris
and his Eminence Cardinal Wiseman.

1 vol., 12mo, cloth * $0 90

" " " gilt edges 1 50

These legends have a world wide celebrity.

Filial and Fraternal Piety

By Brother Philippe, Superior-General of the Brothers
of the Christian Schools. Translated from the French by
Christine Farville.

1 vol., 18mo, cloth 60 cents.

" " gilt edges 90 "


This book contains over one hundred remarkable and well
authenticated examples of the blessings that attend filial duty,
and of the awful retribution which has followed contempt or
neglect of this sacred duty. Each of these examples is an
interesting, sometimes a delightful oe a thrilling narra-


These remarkable narratives are presented under the fol .
lowing heads :

I. Love for Parents.
II. Kespect for Parents.

III. Bearing with the Faults of our Parents.

IV. Respect due to Old Age.
V. Obedience to Parents.

VI. Bodily Assistance due to Parents.

VII. Spiritual Assistance due to Parents.
VIII. Concord between Brothers and Sisters.

The Children of the Patriarchs ;

or, The Six Hundred Thousand Combatants Conquering the
Promised Land. By Brother Philippe, Superior-General
of the Christian Brothers, author of " Examples of Filial
and Fraternal Piety," &c.

1 vol., 18mo, cloth $0 75

" " " gilt edges 1 00

In this beautiful volume, all the more striking incidents of
the Old Testament are presented in a manner admirably suited
for young persons. It fills a void that has been long felt in
our religious literature for the young.

The Sheaf.

By M. Alfred des Essabts. Translated from the French
by Christine Farville.

1 vol., 18mo, cloth $0 90

" M « gilt edges 1 20


As we deliver up to the public the simple narratives that
form this volume, we think it well to explain both its title and
its aim. There are all kinds of sheaves : sheaves of flowers in
spring, sheaves of corn in summer. As provident people, let
us make for the long evenings of the latter end of autumn, for
those long nights that claim moral amusement, our sheaf of


Morality has also its flowers, it nourishes like the corn, and
the nutrition it gives to the soul should be well chosen. On
this head we hope to have attained the aim, and we trust that
there will not be found in our sheaf one single sterile shoot
that cautious censure would wish to cut off.

May Templeton,

A Tale of Faith and Love. By the author of " Tyborne,
and Who Went Thither," <kc, <fec.

1 vol., 12mo, cloth, plain $1 50

" u gilt edges 2 00

This is perhaps the most elegantly written work in the
whole range of Catholic fiction. It exhibits, on the part of its
distinguished author, a rare union of genius and common
sense, with a very remarkable knowledge of the motives
which prompt and influence human action.


A Tale. Translated from the French.

1 vol., 12mo, cloth $1 25

" " gilt edges 1 75

This is a tale of great pathos and brilliancy. It excited a
remarkable degree of interest in France, and no doubt will bo
no less welcome to American readers.

Charming Stories for the Young,

In beautiful bindings, suitable for premiums, and at very
low prices.

Sebastian's One Thousand Feancs. — Beautifully
bound in enameled paper, with bronze lettering.

18mo $0 12

Heneietta. — A true story, beautifully bound in ena-
meled paper, with bronze lettering.

18mo 12

Geetohen ; or, The Chapel of Winkelried. — Enameled

paper cover, with bronze lettering 12

The Faiby's Well.— Enameled paper cover, with

bronze lettering 12


The Seceet of Riches. — A Tale of the last Century.

Enameled paper cover, with bronze lettering $0 12

The Saukkmonde. — Tradition of the Black Mountain.

Enameled paper cover, with bronze lettering 12

Coenelio; or, the False Vocation. — Enameled paper

cover, with bronze lettering 12

Valentine, the Successful Student. — Enameled

paper cover, with bronze lettering 12

Adventuees and Misfoetunes of a Saxon School-


An Episode of the Kussian Campaign 15

The same, beautifully bound, in six vols., cloth,
viz: —

Sebastian and Faiey's "Well. — 1 vol., 18mo, cloth.. 30

Heneietta and Gteetchen. — 1 vol., 18mo, cloth 30

Seceet of Kiches and Saueemonde. — 1 vol., 18mo,

cloth 30

Coenelio and Valentine. — 1 vol., 18mo, cloth 30

The Saxon Schoolmastee. " " " 30

The Campaign in Russia. " " " 30



The Manual of the Immaculate Conception.

A collection of prayers for general use, including ttie
most approved devotions to the Blessed Mother of God,
selected from authentic sources, with the approbation of
the Most Rev. J. McCloskey, D. D., Archbishop of New-
York. Copiously illustrated with, fine steel engravings.

It contains 1220 pages, 18mo, printed on fine white paper,
and is the most Complete, Compeehensive, Useful, and Ele-
gant Peateb Book now in use.



No. it Roan, embossed, 1 plate $1 50

2. " " gilt center and edges, 1 plate 2 00

3. " " " " " clasp, 1 plate 2 50

4. " full gilt sides and edges, 2 plates 2 50

5. " " " " u clasp, 2 plates 3 00

6. Turkey morocco, extra, 7 plates 3 50

7. " " u " H and clasp 4 00

8. " " u " " beveled 4 00

9. " <* " W "and clasp 4 50

10. " " " M "paneled... 5 00

11. " " «' " "and clasp 6 00

12. " " block paneled and tooled edges 7 00

13. " " " " and clasp 6 00

In various styles of velvet bindings, from $8 to $20 each.

It had been for a long time the design of the publisher to
publish a Prayer Book dedicated to the Patroness of America,
and placed under her benign protection, under the title of her
Immaculate Conception. It is now his privilege to have ful-
filled this design. He devoutly trusts that the Manual op
the Immaculate Conception will not be found unworthy
of the high auspices under which it is offered to the Catholics
of America. As a general Prayer Book, it will recommend
itself to popular use by its completeness, accueaoy, and
beauty. But besides containing those devotions generally
sought for in a Prayer Book, it contains, also, in a well-
arranged -manner, nearly all those beautiful prayers to the
Holy Mother of God, upon which the Church has put the
sacred stamp of her approbation.


The Freeman's Journal says of it : " It is a general Manual
of Devotions, and comprises many and well-selected medita-
tions and instructions. Those pious enough to use large
prayer books and many devotions will be well satisfied with
it. It really strikes us as a meritorious and excellent prayer

The Cincinnati Catholic Telegraph says : " The ' Manual of
the Immaculate Conception,' published by P. O'Shea, New
York, and approved by the Most Rev. J. McCloskey, D. D.
This is one of the most complete manuals of devotion that we
have seen. Besides a large collection of the most beautiful
prayers for general use, the Epistles and Gospels for every
Sunday and holiday in the year, it contains all the most ap-


proved devotions to our Blessed Mother, under the auspices of
the Immaculate Conception of whom it has been published.
The amount of matter it contains, all approved by the Most
Eev. Archbishop of New York, may be judged from the fact
that there are 1,114 pages in it. It is well printed, and taste-
fully illustrated, on good paper, and most beautifully bound in
fine morocco."

The St. Louis Guardian says : " Mr. O'Shea, the publisher
of New York, has rendered a lasting service to the Catholic
community, by issuing the above excellent book of Devotion.
It combines, with the ordinary prayer book, a manual of spe-
cial devotions to the Blessed Virgin, with suitable prayers for
Novenas, offices of the Scapular, Epistles, Gospels, &c, for the

The Metropolitan Record says : " The fullest and most beau-
tiful manual of prayer ever issued by a New York publisher.
In its pages will be found the devotional exercises to which
the mind instinctively turns in joy or sorrow, in sickness or
suffering, as well as the public offices of the Church for peni-
tential seasons, high festival times, or ordinary occasions ;
novenas and litanies ; and every approved form of private or
associated prayer. In addition, the ' Manual of the Immacu-
late Conception' is profusely illustrated, clearly printed, and
handsomely bound."

The Manual of the Immaculate Conception contains,
besides the usual devotions to be found in large prayer books —

Novenas for the principal Feasts of the Blessed Virgin.

Novena to Saint Joseph.

Vespers for the Festivals of the Blessed Virgin.

Chaplet of Twelve Stars.

Chaplet of Seven Dolors.

Forty Ave Marias.

Little Office of the Blessed Virgin, in Latin and English.

Office of the Immaculate Conception.

A great number of Indulgenced Devotions to the Blessed

Mass of the Sacred Heart.

Devotions to the Sacred Heart.

Mass for the Dead.

Epistles and Gospels for the Sundays and Festivals through-
out the year, &c, &c, &c.

The Star of Bethlehem

A new and complete Prayer Book, containing — besides the
ordinary devotions to be found in other Prayer Books —



the Epistles and Gospels for all the Sundays and Holidays
of the year ; the complete Vespers for Sundays and Festi-
vals, with the appropriate Music for each Psalm. Com-
piled by the Rev. Titus Joslin. With the approbation of
the Most Rev. J. Hughes, D. D., Archbishop of New
York. Printed on fine white paper, and beautifully illus-
trated with fine steel engravings. 18mo, 810 pp.

"No. 1. Roan, embossed, plain edges. 1 steel engraving. $125

2. " " gilt edges. 2 " engravings. 1 75

3. " " " u and clasp. 2 steel eng's 2 00

4. " Imitation mor., gilt sides, and edges 2 00

5. " " " and clasps 2 25

6. Turkey morocco, extra, 6 steel engravings 3 50

7. " " " and clasps, 6 steel eng's 4 00

8. " " beveled edges. " " . . 4 00

9. " " " and clasps. " " . . 4 50

10. " " paneled 5 00

11. " " * and clasps 5 50

12. " " velvet, and clasps 7 00

13. " " u rims and clasps 9 00

14. " " " full ornaments 10 00

15. " " " extra ornaments

The Star of Bethlehem.

24mo, edition.

No. 16. Roan, embossed, plain edges. 1 plate $0 75

17. " plain edges, gilt sides. u 1 00

18. " gilt edges and center. 2 plates 1 25

19. " " " and clasps. " 1 50

20. " imitation mor., gilt edges. " 1 50

21. " " " and clasps. " 1 75

22. Turkey morocco. 6 steel engravings 3 00

23. " u and clasps. 2 plates 3 50

24. u " beveled 3 50

25. " " " and clasps 4 00

26. " " " paneled 4 00

27. " " and clasps 4 50

28. " " velvet corners, and clasps ...... 6 00

29. u " u rims 6 75

30. u " full ornaments 8 00

31. " " extra ornaments, from.... $10 to 20 00



It compares favorably with any Prayer Book published in
America. — i\T. Y. Freeman's Journal.

This manual reflects great credit on both the compiler and
publisher. It contains over 800 pages of the best selected
matter ever put into a Prayer Book, while the paper, printing,
and binding are in character with the contents. — N. Y. Tablet.

This is a Prayer Book of the largest class, but the cheapest
in price, just issued. We observe that those litanies which
have been noticed by the most learned of our theologians have
been entirely omitted. This feature will certainly commend
it, and we speak for it a liberal share of patronage. — Balti-
more Catholic Mirror.

From our own experience, we can say there is hardly any
work so hard to find as a Pbatee Book, containing the vari-
ous devotional aids which a Christian requires in daily life.
The Star of Bethlehem is most satisfactory in this respect.
All the principal services of the Church, all the ordinary ne-
cessities of the Christian, are copiously provided for. The
prayers at Mass, as well as the preparation for confession and
communion, are especially full. The Vespers also form a note-
worthy feature of this volume. It includes the proper psalms
for every feast in the year, accompanied by its appropriate bar
of music, placed neatly and conspicuously over the psalms. In
short, The Stae of Bethlehem is a prayer book that can be
relied upon. It is printed beautifully, carefully, and attract-
ively, is illustrated with well-executed and appropriate steel
engravings, and is substantially bound in a variety of styles, to
suit the means of every Catholic. — JST. Y. Truth Teller.

This very excellent compilation includes the gospels and
epistles for the year, and various offices, special devotions, and
masses, in addition to the usual contents. The book is well
printed in large clean type, and will be found a useful compan-
ion and guide to the holy temple. — Philadelphia Catholic

We observe throughout this manual many useful notes and
remarks, proofs of the Rev. Father Joslin's zeal for the
interest and welfare of the people intrusted to his care. —
Baltimore Metropolitan Magazine.

The Paradise of the Christian Soul.

Delightful for its choicest pleasures of piety of every
kind. By James Merlo Horstius, of the Church of


the Blessed Virgin Mary, in pasculo pastoris, at Cologne.
A new and complete translation, by lawful authority.
18 mo, 1083 pages.

The Paradise of the Christian Sotjl, to which access
hitherto was only had in the Latin language, is the most com-
plete manual of Catholic devotion, meditation, and instruction,
ever published. It contains nearly eleven hundred pages of
closely but beautifully printed matter, remarkable for its sweet
and fervid piety, and its choice and useful instruction. It is,
beyond all other books, a Family Pbatee Book, and a copy
of it should be in every Catholic family.

No. 1. Cloth, plain $1 25

2. Eoan, embossed, plain edges. 1 steel engraving. 1 50

3. u " gilt edges. 2 " engravings. 2 00

4. American morocco, gilt sides and edges, 4 steel

engravings 2 25

5. American morocco, gilt sides and edges, and

clasp. 4 steel engravings 2 50

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