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'A bare Pedigree may be a poor thing,
and n few dirty Acres may be n mean thing,
bin shall .1 Man respect his forefathers
th- less because they have been linked together f ji ases


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CS Finley, Reginald Mainwaring, 186S-

71 T. A short history of the Mainwaring family, by K

IK227 Mainwaring Finlev "... London; G. F. Okcden & Welsl

1090 [1800,

91, [2i p. inc.1. front, (coat of arms) pi. 20 cm .
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^ 1. Mainwaring family. , ■*J~f£itTC7-


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- ;



the noblest Cestrian Shore

Of our giv-at English bloods as careful here of yore
As Cambria of her Brute's now is or could be then,
For which our proverbs call her Cheshire Chief of men.
And of our Counties place of Palatine doth hold,
And thereto hath her high regalities enrolled ;
Besides in many fields since conquering William came,
Her people she hath proved to her eternal fame ;
All children of her own the leader and the led,
The mightiest men of bone in her full bosom bred.


Some years ago it struck me as being curious
that so little had been written about the Main-
waring family, assuredly one of the most
ancient in England. Accordingly, for some
time past, I have gathered together scraps of
information here and there, which, through the
kindness of subscribers, I am now enabled to
publish in book form. I must also acknow-
ledge that I have taken many facts and the
chief points of the pedigree from standard
books of reference, such as the works of Sir
Bernard Burke, Miss Strickland, Ormerod,
Betham, and many others ; and I trust that,
although there must be many faults and in-
accuracies in this little book, yet, if I have been
able to supply what I think has been a long-
felt want among the members of the family,
these may be overlooked and forgiven.

i o Preface.

I can only regret that my professional duties
have not allowed me sufficient time to work out
a more detailed and extensive history than I
have done.

In conclusion, I must again thank those who
have so kindly assisted me in publication, and
also my cousin, Mr. Reginald W. Robinson, for
revising the proofs, and acting as treasurer.

R. Mainwaring Finley.


215/ April, 1890.



Introduction ' l

The Royal Descent l S

The Mainwarings of Over Peover . . . 27


The Mainwarings of Whitmore 4 1

The Mainwarings op Oteley Park and Gallt-


The Connection with the Wroughtons and Hoys;
theAgnews; the Hall Stephensons and [vents ;
Tin: Campbells ; the Melviixs, Finllys, and
Moili.ilts ; the Blinds, Barnes's, Kelks, and
Wigans; the Russells and Robinsons; the
w athens and moodys j the parker jervises ;
the Pollys and Williamses .... 57

Historical Scraps 77


WHEN William of Normandy landed on
English soil, there were among his companions
in arms two Normans of the name of Warren.
One of these was William de Warren, after-
wards created the first Earl of Warren and
Surrey ; and the other was Ranulphus de
Mesnil Warm, from both of whom the present
family of Mainwaring can trace their descent.
Ranulphus de Mesnil Warin signifies in English
Ranulphus of the Manor of Warin. Now,
douhi less, these two companions in arms of
William the Conqueror were brothers, as both
their names signify that they came from some
place in Normandy ol the name of Warren,
although this spot cannot now be traced. This
theory, it is believed, has never been suggested
before ; but very possibly it was so, especially
as the historian Ordericus Vitalis mentions that

14 Introduction.

Wiiliam de Warren is supposed to have had a
.brother named Ralph, or Ranulphus. An
objection can at first be raised that the two
names are spelt differently ; but when you
consider the changes that have come to pass
in the spelling of names, as, for instance, the
fact that the name of Mainwaring alone has
been spelt, according- to Lower, in no less than
131 forms, surely this objection does not carry
much weight.* Of course, at tins distance of
time, points such as these can never be ascer-
tained with any degree of certainty, but may
be taken for granted, unless the contrary is

As to who was the father of these two
Warrens no record can be found, but if they
were brothers, as is suggested, their common
ancestor is believed to have come from Belleu-
combrc, near St. Saens. It is proposed first to
trace the line of descent from William de
Warren, married to Gundred, who, we will

* The name, to save trouble and confusion, lias been
spelt throughout this book in its usual form of Main-

Introduction. 1 5

assume, was the youngest daughter of William
the Conqueror, although much has been said and
written to prove that she was the daughter of
Matilda, the wife of William T., by a former
husband. In spite of all this, however, there is
much to be said in support of our assumption,
and therefore we will begin with the Royal





William of Normandy was bom at
Falaise, m IO25, was crowned King of England
on Christmas day, 1066, died 9th September,
1087, at Hermentrude, a suburb of Rouen, and
was buried in St. Stephen's Church, at Caen.
Tie married, in 1053, Maud, daughter of Bald-
win V., Count of Flanders, who was fifth in
descent from Ethelwida, daughter of Alfred the
Great, and tenth in descent from Charlemagne,
and she died 2nd November, 1083. Among


1 8 The Mainwarinz Family.

their children were Henry I. of England, and
Gundred. Tlie^e were the ancestors of two
separate lines of descent, which joined again in
the fourteenth century, so we will begin with
that of Henry I.

Henry ]., King of England, was born at
Sclby, in Yorkshire, in 1070; died 1st Decem-
ber, 1135, and was buried in Reading Abbey.
He married, first, on nth November, Moo,
Maud, daughter of Malcolm III. (Canmore),
King of Scotland, by Margaret, his queen,
sister and heiress of Edgar Atheling, heir to
the Saxon kings of England.

The second wife of Henry I. was Adelicia of
Louvain, married on the 2nd February, ri2i.
By Maud he had a daughter, also named Maud,
who was born in 1104, and died 10th Septem-
ber, 1 167. This Maud (the Empress Maud, as
she afterwards became) married, first, in 1114,
Henry V., Emperor of German}', who died
without issue on the 23rd May, 1125 ; and,
secondly, on the 2nd April, 1127, Geoffrey
Plantagenet, Ear! of Aftjou, who died on the
7th September, 1150. By this second husband,

7'hc Royal Descent. 19

the Empress Maud had a sou, afterwards Henry
II. of England, who was born in 1 133, died 6th
July, 1 1 89, and was buried at Fontevraud.
Henry II. married, in 1 1 5 r , Eleanor, eldest
daughter and co-heiress of William V., Duke of
Aquitaine. She died 26th June, 1202, and was
buried at Fontevraud. Henry II. and Eleanor
had a son, John, afterwards King of England,
who was born 24th December, 1166, died 19th
October, 12 16, and was buried in Worcester
Cathedral. John of England married twice :
first, Isabel, daughter and heiress of William,
Earl oi Gloucester, who was divorced from her
on the ground of consanguinity, and, secondly,
Isabella, daughter of Aymer Taillefer, Earl oi
Angoulesme. She died in 1246, and was buried
at Fontevraud, John and Isabella had a son,
Henry, who also was afterwards King of Eng-
land as Henry III. He was born 10th October,
1206, died 1 6th November, 1272, and was
buried in Westminster Abbey. Henry III. of
England married, on the 14th June, 1236,
Eleanor, second daughter and co-heiress of Ray-
mond Berenger, Count of Provence. After her

C 2

2o T/ie Mainwaring Family.

husband's death, Eleanor took the veil, and
died a nun, at Ambresbury, in Wiltshire, on
the 24th June, 1291. The second son of
Henry III. and Eleanor was Edmund Plan-
tagenet, afterwards Earl of Lancaster, who
married, first, in 1269, Avelina, daughter and
heiress of William de Eortibus, Earl of
Albemarle ; and, second!)-, Blanche, Queen
Dowager of Navarre, daughter of Robert,
Count of Artois. Avelina died without issue,
but by Blanche Edmund had children, his
second son being Henry Plantagenet, who
succeeded his father as Earl of Lancaster,
and died in 1345. This Henry married Maud,
daughter and heiress of Sir Patrick Chaworth,
Knight, and by her had issue, his third
daughter being Eleanor Plantagenet, after-
wards Lady Eleanor Plantagenet, who died
nth January, 1372, and was buried at Lewes.
She married, first, John, Lord Beaumont, and,
secondly, Richard Fitzalan, Earl of Arundel,
who was born in 1306, died 24th January, 1375,
and was buried at Lewes. By this second
marriage the two lines of descent from Henry I.

The Royal Descent. 21

and Gundred were united, so let us now trace
that of Gundred.

Gundred, the supposed youngest daughter of
William the Conqueror, died in 1085, and was
buried at Lewes Priory. She married William
<le Warren, first Earl of Warren and Surrey,
who died on the 24th June, 1088, and was like-
wise buried in Lewes Priory. They had a son,
William, later the second Earl of Warren and
Surrey, who died nth May, 11 38, and was
buried in the Chapter House at Lewes. This
second Earl married Elizabeth, the third
daughter of Hugh, the great Earl of Verman-
dois, and widow of Robert de Pcaumont, Earl
of Leicester. She died [3th February, 1131.
Of this marriage was born another William,
who became the third Earl of Warren and
Surrey, and was killed in a crusade by the
Turks, 1 148. He married Aia, daughter of
William Talvace, Earl of Ponthieu, who was
the son of Robert, Earl of Belesme. The only
child of William, the third earl, and Ala,
was Isabella, who died 13th Jul)-, 1199, was
buried at Lewes, and had two husbands ; the

The Main-waring Family.

first being William de Blois, the fourth Karl of
Warren and Surrey, jure uxoris, who died
without issue in 1 1 59, and was buried at
Toulouse ; and the second being" Hameline
Plantagenet, the fifth Earl of Warren and
Surrey, also jure axon's, who was a natural
son of Geoffrey Plantagenet, and died in 1201.
By this second husband Isabella had issue
William Plantagenet. the Earldom of Warren
and Surrey thus passing into the family of
Plantagenet, this William being the sixth earl.
He died in June, 1239, and was buried in
Lewes Church. This sixth carl married twice :
first, Maud, daughter of William D'AIbini,
Earl of Arundel, which Maud died without:
issue on the 6th February, 12 15 ; secondly,
Maud, eldest daughter of William Marshall,
Earl of Pembroke, and widow of Hugh Bigod
Earl of Norfolk. She died 31st March, 1236,
and was buried in Tiritern Abbey. By his
second wife the sixth carl had issue John
Plantagenet, seventh Earl of Warren and
Surrey, who died 27th September, 1304, at
Kennington. The seventh earl married, in

77/ c Royal Descent.

1247, Alice, daughter of Hugh Le Brun, Earl
of the Marshes of Aquitaine, and sister, on
her mother's side, to Henry III. She died
9th February, 1290, and was buried at Lewes.
The issue of this marriage were William Warren
who married Joan, daughter of Robert de Vere,
Earl of Oxford, and Alice. This William
died in a tournament at Croydon, on the 1 5th
December, 1286, and was buried at Lewes ;
his widow dying in 1293, and being also buried
at Lewes. They had a son, John Plantagenet,
the last Earl of Warren and Surrey, who died
without issue in 1347, and the estates then
went to the Lady Alice, sister of the seventh
earl, who married, in 1305, Edmund Fitzalan,
twelfth Earl of Arundel, and thus the Earldom
of Warren and Surrey became extinct. This
Earl of Arundel was born on the 1st May,
1285, and was beheaded at Hereford on
the 17th November, 1326. By his marriage
with the Lady Alice he had a son, the
Richard Fitzalan, Earl of Arundel, above re-
ferred to as having married the Lady Eleanor

The Mainwaring Family

The two descents from Henry I. and Gundred
being thus joined, the issue of the marriage of
Lady Eleanor Plantagenet with the Earl oX
Arundel was (amongst others) Mary Fitzalan,
who died before her father. She married
John, Lord Strange of Blackmere, and of this
marriage was born Ankaret Le Strange, who
married Sir Richard Talbot of Goodrich.
Herefordshire, who was summoned to Parlia-
ment as Lord Talbot, and died in 1396. Among
their children were the great Earl of Shrews-
bury and Mary Talbot, second daughter, who
died 13th April, 1433, and was buried at
Norton, and married Sir Thomas Greene,
Knight, of Greene's Norton, Northamptonshire,
who died 14th December, 1417, and was
buried at Norton. They had a son Thomas,
afterwards Sir Thomas Greene, Knight, who
died in 1457, and was buried at Norton. He
married Philippa, daughter of Robert, fourth
Lord FerrerSj of Chartley, Staffordshire, by
Elizabeth, daughter of Edward Baron de Spen-
cer. Philippa Greene was buried at Norton.
Of this marriage was born Thomas, also after-

TJic Royal Descent . 25

wards Sir Thomas Greene, Knight, of Greene's
Norton, who died Qlh September, 1462, and
was buried at Norton. This Sir Thomas mar-
ried Matilda, daughter of Sir John Throck-
morton, by Eleanor, daughter and co-heiress of
Sir Guy de la Spire, of Coughton, Warwickshire.
Matilda Greene lies buried at Norton. The son
of Sir Thomas and Matilda was another
Thomas, also afterwards Sir Thomas Greene,
Knight, of Greene's Norton, who married Jane,
daughter of Sir John Fogg, Knight, of Repton,
Kent, and died 9th November, 1506. Their
daughter and co-heiress was Anne Greene, who
married Sir Nicholas Vaux, who was knighted
for his gallantry at the Battle of Stoke by
Henry VII., and on 27th April, 1523, was
created Baron Vaux of Harrowden. He died
14th May, 1525. Sir Nicholas and Anne Vaux
had a son Thomas, afterwards second Lord
Vaux of Harrowden, who married Elizabeth,
daughter and heiress of Sir Thomas Gheney,
Knight, ol Istlinburg, Northamptonshire, and
died in 1562. Of this marriage was born, in
1542, the Honorable Anne Vaux, who died 7th

2 6 The Mainwaring Family.

May, 1619. Ilcr husband was Reginald Bray,
Esq., of Stene and Hinton, Northamptonshire,
son of Reginald Bray, Esq., of Barrington,
Gloucestershire.. He was born in 1530, and
died 28th October, 1583. The fourth daughter
and co-heiress cf Reginald and Anne Bray
was Temperance, who was born in 1577, died
25th October, 1619, and married Sir Thomas
Crew of Stene, jure itxoris, who was born in
1565. and died 1st February, 1633. They had
a son John, who was born in 1 59S, was
created Lord Crew of Stene on the 20th
April, 1661, and died 12th December, 1679.
He married in October, 1(348, Jemima, daughter
and co-heiress of Edward Walgrave, Esq., of
Lawford, Essex. She was born in 1596, and
died 14th October, 1675. Lord John Crew
and Jemima had a daughter, the Honorable
Anne Crew, who married twice : first, Sir
Henry Wright, Bart., of Dagenham, and
second, Edmund Pye, M.D., of Earringdon,
Berkshire. By her second husband, the second
daughter of the Honorable Anne Crew was
Jemima, who married Edward Mainwaring, of

The Royal Descent.

VVhitmore, Staffordshire, Esq., born in 1681 {see
Chapter III.).

We will proceed in the next chapter to trace
the Mainwaring genealogy, properly so called,
that is to say, the descent through the Com-




RANULPHUS df. Mesnil WARIN was one
of the thirty-two persons to whom William
the Conqueror gave the most part of Cheshire,
and had given him for his share fifteen lordships
there, among; which was Peine, now Over Peover,
for many generations the seat of the family. lie
had a son Richard, who had issue Roger. Roger
de Mesnil \\ arm had three sons, William,
Wido and Randle. William, the son and heir,
had issue Roger, son, Raufe Maimvaring,
was afterwards knighted. Sir Raufe Maimvar-
ing married Arriieia, daughter of Hugh. Kyve-
iiock, Earl of Chester. Roger Maimvaring of
Warmincham was son of Sir Raufe, and
William A I ainwaring was son of Roger. This
William had Over Peover given him by his

30 The Maimvaring Family.

father, and was the first of the family who
settled there. His children were William
(who married and had a son William, see below),
Thomas (who married and had a son Warin),
Benedict, Guy, and Roger, whose son William
married Margaret, daughter of Roger Toft, Esq.,
of Toft. William Main waring, tcmpus 1286,
son and heir of William, had issue Roger,
William whose daughter Ellen married Adam
Glasebrook, Esq., Reginald and Maud. Roger,
son and heir, married Christian de Birtles, who
was afterwards again married twice : first being
the wife of John de Byrun, and lastly, in 1334,
of Robert de Varnon. Roger and Christian
had two children, William, and Joan wife of
Robert de Fallybrome. William Mainwaring,
. - on and heir, married Mary, daughter of Henry
Davenport, Esq., in 1325, and died about 1338,
having had issue William, Roger, Margery, and
Milicent, all living 1334. William Mainwaring,
son and heir, married twice : first, Joan, daughter
and co-heiress of William Praers, Esq., of Bad-
diley, near Nantwich, by whom he had issue
William, and, second, Elizabeth (who was living

The Mainwarings of Over 'Peover. 3 1

in 1405), daughter of Nicholas Leycester, Esq.,
and sister of John Leycester, Esq., of Nether
Table)', by whom lie had issue John, Randle,
Thomas, A inn, and Richard ; also three
daughters, Emma, wife of Richard Winnington,
Esq., son and heir of Sir Richard Winnington,
Ellen, wife of Raufe, son of Richard Vernon,
Esq., oi Shilbrook, in Cheshire, and Joan, wife
of William Leigh, Esq., of Baggiley.

This William Mainwaring died in 1^64, and
was succeeded by his son Randle, the two elder
sons, William and John, having died previously,
in 1399 and 1410 respectively, without issue,
although the former married twice: first, in
1566, Catherine, daughter of John Belgrave,
Esq., of Belgravej Cheshire, and second, de-
mentia Cotton, and the latter once, viz.. in 1300,
Margaret, widow of Sir John Warren, of Pointon,
Cheshire. Randle Maihwarirfg then married, in
1393, Margery, widow- of Richard Buckley, Esq.,
of Chediii, in Cheshire, and daughter of Hugh
Venablesj Baron of Kindertori, by whom he
had issue John, William, Randle, Elizabeth
wife of Raufe Egerton, Esq., of Wrynehill,

32 The Main waring Family.

Staffordshire, Cicely wife of Thomas Fowle-
hurst, Esq., of Crew in Cheshire, Joan who
married in 1411 John Davenport Esq., son and
heir of Raufe Davenport Esq., of Davenport
in Cheshire, Ellen wife cf Thomas Fitton Esq.,
of Gawseworth in Cheshire, Agnes betrothed
to William son of Sir John Bromley of Bad-
dington in Cheshire but she died unmarried,
and Margaret wife o{ the said William Brom-
ley Esq. in 1426 she afterwards marrying Sir
John Nedham, of Cranach, Justiciarius de Banco
and Judge of Chester in J 462.

This Rahdle died in 1456, was buried at
Peover, and was succeeded by his son John,
aftei wards knighted. Sir John, who died about
1483, married twice: first, Margaret, daughter
of John Delves, Esq., the elder, of Dodington,
in Cheshire, in 141 1, and had issue William,
Elizabeth who married Piers Warburton Esq.
son and heir of Sir Geffery de Warburton Lord
of Arlcy in 1436, and Margaret, who married
Hamnet, son and heir of John Ashley, Esq., of
Ashley, in Bodcn Parish, in 1452 and, second,
Joan, daughter of John Warren, Esq., of Pointon,

The Mainwarings. of Over Peover. 33

in 1455, by whom he had no issue. William,
son and heir of Sir John, married Ellen, daughter
of Sir John Butler, and sister of John Butler,
Esq., of Bewsey, near Warrington, Lancashire,
in 1443, and had issue John, who succeeded
him. John married Maud, daughter of Robert
Legh, Esq., of Adlington, and had issue John,
Robert, Maud married in 1490 to Thomas
Starkey, Esq., of Wrenbury in Cheshire, and
Joan married in 15 12, to Sir Thomas Ashton,
of Ashton-super-Mersey. This John died 8th
July, 1495. John, his son and heir, was born in
1470, knighted in France in 15 13, and died in
- 15 1 5. tie married Catherine, sister of William
Honford, Esq., of Honford, in Cheshire, and had
issue Randle his successor, Edmond, John, and
Piers, all three of whom died without issue,
if/ Philip, Edward (whose descendant, as shown in
the next chapter, married Jemima Fye, thus
linking the Royal and Commoner descents),
Robert, Thomas, George, Henry, Margaret, and
Catherine who, in 1 5 2 1 , married William, son
of Humphrey Newton, Esq., of Pownall. Her
mothcr died in 1529. Sir John was succeeded


34 The Mainiuaring Family.

by Randle, afterwards knighted, who married
Elizabeth, daughter of Sir Randle Brereton, of
Malpas, and widow of Richard Cholmondeiey,
Esq., of Cholmondeiey, in Cheshire. By her
he had issue Margaret wife of Sir Arthur Main-
waring, of Ightheld, in Shropshire, Elizabeth
wife of, first, Peter Shakerley, Esq., of Holm,
in Allostock, in Cheshire, and afterwards, second,
in I 561, Christopher Holford, Esq., of Holford,
and Catherine, who married in 1560, John
Davenport, Esq., of Henbury, in Cheshire. Sir
Randle married, secondly, in 1551, Elizabeth,
daughter of Sir Raufe Leycester, of Toft,
but had no issue by her, and died 6th
September, 1557. Elizabeth, his widow, after-
wards married Sir Ed mono Trafford, of Traf-
ford, near Manchester.

Sir Randle was succeeded by his brother
Fhilip, who married Anne, daughter of Sir
Raufe Leycester, of Toft, and had issue Randle
his successor, Edmund, and Elizabeth, who died
without issue. Philip died on the nth April,
1573, and was buried at Peover. Randle, his
son and heir, afterwards knighted, married twice.


The Mainivarings of Over Peover. 35

first, in 1567, Margaret, daughter of Sir Edward
Fitton, of Gawseworth, in Cheshire, and had
issue Randle, his successor, Edmund, Thomas,
Edward, John, Arthur, Philip, who died 2nd
August, 1661, in London, unmarried ; Anne, who
married Lawrence Smith, Esq., son and heir of
Sir Thomas Smith, of Hough, in Widdenbury
Parish, Cheshire, at Great Budworth, on 31st
August, 1 591 ; Catherine, wife of Sir Edward
Stanley, of Biekerstaff, in Lancashire, Bart,
ancestor to the present Earl of Derby ; Eliza-
beth, who married Peter Leycester, Esq., of
Nether Tabley, in Cheshire, in 1611, and Elea-
nor, who died unmarried. Sir Randle died on
27th May, 1612, having married, secondly, Cathe-
rine, the widow of William Brereton, Esq., of
Honford, in Cheshire, and daughter of Roger
Hirleston, Esq., of Chester, by whom he had
no issue. Randle, son and heir, afterwards
knighted, married Jane, daughter of Sir Thomas
Smith, of Hough, by whom he had issue Philip,
his successor ; George of Marthall, living 1666,
who married Elizabeth, daughter of Robert
Tatton, Esq., of Wettenshaw, and relict of John

D 2

The Maitiwaring Family

Lathom, Esq., of Winslow, in Cheshire ; Marga-
ret, who died in infancy ; Elizabeth, who married
twice: first, Robert Ravenscroft, Esq., of Bretton,
in Harden Parish, beyond Chester, and had
many children ; secondly, Sir Francis Gamull.of
Chester, Knight, and by him had no issue. She
survived both her husbands, and dying at Ches-
ter, 13th August, 1661, was buried at Harden-

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