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Anne, third daughter of Sir Randle Mainwaring,
Knight, married Robert Brierwood, Esq., of
Chester, Counsellor at Law, afterwards Sir
Robert Brierwood, being knighted in 1643, and
Judge of three shires in Wales ; and Margaret,
youngest daughter, married Henry Birkenhed,
Esq., son and heir of Henry Birkenhed, Esq.,
Protho Notary of Chester, of Backford, near
Chester, and died at Chester 25th July, 1661,
her children all dying young.

Philip, son and heir, married Ellen, daughter
of Edward Minshull, Esq., of Stoke, near Nant-
wich, in 1 622, and had issue, Randle, who died
without issue ; Philip, who died an infant ;
Thomas, his successor, Edmond, who died
before baptism ; George, and another Philip,

The Mainwarivgs of Over Pcozrr. 37

who died infants ; Edward, living 1666, who
married Frances, daughter of Peter Holbroke,
Esq., of Newbrooke, in Cheshire; and Jane, who
died an infant. This Philip died, 10th Decem-
ber 1647, and Ellen, his widow, died in 1656.

Thomas, third son and heir, was the first
baronet of the family, and married Mary,
daughter of Sir Henry Delves, of Dodington,
Bart., on 26th May, 1642, by whom he had
issue six sons and six daughters, who all died
unmarried, except Sir John, his successor,
Elizabeth, wife of Peter, son and heir of Sir
Peter Shackerley, of Shackerley, and Hulme,
Knight, who died without issue, and Anne, wife
of Robert Alport, Esq., of Overton, and had
issue one daughter, Jane, who married John
Lacon, Esq., of West Copies, in Salop. Sir
Thomas died 2«Sth June, 1689, his wife having
died, 1st March, 1670, and they both lie buried
at Over Peover.

He was succeeded by his son, Sir John Main-
waring, Bart.j who, on the 26th September,
1676, married Elizabeth, eldest daughter of
Roger Whitley, of Peel, in Cheshire, and by

3$ Tlir Mainwaring Family.

her had issue several sons and daughters, of
whom Roger, the second, married Elizabeth,
daughter and heiress of John Middle-ton, Esq.,
of Shepton, in Yorkshire, and died without
issue in 1707. I lis wife afterwards married
James Lister, Esq. Sir John died on the
4th November, 1702, and his widow on the 7th
November, 1719, and both lie buried at Peover.
Sir Thomas Mainwaring, Bart., eldest son
of Sir John, was born at Peel, on 7th August,
1681, and on 20th March, 1724, married Martha,
the eldest daughter and co-heiress of William
Lloyd, Esq., of Ilalghton, in Flintshire, by
whom he had no issue. He died 20th Septem-
ber, 1726, and was buried at Baddeley, his seat,
having sold Peover to his brother Henry. His
widow was married to Edward Mainwaring,
Esq., of Whitmore (see next chapter). Henry,
brother to Sir Thomas, married, on the 26th
July, 1725, Diana, only daughter of William
Blackett, Esq., eldest son of Sir Edward
Blackett, Part., of Newby, Yorkshire, but died
before his brother, leaving his wife with child,
who was born a baronet on Monday, Novcm-

TJic Mainwarings of Over Peover. 39

ber 7th, 1726, and was christened Henry, Mrs.
Main waring afterwards became the wife of the
Rev. Mr. Wittenhall, by whom she had a
daughter, who died young, and a son Thomas,
born 2 1st December, 1736. She died in May,
1737. Sir Henry Mainwaring, Bart., succeeded
his uncle, and died unmarried, on Gth April,
1797, whereupon the title became extinct, and
the Mainwarings of Whitmore became the
senior branch of the family. Thomas Witten-
hall, Esq., succeeded to the Over Peover estates,
and assumed the name and arms of Mainwar-
ing, in compliance with the will of his half-
brother, Sir Henr)' Mainwaring, Bart.




Edward Mainwaring, Esq.. son of Sir
John Mainwaring, Knight, of Over Peover, who
died in 15 15, died in 1586, having married Alice,
granddaughter and heiress of Humphrey de
Boghey, of Whitmore, in 15 19, the manors of
Whitmore, Biddulph, Annesley, and Buckenhall
thus passing into the Mainwaring family, and
she died in 1540. They had issue Edward,
Anne, who married Thomas Rosse, Esq., and
Jane, who died in infancy. Edward, son and
heir, married Jane, daughter of Mathew Crad-
dock, Esq., of Stafford. This Edward died in
1604, his children being Edward, son and heir ;
John, a merchant, who died abroad, unmarried ;
Randle, born in 15SS, and married Elizabeth,

42 The Mainwaring Family,

daughter of Humphrey Haws, Esq. {see next
chapter) ; Mary, who married J. Brett, Esq., of
Dimsdale, Staffordshire ; Elizabeth, who mar-
ried Thomas Jolley, Esq., of Leke, Staffordshire ;
Anne, who married, first, William Fallows, Esq.,
of Fallows, Cheshire, and, secondly, Hugh
Maire, Esq., of Norbury, Staffordshire ; Sarah,
who married J. Bulkeley, Esq., of Stanton,
Staffordshire ; Jane, who married F. Martin,
Esq., of London ; Dorothy, who married James
Trevis, Esq., of Treveston, Cheshire ; Margaret,
who married J. Borne, Esq., of Chesterton ; Alice,
who married J. Baddeley, Esq., of Holditch,
and Catherine, who married Thomas Hunt,
Esq., of Congton.

Edward, son and heir, was born in 1577 and
died in 1647 K see Chapter VI.). He married
Sarah, daughter and co-heiress of John Stone,
Esq., of London. Their children were Edward,
son and heir ; John, Rector of Stoke-on-Trent
{sec Chapter VI.), who married twice : first,
Susanna, daughter of W. Piggott, Esq., of
Chetwin, Salop, and, secondly, Anne, daughter
of Matthew Grcgson, Esq., of Turnditch ; and

7/ie Mainwarings of Whitmorc. 43

Jane, who married James Abney, Esq., of
Measham, Derbyshire, in 1625.

Edward, son and heir, was born on 7th April,
1603, and died in 1675 {see Chapter VI.). He
married Anne, daughter of George Lomax,
Esq., of Clifton, Nottinghamshire, and their
children were Edward, son and heir ; George,
born in 1644, and died unmarried about 1690;
John, born in 1645; Thomas; Philip, born in
1638, and drowned in 164S; Jane; Sarah; Anne,
who married John Hockenhall, Esq., of Cheshire,
and two other daughters.

Edward, son and heir, was born in 1635, and
died in 1704. He married twice : first, Elizabeth,
daughter of Thomas Heneage, Esq., of Batter-
sey, and, secondly, on 29th July, 1679, Bridget,
daughter of Sir Thomas Trollop, Bart., of Case-
wick, Lincolnshire. By his first wife he had
issue Bridget, who married Thomas Key, Esq.,
of Islington ; Anne, who married John Taylor,
Esq. ; Elizabeth, who died unmarried, and
seven others who died in infancy. By his
second wife he had issue, Edward, son and heir;
Mary, who died unmarried, and Bridget, who


The Mainwaring Family

married George Davenport, Esq., of Calveley,

Edward Mainwaring of Whitmore, Esq., son
and heir of Edward, united in his person the
Royal descent and that through the Commoners.
lie was born in 1681, and died in 1740, having
been twice married : first, to Jemima, who died
in 1721, second daughter of Edmund Pye, M.D.,
of Faringdon, Berks, whose wife, formerly the
Honorable Anne Crew, was descended, as shown
in Chapter L, in a direct line from William the
Conqueror; and, secondly, to Martha, the widow
of Sir Thomas Mainwaring, Bart., of Over
Peover (see last Chapter). By his first wife he
had issue Edward, his son and heir ; Henry,
Rector of Etwall, in Derbyshire, who married,
in 1735, Mary Elizabeth, only daughter of John
Vanghan, Esq., of Caergay, Merionethshire ;
Thomas (see Chapter V., Wroughtons and
Hoys) ; Charles, born in 171 3 ; John, born in
1715 ; Robert, born in 1716 ; James, born in
1718 ; Benjamin, born on 20th December, 17 19,
who married twice (see Chapter V., Agnews),
and Jemima, who married Richard Nash, Esq.,


The Mainivarings of Whhmore. 45

of Warburton, Sussex. By his second wife
Edward had no issue.

Edward, son and heir, was born on the 29th
December, 1709, and died in 1794. He married,
on 29th May, 1755, Sarah, daughter of William
Bunbury, Esq., of London, Attorney-General of
Cheshire, who was descended from the ancient
family of Eyton, and was the second son of
Sir Henry Bunbury, Bart., of Bunbury and
Stanny, in Cheshire, and she died in 179S. They
had issue Edward, son and heir; William (see
below), born in 1737, died 1812, having married
Frances, daughter of Richard Stone, Esq., of
London and Ilford, banker, eldest brother of
the Archbishop of Armagh ; Richard, who died
an infant ; Rowland, of Four Oaks Park, War-
wickshire, a Major in the Army, born in 1745,
and died in February, 1S17, having married
twice : first, Elizabeth, daughter of Thomas
Mills, Esq., of Barlaston, Staffordshire, by whom
he had no issue ; and, second])-, Jane, daughter
of Captain Latham, R.N., by whom he had
issue, as shown below ; Richard, who died un-
married ; lames Eyton, of Magdalen College,

4 6 The Mainwaring Family

Cambridge, and Vicar of Ellaston. Staffordshire,
born in 1750, and died in 1S08, who also mar-
ried twice: first, Anna, only daughter of Thomas
Vawdrey, Esq., of Middlewich, Cheshire (and as
to his issue by this wife, see Chapter V., Wathen
and Moody) ; and, secondly, Anne, daughter of
T. Bridge, Esq., of Chester, by whom he had
no children, and Martha Susanna, Julia and
Charlotte, who all died unmarried,

Edward Mainwaring, Esq., of Trinity College,
Cambridge, and Whitmore, son and heir, was
born in 1736, and died 7th December, 1825,
having married Anne, eldest daughter of Sir
Philip Touchet Chetwoode, Bart, of Oakley
Hall, Staffordshire, and widow of Robert
Davison, Esq., of the Brand, Shropshire, but-
had no issue. His brother William had issue
by his wife Frances, Edward, a cornet in the
13th Dragoons, born in 1772, and died, un-
married, of yellow fever in the West Indies,
1796; William, born in 1776, in the Honorable
East India Company's service, and died, un-
married, at Madras, in 181 1 ; Henry, of the
Royal Navy, born in 1779, and died, unmarried,

The Mainivariugs of WJiitmore. 47

on 4th June, 1797, being shot in an engagement
with a French frigate off Vigo, on board the
Boston; Rowland Eyton, a cadet in the
Honorable East India Company's service,
present at the capture of Seringapatam, born
in 1780, and died unmarried; Charles, born
1787, and died, unmarried, in 1832; Frances
and Charlotte, who died in infancy; Sarah died
unmarried, 31st March, 1837 ; Anne, born in
1781, and died in 1S14, having married, in 1803,
Joseph Sladen, Esq., of Doctors' Commons, and
Lee and Swanton Court, Kent ; Janet {see
Chapter V., Russells and Robinsons), and Julia,
who died unmarried in 185 1. Edward, having
died unmarried, was succeeded by his brother
William's son,

Charles, who died unmarried, as shown above,
and was succeeded by his sister,

Sarah, who also dying unmarried, we must
for her successor return to the children of
Rowland Mainwaring, Esq., of Four Oaks Park,
by Jane his wife. These were Edward Henry,
a Lieutenant in the Arm)-, who died unmarried
in 1808 ; Rowland, as to whom, see below ;


48 The Mainwaring Family.

Thomas, {see Chapter V., Melvills. Finlcys,
and Moilliets) ; George {see Chapter V., Hall-
Stephensons and Kents) ; Charlotte Margaretta
(see Chapter V., Campbells) ; Elizabeth, who
died in 1876, having married the Rev. W.
Wilkieson, of Woodbury, Bedfordshire, by whom
she had three sons and four daughters ; and
Susanna Jane, who died in 1871, having married
Matthew Bell, Esq., of Alnwick, having three
sons and three daughters.

Rowland Mainwaring, jun., then (commonly
known as " the Admiral ") succeeded to Whit-
more after the death of his cousin Sarah. He
was born on the 31st December, 1783, and
died on the nth April, 1862. He was married
three times : first, on the 31st December, 1810,
to Sophia Henrietta, only child of Major Duff,
of the 26th Regiment, and she died on the nth
October, 1824. The Admiral's second wife was
Mary Anne, daughter of John Clark, Esq,, of
Preshute, Wiltshire, whom he married on 15th
November, 1826, and who died in 1834. His
third wife he married on the nth November,
1S36, and she was Laura Maria Julia Walburga,

The Mainwarings of Whit more. 49

only child of Colonel Florian Chevillard, in the
service of the Emperor Napoleon, and who died
of wounds received at the Battle of Leipsic in
181 5, who survived him and still lives. By his
first wife the Admiral had issue Rowland, of the
Royal Navy, born in iSio, and died 27th
October, 1S26; Edward Pel-lew, died 14th
September, 1858, having married, in 1S42,
Caroline, daughter of P. B. Story, Esq., and
widow of Dominick Trant, of Montserrat, by
whom he had one daughter, Louisa Aim Caroline
Amelia, who, on the 2nd April, 1861, married
Alexander Young Spearman, Esq. ; Gordon,
his successor, in the E.I.C.S., born in 1S17,
and died 21st December, 1872, having married,
in 1843, Miss Mary II ickey ; William Arthur, a
Captain in the 79th Highlanders, who died in
May, 1854, having married Christina, daughter
of Lieutenant-Colonel John Caulfield, of Bloom-
field, county Westmeath ; George, a Lieutenant
in the 85th Light Infantry, who died in
Australia ; Charles Henry, Rector of Whit-
more, born in 1 82 1, and died 3rd April, 1 878,
having married, in 1845, Jane, third daughter of

E 2

5<3 The Mainwaring Family.

the Rev. Sir Henry Delves, Bart., of Broughton,

Staffordshire, and she died on 30th June, 1873
(for issue see Chapter V., Parker Jervis) ; Sophia
Henrietta, died in 1871, having married, on 4th
December, 1838, Charles, son of Walter William
Hill Coyney, of Weston Coyney, Staffordshire,
Esq., with issue one son, and Pauline. By his
second wife the Admiral had issue one daughter,
Mary Ann, who married, in 1853, the Rev. Robert
Vaughan Hughes, of Wyelands. By his third
wife the Admiral had issue seven sons (as to
whom sec Chapter V., Foleys and Wiiliamscs).

Gordon succeeded his father in the possession
of the Whitmore estates. His children by his
wife Mary were Charles, son and heir, Walter
Coyney, died 9th November, 1S8S, Frederick,
Ellen Jane, who married Wentworth Cavcnagh,
Esq., of Eden Park, Adelaide, Australia, and has
issue(i) James Gordon, born 3rd December, 1865,
(2) Wentworth Rowland, born in September,
1869, (3) Orfeur Charles, born in April, 1872,

(4) Hugh Mainwaring, born 30th August, 1876,

(5) Eva Mainwaring, born 12th July, 1S67,

(6) Isabelle Alice, born in August, 186S, (7)

The Mainwarings of Whitmore. 51

Kathleen Mary, born in February, 1875, (8)
Helen Maud, born 9th August, 1877 ; (9) Alice
Mainwaring, born in September, 1S79 ; and
(10) Gertrude Lucy; none of whom are married :
Alice, who married William Moore, Esq., and

Julia, who married Wilkinson, Esq., of

Brighton. Charles Mainwaring succeeded his
father Gordon.. He died in February, 1889,
having married and had no issue, and was
succeeded by his brother, Frederick Mainwar-
ing, Esq., who is the present owner of the
Whitmore estates.




RAXDLE MAINWARING, a Colonel in the
Army of King Charles I., the son of Edward
Mainwaring, Esq., of Whitmore, who died in
1604, by his wife Jane, was born in 15 S3. He
married Elizabeth, daughter of Humphrey
Haws, of London, by whom he had issue John,
Edward, Randle, George, Nathaniel, Elizabeth,
who married William Floyer, Esq., of Floier's
Hayes, Devonshire, Jane, Mary, and Sarah.
George Mainwaring, FCsq., M.P., the son of
Randle, married, and had a son, James Main-
waring, Esq., Alderman of Chester, and Mayor
in 1708, who married and had a son also,

James, born in 1701, and died 23rd October,
1749, who bought Bromborough Court from the

5^- The Mainwaring Family.

Hardwares. He married Mary, daughter and
co-heiress of Charles Kinaston, Esq., of Oteley
Park, Shropshire, and she died in 1786. The
Kinastons are descended from Ionveth Goch,
Lord of Mochnant Powysland, and through him
and the Hughes's of Gvverclas from Rhodn Mawr
(Roderick the Great) King of Powys (Wales) in
843. The issue of James by Mary, his wife,
were Charles, son and heir ; Thomas, born in
1725, who married Elizabeth, daughter of James
Mason, Esq., of Shrewsbury, by whom he had
one daughter ; Mary, who married Bulkeley
Hatchett, Esq., of Ellesmere, and Elizabeth,
who died unmarried on 13th October. 1749.

Charles, son and heir, was born in 1723, and
died 30th July, 1781. He married, on the 24th
June, 175 1, Mary, daughter of William Falconer,
Esq., Recorder of Chester, and she died in 1789.
Their issue was James of Bromborough, born
15th April, 1757, and died February, 1827,
having married and leaving one son ; the Rev.
James Mainwaring, M.A., born at Avignon ;
Charles, who succeeded his father ; Elizabeth,
who married the Hon. Booth Grey ; Mary, who

Of Ofelcy Park ami Galllfacnan.

married John Smith, Esq., and Harriet, who
died unmarried.

The Rev. Charles Mainwaring succeeded to
Oteley Park on the death of his father. He
was born on the 7th September, 1768, and died
on the 6th May, J 807, having married, on the
24th June, 1S00, Sarah Susannah, daughter of
John Townshend, Esq., of Hem House, county
Denbigh. She died in December, 1829. Their
issue were : (1) Charles Kynaston, son and heir,
(2) Townshend, of Marchwiel Hall, Denbigh-
shire, M.P. for Denbigh Borough ; born 16th
March, 1S07, and died 25th December, 1853,
having married, on the 14th February, 1837,
Anna Maria, eldest daughter and co heiress of
Colonel John Lloyd Salusbury, of Galltfaenan,
and had issue Charles Salusbury, of whom pre-
sently, Reginald Kynaston, born 1 ith September,
1847, Amicia, Mary, and Susan, who died in 1854,
having married, on the 22nd November, 1825,
the Rev. Edward Duncombc, of Aldborough,

Charles Kynaston Mainwaring, Esq., J. P. and
D.L., High Sheriff in 1829, succeeded his father,

56 The Mainwaring Family.

the Rev. Charles Mainwaring. He was born
16th September, 1S03, and died in June, 1S62,
having married, on the 2nd October, 1832,
Frances, the second daughter and co-heiress of
John Lloyd Salusbury, Esq., whose sister his
brother married, Charles and Frances Main-
waring (who died on the 10th January, 1872)
had one son, who was

Salusbury Kynaston Mainwaring, Esq., born
Sth September, 1S44, the present owner of
Oteley Park, his uncle, Charles Salusbury Main-
waring, Esq., born 7th July, 1845, being the
present owner of Galltfaenan.




Thomas Mainwaring, Esq., the son of
Edward Mainwaring, Esq., of Whitmore, by
Jemima, his wife, was horn in 17 12, and died in
1766. He married his first cousin Frances,
eldest daughter of Henry Pye, Esq., of Faring-
don, and had a son, Charles Henry.

Charles Henry Mainwaring, Esq., died in
1S00. He married, in 1777, Julia, daughter
of the Rev. Philip Wroughton, by Dorothy
Musgrave, his wife, and had issue two sons, two
daughters, and several children who died young.
The daughters were (1) Julia, and (2) Sarah,
who married James Harrison, Esq., Royal
Artillery, of Weard Hall, Cornwall. The sons
were (1) Thomas, born in 1780, a Rear-Admiral

5 8 The Mainwaring Family.

in the Ro^al Navy, who served at Trafalgar,
and who married, in 1811, Mary Anne, daughter
of Bacon Frank, Esq., of Campsall, near Don-
caster, and had one son, born in 1812, and (2)
George, of the Royal Artillery, who married, in
1832, Mrs. Hoy, widow of Thomas Hoy, Esq.,
of Thornhill, Hampshire, and he died without
children in 183S.

The Connection with the Agnews.

Benjamin Mainwaring, Esq., born on the 20th
December, 1719, was the brother of the above
Thomas. He married twice, and had issue Ed-
ward (see below), John Montagu, a distinguished
General in the Army, born 1761 and died at
Cowes, 1842, and Jemmett, a Captain in the
Royal Navy, who was lost at sea with H.M.S.
Babct in 1801.

Edward Mainwaring, Esq., was born in 1744,
and died in 1803. He married Elizabeth Judith
Reeves, and had issue Edward Reeves Philip
{see below) ; Charles Henry, a Captain in the

The Agnews. 59

47th Regiment, who died at Calcutta; Benjamin,
a Lieutenant in the Royal Navy, wounded at
Trafalgar, and died in April, 1852 ; Frederick, a
Lieutenant-Colonel in the Army, who married
Mary Catherine, daughter of Lieutenant-
Colonel Popham ; George, a Major in the Army,
who married Maria, daughter of Colonel Mac-
kenzie ; and Edwin, a Lieutenant in the 1st
Regiment, who died in India. Edward Reeves
Philip Mainwaring, a Captain in the Royal
Navy, died at Brighton, on the 5th October,
1865. He married, in 1827, Eliza, daughter of
the Rev. M. Hill, Rector of Snailwell, Cam-
bridgeshire. Their children were, Charles
Edward [see below) ; Edwin George, a Captain
in the 91st Regiment, who married and had
issue, (1) Percy Harry, (2) Edward Charles
Lovel Thirsby, (3) Kate Eliza Bromley, (4)
Helen Florence May, (5) Ella, (6) Evelyn, (7)
Agnes Mary, and (8) Fanny Elizabeth.

Charles Edward Mainwaring, of the Royal
Navy, married Isabella Agnew, of a well-known
Scotch family. Their children are, Edward
Seymour Ranulphus Mainwaring, Charles

6o The Mainwaring Family.

Agnew Mainwaring, Anne Mary Isabella
Mainwaring, Louisa Maud Mainwaring, Isabel
Blanche Mainwaring, Mabel Gertrude Main-
waring, and Margaret Baptiste Mainwaring.

The Connection with the Hall-Stephen-
sons and Rents.

George Mainwaring, Esq., of the Honorable
East India Company Civil Service, was the son
of Rowland Mainwaring by Jane, his wife, and
was born in 1790, and died on the 24th June,
1 065, at Porchester Square. He married, in
India, Isabella, the daughter of Colonel Byers,
of Tonley, Aberdeen, of the Honorable East
India Company's Service. She was born in
1S00, and died 6th February, 1872, at Bath.
Their children were, Rowland Recs, a General
in the Bengal Native Infantry, born at Poonah,
in 1819; Harry, born at Jaunpore, and died
at Agra, in 1845 ; Norman William (see below) ;

Hall-Stephensons and Rents, 61

George Byres ; Charles, a Lieutenant in the
Bengal Cavalry, born at Calcutta, and supposed
to have been killed on the boats at Cawnpore,
about: 29th June, 1857 ; Jane Latham, born
at Calcutta in 1S1S, who married Alfred P.
Curric, Esq., and had issue five daughters and
one son, her husband dying at Mirzapore, on
the 3rd February, 1847 I Anna Maria, born at
Tamlook in 18 19, and died at Hyderabad 8th
June, 1857, having married Colonel W. Cuth-
bert Davidson ; Isabella Elizabeth, born at
Shagehanpore, and died at Bandak, aged eleven
months and four days ; Julia Sarah, born and
died at Bandak, aged ten months and four days ;
Isabella Agnes, bom at Benares, who married,
on the 12th January, 1854, Major Hall-Stcphen-
son, of Somerton Court, and has issue one
son, John Mainwaring, who married, on the
17th August, 1S87, Hannah Langsdale, only
daughter of P. Penketh, Esq., of Upper Nor-
wood ; Julia, born at Benares, and died there
2nd September, 1838, aged eighteen months;
Elizabeth, born at Benares in 1841, and died
1 2th July, 1856; and Amicia, born at Blandford

62 The Mainwaring Family

Square, Loudon. Norman William Mainwar-
ing, mentioned above, was born at Jaunpore,
and was killed on the railway at Hourah. He
married, in 1849, Jane, the daughter of Colonel
Kent, and had issue Isabella Jane, born in
September, 1850, Georgina Agnes Emma, born
in May, 1852, who died at Malvern in August,
1S63, Rowland Kent, born in 1855, Edward
Currie, born in 1856, and Norman Hall, born
in 1857.

The Connection with the Campbells.

Charlotte Margaretta Mainwaring was the
daughter of Rowland Mainwaring by Jane,
his wife. She married Charles Smith, Esq.,
banker, of Northampton, and had issue, Row-
land, who was murdered at Meerut, in the
Indian Mutiny ; Emily Jane {see Wathens and
Moodys) ; Isabella Sophia (below), and Mary
Adelaide, who married Captain Boyd. Isabella
Sophia died in May, 1887, at Woodford, Essex,

The Campbells.

having married John Cameron Campbell, of the

Lochnell family, Argyllshire, a Major in the 9th
Royal Lancers, who distinguished himself at
the Battle of Gujerat, 21st February, 1849, by
whom she had no issue.

The Connection with the Melyills, the
flnleys, and the moilltets.

Thomas Mainwaring, of the Honorable East
India Company's Civil Service, Bengal Presi-
dency, was the son of Rowland Mainwaring by
Jane, his wife. He was born in 1784, and died
on the 4th March, 1834, *?« route to Mauritius.
He married, on the 20th October, 1806, in India,
Sophia Isabella, the daughter of Thomas
Walker, Esq., of Wendlebury, and she died at
Aveley Vicarage, Essex, on the 7th August,
1868. Their children were Edward Rowland,
(see Brinds, Barnes's, and Kelks) ; Charles John,

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