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OF The;



Thomas and Mary Stokes




George Haines, M. D., of Medford, N. J

Hon. Charles Stokes, of Rancocas, N. J.

And other Members of the Family.






^ 1328859

>5|. Notes of the late George Haines, M. D., of JNIedford, N. J.
y Notes of the late Charles Stokes, of Rancocas, N. J.
V5 Notes of Rebecca S. EA'ans, of Haddonfield, N. J.
^ Notes of Charles H. Engle, of Mt. Holly, N. J.
"^j Notes of Charles Stokes, of Beverly, N. J.
(\ Notes of Howard Parry, of Riverton, N. J.

Notes of Franklin T. Haines, M. D., of Riverton, N. J.

Notes of N. Newlin Stokes, M. D., of iMoorestown, N. J.
^ Notes of Isaac W. Stokes, of Medford, N. J.
K Notes of Mary C. Tash, of Philadelphia, Pa.
^ Notes of Alice R. Mulford, of Newark, N. J.
> Notes of George P. Stokes, of Woodbury, N. J.
vNotes of Sarah N. Haines, of Mt. Holly, N. J.
^Notes of James W. Deacon, of Mt. Holly, N. J.
^ Notes of Rebecca S. Stackhouse, of Medford, N. J.
^ Notes of Eva Thomas, of Medford, N. J.

V Notes of John Kirkbride, of Medford, N. J.
. 2 Notes of Sarah Williams, of Philadelphia.
p!^ Notes of Phebe Stokes, of Rancocas, N. J.

Notes of Amanda M. Leeds, of Medford, N. J.

Notes of William Worth Stokes, of Dayton, Ohio.

Notes of A. M. Stackhouse, M. D., of Maple Shade, N. J.,
from Asa Matlack's records.

Notes of Clayton Conrow, of Cinnaminson, N. J.

Notes of Hon. Henry J. Irick, of Vincentown, N. J., and
others. And I have had recourse to Records and Biographical
History, which have enabled me to make corrections (as allud-
ed to in the Introduction) in what has been given me by the

R. H.


To all who have aided me in acquiring information in tlu
preparation of this work, this volume is dedicated.

R. H.


The late George Haines, M. D., of Medford, N. J., com-
menced the coHection of genealogical notes of different families
in the early twenties of the last century, when he began to prac-
tice medicine, and settled in what was at that date Evesham
Township; considerable of which was obtained from persons
then living, which otherwise would not have been obtainable
at this time.

The bulk of the work is from his notes, and his earnest desire
that his notes might be preserved in book shape for the bene-
fit of the generations that would follow has induced the com-
piler to offer to the public the genealogy of the Stokes family.

The compiler has endeavored to collect what could be had
from the family, together with what he could conveniently get
from records and other sources, to make the work as com-
plete as he possibly could in all the branches. He has found
from records that some information given him is incorrect,
and has corrected it. There may still be some errors unknown
to the compiler, which in a work of this kind are generally
found, yet upon the whole, the work will be found to compare
favorably with other similar genealogies in that respect.

The average reader of the present day has but a very in-
definite idea of the difficulites encountered in the preparation
of a work of this character as to its correctness.

We offer the work, such as it is, with its defects and liniita-
tions, and trust that it may, with the same fraternal spirit in
which it is offered, meet the approval of a generous public.

Medford, N. J., 7th mo., ist, 1903.

R. H.



Birthplace of George Haines, M. D 169

Braddock Richard S., M. D 206

Cemetery at Rancocas 15

Group, Reunion of New Jersey Stokeses 215

Group, Reunion of Ohio Stokeses 219b

Haines George, M. D i68a

Homestead of William Stokes 98

Lippincott, J. B I77^

Moore, Bloomfield Haines 200a

Parry, WilHam 214

Residence of Charles Stokes 4

Residence of Benjamin A. Stokes 220

Residence of Jarrett Stokes 213a

"Stokingham" 8

Stokes, Charles, of Rancocas Frontispiece.

Stokes, Benjamin A 220

Stokes, Charles, of Beverly 275d

Stokes, Granville W 219

Stokes, Jarrett 213

Stokes, James Middleton 275

Stokes, William H., M. D 220a

Stokes, William J. W 2i9f

Williams, Charles 212a



The arrangement of the work is by generations, and the names
of the children in each generation, who married, are carried for-
ward as parents in the following generation.

The small numerals placed at the head of each name denote
the generation to which each individual belongs, counting from
Thomas Stokes, the progenitor of the family as number one.
They also denote the person carrying the Stokes blood.

The abbreviations are: b., born; d., died; m., married; dau.,
daughter; bro., brother; p., page; S. P. sine prole, without

Dates, as to the months, previous to the N. S., that are
given in numbers, are unknown to the compiler, as he has given
them as they were on the notes.

In tracing the trunk-line of ancestry of anyone, or of a family,
it will be readily done by following back from generation to
generation the page numbers on the margin, set opposite to
the parents of each and every family.

The ancestry of persons who have married into the different
families — whenever their ancestry could be traced — will be
found to follow each family into which such person or persons
have married.

An interrogation ( ?) following a name, or sentence, indicates
that the writer is not certain as to the correctness of the name
or sentence, either by himself or his informant.

The index includes the seventh generation and a part of the
eighth. The balance of the eighth and the ninth will be readily
found from the index of the parents.



Marriages from English Records.

A copy of the marriages of the Stokeses, solemnized at the
various meetings of Friends in England, as taken by the Hon.
John Clement, of Haddonfield, N. J., in 1871, from the Regis-
ters at the Devonshire House, Bishops Gate street, London.
Beginning with Thomas, the earliest ancestor in America, to

London and Middlesex.

Thomas Stokes to Mary Bernard in 1668.

John Stokes to Annie Barber in 1676.

Joseph Stokes to Ruth Hall in 1695,

Mary Stokes to Samuel Lovett in 1673.

Richard Stokes to Rebecca Jenney in 1686.

Elizabeth Stokes to John Miller in 1693.

Hartfcrdshirc, Winccstcrshirc and Wales.
George Stokes to Mary Simonds in 1702.
Glonccstershire and Wilts.

William Stokes to Susan Shelly in 1675.
William Stokes to Sarah Moody in 1670.
Richard Stokes to Abigail Hayward in 1671.
W^illiam Stokes to Elizabeth Nanway in 1709.
Margarett Stokes to John Smith in 1714.
Mary Stokes to Robert Dudley in 1777.

Bristol and Somersetshire.
Richard Stokes to Mary Hurfin in 1668.

Dorset and Hampshire.
Joseph Stokes to Grace Jupe in 1689.


Mary Stokes to John Perry in 1695.
James Stokes to Mary Sebills in 1677.
Hannah Stokes to Isaac Bassett in

There were no marriages of the name of Stokes found on
the records of the following meetings, which were also ex-
amined : Bidfordshire, Hertfordshire, Berkshire, Oxfordshire,
Northamptonshire, Essex, Surrey, Yorkshire, Cambridgeshire,
Huntingdonshire, Durham, Warrickshire, Leicestershire and
Rutland, Buckinghamshire, Cheshire and Staffordshire, Corn-
wall, Cumberland and Northumberland, Derbyshire and Not-
tinghamshire, Devonshire, Lincolnshire, Lancashire, Norfolk
and Norwich, Suffolk and Westmoreland.


From Burke's standard work of the landed gentry of Great
Britain, this family is of Norman origin, and claims to be a
branch of the ancient and illustrious house of Montespedon, now
believed to be extinct in Normandy.

From old documents it appears that its ancestors must have
come to England after the conquest, when honors and possessions
were assigned them.

Their history, however, is not uninterrupted by times, until the
time of Edward II, when we find by records in the Tower, that
Sir x\dam De Stokke was seized of the manor of Stokke, Rusta-
ball and Wilts.

Thomas, his eldest son, held the manor of Sendee with other
lands in Wiltshire, and Roger, his second son, the manors of
Wolshall, Sanarnagrit and Hungerford, in the same county. The
late Roger, with his father. Sir Adam, were interred in the church
of Great Bedwin, to which they had been benefactors, where their
monuments and efiigies are still to be seen. John, a descendant
of Thomas, represented the county in Parliament in the time of
Charles II. In the reign of Elizabeth, we find the Stockys (the
first change in the orthography of the name) erected the chapel
or church of Sendee, and lies there interred. In the fifteenth cen-
tury, Cristopher Stokes (when the name finally changed) held
the manors of Stanhawes with other lands in Gloucestershire.
Edward Stokes held part of the manor of Fetherton and lands
at Langley Burrell in Gloucestershire later. John Stokes held
the manor of Stanhawes Court, Cardington, with other lands in
the same county about A. D. 1700.

Richard Stokes, of Cain Castle, Wilts, held considerable pos-
sessions in the counties of Gloucestershire and Bucks.

Some of the family enjoyed lands in Sussex and Kent, and
within the last fifty years possessed considerable property in the
counties of Wilts, Gloucestershire and Warwick. The arms of
the Stokes family — A lion rampant, doubled Gnewed erm Crest.
A dove with wings expanded ; in the mouth an olive branch, all
ppr. Motto : Fertis qui insons.


Thomas Stokes, the immediate progenitor of the Stokes family
in America, was a contemporary of George Fox, the rehgious re-
former and founder of the Society of Friends, and of Wihiam
Penn, who was associated with the trustees of Edward BylHnge,
the original proprietor of New Jersey, and the founder of the
Province of Pennsylvania. He was sixteen years younger than
the former, and four years older than the latter ; a convert to their
religious doctrines and toleration, with the largest liberty for in-
dividual belief ; but like all pioneers and propagandists desiring to
avoid persecution, and seeking new fields of labor, he concluded to
remove to the colonies of America, and seek his fortune on this

His brother John, of London, having large interests in proprie-
tary rights bordering on the Northampton River, he settled on
a part of the tract conveyed to him by his brother. This convey-
ance of John to his brother Thomas is said to be the only portion
of his proprietary interest ever disposed of in any way by him,
and was no doubt the whole location. Thomas located three hun-
dred acres of land fronting on the northerly side of the North-
ampton River, and a portion of the tract remains in the family,
having passed down from father to son b}'' will.

Thomas Stokes was a man of influence, and took a very active
part in the affairs of the colony. We find from the records of the
colon}^ that he served on the first grand jury held in Burlington

His wife dying in 1699, he removed to Waterford Township,
Gloucester County, and resided there with his son Thomas until
his death, in mo. the nth, 1720. On January 21st, 1719, he

conveyed the tract of land he purchased of his brother John to
Abraham Hewlings, Jr., which deed is of record in the Secre-
tary's office, in Trenton, New Jersey. He left a will dated Octo-
ber the thirteenth, 17 19, which shows that he had but five chil-
dren — three sons and two daughters. (See his will, pages 9 and
10.) The personage frequently spoken of by the family, sup-
posedly as the son of Thomas Stokes the first, and so mentioned
in Judge Clement's "First Emigrant Settlers," who settled in
North Carolina, was Benjamin Stokes, the son of Thomas Stokes
the second, and so mentioned in his will.


First Generation and Children.

Thomas Stokes, of Lower Shadwell, and Mary Bernard, of
Stepney, were married the 30th day of the loth month, 1668,
Westbury Street Friends' Meeting, London. They belonged to
Devonshire House Meeting.

Thomas and his family sailed for America in the ship "Kent,''
and arrived at New Castle 6th month, 1677, proceeded to Bur-
lington, West New Jersey, and settled on a tract of land contain-
ing one hundred sixty-two and a half acres. The deed for the
same was from his brother, John Stokes, of Wentworth street,
London, who was a biscuit baker, etc., who owned a great many
acres of land in Northampton Township, Burlington County,
New Jersey. Thomas named the location Stokingham. He was
one of the signers of the laws and concessions of West New Jer-

'Thomas Stokes, married 10-30, 1668, Mary Bernard.

Children were —
'Sarah, b. ; m. 1693, Benjamin Moore.

'Mary, b. ; married 1696, John Hudson.

"John, b. 1675; m. 1712, Elizabeth Green.
"Joseph, b. ; m. , Judith Lippincott, ist wife.

ni. , Ann Haines (widow), 2d wife.

'Thomas, b. 1682; m. 1704. Deliverance Horner, ist wife,
m. 1 71 5, Rachel Wright, 2d wife.

'Thomas deceased 7-1 1, 1720.
Mary, his wife, deceased 1699.

Benjamin Moore, w^ho married 'Sarah Stokes, came from
Birmingham, Lincolnshire, England, to New Jersey, and was tlie
progenitor of the Moore family. He is said to have been the
largest land-holder in New Jersey. Moorestown derives its name
from him.

Elizabeth Green (known as Lady Green), the wife of 'Jo^''!''
Stokes, was the dau. of Thomas Green and Elizabeth, and grand-
daughter of Arthur Green, of Bug Brook, a Parish of England,
county of Northampton. She came to America with Dr. Daniel
Wills, whose care she was placed in by her father. She had two
brothers — John and Thomas. Her father was displeased with


her marriage to John Stokes, and disinherited her. Her brother
John came to America at the instance of her father, and took
charge of her father's interest and investments in New Jersey.

Judith Lippincott, the first wife of 'Joseph Stokes, was the dau.
of Freedom Lippincott and Mary Curtis.

Freedom was the son of Richard Lippincott and Abigail, who
came from Stonehouse, a Parish of England, in Devonshire, and
were the progenitors of the Lippincott family in New Jersey.
They first settled in Massachusetts in 1639, and returned to Eng-
land in 1652, and in 1670 came to America the second time, and
settled at Shrewsbury, New Jersey.

Ann Haines (widow), the second wife of 'Joseph Stokes, was
the dau. of John Ashard, and widow of John Haines, the son of
Jonathan Haines and Mary Matlack, the dau. of William Mat-
lack and Mary Hancock, the progenitors of the Matlack family.
Jonathan Haines was the son of John Haines and Esther Borton,
the dau. of John Borton and Ann, the progenitors of the Borton
family. John was the eldest son of Richard Haines and Mar-
garet, the progenitors of the Haines family, who came from Ayn-
hoe, a Parish of England, in the county of Northampton.

Will of Thomas Stokes.

I, Thomas Stokes, of Waterford, in ye county of Gloster and
Province of New Jersey, being weak of body but of sound mind,
Praised be God, and being willing to settle in order all my con-
cerns in this world. Do make and constitute this my Last Will
and Testament in manner following, hereby revoking and mak-
ing Null and Void all former and other Wills, and Wills Testa-
ment and Testaments by me heretofore made, and I do declare
this to be my last Will and Testament, Recomending my Soule
to God and my body to be buried at the discretion of my Execu-
tors hereinafter mentioned.

Imprimis — I give and bequeath unto Mary Stokes, the daugh-
ter of my son, John Stokes. 7 pounds and 10 shillings money ac-
cording to our late Queen Royal's proclamation, to be paid her


when she shall arrive at the age of i8 years or be married, or
which shall happen first, and if it happens that she dies before
married or comes to that age, that then the legacy given to her
shall go to her next oldest sister. I give and bequeath unto Lydia
Stokes, the eldest daughter of my son, Thomas Stokes, my bed
and beding and Furniture thereunto belonging, and if she hap-
pens to die before she be married, then this said legacie to go to
Deliverance Stokes, daughter of my said son, Thomas Stokes.
Item — I give unto Joseph Stokes son of my aforesaid son Thomas
Stokes a new strait bodyied coat. Item — I give and bequeath
unto my son Joseph Stokes one mare and all my wearing apparel
except ye coat before given to my grandson Joseph Stokes. Item
— I give and bequeath to my son Thomas Stokes my pair of oxen
and all other my horned cattle. Item — I give unto my daughter
Sarah my grate Bible. I do also appoint nominate constitute and
make my son John Stokes my executor of this my last Will and
Testament, and after my debts be paid if any be, and my Funeral
charges defrayed, all the above legacies mentioned discharged ac-
cording to the true intent and meaning of this my last Will, I do
give and bequeath all the remainder of my money unto my sons
John Stokes and Joseph Stokes and Thomas Stokes and to my
two daughters Sarah and Mary to be equally divided among all
them five.

In Witness Whereof, I hereunto set my hand and affix my seal
this thirteenth day of October Anno Domino 1719.

Thomas Stokes, [skal]

Signed Delivered Published and declared by the Testator above
said as his Last Will and Testament in the presence of US Han-
nah Wright, James Childs, John Kay.

Proved before Isaac Secour Surrogate on the 9th day of April
1720, and probate sealed last of May 1720.

Recorded in Book 2 of Wills, page 138 in the office of the Pre-
rogative Court, at Trenton, New Jersey.


'Sarah Stokes, dau. of 'Thomas Stokes and ]Mary Bernard, m. ^^=^^-
Benjamin ]\Ioore, who came from Birmingham, Lincohishire,
England, and was the progenitor of the Moore family.

Children were —
^John, b. ; died unmarried.

'Benjamin, b. ; m. 1730, Rebecca Fennimore, ist; ni.

1754, Mary Allen (widow), 2d.
'Thomas, -b. ; m. Miriam Ridgway.

Joseph, b. ; m. Patience Woolman.

^Samuel, b. ; m. Abigail E^'ans.

'Sarah, b. ; m. Michael Mills.

^Elizabeth, b. ; m. John Collins (3d wife).

^Dorothy, b.
'Mary, b. ; m. Abraham Hewlings.

*Sarah died and Benjamin married Mercy Newberry. No
issue by 26. marriage. Benjamin deceased in 1754.

Rebecca Fenimore, the wife of 'Benjamin Moore, was th-
dau. of Joseph Fenimore and Sarah. Joseph was the son oi
Richard Fenimore, the progenitor of the Fenimore family.

Patience Woolman (born 10-27-1718), the wife of 'Joseph
Moore, was the dau. of Samuel Woolman and Elizabeth.
Samuel was the son of John Woolman, the progenitor of the
Woolman family, and Elizabeth Borton, the dau. of John Bor-
ton and Ann, the progenitor of the Borton family, who came
from the Parish of Aynhoe, in Northamptonshire, England.

John Collins, who married 'Elizabeth Moore, was the son of
Francis Collins, the progenitor of the Collins family, who came
from London (a bricklayer), son of Edward Collins and Mary,
of Oxfordshire, England, and Mary (Budd) Goslin, his second
wife, the dau. of Thomas Budd, and widow of Dr. John Gos-
lin, of Burlington, New Jersey,


'^^s^^- "Mary Stokes, dan. of 'Thomas Stokes and Mary Bernard^

m. John Hudson, son of
Children were —

'Mary, b. ; m. John Eves.

Unable to trace this family any further.

John Eves, who married ']\Iary Hudson, was the son of

Thomas Eves and Hannah , his first wife. Thomas was

the son of Thomas Eves, the progenitor of that family, who
came from London and settled at Burlington, New Jersey.

Pages. "John Stokes, son of 'Thomas Stokes and Mary Bernard, m,

Elizabeth Green, dau. of Thomas Green and Elizabeth.

Children were —
'John, Jr., b. 5, 16, 1713; m. 1740, Hannah Stogdelle, b. 1718.
'Mary, b. ; m. 1734, Edward Mullen.

'Elizabeth, b. ; m. Richard Blackham.

'Sarah, b. ; m. Isaac Rogers.

Pages. 'Joseph Stokes, son of 'Thomas Stokes and Mary Bernard,

m. Judith Lippincott, dau. of Freedom Lippincott and Mary

Children were —
'Samuel, b. 7, 16, 1711; m. 1741, Hannah Hinchman.
'Hannah, b. 3-2, 1713; m. 1733, Thomas Cole, ist

m. , John Goslin, 2nd.

'Mary, b. 9, 4, 1715; died in minority.
'Martha, b. i, 8, 1718; m. 1737, Mathew Allen.
'Rebecca, b. i, 28, 1720; m. 1741, Joshua Roberts.
'Judith, b. 4, 30, 1722; m. 1746, William Allen.
'Bathsheba, b. 9, 13, 1724; m. 1745, Isaac Evans.
'Nathan, b. 7, 14, 1728.

'Joseph, b. I, 22, 1730; m. 1757, Atlantic Bispham.
'Mary 2d, b. 3-10, 1732; m. 1758, Joseph Morgan (3d wife).

Judith died 6, 22, 1745, and 'Joseph married Ann Haines,
widow of John Haines, and dau. of John Ashard.

Children were —
'John, b. ; m. Mary Hatkinson.

'Thomas, b. ; m. Mary Chambers.

'Elizabeth, b. ; m. Isaac Rogers.

""Joseph deceased in 1760; Ann deceased 4, 10, 1796.


Isaac Evans, who married 'Bathsheba Stokes, was the son
of Isaac Evans and Hannah Roberts, the dau. of John Roberts
and Mary Elkinton, the dau. of George Elkinton, of BurHng-
ton, New Jersey, the progenitor of the Elkinton family. John
was the son of John Roberts and Sarah, the progenitors of the
Roberts family. Isaac Evans was the son of Thomas Evans
and Esther Haines, the dau. of John Haines and Esther Bor-
ton, the dau. of John Borton and Ann, the progenitors of the
Borton family. John Haines was the eldest son of Richard
Haines and Margaret, the progenitors of the Haines family,
who came from Aynhoe, a Parish in Northamptonshire, Eng-
land. Thomas Evans was the son of William Evans and Eliza-
beth, the progenitors of the Evans family in New Jersey, who
came from Wales, England, and settled at Evesham Alount,
and lived in a cave in the Mount, until a house was erected.
Elizabeth was an eminent minister in the Society of Friends.

Joshua Roberts, who married 'Rebecca Stokes, was the son
of John Roberts and Mary Elkinton, the dau. of George Elkin-
ton. the progenitor above. John was the son of John Roberts
and Sarah, the progenitors of the Roberts family.

Joseph iMorgan, who married 'Mary Stokes, was the son of
Alexander Morgan and Hannah Cooper, the dau. of Joseph
Cooper and Lydia Riggs (who was of Irish parentage). Joseph
was the son of ^^llliam Cooper and Margaret, the proginitors
of the Cooper family. Alexander Morgan was the son of
Griffith ]\Iorgan, the progenitor of that family, who came from
Wales, England, and Elizabeth Cole, the widow of Samuel Cole,
the progenitor of the Cole family, who came from Cole's Hill,
Hertfordshire, England.

Hannah Hinchman, the wife of 'Samuel Stokes, was the dau.

of John Hinchman, Jr., and Sarah , his first wife. (All

of his children were by the first wife.) John Jr., w^as the son
of John Hinchman, the progenitor of that family, and Sarah
Harrison, the dau. of Samuel Harrison, the progenitor of the


Harrison family, who came from England and settled on Long
Island. John Hinchman, Jr.'s, second wife was Elizabeth Smith,
widow of Isaac Smith, and dau. of James Norris and Sarah Kay,
and granddaughter of John Kay, the progenitor of the Kay fam-
ily in New Jersey, and son of Garvis Kay, of Holmforth, York-
shire, England, who was a descendant of Sir Kaye, a noted Brit-
on and Baronet of W^oodsome, in Yorkshire.

Thomas Cole, the first husband of 'Hannah Stokes, was the son
of Samuel Cole and Mary Kendall, the dau. of Thomas Kendall,
the progenitor of the Kendall family, and Mary Collins, the dau.
of Francis Collins, the progenitor of the Collins family, and Mary
Budd, his second wife, the dau. of Thomas Budd, and widow of
Dr. John Goslin, of Burlington, New Jersey. Samuel Cole was
the son of Samuel Cole and Elizabeth, the progenitors of the Cole
family, who came from Cole's Hill, Hertfordshire, England.

Atlantic Bispham, the wife of Joseph Stokes, was the dau. of
Joshua Bispham and Martha, and was born upon the Atlantic
Ocean. She was named by the Captain of the vessel, and was
given by him a costly dress when she arrived at w^omanhood.

Pages. 'Thomas Stokes, son of 'Thomas Stokes and Mary Bernard,

m. Deliverance Horner, dau. of Isaac Horner and Lydia, 1704.

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