Richard Lepsius.

Letters from Egypt, Ethiopia, and the peninsula of Sinai online

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Lybian side of the Nile, and in passing through the district of Batn el
hagcr, that one of the most considerable of the cataracts of the coun-
try occurs near Semne, a very old fortress, with a handsome temple,
built of sandstone, in a good state of preservation ; the track of the
caravan passing close to it, partly over the 4000-year-old artificial
road. The track on the eastern bank of the river is 'higher up, being
carried through the hills ; and you must turn off from it at this
point in order to see the cataract. This Nile-pass, the narrowest with
which I am acquainted, according to the measurement of Hr. Erbkam,
is 380 metres (1247 English feet) broad^; and both in itself, and on
account of the monuments existing there, is one of the most interest-

^ Bericht ijber die zur Bekantmachung geeigneten Verhandlungen
der Konigl. Preuss. Akademie der Wisseushatteu zu Berlin. Aus
dera Jahre, 1844.

'^ The breadth of the river itself. See Letter to Hr. Bockh, p. 27.


;ng localities in the country, and we passed twelve days in its exami-

"The river is here confined between steep rocky cliffs on both sides,
whose summits are occupied by two fortresses of the most ancient and