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ALLEY'S (Joseph, R. N.) Battles
of the Britis.a Navy. Revised
Edition, with 57 Steel Engravings.
2 vols. 5^. each.

History of Rome during the
Reigns of Constantius, Julian,
Jovianus, Valentinian, and Valens.

Translated by Prof. C. D. Yonge,
M.A. Ts. 6d.

ANDERSEN'S Danish Legends
and Fairy Tales. Translated
by Caroline Peachey. With 120
Wood Engravings. 5^-.

ANTONINUS (M. AxireUus), The
Thoughts of. Trans, literally,
with Notes and Introduction by
George Long, M.A. 35. 6d.

• The Argonautica.' Translated
by E. P. Coleridge, B.A. 5^.

APPIAN'S Roman History.
Translated by Horace White,
xM.A., LL.D. With Maps and
Illustrations. 2 vols. 6s. each.


Compri-sing the Golden AlSs, God
of Socrates, Florida, and Dis-
course of Magic. 55.

ARIOSTOS Orlando Furioso.
Translated into English Verse by
W. S. Rose. With Portrait, and 24
Steel Engravings. 2 vols. 5^-. each.

Translated by W. J. Hickie. a
vols. 5^. each.

Aft Alphabetical List of Booki

ARISTOTLE'S Nicomachean
Ethics. Translated, with Intro-
duction and Notes, by the Vener-
able Archdeacon Browne. 5.^.

ARISTOTLE'S Politics and
Ecoaomics. Translated by E.
Walford, MA., with Introduction
by Dr. Gillies. 5-f.

Metaphysics. Translated by

the Rev. John 11. M'Mahon,
M.A. 55. "

History of Animals. Trans.

by Richard Cresswell, M.A. 55.

~ Organon; or, Logical Trea-
tises, and the Introduction of
Porphyry. Translated by the
Rev. O. F. Owen, M.A. 2 vols.
3 J. ^d. each.

Rhetoric and Poetics.

Trans, by T. Buckley, B.A 5^.

ARRIAN'S Anabasis of Alex-
ander, together with the Indica.
Translated by E. J. Chinnock,
M.A., LL.D. With Maps and
Plans. 55-.

ATHEN^US. The Deipnoso-
phists; or, the Banquet of the
Learned. Trans, by Prof. C. D.
Yonge, M.A. 3 vols. ^s. each.

ATLAS of Classical Geography.
22 Large Coloured Maps. With a
Complete Index. Imp. 8vo. 'js. 6d.

BACON'S Moral and Historical
Works, including the Essays,
Apophthegms, Wisdom of the
Ancients, ""New Atlantis, Henry
VII., Henry VIII., Elizabeth,
Henry Prince of Wales, Histor)^
of Great Britain, Julius Ccesar,
and Augustus Csesar. Edited by
J. Devey, MA. 35. 6d.

Novum Organum and Ad-
vancement of Learning. Edited
by J. Devey, M.A. 5.^.

Peasanti-y of England. Edited
by Robert Bell. 3 J. 6d.

BASS'S Lexicon to the Greek

Testament. 2s.

BAX'S Manual of the History
of Philosophy, for the use of
Students. By E. Belfort Bax. z,s.

their finest Scenes, Lyrics, and
other Beauties, selected from the
whole of their works, and edited
by Leigh Hunt. 31. ()d.

Chamber Birds, their Natural
History, Habits, Food, Diseases,
and Modes of Capture. Translated,
with considerable additions on
Structure, Migration, and Eco-
nomy, by H. G. Adams. Together
with Sweet British Warblers.
W^ith 43 coloured Plates and
Woodcut Illustrations, ^s.

BECK MANN (J.) History of
Inventions, Discoveries, and
Origins 4th edition, revised by
W. Francis and J. W. Griffith.
2 vols. 3^. 6d. each.

BEDE'S (Venerable) Ecclesias-
tical History of England. To-
gether with the Anglo-Saxon
Chronicle. Edited by J. A.
Giles, D.C.L. With Map. 5:r.

BELL (Sir Charles). The Ana-
tomy and Philosophy of Ex-
pression, as connected with
the Fine Arts. By Sir Charles
Bell, K.H. 7th edition, revised.

BERKELEY (George), Bishop
of Cloyne, The Works of.
Edited by George Sampson. With
Biographical Introduction by the
Right Hon. A. J. Balfour, M.P.
3 vols. ^s. each.

BION. See Theocritus.

BJORN SON'S Arne and the

Fisher Lassie. Translated by
W. II. Low, M.A. 3x. 6d.
BLAIR'S Chronological Tables.
Revised and Enlarged. Compre-
hending the Chronology and His-

Contained in Bohn's Libraries.

toryof the World, from the Earliest
Times to the Russian Treaty of
Peace, April 1856. By J. Wil-
loughby Rosse. Double vol. \os.

BLAIR'S Index of Dates. Com-
prehending the principal Facts in
the Chronology and History of
the World, alphabetically ar-
ranged ; being a complete Index
to Blair's Chronological Tables.
By J. W. Rosse. 2 vols. ^s. each.

BLEEK, Introduction to the
Old Testament By Friedrich
Bleek. Edited by Johann Bleek
and Adolf Kamphausen. Trans-
lated by G. H, Yenables, under
the supervision of the Rev. Canon
\'enables. 2 vols. 55. each.

BOETHIUSS Consolation of
Philosophy. King Alfred's Anglo-
Saxon Version of. With a literal
English Translation on opposite
pages, Notes, Introduction, and
Glossary, by Rev. S. Fox, M.A.

BOHN'S Dictionary of Poetical
Quotations. 4th edition. 6j-.

Handbooks of Athletic

Sports. In 8 vols., each con-
taining numerous Illustrations.
1$. 6d. each.

I. — Cricket, Lawn Tennis,
Tennis, Rackets, Fives,
II. — Rowing and Sculling,

Sailing, Swimming.
III. — Boxing, BroadsM'ord,
Single Stick, &c.. Wrest-
ling, Fencing.
IV. — Rugby Football, Associa-
tion Football, Baseball,
Rounders, Field ball,
Quoits, Skittles, Bowls,
Curling. i

v.— Cycling, Athletics, Skat-
VI. — Practical Horsemanship,
including Riding for
Vn. — Camping Out, Canoeing.
VIII.— Gymnastics, Indian Clubs. |

BOHN'S Handbooks of Games.
New edition. In 2 vols., with
numerous Illustrations 31. 6d.

Vol. I.— Table Games :— Bil-
liards, Chess, Draughts, Back-
gammon, Dominoes, SoHtaire,
Reversi, Go-Bang, Rouge etNoir,
Roulette, E.G., Hazard, Faro.

Vol. II. — Card Games : —
Whist, Solo Whist, Poker, Piquet,
Ecarte, Euchre, Bezique, Crib-
bage. Loo, Vingt-et-un, Napoleon,
Newmarket, Pope Joan, Specula-
tion, &c., &c.

BOND'S A Handy Book of Rules
and Tables for verifying Dates
with the Christian Era, &c. Giving
an account of the Chief Eras and
Systems used by various Nations ;
with the easy Methods for deter-
mining the Corresponding Dates.
By J. J. Bond. 5.;.

BONOMI'S Nineveh and its
Palaces. 7 Plates and 294 Wood-
cut Illustrations, ^s.

BOSWELL'S Life of Johnson,
with the Tour in the Hebrides
and JOHNSONIANA. Edited by
the Rev. A. Napier, M.A. With
Frontispiece to each vol. 6 vols.
3^^. 6d. each.

BRAND'S Popular Antiquities
of England, Scotland, and Ire-
land. Arranged, revised, and
greatly enlarged, by Sir Henry
Ellis, K.H., F.R.S., &c., &c. 3
vols. 5j". each.

BREMER'S (Frederika) Works.
Translated by Mary Ilowitt. 4
vols. 35-. 6d. each.


Bell (Sir Charles) on the Hand.

With numerous Woodcuts. 5^-.

Kirby on the History, Habits,
and Instincts of Animals.
Edited by T. Rynier Jones.
With upwards of 100 Woodcuts.
2 vols. 5J-. each.

An Alphabetical List of Books

Bridgwater Treatises rt'n/zwM^t/. Hxj^kb-'s Wokks continued.

Kidd on the Adaptation of Ex-
ternal Natiire to tne Physical
Condition of Man. 3^. 6d.

Chalmers on the Adaptation
of External Na ure to the
Moral and InteUectual Gon-
stifeation of Man. 5^.

BRINK (B. ten). Early English
Literature. By Bernhard ten
Brink. Vol.1. ToWyclif. Trans-
lated by Horace M. Kennedy.
35. 6d.

Vol. II. Wyclif, Chaucer, Ear-
liest Drama, Renaissance. Trans-
lated by W. Clarke Robinson.
Ph.D. zs. bd.

Vol. III. From the Fourteenth

Century to the Death of Surrey.
Edited by Dr. Alois Brandl.
Trans, by L. Dora Schmitz.

3.. ed.

Five Lectures on Shake-
speare. Trans, by Julia Franklin.
3:r. ed.

BROWNE'S (Sir Thomas) Works
Edited by Simon Wilkin. 3 vols.
3^. 6d. each.

BUCHANAN'S Dictionary of
Science and Technical Terms
used in Philosophy, Literature,
Professions, Commerce, Arts, and
Trades. 6^.

BURKE'S Works. 6 vols. 31. 6d.
I. —Vindication of Natural So-
ciety — Essay on the Sub-
lime an 1 Beautiful, and
various Political Miscel-

II.— Reflections on the French
Revolution — Letters re-
laimj; to the Bristol Elec-
tion — Speech on Fox's
East India Bill, &c.

III. — Appeal from the New to the
Old Whigs — On the Na-
bob of Arcoi's Debts —
The Catholic Claims, iScc.

IV. — Report on the Affairs of
India, and Articles of
Charge against W^arren

V. — Conclusion of the Articles of
Charge against Warren
Hastings — Political Let-
ters on the American War,
on a Regicide Peace, to
the Empress of Russia.

VI. — Miscellaneous Speeches —
Letters and Fragments —
Abridgments of English
History, &c. W^ith a
General Index.

Speeches on the Impeach-
ment oi Warren Hastings ; and
Letters. With Index. 2 vols.

Life. By Sir T. Prior, y. 6d.


BURNEY S Evelina. By Frances
Burney (Mme. D'Arblay). With
an Introduction and Notes by
A. R. Ellis. 3J. 6d.

Cecilia. With an Introduc-
tion and Notes by A. R. Ellis.
2 vols. 3^. bd. each.

BURN (R.) Ancient Rome and
its Neigabourhood. An Illus-
trated Handbook to the Ruins in
the City and the Campagna, for
the use of Travellers. By Robert
Burn, M.A. With numerous
Illustrations, Maps, and Plans.
7J-. 6d.

BURNS (Robert), Life of. By
J. G. Lockhart, D.CL. A
new and enlarged Edition. Re-
vised by William Scott Douglas.
3^. 6^.

Contained in BoJins Libraries.


BURTON'S (Robert) Anatomy of
Melancholy, Edited by the Rev.
A. R. Shilleto, M.A. With In-
troduction by A. H. Bullen, and
full Index. 3 vols. TyS. 6d. each.

BURTON (Sir R. F.) Personal
Narrative of a Piigrimaga to
Al Madinah and Meccah. By
Captain Sir Richard F Burton,
K.C.M.G. With an Introduction
by Stanley Lane- Poole, and all
the original Illustrations. 2 vols.
3^. 6d. each.

*»* This is the copyright edi-
tion, containing the author's latest

BUTLER'S (Bishop) Analogy of
Religion, Natural and Revealed,
to the Constitution and Course of
Nature ; together with two Dis-
sertations on Personal Identity and
on the Nature of Virtue, and
Fifteen Sermons. 3i-. 6d.

BUTLER'S (Samuel) Hudibras.
With Variorum Notes, a Bio-
graphy, Portrait, and 28 Illus-
trations. 5J-.

or, further Illustrated with 60

Outline Portraits. 2 vols. ^s.

C^SAR. Commentaries on the
Gallic and Civil Wars. Trans-
lated by W. A. McDevitte, B.A.

CAMOENS' Lusiad ; or, the Dis-
cover} of India. An Epic Poem.
Translated by W. J. Mickle. 5th
Edition, revised by E. R. Hodges,
M C.P. 3^. 6d.

CaRAFAS (The) of Maddaloni.
Naples under Spanish Dominion.
Translated from the German of
Altred de Reumont. 3^-. 6d.


Zoology. Revised Edition, by

W. S. Dallas, F.LS. With very

numerous Woodcuts. Vol.1. 6s.

[ Vol, II. out of print.

CARPENTER'S Mechanical
Philosophy. Astronomy, and
Horology. 181 Woodcuts. 5^-.

Vegetable "Physiology and

Systematic Botany. Revised
Edition, by E. Lankester, M.D.,
&c. With very numerous Wood-
cuts. 6i-.

Animal Physiology. Revised

Edition. With upwards of 300
Woodcuts. 6j".

CARREL. History of the
Counter - Revolution in Eng-
land for the Re-establishment of
Popery under Charles If. and
James II., by Armand Carrel ;
together with Fox's History of
the Reign of James II. and Lord
Lonsdale's Memoir of the Reign
of James II. 3^. 6d.

CASTLE (E.) Schools and
Masters of Fence, from the
Middle Ages to the End of the
Eighteenth Century. By Egerton
Castle, M.A., F.S.A. With a
Complete Bioliography. Illustrated
with 140 Reproductions of Old
Engravings and 6 Plates of
Swords, showing 114 Examples.

CATTFRMOLE'S Evenings at
Haddon HaU. W th 24 En-
gravings on Steel from designs by
Cattermole, the Letterpress by the
Baroness de Carabella. 5^.

CATULLUS, Tibullus. and the
Vigil of Venus. A Literal Prose
Translation. 5^.

CELLINI (Beavenuto). Me-
moirs of, writtrn by Himself.
Translated by Thomas Roscoe.
3y. 6d.

CERVANTES' Don Quixote de
la Mancha Motteux's Trans-
lation revised. 2 vols. 3;. 6d.

Galatea. A Pastoral Ro-
mance. Translated by G. W. J.
Gyll. 35. 6d,


Aft Alphabetical List of Books

CERVANTES' Exemplary
Novels. Translated by Walter
K. Kelly. t,s. 6d.

CHAUCER'S Poetical Works.
Edited by Robert Bell. Revised
Edition, with a Preliminary Essay
by Prof. W. W. Skeat, M.A. 4
vols. ^s. 6d. each.


A Collection of the ( laiaes played.
Edited by J. Lowenthal. 55-,

CHEVREUL on Colour. Trans-
lated from the French by Charles
Martel. Third Edition, viith
Plates, 5^. ; or with an additional
series of 16 Plates in Colours,
•js. 6d.

of Protestants. A Safe Way to
Salvation. 35. 6ci.

CHINA, Pictorial, Descriptive,
and Historical. With Map and
nearly 100 Illustrations. 55-.

SADES. Contemporary Narra
lives of the Crusade of Richard
Cceur de Lion, by Richard of
Devizes and Geoffrey de Vinsauf ;
and of the Crusade at St. Louis,
by Lord John de Joinville. 5^-.

CICERO'S Orations. Translated
by Prof. C. D. Yonge, M.A. 4
vols. 5J-. each,

Letters. Translated by Evelyn

S. Shuckbnrgh. 4 vols. 5.?. each.
[ I^ols. I. and II. ready.

On Oratory and Orators.

With Letters to (^uintus and
Bruius. Translated by the Rev.
I. S. Watson, M.A. ^s.

On the Nature of the Gods,

Divination, Fate, Laws, a Re-
public, Consulship. Translated
by Prol. C F). Yonge, M.A., and
Francis Harham. ^s.

■ Academics, De Finibus, and

Tusculan Questions. By Prof.
Z. D. Yonge, M.A. 5.$-.

CICERO'S Offices ; or, Moral
Duties. Cato Major, an Essay
on Old Ai^e ; Lrelius, an Essay
on Friendship ; Scipio's Dream ;
Paradoxes ; Letter to Quinlus on
Magistrates. Tran.slated by C. R.
Edmonds. 3^'. 6d.



CLARK'S (Hugh) Introduction
to Heraldry. iSth Edition, Re-
vised and Enlarged by J. R.
Planche, Rouge Croix. With
nearly 1000 Illustrations. 5^. Or
with the Illustrations Coloured,

CLASSIC TALES, containing
Rasselas, Yicar of Wakefield,
CjuUiver's Travels, and The Senti-
mental Journey. 2^. 6d.

COLERIDGE'S (S. T.) Friend.
A Series of Essays on Morals,
Politics, and Religion. 3.^-. 6d,

Aids to Reflection, and the


Spirit, to which are added the
Essays on Faith and the Book
OF Common Prayer, y. 6d.

Lectures and Notes on

Shakespeare and other English
Poets. Edited by T. Ashe 3.^. 6^/.

- Biographia Literaria ; to-
gether with Two Lay Sermons.
3i. 6d.

Table- Talk, and Omniana.

Edited by T. Ashe, I>.A, p. 6d.

Miscellanies, iEsthetic and

Literary : to which is added,
The Theory of Life Col-
lected and arranged by T. Ashe,
B.A. 3s. 6d.

COMTE'S Positive Philosophy.
Translated and condensed by
Harriet Martineau. With Intro-
duction by Frederic Harrison.
3 vols. 5,f. each.

Contained in Bohn^s Lih^aries.

COMTE'S Philosophy of the

Sciences, being an Exposition of
the Principles of the Cows de
Philosophie Positive. By G. H.
Lewes. 55.

CONDE'S History of the Do-
minion of the Arabs in Spain.
Translated by Mrs. Foster. 3
vols. 3J-. bd. each.

COOPER'S Biographical Dic-
tionary. Containing Concise
Notices (upwards of 15,000) of
Eminent Persons of all Ages and
Countries. By Thompson Cooper,
F.S.A. With a Supplement,
bringing the work down to 1883.
2 vols. 5j. each.

COWPER'S Complete Works.
Edited by Robert Southey. Illus-
trated with 45 Engravings. 8 vols.
3j. dd. each.

I. to IV. — Memoir and Corres-
V. and VI. — Poetical Works.
VII. and VIII. —Translation of
Homei's Iliad and

COXE'S Memoirs of the Duke of
Marlborough. With his original
Correspondence. By W. Coxe,
M.A., F.R.S. Revised edition
by John Wade. 3 vols. 35-. 6^.

* ^ An Atlas of the plans of
Marlborough's campaigns, 410.
\os. 6d.

■ History of the House of

Austria (12 1 8-1 792). With a
Continuation from the Accession
of Francis I. to the Revolution of
1848. 4 vols, T,s. 6d. each.

CRAIK^S(G.L.) Pursuit of Know-
ledge under Diflaculties. Illus-
trated by Anecdotes and Memoirs.
Revised edition, with numerous
Woodcut Portraits and Plates. 5.^.

CRUIKSHANK'S Three Courses
and a Dessert; comprising three
Sets of Tales, West Country,

Irish, and Legal ; and a Melange.
With 50 humorous Illustrations
by George Cruikshank. 5^-.

Judy. The Dialogue of the
Puppet Show ; an Account of its
Origin, &c. With 24 Illustra-
tions, and Coloured Plates, de-
signed and engraved by G. Cruik-
shank. 5J-.

CUNNINGHAM'S Lives of the
Most Eminent British Painters.
A New Edition, with Notes and
Sixteen fresh Lives. By Mrs.
Heaton. 3 vols. 3^. 6d. each.

DANTE. Divine Comedy. Trans-
lated by the Rev. \\. F. Gary,
M.A. 3^. 6d

Translated into English Verse

by I. C. Wright, M.A. 3rd Edi-
tion, revised. With Portrait, and
34 Illustrations on Steel, after

The Inferno. A Literal Prose

Translation, with the Text of the
Original printed on the same page.
By John A. Carlyle, M.D. 55-.

The Purgatorio. A Literal

Prcse Translation, with the Text
printed on the same page. By
W. S. Dugdale. 5^. '

DE COMMINES (Philip), Me-
moirs of. Contamingthe Histories
of Louis XI. and (. harles VIII.,
Kings of France, and Charles
the Bold, Duke of Burgundy.
Together with the Scandalous
Chronicle, or Secret History ol
Louis XI., by Jean de Troyes.
Translated by Andrew R. Scoble.
With Portraits. 2 vols. t,s. 6d.

DEFOE'S Novels and Miscel-
laneous Works. \Mih Prefaces
and Notes, including those attri-
buted to Sir W. Scott. 7 vols.
3 J. 6d. each.

I. — Captain Singleton, and
Colonel Jack.

An Alphabetical List of Books

DEFOfi's Novels &c., contimied.
II. — Memoirs of a Cavalier,
Captain Carleton,
Dickory Cronke, &c.
III.— Moll Flanders, and the

History of the Devil.
IV. — Roxana, and Life of Mrs.
Christian Davies.
V. — History of the Great Plague
of London, 1665 ; The
Storm (1703) ; and the
True-born Englishman.
VI. — Duncan Campbell, New
Voyage round the
World, and Political
VII. — Robinson Crusoe.

BE LOLME on the Constitution
of England. Edited by John
Macgregor. 3^. dd.

DEMMIN'S History of Arms
and Armour, from the Earliest
Period. By Auguste Demmin.
Translated by C. C. Black, M.A.
With nearly 20CO Illustrations.

is. ed.

Translated by C. Rann Kennedy.
5 vols. Vol. L, 35-. 6d. ; Vols.
II.-V., 5i-. each.

DE STAEL'S Corinne or Italy.
By Madame de Stael. Trans-
lated by Emily Baldwin and
Paulina Driver. 3^-. 6d.

DEVET?'S Logic, or the Science
of Inference. A Popular Manual.
By J. Devey. ^s.

DICTIONARY of Latin and
Greek Quotations ; including
Proverbs, Maxims, Mottoes, Law
Terms and Phrases. With all the
Quantities marked, and English
Translations. With Index Verb-
orum (622 pages). 5^".

DICTIONARY of Obsolete and
Provincial English. Compiled
by Thomas Wright, M.A., F.S.A.,
&c. 2 vels. 5^. each.

DIDRON'S Christian Icono-
graphy : a History of Christian
Art in the Middle Ages. Trans-
lated by E. J. Millington and
completed by Margaret Stokes.
With 240 Illustrations. 2 vols.
5^-. each.

and Opinions of the Ancient
Philosophers. Translated by
Prof. C. D. Yonge, M.A. 5^.

DOBREJL'S Adversaria. Edited
by the late Prof. Wagner. 2 vols.
^s. each.

D ODD'S Epigrammatists. A
Selection from the Epigrammatic
Literature of Ancient, Mediaeval,
and Modern Times. By the Rev.
Henry Philip Dodd, M.A. Ox-
ford. 2nd Edition, revised and
enlarged. 6s.

DONALDSON'S The Theatre of
the Greeks. A Treatise on the
History and Exhibition of the
Greek Drama. With numerous
Illustrations and 3 Plans. By John
William Donaldson, D.D. 5^-.

DRAPER'S History of the
Intellectual Development of
Europe. Byjohn William Draper,
M.D., LL.D. 2 vols. 5^-. each.

DUN LOP'S History of Fiction.
A new Edition. Revised by
Henry Wilson. 2 vols. 5 J. each.

DYER (Dr. T. H.). Pompeii : its
Buildings and Antiquities. By
T. H. Dyer, LL.D. With nearly
300 Wood Engravings, a large
Map, and a Plan of the Forum.
is. 6d.

The City of Rome : its History

and Monuments. With Illustra-
tions. 5j-.

DYER (T. F. T.) British Popular
Customs, Present and Past.
An Account of the various Games
and Customs associated with Dif-
ferent Days of the Year in the

Containea in Bohn's Libraries.


British Isles, arranged according
to the Calendar. By the Rev.
T. F. Thiselton Uyer, M.A. 5^-.

TINE. Edited by Thomas
Wright, M.A. With Map of
Jerusalem. 5^-.

EBERS' Egyptian Princess. An
Historical Novel. By George
Ebers. Translated by E. S.
Buchheim. 3^-. 6d.

EDGE WORTH'S Stories for
Children. With 8 Illustrations
by L Speed, ^s. 6d.

ELZE'S William Shakespeare.
— See Shakespeare.

EMERSON'S Works. 3 vols.
T,s. 6d. each.
I. — Essays, Lectures, and Poems.
II. — English Traits, Nature, and
Conduct of Life.
III. - Societyand Solitude — Letters
and Social Aims— Miscel-
laneous Papers (hitherto
uncollected) — May Day,
and other Poems.

ELLIS (G.) Specimens of Early
English Metrical Romances.
With an Historical Introduction
on the Rise and Progress of
Romantic Composition in France
and England. Revised Edition.
By J. O. Halliwell, F.R.S. 5.^.

ENNEMOSER'S History of
Magic. Translated by William
Howitt. 2 vols. 5.^. each.

EPICTETUS. The Discourses of.
With the Encheiridion and
Fragments. Translated by George
Long, M.A. 5^.

EURIPIDES. A New Literal
Translation in Prose. By E. P.
Coleridge, M.A. 2 vols. 55'. each.

EUTROPIUS.— .S'(j^ Justin.

Ecclfesiastical History of. Trans-
lated by Rev. C. F. Cruse, M.A. 5.^.

EVELYN'S Diary and Corre-
spondence. Edited from the
Original MSS. by W. Bray,
F.A.S. With 45 Engravings. 4
vols. 5J-. each.

FAIRHOLT'S Costume in Eng-
land. A History of Dress to the
end of the Eighteenth Century.
3rd Edition, revised, by Viscount
Dillon, V.P.S.A. Illustrated with
above 700 Engravings. 2 vols.
5^-. each.

FIELDING'S Adventures of
Joseph Andrews and his Friend
Mr Abraham Adams. With
Cruikshank's Illustrations. ;^s.6d.

History of Tom Jones, a

Foundling. With Cruikshank's
Illustrations. 2 vols. y. 6d. each.

Amelia. With Cruikshank's

Illustrations 5^.

FLAXMAN'S Lectures on Sculp-
ture. By John Flaxman, R.A.
With Portra'it and 53 Plates. 6s.

Chronicle, with the Two Con-
tinuations : comprising Annals of
English History, from the De-
parture of the Romans to the
Reign of Edward I. Translated
by Thomas Forester, M.A. 5^-.

FOSTER'S (John) Life and Cor-
respondence Edited by J. E.
Ryland. 2 voL. y. dd. each.

— — Lectures delivered at Broad-
mead Chapel. Edited by J. E.
Ryland. 2 vols. 3^. dd. each.

Critical Essays. Edited by

J. E. Ryland. 2 vols. y. 6d.
each. .

Essays : on Decision of Cha-
racter ; on a Man's writing Me-
moirs of Himself; on the epithet
Romantic ; on the aversion of
Men of Taste to Evangelical Re-
ligion. 2^. 6d.

Essays on the Evils of Popular

Ignorance ; to which is added, 3,


An Alphabetical List oj Books

Discourse on the Propagation of
Christianity in India. 3^-. bd.

FOSTER'S Essays on the Im-
provement of Time. With Notes
OF Sermons and other Pieces.
3.. 6^.

Fosteriana. Selected and

Edited by Henry G. Bohn. y. 6d.

GASPARY'S History of Italian
Literature. Translated by Her-
mann Oelsner, M.A., Ph.D.
Vol. I. [Preparing.

Chronicle of. — See Six O. E.

tertaining Moral Stories invented
by the Monks. Translated by the
Rev. Charles Swan. Revised
Edition, by Wynnard Hooper,
B.A. 5^.

GILD AS, Chronicles oi.—See Six
O. £. C /iron ides.

GIBBON'S Decline and FaU of
the Roman Empire. Complete
and Unabridged, with Variorum
Notes. Edited by an English
Churchman. With 2 Maps and
Portrait. 7 vols. y. 6d. each.

GILBART'S History, Principles,
and Practice of Banking. By
the late J. W. Gilbart, F.R.S.
New Edition, revised by A. S.
Michie. 2 vols. los.

GIL BLAS, The Adventtires of.
Translated from the French of
Lesage by Smollett. With 24
Engravings on Steel, after Smirke,
and 10 Etchings by George Cruik-
shank. 6s.

Historical Works. Translated
by Th. Forester, M.A., and Sir
R. Colt Hoare Revised Edition,
Edited by Thomas Wright, M.A.,
f.S.A. 5..

GOETHE'S Works. Translated
into English by various hands.
14 vols. 35-. 6d. each

I. and II. — Autobiography and
III. — Faust. Two Parts, com-
plete. (Swan wick.)
IV. — Novels and Tales.
V. — Wilhelm Meister's Appren-
VI. — Conversations with Ecker-
mann and Soret.
VIII. — Dramatic Works.
IX.— Wilhelm Meister's Travels.
X. — Tour in Italy, and Second
Residence in Rome.
XI. — Miscellaneous Travels.
XII. — Early and Miscellaneous

XIII — Correspondence with Zelter.

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