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POPE'S Poetical Works. Edited,
with copious Notes, by Robert
Carruthers. With numerous Illus
trations. 2 vols. 5^-. each.

Homer's Iliad. Edited by

the Rev. J. S. Watson, MA.
Illustrated by the entire Series of
Flaxman's Designs, i^s.

Homer's Odyssey, v/ith the

Battle of Frogs and Mice, Hymns,
&c., by other translators. Edited
by the Rev. J. S. Watson, M.A.
With the entire Series of Flax-
man's Designs, ^s.

Life, including many of his

Letters. By Robert Carruthers.
With numerous Illustrations. 5.^.

POUSHKIN'S Prose Tales: The
Captain's Daughter — Doubrovsky
— The Queen of Spades — An
Amateur Peasant Girl — The Shot
—The Snow Storm— The Post-
master — The Coffin Maker —
Kirdjali — The Egyptian Nights-
Peter the Great's Negro. Trans-
lated by T. Keane. 3.^. 6d.

PROPERTIUS. Translated by
Rev, P. J. F. Gantillon, M.A.,
and accompanied by Poetical
Versions, from various sources.
3^. 6d.

PROVERBS, Handbook of. Con-
taining an entire Republication
of Ray's Collection of English
Proverbs, with his additions from


An AlpJiabetical List of Books

Foreign Languages and a com-
plete Alphabetical Indi.'x; in which
are introduced large additions as
well of Proverbs as of Sayings,
Sentences, Maxims, and Phrases,
collected by H. G. Bohn. 5^-.

PROVERBS, A Polyglot of
Foreign. Comprising French,
Italian, German, Dutch, Spanish,
Portuguese, and Danish. With
English Translations & a General
Index by H. G Bohn 5^.


and other Objects of Vertu. Com-
prising an Illustrated Catalogue of
the Bernal Collection of Works
of Art, with the prices at which
they were sold by auction, and
names of the possessors. To which
are added, an Introductory Lecture
on Pottery and Porcelain, and an
Engraved List of all the known
Marks and Monograms. By Henry
G. Bohn. With numerous Wood
Engravings, 5^. ; or with Coloured
Illustrations, \Os. 6d.

PROUT'S (Father) Rellques. Col-
lected and arranged by Rev. F.
Mahony. Copyright edition with
the Author's last corrections and
additions. New issue, with 21
Etchmgs by D. Maclisc, R.A.
Nearly 600 pages. 5^.

QUINTILIAN'S Institutes of

Oratory, or Education of an

Orator. Translated by the Rev.

.S. Watson, M.A. 2 vols. 5^-.


RACINE'S (Jean) Dramatic
Works. A metrical English ver-
sion. By R. Bruce Boswell, M.A.
Oxon. 2 vols. 3J. 6d. each.

RANKE'S History of the Popes,
their Church and State, and espe-
cially of their Conflicts with Pro-
testantism in the 1 6th and 17th
centuries. Translated by E.
Foster. 3 vols. 3^^. 6d. each.

RANKE'S History of the Latin
and Teutonic Nations, 1494-
15 14. Trans, by P. A. Ash worth.
Zs. 6d.

History of Servia and the

Servian Revolution. With an
Account of the Insurrection in
Bosnia. Translated by Mrs. Kerr.
3J. td.

REUMONT (Alfred de). See


By ' Craven.' With 62 Engravings
on Wood after Harvey, and 9
Engravings on Steel, chiefly after
A Cooper, R.A. 5^.

RENNIE'S Insect Architecture.
Revised and enlarged by Rev.
J. G. Wood, M.A. With 186
Woodcut Illustration*!. 55.

REYNOLD'S (Sir J.) Literary
Works. Edited byH.W. Beechy.
2 vols. 35. 6a. each.

RICARDO on the Principles of
Pohtical Economy ana Taxa-
tion. Edited by E. C. K. Conner,
M.A. 5^.

RICHTER (Jean Paul Friedrich).
Levana, a Treatise on Education:
together with the Autiobiography
(a Fragment), and a short Pre-
fatory Memoir. 3J, 6d.

Flower, Fruit, and Thorn

Pieces, or the Wedded Lifc.Death,
and Marriage of Firmian Stanis-
laus Siebenkaes, Parish Advocate
in the Parish of Kuhschnappel.
Newly translated by Lt. -Col. Alex.
Ewing. y. 6d.

nals of English History, com-
prising the History of England
and of other Countries of Europe
from A. D. 732 to A. D. 1201.
Translated by H T. Riley, M.A.
2 vols. $s. each.

Contained in Bo/in's Libraries.


Flowers of History, comprising
the History of England from the
Descent uf the Saxons to a.d.
1235, formerly ascribed to Matthew
Paris. Translated by J. A. Ciiles,
D.C.L. 2 vols. 5^. each.

CENTURY. 1 ontaining a com-
pleie Account of the Ruins of the
Ancient City, the Remains of the
Middle Ages, and the Monuments
of Modern Times. By C. A. Eaton.
With 34 Sttel Engravings 2 vols.
51. each.

See Burn and Dyer.

ROSCOE'S (W.) Life and Ponti-
ficate of Leo X. Final edition,
revised by Thomas Roscoe. 2
vols. 3'. dd. each.

Life of Lorenzo de' Medici,

called ' the Magnificent.' With
his poems, letters, dx. loth
Edition, revised, with Memoir of
Roscoe by his Son. y. 6d.

RUSSIA History of, from the
earliest Period, compiled from
the most authentic sources by
Walter K. Kelly. With Portraits.
2 vols. 35-. 6d. each.

Translated by J. S.Watson, M.A.

SCHILLER'S Works. Translated
by various hands. 7 vols. 3J. 6d.
each : —

I. — History of the Thirty Years'

II.— History of the Revolt in the
Netherlands, the Trials of
Counts Egmont and Horn,
the Siege of Antwerp, and
the Dii-turbances in France
preceding the Reign of
Henry IV.

Schiller's Works continued.

III. — Don Carlos, Mary Stuart,
Maid of Orleans, Bride of
Messina, together with the
Use of the Chorus in
Tragedy (a short Essay).
These Dramas are all
translated in metre.

IV.— Robters (with Schiller's
original Preface), Fiesco,
Love and Intrigue, De-
metrius, Ghost Seer, Sport
of Divinity.

The Dramas in this
volume are translated into
V. — Poems.

VI. — Essays, /Esthetica 1 and Philo-
VII. — Wallenstein's Camp, Pic-
colomini and Death of
Wallenstein, William Tell.

Correspondence between, from
A.D. 1794- 1805. Translated by
L. Dora Schmitz. 2 vols. 35-. 6d.

SCHLEGEL'S (F.) Lectures on
the Philosophy of Life and the
Philosophy of Language. Trans-
lated by the Rev. A. J . W. Mor-
rison, M.A. 3^. 6d.

Lecttires on the History of

Literatiire, Ancient and Modern.
Translated from the German. ■^s.6d.

Lecttires on the Philosophy

of History. Translated by J. B.
Robertson. 3^. 6d.

Lectures on Modern History,

together with the Lectures entitled
Caesar and Alexander, and The
Beginning of our History, trans-
lated by L. Purcell and R. H,
Whitetock, y. 6d.

Esthetic and Miscellaneous

Works. Translated by E. J.
Millington, 3^. 6d,


An Alphabetical List of Books

SCHLEGEL (A. W ) Lectures
on Dramatic Art and Literature.
Translated by [. Black. Revised
Edition, by the Rev. A. J. W.
Morrison, M.A. y. 6d.

fold Root of the Principle of
Sufficient Reason, and On the
Will in Nature. Translated by
Madame Hillebrand. ^s.

Essays. Selected and Trans-
lated. With a Biographical Intro-
duction and Sketch of his Philo-
sophy, by E. Belfort Bax. 5.^.

SCHOUW'S Earth, Plants, and
Man. Translated by A. llenfrey.
With coloured Map of the Geo-
graphy of Plants. 55.

SCHUMANN (Robert). His Life
and Works, by August Reissmann.
Translated by A. L. Alger. 3i^. ()d.

Early Letters. Originally pub-

blished by his Wife. Translated
by May Herbert. With a Preface
by Sir George Grove, D.C L.
2s. 6d.

SENECA on Benefits. Newly
translated by A. Stewart, M.A.
3^. 6d.

Minor Essays and On Clem-
ency. Translated by A. Stewart,
M.A. 5.r.

Art. The History and Character
of Shakespeare's Plays. By Dr.
Hermann Ulrici. Translated by
L. Dora Schmitz. 2 vols. 3^-. 6d.

Literary Biography by Karl Elze,
Ph.D., LL.D. Translated by
L. Dora Schmitz. 5J-.

SHARPE (S.) The History of
Egypt, from the Earliest Times
till the Conquest by the Arab'?,
A.u. 640. By Samuel Sharpe.
2 Maps and upwards of 400 Illus-
trative Woodcuts. 2 vols. 5^. each.

SHERIDAN'S r r^matic Works,
Complete. W^ith Li^'e by G. G. S.
3.. 6d.

SISMONDI'S History of the
Literature of the South of
Europe. Translated by Thomas
Roscoe. 2 vols. 35'. 6'/. each.

ICLES : viz., Asser's Life of
Alfred and theChroniclesof
Ethei werd, Gildas, Nennius,
Geoffrey of Monmouth, and
Richard of Cirencester.
Edited by J. A. Gdes, D.C. L. 5-r.

or Kinnred Words and their
Oppositea, Collected and Con-
trasted by Ven. C.J. Smith, M.A.
Revised Edition. 5^-.

SMITH'S (Adam) The Wealth of
Nations. Edited by E. Belfort
Bax. 2 vols. 3r. 6d. each.

Theory of Moral Sentiments ;

with his Essay on the For-
mation of Languages ; to which is
added a Memoir of the Author by
Dugald Stewart, y. 6d.

SMYTH'S (Professor) Lectures
on Modern History; from the
Irruption of the Northern Nations
to the close of the American Re-
volution. 2 vols. 3^. 6d. each.

Lectures on the French Re-
volution. 2 vols. T)S. 6d. each.

SMITH'S ( Pye ) Geology and
Scripture. 2nd Edition. 5^.

SMOLLETT'S Adventures of
Roderick Random. With short
Memoir and Bil)liography, and
Cruikshank's Illustrations. 35-. 6d.

Adventures of Peregrine

Pickle, in which are included the
Memoirs of a Lady of Quality.
With Bibliography and Cruik-
shank's Illustrations. 2vols. T,s.6d.

Contained in Bohns Libraries.


SMOLLETT'S The Expedition
of Humphry Clinker. With
Bibliography and Cruikshank's
Illustrations. 3X. (>d.

SOCRATES (surnamed Scholas-
ticus '). The Ecclesiastical His-
tory of (a. d. 305-445). Translated
from the Greek, ^s.

SOPHOCLES. The Tragedies of.
A New Prose Translation, with
Memoir, Notes, &c., by E. P.
Coleridge. 5^-.

The Oxford Translation. 5^.

SOUTH EY'S Life of Nelson.
With Facsimiles of Nelson's writ-
ing, Portraits, Plans, and upwards
of 50 Engravings on Steel and
Wood. 5J-.

Life of Wesley, and the Rise

and Progress of Methodism. 5j-.

Robert Southey. The Story

of his Life written in his Letters.
With an Introduction. Edited by
John Dennis, y. 6d.

SOZOMEN'S Ecclesiastical His-
tory. Comprising a History of
the Church from A. D. 324-440.
Translated from the Greek. To-
gether with the Ecclesiastical
History of Philostorgius, as
epitomised by Photius. Trans-
lated from the Greek by Rev. E.
Walford, M.A. 5?.

SPINOZA S Chief Works. Trans-
lated, with Introduction, by R.H.M.
Elwes. 2 vols. 5^. each.

STANLEY'S Classified Synopsis
of the Principal Painters of the
Dutch and Flemish Schools.
By George Stanley. 5j".

STARLING'S (Miss) Noble Deeds
of Women ; or, Examples of
Female Courage, Fortitude, and
Virtue. With 14 Steel Engrav-
ings. $s.

STAUNTON'S Chess - Player's
Handbook. A Popular and Scien-
tific Introduction to the Game.
With numerous Diagrams, ^s.

Chess Praxis. A Supplement

to the Chess-player's Handbook.
Containing the most important
modern improvementsin the Open-
ings ; Code of Chess Laws ; and
a Selection of Morphy's Games.

Online LibraryRichard LepsiusLetters from Egypt, Ethiopia, and the peninsula of Sinai → online text (page 53 of 54)