Richard Lepsius.

Letters from Egypt, Ethiopia, and the peninsula of Sinai online

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by the Normans, the next conquerors, and was still more ge-
nerally adopted, Without entering into furtiier details, it
seems to me scarcely possible to indicate any historical con-
nexion of the Norman pointed arch of Palermo with our
style of ix)inted arch of the twelfth and thirteenth centuries.
The acceptance of such a connexion would be still more diffi-
cult for the explanation of the rows of pointed arches to be
found already much earlier in Germany, which are sporadic,
but still according to rule; those, for example, in the cathe-
dral of Naumburg as early as the eleventh century, and in
Meraleben even in the tenth. Theorists do not indeed admit
this yet, but 1 am still waiting for a refutation of the argu-
ments 1 have brought forward.*

The Nilometer on the island of Koda, which we visited

• Compare my e.«say, Utber die ausgedehnte Anwendung des SpitZ'
boqcns in I),ul.