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Thompson Byron, farmer, h w s Bluffton Phink Eoad s of T , W & W
R. R. Track

Thompson Jeremiah, porter, 18 W. Berry, h a w c Monroe and Lewis

Thompson Joseph, moider, h 215 Lafayette

Thompson Nelson, paver, bds n e c Water and Clinton

Thompson Peter, paver, bds nee Water and Clinton

Thompson Thomas, laborer, h 215 Lafayette

Threadgall James, blacksmith, bds John W. Threadgall's

Threadgall John W. janitor, h s s Pritchard b Broadwav and Jackson

Threadgall Martha E. h 220 W. Wayne

Thumm Jacob, (J. C. Pfeiffer & Co.) res country

Tickenbro F. helper, wks P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. Car Shop

Tickler VVm. E. miller h 256 W. Jefferson

Tiemann Wm. laborer, h 234 W. Washington

Tiemon Fred, carpenter, h 26 Wall

Tierny T. laborer, wks P., Ft. VY. & C. R. R Shops

Tigar John, (Freeman, T. & Co.) h 163 B. Berry

Tigar Thos. (Tripp & T.) h 163 E. Berry

Tigges Wm. h 141 E. Washington

Tilker Chas. carpenter, h s e c Washington and Nelson

Tilton J. J. conductor, bds 148 Harrison

Timme B. teamster. City Mills

Timmey Josie, chambermaid, Aveline House

Timmis yVm. fireman, h n s Buchanan b Lafayette and Cass, Lasselle's

Tinkham M. H. engineer, h 38 Wilt

Tinney H. carpenter, wks P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. Car Shop

Titus Theodore, foreman, h n w c Chicago and Webster

Tochlerman G. saloon, n w c Hanna and Wallace

Tochtermann Gottleib, saloon, n w c Hanna and Wallace

Todd Robt. (Fronefield & T.) h 26 W. Water
Poland Hannah, widow, h n e c Chicago and Harrison

Toledo, Wabash & Western Railway, Freight Depot and Office, on Rail-
road Track b Calhoun and Harrison


Car, Blacksmith, Paint Shop, Round House and Yard, on Railroad
Track, west of Ewing

Tombaugh Thomas C. ftirmer, h n s Holman b Lafeyette and Clay

Tone Julius, boiler maker, bds 167 Holman

Tonna Julius, laborer, wks Bass & Hanna's

Tons Henry, insurance solicitor and notary public, 50 Calhoun, h 80 W.

Toohey Patrick, laborer, h s s Melita b Webster and Hoagland

Toomey Thomas, laborer, h 175 E. Washington

Torman Henry, carpenter, h s s Maumee Road e of Corp. Line

TOWER B. H., Manufacturer and Dealer in Furniture ; also Under-
taker, 59 Columbia ; h 96 Lafayette

Tower B. H., Jr. clerk 59 Columbia, bds 96 Lafayette

Tower Floyd F. clerk, bds 145 W. Washington

Towne D. H. bonnet bleacher, 86 Calhoun

Townley Robt. W. (T. DeWald, Bond & Co.) res Elizabeth, N. J
Township Trustee's Office, 78 Columbia, John G. Maier, Trustee

— 1


TOWNLEY, DE WALD, BOND & CO., (Bobt. W. T, Geo.

DcW., Henry W. B., John C. Goodrich &, K. A. Greene) Dealers iu

Staple and Fancy Dry Goods, Cloaks, >Jantillas, Carpets, Oil Cloths,

&e., 105 and 107 Columbia, corner Calhoun
Traub L. saddles, 92 Columbia, h w s McClellan b Lewis and Douglas Av
Trauerman Isaac, (L. Dessauer & Co.) h 92 W. Main
Travelbee John, shoe maker, h 90 W. Water
Trcep Anna, h w s Barr b AV^ayne and Washington

Treep Mary, widow, boarding house, w s Barr b Wayne and Washington
Trees James, watchman, h e s Pine b T., W. & W. K. -R, and Locust
Trommel C. coppersmith, wks P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. Coppersmith Shop
Tremmel Conrad, laborer, has Hanna b Jones and Grant
Tremmel John, helper, h e s Hanna b Jones and Grant
TRENAM GEO., Architect, Room 2, Ewing's Hall Building, s w c

Main and Harrison ; h n s Main b Fulton and Broadway
Trenchett Frank, engineer, wks N. G. Olds & Son's
Trenkley Celestin, (T. &, Scherzinger) bds Mayer House
Trenkley & Scherzinger, (Celestin T. & Primus S.) jewelry, w s Calhoun

b Berry and Wayne
Trentman August C. (B. Trentman & Son) h u w c Harrison and Water
Trentman B. H. 51 Clay, h 151 E. Wayne^
TRENTMAN B. & SON, (Bernard & August) Wholesale Grocers

and Dealers iu Liquors, 56 Calhoun
Trentman Bernard, (B. T. & Son) h 10 W. Water
Trentman Bernard, Jr. clerk 56 Calhoun, bds 10 W. Water
Trentman Henry, (Clark & T.) h 10 W. Water
Trentman J. H. bakery, 19 W. Wayne, bds 27 W. Berry
Trentman John, h 151 E. Wayne
Treseler Frederick, laborer, h 156 Ewing
Treseler Henry, plasterer, h 156 Ewing
Tressel Herman, butcher, bds Fred. Eckert's
Tressel Philip, baker, wks Stoner & Wigent's
Tressell H. carpenter, wks P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. Car Shop
TRESSELT & BOTH, (Chas. T. & Theodore B.) Importers and

AVholesale and Retail Dealers in China, Glass, Queensware, Lamps,

Cutlery, &c., 69 Columbia
Tresselt Chas. (T. & Both) h 88 E. Jefferson
Tresselt Christian, (Siemon, Bro. & Co.) h 55 E. Jefferson
Tresselt Herman, butcher, bds Fred. Eckard's
Tressle Geo. laborer, wks N. G. Olds & Son's

Treuchet Celestin, carpenter, h e s Lafayette b Buchanan and Lasselle
Trier Henry, (T. & Tagmeyer) h s w c Water and Ewing
TRIER & TAGMEYER, (Henry T. & David T.) Shingle and

Lath Manufacturers, n w c Ewing and W. & E. Canal

Trimble , carpenter, wks 0. D. Hurd's

Trimble Marion, brakemaa, bds 224 Lafayette
Trimble Rebecca, seamstress, bds 92 E. Lewis
Trimble Samuel, carpenter, h 92 E. Lewis
Trioup Fred, watchman, N. G. Olds & Sou's
Tripp Rickerson M. (T. & Tigar) h 30 Madison

TRIPP & TIGAR, (Rickerson M. T. & Thos. T.) Shirt Manufac-
turers and Dealers iu Gents' Furnishing Goods, n w c Calhoun and

Troeller Emil, shoe maker, bds 101 W. Washington




3 69


Trout E. drayman, h s s Washington b Clay and Mo

Troutniau Fred, baker, wks Stoner & Wigeut's

Troutiuann Jacob, teamster, h 122 E. Wayne

Troutmann John, teamster, h 122 B. Wayne

Trowbridge Addison, h e s Barr b Main and Columbia

Truchet Frank, engineer, h s e c Lasselle and Cass, Lasselle's Addition

Tubbs , miller, h s s Pearl b Maiden Lane and Cass

Tuiberg Maurice, laborer, h n s Hough b Clay and Monroe

Tulley John, fireman, bds John W. Deeter's

Tully J. machinist, wks P., Ft. W. & C. 11. II. Round House

Tully T. engineer, P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. Co

Tunison Mrs. N. Y. restaurant, w s Calhoun b Baker and Railroad

Tunisou Wm. F. clerk, w s Calhoun b Baker and Railroad

Turberg Maurice, lamplighter, wks Ft. Wayne Gas Light Works

Turbett Geo. W. carpenter, h 245 E. Lewis

Turner Hall, s w c Main and Harrison

Turner Joseph, roofer, h e s Jackson b Pritchard and P., Ft. W. & C.

R. R
Twiman Robert, barber, bds Joseph Sampson's
Tyler Daniel, turner, bds Nelson Wheeler's
Tyler Fred, cabinet maker, bds Nelson Wheeler's
Tyler J. S. carpenter, nee Harrison and Williams
Tyuer Cyrus, harness maker, bds S. H. Shoaff's
Tyrrell Mrs. V. B. widow, h 50 Wall


Uebelhoer Frederick, plasterer, h n s Lavina b Fairfield Av. and Broadway
Uebelhoer Philip, boots and shoes, 56 E. Main
Ueizer L. machinist, wks P., Ft. W. & C. R. K. Machine Shop
Ulrich Lizzie, waiter, Railroad Eating House
Underberg Matthias, laborer, h 200 E. Jefterson
Underfold Henry, carpenter, wks T., W. & W. R. R. Car Shop
Underbill P. S. (U. & Young) h w s Bluffton Plank Road near Corpora-
tion Line
Underbill & Young, (P. S. U.. & J). Y.) steam marble and building stone

works, office and mill n w c Cass and Pearl
Underwood Ellen, laundress, Harmon House


Hough, Agent, 50 Calhoun
Unger Albert E. cigar maker, h 39 W. Washington
linger Andreas, laborer, h n s Wilt b Rockhill and College
Unger F. tinner, wks P., Ft. W. & C R. R. Tin Shop
Unger Geo. physician, h 46 W. Washington
Unger Gottlieb, tinner, bds Geo. Unger's
Unger Joseph, cigar maker, bds n w c Barr and Wayne
Union Block, n w c Main and Clinton
Union House, 49 W. Main

UNITED STATES EXPRESS CO., C. L. Smith, Agent, w s

Harrison opposite Columbia

TOR'S OFFICE, 44 Calhoun, W. H. Withers, Collector



Sol. D. Bayless, Agent ,

XJpdegraff Mrs. H. widow, h 34 Douglas Av
Updegraif Wm. W. h n w c Harrison and Douglas Av
Upleeer Chas. saloon 136 Columbia, h w s Broadway near P., Ft. W. &

C. R. R. Track
Upmeyer Frederick, carpenter, h e s Monroe b Lewis and Madison


Valroff Xavier, saloon, 5 Clinton

Van Alstine & Co. (Wm. Van A. & Mrs. Ann Cothrell) stable, w s Barr

b Main and Columbia
Van Alstine Wm (Van A. & Co.) h n e c Barr and Berry
Vananda Franklin, carpenter, h w s Gay b Jones and Grant
A^'anbaker Lorenzo, h w s Ewing b Washington and Jefferson
Vanderau Jasper, laborer, bds 22 Madison

Van Geison Munson, carpenter, h w s Fulton b Washington and Jefferson
Vantassel Samuel, laborer, bds Cyrus A. Hayes', Bloomingdale
Vaughn Henry, butcher, b 186 W. Main
Vaugier Xavier, farmer, h 8 Sturgis
Vazeli Peter, helper, wks T., ^Y. & W. R. E. Shops
Vegele Lizzie, clerk, Geo. Fox's

Vincent , bds 86 E. Main

Vincent James, cloth finisher, wks Summit City Woolen Mills

Vizard Anthony, blacksmith, bds cor Webster and Melita

Vizard Anthony, blacksmith, bds Thos. Howley's

Vizard J. helper, wks P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. Blacksmith Shop

Vizard John, laborer, h n s Melita b Harrison and Webster

Vizard Martin, helper, -wks T., W. & W. R. R. Blacksmith Shop

Vizard Rose, widow, h s s Brandriff b Webster and Huagland

Vizard Thos. helper, wks T., W. & W. R. R. Blacksmith Shop

VOGEL'G. G. & SON, (Chas. G. & Frank B.) Merchant Tailors,

Clothiers and Dealers in Gents' Furnishing Goods, e s Calhoun opp.

Phoenix Block
Vogel Chas. G. (C. G. V. & Son) h e s Calhoun b Main and Columbia
Vogel Mrs. E. millinery rooms, e s Calhoun opp. Phoenix Block
Vogel Frank B. (C. G. Vogel & Son) h e s Calhoun b Main and Columbia
Voigd Christina, widow, h 269 W. Washington
Voigd Herman, bricklayer, h 269 W. Washington

Voirol Frank, (Geo. J. E. Mayer & Co.) h s w c E. Wayne and Francis
Volbiecht Ferdinand, bar keeper, Charles Upleger's
Volland Henry, miller, h 279 W. Washington
VoUmer Daniel, (V. & Sturgis) h 153 W. Berry
Vollmer & Sturgis, druggists, 64 Calhoun
Volmerding Fred, tailor, h 123 Lafayette
Vorce John, cook, Railroad Eating House
VORDERMARK E. & SONS, (Ernst, John W. & Henry P.)

Manufacturers and Dealers in Boots, Shoes, Leather, Findings, &c.,

4 Phoenix Block, w s Calhoun b Main and Columbia
Vordermark Ernst, (E. V. & Sons) res Adams Tp
Vordermark Henry P. (E. Vordermark & Sons) bds 16 E. Washington




Vorderniark John W. (E. Vordermark & Sons) h 16 E. Washington
Vorderniark Lewis P. clerk E. Vordermark & Sons', bds 16 E.^Wash-


Voss Louis, res John F. Kruse's


Wabash & Erie Canal Company Collector's Office, n w c Clinton and Co-
lumbia, A. C. Probasco, Collector

Waddingtoa AVm. car master P., Ft. W. & C. R. Pi. Car Shop, h 86

Wadges Wm. carpenter, h n w c Montgomery and Clay

Wafel Adolph, tinner, 81 Columbia

WAGENHALS Rev. SAMUEL, Pastor Trinity (English)
Lutheran Church, bds iiockhill House

WAGNER H. G., Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Drugs, Medi-
cines, Paints, Oils, Dye Stuffs, &c., w s Calhoun opposite Court
House ; h s s Main b Maiden Lane and Cass

Wagner John, carpenter, h e s Webster b Highland and Dawson

Wagner Bernard, attorney e s Court b Main and Berry, over Post Office
h 59 W. Wayne

Wahmhuff Wm. planer, wks Cochran, Humphrey & Go's

Wait Clara, teacher, bds Eockhili House

Wait Warren, laborer, wks N. G. Olds & Son's

Wakely F. B. bds Rockhill House

Wakeman B. laborer, wks Summit City Woolen Mills

Walchlin John, watchman, h n s Taylor west of Pine

Walda Cbas. carpenter, h s s Washington b Nelson and Garden

Walda Christian, carpenter, h s w c Washington and Nelson

Walda Henry, carpenter, h 269 W. Jefferson

Waldman Benj. laborer, wks Martin Schmidt's

Waldmaun Benj. saloon, w s Calhoun b Washington and Jefferson

Waldo Frederick, laborer, h 217 E. Jefferson

Waldo Wm. carpenter, h s w c Wayne and Hanna

Wales A. J. law student, with J. A. Fay

Walford W. machinist, wks P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. Machine Shop

Walker Anthony, molder, bds John Graf's

Walker James H. gas engineer, h 20 E. Washington

Walker Wm. bds Mrs. Mary Treep's

Wall Kate, cook, Aveline House

Wall S. S. fireman, bus Butler b Harrison and Webster

Wall Watson, druggist, h s e c Main and Lafayette

Wallace A. asst. cferk P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. Machine Shop, h s e c Barr
and Jefferson

Wallace Bonaparte, h 63 E. Water

Wallace C. W. machinist, wks P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. Machine Shop

Wallace Frederick, carpenter, h 140 Harrison

Wallace W. J. blacksmith, h 216 E_. Lewis

Wallbaum Henry, shoemaker, h 1-15 E. Lewis

Walles Fred, carpenter, h 140 Harrison

Waller Fred, painter, bds John Hoffet's

Walsh Garret, laborer, h n s Holman b Barr and Lafayette


Waltematch Chas. laborer, h 1:52 E. Lewis

Waltematch Heury, (H. Wigman & Co.") h s s E. Lewis b Lafayette and

Waltematch Heury, laborer, h 20 W. Lewis

Waltemuth Louis, boatman, h 139 Clay

Walter Daniel, blacksmith, bds Christian Bruns'

Walter Frank, shoemaker, h w s Pine b Locust and T., W. & W. R. R

Walters David, confectionery w s Calhoun b Wayne and Washington, h s s
Lewis b Harrison and Webster

Walters Eliza, widow, h e s Ewing b W^ayne and Washington

WALTHER F. W. & CO^., (Fred. Wm. W. & Henry Orff) Piano
Makers and Repairers, Dealers in Pianos, Organs, Sheet Music,
Musical Merchandise, &.C., w s Calhoun b Washington and Jefferson

Walther Fred. W. (F. W. W. & Co.) h w s Calhoun b Washington and

Waltke Geo. clerk Post Office, bds 117 Madison

W^altke Wm. marble cutter, h 117 Madison

Walton C. H tel. operator, P., Ft. W. & C. R. R., bds Mayer House

Walton I. laborer, wks P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. Shops

Wamhof W"m. planer, h 178 Ewing

Ward Addison, painter bds 32 E. Main

W^ard E. laborer, wks P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. Lumber Yard

WARD H. N., Importer, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in China, Glass
and Queensware, Lamps, Looking Glasses, Wall and Window Pap ers,
House Furnishiu2,' Goods, etc., 48 Calhoun, opp. Court House; h
233 W. Berry

W^ard Samuel, laborer, h s s Wayne b Hanna and Francis

Ward Wm. chief of police, h 153 W. Washington

Ward Wm. A. brakeman, h e s Webster b Baker and Brackenridge

Waring Anson, (Coombs & Co.) h 261 W. Wayne

Warner C. T. machinist, wks P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. Round House

Warner Cal. hi borer, h n e c Baker and Harrison

W^arner David S, engineer, h s w c Calhoun and Highland

Warner Gustavus, cigar maker 110 Broadway

Wartenbe Ephraim B. sawyer, h 191 E. Wayne

Washington Public School Building, s w c Washington and Union

Washington Wm. laborer, wks Railroad Eating House

Waterbeck Chas. laborer, h w s Oakley opp. Poplar

Waters Elizabeth, h 135 W. Water

Waters Harriet, h 135 W. Water

Waters John P. county coroner, h 193 ^y. AVashiugton

Watson C. machinist, wks P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. Round House

Watson Maria, widow, h 12-4 Madison

Waugh James B. engineer, h s w c Holman and Monroe

Waugh Wm. F. fireman, h e s Lafayette b St. Francis and Creighton

Waybel Platitus, cabinet maker, h n s Jefferson b Van Buren and Jackson

Wayne Jacob, shoe maker, h s e c Lewis and Harrison

Wayne Township Library, 78 Columbia, up stairs, John A. Maier, Li-

Weaver Al. painter, s s W. & E. Canal b Broadway and Van Buren

Weaver Edwin, fireman, h 8G W. Jefferson

WEBB A. M., Contractor, Carpenter and Builder, 114 W. Main ; h n
w c Wayne and Jackson

Webb M. A. clerk 73 Columbia, bds A. S. Evan's





Webbeking Conrad, carpeuter, h 46 Bluffton Plauk Road

Webber Benj. machinist, h s e c Bass and Fairfield Av

Webber Mary, waiter, Railroad Eating House

WEBER A., Millinery, Ladies' and Childrens' Furnishing Store, n w
c Main and Clinton, Union Block

Weber Adam, shoe maker, h 9 Montgomery

Weber Beij. millwrisht, wks Bass & Hanna's

WEBER ERWIN, Dealer in Stoves and Manufticturer of Tin, Cop-
per and Sheet Iron Ware, 15 Clinton ; h 183 Clinton

Weber Frederick, machinist, h n s Maumee b Calhoun and Clinton

Weber J. laborer, wks P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. Shops

Weber J. J. teacher, h 118 E. Wayne

Weber John, laborer, h n e c Wayne and Francis

Weber N. Milton, bar keeper, bds 9 E. Wayne

Weber Nicholas, cigar maker, wks Chas. Ortmann's

Weber Peter, stone mason, h 294 W. Jefferson

Weed Maria, widow, h 140 Columbia

Weeks J. W. painter, wks P. Ft. W. & C. R. R. Paint Shop

Weeks John H. painter, bds nee Clay and Hough

Wefel Fred, carpenter, h s s High w of Lima Plank Road, Bloomingdale

Wefel John H. carpenter, h n s High w of Lima Plank Road, Blooming-

Wefel Wm. carpenter, h n s High w of Lima Plank Road, Bloomingdale

Wefle Adolph, tinner, h 21 E. Washington

Wege C. laborer, wks P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. Shops

Weglage Henry, bar keeper, W. Weute & Figel's

Wehmer Mrs. H. widow, h 93 Clinton

Wehrs Fred. (.J . C. Pfeifier & Co.) bds e s Lima Plank Road near Canal
Feeder, Bloomin2;dale

Wehrs Wm shoe maker, h 133 E. Lewis

Weibel Placidus, carpenter, h 21G W. Jefferson

Weibrock Heury, butcher, h 86 Barr

Weideu Wm. upholsterer, bds 32 E. Main

Weidman Joseph, brewer, h 236 E. Jefferson

Weigman Fred, laborer, h 200 E. Jefferson

Weigmann Wm. blacksmith, h 45 W. Jefferson

Weik Adam, pattern maker, wks Bass & Hanna's

Weikman F. laborer, wks Bass & Hanna's

Weil Jacob, pedlar, h 41 E. Wayne .

Weiman & Scheffer, (Wm. W. & Joseph S.) confectioners, nee Main
and Calhoun

Weiman Wm. (W. & Scheffer)

W^eirs Catharine, servant, s w c Wayne and Clinton

Weis Emanuel, pedlar, h s e c Griffith and Jefferson

Weis Kate, bds 24 W. Jefferson

Weisenburacr B. boatman, h 252 W. Jefferson

Weisman Jacob, saloon, n s Main b Calhoun and Harrison
Weismautel Joseph, stone cutter, wks Sutermeister and Becker s

WEISSER E. & CO., (Emanuel W. & J. F. Schaellkopf) Tanners
and Curriers, Dealers in Leather, Findings, Oils, Hides, \c., w s
Calhoun b Columbia and Canal
Weisser Emanuel, (E. W. & Co.) res 1 mile north of the city
Welch Bridget, servant, 9 E. Wayne
Welch Geo. W. engineer, h n s Melita b Webster and Kansas


Welch John, watchman, h s s Walnut b Fairfield Av. and Oakley

Welch Patrick, h s s Walnut b Fairfield Av. and Oakley

Welch Patrick, blacksmith, nee Water and Barr

Welch Wm. tailor, h 70 Madison

AVeleman Henry, carpenter, wks Cochran, Humphrey & Co.'s

Welker Daul. tailor, h n s Douglas w of Lima Plank Hoad, Bloomingdale

Welker Henry, cabinet maker, h s s Wall w of Hood

Weller Barbara, widow, h s e c Barr and Wayne

Weller Geo. laborer, h 101 Madison

Weller John, meat store, w s Calhoun b Washington and Wayne, h 139

Wellmann Frederick, laborer, h w s Jackson b Washington and Jeflferson

Wellmann Henry, carpenter, h 2-47 W. Wayne

Wells A. dentist, n w c Calhoun and Berry, h 128 W. Wayne

Wells Almira, h 2 Madison

Wells C. M. farmer, h 2 Madison

Wells Gr. B. harness maker, bus Water b Harrison and Ewing

WELLS HARVEY, Local Editor Ft. Wayne Democrat ; bds 70
W. Main

Wells John, blacksmith, h 163 E. Lewis

Wells John, shoemaker, h 114 Broadway

Wells John, teamster, wks A. C. Beaver's

Wells John R. blacksmith, h 105 E. Lewis

Wells Ruth M. h 2 Madison

Welsh John, laborer, h s s BrandriiF b Webster and iloagland

Weltin John, machinist, h e s Barr b Lewis and Montgomery

Wendt Henry laborer, h 32 W. Lewis

Wenninghoft' Christ, cigars, &c , 74 Calhoun

WenningholF Eadolph, cigar maker, wks 74 Calhoun

Wenrich Jonathan, carpenter, h rear 96 W. Jefifersoa

Wente Henry, laborer, wks Trier & Tagmeyer's

Wente J. laborer, wks P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. Shops

Wente John D. laborer, h ws Calhoun b Highland and Dawson

WENTE W. & FIGEL, (Wm. W. & W. F.) Pleasure Garden, Res-
taurant and Saloon, e s Maumee River, head of Main

Wente Wm. (W. Wente & Figel) saloon, s s Main 2d door w of
Harrison, h e s Maumee River head of Main

Wentworth Mary, milliner, dress and cloak maker, 98 Columbia

Wercher P. watchman. P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. Shops

Wery John H. h n s Williams b Hoagland and Fairfield Av

Wessel John, engineer, h e s Lafayette b Buchanan and St. Francis, Las-
selle's Addition

Westcott D. L. clerk T., W. & W. R. R. Shops, res country

Westcott Robert, machinist, wks T,. W. & W. R. R. Machine Shop

Westenfelt F. laborer, wks P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. Shops

Western District School, s w c Jefferson and Griffith

Western Inventors' Union, office 21 Court, J. J. Kamm, Business Man-



and Calhoun; Chas. H. Currier, Manager
Westsall F. laborer, wks P. Ft. W. & C. R. K. Shops
Weston Fred, laborer, bds 50 Columbia
Westrumb H. C. F. h s s Wayne east of Corp. Line
Wettling John, laborer, wks P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. Freight Depot


Wetz Isaac, detective, h n s Montgomery b Barr and Lafayette

Wetzel John, cabinet maker, h rear 140 E. Jefierson

Weuer Dietrich, laborer, bds 201 Ewing

Weulliman Henry, fireman, wks N. Gr. Olds & Son's

WEUTZ REV. JOSEPH, Pastor St. Mary's Roman Catholic
Church ; h 132 E. Jefferson

Whalen Johanna, widow, h n s Bass b Hoagland and Prince

Whaley Hannah, widow, res Lemuel Boling's

Whan Joseph, millwright, h n w c Jackson and Wilt

WHEDON DAVID P., Attorney at Law, United States Commis-
sioner and Register in Bankruptcy ; Office, n w c (/alhouu and Maiu ;
bds Aveline House

WHEELER NELSON, Manufacturer of Cabinet Furniture, s s
Maiu b FultoQ and Broadway ; h n e c Wayne and Rockhill


and 54 Calhoun ; C. L. Hill, Agent
Whelan John, laborer, wks Bass & Hanna's
Whery W. physician, n w c Calhoun and Columbia
Whiuery John, fireman. P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. Co
Whinery John, machinist, li n w c Melita and Harrison
Whiuery Joseph, fireman, h n s Buchanan b Lafayette and Cass, Las-

selle's Addition
Whinery Robert, fireman, h n e c Baker and Harrison
White i). printer, bds Mrs. Mary Treep's
White D. P. deputy county recorder, bds Hamilton House
WHITE J. B., Great Western Tea Depot; Fort Wayne Fruit
House ; Wholesale Grocer, Provision and Fruit Dealer, 18 W.
Berry ; h 51 Barr
White John I. book-keeper Bass & Hanna's, bds Aveline House
White Kate, waiter, Aveline House
White Peter, boatman, h 263 E. Wayne
White Wm. engineer. P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. Co
Whitehead Arthur, engineer, h w s Calhoun b Grand and Highland

Whitehead John G. book-keeper 48 E. Main, h 80 Barr

Whitehead John G. saloon, 80 Barr

Whiteley Thos. R. clerk, bds 103 E. Washington

Whiteman Levi, brakeman, h s s Bass b Hoaglaud and Prince

Whiting Ira C. (W. & Kalbacherj h w s Blutt'tou Plank lioad b P., 1-t.
W. & C. R. R. and T., W. & W. R. R

WHITING & KALBACHER, (Ira C. W. & Anton K.) Dealers
in Flour, Feed and Provisions, s w c Calhoun aud Grand

Whitmore Kate, servant, Hedekin House

Whitney Washington I. engineer, h 111 Broadway

Whittaker A. M. plasterer, h 108 W. Washington

Whittles J. machinist, h 240 E. Lewis

Widbrauck Henry, butcher, wks Jacob Doelker's

Widen Wm. uphol'sterfcr, bds 32 E. Main

Widman Sebastian, brewer, wks Martin Schmidt's

Wiebke Henry, groceries, 98 Barr

Wiegand Sebastian, carpenter, h e s Lafayette b Wallace and Lharles

Wiehmann Ferdinand, tailor, h 93 W. Water

Wiehn Jacob, shoe maker, h s e c Harrison aad licwis

Wiekert Harry, painter, bds Hedekiu House

Wieman Wm. confectioner, h 68 W. Main


Wiesche Peter, laborer, h 129 Jackson

Wigeut B. baker, wks Stoner & Wigent's

Wigent Chauncey, driver, bds John Wigent's

Wigent John C. (Stoner & W.) h w s Harrison b Pearl and Columbia

Wiggins A. J. clerk, h 40 Monroe

Wiggins A. J. clerk, h 43 E. Wayne

Wight Don. printer, wks Fort Wayne Democrat Office

WIGMAN H. & CO., (Henry W., Geo. Geerke & Henry Walte-

luatch) Dealers in Family Groceries, Provisions, Liquors, Fancy

Goods, Toys, &c., 19 E. Main
Wigman Henry, (H. W. & Co ) h IV E. Lewis
Wigman Wm. helper, h 45 W. Jefferson

Wihe Richard, laborer, wks T., W. & W. R. R. Round House
Wike Adam, pattern maker, h 259 E. Washington
Wilcox Lester, carpenter, h n e c Calhoun and Hamilton
Wilder Edmond, at Old Fort House

Wilder Edwin, Old Fort House, nee Main and Lafayette
Wilder J. H. axe and pick handles, n s Canal b Clinton and Barr, bds

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