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Bueche Fred, clerk City Mills, res Bloomiugdale

Buechner Casper, h s w c Berry and Harmer

Buccker Fred, laborer, bds 194 E. Washington

Buehler Paul, turner, h n w c Hanna and Buchanan

Hucsche Geo. res Bloomiugdale

Bufing Geo. laborer, h s r^ High w of Lima Plank Road, Bloomiugdale

Bufiug John, butcher, h 150 Barr

Buhart A. carpenter, wks P., Ft. W. & C Railway Car Shop

Buhlager Gerhard, drayman, h n e c Jefferson and Clay

Buhr Nicholas, painter, h 131 E. Washington

Buhikul Henry, wagon maker, bds 89 E. Jefferson

Bulger James, h e s Clinton b Main and Berry

BULL JOHN W., Proprietor Mayer House, sec Calhoun and

Bullager Henry, laborer, wks N. G. Olds & Son's

BulUmer Wm. laborer, wks N. G. Olds & Son's

Bulleman W. laborer, wks P., Ft. W. & C. Railway Shops

Bullerman Henry, laborer, h 270 W. Jefferson

Bullerman Wm. watchman, bds 81 W. Washington

Bulman Christ, h 195 Ewing

Bulsen John, cabinet maker, bds sec Calhoun and Washington



O IF" IF" I O :E3 s

No. 44, TS^est Side Oallioian St.,

(Over Allen Hamilton & Co.'s Bank,)

J^" Deeds, Mortgages, and other instruments drawn witb care, and all
kinds of NOTARIAL BUSINESS attended to.



f If?

AN D ■

118 West Main Street,


«^° Repairing P*rorrLptly attended to. "^a



^^ ' t

A. D. REID & CO.,

Manufacturers of

^kd ^lotos, JaiTofos anij Citltii)at0rs,

South- West Corner of Main Street and Maiden Lane,



Bur Nicholas, painter, bds sec Callioun and Washington

Burehfield Joseph, deputy sheriff, h 239 W. Wayne

Burg Nicholas, painter, h 10 E. Washington

Burgef Fannie, widow, h s s Berry opp Court

Burger Louis, baker, h 208 W. Jefferson

Burgess Benj. blacksmith, wks T., W. & W. Railway Blacksmith Shop

Burgess Block, sec Main and Court

Burgess F. machinist, wks P., Ft. W. & C. Railway Machine Shop

Burgess Frank, machinist, h 42 Lavina

Burgess M. servant. Main St. Exchange

Burhann Edward, meat shop, w s Calhoun b Wayne and Washington

Burington C. engineer. P., Ft. W. & C. Railway Co

Burk Charles, molder, wks Bass & Hanna's

Burkas John A. clerk 81 Columbia, h l-l W. Washington

Burke Edward, peddler, h n s Buchanan b Hanna and Cass, Lasselle's

Burkhard Thomas, laborer, h s e c Oakley and Poplar

Burlager Geo. (Geo. B. & Co.) h 139 B. Washington

BURLAGER GEO. & CO., (Geo. B. & Henry Neimeyer) Deal-
ers in Sawed and Split Wood, Yard, n s Columbia b Barr and

Burlager John, drayman, h 155 E. Washington

Burlager Wm. laborer, h 159 E. Washington

Burner John, painter, wks T., W. & W. Railway Paint Shop

Burnham N. engineer, h e s Fulton b Jefferson and Washington

Burnison Wm. fireman, bds John W. Deeter's

Bums Patrick, foreman, h n s Bass b Hoagland and Prince

Burns Patrick, laborer, h n s Bass b Hoagland and Prince

Burris John, carpenter, h e s Barr b Berry and Wayne

Burritt Wm. H. physician, with Dr. B. S. Woodworth, bds 23-4 W. Berry

Bursley Gilbert E. business manager Fc. Wayne Gazette, bds 57 W.

Burt Alice, widow, h 205 E. Wavne

Burt Chap, molder, h 205 E. Wayne

Burt Charles, brick maker, h 252 E. Jefferson

Burt John, supervisor, h 205 E. Wayne

Busby Paul, brakeraan, h e s Calhoun b Wallace and Hamilton

Busch Fredericka, widow, h e s West b Pritchard and P., Ft. W. & C. Ry

Busch John, tailor, h 272 W. Jetierson

Buschmann F. W. carpenter, h n w c Holman and Clay

Bush John, carpenter, wks Cochran, Humphrey & Co.'s

Burihey H. carpenter, wks P., Ft W. & C. Railway Car Shop

Busse Wm. boiler maker, h 1G8 Ewiug

Busse AVm. carpenter, h 77 Madison

Busse AVm. laborer, h n s Butler b fl irrison and Webster

Buster Geo. H. carpeatsr, bds 250 W. W lyne

Buster Gerhard, carpenter, bis 250 W. Wayua

Buster Henrv, stone mason, h 198 W. Jefferson

Butler John, (Wm. Struve & Co ) h n s W. & E Canal b Cass and Evving

Butt Wm. carder, wks Summit City Woolen Mills

Buttenbender H. laborer, wks P., Ft. W. & C. Railway Shops

Buttenbender Henry, laborer, h 179 W. Washington

Butte Herman, laborer, wks Trier & Tagraeyer's

Buuck Conrad, shoe maker, h n w c Broadway and Wall





Impoi-ters ami Dealei-s in

Carpets, Oil Clotlis, Mats, Matting, Rugs,

No. 85 Columbia Street, - FORT WAYNE, IND.



vm <»"<

And all kinds of

usica! Instruments,

Instruction Books, Sheet Music, Guitar and Violin Strings, &c.
West Side Calhoun St., bet. Wasliington & Jefferson,

American Life liisiiraiicc Co. of Pliiladelpliia,

ALEX. WHILLDIN, President. | JOHN S. WILSON, Secretary.
GEO. NUGENT, Vice Pres't. | JOHN C. SIMS, Actuary.



All Policies non-forfeiting, and renewable at any time, provided the party is in good health.

Fifty per cent, is the dividend now paid, and this amount has been declared annn-

ally on all mutual policies for many years past. The tables of the American

embrace all the plans and advantages of other companies, besides

some jieeuliar to itself.

Greiioi*al A-ijroiit foi- IVoi'tlici-ii liiditiua.

Hamilton Hall Biiildins:, Calhoun Street,



Buzzee Wm. enjiineer, bds Union House

Byall Wm. laborer, h n s Main b Van Buren and Jackson

Byling J. laborer, wks Summit City Woolen Mills


Caddes J. machinist, wks P., Ft. W. &, C. Railway Machine Shop

Caifrey Thomas, boiler maker, bds Catharine Uibford's

Cairnes James, carpenter, wks Cocliran, Humphrey & Co.'s

Cairns James, machinist, h n e c Hood and Railroad

Callemot Nicholas, carpenter, h 65 E. Wayne

Uailison Absalom, patent right ap;ent, h 89 W. Washington

Camp Warren N. conductor, h 158 E. Lewis

Campbell Daniel, blacksmith, h s s Brackenridge b Harrison and Webster

Campbell Harry, foreman, h 83 Montgomery

Campbell Isaac W. deputy sheriflP, h 174 E. Berry

Campbell James, boiler maker, bds s w c Calhoun and Baker

Campbell John, bds Mayor House

Campbell John G. carpenter, bds 86 E Main

Campbell M. laborer, wks P., Ft. W. & C. Railway Shops

Campbell Mary S. widow, res Chas. F. F. Meyers'

Campbell Sophia, widow, res Everett Pearce's

Caunady Gust, plasterer, h w s Smith nr South Corp. Line

Gannett M. helper, wks P., Ft W. & C. Railway Blacksmith Shop

Canney John, stone mason, b 138 K. Washington

Cannon John 11. machinist, h e s Gardner, south of Jefferson

Cannon \\ m. S. brakeman, h u s Chicago b Calhoun and Harrison

Carabin John J. clerk 84 Columbia, bds American House

Carder Eli, blacksmith, h 142 E. Lewis

Carder H. W. wheelwright, wks N. G. Olds & Son's

Carey Frank, laborer, wks N. G. Olds & Son's

Carey Hiram S. conductor, h s s Brackenridge b Calhoun and Harrison

Carey J. D. h s s Douglas Av. b Webster and McClellan

Carey Thomas, laborer, h n s Bass b Prince and Fairfield Av

CARIER A. H., Notary Public, Ijaud and Insurance Agent, e s

Court b Main and Berry, Post Office Building ; h s w c Berry and

CARLL GEO. S., (Peltier & C.) h 134 B. Berry
Carman Ella, h 136 Columbia

Carman Richard, machinist, h w s Monroe b Madison and Lewis
Carmer 0. P. carpenter, wks Cochran, Humphrey & Go's
Carney Louisa, widow, res Emanuel F. Bittsberger's
Carpenter D. S. carpenter, wks Cochran, Humphrey & Go's
Carpenter Ira S. printer, h 258 W. Washington
Carr A. B. engineer, h w s Barr b Water and Duck
Carrel Theophilus, brick maker, bds nee Water and Clinton
Carroll David, laborer, wks Bass & Hanna's
Carroll Dinandy, carpenter, bds nee Prince and Colerick
Carroll E. J. fireman, P., Ft. W. & C. Railway Co
Carroll John, brick layer, h 222 E. Washington
Carroll Michael, laborer, bds Thos. Lynch 's
Carroll Patrick, laborer, has Force b Grant and Horace
Carroll Patrick, laborer, h 88 W. Water



Daily and Weekly.

E. ZiMMERMANN k CO., - Proprietors,

Corner of Pearl and Calhoun Streets,

The DEMOCRAT lias a large and increasing circu-
lation, and it is one of the best advertising mediums
in the City. Our rates are as reasonable as those of
any paper in the country, of its circulation.


iim-^Ye have the most extensive JOB PRINTIXG OFFICE to be
found in Indiana, and defy competition from any quarter.

Letter Heads, Circulars,
Bill Heads, Wedding Cards,
Business Cards, Plain Posters,
Colored Posters, Show Bills, Programmes,

Or any kind of Fancy and Ornamental Printing ever executed.


We have the most complete Poster Office In the State, and pride
ourselves in dolus tSie fliiest work.;



Carroll Thomas, laborer, h n e c Prince and Colerick
Carry E. F. (Root & Co.) bds Aveline House

Carsoa W. W. attorney, w s Calhoun b Main and Columbia, h n 3 Berry
b Lafayette and Clay

Carter Amelia, servant, Main Street Exchange

Carter Henry, bds s w c Madison and Lafayette

Carter Isaac, pattern maker, li 21 W. Berry

Carter Julia, servant. Main Street Exchange

Carter Linus, brakeman, bds nee Chicago and Harrison

Carter Sophia, servant, Main Street Exchange

CARTER WM., xManufacturer of Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron ^Yare,
and Dealer in Hot Air Furnaces, 134 Columbia

Carthra John, helper, wks T., W. & W, Eailway Blacksmith Shop

Cartier Frank, collar maker, wks A. Kacine's, bds 57 Barr

Carto A. laborer, wks N. G. Olds & Son's

Cartwright Chailes, tailor, h s s Baker b Webster and McClellan

Cartwright James M. butcher, h 289 W. Jefferson

Cartwright Jerry, laborer, wks N. G. Olds & Son's

Cartwright John F. spoke turner, h ss Wallace b Lafayette and Barr

Case Charles, attorney, h 203 W. Wayne

Case W. W. (Clark, Stoner & C ) res Charles Case's

Case Willis, oil maker, h 203 W. Wayne

Caskey Curtis, h 53 Barr

Cass Charles, laborer, h s s Brackenridge b Webster and McClellan

Cassady Patrick, laborer, h n s P., Ft. W. & C. Railway b Fairfield Av.
and Webster

Cassidy Patrick, laborer, h 45 E. Washington

Cast Rev. C. h s e c McClellan and Douglas Av

Cr.stle James, farmer, h e s Lafoyette b Virginia and Wallace

Centlivre L. C. brewery on W. & E. Canal Feeder, east branch Lima
Plank Road n of St. Marys River

CHALLENGER J. W., Dealer in Groceries, Provisions, Produce
and Foreign and Domestic Liquors, 9G Barr

Chamberlain Henry, h 40 E. Jefferson

Chamberlain James C. h 126 W. Washington

Chamberlain Porter, machinist, wks T., W. & W. Railway Machine Shop
Chamberlain Sarah C. R. widow, h 126 W. Washington
Chamberlain W. H. clerk 0. A. Simon's, bds 40 E. Jefferson
Chamberlin R. laborer, wks P., Ft. W. & C. Railway Shops
Champion James S. laborer, h n s Duck b Clinton and Barr
Chandler R A. machinist, wks P., Ft. W. & C. Railway Machine Shop
Chapman B. W. engineer, h s w c Rockhill and Washington
Chapman Frank V. clerk Riddle & Brandriff's, bds 127 W. Wayne
Chapman Joseph, brakeman, h n s Buchanan b Lafayette and Cass, Las-

selle's Addition
Chapman Nathaniel L. machinist, h 148 Harrison
CHAPMAN WM. C, at A. C. Beaver's ; h 127 W. Wayne
Chappell John, machinist, wks T., W. & W. Railway Machine Shop
Cheppall John, machinist, h n w c Jackson and Wilt
Cherry H. plow maker, bds 49 W. Main
Cherry Wm. A. harness maker, wks 119 Columbia
Cheviron Xavier, machinist, h s s Hough b Monroe and Hanna
CHITTENDEN E. L., City Clerk, Office 9, w s Clinton b Co-
lumbia and Main, h 84 Harrison



ittiliinui Stiuit^' %


A Tri-Weekly and Weekly German Paper.

®hc tinlji ©ctman ^^apcv in ilovtitcvu ^luliana.


Proprietor and PublisluT.

Tri-Weekly, $4 00 Per Annum, In Advance.
Weekly, $2 50




Promptly and Neatly executed at the Lowest Rates.

E. cor, of Columbia & Clinton Sts.,





Chiveron E. helper, wks P. Ft. W. & C. Eailway Machine Shop

Chorpening Heury, roofer, h e s Calhouu b Water and Duck

Chovcy Charles, blacksmith, n s Water b Calhoun and Clinton, h 12 E.

Chovey Frank, blacksmith, h 51 E. Water
Chovey Fred, blacksmith, h 51 E. Water
Chovey John B. blacksmith, h 51 E. Water
Christ Henry, teacher, bds sec Grand and Harrison
Christen John, clerk 9 Calhoun, bds 50 W. Berry
Christian John, clerk, bds 50 W. Berry
Christie James, molder, wks Murray & Baker's
Christie John B. machinist, wks Murray & Baker's
Christie Wm. laborer, h e s Hood b Pritchard and P., Ft. W. & C. Kail-

Christy Daniel, laborer, wks Cochran, Humphrey & Go's
Church Sylvanus, h w s Broadway b Pritchard and P., Ft. W. & C.

Cimmerly John W. painter, h n s Dawson b Webster and Hoagjland

Columbia, Chas. S. Brackenridge, City Civil Engineer
City Clerk's Office, 9 w s Clinton b Columbia and Main, E. L. Chittenden

City Clerk
CITY FLOUR MILLS, P. Hoagland & Co., Proprietors, corner

Clinton and W, & E. Canal
City Laundry, u w c Calhoun and Berry
City Treasurer's Office, 9, w s Clinton b Main and Columbia, Christian

Piopenbrink, Treasurer
Clare James, laborer, wks P., Ft. W. i^- C. JRailway Freight Depot
Clark Edmoud, brakeman, bds John Clark's
Clark Henry, servant, 86 W. Main
Clark Henry C. engineer, bds Mayer House
Clark J. fireman, P., Ft. W. & C. Railway Co
Clark James H. fireman, h s s Brandrifi' b Webster and Hoagland
Clark James H. general news agent, bds 240 W. Washington
Clark John, carpenter, h w s Barr b Berry and Wayne
Clark John, conductor, h s s Grand b Webster and Kansas
Clark John, hackman, h s s Berry b Barr and Lafayette
Chirk John H: (C. & Khinesmith) h 105 W. Wayne
Clark John H. (C. ct Eomaine) h s s Williams b Webster and Hoagland
Clark Joseph, (C & Trentmau)

Clark Joseph, groceries, w s Calhouu opp. Court House, h 2-1 W. Wayne
CLARK JOSEPH M., Merchant Tailor and Dealer in Gents' Fur-
nishing Goods, 4 Aveline House Block ; bds Eockhill House
Clark Lucia F. teacher High School, bds Rockhill House
Clark Oran M. (C, Stoner & Case) bds American House
CLARK & RHINESMITH, (John H. C. & John K.) Wholesale

and Retail Dealers in Dressed and Undressed Lumber, Lath,

Shingles, &c., s s Railroad Track, East of Calhoun Street
Clark & Romaine, (John H. C. & Nicholas T. R.) oysters, fish, &c., w s

Calhoun b Lewis and Douglas Av
CLARK, STONER & CASE, (Oran M. C, John S. & W. W. C.)

Linseed Oil Manufacturers, s s Canal b Calhoun and Columbia
CLARK & TRENTMAN, (Joseph C. & Henry T.) Importers and

Jobbers in China, Glass, Queensware, Lamps, &c., 86 Columbia



Isaac Jenkinson.

Amos W. Wright. James R. Willard.



.^sa'x> ^T'JESA.Tia:

ISJ'o. 54 Calho^lIl Street.

Being supplied with the most approved styles of
Presses, Type, Border, &c., are prepared to execute

Plain and Ornamental Job Printing,

In a superior manner and at the lowest prices for Cash.

S®"- A full assortment of Cards, Paper, Colored Inks, &c.,
constantly on hand.


Clark Sarah, widow, h n w c Fulton and George

Clauss J. & Broking, (John C. & Charles B.) boots and shoes, e a Cal-
houn b Wayne and Washington
Clauss John, (J. C. & Broking) bds 138 Broadway
Clauss John C. saloon, n w c Broadway and Pritchard
Clay Public School Building, n w c Clay and Washington
Clear John, laborer, bds Wm. Edmonds', Bloomingdale
Cleber Henry, blacksmith, bds Charles Mesiag's
Clement Wm. bds Henry Pailthorp's
Cloughf Rebecca, widow, h n s Wilt west of Garden
Coburn Henry A. laborer, bds Wm. L. ShaflFer's

COCHRAN, HUMPHREY & CO., (John C, Geo. H. & Wm.
McFee) Contractors, Carpenters and Builders, Manufacturers of Sash,
Doors, Blinds, &c.; Dealers in Lumber, Flooring and Siding; also,
Wood Turners, nee Pearl and Fulton

Cochran John, (C, Humphrey & Co.) h n w c Berry aud Edsall

Cody John H. bds u w c Barr and Water

Cody Morris, miller and ice dealer, h n w e Barr and Water

Cody Patrick, tailor, h 237 E. Wayne

Colby Ellen, widow, res Rebecca Cloughf 's

Cole & Beck, (Lewis C. & Frisbee T. B.) brooms, rear 192 W. Jefferson

Cole Lewis, (C. & Beck) broom maker, hl92 W. Jefferson

Cole Samuel D. carpenter, wks Cochran, Humphrey & Go's

Coleman Mary M. h 62 Columbia

COLERICK D. H. & W. G., (David H. & Walpole G.) Attorneys
at Law, OiSce 5-4 Calhoun opp. Court House

COLERICK DAVID, Attorney at Law, 54 Calhoun ; bds 92 E.

Colerick David H. (D. H. & W. G. C.) h 92 E. Berry

COLERICK E. F., Proprietor Coleriek's Hall, n s Columbia b
Clinton and Barr; res junction Bluffton Plank Road and T. W. & W.

Colerick Henry R. notary public, 54 Calhoun, bds 92 E. Berry

Colerick J. A. h 87 E. Jefferson

Colerick John, attorney, 54 Calhoun, bds 92 E. Berry

Colerick Walpole G. (D. H. & W. G. C.) h 92 E. Berry

COLERICK'S HALL, n s Columbia b Clinton and Barr, E. F. Col-
erick, Proprietor

Coleridge Mary, seamstress, h 24 W. Jefferson

Coletrap J. W. brakeman, bds 224 Lafayette

Coling Peter, shoe maker, h s s Wallace b Calhoun and Clinton

Collar Geo. W. carpenter, h 158 Madison

Collecto-r's Office Wabash & Erie Canal Co., n w c Clinton and Colum-
bia ; A. C. Probasco, Collector









ns Chas. boiler maker, h e s Barr b Lewis and Montgomery
ns Chas. file cutter, h 186 W. Main

ns D. helper, wks P., Ft. W. & C. Railway Blacksmith Shop
ns J. helper, wks P., Ft. W. & C. Railway Machine Shop
ns James, laborer, bds Thos. Lynch's
ns John, laborer, h s s Charles b Lafayette and Clay
ns Lizzie, waiter, Aveline House
ns Mary, waiter, Aveline House
Colson Edward, saw repairer, 57 W. Main, h s s Columbia Road b
Cherry and Center









CINNATI, WHEELING, DATTON, and all Cities and Towns

between Cliicasco and the points above named.


(Sundays excepted,) one Express Train leaving every night for the East.


Without Change of Cars.

There is no Change of Cars between Chicago and Pittsburgh, and but

one change between Chicago and Philadelphia, Baltimore,

or New York, via Allentown.


Night Trains, and Baggage Checked through to all Eastern Cities, and handled free.

CS^To secure the shortest route, greatest comfort, and saving of time, ask for tickets
"VIA THE FT. WAYNE ROAD." For sale at all the principal Ticket Offices, and
at the Company's Office at Depot.

G. W. Cass, President, Pittsburgh; J. N. McCullough, General Superintendent, Pittsburgh ;
J. P. Farley, Comptroller, Pittsburgh; J. D. Layng, Superintendent of Eastern Division,
Pittsburgh ; F. M. Hutchinson, Secretary, Pittsburgh ; C. E. Gorham, Superintendent of Wes-
tern Division, Fort Wayne ; F. R. Meyers, General Ticket Agent, Pittsburgh ; W. P. Shinn,
General Freight Agent, Pittsburgh ; J. P. Henderson, Treasurer, Pittsburgh ; C. H. Miller,
Stock Agent, Chicago ; W. C. Cleland, General Western Passenger Agent, Chicago ; J. P. Brady,
Freight Agent, Chicago ; J. C. Davis, Agent, Fort Wayne.


Colwell Joseph C. conductor, h n w c Harrison and Williams
Coniincabit Felix, machinist, h n w c Holman and Clinton
COMPARET D. F., Miller and Commission Merchant ; Dealer in

Grain, Heedri, Agricultural Implements, &e., cast end of Columbia ;

h north end of Harmer
Comparet Joseph J. h north end of Harmer
Concordia College, n s Maumce Road east of Corp. Line ; Rev. William

Sihler, President
CONDON J. FRANK, General Agent American Life Insurance

Co., Office, w s Calhoun, Hamilton Hall Building ; bds Hamilton

CONGER JOHN, Attorney at Law; Residence, 9 E. Wayne
Couklin Mrs. cook, Hedekia House

Conklia Miss A. L. dress maker, bds w s Harrison opp Columbia
Conklin John J. fireman, h s s Wilt b Jackson and Union
ConKlin Sidney, watchman, bds John J. Conklin's
Conklin Wm. H. engineer, h s s Jefferson b College and Nelsou
Conley Eliza, laundress. Railroad Eating House
Conuers Michael, driver, h w s Clinton b Main and Berry
Conuers Michael, teamster, h 28 E. Berry
Counett Martin, helper, bds Peter Quicksell's
Couuison John, machinist, bds John W. Deeter's
Connor Cornelius, laborer, h 131 Madison
Connors Bridget, widow, h s w c Madison and Francis
Connors Jeremiah, laborer, bds n s Baker b Harrison and Webster
Connors John, helper, h s s Grand b Harrison and Webster
Conradi John, labbrer, h s w c Fulton and Sturgis
Conway Edward, laborer, h s s Bass b Prince and Hoaeland
Cook Albert 11. h w s Bluflton Plank Road s of T., \V. & W. Railway
Cook Cbas. W. painter, h 103 W. Jefferson
Cook Christ, machinist, wks J. C. Bowser & Co's
Cook Christian, plow maker, h n w c Webster and Brackenridge
Cook F. W. fireman. P., Ft. W. & C. Railway Co
Cook Frank, sawyer, wks Cochran, Humphrey & Co's
Cook I. G. h s s Lavina b Fairfield Av. and Broadway
Cook Mary A. widow, res Wm. S. Cocik's
Cook W. F. fireman, bds Harrison DeHaven's
Cook Wm. S. foreman, h IG Douglas Av
Cooligan Patrick, laborer, h 237 E. Washington
{Joombes Eliza, widow, h w & Broadway b Wilt and Pritchard
COOMBS & CO., (John M. C. & Anson Waring) Dealers in Iron,

Steel, Axles, Springs, Wheels, Hubs, Spokes, &c , 132 Columbia
Coombs John M. (C. & Co,) h 203 W. Wayne
COOMBS & MILLER, (Wm. H. C. & Wm. H. H. M.) Attorneys

at J^aw ; Office, 50 Calhoun
Coombs Wm. E. h 189 W. Washington
Coombs Wm. H. (C. & Miller) h 189 W. Washington
Cooper Eleanor, widow, h 176 W. Washington
Cope James, boiler maker, wks T., W. & W. Railway Boiler Shop
Corbett Cbas. blacksmith, bds Phillips House
Corcoran John, laborer, h n e c Brandriff and Hoagland
Corcoran Patrick, h s e c Grand and Harrison
CORDREY THOMAS P., General Insurance Agent ; Office and

Residence, 20 E. Berry, up stairs, opp Court


Corcoran Thomas, porter, Aveline House
Corl Henry, h 168 E. Washinoton

Corneille Francis C. clerk 103 Columbia, li 47 E. Water
Corneille John B. clerk 90 Columbia, h 47 E. Water
Corwin Theodore N. conductor, h w s Fairfield Ay. bT., W. & W. Rail-
way and Locust
Cosen Casper, clerk 106 Columbia, bds Vigdor Jacobson'a
Cothrell A. J. truckman, h 169 E. Washington
Cothrell Ann, (Van Alstine & Co.) h s w c Barr and Main
Cothrell Jared, restaurant, w s Barr b Berry and Wayne, h 169 E.

Cothrell Levi, clerk, h 169 E. Washington
Cothriell Moses, teamster, h 98 E. Berry

County Auditor's Office, in Court House ; Henry J. Rudisill, Auditor
County Clerk's Office, in Court House ; Wm. Fleming, Clerk
County Recorder's Office, in Court House ; C. A. Rekers, Recorder
County Surveyor's Office, in Court House ; J. S. Goshorn, Surveyor
County Treasurer's Office, in Court House ; Henry Monning, Treasurer
Coupel J. helper, wks P., Ft. W. & C. Railway Boiler Yard
Cour Eugene, laljorer, h n s Water b Clinton and Barr
Courdway Pauline, cook, Eockliill House
Courdway Sophia, chambermaid, Rockhill House
Court House, e s Calhoun b Main and Ben-y
Courtney Beuj. F. carpenter, h e s Prince b Bass and Colerick
Courtney Lawrence F. umbrella maker, e s Calhoun b Wayne and Jef-

Cowan Mary J, res 178 Griffith

Cowan Patrick, stone mason, h n w c Bass and Prince

Cox John, laborer, h e s Hanna b Montgomery and Hough

Cragg E. weaver, wks Summit City Woolen Mills

Cralii Christian,' brick layer, h e s Ewing b Wayne and Washington

Craig Wm. carpenter, wks Cochran, Humphrey & Co's

Craine Geo. D. bds Aveline House

Cramer Eli, engineer, h e s Hanna b Montgomery and Hough

Cramer F. laborer, wks P., Ft. W. & C. Railway Shops

Cramer M. laborer, wks P., Ft. \V. & C. Railway Shops

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