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Gordinier Arthur, conductor, bds Mrs. Elizabeth Iba's
Gordon Geo. policeman, h n s Lasselle b Lafayette and Clay


Gordon John, machinist, bds John W. Deeter's

Goiham C. D. train dispatcher Western Div. P., Ft. W. & C. Railway,

Office at Superintendent's Office, bds Chas. E. Gorham's
Gorham C. L. conductor, bds 35 Douglas Av

GORHAM CHAS. E., Superinteudeut Western Division P., Ft. W.
& C. Railway ; Office, u e c Clinton and Railroad ; h s s Wayne b
Clinton and Barr
Gorham F. A. chief clerk Superintendent's Office, P., Ft. W. & 0. Rail-
way, bds Chas. E. Gorham's
Gorman Patrick, machinist, wks Murray & Baker's
GOSHORN J. S., County Surveyor ; Office in Court House ; h s s

Grand b Harrison and Webster
Goshorn Wm. H. deputy county surveyor, h n s Melita west of Webster
Goss Joseph P. blacksmith, wks Bass and Hanna's
Gosse N. laborer, wks P., Ft. W. &C. Railway Shops
Gossett J. W. clerk 73 Columbia, h s e c Barr and Washington
Gotsch Benj. teacher, h 196 Barr

Gottey C. helper, wks P., Ft. W. & C. Railway Machine Shop
GOULD GEO., Manufacturer and Dealer in Upholstery, Mattrasses,

Bedding, &c., 59 E. Main; h 60 W. Berry
Gouty T. A. foreman Clark & Rhiuesmith's, h 236 W. Washington
Grabner P. M. engineer, P., Ft. W. & C. Railway Co
Graf John, laborer, h s s Buchanan b Lafayette and Cass, Lasselle's Ad-
Graff Marx, (Marx G. & Sou) h 107 W. Wayne
Graff Marx & Son, (Marx tt Myer L.) liquors, 125 Columbia
Graff Myer L. (Marx G. & Son) h 107 W. Wayne
Graffe Fred. (G. W. Graffe & Co. J h w s Calhoun b Washington and

Graffe G. W. & Co. (Geo. W. G. & Fred. G.) tinware, w s Calhoun b

Washington and Jefferson
Graffe Geo. W. (G. W. G. & Co.) h n s Jefferson b College and Nelson
Graffe Henry C. (Mayer & G.) h n e c l-ulton and Jefferson
Graffe J. wks P., Ft. W. & C. Railway Car Shop
Grage Wm. laborer, h s s Sturgis west of Fulton
Graham Mrs. widow, h 54 Barr
Graham J. engineer, P., Ft. W. & C. Railway Co
Graham James, engineer, h n w c Wayne and Clinton
Graham James E. clerk H. H. Bossier's, h 165 W. Washington
Graham James S. plasterer, h 256 W. Washington
Graham John, clerk 73 Columbia, h 101 W. Main
Graham Katy, laundress, Mayer House

Graham Samuel D. clerk 88 Calhoun, bds 165 W. Washington
Graham Wm, carpenter, bds 280 W. Jefferson
Graham Wm. H. painter, h s w c Harrison and Melita
Grahl Clements, teacher, h 196 Barr


n w c Barr and Berry ; Jobcph K. Edgertou, President; John M.

Godown, Secretary ; Samuel T. Hanna, Treasurer
Gratiguy A. F. ( G. & Co.) bds Hanna House
GRATIGNY & CO., (A. F. G. & Prof S Davenport) Dealers in

Drugs, Medicines, Paints, Oils, &c., s w c Main and Calhoun
Grattery^'James Dc. clerk 89 Columbia, h 90 E. Lewis
Grauman Henry, book binder, wks W. H. Norton's, res country


Gray Annie, widow, h 45 E. Main

Gray Matilda, widow, res Thomas Gray's

Gray Thomas, carjDenter, h w s Calhoun b Dawson and Williams

Green Chas. tobacconist, bds Mayer House

Green Corydon, grain dealer, h 215 Wayne

Green G. G. h n w c Lafayette and Ilamilton

Green Robert, clerk, h 50 E. Berry

Green Mrs. S R. widow, res Samuel C. Freeman's

Green Thos. gardener, wks Mrs. Samuel Hanna's

Greeen Wm. h 86 E. Wayne

Greene Miss Ella, clerk 105 and 107 Columbia, bds 50 W. Berry

Greene G. G. machinist, wks P., Ft W. & C. Railway Round House

Greene R. A. (Townley, DeWald, Bond & Co.) h 50 E. Berry

Greensfelder Gustave, saloon, 158 Broadwav

Grege Frederick, sawyer, h 177 W. Jefferson

GREGG J. S., Physician and Surgeon ; Ofl&ce, s w c Main and Cal-
houn, up stairs ; h 87 E. Washington

Grennemann Henry G. foreman, h w s Harrison b Highland and Dawson

Grenouillet Jaques, laborer, h e s Hanna south of Grant

Greve Frank, (Schneider & G.) h 206 E. Washington

Greve John, clerk 128 Columbia, bds 206 E. VVashingtou

Greve Joseph, clerk 128 Columbia, bds 206 E. Washington

Gribben James, carpenter, h 24 Douglas Av

Gribbin James W. millwright, wks Bass & Hanna's

Grieb John, (Mayer & G.) h 178 E. Lewis

GRIEBEL & FEE, (Louis G. & Thos. W. F.) Manufacturers and
Dealers in Cabinet Furniture, Chairs, &c., 46 E. Main

Griebel Lewis, (G. & Fee,) h 58 E. Jefferson

Griebel Lewis, teamster, n w c High and Lima Plank Eoad, Blooming-

Griebel Louis, Jr., cabinet maker, bds 58 E. Jefferson

Grifl&n D. C. carpenter, wks Cochran, Humphrey & Go's

Griffith Alzina, widow, h 229 E. Jefferson

Griffith Geo. V. h s s Wayne b Clay and Monroe

Griffith James M. carpenter, h 50 E. Washington

Griffith Jennie, waiter, Rockhill House

Griffith Levi, carpenter, h 50 E. Washington

Griffith Maggie, laundress, Rockhill House

Griffiths Catharine, widow, h n s Williams b Webster and Hoagland

Griffiths Thos. boiler maker, res Catharine Griffiths'

Griffiths Wm. E. clerk 89 Columbia, h 124 W. Wayne

Grift Fred, watchman, N. G. Olds & Son's

Griggs L. P. sewing machines, 2 Aveline House Block, h 53 W. Wayne

Griggs Loman, physician, h 53 W. Wayne

Grimes James, molder, bds 142 B. Wayne

(Jrimm John, teacher, h 239 Jackson

Grimm Theodore, boiler maker, bds John W. Deeter s

. Griswould Edward, coffin maker, h 16 Montgomery

Groesbeck Chas. printer, bds Phillips House

. Grogan Wm. F. physician, h s s Jjewis b Lafayette and Clay

Cirogean Auguste, laborer, h w s Smith near south Corp. Line

-GEONAUER W. G., Lodge Saloon and Billiard Room, 82 Calhoun;
h w s Ewiug b Wayne and Washington

Grosh John, saloon, w s Jjafayette b Ilolman and Montgomery


Gronnemeier Joha, tanner, h nortli of Douglas and west of Lima Plank

Road, Bloomingdale
Grosh Samuel, miller, City Mills, bds American House
Gross Fred, laborer, h e s Van Buren b Wilt andPritchard
Gross J. W. laborer, h w s K. Cass b 1st and River, Bloomingdale
Grote H. A., cigars, 30 W. Main

Grotehouse Henry, pattern maker, wks Murray & Baker's
Grothaus Henry carpenter, li 196 E. Wayne

Grothen Wm. file cutter, bus Lavina b Fairfield Av. and Broadway
Grout Mrs. E. B. widow, h 125 Van Buren
Grove M. J. boiler maker, h 134 Lafayette
Grove Wm. h 134 L;f lyct'e


Lumbard, Agent, 21 Clinton
Groves Catbarine, res Susan Groves'

Groves Susan, widow, h s s Washington b Nelson and Garden
Grub Lewis, draymali, h s s Pritchard b Broadway and Jackson
Grubb Mary, boarding house, 85 Barr
Gruber Andrew, laborer, wks-N. G. Olds & Son's
Gruber Anthony, laborer, res Valentine G ruber's
Gruber Joseph, brakeman, bds Andrew Metzger's
Gruber Michael, tailor, h 24 Wilt

Gruber Valentine, tailor, h s s Taylor west of Oakley'
Gruud Frederick, stonemason, h s s Melita b Webster and Hoagland
Grund Phil. R. blacksmith, h 190 W. Washington
Grusse Frederick, laborer, h 240 E. Jeiferson
Guin Russell B. stone cutter, h n s Wilt west of Garden
Gulkel A. laborer, wks N. G. Olds & Son's
Gumpper Christian, conductor, h 224 E. Jefierson
Gunkel F. laborer, h n s Nirdlinger west of Blufftou Plank Road
Guukel Otto, Jaborer, bds F. Gunkel's
Gurry James teamster, 80 Barr
Gust Dora L. waiter, Rockhill House
Gust John, helper, h n s Madison b Hanna and Francis
Gutermuth Geo. h 46 Wilt
Gutermuth Henry, blacksmith, h 46 Wilt
Guttcrmuth Caspar, turner, h 45 Douglas Av
Guttermuth Geo. laborer, h 45 Douglas Av
Guylot Frederick, laborer, wks P., Ft. W. & C. Railway Shops


Haag Brothers, (Martia J. & Nicholas) barbers, 24 Court
Haag Louisa, widow, h s s Washington b Nelson and Garden
Haag Martin J. (H. Bros.; bds Mayer House
Haag Nicholas, (H. Bros.) bds American House
Haarselhorst H. J shoemaker, h 252 E. Washington
Habecker Elias, carpenter, h 172 W. Washington
Habecker Wm. H. carpenter, h 172 W. Washington
Habel Andrew, laborer, h s s Jones b College and Nelson
Habel Chas. machinist, wks Louis Rastetter's

Haberkorn Henry, machinist, h s e c Lafayette and Buchanan, Lasselle's


Habercorn F. machinist, wks P., Ft. W. & C. Machine Shop

Hachmeier Ernst, laborer, h 208 Ewing

Hacke Emil, saloon, bds e s Harrison b Main and Columbia

Hackeuse A. laborer, wks P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. Shops

Haflich John, brakeman, bds Mrs. N. Y. Tunison's

Hafuer John, cabinet maker, bds 51 E. Jeiferson

Hagedorn Herman, bds Henry Hostmyer's

Hagemau Joseph, laborer, wks H. & M. Nierman's

Hagemann Wm. helper, h s w c Broadway and Pritchard

Hagerhorst Christ, carpenter, wks T., W. & W. R. R. Oar Shop

Haggerty L. B. teamster, h 131 E. Washington

Haggerty Nathaniel, bds Joseph LeGras'

Haggerty Mrs. S. E. dress making, h 124 E. Wayne

Hagmau W. helper, wks P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. Blacksmith Shop

Hahn Wm. blacksmith, bds Geo. Brossard's

Hahselhorst Henry, shoe maker, h 252 E. Washington

Haiber Fred, saloon, 8 W. Wayne

Hake Frank, team^^ter, h w s N. Calhoun b 4th and 5th, Bloomingdale

Hake Martha J. cook, American House

Haley Minnie, waiter, Harmon House

Haliue John, teamster, h s w c Williams and Harrison

HALL ALBON E., (Myers & H.) bds Aveliue House

Hall James, carriage maker, h 118 Clay

Hall James E. carpenter, h u s Henry b Fairfield Av. and Oakley

Hallauer Daniel, clerk 92 Columbia, h s s Charles b Clay and Monroe

HAMBROCK FRED., Dealer in Family Groceries, Provisions,

<&c. ; also, Saloon, nee Lafayette and Montgomery
Hamer Jacob, tailor, h s s Sturgis west of Fulton
ilamer Jacob, tailor, h 114 Harrison

Hamier Ernst, laborer, wks T., W. & W. R. R. Round House
Hamilton A. H. attorney, h s s Lewis opp Clinton
Hamilton Mrs. Allen, widow, h s s Lewis opp Clinton
HAMILTON ALLEN & CO., (Hugh McCulloch, Jesse L.

Williams, Stephen B. Bond & Charles McCulloch) Bankers and

Exchange Dealers, w s Calhoun b Main and Berry
Hamilton Annie, at Hamilton House
Hamilton Eliza, res Mrs. Allen Hamilton's

Hamilton Elizabeth, widow, h s s Wallace b Calhoun and Clinton
Hamilton Frederick, Hamilton House, 51 W. Berry
Hamilton House, 51 W. Berry
Hamilton John, baggage master, P., Ft. W. & C. R. R., h 145 W.

Hamilton John H. carpenter, h s w c Clinton and Columbia
Hamilton Letitia, at Hamilton House
Hamilton Mary A. widow, h 70 W. Main

Hamilton Montgomery, (Huestis & H.) h s s Lewis, head of Clinton
Hamilton P. helper, wks P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. Boiler Yard
Hamilton's Hall and Building, w s Calhoun opp Court House
Hamlin E. machinist, wks J. 0. Bowser & Co's
Hampshire J. S. marble cutter, h e s Garden south of Jeiferson
Hamroad Andrew, machinist, h s e c Lewis and Barr
Hauce J. D. auctioneer, h 128 W. Main
Hancock M, A. fireman, bds David S. Warner's
Hauey Robt. machinist, wks J. C. Bowser & Co's


Hanks Mary, res John Cochrane's

Hanley James, laborer, bds Patrick Ryan's

Hanley John H. clerk T., W. & W. R. R. Freight Office, bds Mayer

Hanley Sallie, cook, Railroad Eating House
Hanna Chas. h 62 Barr

Hanna Horace H. (Bass & H.) h n e c Lewis and Hanna
Hanna House, 166 Barr ; Mrs. R. McMullen, proprietress
Hanna Hugh T. real estate dealer, n w c Barr and Berry, h s s Lewis

east of Hanna
Hanna R. H. bds Hedekin House

Hanna Mrs. Samuel, widow, h s s Lewis east of Harraer
HANNA SAMUEL T., Dealer in Real Estate ; Office, n w c Barr

and Berry, up stairs ; h 109 W. Berry
Hanna Wm. Willis, (French, H. & Co.) h s s Lewis east of Harmer
Hanna Willis, bds Aveline House
Hannah Kale E. waiter, American House
HANNUM D., Occidental Billiard Room, e s Calhoun b Wayne and

Berry ; h 209 W. Wayne
Hansman Wm. blacksmith, bds 61 Montgomery
Hanson Fred, turner, wks Brackenridge tk Taylor's
Hanson R. C. gas fitter, h 48 E Main

Harber Peter, machinist, h w s Harrison b Melita and Highland
Hardendorf Emma, seamstress, bds 238 W. Wayne
Hardendorf John, carpenter, h 238 W. Wayne
Hardesty Mary, cook, Mayer House

Harding Geo. machinist, h e s Calhoun b Wallace and Hamilton
Hare Geo. carpenter, bds 86 E. Main
Hargus August, wagon maker, h 157 Madison
Hark Mary A. widow, res Thos. H. Will's

Harkaemper Wm. watch maker, 88 Columbia, bds Mayer House
HARMON DANIEL, Proprietor Harmon House, n w c Calhoua

and Railroad Tracks
Harmon Daniel, Jr. clerk, Harmon House
HARMON HOUSE, n w c Calhoun and Railroad Tracks ; Daniel

Harmon, Proprietor
Harmon Samuel, clerk, Harmon House

HARPER & FITZ, (James H. & John F.) Wholesale Manufactu-
rers find Dealers in Hats, Caps, Furs, Straw Goods, &c., 3 Phceuix

Block, w s Calhoun b Main and Columbia
Harper James, (H. & Fitz) h s s Lewis b Harrison and Webster
Harper John, machinist, h e s Hanna b Jones and Grant
Harre Geo. carpenter, wks 0. D. Hurd's
Harrington Daniel, moldcr, bds National Hotel
Harris G. machinist, wks P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. Round House
Harris Geo. h 246 E. Lewis

Harris John, laborer, h s s Holman b Clay and Monroe
Harris Wm. brakeman, bds W. VV. Fox's
Harris Wm. H. engineer, h n w c Pine and Locust
Harrison R. H. machinist, h 198 Lafayette

Harrison Wm. H. conductor, h s e c Fairfield Av. and Williams
Hart J. R. patent paints, h 109 Lafayette
Hart J. W. machinist, h w s Kansas b Grand and Melita
Harter J. blacksmith, n s Main b Fulton and Broadway


Hurter John, teamster, bds James Edmoud's, Bloomingdale
Harter Philip, clerk 90 Columbia, h 231 W. Main
Hartman August, brewer, wks Herman Hartman's
Hartmau Christian, helper, bds 51 W. Jefferson
Hartman F. painter, wks P., Ft. W. & C. R R. Paint Shop
Hartman Frances A. widow, h s s Virginia b Lafayette and Clay
Hartman Gr. R. insurance and real estate agent, h n e c Wayne and Har-
Hartman Geo. toll collector, h 46 Nelson

Hartman Geo. B. book-keeper 81 Columbia, bds American House
HARTMAN H. C, Real Estate and Insurance Agent ; Office, w s
Calhoun b Main and Berry, Hamilton's Hall Building ; h 277 W.-
Hartman Herman, prop'r Hartman's Brewery, 128 E. Washington, h

134 E. Washington
Hartman Isaac, laborer, h 212 Lafayette
Hartman L. R. book-keeper First National Bank, h s w c Wayne and

Hartman W. blacksmith, wks P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. Blacksmith Shop
Hartman Wm. engineer, h n w c Melita and Webster
Hartmann Valentine, laborer, h n s Taber east of Lafayette, Lasselle's

Harlmyer Frederick, candy manuf., 47 W. Main
Hartnett R. helper, wks P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. Car Shop
Hartuett Richard, laborer, h u w c Baker and Webster
Hartshorn John S. fireman, h s s Butler b Hoagland and Fairfield Av
Hartstein Louis, laborer, wks N. G. Olds & Son's
Hartzell John, cigar maker, bds Main Street Exchange
Harvey Daniel E. engineer, bds Mrs. Catherine Gibford's
Harvey Jefi'ersou, fireman, bds Mrs. Catherine Gibford's
Haryes August, wagon maker, wks John Baker's

HASKELL W., Produce and Commission Merchant, Agent Malt-
by's Oysters and Telegraph Despatch, 43 Columbia ; bds Mayer
Hassler J. B. carpenter, h n s Brackenridge b Webster and McClellau
Hasty John, boarding house, 32 E. Main
Hate J. carpenter, wks P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. Car Shop
Hatfield Wm. laborer, bds Wm. Edmond's, Bloomingdale
Hathaway John A. farmer, h s s Wilt b Rockhill and College
HATTERSLEY A., Fort Wayne Brass Works ; Plumber, Gas and

Steam Pipe Fitter, 48 E Main ; h 167 W. Wayne
Haudsch S. laborer, h s s Jefi'ersou b Union and Rockhill
Haufler David, barber, 80 Columbia, bis 13 Clinton
Haug Geo. stone cutter, wks Sutermeister & Becker's
Hausbach Jacob, laborer, h n s Henry b Hoagland and Fairfield Av
Hauser Andrew, brewer, bds 87 Harrison
Hauser Chas. foreman, h n w c Hanna and Hough
Hausper Jacob, machinist, wks T., W. & W. R. R. Machine Shop
Hauss David, carpenter, h 237 W. Washington
Haverley Anthony, blacksmith, h 168 Madison
Hawk Bennett, fireman, bds Elijah Derrer's
Hawkins Irwin, photographer, bds 57 E. Berry
Hnxstine W. laborer, wks P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. Shops
Haydcn John, notary public, h w s Fulton b Berry and Wayne


Hayden John W. clerk Sol. D. Bayless', h 162 W. Wayne

Hayes Cyrus A. cabinet maker, h s s High west of Lima Plank Eoad,

Haynes Frank, engineer, h s e c Melita and Webster
Haynes James, conductor, bds James Castle's

Hays Dennis, laborer, h n s Bass b Fairfield Av. and Prince

Hays Thomas D. laborer, h n w c Colerick and Prince

Hays Wm. K. moldcr, bds National Hotel

Hazdon H. H. laborer, wks P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. Freight Depot

Hazzard Lewis, painter, h 147 W. Main

Heagen John W. carriage maker, bds Harmon House

Heager John, wheelwright, wks N. '^t. Olds & Son's

Heathman Elizabeth, servant, s w c Calhoun and Baker

Hebel Chas. cigar maker, h n w c Calhoun and W. & E. Canal

Heber Barbara, h 1 E. Berry

Hebert Oliver, engineer, h 158 E. Lewis >j

Hebert Peter, fireman, bds 158 E. Lewis

Hecke Herman, drayman, h 154 E. Washington

Heckeler Thos, laborer, h n e c Buchanan and Cass, Lasselle's Addition

Hecker P]mil, bar keeper, bds Julius Kabisch's

Heckis Andrew, coppersmith, h s w c Webster and Brackenridge

Heckler Gr. machinist, wks P., Ft. W. & C. R. E,. Ptound House

Heckler Thos. laborer, wks N. G. Olds & Son's

Hedekin House, e s Barr b Main and Columbia

Hedekin Michael, h 97 E. Main

HEDEKIN T. B., Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Groceries, sec
Columbia and Barr ; h 82 E. Washington

Hedges Elizabeth, widow, h 131 Madison

Hedges Thos. J. carpenter, h 122 W. Washington

Heifkin Jacob, conductor, h 186 E. Washington

Hefi"ner John, cabinet maker, wks 50 E. Main

Hefi"ran Michael, laborer, bds National Hotel

Hegan David, fireman, bds Luther Wright's

Hegar Geo. clerk IB W. Berry, res Bloomingdale

Heibler Geo. W. miller, h 199 Ewiug

Heichenrichter Joseph, laborer, h s s Nirdlinger west of Bluffton Plank

Heid Alex, butcher, h e s Lima Plank Road b 2d and 3d, Bloomingdale

Heidenreich Ed. laborer, wks N. G. Olds & Son's

HEILBRONNER A., Dealer in Wool, Pelts, Furs, Hides, Coun-
try Produce, &c., w s Calhoun b Columbia and Canal ; h w s Calhoun
b Wayne and Washington

Heill Frederick, laborer, res Bloomingdale

Heimann Barney, clerk, h w s Ewing b Berry and Wayne

Heine Fred, carpenter, h 92 Madison

Heine Frederick, carpenter, h 48 Douglas Av

Heine Wm. laborer, h n s Montgomery b Hanna and Francis

HEINGARTNER MARTIN, Merchant Tailor and Dealer in
Gents' Furnishing Goods, 19 Clinton ; h s s Main b Fulton and
Heinlen Fredericka, widow, h e s Lafayette b Virginia and Wallace
Heinlen Wm. laborer, h w s Harrison b Highland and Dawson
Heiny Nicholas, clerk, h 251 E. Jefierson
Heirholzer Coleman, carpenter, h s s Bass b Prince and Fairfield Av






Heirholzer Coleman, jr. coppersmith, h s s Bass b Prince and Fairfield Av

Heister Henry, clerk Geo. C. Nill & Go's, bds Blooraiugdale

Heit Alex, butcher, with A. Wolf, res Dlooraingdale

Hcit Anthony, shoemaker, h 19(3 Griffith

Heitenrcich Amond, laborer, h n s Heury b Hoaglaud and Fairfield Av

Heitkarap Sophia, widow, h 207 Lafayette

Heitmann Rev. Anthony, h 132 E. Jefferson

Heitzler G. helper, wks P., Ft. W. & C. U. R. Boiler Yard

Heitzler Joseph, helper, h n s Wallace b Lafayette and Clay

Held Geo. barber, bds 115 Barr

Heldt John M. barber and grinder, e s Lima Plank Road b 1st and 2d,

Helker H. laborer, wks P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. Shops
Helle Fred, engineer, h 7 W. Water
Helling Frederick, teamster, h 81 W. Washington
Helmcamp Henry, carpenter, h 247 W. Wayne

Helmke Edward, boots and shoes, w s Calhoun b Lewis and Douglas Av
Helwig Fred, blacksmith, bds John Holfet's

Heuienway Addison K. clerk 4 Keystone Block, bds 234 W. Wayne
Henchen W. helper, wks F., Ft. W. & C. R. R. Car Shop
Henderson Andrew N. foreman, h 117 B. Wayne
Henderson Geo. clerk 26 E. 3Iain, bds 23 Madison
Henderson Henry, machinist, h s w c Madison and Lafayette
Henderson Noah, clerk Anderson & Ely's, bds 117 W. Wayne
Henderson Samuel C. coppersmith, h 79 E. Main
Henderson Mrs. W. D. boarding house, 86 E. Main
Henderson Wm. h 23 Madison

Henderson Wm. B. brakeman, h n s Chicago b Harrison and Webster
Hendler Peter, laborer, h s s Walnut b Fairfield Av. and Oakley
Hendricks Alma, cook, Hedekin House
Hendricks Christian, wagon maker, h 217 Lafayette
Heuger Felix, laborer, h n of Douglas west of Lima Plank Road, Bloom-

Hengst D. h w s Lima Plank Road b Bowser and Douglas, Bloomingdale
Henkcnius Frank, truckman, h ns Douglas west of Lima Plank Road,

Henkley Wm. teamster, wks Schroeder & Kayser's
Hennings Fred, laborer, h 90 Madison
Hennings Sophia, weaver, wks Summit City Woolen Mills
Henrodth A. machinist, wks P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. Machine Shop
Henry H. H. h s e c Main and Van Buren
Henry Wm. cabinet maker, wks W. A. Frey'd
Henry Wm. H. fireman, h 133 Van Buren
Henschen Fred, laborer, h 201 E\^ing
Henschen Henry, clerk 132 Columbia, h 170 Ewing
Henschen Mary, widow, res Wm Hildebrand's
Henschen Wm. helper, h w s Francis b Montgomery and Hough
Hensel Frank, tailor, wks J. G. Thierae & Bro's
Hansel Wm. machinist, h 269 W. Jefi"erson
Hepburn Archibald, painter, bds James L. Sweeney's
Herbert Myron, molder, bds s w c Calhoun and Baker
Herbst Frederick, saloon and boarding house, nee Railroad and Calhoun
Herbst Henry, laborer, h w s Calhoun b Railroad and Baker
Hergenroether Marcus, bricklayer, h s s Wallace b Lafayette and Barr



Hergerhorst Christ, carpenter, h s s Locust west of Pine
Hermann Michael, carpenter, h s s Lasselle b Hanna and Monroe
Hermann Valentine, laborer, h 171 Washington
Hermaver Wm. planer, wks Clark & Rhinesmith's
HER'MSDORPER G. A., Manufacturer and Dealer in Boots and

Shoes, 2 Union Block, n s Main near Clinton ; h 267 W. JeflFerson
Herring Geo. laborer, h n s Douglas west of Lima Plank Road, Bloom-

Herring J. O. blacksmith, wks P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. Blacksmith Shop
Herring Peter, stone mason, h e s West b Pritchard and P., Ft. W. & C.

Herrington Edwin B. carpenter, h s s Henry b Hoagland and Fairfield Av
Herrington John, h s s Henry b Hoagland and Fairfield Av
HERRINGTON JOHN S., Contractor, Carpenter and Builder,

Shop and Residence sec Hoagland and Melita
Herrington Roland, gas fitter, bds Geo. Crosby's
Hesler James, h 142 Jackson
Hess J. H. machinist, wks J. C. Bowser & Go's
Hess N. W. plow manufacturer, n s Water b Calhoun and Clinton, h 134

W. Main
Hessenauer John, res David Seebold's, Bloomingdale
Heth Jacob, engineer, h 216 Lafayette
Hettinger Israel B. barber shop e.s Calhoun b Wayne and AVashington,

h 31 W. Lewis
Hettlen C. carpenter, wks P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. Car Shop
Hettler Christopher F. carpenter, h 88 E. Lewis
Hettler Gottlieb, laborer, h n e c Lasselle and Clay
Hewes James C. foreman P., Ft. W. & C. R. R. Boiler Yard, h 94 E.

Lewis r

Hey Amandus, driver, wks Bloomingdale Brewery
Hey August, driver, h w s Lima Plank Road, Bloomingdale
Heyer Henry, printer, bds 59 W. Wayne
Hicks C. Carroll, attorney 54 Calhoun, h 64 W. Main
Hiebler Edward, laborer, wks Bass & Hanna's
Hiebler Louis, laborer, wks Bass & Hanna's
Hierholzer Conrad, carpenter, wks T., W. & W. E. R. Car Shop
Hierholzer Conrad, coppersmith, wks T., W. & W. R. R. Shops
Higgins C. R. telegraph operator, P., Ft. W. & C. R. R., bds Mayer

Higgins Frank P. engineer, h 122 E. Berry
Higi School, n s Wayne b Calhoun and Clinton
Hight Eugene, machinist, h s e c Lewis and Webster
Hight Wm. machinist, bds John W. Deeter's
Higi January, teacher, s w c Jefierson and Lafayette
Hilbrecht Henry, blacksmith, h 212 W. Jefferson
Hilbright Henry Jr. machinist, wks J. C. Bowser & Go's
HILDEBRAND & CO., (Wm. H. & Gottlieb Niemann) Dealers

in Family Groceries, Provisions, Liquors, &c., w s Calhoun b Wayne

and Washington
Hildebrand Geo. miller, wks Bloomingdale Flour Mills
Hildebrand Wm. (H. & Co.) h w s Calhoun b Wayne and Washington
Hilderman Henry, laborer, wks Bass & Hanna's
Hilgeman Ernst, carpenter, h 210 E. Washington
Hilgeman Fred, laborer, h w s McClellan b Lewis and Douglas Av





Hilgemau H. carder, wks Summit City AVooIen Mills
H lineman Henry, carpenter, h 194 Ewing
HilgeuKin Henry, engineer, h 89 W. Jefferson
Hilgeman AYm. carpenter, li 18G Ewing
Hilgeman Wm. carpenter, h 212 E. Washington
Hilker Chas. carpenter, h 9G Francis

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