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v.W: -rr-..t?'





1^890-91. MM.

' ' .^; CONTAINING '^ " ^ -





i "' "-. ■ - • ^OF AT.T. TRADES, PROFEISSIONS AND FUR- " 'v-

■ ' \ -.t ' BUITS — A FARM.ERS' DIRECTORY .■'^.;

'' ■ / ■' OF ALLEN COUNTY. * \ •?








For List of Publicacions, sre hai.lc \\y leaf.




— — ^^T

KntM^I ■ocotdlng to Act of CongnM., In Uit ywir 1890. by R. L. Polk A Oo.. In thi Offlc* of ih»^ ^
UUr»n*n of CongreM. «t W«»ljlugton, 1>. C. y''

MrQ F A FIsplpr ^ ^ i-^-^ n e r,

Ifllui Li Hi I iO^iUij i4 \vEvr bcukv stkket.


Rumsill Amelia, domestic Wayne Hotel.
Rundel Cliarles B, clerk S W Harmon, bds 181 Lafayette.
Rundel Martin, machinist, res 181 Lafayette.
Runion Frank, laborer, bds 544 E Wayne.

Runner Minnie, domestic Aveline House. ^^^ ^^^-^

Runtz Mary (wid Jacob), bds 32 Brandriff. J_', <15o9

Runyan James W, clerk Aldine Hotel.
Rupert Harry, bds 356 Caliioun.
Rupert Ira, real estate, res 234 W De Wald.
Rupert John E, helper Fort Wayne Electric Co, bds 356 Cal-
Rupert Lydia M, converter worker Fort Wayne Electric Co,

bde 356 Calhoun.
Rupp, see also Happ.

Rupp Mi^'s Ida, bds n w cor Penn and Dubois.

Rupp John, blacksmith, res n w cor Penn and Dubois.

Rupp John, blacksmith Penn Co, res 113 E Creighton ave.

Klipil Jolin^ Propv Summit City Steel Works, n end
Barr, res cor Maumee road and Glasgow ave.

Rupp Philip, fireman Penn Co, res 149 E DeWald.

Rupp Wm H, clerk Dreier Bros, bds John Rupp.

Ruppel Anna, operator Hoosier Mnfg Co, bds 20 Locust.

Rnppel Carrie, operator Hoosier Mnfg Co, bds 20 Locust.

Rnppel Clemens J, machine hand Olds' Wagon Works, bds
20 Locust.

Ruppel Fabian, brick mason, res 20 Locust.

Ruppel John, grocer, 263 E Wayne, res 264 same.

Ruppel Josephine, bds 258 E Wayne. •

Ruppel Lena, bds 389 E Washington.

Ruppel Paul, res 258 E Wayne.

Ruppel Wm, driver J E Klinger, res 46 E Columbia.

Rupple Wm, driver J E Klinger, bds 48 E Columbia.

Rurode Ernest C (Root & Co), res 76 W Berry.

Rush George D, res 55 W Main.

Rusher Miss Laura, stenographer D N Foster Furniture Co,
bds no W :\rain.

liii^hion Olive, domestic 7 Bell ave.

Rushton Samuel, bds Windsor Hotel.

Ruvsj-11 Charles M, insurance agent, res 415 Calhoun.

RusHeil Dominick, machine hand Fort Wayne Organ Co, res
110 W Creighton ave.

RuMell Frank E, switchman Nickel Plate, res 136 Jackson.

RuR-svll Henry O, conductor, bds 170 Greely.

Runaell John, pipe liner Salimonie Mining and Gas Co, bds
Wm Keller.

Ru*'*^!! I^juis, laborer, res 28 Rockhill.

JohnTEby & Co, « aJ'^JISB

L^^y "I I I I T •T" Reco^nlzei no Competition In Artia.
,11 JH 11 j I I I tic Wall and CeilinKDECOEA.TION

^r-30 c.^i-:«:oT:xi^T st...,^


Saahmon Charles, laborer, res 395 W Main. ^

Saahmon Chnrles jr, painter, bds 395 W Main. ^^

Sack Regina (wid Jacob) res 119 Lafayette.
Saer Wm M, painter Wayne Paint and Painting Co, bds 225 ^^

Calhoun. ^^

Saffen Birdie A, bds 390 E Washington. ^

Saffen Francis S, mach Bass Foundry and Machine Works, J*^

res 100 Madison. P#

Saffen George B, molder Ft Wayne Iron Works, res 387 E

Saffen Samuel, bds 390 E Washington.
Saffen Thomas D, machinist, res 390 E Washington.
Saffen Thomas W, foreman Ft Wayne Iron Works, res 390 ^

E Washington. P**

Saffen Wm, bds 390 E Washington. 2

Safford Frank K (G E Bursley & Co), res 210 W Wayne. ^
Safford J W, laborer, bds 43+ E Columbia. ^

Safford Miss Kate P, teacher Kindergarten, bds 210 W Wayne. ^
Safford Lucy C (wid Dr Jonas P), bds 210 W Wayne. .-

Sage Arthur E, teamster, res 38 Marion.
Sage W J, rms 196 Calhoun.
Sahner, see also Saytier and Zamier.



Sahner Marcus, res 431 E Washington. ^O

Sailor, see Saylor. 3 52

St Augustine's Academy for Girls, cor Calhoun and Jefferson. 3-^
St John's German Lutheran Church and School, s e cor W o 33

Washington and Van Buren. 35^/)

St John's Reformed Church,s e cor W Washington and Webs- o C

ter. ~- S

St Joseph's Hospital, s w cor W Main and Broadway, Sister ^ 5

Secunda superior, Rev Thomas Eisenring, C S S S, =0

chaplain. w'^

St Mary's German Catholic Church, s e cor Lafayette and ^>

Jefferson. o q

St Mary's Hall, s w cor Lafayette and Jefferson. "**

St Mary's School for Boys, s w cor Lafayette and Jefferson, 9<
St Mary's School for Girls, e s Lafayette s of St Mary's Church. *< p
St Paul's Catholic Church (German), n e cor Griffith and ^rj

Washington. «,

St Paul's German Lutheran Church, ws Barrhead of Madison. ^ _,
St Paul's German Lutheran School, n e cor Madison and Barr. g- 33
St Paul's M E Church, w s Walton ave 2 s of Wabash R Tw. g |^
St Paul's School, s e cor Washington and Griffith. vjH

CO 09


Mr l/r»«« Sells MAJOLICA WARE and Hand-Painted
I li iVOdg Plates, at No. 5 E;aST COLUMBIA ST.

458 R. L. POLK & co.'s

St Peter's German Catholic Church and School, s s St Mar-
tin west of Hanna.

Sale John W, treas Hoffman Lumber Co, res 203 W Wayne.

Salem Reformed (German) Church, e s Clinton near Wayne.

Salge Christian, machine hand, res 7 West.

Salge Christian, painter Horton Mnfg Co, bds 7 West.

Salge Frederick, boilerraaker Bass Foundry and Machine
Works, bds 7 West.

Salge Henry, carpenter, res 23 West.

Salge Louisa, bds 7 West.

8aliiBioiiie Miiiisig and Gas €o, Henry C Paul
Pres, Charles S Bash Vice-Pres, Charles McCulloch Sec,
FEW Scheimann Treas, G Max Ilofmann Supt, 50

Salley George E, printer Fort Wayne Newspaper Union, bds
Clifton House.

Sallier Francis, Groceries, Provisions, Wines and
Liquors, 66 E Columbia, res 30 Hough.

Sallier Joseph, clerk Francis Sallier, res 28 Hough.

Sallot Jacob F, carpenter, res rear 164 E Lewis.

Sallot Victor A, supt Indiana Machine Works, res 4 Summit.

Salmon Daniel F, reporter, Jbds n e cor Butler and Barr.

Salmon John, clerk, bds n e cor Butler and Barr.

Salmon Margaret (wid Daniel T), res n e cor Butler and Barr.

Salter Mary A (wid John), bds 74 Baker.

Salter Wm, brakeman, res 46 Burgess.

Saltzgaber Henry, lab Hoffman Bros, rms 22 Foster block.

Salzmann Wm, photographer, 164 Calhoun, res same.

Sam, Pete & Max (Stern, Mautner & Friedlioh), clothing, 58

Sams John W, section hand, res 59 Grand.

Sams Uriah, watchman Wabash R R, bds 59 Grand.

Samse Caroline (wid Wm), res 40 W Superior.

Samse Miss Rose, stenographer Randall & Vesey, bds 40 W

Sanburn Amos IT, ros 34 W Superior.

Sanbiun John W, bds 34 W Superior.

Sanburn Lillie M, bds 34 W Superior.

Sander Charles W, clerk Sieraon tfc Bro, res 187 Griffith.

Sander Miss Lena, bds 86 W Washington.

Sander Miss Sophie, bds 86 W Washington.

Sander Wm, res 86 W Washington.

Sanders, see also Saunders.

Sanders Catherine (wid Ernest), res rear 103 W Jefferson.

Sanders Henry, driver patrol wag«n, res 72 Barr.

Sanders John, laborer Penn Co, res 38 Baker,

Georg6 Jaap,

Contractor and r»e,ilcr in -SILLS, CAPS,

AVATr.U TAMJLiiS, l-LAGt^INti, KTt .


Stahn ii Heiofidi, ^

L.eadiii^ DealerM In ARTISTS' ITIATE*

TS. 116 Calbouu Street.


SamlcTS John, painter, bds 166 Holman.

Sandvrs Wni F, clerk Stewart & Habn, res 103 W Jefferson.

Sandkuhler Henry, coremaker Bass Foundry and Machine
Works, bds 226 Gay.

S.inford Philip, laborer Joseph Fremion, res s s Wiebke 1 e
of Lafayette.

Sanger Jacob, lab C L Centlivre, res Centlivre Park.

Sarasien Sophia L, seamstress D S Redelsheiraer & Co, bds 62
E Superior.

Sarazen, see also Sarraizen and Sarrazin.

Sarazen George E, laborer, res 34 Smith.

Sarber Thomas J, brakeman Penn Co, res 16 Euclid.

Sart^f-nt, ."ee also Sergeant.

SargL'iit Archie, cigarmakcr Scheie Bros, bds 322 E Wayne.

Sargi'iit John (col'd), porter, res 33 Grand.

Sarjjcnt Thomas P (Jenson & Sargent), res 12 Marion.

Sargent "\Vm, res 14 Marion.

Sargent Wra jr, blacksmith, res 322 E Wayne.

Sarnighausen John D (Sarnighausen & Griebel), res n e cor
Columbia and Clinton.

Sarnighausen & Griebel (John D Sarnighausen, A Louis
Griebel), publrs Indiana Staats Zeitung, n e cor Colum-
bia and Clinton.

Sarraizen, see also Sarazen and Sarrazm.

Sarraizen Erail, laborer Penn Co, res 98 Maumee road.

Sarraizen Julian E, lab Penn Co, res 200 E Washington.

Sarrazin, see also Sarazen and Sarraizen.

Sarrazin Carrie, works Troy Steam Laundry, bds 37 Barr.

Sarrazin Mary (wid Joseph), res 37 Barr.

Saioris, see Sutoreus.

Sauer Charles, cigarmaker F J Gruber, bds 284 Broadway.

Saner diaries, Supt The Prudential Life Insurance Co,
30 Piiley & Long lildg, res 106 Barr,

Sauer Christian, conductor, res 356 W Main.

Sauer C Herman, clerk, bds 170 Barr.

Shut Gf)ttlie1> ^f. coii<liictor Perm Co, res 13S Hoi-ace.

Saner Kev Henry G, Pastor St Paul's German Luth-
eran Cluirch, res 170 Barr.

Sauorbier W A, cigarmaker Louis Bender, res 62 E Williams.

SautTtieg Frederick, cooper, 17 E Superior, bds same.

Saucrwein Ernst A, barber, bds bS Barthold.

Saucrwein Ernst H S, machinist Ft W, C & L R R, res 5Q

Sauerwein Frank, springmaker Penn Co, res 86 W Lewis.

SaunJtTs, see also Sanders.

Siuiulerj* Benjamin, clerk, bds 164 Broadway.

John F.Eby&Co,7sl'Prini8rs, Detroit.

Fl FRTIflN ^1 IP^ Headquarters forPerfect Slips

LLLU I IUI1 OLiI OiAt JOliN F. EBY & CO.'S, Detroit

460 K. L. POLK & CO.'s

Saunders Joseph (col'd), waiter, rras 67 W Superior.

Saunders Joseph B, machinist, res 55 W Lewis.

Saunders Maud M, bds 55 W Lewis.

Saurbaugh Marion A, bartender L E Banet, res 13 Barthold.'

Saurs James T, engineer, res 226 Fairfield ave.

Saurs Mary A (wid George J), bds 226 Fairfield ave.

Saurs Samuel P, res 226 Fairfield ave.

Sauser Louis, jeweler, 188 Calhoun, res same.

Sautter Frederick W, conductor, res 130 Buchanan.

Savio Frank, brakeman Penn Co, bds Hinton's Restaurant.

Sawtell Henry P, res 3 Oak.

Sawyer Charles, laborer, bds 27 E 1st.

Sawyer Frank M, laborer, bds 27 E 1st.

Sawyer James T, boarding house, 27 E 1st. ^'

Savior George B, trav agent Adams & Armstrong, res 173

Say lor Jacob K, switchman, res 67 Grand.
Sayner, see also Sahner a?id Zauner.
Sayner Henry, fireman, res 106 W Williams. .
Scalf Lizzie, clerk C J Pierre, bds same.
Scanlin Hannah, domestic Fort Wayne City Hospital.
Scarlet Chester (Komp & Scarlet), res 56 N Harrison.
Scarlet Rosa E, clerk J O Keller, bds 56 N Harrison.
Scarlett Bertha, bds 41 Jesse.
Scarlett Henry O, carpenter, res 41 Jesse.
Scarlett Reuben W, machine hand Fort Wayne Furniture

Co, res 40 Miner.
Scarlett Washington C, plasterer, bds 41 Jesse.
Schaaf Rev Carl, pastor St John's Reformed Church, res 59

W Washington.
Schaaf Miss Rosalia, bds 59 W Washington.
Schaaf Miss Sarah, teacher West German School, bds 59 W

Schaaf Wm G, laborer, bds 815 Broadway.
Schacher Charles, molder Bass Foundry and Machine Works,

res 80 Wall.
Schacher Chri>Liaii F, helper, bds 41 Stophlet.
Schacher Leonard, laborer Wm & J J Geake, res 41 Stophlet.
Schacher Wm H, laborer, bds 41 Stophlet.
Schack Augusta (wid Wm), res 55 Charles,
Schack George H, store keeper Bass Foundry and Machine

Works, res 231 Madison.
Schack Wm, fireman Hook and Ladder Co No 2, rms same.
Scbad Frederick, gas fitter, res 65 Wells.
Schaden Peter W, lawyer, n w cor Calhoun and Berry, res

349 W Jefferson.


E. F. Sites, ^ Deniisf, «E £^^^. „^:



Scha.lle Henry, bcls 309 Hanna.

Schadli- Louisa, hils 309 Hanna.

Solirulli' Paulina (wid August), res 309 Hanna. ^

Sc'hufdc'l Jacob, laborer C L Centlivre, res w s Spy Kun ave rf\

3 n of Edna. \JJ

Schaefenacker Fritz, truck builder Penu Co, res n s New CD

Haven ave 2 w of Lurabard.
Scliaefenacker Jacob F, car builder Penn Co, res 60 Smith. ^_^
Schaefer, see also Schafer, Schaffer, Scheffer, Shafer and IJ

Shajf'er. ^^

Scliaefer Miss Amelia, bds 26 Wilt. *^

Sch.iefer Augusta, milliner A Mergentheim, bds 26 Wilt. O^

Schaefer Charles, clerk, bds 26 Wilt, ^

Schaefer Christian F, carpenter, res 171 W Superior. I"^'

S?cliaffcr John H \V, bds John H W Schaefer jr. 3

Schaefer John H W jr, grocer, rear 147 W 3d, res same. fw

Schaefer Reinhardt, clerk Siemon & Bro, bds 26 Wilt. r^

Schaefer Wni, brass molder Fort Wayne Electric Co, bds 26(tn

Schaefer Wm E, machinist Penn Co, res 26 Wilt. (D

Schaenle Theodore, cabinetmaker Fort Wayne Furniture Co ■

bda 46 E Columbia.
Schafer, see also Schaefer, Schaffer, Scheffer, Shafer and ^ H

Shaffer. > ^

Schafer Christian, broommkr C A Cartwright, bds 67 Grand. 2 ^
Schafer Christian, car builder Penn Co, res 296 W Main. m H

Schafer Christian, saloon, 201 Lafayette, and 99 Calhoun, S O

res 171 E Main. ^ X

Schafer Cliristian F W, bartender Christian Schafer, bds 171 ^ J

E M;iiii. ^ tTJ

Scliafer Christian M, bartndr Henrv Dierstein, rms 24 E Berry Zi IJ
Schafer Edward A, Druggist, 277 E Washington, 2 h

res same. O U

Schafer Ernst, clerk, bds 314 Lafayette. R CJ

^ehafer Frank, plumber P E Cox, bds 186 Francis. 2 {d

N'hrvfrr Frederick, clerk, bds 00 St ^Mary's ave. ■ "" ^

>chaU'r Frederick C, driver Fort Wayne Artificial Ice Co, ~ k

h,l8 foot E Main. O K

Schafer George G, chief clerk East Car Shops Penn Co, res ~ t

147 Madison. O

Schafer Henry, laborer, bds 193 Montgomery. 2. ^

^'J^J*^""" Henry, teamster, res 90 St Mary's ave. 5* A

>< - h:ifer Henry C, elk G DeWald & Co, bds 90 St Mary's av. O (ft
N:hafer John, res 314 Lafavette. C ri

N-hafer John G, barber Walker & Ellert, bds 314 Lafavette. ^ H '
• < .i:»ler Joseph, upholsterer, bds 314 Lafavette. . ' 0) ^

John F. Ebv &, Co book and job PfiiNiERs

• ik.UJ W UUll 65 and 07 W. Congress SU, litrUOlT.


Robert Spice

wirvuiniLLs and drive wells,


I 48 AVe«t inalii and 11 Pearl Slrecls.


E. I^ POLK & CO. 8

Schafer J Christian, car repairer, res s e cor Wall and Metz.

Schafer Lizzie, operator Hoosier Mnfg Co, bds 193 Mont-

Schafer Minnie E, tailoress, bds 90 St Mary's ave.

Schafer Olive, Avaitress Aldine Hotel.

Schafer Sophia, tailoress G Schcftl.'r, bds 186 Francis.

Schafer Wm, helper Penn Co, bds 186 Francis.

Schafer Wm F, setter Penn Co, bds 193 Montgomery.

SchafiFer, see also Schaefer, Schafer, Scheffer, Shafer and

Schaffer Ferdinand, car builder Penn Co, res 289 E Jefferson.

Schaffer Henry, driver Wm Moellering & Sons, bds 120

Schafman Louis, umbrella repairer, res 281 E Washington.

Schaich Anna M, dressmaker M J Schaich, bds 190 Taber.

Schaich Maggie J, dressmaker, 190 Taber, res same.

Schallenberger Stephen, car repairer Penn Co, res 816 Laf-

Schandly Theresa, domestic 393 Lafayette.

Schank, see also Shank.

Schank Emil, clerk Sam, Pete and Max, res 173 Madison.

Schank John, laborer, bds n s Cochrane 5 e of Coombs.

Schank Mary (wid Louis), bds 374 E Washington.

Schanz Felix, artist and photographer, 112 Calhoun, res same.

Schaper Christian, carpenter, bds 69 Maumee rd.

Schaper John, carpenter, bds 345 E Lewis.

Schaper Wm, harnessraaker, 20 N Harrison, bds same.

Schaphorst Engal (wid Herman), res 22 Orchard.

Schaphorst Frederick F, laborer, bds 12 Orchard.

Schaphorst Henry, car l)tiil<lor Pctm C<:), res 12 Orchard.

Schaphorst Jolm, clerk Siemon ct iiro, bds 26 Orchard.

Schaphorst John F, car builder Penn Co, res 128 W 3d.

Schaphorst Lizzie, domestic 76 W Berry.

Schaphorst \\"ra, carpenter Ft W, C & L R R, res 26 Orchard.

Schaphorst Wm, laborer, bds 12 Orchard.

Scharf. see also Sharp.

Scharf Chai'U's A, tinner, 10,j Lifayette, res'202 Madison.

Scharf Lena, bds 202 Madison.

Scharf Louisa (wid Adam), res 150 E Jefferson.

Scharraann Philip, teacher St John's German Lutheran
School, res 212 W Washington.

Schearer, see also Scherer.

Schearer Andrew, clerk police station, res 6 Erie.

Scheek John, laborer Salimonie Mining and Gas Co, bds
Frederick Bizeler.

Scheele, see also f^chele.

dfli li l\ddg SAUCERS, at No.

5 East Columbia Si.

MpphanipQ' Tnnk ^^e^^^er & Schlatter,



Scheelc August W, driver Henry Scheele, bds 284 Webster.

Scbeele Emma, dressmaker, bds 284 Webster.

Scheele Henry, coal, 68 Murray, res 284 Webster.

Scheele Henry W, driver, bds 284 Webster.

Scheele Wm F, machinist, bds 284 Webster.

Scheer Wm, laborer Penn Co, res 96 Wilt.

Scheer Wm jr, clerk Penn Co, res 96 Wilt.

Scheere John C, laborer, bds 50 Oakley.

Scheere Louis T, machine hand. Fort Wayne Organ Co, bds

50 Oakley,
Scheere Margaret (wid Patrick), res 50 Oakley.
Scheetz, see also Sheetz.

Scheetz James B, helper Penn Co, bds Monroe House.
Scheffer, see also Schaefer, Schafer, Schaffer, Shafer and

Scheffer John (Scheffer & Geiger), res 135 E Jefferson.
Scheffer & Geiger (John Scheffer, Frank J Geiger), grocers,

292 Calhoun.
Scheffler, see also Shefler.

Schefiler Gustav, tailor 43 W Main, res 15 Sturgis.
Scheib Edward J, clerk J B White, bds 91 Summit.
Scheib John, car builder Penn Co, res 91 Summit.
Scheid Frank, machinist Penn Co, res ob E De Wald.
Scheid Peter J, commissioner fire dept, res 129 E De Wald.
Scheid Wm H, tinsmith, bds 129 E De Wald.
Scheiferstein, see Schieferstein.

Scheiman, see also Scheumann Schicmann and Shuman.
Scheiraan Caroline (wid Ernst), res 338 Broadway.
Scheiman Charles, printer Fort Wayne Journal, bds 338

Scheiraan Ernst D, foreman Fort Wayne Journal, res 37 E

Scheiraan Wm, grocer, 362 Calhoun, res same.
Scheimann Charles J, bookkeeper Fort Wayne Organ Co, bds

86 E Jefferson.
Scheimann Dora, bds 86 E Jefferson.
Scheimann Frederick E W, treas Salimonie Mining and Gas

Co, res 321 E Washington.
Scheimann Sophia (wid Frederick), res 86 E Jefferson.
Scheimann Wm H, bookkeeper G E Bursley & Co, res 86 E

Scheirer John C, machine hand Fort Wayne Organ Coj bds

50 Oakley.
Scbeirman Frederick, pulley finisher Old Fort Mnfg Co, bds

3 Oak.
Scheie, see also Scheele.

JohnFlb7& Co, '5^; Primers, DeiFoli

A. FOSTER, Merchant Tailor,"^wa^,.

464 E. L. POLK & co.'s

Scheie Albert F, waiter, bds 33 St Mary's ave.

Scheie Arnold J, cigarmakcr, bds August Scheie.

Scheie August, bricklayer, res n e s Pitsburgh New Yards

on Wayne Trace.
Scheie Bernard H, trav agent Mossman, Yarnelle & Co, bds

August Scheie.
Scheie Bros (Martin and Clemens), cigar mnfrs, 52 Barr.
Scheie Carrie (wid Conrad), res w s Lumbard 3 s of Wabash

Scheie Catherine (wid John B), bds 286 E Wayne.
Scheie Catherine M, bds August Scheie.
Scheie Cecilia, bds Henry Scheie.
Scheie Charles H, clerk, bds 33 St Mary's ave.
Scheie Clemens (Scheie Bros), bds 286 E Wayne.
Scheie Edward, barber, 121 E Lewis, bds August Scheie.
Scheie Frank, saloon, 14 Harrison, res same.
Scheie Henry, laborer, res s s Wayne Trace 2 e of Walton.
Scheie Henry F, brick mason, bds 20 Locust.
Scheie John H, saloon, 26 Harrison, res same.
Scheie Joseph J, works H H Barcus, bds Julius Scheie.
Scheie Julius, mason, res 33 St Mary's ave.
Scheie Louisa, bds August Scheie.
Scheie Margaret, bds August Scheie.
Scheie Martin (Scheie Bros), res 32 W 4th.
Scheie Theresa, bds 33 St ^Mary's ave.
Scheie Wm J, fireman, bds 33 St Mary's ave.
Schelker Louis, laborer, res 12 Buchanan.
Schell, see aho Shell.

Schell Frank K, clerk County Auditor, rms 132 Lafayette.
Schell George O, clerk J D Guiapper, bds 235 Calhoun.
Schell Myron J, clerk J D Gumpper, res 15 Holman.
Scheller, see Sheeler.
Schellhamraer Charles, molder Bass Foundry and Machine

Works, bds s w cor Pont lac and Walton.
Schellharamer Robert, lab, res w s Walton ave 1 s of Pontiac.
Schellhainrner Rol)ert C, lab, bd>^ ws Walton ave 1 s of Ponti.'^.c. I
Schelveur 'i'iiomas J, clerk County Auditor, bds 72 Nelson.
Schemer Emma, domestic 26r> W Main.
Schemmele George, teamster, res 258 Hoffman.
Schenk Carl, laborer Louis Rastetter, bds 11 Caroline.
Schenk ^Lary, domestic Peter Nusbaum.

Schenk Peter, machine hand Louis Rastetter, res 11 Caroline.
Schenk Wm, helper Kerr-Murray Mnfg Co, bds Hoffman

Schenkel Peter, stone mason, res 128 Franklin ave.
Schenkle Fannie, domestic Diamond Hotel.

Troy Sieam Laundry




.^t SO CA.Td'cXOlJ'^q' ST


Schepper Wm G, mach A Hattersley & Sons, bds 64 Wall. H
Sohept Anna R, domestic 199 Broadway. % f\

Srheror, «e« a^50 Schearer. ^ C^

Soberer Charles W, grocer, 56 Walton ave, res same. ^ o^

ikherer Frederick, cabinetmaker Penn Co, res 95 E Wash- O

ington. ^ ■■

Scborer Henry P (Dudenhoefer, Bueker & Scherer), res 355 "

E Washington. O H

Scherer Henry T, teamster L P Scherer, bds 99 Maumee road. ^
.<i-h.rer John, res 12 Erie. ^ ^

Si-hcrcr John, clerk Hartman & Bro, bds 95 E Washington, r PI
Scherer Lizzie, dressmaker, 28 Lillie, bds same. ^ pi

Scht-rt-r Louis, res 2S Lillie. J

SthtTcr Louis P, baker, market stall 46, res 99 Maumee road, o ^mm
Scherer Thomas J, mach American Wheel Co, bds 236 E Lewis, i" ^
Scherer Wm F, tinner H J Ash, bds 95 E Washington. ., _ _ Q
Scherschel Valentine, laborer, res 180 Force. ^ «J

Sclierziug'er ClersOSi, Propr Custer House, 16 and 18 O ■

W Main, res same. {See adv, 2^ 61.) ^ "TJ

Scherzinger Primus (Trenkley & Scherzinger), rms 78 Calhoun. W {f}
Scheumann, see also Scheiynan, Schurncmn and Shic?nan.
Scheumann August, hostler A Melching, bds same. jma

Scheumann Christian, cabinetmkr Penn Co, res 315 E Wash- ■

ington. ^^

Scheumann Christian D, elk W D Meyers, bds 129 E Lewis. ^H
Scheumann Edw F, elk First National Bank, bds 1 W Butler. ^J[^
Scheumann Frederick H (Scheumann & Klaehn), res 321 S _^ m

Calhoun. * Vl

Scheumann F W, car builder Penn Co, res 168 Ewing. ^ "1

Scheumann Jacob, yardman Aveline House. *■ 2

Scheumann Wm, molder Bass Foundry and Machine Works, g m

res 16 Butler, Z «■

Scheumann & Klaehn (Frederick H Scheumann, W Robert | AJ

Klaehn), undertakers, 39 W ]Main. 5-

Schick George,teacher Concordia College, res College grounds. ^ Qt
S -liick Mi-s Gertrude, bds George Schick. • r

Schiefer Charles W, blacksmith, res s w cor Wabash R R ,^ yq

and Warren. ^_ J*i

Scliitfer Christian (C Schiefer & Son), res 8 E Columbia. ;' #Q

^ifliieler C & Sou (Christian Schiefer, Herman H Hart- f Q

wig), Boots and Shoes, Slippers and Rubbers, 8 E Col- ^ ,

nmbia, S ■

Schiefer Diedrich, tinner Wabash R R, res 135 Montgomery, j X
Schiefer Elizabeth, bds Wm D Schiefer. i ffl

Schiefer George H, bookkpr C W Bruns & Co, bds 135 ^ •■

Montgomery. , t ^


John F Fhv }!j Hn book and job printers

John PreSSler, '^^"^s'S' Grates and Tile Floor.

/mm ■ I UOUlUlj Colu mbia, Barr and Dock Street,.
466 E. L. POLK & CO.'S

Schiefer George W, rangr The Siemon Wall Paper Co, rms

191 Calhoun
Schiefer Lillie, bds 135 Montgomery.

Schiefer Wm C, machinist Wabash R R, bds 135 Montgomery.
Schiefer Wm D, elk C Schiefer & Son, res e s Spy Run ave

8 of Riverside ave.
Schiefer Wm F, bds 442 E Wayne.
Schieferdecker Jacob, truckmkr, res 60 Smith.
Schieferstein Albert, laborer, bds n w cor W Main and

Runnion ave.
Schieferstein Frederick, carpenter, bds 53 Walton ave.
Schieferstein Henry, driver, bds 53 Walton ave.
Schieferstein Henry, laborer, bds n w cor W Main and Run-
nion ave.
Schieferstein Louis, fireman, bds 53 Walton ave.

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