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age Co, bds 28 W Main. 7

Wickliffe Jane B, propr Oliver House, 107 E Columbia. ^ ^

Wickliffe John, carpenter, res 103 Wells. ="30

Wickliffe Prince A, painter Olds' Wagon Works, bds 103 = g

Wells. vjH


ELEGTiO!^ SLIPS Hesdquarteis for Perfect Siips

■ J- ,

Election Slips. ,"f gll".^^^?LU°I ^I'lgEIxillf.^

564 R. L. FOLK & CO.'S

Wideman Anna, domestic 401 Lafayette.

Wiebke August M, feeder Archer, tloush & Co, bds 92 Barr.

Wiebke Henry, laborer Ranke & Yergens, res 92 Barr.

Wiebke Henry A (Mannix & Weibke), bds 92 Barr.

Wiebke Sophie, domestic 322 Fairfield ave.

Wiebke Wm C, bartender, bds 92 Barr.

Wiebke Wm H, bookkeeper Fort Wayne Organ Co, res s s
Richardsville ave bet Broadway and Fairfield ave.

Wiedburck Desdemona A (wid Christian), res 90 Barr.

Wiedelraan Henry, machine hand White's Wheel Works,
bds 16 Liberty.

Wiedelman Louisa, domestic Rudolph Bischoff.

Wiedelman Wm, lab, bds E Liberty bet Begue and Coombs.

Wiedemann Caspar, foreman Bass Foundry and Machine
Works, res 370 E Washington.

Wiedemann Frederick H, machine baud J C Peters, res n s
Rebecca 2 n of Tyler.

Wiedemann Herman, laborer, res n s Rebecca w of Runnion.

Wiedemann Joseph, laborer Penn Co, res 347 Lafayette.

Wiedemann Ulrich, whitewasher, res 347 Lafayette.

Wiedemeier Frank, laborer, res 38 Wall.

Wiederaeier Joseph, tailor, bds 38 Wall.

Wiedman Charles, bds G W Beberstine.

Wiedmau Charles, car builder Penn Co, res 130 Walton ave.
. Wiedman Charles, carpenter, bds W\ishington House.

Wiedman John, wagonmaker, bds Washington House.

Wiedman Martin A, car builder Penn Co, res a s Rudisill
ave 2 w of Piqua ave.

Wiedman Mary (wid Sebastian), res 220 Lafayette.

Wiegand Frank, car builder Penn Co, res 118 Eliza.

Wiegand Henry, mantel setter John Pressler, res 219 E Jef-

Wiegand John W, pattern maker Fort Wayne Electric Co,
res 343 Lafayette.

Wiegand Lizzie, operator S M Foster, bds 343 Lafayette.

Wiegand Otto H, draughtsman Wing & Mahurin,' bds 343

Wiegand Regina, bds 343 Lafayette.

Wiegand Sebastian, carpenter, res 343 Lafayette.

Wiegand Wm F, finisher Fort Wayne Organ Co, bds w s

Brooklyn ave w of St ]\Iary's River.
. Wieger Frederick, laborer Penn Co, bds 363 E Lewis.

Wiegraann Charles (H Wiegraann & Sons), bds Henry Wieg-

Wiegraann Frederick, elk G DeWald & Co, res 200 E Jeffer-

RpnrAP Ipan Cut and Ornamental Stone Ccntractor

VUUI^U /UUpj 79aud 81 Eu»t Colambla Street.

CloKn P, Hpinriph Booksellers and Stationers,

Old II II (X llulllllbll| SchfliiU Block News Stand, 11« Calhoun Street.

Wiegmann Henry (H Wiegmann & Sons), res n s Mayville
rd 1 mile e of Maumee bridge.

Wiegmann Henry jr (H Wiegmann & Sons), bds 199 La-

Wiegmann Hermann W (Wiegmann & Franke), res 399 W

Wie^lliailll H <fc Sons (Henry, Henry Jr, Charles and
Wm), Grocers and Bakers, 199 Lafayette.

Wiegmann Matilda JNJ, tailoress G Scbefiler, bds 403 W Main.

Wiegmann Micbael, janitor, res 30 Rockbill.

Wiegmann Wm (H Wiegmann & Sons), bds Henry Wieg-

Wiegmann Wm, laborer, res 403 W Main.

Wiegmann & Franke (Herman W Wiegmann, Charles Franke),
carpenters, s e cor Broadway and Taylor.

Wiehe Charles, core maker Bass Foundry and Machine Wks,
res 84 Gay.

Wiehe Emil, clerk, res 294 E Lewis.

Wiehe Minnie, domestic A Aehnelt.

Wiehl John, harness maker G H Kuntz, bds 81 Holman.

Wiekman Wm, machine hand Horton Mnfg Co, res 403 W

Wieman Kate (wid Wm), res 102 E Lewis.

Wieman Wm E, bds 102 E Lewis.

Wieneke Charles, harnessmaker G H Kuntz, bds 12 Rockhill.

Wieneke Frederick, shoemaker, 317^ W Main, res 12 Rock-

Wieneke Herman, broom maker Robert Gage, bds 12 Rockhill.

Wieneke Wm F, sorter, res 31 Laselle.

Wies, see also Meis and ^Vise.

Wies Annie, bds 6 Gay.

Wies Jacob, carpenter, res 6 Gay.

Wiese Henry A, engineer C Tresselt & Sons, res 367 W

Wiese Henry A jr, bookkeeper Salimonie Mining and Gas Co,
bds 3G7*W Main.

Wiesenberg August, janitor St Paul German Lutheran
Church, res 45 Hugh.

Wiesmann Eugene, clerk Wm Hocb, bds 313 Lafayette.

Wiesmantle Lena (wid Frank), res 104 Barr.

Wiesner Edward, butcher, bds 313 Lafayette.

Wiesner Peter N, lab Olds' Wagon Works, bds 327 Hanna.

Wigand John, laborer, res 73 Smith.

Wiggins Albert D, brakeraan Penn Co, res 75 Smith.

Wiggins Jennie, domestic 58 Thomas.

Wigmann Miss Sophia, bds 23 Wilt.

John F Ehv&Co bdok Sfio job printers

Plppfinn ^lin^^ Headquarters for PERFECT SLIPS


556 R. L. POLK A CO.'S

Wikel Samuel A, gen'l freight agent Ft W, C & L R R, res
287 W Berry.

Wilbert David H, fireman, res 334 Calhoun.

Wilcox Clarence H, mach Fort Wayne Electric Co, bds 322

Wilcox O Royal, brakeman, bds 219 Lafayette.

Wilcox Pauline M (wid Isaac), res 322 Broadway.

Wilde Jacob, res 103 Wallace.

Wilder Amelia (wid August), bds 324: E Washington.

Wilder Joseph H, res 127 W Wayne.

Wilder Wm, fireman, rms 3G Baker.

Wilder Wilson W, switchman, res 78 Baker.

Wildermood Jennie, domestic 9 E Wayne.

Wilding Charles A, see Tri-State Building and Loan Asso-
ciation, bds 260 W Wayne.

Wilding Miss Emma, bds 100 Fairfield ave.

Wilding James (James Wilding & Son), res 260 W Wayne.

Wilding James W (James Wilding & Son), res 132 Fairfield.

IVildiui^ Jailie!^ & Sou (James and James W), Wood
and Coal; also Painters and Painters' Supplies, 193 Cal-

Wildtman Jacob, laborer George DeWald, bds same.

Wile, see also Weil.

Wile Isaac (Isaac Wile & Co), bds Aveline House.

Wile Isaac & Co (Isaac Wile), liquors, 8 Calhoun.

Wiley, see also Willey.

Wiley Lewis, laborer, res n w cor Lillie and Maumee road.

Wiley O Bird, city engineer, office 68 Barr, bds McKinnie

Wiley Sarah J (wid Alexander), res e s Savannah 2 n of

Wilhelm George S, elk Nickel Plate, res 220 W Washington.

Wilhelm George W, teamster, res 12 Short.

Wilhelm Henry, salesman, res 259 E Washington.

Willicllll ^Irs M li, -Alnfr of 3Iadame Cosper's Reliable
Hair Freprii'ation, •Jn'.» K Washington, res same.

Wilkens Bros (Charles, Christian and Jacob V), butchers, 112
Broadway and w s of Broadway nr Hueslis ave.

Wilkens Catherine (wid Christian), res 116 Broadway.

Wilkens Charles (Wilkens Bros), bds 116 Broadway.

Wilkens Christian (Wilkens Bros), bds 116 Broadway.

Wilkens Herman, laborer, res s e cor Oakland and Aboit.

Wilkens Jacob V (Wilkens Bros), res 73 Wilt.

Wilkens John, clerk Wilkens Bros, bds 116 Broad wa v.

Wilkie Joseph, car builder Penn Co, res 27 Walton ave.

Wilkins Elizabeth, domestic 493 Calhoun.

J. F. CLiNE, Restaurant, S9 Calhoun St.

F t ^ifPQ <^ Ilpntic;! ^^ Calhoun St.,

tl 1^1 OllUwl ^^^ - ^.^J-r Uullliwll Fonr Doors North of Warne*

I Fonr Doors North of TTayoe*


Wilkins Emma (wid Wm), res 39 Wilt. W

Wilkins Oliver P (Wackerraan & Wilkins), res n e cor St ^

Martin and Lafayette. ^-.

Wilkins Wra, section hand, bds s s New Haven ave 2 e of {JJ

Lumbard. ^H

Wilkins Wm H, laborer Winch & Soir, res s s New Haven av ^*^

^ mile e of junction. ^^

Wilkinson Charity (wid Thomas), res 225 E Wayne. P^

Wilkinson Edward H, retoucher Felix Sch'anz, res 68 Walton, ^i^
Wilkinson Miss Elvina, clerk, bds s e cor Maumee road and ^

Walton ave. QA

Wilkinson Frank, chief of police, office City Hall, res 91 Cass, r^
^^ilkiu^Oll James, Justice of Peace 231 Calhoun, and ■■^"

Propr Diamond Hotel 233 Calhoun, res sanae. ^

Wilkinson John, i>tudent, bds 91 N Cass. ^^

Wilkinson John, supt Allen County Asylum, res same. ^J

Wilkinson John E, gate keeper New Haven and Ft Waynei^^u..

pike, res same. *J^

Wilkinson Mary E, bds 225 E Wayne. m

Wilkinson Maude L, bds 113 Lafayette. Jj**^

Wilkinson Michael, watchman L'S & M S Ry, bds Lake

Shore House. ^ H

Wilkinson Miss Minnie, bds Diamond Hotel, ^ ^

Wilkinson Thomas A, deputv sheriff, res 113 Lafayette. 9 u

Wilkinson Wm, laborer A Hattersley & Sons, res 21 W 4th. * ■^■
Wilkinson Wilmer W, clerk Police Dept, bds 113 Lafayette.
Will Frank, fireman, bds 126 Calhoun



Will Thomas H, blacksmith Kerr-Murray Mnfg Co, res 126 ^ S

Calhoun. J H

Willett Charles G, clerk Dreier & Bro, res 98 E Jefferson. > \j
Willey George B, editorial writer Daily News, bds 316 E Jef- O

ferson. O D

Williams Miss Addie H, tchr Hanna School, bds 61 Douglas. JH cj
Williams Allen H, bds Hamilton homestead. 2 y

Williams Benjamin, bricklayer, res 25 Duck. •• yj

Williams Chnrles, ci<j:armaker, bus ^i3 r^fontgomery. — » W

Williams Creighton, bds Hamilton homestead. O {>

Williams Dan N, insptr Hoffman Bros, res 5 Fulton. "" M

Williams Daniel D, clerk Isaac Lauferty, res 46 W Lewis. Q "
Williams David M, bds 50 W Washington. ft) jq

Williams Edward, paver, bds 29 E Main. ZI |^j

Williams Edward P, office s w cor Clinton and Berry, bds 98 q |^

W Wayno. C j

Williams Effingham T (George DeWald & Co), res 132 E 3 2

Main. m H

Williams Henry C, barber J W Brown, bds 87 Wells. A- h

jSR Eby & Co. "£ Primers, Detroit.


Robert Spice, i


S "West ?Ialu aud H Pearl Streets.


"Williams Henry M (Beaver, Miller & Co), office s w cor
Clinton and Berry, bds s e cor Lewis and Clinton.

Williams James B, real estate and insurance, S Schmitz blk,
rms same.

Williams Ja.-nes H, brakeman, res 1G7 High.

Williams Jefferoon, farmer, rms 52 Barr.

Williams Jeremiah, janitor Medical College, res 52 Barr.

Williams John A, laborer, res 87 Wills.

Williams John W, tiler Hoffman Bros, bds 5 Fulton.

"Williams Jordan D, auditor, res 50 W Washington.

Williams Joshua J, tie inspector, res 29 Butler.

"Williams Lewis S, lumber inspector Fort Wayne Organ Co,
res 197 W De Wald.

"Williams Mrs Lizzie (Rowe & Williams), res 50 W Wash-

Williams Mary (wid David), bds 143 Force.

"Williams Mrs Mary H, bds Hamilton homstead.

Williams Park, s s W Croighton ave bet Webster and Hoag-
land ave.

Williams Peter, laborer, res 5 Pine.

"Williams Samuel, clerk Custer House. ,

Williams Susan C (wid Jesse L), res 96 W Wayne.

Williams Thomas, blacksmith, res 74 Maumee road.

Williams Thomas, helper Penn Co, res 109 Hayden.

Williams Thomas (col'd), waiter, rms 227 W Washington.

Williams Wm D, driver Troy Steam Laundry, res 49 "W j

Jefferson, j

Williamson Andrew J, cooper, 8 e cor Wheeler and Runnion j

ave, res same. I

Wijliamson Charles, cigarmaker Scheie Bros, bds 86 Mont-
gomery. I

Williamson Edward J, paperhanger L O Hull, bds Columbia

House. I

Williamson Henry L, foreman job office Fort Wayne Gaz- •

ette, bds 120 Harrison. |.

Williamson James S, cooper, bds A J Williamson. t

Williamson Jennie, bds A J Williamson. ;

Williamson Jessie A, bds A J Williamson. .'

Williamson John R, machinist, bds 29 E Main.

Williamson Louis E, sawyer Old Fort Mnfg Co, res 332

Hanna. |

Williard Miss Ella R, teacher Harmer School, bds 45 Madison. I

Williard Joseph C, trav agt, bds 45 Madison, j

Williard Miss Mary, teacher, bds 45 Madison. I -

Williard Rachel A (wid Bianchinia L P), res 45 Madison.

Willis Augustus, pedler, res 137 High. ''

Mr 9/nn#Y S6"s MAJOLICA WARE and Hand-Painted
I li IXdag Plates, at No. 5 EAST COLUMBIA ST.

iVICUlldlllUd I UUIOj -38 ii 10 EAST COLUMBIA ST.—


Willson Harry L, clerk, bds 59 Oakley.

Willson Martin S, dynamo tester Fort Wayne Electric Co,

res 59 Oakley.
Willson Oscar J, chief clerk Wabash R R, res 217 W Wayne.
Wilsey Wm C, laborer, res 76 E Columbia.
Wilson Alexander, steam fitter Penn Co, res 46 Park ave S

Wilson Miss Carrie A, bds 221 W Berry.
Wilson Clarence E, laborer Penn Co, bds 42 Miner.
Wilson Columbus T, barber Beninghoff & Futter, bds 13

Wilson David, brakeman Penn Co, res 58 Smith.
Wilson Mrs Delia F, teacher, res 42 Mmer.
Wilson Edward M (Schrader & Wilson), bds 149 Griffith.
Wilson Frank, painter, bds Monroe House.
Wilson Frank P, driver, res 52 Hillside ave.
Wilson Frank W, train despatcher G R & I R R, res 76

Wilson George, saw repairer, 177 Calhoun, res 238 W

Creighton ave.
Wilson George jr, saw repairer George Wilson, bds 238 W

Creighton ave.
Wilson George C, carpenter, res 23 W 4th.
Wilson George H (George H Wilson & Sons), res 221 W

Wilson George H, checker Penn Co, res 42 Miner,
Wilson George H & Sons (George H and George W), stoves,

31 E Columbia.
Wilson George M, telegraph operator, bds Aldine Hotel.
Wilson George W (George H Wilson & Sons), bds 221 W

Wilson Hattie A, bds 118 Hanna.
Wilson Henry D, laborer, bds 59 Grand.
Wilson Jacob L, fireman, res 59 Grand.
Wilson John (John Wilson & Sons), r^'s 117 Hanna.
Wilson Jolm, laborer, bds 04 E Berry.

Wilson John, lab Hoffman Bros, bds s s Hoffman 4 w of Short.
Wilson John C (John Wilson Sc Sons), res 25 Hamilton.
Wilson John \V, teamster David Tagtmeyer, res 81 W Su-
WiUoil John 4& 8ons (John, Walter B and John C),

Dealers in Coal, Coke, Kindling, Wood, Charcoal, Drain

Tile and Lumber, Chestnut and Railroad near Calhoun.
Wilson Miss Julia E, bds 221 W Berry.
Wilson Miss Laura A, bds 221 W Berry.
Wilson Louisa (wid Judson), res 62 Wilt.

John F Fhv & fin book and job printers

A. FOSTER, Merchant Tailor,'^wa^.


560 E. L. POLK & CO.'S

Wilson Miss Mary, bds 217 W Wayne.

Wilson Mrs Mary L, dressmaker, 16 Hamilton, res same.

Wilson Orra L, brakeman, res 91 W Main.

Wilson Oscar J, clerk, res 217 W Wayne.

Wilson ]Mids Sarah E, bds 07 Brackenridge.

Wilson Talbot M, carpenter, bds 13 Colerick.

Wilson Thomas W, lawyer 31 Calhoun, res 13 Colerick.

Wilson Walter B (John Wilson tfc Sons), res 118 Harrison.

Wilson Miss Winifred M, bds 217 W Wayne.

Wilt Franklin P (McDonald, Watt & Wilt), res 306 S Cal-

Wiman, see Wiematin.

Wimmer Frank L,printer Fort Wayne Sentineljbds 46 E Jef-

Wimmer Henry, raolJer Bass Foundry and Machine Works,.
bds 56 Smith.

Winans Theodore O, agent Metropolitan Mnfg Co, rms 93 W

Winbaugh Bertha, bookkeeper City Book Bindery, bds 1

Wiuban^ll George W, Propr City Book Bindery and
Paper Box Mnfr, 13 E Main, res 117 Gay.

Winbaugh Miss Henrietta, teacher Harmer School, bds 248
E Lewis.

Winbaugh John F, printer Fort Wayne Sentinel, bds 1 Hol-
ton ave.

Winbaugh Minnie, converter worker Fort Wayne Electric
Co, bds Arrainda M McCaffery.

Winch Calvin J (Winch & Son), res 300 Maumee road.

Winch Miss Daisy M, bds ;>uO Maumee road.

Winch Fanny M, bds 300 Maumee road.

Winch Homer D (Winch & Son), res 306 Maumee road.

Winch Howard T, clerk Winch & Son, bds 300 Maumee rd.

Winch Jessie 31, bds 300 Maumee road.

Winch Mildred, bds 3U0 ]\Iaumee road.

Winch Slierman P, bookkeeper \Vinch & Son, bds 300 Mau-
mee road.

Winch Willard E, nns 306 Maumee road.

\Wiucll Sc Sou (Calvin J and Homer D), Hub and Spoke
Mnfrs, s w^ cor Wabash R K and Winch.

Winck Helena (wid John), res 121 Madison.

Windsor Bertha, bds 40 McClellan.

Windsor Clara, bds 40 McClellan.

Windsor Hotel, Mary A Franz propr, 302 Calhoun.

Windsor AVm H, engineer, res 40 McClellan.

Wineke Wm F, foreman American Wheel Co, res 31 Laselle.

HAS .\LI. rilK 7IO0KKN

I»IAriH.\Elt V.

Troy Steam Laundry



Wineken Ferdinand J L, with Underhill's Monumental Wks, h m

res 133 Wallace. ' - S

Wing John F (Wing & Mahurin), res 37 W Creighton ave. ^ ^

Wing & Mahurin (John F Wing, Marshall S Mahurin), archi- ^ a^

tects, 41 and 42 Pixley & Long bldg. O

Wingate Catherine (wid John), bds 11 Gay. * m

Winget Fremont, fireman, res 336 Harrison. '^ *^

Winget Wm, watchman P, Ft W & C R R, res 114 Wonl
Creighton. ^

Winkelmeyer Bros (Henry jrand Wm F), livery,44 W Main. > <5
Winkelmeyer Charles, clerk, rras 94 Calhoun. l- |T|

Winkelmever Henry, bds 81 W Superior. y. mm

Winkelmeyer Henry jr (Winkelmeyer Bros), res 81 W Su- -

perior. O af^

Winkelmeyer Wm F (Winkelmeyer Bros), res 84 W Jefferson. W w
Winkle Thomas, boilerrakr Bass Foundry and Machine Wks, Q
bds 418 W Washington. J M

Winkler Charles, lab Bass Foundry, res s s Hartmad cor o j
Evans. " ^

Winkler Charles H, laborer Penn Co, res 3 Pine. W |0

Winslow Miss Annie, res 20 Francis. "^^

Winslow Gerney (col'd), barber 176 Broadway, res 68 Chi- ■■■

cago. J

Winslow Kate M, bds 35 Fairfield ave. ^^

Winstanley Jasper, cash Empire Line, bds 293 W Jefferson, pj
Winston Miss Clark, teacher Indiana School for Feeble- ^^
Minded Youth. m

Winte Henry D, collector Fort Wayne Sentinel, bds 342 Cal- t Ij
houn. ® "1

Winte John C, blacksmith 216 Fairfield ave, res 213 same. S Jg
Winte John D, car repairer Penn Co, res 342 Calhoun. | ^

Winte Minnie, bds 342 Calhoun. ^ ■■

Winter Amelia, clerk Frederick Winter, bds 103 Maumee rd. | ^
Winter Frederick, grocer 105 Maumee rd, res 103 same. |

Winter St-ella, teacher, bds 3 Riverside ave. ^ C>1

AVinter Wm P, teacher Taylor University, res 2 77 W Wash- j *^
ington. r m

Winters Jacob, laborer, bds 235 Barr. ^ Wl

Winters Moses, plater n w cor Main and Clinton, res 3 River- ■ Jp
side ave. ^ ^

Wintle Wm, clerk Dozois, Beadell & Co, bds 343 E Wayne, i^ W
Wintdn George W, gasfitter, res 44 Harrison. S ^

Wirges Peter, laborer Bass Foundry and Machine Works, res ^ JJ[
17 St Martin. | m

Wirsse Catherine (wid Peter), res 174 Jackson. « JJl

Wirsse Paulina, bds 174 Jackson. | ^


InhiTF Fhu&r.n book and job printers

JUIIII 11 LUy UO UUlJ U5 and 67 >Y. Congress St., UDIUOIT.

Inhn Prp<><^lpr Mantels, Grates and Tile Floor.

iUIIII I lUwWiUij Columbia, Barr and Bock Streets.
562 K. L. POLK & CO.'S

Wirth George J, tel operator Penn Co, res 322 E Jefferson.

Wirtz John, watchmaker, bds 22 E Columbia. •

"Wise, see also Weis and Wies.

Wise Frank E, clerk, bds 228 W Berry.

Wise Gustav, blacksmith, res 8 Force.

Wise Harry O, bds 228 W Berry.

Wise Isaac, carpenter Penn Co, res 13 Smith.

Wise John, constable, bds 46 Hoagland ave.

Wise Piatt J, deputy sheriff, res 228 W Berry.

Wise Wm, Blacksmith, Horseshoer and General Jobber,

363 Calhoun, bds 13 Smith. {See adv in classified Horse-

Wiseraer Nicholas, res 112 E Creighton ave.
Wisemer Nicholas jr, machine hand American Wheel Co, bds

112 E Creighton ave.
Wishart Robert, helper Wabash R R, res 242 W De Wald.
Witmer Elias F, cabinetmaker Ft Wayne Furniture Co, res

131 W 3d.
Witmer John, carpenter, res 73 Gay.

Witte Augusta, dressmaker ^lary L Sherin, bds 27 Charles.
Witte Christian, car builder Penn Co, res 27 Charles.
Witte Christian, tailor Thieme Bros, res 77 Maumee rd.
Witte Christian J, laborer American Wheel Co, res 203 E

Witte Clara (wid Frederick), res 203 E Washington.
Witte Ed\yard, clerk Henry Busching, bds 148 Wallace.
Witte Frank, watchman, res 4'J Locust.

Witte Frederick, car builder Penn Co, res 178 W Creighton.
Witte Frederick, labo,-er, res 77 Shawnee ave.
Witte Herman, oiier Pcun Co, res 133 W 3d.
Witte Lena, bds 27 Charles.
Witte Louis, wheel molder Bass Foundry and Machine

Works, res 130 John.
Witte Wm, brakenian, bds 12 St Mary's ave.
Witte Wm, helper Fort Wayne Electric Co, res 59 Maud.
Wittmack Wni, l.irak(,'ni:;ii, rooms 12 St Mary's ave.
Witzigreuter Max, druggist, 361 W Main, res 27 Elm.
Witzigreuter Max jr, painter City Carriage Works, bds 12

Wobrock Oscar, barber, 10 W Berry, res same.
Woebbeking Christian, clerk Fort Wayne Iron Works, bds

195 S Broadway.
Woebbeking Henry C F, tailor Gottlieb Stauffer, bds 195

Woebbeking Wm, clerk Adams & Armstrong, bds 195


Warren D. Wells,

Foster Block, '2d Floor.

Fine Commefcial Joli Prioting,

statin & HEinfich,!!!!!:!/^l\^L?f J!^


Woehnker Benjamin J, bds 209 E Washington.

Woehnker Frank If, armature winder Fort Wayne Electric
Co, res 134r Fulton.

Woehnker Frederick, res 263 E Washington.

Woehnker Frederi-jk H, coil winder Fort Wayne Electric
Co, res 209 E Washington.

Woehnker Henry J, laborer Penn Co, bds 209 E Washington.

Woehnker Herman T, molder Bass Foundry and Machine
Works, res 224 E Wayne.

Woehnker Wm C, coffee roaster Monning & Baker, res 14

Woenker Bernard, car builder Penn Co, res 67 Lillie.

Woenker Christian, teamster, res 21 Oak.

Woenker Frank, shoemaker, bks 21 Oak.

Woenker Henry, bds 21 Oak.

Woenker Joseph B, carpenter, res 67 Lillie.

Woerner, see Warner and Werner.

Wohlers Sophia, domestic 35 Stophlet.

Wohlfort Miss Martha E, teacher Hanna School, bds 389

Wohlfort Martha E (wid Rosemund W), res 389 Calhoun.

Wohlfrom Leopold, butcher N B Rowe, res 309 Broadway.

Wolf, see also Woulfe and Wulf.

Wolf Abraham, laborer, res 73 W Main.

Wolf August, laborer, bds w s Hanover 3 n of Erie. -

Wolf Behsie (wid Leopold), res 1 Dawson.

Wolf Daniel H, carpenter, res 612 E Wayne.

Wolf Edward F, engineer, res 309 W Main.

Wolf Edward W, laborer, bds 612 E Wayne.

Wolf Ella, clerk ^IcKinnie House.

W^olf Frederick H, wheelmaker American Wheel Co, res 87

Wolf George V, hostler, res 429 E Washington.

Wolf Henry, laborer, res 29 Stophlet.

Wolf Henry, laborer, bds w s Hanover 3 u of Erie.

Wolf Jasper E, conductor Penn Co, res East yards.

Wolf J.isper E ji, asst foreman Winch &i Son, bds 612 E

Wolf John, brakeman, res n w cor Milan and Savannah.

Wolf Katie, domestic 94 W Wayne.

Wolf Levi, laborer, res 354 W Main.

Wolf Louis (Louis Wolf & Co), res 204 W Berry.

Woir Louis Sc Co (Louis Wolf), Dry Goods and Car-
pets, 54 Calhoun.

Wolf Michael, laborer, res s s Columbia bet Clay and Lafay-

John F Eliv & Cn book and job printers

^Ulill I I LiUj VX/ UUll 65aaJt)7W. 1.0XUUK.SSST., UtlUOiT



564 K. L. POLK & CO.'S

H^Olf Paul E, Mnfr Upholstered Furniture, Mattresses

and Awnings and Propr Fort Wayne Carpet Beating

Works, 33 and 35 Clinton, res n e cor Liberty and Canal.
Wolf Samuel, elk L Wolf & Co, bds 73 W Main.
Wolf* Victor E, Propr Parisian Millinery and Cloak

House, 26 Calhoun, res 72 W Jetierson.
Wolf Wm, laborer, res 127 Faii-field ave.
Wolfe Charles H, brakeman, res 237 Barr.
Wolfe Fredericka (wid Edmund), res 105 Fairfield ave.
Wolfe Henry R, machinist Fort Wayne Electric Co, res 105

W Jefferson.
Wolff Albert A, wks Jenney Electric Light and Power Co,

res la W 3d.
Wolff C Henry, shoemaker, bds 18 Vv' 3d.
Wolff Ella, dressmaker, rms 53 W Lewis.
Wolff Henry, laborer, res w 8 Hanover nr Leikauf's Packing

Wolford Charles H, teamster, res 228 Lafayette.
Wolford Dennis A, punchraan Penn Co, res 48 Miner.
Wolford George L, finisher Fort Wayne Organ Co, res 134

Fairfield ave.
Wolford James, machine hand, res 250 Erie.
Wolford Rush R, helper Penn Co, bds 403 Hanna.
Wolford Wm A, machinist Penn Co, res 408 Hanna.
Wolf rum Adam W, carpenter, bds Edward Waterhous.
Wolfrum John, carpet weaver, 92 Fairfield ave, res same.
Wolfrura John A, fireman, bds 92 Fairfield ave.
Wolfsifer Alfred, elk C W Weller, bds 92 W Jefferson.
Wolke Block, s w cor Calhoun and Wayne.
Wolke Wm, laljorer Georire Jaap, bds 7S Plum.
Wolke Wm F, carpenter, res 19 Wall.
Wollert Rudolph, car repairer, res 147 High.
W C T U Hall, w s Harrison 1 s of W Wayne.

WonieuN Free Keadiiij? Room (i,300 Volumes),
Laura Goshorn Librarian ; Open from 9 a m to 9 p m,
23^ W Wavne.

IVon'derlaiui The, F D Clarke Propr, J S McKenzie
Mngr; Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Notions, Crock-
ery, Glassware, Tinware, Woodenware, Jewelry, Furnish-
ing Goods, Hats and Caps, etc, 5 E Main,

Wood Frank C, clerk Coombs & Co, res a s Grace ave nr
' Broadway.

Wood George, carpenter, bds 29 Buchanan.

Wood Hester A (wid George W), res 50 W Superior.

Woodard Caroline M (wid Wm), bds 50 W Superior.

Woodard John W, frescoe painter S O Hull, res 320 Calhoun.

The Sienion Wall Paper Co.^^^i!^'^ W:::?:?;r and Wfc Shdgs

CFoTinerly the Wayne Wall Taper Co.) ^ ISi C f- " .TTQ-CTliT SOTEe^IE'I'-

sTAf.oiri«v M. Ciark & Co.. r«l'.r'J„L'?l!

The Best of

TIONERY ,„. ....„„ ^>, ......

used. Iflfl WIUI l\ V«/ VWIJ


Online LibraryR.L. Polk & Co. cnFort Wayne, Indiana, city directory (Volume yr.1890-1891, pt.2) → online text (page 10 of 34)