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■ ■ ■

Woodruff Wm H, grocer, s e cor Creighton ave and Winter, ^^

res same. ^ ^

Woods George, carpenter, bds 301 Calhoun. ■

Woods James, painter, bds 10 E Berry.
Woods Robert, laborer, bds 408 W Main.
Woods Wm, slater J H Welch, bds Washington House.
Woodward Edwin S, bartndr James Lannen, bds 106 E Main. ^
Woodward Miss Grace T, stenographer Olds' Wagon Works, _

bds 106 E Main. ~ ^

Woodward Miss Jennie S, tchr Clay School, bds 106 E Main. "^
Woodward John, painter, bds 320 Calhoun. ^

Woodward Marcus E, clerk Pixley & Co, res 106 E Main.
Woodworth Miss Alida, bds 234 W Berry.
Woodworth Alonzo O, blacksmith Peun Co, res 38 Lillie. ^^^^

Woodworth Benjamin S, physician, 234 W Berry, res same. ^^
Woodworth Cha'rles B (C B Woodworth & Co), pres Fort — r -

Wayne City Bill Posting Co, res 254 W Wayne. CD

lk\'OOdwortll € B <& Co (Charles B Woodworth), CD

Druggists, 1 Aveline House ; Dental Supplies, Room 28 """""

Pixley & Long Block. ^5 *

Woodworth James C, asst cash Old National Bank, res 224

W Wayne. "^

Woodworth James P, laborer Penn Co, res 38 Lillie. CD ^

Woodworth John, bds 38 Lillie. CD

Woodworth James W, boilermaker Penn Co, res 30 Melita. CTQ
Woodworth Miss Laura, with C B Woodworth & Co, bds 234 ZTS

W Berry. -g

Woodworth Mrs Mary, res 30 Melita. ^^

Wooff Joseph F, machinist Penn Co, res 127 Holman. *^^

Woolford Charles H, brakeman, res 41 Duck. *"

Woolsey Hiram B, foreman American Wheel Co, res 25 W « Q

Creighton ave, Ji)

Woolsey Isaac B, finisher, res 42 W Jefferson. §*<

Worch Louis A, traveling agent, res 95 E Jefferson. ce j^

Worch Louise A, dressmaker, 95 E Jefferson, res same. ^3

Worden Anna (wid James L), res 209 Burr. •» Q.

Worden Charles II (Worden ti; Morris), res 2 79 Fairfield ave. * ,^

S Wayne. c <£^

Worden James W, clerk Penn Co, bds 200 Barr. g(iq'

Worden Miss Littie, bds 38 Chicago. v. 3"

Worden & ^lorris (Charles H Worden, John Morris jr), law- ^ '^

y^rs, 34 E Berry. ' ;: O

Work Alexander S, supt motive power Nickel Plate, res 250 bj qT

W Jefferson. ^ y)

Work Hannah M (wid Robert), res 337 W Jefferson. «W

Work Robert, bds 337 W Jefferson. fg


John F. Eby & Co., ?£ Printers, Deircit

l^Cfc VV few Wl 5^*9 18 HARRISON STREET.

566 R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Workman, see Werkman.

World's Museum The, James P Geary propr and mngr, n a E
Berry bet Clinton and Barr.

Worley Elmer, carpenter, bds 99 Madison.

Worley Richard PI, carptniter, res 99 Madison.

Worracastle Hugh, laborer \Vm Bruns, bds 130 G.vy.

Worman Jacob, engineer, res 143 Force.

Worman Samuel O, brakeman, bds 143 Force.

Worrell Wm Aj painter, res 72 E Columbia.

Worry, see Wery and Whery.

Wort John M, foreman Fort Wayne Gas Light Co, res 122 E

Woulfe, see also Wolf aiid Waif.

Woulfe James, res 28 Baker.

Woulfe Michael, res 36 ]\Ielita.

Woy George, engineer B W Skelton, res 55 Madison.

Wren Mary M (wid Joseph), bds 04 Charles.

Wright, see also Reidt.

Wright Miss Annie, bds 241 W Washington.

Wright Charles, carpenterj bds 101 Franklin ave.

Wright Charles, machinist, res 57 W Superior.

Wright Daniel, night watchman, res 77 Home ave.

Wright Delbert, finisher American Wheel Co, res 580 S La-

Wright Frank, engineer, res 13 McClellan.

Wright Frank D, paperhanger, res s s New Haven road 4 e
of toll gate.

Wright Luther, watchman, res 41 Pritchard.

Wright L Isaac, laborer, bds 24 E Williams.

Wright Mary E, converter worker Fort Wayne Electric Co,
res 37 Wilt.

Wright Mary J (wid Edward), res 120 Clinton.

Wright Norman W, letter carrier, res 67 W De Wald.

Wright Philip L, bds 77 Home ave.

Wright Robert, machinist Penn Co, res 181 Calhoun.

Wright Thomas B, clerk 1 [off man Bros, bds 67 W De Wald.

Wright AVm U, stopiiikr Fori Wayne Organ Co, res 22 Park.

Wulf, aee a/50 Wolf and Woulfe.

Wulf Christian J, shoemaker, 96 Barr, rras same.

Wulle Charles, wks Liggett Bros, bds 43 W Superior.

Wonderland Emil, bridge carp, bds 68 Smith.

Wunderlin .John, carpenter, bds rear 3 Oak.

Wunderlin ^ladeline (wid Peter), bds 136 Franklin ave.

Wunderlin Peter, laborer Fort Wayne Steam Stone Works,
bds 136 Franklin ave.

Wunderlin Peter jr, laborer, res 136 Franklin ave.

Clojin 9, Hpjnrjnh Dealers in BOOKS and FINE STATMERY,

Olulili Ot llCllllllillj Blank Books, Etc. 116 Calkonn Street.




Wunderlin Wra, laborer Weil Bros & Co, bds 81 Summit.

Wursch Wm, laborer, res 54 John.

Wursten Sabine E (wid Samuel), res 64 Barthold.

Wurtle Wm G, machinist Fort Wayne Electric Co, res 481

Wyatt Henry M, meat market, 21 Francis, res 19 same.
Wyatt Marion A, painter F H Treep, bds 19 Francis.
Wyatt Spencer B, teamster The Peters Box and Lumber Co,

bds 73 High.
Wyatt Thomas, waiter, bds 19 Francis.
Wybourn Christopher, helper Penn Co, bds 96 E Lewis.
Wyckliff Frederick, carpenter, bds 28 W Main.
Wyckofif Oren C (Griebel, Wyckoff & Becker),re8 67 College.
Wygalak John, mach hand Fort Wayne Organ Co, res s- s

Rudisill ave 4 w of Piqua ave.
Wyge Ferdinand, painter, res 19 Union.
Wylie, see Wiley and Willey.
Wyman Bert, switchman, bds 251 Calhoxin.
Wysong Edward, lab American Wheel Co, bds 670 Broadway.
Wysong Wm C, painter, res 99 W Superior.
Wyss Albrecht, laborer, res n s Killea 3 e of Hoagland ave.
Wyss Philip, carp, bds w s Lumbard 3 s of Wabash R R.

Yaeger, see also Yager, Yeager and Jaeger.

Yaeger Jacob, laborer, res 07 Summit.

Yaeger Lizzie, bds 97 Summit.

Yager,. set? also Yaeger, Yeager and Jaeger.

Yager August, carpet weaver, 93 Franklin ave, res same.

Yager George, teamster, bds 301 Calhoun.

Yagerlehner Charles, coil winder Fort Wayne Electric Co,

bds 24 Poplar.
Yagle George, turner Old Fort Mnfg Co, bds 393 E Wayne.
Yahney Fi-ank L, canvasser Indiana Installment Co, res 87

W bupt-riur.
Yant Abbie B, domestic 152 Wells.
Yant Frederick, carpenter, bds 63 High.
Yarnelle Edward F (Mossman, Yarnelle & Co), res 276 W

Yates Andrew, laborer, bds 22 Allen.
Yates Ida M, seamstress, bds 22 Allen.
Yates Mary (wid John), res 22 Allen.
Yates Olive L, dressmaker, 114 W Williams, bds same.
Yates Wm, engineer, res 114 W Williams.

ELFCTIQN %\ \?% Headquarters for Perfect Slips

LLLU I I JI1 OLirOi AtJOIlNF.EBY& CO.'S, Detroit

A. FOSTER, Merchant Tailor, w. waynTi;: '

568 E. L. POLK & CO.'S

Yates \Vm L, boilermaker Kerr-Murray Mufg Co, bds 114 W

Yautz, see also Jautz.

Yautz Conrad, car repairer, res 65 High.

Yeager, see also Yaeger, Tager and Jaeger.

Yeager August, carpet weaver^ res 150 Franklin ave.

Yeager David, driver, bds 91 Moutgomery.

Yeager George O, clerk Master Builders' Association, res 91

Yeakley Charles, barber Oscar Wobrock, bds 168 Griffith.

Yeark Charles, raolder, res 435 Hanna.

Yenney Mrs Mary M, bds 87 E Lewis.

Yenney Robert, laborer American Wheel Co, res 87 E Lewis.

Yergen August, laborer Wm Miller, res w s Lafayette 13 s of

Yergens August H, paperhanger Keil & Keil, bds Grand
Central Hotel.

Yergens Gustav F, cigar mnfr, 123 E Lewis, res 96 E Wash-
ington .

Yergens Sophie, domestic Aveline House.

Yergens Wm (Rauke & Yergens), res 87 W Washington.

Yergens Wm jr, paperhanger, res 70 W Washington.

Yergens Wm F A, fireman Wabash R R, res 87 Montgomery.

Yerick Edward H, engineer, res 13 N Calhoun.

Yesse John F T, carpenter, res 27 Chute.

Ynklevetch Frank, pedler, res 138 Maumee road.

Yoast, zee also Yost and Joost.

Yoast Charles W, conductor Penn Co, res 202 Hanna.

Yobst, see also DobsL

Yob:«t Bruno, res So N Cass.

Yobst Dora, bds 189 E Jefferson.

Yobst Elizabeth (wid Araand), res 189 E Jefferson.

Yobst Henry, plumber, bds 85 N Cass.

Yobst John, butcher Edwin Rich, res 47 Wilt.

Yobst Joseph, meats, 232 Calhoun, bds 189 E Jefferson.

Yobst Louis, butcher Josph Yobst. bds 189 E Jefferson.

Yobst Maggie C, cashier Joseph Yobst, bds 189 E Jefferson.

Yobst Wm, butcher Joseph Yobst, bds 189 E Jefferson.

Yoder Amos F, clerk Coombs & Co, res 51 3Iiner.

Yohey Addie A, bookkeeper M R Yohey, bds 19 Miner.

Yohgy Charles C, clerk M R Yohey, bds 19 Miner.

Yohey Joseph 31, mngr M K Yohey, res 19 Miner.

Yohey Maggie R, paper 59 E Columbia, res 19 Miner.

Yohn, see Jahn and John.

Yokel Mary L, converter worker Fort Wayne Electric Co,
bds lis W DeWald.

Troy Sieam Laundry.

Wagons call at all Hotels
and Private Residences.

Ln Ull! I W^'l Paperand Decorations


Yokel Mathias, mason, res 118 W DeWald. Q%

Yoquelet Hubert, teamster The Herman Berghoff Brewing ^

Co, res 110 Grant ave. "^

York Sarah A (wid Cyrus T), res 22 W 4th. (j)

Yost, see also Yoast and Joost. imh

Yost George F, draughtsman Bass Foundry and Machine - -^

Works bds Windsor Hotel. \/i

You Adolph, engineer res 20 Van Buren. " ^ p4*

Young Alfred W, printer, 21 Schmitz blk, bds 171 W Wash- ^

ington. ^

Young Alma, bds 31 Hough. P*^

Young Amos J, machine hand Louis Diether & Bro, res s s

Spring nr city limits.
Young Andrew L, plasterer, res 132 Wells.
Young A Ford, caller Nickel Plate, bds 99 X Harrison.
Young Bessie N, tobacco stripper John Gronendyke, bds 31 ^
. Hough. '^

Young Charles, carpenter, res 80 Oakley. C

Young Charles, trav agent S F Bowser & Co, res 146 W ^m

Main. "^

Young Charles F, clerk Heilbroner & Brown, bds 80 Oakley. QL
Young Clara E, bds 26 Union. »

Young Edgar S, clerk Nickel Plate, bds s w cor Wayne andi^

Clinton. ^^

Young Edward, machine hand Louis Diether & Bro, res n s ^

Howell 3 e of Rumsey ave. sl'^

Young Edward, plasterer, bds 320 Calhoun. « ? H

Young Frank A. messenger, bds 563 E Washington. ois

Young Frederick, rms CO E Columbia. ''fS

Young George, carpenter, 20 Howell, res same. ^ s?''1

Young George, laborer Salimonie Mining and Gas Co, bds 22 *• a

E Columbia. ^JS

Young George A, laborer Kerr-Murray Mnfg Co, bds 94 Bu- Z'^^

chanan. "53

Young Harry E, mach Ft Wayne Electric Co, bds 31 Hough. ^3«
Young Henry, olork .Tohn Christen, bds 58 W ?rl. ^^2

Young Henry, carver Fort Wayne Organ Co, bds 268 Metz. jsa
Voung James W, section hand i'enn Co, bds 164 Walton ave. * y.S
Young Jennie (col'd), domestic 332 W Jefferson. h22

Young John, carpenter George Young, bds 20 Howell. g*-?'

Young John, laborer, res e s Rumsey ave nr Richardson. -"^

Young John, yard conductor, res 31 Hough. *S?

Young John B, res 563 E Washington. aSS*

Young John T, engineer Government bldg, res 99 N Harrison. »»
Young Joseph, machine hand American Wheel Co, bds 74


•t <

S 9

I Fi iXCldK at Low Prices, at No. 5 East Columbia St.

Flpptinn R\\n<^ Headquartbrs for PERFECT SLIPS


670 E. L. POLK & CO.'S

Young Josephina, bds 563 E Washington.

Young Louis, laborer Penii Co, res 186 Metz.

Young Louis, well digger, res 58 W 3d.

Young Mary, milliner Mrs G J Stier, bds 262 E Jefferson.

Yoiiug^ Glen's Christian Association (City
Department), D F Bower Genl Sec, 103 and 105 Calhoun.

Young Men's Christian Association (R R department), C H
Newton pres, Z T Esmond genl sec, 245 Calhoun.

Young Men's Christian Association Building, 105 Calhoun.

Young Peter, shoemaker, res 3 7 Ewing.

Young Ransom 11 (col'd), brakeraan, res 72 Murray.

Young Rastes, carpenter, res s s Richardson 2 e of Rumsey.

Yonng Stephen, lab J C Peters, res n s Howell e of Rumsey.

Young Stephen, market stall 15, res e 8 Cdldwater rd n of
city limits.

Young Wm, carpenter, bds n w cor E Lewis and Hanna.

Young Wm, car builder Penn Co, res a e cor Home and Ray-

Young Wm C, stonecutter Underhill's Monumental Works,
res 171 W Washington.

Young Wm G, clerk The Pape Furn Co, res 130 Wilt.

Young, plasterer, bds 320 Calhoun,

IToiinfj^e John W, \ M, M D, President and Con-
sulting Surgeon Standard Medical and Surgical Institute,
Office 135 Calhoun, res s e cor Webster and Taber.

Youugker George W, painter, res 85 Summit.

Youngker Isaao C, teamster, res n s Wagner nr Spy Run.

Yank John P, market stall 67, res s s Taylor rd w city limits.

Zafstone John, cigarmaker, bds Hedekin House.

Zagel Andrew J, teacher Zion German Lutheran School, res

e 8 Hanna 3 s of Creighton ave.
Zagel August L, clerk Stalin tfc Heinrich, bds A J Zagel.
Zagol Henry C, laborer, lids A .J Zac^el.
Zahn Catliarine (wid Andrew), res 2 7 Erie.
Zahn Elizabeth, bds 27 Erie.

Zahn Frederick, car builder Penn Co, res 173 Hanna.
Zahn Mathias, helper Indiana Machine Works, res 241 E

Zahn Wm, bds 173 Hanna.
Zahniser George, foreman Salimonie Mining and Gas Co,

bds Monroe House.
Zartraan Rev Allen K, pastor Grace Reformed Church, res 96

E Washinjxton.

fiPnrP^P l?^an Cut and OrnHmental Stone Ccntractor

UWUI^U ^UUpj 7»and81 liust Columbia Street.

Stahn li Hsinficli

Leadln!? Dealers In ARTISTS' 7TIATE-
I lUENTS. 116 Calliouu Street.


. Zauner, see also Sahner and Sayyier.
Zauner Amelia, operator Hoosier iNInfg Co, bds 33 Force.'
Zauner Clara, operator Hoosier Mnfg Co, bds 33 Force.
Zauner Henry, machinist, bds 33 Force.
Zauner Louis, machinist, bds 33 Force.
Zauner Mathias, engineer Bass Foundry and Machine Works,

res 33 Force.
Zegenfus Margaret (wid David), res 23 Hough.
Ziegler Charle^*, bds 64 W Wayne.
Zeller, see also Zoeller.

Zeller Antliony, harness maker, bds 98 Pfeiffer ave.
Zeller Bertha, operator Hoosier Mnfg Co, bds 98 Pfeiffer av.
Zeller Josephine, operator Hoosier Mnfg Co, bds 98 Pfeiffer.
Zeller Kilian, laborer C L Centlivre, res 98 Pfeiffer ave.
Zellers Wm, uheelraaker American Wheel Co,res 56 Charles.
Zelt Catherine, bds 58 Division.

Zeplin Wm, baker H H Barcus, bds Grand Central House.
Zepp Frederick, stonecutter, res 71 Hoffman.
Zeru Gregory A, student, bds 342 Hanna.
Zeril Jolill, Grocer and Cigar Mnfr, 342 Hanna,re8 same.
Zern Justina (wid Xavier), res 342 Hanna.
Zerull John, laborer, res n s Plowell 3 w of Rumsey ave.
Zerull Julius, harnessmaker A L Johns & Co, bds n s Howell

3 e of Runnion ave.
Ziegenfelder Mary, dressmaker Mrs G J Stier, bds 260 E Jef-

Ziegler Adam, wagonmaker, res 113 Wilt.
Ziegler Adam jr, molder, bds 113 Wilt.
Ziegler Caroline, bds 113 Wilt.
Ziegler Charley clerk, bds 113 Wilt.
Ziegler Charles W, res 16 Huron.
Ziegler George, machine hand, bds 113 Wilt.
Ziegler George F, res 35 Lincoln ave.
Ziegler Heiii-y, laborer, bds 113 Wilt.

Ziegler John A, molder Borchcrding & Tonsing,bds 113 Wilt.
Zietrlcr S:ir;il\ (wid Jcremiali), bds IG Huron.
Ziegler Wm C, clerk S W Hull, res 113 Wilt.
Ziegler Wm, fireman G R & I R R, res 61 Grand.
Ziegmond Herman, tailor, res w s Abbott 1 s of Pontiac.
Zigre^f^abriel, lab C L Centlivre, bds Albert Eckerle.
Zigroff Louis, night watch C L Centlivre, res 22 Koch.
Zimm John W, switchman, res 2 Holton ave.
Zimmendorff Frederick, res n s Wagner 1 e of Spy Run ave.
Zimmendorff Wm, laborer, bds Frederick Zimmendorff.
Zimmerly Frederick J, machinist Penn Co, res 78 Dawson.
Zimmerly John Vv', painter Penn Co, res 78 Dawson.

Ln Hill I ^"^^^^ Paperand Decorations


I li l\ddg at Low Prices, at No. 5 East Colnmbia St,

572 R. L. POLK & co.'s

Zimmerly Wm A (Harr & Zimmerly), res 55 W Wayne.
Zimmermann Anton, machine hand Fort Wayne Organ Co,

res 552 Fairfield are.
Zimmermann Anton, shoemaker, 40 Pritchard, res same.
Zimmermann Augusta, dressmaker M A Fletcher, bds nr gas

well No 2.
Zimmermann Charles, bds Windsor Hotel.
Zimmermann David, laborer, res 25 W 5th.
Zimmermann Denorah, bds 77 Baker.

Zimmermann Erhardt, shoemaker, 289 W Jefferson, res same.
Zimmermann Frank E, clerk L Wolf & Co, res 77 Bakei',
Zimmermann Frank L, clerk Heller & Frankel, bds 77 Baker.
Zimmermann Plannah (wid John), res 100 Summit.
Zimmermann John, druggist, 200 Broadway, res same.
Zimmermann John, spoke caller White's Wheel Works, I'es

n e cor Dwenger ave and Tons.
Zimmermann Julia, domestic 96 E Berry.
Zimmermann Justina, nurse, rms 59 E Wayne.
Zimmermann Kate, opr Hoosier'Mnfg Co, bds 40 Pritchard.
Zimmermann Martin S, machine hand, res 294 Broadway.
Zimmermann Mary, opr Hoosier Mnfg Co, bds 40 Pritchard.
Zimmermann Minnie, opr Hoosier j\Infg Co, bds 40 Pritchard.
Zimmermann Paul J, clerk L O Hull, bds 200 Broadway.
Zimmermann Stephen, shoemaker, res 141 Wells.
Zimmermann Wm, boilermaker Bass Foundry and Machine

Works, bds 40 Pritchard.
Zinc John W, painter, 55 Smith, res same.
Zion German Lutheran School, s w cor Creighton ave and

Zipperliiig Christopher, cupola tender, res 138 John.
Zipperling Lizzie, bds 138 John.

Zitzmann Henry J, helper Monning & Baker, bds 24 Cass.
Zitzmann John, engineer Monning & Baker, res 24 Cass.
Zitzman Margaret M (wid Peter), bds 69 Wall
Zoeller, see also Zeller.

Zoeller Ron)an (Zoeller it Merz), res 368 Calhoun.
Zoeller & Merz (Roman Zoeller, Louis Merz), grocers, 368-

37u Calhoun.
Zolliiri^ lion Allcu^ Attorney-at-Law, MacDougal

Block, n w cor Calhoun and Berry, res 17 Brackenridge.
Zollars Miss Clara, bds 17 Brackenridge,
Zollars Fred<?rick E, clerk Mossman, Yarnelle & Co bds 17

Zoller George, laborer, res 17 W 5th.
Zollinger August, saloon, 562 E Washington, res 618 E


JF PiinP ^'^63.1s at all Hours, Day and Night.


EF ^ilM ??^S npntlQt ^^ Calhoun St
ill OIlUUl ^ - -mT S/UlHldSl Four Doors North of Wayi


Zollinger Charles A, res 248 W Wayne.

Zollinger Charles C, boilermaker Wabash R R, res 60 Chicago.

Zollinger Christian, bds 618 E Wayne.

Zollinger Christian jr, clerk A Zollinger, bds 618 E Wayne.

Zollinger George C, blacksmith A Vogely, bds 154 Clay.

Zollinger Henry, car builder Penn Co, res 230 Hanna.

Zollillg:er Loili§ C, Blacksmith and Wagonraaker, 13

and 15 E Superior, res 15 same. *-„ ,J

Zollinger Miss Mamie, bds 248 W Wayne. f— 1

Zollinger Wm, carpenter Christian Doenges, bds 289 Hanna. i | i
Zongker Rosa M, clressmaker, bds 16 W Jefferson. — ^

Zook Miss Francis L, teacher, bds 193 W De Wald. J^^

Zook JohnH, painter, res 193 W De Wald. ^^^^

Zook Zella M, seamstress, hds 193 W De Wald. "^3

Zuber Frederick, res 15 Monroe. j;^

Zuber H R, laborer Leikauf Crut., re» 527 Wayne. 23

Zuber Jacob, plasterer, res Bluffton road 1 w St Mary's river.
Zuber John, carpenter, bds w s Lumbard 3 s of Wabash R R.
Zuber Lulu, opr Hoosier Mnfg Co, bds 203 E Washington.
Zuber May, bds 15 Monroe. ■*

Zuber Nicholas, plasterer, res 91 Mauraee road. C^^

Zuber Philip, Carpenter, Contractor and Practical i— f-

Builder, cor Lumbard and Chestnut, res same. {See adv, ^

P7.) ^

Zuber Rony, butcher, res 527 E Wayne. ^

Zuber Wm D, laborer Wra JMoellering & Co, res e s Piqua

ave 1 s of Rudisill ave. 2?

Zucker Frederick, teacher Concordia College, res 49 Walter. ^
Zumbro Harry, teamster, bds 349 W Washington.
Zumbro Henry, carpenter, bds 349 W Washington. C^^

Zunderraann John, laborer, res 107 Lafayette. f^

Zurbrugg John H, bartender Charles Liebenguth, rms cor C/5

Calhoun and Railroad.
Zurbuch ]Mrs Carrie, bds 38 Oak.

Zurbuch George I, elk, bds s w cor Pontiac and Webster.
Zurbuch Henry A, oik L Wolf <t Co, bds Pontiac and Webster. CD
Zurbuch Juhu II, elk W D Hen.lei-son, r-s ISs E Suttenfield. ^
Zurbuch Joseph F, horseshoer, 387 W Main, res same. __

Zurbuch Peter, elk H F Beverforden, bds s w cor Pontiac CD

and Webster. """

ZurMuehlen Henry, elk H N Ward, res 52 W Lewis. O

Zuttermeister Wm D, coil winder Fort Wayne Electric Co, '**

res IS McClellan.
Zwahlen Frank B, mngr F M Zwahlen, res 254 E Lewis.
Zwahlen Frank M, grocer, 254 E Lewis, res same.
Zweigle John, laborer, bds Washington House.



John F. Eby h Co, If Primers, OetroiL






Stationers' Specialties.


Stratton's Gutnmed Labels and Gummed Paper of all colors; I<egal and Notarial Seals- Fold'

ing and Fancy TlckeU; Mentzel's Patent Suspensiou Rings; The Star Copying Pads;

Dennlson's Game Counters; Wedding Cake Boxes; Visiting and Playing Cards, Etc.



Phillips' Hook and Clasp Tags ; Kimball's Self-Fastening Tickets ; Postal En-
velopes i McGill's Paper Fasteners, at Mannfacturers' disconnts.


Proprietors of "Silver White," Best Article for Polishing Silver, and
Miller's "Jewelry Cleaning Casket" and "Silver White Casket."


Jewelers' Cards, Pink and White Cotton, Pine Twines, Etc.

Apothecaries' Powder Papers and Shaving Papers.








26 Fraiikliii Strcec, HomIou

404 North Third StroeC, St. Loaic.

7 Shoe liUiie, Loiuioii, l^ugiaud.

^8 Krouttway, »\v York,
30 < hi'Kitiiit M., Fiiiludelpliia.
^ 43 Walnut M., Cii:< liiuuti.

R. L. POLK & CO.'S


Classified Business Directory.

Names appaaring uadar headiaga marked thus * are only inserted
■ when specially contracted for.


Abstract Office The, 19 Court.

Crane G D, s w cor Clinton and Berry.

Dreibelbiss Abstract of Title Co The, 3 and 4 Pixley <& Long

Graham J E & Son, 26 Bank block.
Jones G VV, 33 Calhoun.
Kiilinc Su, Co, 19 Court.

Fort Wayne Advertising Co, 55 and 57 E Columbia.

{'See also Harchcare.)

Clau8iuei(,'r E F ti; Ci^, 50 E Columbia.
Collins G W, 47 E Columbia.
Edf^erton J K, 57 W ^lain.
Heller & Bottetiberi:^, 58 E Columbia.
Ilohnholz Herman, 40 W ]Main.
Morgan & Beach, 19 awd 21 E Columbia.
Newbouse Henrv, 5*3 E Columbia.
Parham F C &^ .f M, 20 Barr.
Paulus F D, 21 E Columbia.

Pfeillcr 4' Sflilaltcr, 38 and 40 E Columbia. {See
ri'jht t'<p li/ti'.-i.)

t .

A. FOSTER, Merchant Tailor,^wa^.

576 B. L. POLK & co.'s


Shordon & Alderman, 63 E Columbia.
Storm J A M, 7 E Columbia.

See bottling Works.


See Theatres, Sails, etc.


Kendrick F B, rooms 24 to 26 Schmitz Block. {See

hack cover.)
Matson II W, lO to 44 W Berry. {Seefroixt cover.)
Riedel J 31 E, tl2 Calhoun. {See front cover.)
Tolan B S, lOS Calhoun.
Wing & Mahurin, 41 Pixley and Long building.

Kerr-Murray Mnfg Co, cor Calhoun and Muri*ay.


Siemon. Wall Paper Co The, Sole Agents of
Soule's (Boston) Photographic Reproductions of Works
of Art, 191 Calhoun. {See left bottom lines.)


Covington Miss P K, 11 Schmitz block.
Dornbusch Henry J, 14 Schmitz block.
Schanz Felix, 112 Calhoun.

Hnll Vt O, 90 Calhoun. {See right top lines.)
Reniier, Cratslcy A: Co, 56' Calhoun. {Set jront

Sieinon Wall Paper Co The, Formerly The Wayne

Wall Paper Co, 191 Calhoun. {See left bottom lines.)
SieillOU <fc IJro, oO Calhoun. {See back cover.)
Stahu & lleiuriell, 116 Calhoun. {See right top lines.)

See Potash Mnfrs.


See Lairytrs.

ere<l Water

Troy Sieam Laundry '^^^Jr-'w





Beach F J, 171 Broadway. ^3

Stewart Wm H, 302 E Wayne.
Wolf P E, 33 and 35 Clinton.


Fort Wayne Newspaper Union, 55 E Columbia.


{See also Fruits and Confectioner y^ also Confectioners.^

Barcus H H, 96 Calhoun.
Barthold L E, 3 7 W Berry.
Braun George, 135 Fairfield ave.

Geller W F^OS Broadway. f^

Gumpper C C, 238 Calhoun. \-^ '

Gutermuth Benjamin, 29 W Columbia. ag

Haffner Christian, 105 E Lewis. .

Jacobs C W, 62 E Main. py

Kiesling F W, 142 Broadway. fN->

Klippert George, 393 Lafayette. p^

Lange J H & Sons, 327 Calhoun. CO

Lauer John, 152 Barr. oa

Mark^ & iilungovan, 256 Calhoun. ^ m

Ross J P & Sons, 25 and 27 W Columbia. > ^

Scherer L P, 99 Maumee road. H Jj

Schwieters J H, 41 E Columbia. ae ~

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