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Schieferstein Philip, butcher F Eckart, res cor W Main and

Runnion ave.
Schieferstein Philip jr, butcher F Eckart, bds Philip Schiefer- '

Schieferstein Wm, blacksmith, bds n w cor W Main and

Runnion ave.
Schieman, see Scheiman.
Schiemer Annie, bds 43 N Calhoun.
Scllieilier Frank, Dealer in Pure Wines and Liquors,

Lager Beer and Cigars, 264 Calhoun, res 43 N Calhoun.
Schiemer Pauline, dressmkr, bds 43 N Calhoun.
Schienlein Charles B, tailor Thieme Bros, res 350 W Main.
Schifferdecker Wm, brewer The Herman Berghoff Brewing

Co, res 548 E Wayne.
Schild Jesse S, wks J O Keller, res 15 Emily.
Schildmeyer Louisa (wid Ciiristian), res 180 W Jefferson.
Schilling Camilla (wid Jacob), res s s Howell e of Rurasey.
Schilling Carl, phys, 15 E Washington, res 69 E Jefferson.
Schilling Charles F, dairy, n s Howell e of Rurasey, res same.
Schilling Frank J, clerk, bds 255 W Jefferson.
Schilling Frank X, stonecutter Wm &: J J Gn.'ake, res 255 W

Schilling John, market stall 53, res w s Lima road n of city

Schilling John, elk A J Dittoe & Co, bds 255 W Jefferson.
Schilling Kate, bds 255 W Jefferson.
Schilling Mary, milliner M M Lau, bds 255 W Jefferson.
Schilling Miss Mary B, res 88 W Washington.
Schilling Sophia, market stall 51, res w s Bluffton road w of

city limits.
Schimmele George, laborer, res 253 Hoffman.

The Gospel Ti(lings/£H::

Sectarian Rplieions Pnblication, has 10,000
AdvertitiinK Hates made kaown opoB
Foster Block, 2d FIoOi, Ft. Warn©.

Slaho & Heinficlii

Dealers in FAMCY GOODS, ALBUMS, Etc.



Schinimelpfennig Gustave, wheel raolder Bass Foundry and
Machine Works, res 348 Force.

Schirnraing Mrs Sophia, bds 195 W Superior.

Schirnieyer Albert J, clerk Louis Schirmeyer, bds 127 E Jef-

Schirmeyer Anthony, wiper Penn Co, rss 22 W Jefferson.

Schirmeyer Charles W,messenger Penn Co,bds 22 W Jefferson.

Schirmeyer Louis, elk Sam, Pete & Max, res 127 E Jefferson.

Schirmeyer Louis, grocer, 122 E Washington, res 127 E Jef-

Schirmeyer Otto A, cashier Root & Co, bds 127 E Jefferson.

Schermeyer Werner T, dentist,27 Calhoun, res 22 TV Jefferson.

Schisler, see also Shisler.

Schisler Albert, brakeman, res 272 W Jefferson.

Schisler Milton S, brakeman, res 272 W Jefferson.

Schlabacker George, res 129 Clay.

Schlack W Frederick,cigarrakr George Reiter,res 89 E Lewis.

Schlage Christian, tailor, res 104 E Wayne.

Schlatter, see also Schlatter.

Schlatter Christian C (Pfeiffer & Schlatter), res 111 E Wayne.

Schlatter David D, elk Pfeiffer & Schlatter, bds 337 E Wayne.

Schlatter Kate, bds 337 E Wayne.

Schlatter Noah W, clerk G W'Seavey, bds 337 E Wayne.

Schlaudraff George, lab, res w s Lafayette 8 s of Pontiac.

Schlaudraff Louis P, laborer Paul Koehler, bds same.

Schlebacher Elizabeth (wid George), bds 415 E Washington.

Schlegel Adam J, carriagerakr M L Albrecht, res 31 Barr.

Schlegel John, carp Christian Doenges, bds 126 Maumee rd.

Schlenker Andrew, laborer, bds 115 Taylor.

Schlenker George, machinist Fort Wayne Electric Co, res 64

Schlie Christian, car repairer, res 73 Oakley.

Schliebitz Frederick W, jeweler, bds Custer House.

Schlink Frank II, barber John Brunskill, bds 340 E Wayne.

Schlotter, see also Schlatter.

SchloUer Alois, coil winder Fort Wayne Electric Co, bds 310

Schlotter Frank, coil winder Fort Wayne Electric Co, res 30

Schlotter Joseph, armature winder Fort Wayne Electric Co,
bds 316 Broadway.

Schlotter Joseph jr, machinist, bds 316 Broadway.

Schraall, see Schmoll and Small,

Schraalz, see also Smaltz.

Schraalz Carrie, tailoress, bds 32 W Williams.

Schmalz Charles, tailor, res 32 W Williams.

JohiTFrEby & Co, H:MJK.




E. L. POLK & CO.'S

Schmalz Lizzie, tailoreas, bds 32 W Williams.

Schmalz Mary, tailoress, bds 32 W Williams.

Schmalzriedt Sophie (wid George), res 287 E Lewis.

Schmeling Agnes, tailoress G Scbeffler, bds 168 Maumee rd.*

Schraeling George C, laborer, res 168 Maumee road.

Scbmeling Herman, laborer, bds 168 Maumee road.

Schmeuck Gerrat, machinist Fort Wayne Electric Co, res 10
Nirdlinger ave.

Schmetzer Adolph, machinist, bds 240 W" Washington.

Sebraetzer Gustav W, machinist Fort Wayne Electric Co, bds
240 W Washington.

Schmetzer John G, clerk Stahu & Heinrich, bds 240 W Wash-

Schmetzer Michael F, clerk Pixley & Co, res 240 W Wash-

Schmid August C, laborer Bass Foundry and Machine Works,
res 54 Melita.

Schmidt, see also Schmit and Smith.

Schmidt Adolph, laborer Paul Koehler, bds same.

Schmidt Anna, bds 33 Wilt.

Schmidt August M, yardmaster Wabash R R, res 216 E Jef-

Schmidt Charles (Schmidt & Bro), res 318 E Jefferson.

Schmidt Charles, laborer The Herman Berghoff Brewing Co,
bds 119 Eliza.

Schmidt Charles, machinist, res 173 Fairfield ave.

Schmidt Conrad, laborer, bds 41 Gay.

Schmidt Elizabeth S (wid Peter), bds 43 St Martin.

Schmidt Emma, bds 33 Wilt.

Schmidt Frank, machinist Indiana ^lachine Works, res 84

Schmidt Frederick, car builder Penn Co, res Euclid ave.

Schmidt Frederick W, tool mnfr, 181 W Jefferson, res same.

Schmidt Gottfried (Schmidt »fc Bro), res 75 Monroe.

Schmidt Helena (wid John W), bds 231 Madison.

Schmidt Henry R, laborer, bds 7 Colerick.

Schmidt HLTnian, truss lioopniaker S D Bitler, bds 84 Lillie.

Schmidt Jacob, bricklaj'er, res 33 Wilt.

Schmidt Jacob jr, l)ds 33 Wilt.

Schmidt John, stone mason, bds 41 Gay.

Schmidt Joseph, baker Concordia College, res college grounds.

Schmidt Lorenz, car builder Penn Co, res 135 Force.

Schmidt Louis, brewer The Herman Berghoff Brewing Co,
res 24 Grant ave.

Schmidt Louis W (Louis Schmidt & Co), res 274 W Wash-

Tho ^iomnn V'nll Panor Pn (^■o'"'U''»')"'e>>"ajieW8n Paper Co.l Deal-
I lie OlClliUII HUil rdjJCl UU. ers in Arti>t-*'M:Uerial8,and Sole Agents of
Sonle'i (Boston) PhotOKruphir l{eproductlons of Works of Art. 191 Calhoun Stre«t.

TVr'!?T*3't!-«*>l"'f .'J"J|flt'<^' '*■»'«'!'

s-T'S?"'- M. Clark & Co., ro^ifJf.?.!.!



Scliniidt Louis & Co (Louis W Schmidt, Frank -3

Alderman), Druggists, 120 Calhoun. O

Schmidt Lucy, tailor, bds 318 E Jefferson. JC

Schmidt Ludwig S, carpenter, bda 43 St Martin. CO

Schmidt Margaret (wid John), bds 233 John. C-^

Schmidt Martin, clerk Baals tfc Co, res 93 Summit. >—

Schmidt Peter C, res 135 Van Buren. ^^

Schmidt Peter S, foreman, res 29 St Martin.

Schmidt Philip H, saloon, 168 W Main, res same. uT

Schmidt Rachel (wid Andrew), bds s e cor Barr and 7th. O

Schmidt Wm, blacksmith Ferdinand Meier, bds 126 Smith, "["i
Schmidt Wm, clerk Morgan & Beach, res 127 Erie. \^

Schmidt Wm J, cigarraaker A X Ehle, res 50 Nirdlinger av.
Schmidt & Bro (Gottfried and Charles), merchant tailors, 70 E ^

Main. -§

Schmieders Frederick, cigarmaker L Dessauer & Co, res 282^*"^

W Jefferson. -TCJ

Schmieman Gustav, trav agent A C Trentman, res 181 Ewing. r—
Schmit, see also Schmidt and Smith. C^

Schmit John, laborer Penn Co, res 44 John.

Schmit John jr, lab American Wheel Co, bds John Schmit. £
Schmit Joseph, machine hand American Wheel Co, bds p^

John Schmit. O

Schmitt Adam P, molder Bass Foundry and Machine Works,!^

bds 16 Gay. • ^^^

Schmitt Eva M (wid Pankratz), res 22 Clark. ^

Schmitt Jacob, wheel molder Bass Foundry and Machine q^

Works, res 129 Taber. .X3

Schmitt Joseph P, laborer, bds 16 Gay. C

Schmitz Block, 116 to 120 Calhoun. ^

Schmitz Frederick W, laborer, res w a Lafayette 11 8 of__—

Pontiac. d*

Schmitz Ilenrica (wid Charles), res 116 College. ^

Schmitz Philip, machine hand American Wheel Co, bds ^y

212 John. I , I

J^rliniit/ TliL'odore, res 212 John. ^— ^

Schmitz Theodore jr, machine hand American Wheel Co, re?> *— ^

495 S Lafayette. ^^

Schmoe Catherine, bds 161 Ewing. ^^

Schmoe Louis, shoemaker, 161 Ewing, res same. j^^jT

Schmoe Louis jr, clerk Isaac Lauferty, bds 161 Ewing.
Schmoll, see also Small. ^O

Schmoll George A, asst foreman Penn Co, res 78 Force.
Schmoll Rheta, milliner E Wolf, bds 78 Force.
Schmuck, see also Smock.
Sclmiiu-k Asa, laborer J C Peters, bds 105 Mechanic.

John F Fhv ^ Hn book ano job frintebs

Saw Works g-^?[;f„^itfofr^^g'!I

470 R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Schmuck Mrs ^lary, res 105 Mechanic.

Schmucker Alfred P, machinist Penn Co, res s e cor DeWald

and Calhoun.
Scliniiieckle Frederick, Propr Fritz Hotel, lo E

Berry, res same.
Schnabel Miss Mary E, bds 170 \V Washington.
Schnarr, see Schmirr.
Schnee Joseph J, wheel raolder Bass Foundry and Machine

Works, res 19 E Williams.
Schneider, see also Snider and Snyder.
Schneider Adam, cigarmaker F J Gruber, res 173 High.
Schneider Charles, bds 16 Clay.
Schneider Christian, farmer, res 111 Putnam.
Schneider Conrad, laborer Bass Foundry and Machine Works,

res 68 Force.
Schneider Frederick, cigarmaker Wra Schneider, bds 104

Schneider George, saloon, e s Piqua ave 1 n of Rudisill ave

res same.
Schneider Gottlieb F, tailor, res 52 Wells.
Schneider Henry, laborer Ranke & Yergens, res 52 Wells.
Schneider Henry, cigarmkr Wm Schneider, bds 104 Webster.
Schneider Henry J, foreman Fleming Mnfg Co, res 77 St

Mary's. *

Schneider John M, janitor, res 33 W Jefferson.
Schneider Julia, tailoress H C ^NEeyer, bds 104 Webster.
Schneider Louis C, driver Fort Wayne Transfer and Bag-
gage Line, bds 33 W Jefferson.
Schneider Martin, laborer American Wheel Co, res 5 Pine.
Schneider ^Eary (wid Olof), Ijds ti lEofFman.
Schneider 3Eary, domestic 14 EEarrison.
Schneider Mathias, teamster, res 324 E Wayne.
Schneider ]NEaurice, heater Everr-^Eurray Mnfg Co, res 61 Elm.
Schneider Otto A, helper Everr-Murray Mnfg Co, bds 33 W

Schneider Wm, cigar mnfr, lo4 Webster, 'res same.
Schneider Win, laborer, l>ds li'J Eliza.

Schneider Wm IE, cigarmaker Wm Schneider, res 97 Wall.
Schnelker ]\Ers Adeline, res 64 ^NEaumee road.
Schnelker Agnes, bds 04 Maunieo road.
Schnelker Elizabeth, bds 257 E Wayne.
Schnelker Harmon, bds 64 ^Eaumee road.
Schnelker EEenry, mason, res 257 E Wayne.
Schnelker Henry F, driver, bds 64 ^Eaumee road.
Schnelker John 15, laborer, bds 64 Maumee road.
Schnieders Annie E, bds 193 Barr.


il\i Mirrors, Chromes, Easels, Etc. 181 Calhoun St.


Schnieders Bernhard H, shoemaker, 197 Calhoun, res 193 Barr.
Schnieders Clement A, bookkeeper, bds 107 Wallace.
Schnieders Mary E, clerk Root & Co, bds 193 Barr.
Schnitker Christian F, bartender Frank Scheie, res 202 W

Superior. , _ _ .

Schnorberger Charles, clerk Frank & Co, bds 216 Lafayette.
Schnorr John, laborer, res 33 Lillie. , ,,

Schnorr Tobias, carpenter, res n e cor Grant ave and Maumee

Schnurr Anna, domestic 55 E Superior.
Schnurr Kate, market stall 45, res w s Broadway road.
Schnurr Lena (wid Stephen), res 55 E Superior.
8chocli August F, Merchant Tailor, 4U W Mam, res

46 E 2d.
Schoch Wm F, tailor A F Schoch, bds 46 E 2d.
Schoell Adam, car repairer Penn Co, res Pontiac opp Smith.
Schoen, see also Schone.

Schoen Gustav, carpenter, bds 76 Maumee road.
Schoen Wm, carpet weaver, 76 Maumee road, res same.
Schoenbein Alice (wid Wm), bds 164 E Wayne.
Schoene Theodore, bds 46 E Columbia. , , ^

Schoenfeld Wm, machine hand Horton Mnfg Co, res 5»

Stophlet. . .

Schoenherr Albert J, car repairer Penn Co, res 109 Smith.

Schoenherr Ausrust, laborer, res n w cor Erie and CanaL

Schoenle Joseph, molder Bass Foundry and Machine Works,
bds 1 Lumbard.

Schoenlein Charles B, tailor, res 350 W Main. ^

Schoenlein John A, tailor Leonhardt Jaxtheimer, res i Union.

Schoenlein Max A, tailor Leonhardt Jaxtheimer, bds n w cor
Osage and Main.

Schoepf Mathias, helper Penn Co, bds 46 Taylor.

Schoepke Anna, bds 89 Shawnee ave.

Schoepke Wm II, laborer, res 89 Shawnee ave.

Schof Joseph J, tinner, bds 180 Fairfield ave.

Sehof ValcntiiK', painter, rus ISO Fairheld ave.

Schofield Charles B; brakeman, res 7 Pape.

Schondel George, engineer Kilian Baker, res 243 Clay.

Schone, see also Schoen.

Schone Annie M (wid Henry), res 227 E Washington

Schone Henry H (Schone & Wellman), res 225 E Washington.

Schone A: Wellniail (Henry H Schone, Henry W eii-
man), Funeral Directors and Erabalmers, 39 W Berr}.

Schook Edward E, works Indiana School for Feeble-Muulea

Schooley John, laborer Penn Co, res 76 Melita.

A. FOSTER, Msrchani Tailor, w. wa^nTii:

472 K. L. POLK & co.'s

Schoonover Owen, laborer Penn Co, res 135 Wallace.
Schoonover Samuel E, carpenter J Klett & Son, res 57 Barr.
Schoonover Zacbariah L, laborer American Wheel Co, bds

292 Hauna.
Schophorst, see Scha2)horst.
Schoppman Charles, laborer Bass Foundry and Machine

Works, bds 215 Hanna.
Schoppman Emma, bds 215 Hanna.
Schoppman Henry jr, blacksmith helper Penn Co, bds 141 E

Schoppman Henry, laborer, res 141 E Lewis.
Schoppman Henry, market stall No 56, res e s St Joseph road.
Schoppman Johanna, bds 12 Hough.
Schoppman Kate (wid Wm), i-es 12 Hough.
Schoppman Louise, bds 215 Hanna.
Schoppman ^Minnie, bds 12 Hough,
Schoppman Wm, saloon, 209 Hanna, res 215 same.
Schotemeyer Harmon J, car repairer, res 82 Oakley.
Schotemeyer Sophia L, seamstress, bds 82 Oakley.
Schotemeyer Wm H, car repairer, bds 82 Oakley.
Schottmen Philip, boilerraaker, res 41 Eliza.
Schott's Block, n w cor Barr and Washington.
Schowe Frederick R, stone mason, res 86 Oakley.
Schrack, see also Schreck.

Schrack Joseph, laborer American Wheel Co, res 185 Hanna.
Schrader, see also Sckroeder.
Schrader A Lillian, bds 149 Griffith.
Schrader Miss Carrie B, music teacher, w s Rockhill bet

Berry and W Main, bds same.
Schrader Frederick, laborer Bass Foundry and Machine

Works, bds 183 Gay.
Schrader Henry, laborer Olds' Wagon Works, res 183 Gay.
Schrader Henry C (Schrader & Wilson), notary public, 46

Harrison, res w s Rockhill bet Berry and Main.
Schrader Wm, finisher Ft Wavne Furniture Co, bds 183 Gay.
Schrader Wm H, clerk Root &, Co, bds 149 Griffith.
Sclirn«!er «fc WiNoil (IIliuv C Schrader," Edward M

Wilson), Insurance, Real Estate and Loans, 46 Harrison

bet Berry and Main.
Schrage Mary A (wid August), res 55 Lillie.
Schram Frank, machinist Penn Co, res 28 Wallace.
Schramm George M, student, bds 86 Madison.
Schramm John, clerk L P Sharp, bds 80 Madison.
Schramm ^Lartin, clerk J B White, res 86 Madison.
Schramm Martin F, helper Bass Foundry and Machine Wks,

bds 86 Madison,

Tfnir Qt'^nm I ^ir'^rlj'l/ Wagons call at all Hotels
I lOy Oili^dlll LallliUr yi and Private Residences.


Wall Paperand Decorations



Schramm Max, laborer American Wheel Co, bds 41 Summit. O

Schramm Minnie, bds 223 E Jefferson. f^

Schramm Nora (wid John), res 223 E Jefferson. •"■

Schramm Peter, tailor L J Feist, bds 86 Madison. O

Schramm Philip, machinist, res 205 Taylor. ■■"

Schramm Wm, helper Wabash R R, res 82 Fairfield ave. ^^

Schrantz Adelaide (wid Edward), res 49 Melita. V#

Schrantz Bernard, laborer Olds' Wagon Works, res 3 Mc- pH»

Laughlin. O

Schrantz Delia, dressmaker, bds 49 Melita. ^
Schrantz Frank, engineer Fort Wayne Furniture Co, bds 49 '^


Schrantz Maggie, bds 49 Melita.
Schrantz Sophronia, bds 49 Melita,
Schreek, see also Schrack.
Schreck Agnes (wid Adam), res 69 Melita. ftj

Schreek Charles, contractor, res 75 W Washington.
Schreck Frank, laborer, bds 69 Melita.

Schremser John, laborer, res 38 John. JJU

Schroeder, see also Schrader.
Schroeder Amelia, bds Henry J Schroeder.
Schroeder Andrew L, agt Prudential Life Insurance Co, res "^

102 Summit. V<

Schroeder Anna, bds 21 Charles. •' ■

Schroeder Aus^llSt H, Taxidermist, also Mnfr of -^-.^

Fancy Feathers,"38 Clinton, res 125 Calhoun. {See adv,p | = ^





S =

H ^

Scbroeder's Block (new), s e cor Broadway and W Washing- 5 = 3

ton. _ ^ r

Schroeder's Block (old), 242 Calhoun. \r<

Schroeder Charles J H (Schroeder Bros), res 181 W Wash- ^^ij;

ington. ^ <>5i

Schroeder C Louis (Schroeder & Sons), res 119 Superior.
Schroeder Edmond, carpenter, bds 286 E Jefferson.
Schroeder Mrs Eliza M, res 19 3Iiner.
Schroeder Ferdimiid, fireman Hook and Ladder Co Xo 1, ^^

rms engine house No 1. f *'i

Schroeder Gottfried, res 170 E Jefferson. f S

Schroeder Henry F, helper Penn Co, bds 112 St Mary's ave. ^r.-"
Schroeder Henry H, feed yard, n e cor- Duck and Calhoun, c^^^.

bds H J Schroeder. ^-r

Schroeder Henry J, policeman, rese 8 N Calhoun 1 n of Duck. - -^
Schroeder Herman, contractor, n w cor Walnut and Fox, res ^

same. }»

Schroeder John, laborer Penn Co, res 21 Charles.
Schroeder John H, laborer, bds 597 Calhoun.

I li tXdSg at Low Prices, at No. 5 East Columbia SL

• r

flppjinn 9lin<5 Headquarters for PERFECT SLIPS


474 E. L. POLK & CO.'S

Schroeder John S, engineer Hose Co No 1, res 60 Clinton.

Schroeder Louis, teamster, res 106 St Mary's ave.

Schroeder Louis S C (Schroeder & Sons), res 109 Broadway.

Schroeder Margaret E (wid J Frederick), res 597 Calhoun.

Schroeder Mary, domestic 183 Calhoun.

Schroeder Wilhelmine (wid Wm), res 33 Hough.

Schroeder Wm, bricklayer, res 33 Hough.

Schroeder & Sons (C Louis, Louis S C and Charles J H), real

estate, 99 Broadway.
Schrumm Frank, plasterer, res 41 Summit.
Schu John, painter, res 594 Lafayette.
Schubert C August, molder Bass Foundry and Machine

Works, res 230 Gay.
Schuck Albert A, clerk Isaac Lauferty, bd s42 Pontiac.
Schuck Mary A (wid Louis), res 42 Pontiac.
Schuckraan Anna, clerk Root & Co, bds 105 E Washington.
Schuckraan Elizabeth C (wid John J), res 105 E Washington.
Schuckman George jr, packer, bds 105 E Washington.
Schuckman Henrietta, bds 211 E Washington.
Schuckman Henry, tinner, res 211 E ^Vashington.
Schuckman Henry J, elk Root & Co, res 105 E Washington.
Schuckman Miss Katie, bds 105 E Washington.
Schuckman Lizzie, bds 211 E Washington.
Schuckraan Tillie, works J O Keller, bds 19 Buchanan.
Schuelke August, teacher Concordia College, res College

Schuewerk August, foreman D M Falls, res 531 E Wayne.
Schuhler Frank H, ins, 4 Pixley & Long bldg, res 107 Wells.
Schuler Clara, bds 268 E Jefferson.
' Sehuler Constantine, bookkeeper P E Wolf, bds 268 E

Schuler John, car builder Penn Co, bds 111 Hanna.
Schuler Mrs Mary, operator S M Foster, bds 268 E Jefferson.
Schuler Mathias, night watchman, res 268 E Jefferson.
Schuler Theodore J, saloon, 36 W Columbia, rms same.
Schulke Louis, laborer Bass Foundry and Machine Works,

res 1 2 BnclKinan.
Schulte Adolph, foreman Olds' Wagon Works, res 334 S

Schulte Mrs Adolph, milliner, 332 Calhoun, res 334 same.
Schulte Ernest, carp J W Hilgeman, res 42 Summit.
Schulte John H, laborer, res 131 Oliver.
Schulte Wm, laborer S Bash & Co, res 24 Clark.
Schultheis August, elk John Christen, bds 211 E Jefferson.
Schultheis Louis, clerk, bds 211 E Jefferson.
Schultheis Pius, porter Coombs & Co, res 211 E Jefferson.

George Jaap, H

ractor and Doalor in SILLS, CAPS,
TEU T.\«Li:s, FLAGC;iMi, ETC.

^iahn JPi Hpinrirh Booksellers and Stationers,

Oiailll Oi llUlllllUlil sehraitz Block ti.^s Stand, HO (alho«n sir*.|.

Schultz, see also ShuUz and Shulze.

Schultz A^nie, bds 140 Francis. ^ '<-^ir<jM r-r-)*^

Schultz Carrie, bds 298 E Lewis. 1 » /C JLOOy

Schultz Elizabeth (wid Wm), res Yl John.

Schultz Ferdinand, cooper, bds 299 Hanna.

Schultz Frederick, sewer contractor, 140 Francis, res same.

Schultz Frederick H, molder Bass Foundry and Machine Wks,

bds 71 John.
Schultz Gustav, laborer, bds 71 John.
Schultz Henry, plasterer, res 298 E Lewis. '

Schultz Miss Lizzie, bds 298 E Lewis.
Schultz Martha, bds 140 Francis.
Schultz Rosalia, bds 3 7 W Berry.

Schultz Sophia, operator Hoosier Mnfg Co, bds 71 John.
Schultz Wm H, elk Wm L Moellering, bds 298 E Lewis.
Schultz Wm H, machinist Fort Wayne Electric Co, res 76

Schulz, see also Schulze and Shultz.
Schulz Adolph F, foreman Kerr-Murray Mnfg Co, res 5

Schulz Christopher F, helper Bass Foundry and Machine

Works, bds 152 Horace. ^

Schulz Ernst, bds 43 Wagner.
Schulz Frederick C, helper Bass Foundry and Machine W^ks,

bds 162 Gay.
Schulz Henry, foreman, res 162 Gay.
Schulz Herman, bricklayer, res 38 Hugh.
Schulz John, printer, bds 70 Barr.
Schulz Peter, bds 70 Barr.

Schulz Wm, clerk C W Soberer, bds 56 Walton ave.
Schulz Wm, pedler, res 152 Horace.

Schulz Wm F, helper Fort Wayne Electric Co, bds 162 Gay.
Schumacher, see also Shoemaker.
Schumacher Mollie C, bds 134 Lafayette.
Schumacker Christina (wid Adam), res 23 Baker.
Schumann, see also ScAeiman, Sclieuman and jS/iuman.
Schumuuii Herman A, biksmith OitU' Wagon Works, res w »

Lima road, Washington township.
Schunk, see Shunk.
Scburicht Herman, laborer Bass Foundry and Machine Works,

res 230 John.
Scburicht Max, laborer, bds 230 John.
Schust Andrew, carpenter, res 182 Wells.
Schust Ferdinand H, machinist Kerr-Murray Mnfg Co, bd«

230 W Jefferson.
Schust George A, fireman City Water Works, res 184 Welln.


M Paperand Decorations


Election SIiDS. Headquarters for PERFECT SLIPS



E. L. POLK & CO. S

; Scliust G Adolph, sec Kerr-Murray Mnfg Co, res 32 W

Creighton ave.
Schust Harry S, machinist, bds 230 W Jefferson.
Schust Louis H, machinist Kerr-Murray Mnfg Co, bds 230 W-

Schust Michael J, patternmaker Kerr-Murray Mnfg Co, res

230 W Jefforson.
Schust Minnie, bds 230 W Jefferson.
Schuster, see also Sinister.
Schuster Delia, domestic Aveline House.
Schuster Henry G-, carpenter, res 201 Taylor.
Schuster Wm G, laborer, res 18 Allen.
Schwab Annie, bds 392 E Wayne.

Schwab Edward, truckman Penn Co, bds Monroe House.
Schwab John, meat market, n e cor Buchanan and Thomas,

res same.
Schwab Kate (wid John), res 392 E Wayne.
Schwab IMartin G, painter, res 143 Erie.
Schwabe Julius, patternmaker Bass Foundry and Machine

Works, res 59 Summit.
Schwalm Elizabeth (wid George), bds 148 Maumee road.
Schwaniuger Peter, laborer, res 90 Franklin.
Schwanz Frank J, laborer, bds 207 Taylor.
Schwanz Matthew, carpenter, res 130 tjniversity.
Schwartz Charles A, harnessmaker A L Johns & Co, res 442

E Wayne.
Schwartz Christian, plasterer, res 113 Boone.
Schwartz Frederick, collarmkr F L Racine, res 42 W Butler.
Schwartz George, fireman, bds 42 Butler.
Schwartz Georr,'e, laborer, res 350 Broadway.
Schwartz George M, car inspector Penn Co, res 36 Taylor.
Schwartz Henry, fireman, bds 42 Butler,
Schwartz Henry W, plasterer, res 542 Calhoun.
Schwartz John, lab, res n s 8t .Joe road 1 e of St Joe bridge.
Schwartz John A, bds 104 Butler.

Schwartz Louis, blacksmith, 84 Barr, res 102 Madison.
Schwartz Iv->a, bJs 42 Culler.
Schwarz Carl, prin West German School, res n e cor Howard

and Dubois.
Schwarz Miss Carrie, bds Carl Schwarz.
Schwarz Frank C, cashier J B White, bds Carl Schwarz.
Schwarz John G, bds Carl Schwarz.
Schwarze Henry, carpenter, res 13 St Mary's ave.
Schwarze Sophie (wid Wm), tailoress, bds 197 Lafayette.
Schwarzmann Frederick, laborer Olds' Wagon Works, bds

248 Calhoun.

JF PlinP ^^^als at all Hours, Day and Night.

E. F. Sites,

Ipnfjqt 86 Calhoun St.,

'Oi III oil Four Doori Nerlh of najg*.



Schwarzmann Henry, laborer Olds' Wagon Works, bds 'J48 f^
Calhoun. ^

SoJiwegmann GustavA, bookkeeper Old National Bank, res ^
35 E Jeffer8on.

Schwegmann John F, plumber, bds 35 E Jefferson.

Schwegmann Lydia, bds 23 E Jefferson.

Schwegmann Matilda (wid Rudolph H), res 35 E Jefferson.

Schwegmann Paul R, trav agt, bds 35 E Jefferson.

Schwehn Conrad jr, boilermkr, res 135 W 3d.

Schwehn Conrad, machinist Wabash R R, res 18 Orchard.

Schwehn Henry W, upholsterer P E Wolf, bds 18 Orchard.

Schwehn John, blacksmith Wabash R R, res 168 Gay.

Schweigel Frederick, carpenter, res 171 Gay.

Schweigel Ida, domestic 2S0 W Wayne.

Schweiniger Peter, mach hand Louis Rastetter, res 90 Frank-
lin ave.

Schweitzer Rosa (wid Frederick), res 312 W Main.

Schwertz Wm, laborer Hoffman Bros, res 112 Hanna.

Online LibraryR.L. Polk & Co. cnFort Wayne, Indiana, city directory (Volume yr.1890-1891, pt.2) → online text (page 2 of 34)