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Schwertzgen Joseph, bds 157 E Wayne.

Schwertzgen Joseph jr, press opr, res 157 E Wayne.

Schwier Charles (Charles Schwier & Son), res 174 Mont-

Schwier Charles & Son (Charles and Wm C), grocers, 176

Schwier F Wm, boilermkr Penn Co, bds 159 Holman.

Schwier Henry C, boilermkr Bass Foundry and Machine
Works, res s w cor Thomas and Pontiac.

Schwier Wm C (Charles Schwier & Son), bds 174 Mont-

Schwier Wm F, res 1S6 E Jefferson.

Schwieters Charles, elk A B White Cycle Co, bds 151 Ewing.

Schwieters Frank W, driver J H Schwieters, bds 41 E Col-

Schwieters Hermann, baker, res 151 Ewing.

Schwieters John H, baker, 41 E Columbia, res same.

Schwit'ters Kate, ca'^iiier J B Wliite. bds 151 Ewing.

Schwieters Rosa, bds 151 Ewing.

Schwind Albert A, engineer, res 106 Butler.

Scott Alice, works Indiana School for Feeble-Minded Youth.

Scott Arza W, watchman, res 466 E Wayne.

Scott Charles A, flagman Penn Co, rms 224 Calhoun.

Scott Duane, carpenter, bds 49 Walnut.

Scott George, machinist Penn Co, res 241 E Lewis.

Scott George T, elk Penn Co, bds 241 E Lewis.

Scott James, raolder, bds 241 E Lewis.

Scott James W, car builder Penn Co, res 101 Maumee ro."*.!. I

JohiTF. Eby k Co.,SM'!J«^^ "

33 '










> 5*

- 3,




Robert Spice

Waterworks and General Plumbing.

J 48 AVest ?laln and H Pearl Streets,


B. L. POLK & CO. S

Scott Jefferson W, shaft trimmer Olds' "Wagon Works, bds

122 Ewing.
Scott Jennie, bds 241 E Lewis.
Scott Jessie, bds 241 E Lewis,
Scott John, car builder Penn Co, res 122 Ewing.
Scott Mrs Julia A, dressmaker, bds 8^ E Berry.
Scott Mattie, bds 241 E Lewis.
Scott Nellie, res cor Main and Clinton.

Scott Orville M, elk John Gronendyke, bds Diamond Hotel.
Scott Stephen D, meat market, 352 Broadway, res 364 same.
Scott Miss Susan A, bds 101 Maumee road,
Scott Wm L, engineer, res 118 Wallace,
Scotton Chester, supt South Wayne Brick Co, res 26

Thompson ave,
Scoville Seth S, engineer Wabash R R, res 95 W DeWald.
Scranton Israel, turner Louis Diether & Bro, bds 110 W Main.
Screen George, laborer, res s s Wheeler nr Runnion are.
Screen John, laborer, res n s "Wheeler nr Runnion ave.
Screen Thomas, laborer Luke Durnell, bd-i same.
Scully John, laborer Penn Co, res 7G Melita.
Seabold, see also Seibokl, Seybold and Siebold.
Seabold Adam, res 27 Elm.
Seabold Christian, teamster, res 211 W Main.
Seabold George C, machine hand Louis Diether & Bro, bds

211 W Main,
Seabold George H, restaurant, 22 W Main, res same.
Seabold John, res 165 Wells.

Seabold John G, sawyer Winch & Son, res 92 Hayden.
Seabold Louis K, clerk Slemon &, Bro, b(1s 211 W Main.
Seabold Theodora, laborer, bds 'J i 1 W Main.

Seabrease Rev Alexander W, Rector Trinity
Episcopal Church, res Trinity Rectory 167 W Berry.

Seabrease Alexander W jr, clerk Carnahan & Co, bds 167 W

Seabrease McLean, elk Ft Wayne Electric Co, bds 167 W

SeacriiiL Harvey, saloon, I'Jo Calhoun, res same.
Seaman Rev Joseph W, steward Taylor University, res same.
Searney Carl E, millinery, 164 Calhoun, bds 53 Walter.
Search S Cleophas, conductor, res 10 W Superior,
Search Wm N, clerk Ft W, C ife L R R, bds 10 W Superior.
Seaton John, oculist, 10 Calhoun, res 91 W Superior,
Seaton Robert L, driver Ft Wayne St Railroad Co, res 225

Seavey Gideon W, Wholesale and Retail Hardware,

Stoves and Tinware, 19 and 21 W Main, res 235 same.

M. F. Kaag

SAUCERS, at No. 5 East Columbia St.

■ !'"'. -'v^- '■,••■' '.f"^' ■ ." '" . ■"- ''■ ' . • - .'■ ' ^~ ■"/ .^' • '

detring-Mach ines, Shears )Pfeiffer& Schlatter
— and Pocket Knives, — ^ 38 & 40 E.Columbia.


Sebold Henrv, engineer, res 22 Pritchard.
Sechler Milo"H, despatcher G R tfc I R R, rms 316 Calhoun.
Second Presbyterian Church, Berry bet Webster and Ewing.
Seeger Franklin F C, car inspector Penn Co, res 34 Chestnut.
Seele Henry A, machine hand Olds' Wagou Works, bds 10

Seelig Charles, baker Louis Fox & Bro, res e s Maysville n of

city limits.
Seelig Conrad, clerk G H Wilson & Sous, biis e s Maysville

road n of city limits.
Seelig Henry, foreman Louis Fox & Bro, res 20 Summit.
Seelig John, clerk Louis Fox & Bro, res w s Maysville road

e of city limits.
Seely Albert J, cabinetmaker J M Miller, res 72 W Williams.
Seely Albert J jr, helper Kerr-Murray Mnfg Co, bds 72 W

Seemann, see also Siemon. •

Seemann Charles, laborer J C Peters, res 395 W Main.
Seemeyer Caroline (wid Gottlieb C), res 118 W Jefferson.
Seemeyer Miss Lena, bds 118 W Jefferson.
Seemeyer Theodore G, clerk Carnahan & Co, bds 118 W Jef-
Segur Charles A, elk Mossman, Yarnelle & Co, bds 309 W

Seibert, see also Siebert and Seybert.
Seibert Douglas G, teamster, res 69 Hamilton.
Seibert Frank M, carpenter, res 106 W Creighton ave.
Seibert Henry VV, laborer Penn Co, res 65 W Williams.
Seibert John C, bds 106 W Creighton ave.
Seibert Mrs Mary, bds 29 John.
Seibold, see also Seabold, Seybold and Siebold.
Seibold Andrew, car repairer Wabash R R, res 77 Huestis.
Seibold Catherine (wid Gottlieb), res 43 Walnut.
Seibold Charles F, stopmaker Fort Wavne Organ Co, res 173

W DeWald.
Seibold Henry J, sec and tre;i< Fort Wayne City Bill Posting

Co and manager J O Keller, res 168 Ewing.
Seibold Jacob, res 18 Miner. .
Seibold John J, laborer, res 35 Huestis ave.
Seibold Joseph A, cabinetmaker Fort Wayne Organ Co, res

61 Home ave.
Seibold Margaret (wid David), res 148 Wells.
Seibold Olive M, seamstress, bds 107 IS Cass.
Seibt Charles B, laborer, res e s Lafayette 3 s of Pontiac.
Seibt Charles W H, machinist Bass Foundry and Machine

Works, bds C B Seibt.

John F. Eby & Co, li% PrintersTOeiroit

A. FOSTER, Merchant Tailor,"i^waynTir.

480 E. L. POLK & CO.'S

Seibt Louis, machinist, bds C B Seibt.

Seidel Arthur, clerk, bds 524- Calhoun.

Seidel Block, 52 Calhoun.

Seidel Conrad, blacksmith, res 86 Hayden.

Seidel Edmund (Wm C Seidel & Bro), rms 52^ Calhoun.

Seidel Edward, Insurance, Real Estate and Loan

Agent, 524 Calhoun, res same.
Seidel Miss E Rosa, cashier Wm C Seidel & Bro, rms 52^

Seidel Mrs Lizzie, bds 90 Maumee road.
Seidel Otto, waiter Wm C Seidel & Bro, rms 524 Calhoun.
Seidel Wm C (Wm C Seidel & Bro), rms 52^ Calhoun.
Seidel ^Vlll C & Bro (Wm C and Edmund), Proprs

Nickel Plate Restaurant and Ice Cream Parlors, Nickel

Plate Depot.
Seifert Herman, laborer, res 85 Holman.
Seifert Wm F, driver M F Kaag, res 39 W 4th.
Seller August, baker L P Scherer, bds 53 Walnut.
Selling Diedrich, car builder Penn Co, res 171 Fairfield ave.
Seipp Frederick, stone mason Fort Wayne Steam Stone Wks,

res VI Hoffman.
Seitz David, carpenter, res 8 Elm.
Selbst Mary, operator S M Foster, bds 33 St Martin.
Selbst Mary A (wid Jacob), res 33 St Martin.
Selix Alice, domestic George H Baldwin.
Selix Patrick, bds 60 W Williams.
Selkmann John A, machine hand Fort Wayne Organ Co, bds

199 S Broadway.
Sellers Wm, trimmer Jenney Electric Light and Power Co,

bds 22 E Columbia.
Senniger John, laborer Penn Co, res 22 John.
Sergeant, see also Sargent.

Sergeant James E, harnessmaker, res 106 Wells.
Sesseman ^lary, bds 52 Elm.
Sesseman Wm, carpenter, res 52 Elm.
Sessions Frank L, draucrhtsiTian Fort Wayne Electric Co, bds-

50 \\' Wa.shington.
Sessler Charles E, bds 55 Grand.
Sessler Peter, res 55 Grand.
Seybert, see Seibert and Siebert.
Seybold, see also Seabold, Seibold and Siebold.
Seybold Miss Lillian H, teacher Harmer School, bds 149

Seybold Wm, tuner Ft Wayne Organ Co, bds 158 W DeWald.
Seymoure Horace A, draughtsman H W Matson, bds 34 W


Troy Sieam Laundry ' "'iJr M^a^llii?^*'^^'"

T. O TTTTLT, MIXED paints ReadyforUse


Seys John, clerk Rich's Hotel. ^^

Shack, «ee Schack. fz3

Shackelford Rev Nathan D, pastor Trinity M E Church, res CI^

106 N Cass. ^^^^

Shadle, see Schaedle. ^^

Shafer, see also Schaefer, Sc/iafer, Schaffer, Scheffer ayid \

Shaffer. .^H?

Shafer George, blacksmith, res 212 Thomas. ^^

Shafer John R, driver, res 122 W Washington. ^

Shafer Mrs Sadie, res 26 Harrison. p^

Shaffer, see also Schaefer, Schafer, Schaffer, Scheffer and ^^

Shafer. C^

Shaffer Allen C, blacksmith L C Zollinger, res 10 Ewing. ^^

Shaffer George, res 169 Broadway. ^3

Shaffer Harry L, brakemau Penn Co, res 131 Horace. j^"

Shaffer Orville S, hostler Ft Wayne Transfer and Baggage C:^

Line, res cor Columbia and Barr. ^^

Shambaugh Henry, carpenter, bds 84 Gay. *^

Shambaugh Wm H,l;v\vyer,ll Bank Block,bds Hotel Randall, i-^d
Shane Henry C, laborer Penn Co, res 305 S Harrison.
Shane John R, farmer, res 305 S Harrison.
Shane Rudolph, carpenter, bds 305 S Harrison.
Shane Wm J, carpenter, bds 305 S Harrison.
Shanks, see also Schank.
Shanks Rev Ernest H, pastor Church of God, res 96 De Wald. ? ^
Shanline David, barber, bds n s Howell 2 w of Rumsey ave. ^ p
Shannon George, laborer, bds S P Shannon. ^ Q,

Shannon Jennie, domestic 251 Calhoun, e CD

Shannon Samuel P, carpt-nter, res e s Piqua ave opp Rudisill. "^ ^
Shannon Thomas, cook Rich's Hotel. _ jiv^

Sharp il^liss Carrie B, Principal Westminster Semin- r

ary, res 251 W Main, S ~

Sharp Henry, res 25 Jackson. »

Sharp liOllis P, Notions, 15 Court, res 296 W Jefferson, r O
Sharp Ralph P, clerk F P Mensch, res 174 W Superior. s Z!

fehurp Wealuy J, rms 15 FusLar block. s. |i

Shaughnessey, see also O'Shaughnessy. ^ ^

Shaughnessey W M E, machine hand Ft Wayne Organ Co, g X

res 108 Fairfield ave. ^ ni

Shaw Albert P, flagman, bds 23 Smith. S 3)

Shaw Charles H, painter L C Zollinger, res 74 W 4th. t -^

Shaw David J, meats, 28 Smith, res 26 same. r C'

Shaw George A, molder Bass Foundry and Machine Works, ., ^

bds 135 E De Wald. 2 -g

Shaw Mrs Robert H, grocer, 121 Fairfield ave, res 129 same. Z
Shaw Robert H, macu E B Kunkle 3c Co, res 129 FainifM- - y


John F. Eby & Go, Eiatsj^.?.

John Pressler,

Galvanized Iron Cornices and Slate Hnoflng

Columbia, Barr and Dock s- ctH.


B. L. POLK & CO. 8

Shaw Thomas, laborer Bass Foundry and Machine Works, res

135 E De Wald.
Shaw Vincent B, machine hand American Wheel Co, res 23

Shay Maggie, domestic McKinnie House.
Shay Mary (wid Cornelius), bds 36 Hayden.
Shayne David, barber Mathias Momper, bds Howell 3 e of

Rannion road.
Shea Mrs Catherine, res 7 Walnut.
Shea Hannah, seamstress, bds 7 Walnut.
Shea John F, tinsmith Penn Co, res 41 Hugh.
Shea Joseph, messenger, bds 41 Hugh.
Shea Julia, bds 41 Hugh.
Shea Kate A, seamstress, bds 7 Walnut.
Shea Loretto, bds 41 Hugh.

Shea Michael, barber E Collins, bds Sullivan House.
Shea Michael F, engineer, res 421 Calhoun.
Shea Nellie, bds 41 Hugh.
Shea Patrick, fireman, res 44 Melita.
Shea Thomas, laborer Penn Co, bds 32 Chicago.
Shea Thomas E, brakeman, res 108 Boone.
Shea Timothy, res 41 Hugh.
Shea Wm H, switchman Penn Co, res 41 Hugh.
Shedd Arthur B, bds 575 Fairfield ave.
Sheehan John D, res rear 223 Calhoun.
Sheehan J Martin, conductor Penn Co.
Sheehan M C, conductor Penn Co, bds Sullivan House.
Sheets Gertrude, domestic 24 W Berry.
Sheetz, see also Schtetz.
Sheetz Charles, tailor, res s7 Pritchard.
Sheetz Johanna (wid Gottfried), res 201 Hanna.
Shefler, see also Scheffler.
Shefler Conrad B, conductor Penn Co, res n e cor Harrisoa

and Brackenridge.
Shelbey Thomas J, clerk, bds 72 Nelson.
Shelby Harrv. firctnan, rm>5 2:^ Bnkor.
Sheldon Charles H, bleacher, 57 Clinton, res same.
Shell, see also Schell.
Shell Ella, domestic 19 W De Wald.

Shell E Clarence, mngr Old Fort Mnfg Co, res 68 W Main.
Shell Jennie (wid Frank), res 68 W Main.
Shellaberger Edwin, polisher American Wheel Co, res 313 S

Sheller Samuel, carpenter, res 307 W Washington.
Shelley Joseph, engineer, rms 14 Chicago.
Shelton Cora, clerk Diamond Hotel.

The Gospel Tidings,

A >'on-Scotarlan Keli^rtoiia PnbIioa>

UUice in Foster Block, 2d Floor, Ft. Wayne, Ind.



Shepard Abrara L, brakeman, res 71 Taylor.

Shepard James A, bookkeeper American Wheel Co, res 1.08
W Jefferson.

Shepard Martin L, bds 71 Taylor.

Shepard Wm, helper Penn Co, res 71 Taylor.

Shepler John F, conductor, res 296 E Creighton ave.

Shepley George A, engineer Fort Wayne Organ Co, bds 519
Fairfield ave.

Sheppard Thomas, drill pressman Penn Co, bds 189 Mont-

Sheppo Wm, painter Penn Co, bds 89 Shawnee ave,

Sherbondy Edward M, laborer Fort Wayne Electric Co, bds
240 W De Wald.

Sherbondy George L, machine hand, bds 240 W De Wald.

Sherbondy Susannah R (wid Abraham), res 240 W Do Wald.

Sherbondy Wra H, dynamo man Penn Co, bds 240 De Wald.

Sherer, see Schearer and Scherer.

Sheridan Annie B (wid John), res 19 Taylor.

Sheridan Catherine, janitor Bloomingdale School, bds 75
E Superior.

Sheridan Charles L, laborer, bds 19 Taylor.

Sheridan Ella, works Troy Steam Laundry, bds 53 Oliver.

Sheridan James, fruit trees, res 76 Montgomery.

Sheridan Mamie, bds 76 Montgomery.

Sherin Eliza (wid John), res 15 W Main.

Sheriu Miss Mary L, dressmaker, 15 W Main, bds same.

Sherland Mark P, conductor, res 17 Boone.

Sherland Nathaniel, bds 17 Boone.

Sherman Miss Anna, bds 344 E Wayne.

Sherman Joseph (Sherman ct Owens), res 130 Erie.

Sherman Josephine, bds 422 E Washington.

Sherman Tassie (wid John), res 422 E Washington.

Sherman & Owens (Joseph Sherman, Michael J Owens), bar-
bers, 249 Calhoun.

Sherwin Cornelia (wid Wm C), res 159 Barr.

SherAvin Ilattiu G. dressmaker, h<ls loO Barr.

Sherwin Millard D, laborer, res 159 Barr.

Sherwin Wilbur H, laborer, bds 159 Barr.

Sheviron Frank, fireman, res 22 Laselle.

Shick, see Schick.

Shidel Charles A, barber, 21 Calhoun, res 182 E Wayne.

Shideler Irvin P, helper Penn Co, bds 234 Harmer.

Shields Miss Addie J, bds Sylvester Lewis.

Shields Andrew, laborer, bds 67 Baker.

Shilling, see Schilling.

Shingler Wm II, gasfitter, res 211 E Wayne.

M F Kaa^ SeHs table cutlery and spoons at

|S Lowest Prices, at No. 5 E. Columbia St.

I. L. Barkley,



484 B. L. POLK & co.'s

Shinn John, bds 64 W Wayne.

Shipman Frank I, baggage master L S & M S Ry, rms same.

Sbisler, see also Schisler.

Shisler George, painter, res 126 E Creighton ave.

Shivers George B, bookkpr A L Johns &, Co, res 29 N Cass.

Shmidt, see ISchmidt, Schmit and Smith.

Shneider, see Schneider, Snider and S)iyder.

Shoaff Jaraes B, agent, res 157 £ Berry.

SIloafT John A, Photographer, 23 W Berry, res e 8

Spy Run ave 4 n of Riverside ave.
Shoaff Grin L, bds 157 E Berry.
Shoaff Samuel H, res 84 E Berry.
Shoaff Uriah S, traveling agent, res 50 W Superior.
Shober Viola (wid John), res 99 W Superior.
Shock Emma, dressmaker Mary L Sherin, bds 168 W Main.
Shoda Melinda, domestic 16 Lincoln ave.
Shoemaker, see also Schumacher.
Shoemaker Andrew, laborer, res 81 Brackenridge.
Shoemaker Eldora, domestic Grand Central Hotel.
Shoemaker Frank, machinist Fort Wayne Iron Works, bds 71

Shoemaker John, laborer, bds 139 Holraan.
Shoemaker Lizzie (wid James S), res e s Spy Run ave 9 n of

Shoemaker Mary (wid Adam), res 23 Baker.
Shoemaker Rosa, bds 81 Brackenridge.
Shoemaker Wm W, gardener, bds Lizzie Shoemaker.
Shondel George, engineer, res 243 Clay.
Shondel Louisa, bds 241 E Wavne.
Shondel ^NLiry, bds 24o Clay.
Shondel Wm", res 241 E Wayne.
Shook Maggie, dressmaker, bds 88 Wells.
Shookman John, engineer Winch & Son, res 420 Hanna.
Shoph, see Schoepf.
Shordon Daniel (Shordon & Alderman), restaurant, 61 E

Columbia, res same.
Shoriion tt Alderman (Daniel bhordon, Dayton Alderman),

farm implements, 63 E Columbia.
Shores John W, lab, bds s s Wayne Trace 5 e of Walton av.
Shorey George W, foreman, res 18 Butler.
Shorey I Herbert, clerk Wabash R R, res 18 Butler.
Shorey Wm H, baggageman, res 55 Butler.
Shorray August, lather, rms 27 Baker.
Short Gideon H, carpenter, res 19 St Michael's ave.
Short Henry A, conductor, res 19 St Michael's ave.
Short James, sawyer Hoffman Bros, res 193 W Superior,

ThP ^ipmnn Wall PanorPn iFonucrl) theWajneWaUPapprCo.) Deal-
Soale's (Boston) Photof^raphic Rep rod act ions of >Vork8 of Art. 191 Calhoun Street.

v?^" '(^'' ->v?

Fine Commercial Printing, !!'w^c«™™2;:



Short James C, ensrineer, res 15 St Michael's ave. ^^

Shrader, see l^chrader and Schroeder. \ ^

SlirilliptOIl Alfred, Builder, \52 W Main, rms same. ■
Shrock Wiu, driver Fort Wayne Street Railway Co, res 412 ■■■

E Washington. 09

Shroyer James, car builder Penn Co, res 63 Winter. ■"•

Shroyer Martin D, carpenter, res 365 E Lewis. ^J

Shryock Win W, Dentist, 27 W Berry, res same. ^^^

Shuder Susan, bds 67 Boone. ^

Shuey John, laborer, bds 137 Holman. ^T*

Shuey Joseph S, feeder The Press, bds 496 S Harrison. W

Shuler, see Schuler. ^^

Shultz, see also Schidtzand Sc/ndz. \m

Shultz Miss Wilhelraina, elk County Recorder, bds 103 Wilt. ««
Shulze, see also ScJiuUz and Sc/ndz. — ^

Shulze Charles E, clerk Root & Co, res 333 S Webster. £13

Shulze Charles H, clerk G DeWald & Co, bds 333 S Web- CJ

ster. ZiT •

Shulze Elliott G, stenographer Hoffman Bros,res 39 E Butler, q.
Shuman, see also Sc/iei)na?i, Scheumann and /Schumann. — —

Shuman Block, n s Main bet Barr and Clinton. Vl^

Shuman Erastus (E Shuman & Sons), res 56 E Wayne. __

Shuiliail E <fc i5»OIlS (Erastus, Frank G, Gilbert E and ^

George W), Wholesale Notions and General Store Sup- — *

plies, 41 and 43 E Main. — •

Shuman Frank G (E Shuman & Sons), bds 56 E Wayne. £2.

Shuman George W (E Shuman & Sons), bds 56 E Wayne. 03
Shuman Gilbert E (E Shuman & Sons), bds 56 E Wayne. ^^
Shunk Frank, painter F H Treep, bds 19 Lafayette. >t'^

Shunk Nye, cornicemkr John Pi'essler, bds 19 Lafayette. -^"l

Shunk Theresa (wid Frank R), rms 19 Lafayette. pjr^

Shuster, see also Schuster. *^3

Shuster John, laborer Penn Co, res s s New Haven road 3 e J-;

of toll gate. ^'^Z

Sible Henry B, laborer The Herman Berghoff Brewing Co, c/i

bds 101 G1p.^-ou' ave. Sc2

Sible John E, driver Fred Eckert, bds 91 E Wayne. " r.'^

Siboni Miss Anna, music teacher, bds Aucrust Crull. Sri*

Sibray Mary E, clerk Root & Co, bds 230 W Wayne. »^"

Sibray Nathan, carpenter Wabash R R, res 230 W Wayne, c j^
Siebert, see also Seibert. ''■Z%

Siebert Otto, teamster J E Remus, bds 442 S Broadway. i>^

Siebert Otto W, saloon, 303 W Main, res 305 same. ^"«

Siebold, see also Seabold, Seibold and Seybold. r'^1

Siebold Caspar, teamster, res 83 Barthold. ••?•

Siebold Christian, foreman Louis Rastetter, res 34 Pritchanl. p.r^

ELECTION SLIPS.HfA«^j«i:^!=lP«j|U!!S

™i£15™!Saw Gumming, sett.ng



486 B. L, POLK & CO. s

Siebold Christopher W, horseshoer Geary & Perrey, bds n s
Howell e of Rurasey ave.

Siebold Edward F, finisher The Peters Box and Lumber Co^
bds 83 Barthold.

Siebold "George H, clerk McKinnie House, bds S3 Barthold.

Siebold Henry F, blacksmith Fleming Mnfg Co, res 81 Bar-

Siebold John P, policeman, res 216 W DeWald.

Siebold Samuel P, machine hand The Peters Box and Lumber
Co, bds 83 Barthold.

Siebold Sophia (wid Bernard), res 7 Pine.

Siebold Wm, framemaker Siemon & Bro, bds 7 Pine. ,' ^

Siebold Wra C, laborer, bds 3-i Pritchard.

Siebold Wm C, teamster John Orff, res 81 Barthold.

Siefert, see Seifert.

Siegmund Charles, clerk E Yordermark & Sons, rms 60 E

Siegmund Herman, tailor Leonhardt Jaxtheimer, res s s
Pontiac 1 s of Abbott.

Siemon, see also Seemann.

Siemon August W, clerk Isidore Lehman, bds 27 Madison.

Siemon Carl F, mngr The Siemon Wall Paper C<^res 47

Siemon Carl F jr, bookkeeper Pfeiffer & Schlatter, bds 47

Siemon Charles A, tinsmith C F Graffe & Co, bds 75 Madison.

Siemon Coni-ad, expressman, res 19 Jones.

Siemon Ferdinand J, carpenter, bds 82 E Jefferson.

Siemon Helena (wid August F), res 27 Madison.

Siemon Henry R (Sii'mon Sc Brother), bds 27 Madison.

Siemon Herman T (Siemon Sc Brother), bds 27 Madison.

Siemon Otto, teacher latin and history Concordia college,
res College grounds.

Siemon Paul, re& 82 E Jefferson.

Siemon Rudolph, propr The Siemon Wall Paper Co, 191 Cal-
houn, res 23 K .Tfffersoii.

SieiUOIi Willi i'aper 4'0 The (Formerly The Wayne
Wall Paper Co), Rudolph Siemon Propr, George W
Schiefer and 'Carl Sieiuou Mugrs; Dealers in All Grades
of Wall Paper, Window Shades, Room Moldings, Artists*
Materials; and Sole Agents of Soule's (Boston) Photo-
graphic Reproductions of Works of Art, 191 Calhoun.
{See left bottom liyies.)

SieillOll «fc Brotlier (Henry R and Herman T), Books,
Stationery, Wall Paper, Picture Frames etc, 50 Calhoun.
{See back cover.)


lt\| Mirrors, Chromes, Easels, Etc. 181 Calhoun St.

Mrs. E. A. Flagler,

Cheapest, Be«t and ^fowt Fnnhlon-

able .^lILUMKItV NT«UtK In
Town. 14 Went Berry Street.


Sievers Lena (wid Frederick W), res 203 E Wayne.

Sievers Louis H, carpenter, bds 110 High.

Sigler Edward F, laborer Penn Co, res 24 Huron.

Sigrist Wm E, springmaker Tlie Peters Box and Lumber Co,

res 21 Bartbold.
Silbermann Wm R, lab Kerr-Murray Mnfg Co, res 231 Barr.
Silvers Helen (wid Allen), res 190 Montgomery.

Simmons Peter, laborer Penn Co, res 593 S Calhoun.

Simmons Wm H, night watchman, res 158 Madison.

Simon Julius, machinist Penn Co, res 18 Pine.

Simons Gordon, bds 72 Calhoun.

Simons James, bds 63 Winter.

Simons Joseph R, car builder Penn Co, res 63 Winter.

Simons Winfield M, vice-pres First National Bank, res Plym-
outh, Ind.

Simonson James H (Rhinesmith & Simonson), sec and treas
Anthony Wayne Mnfg Co, res 61 W Berry.

Simonton Frank, laborer, res 156 Taylor.

Simonton George W, saloon, 161 Wells, res same.

Simpson M E Church, cor Harrison and Dawson. *

Simpson Wm, teamster, res 204 E Wayne.

Sims Clifford S, asst engineer Penn Co, bds Rich's Hotel,

Sims Rev George H, pastor Christian Chapel, res s s W Jef-
ferson 2 e of Griffith.

Sinclair Miss Frances C, res 332 W Jefferson.

Sinclair Miss Susan, principal Nebraska School, res 332 W

Sinclair Thomas, machinist Wabash R R, res 109 W DeWald.

Sinclair Thomas H, elk D L Harding, bds 109 W DeWald.

Sine Sherman E, tireman, res 469 Lafayette.

Singer :^Illf§: Co The, N H Bledsoe Mngr, 4 Aveline
House Block.

Singleton Michael T, policeman, res 33 Baker.

Singleton Michael T jr, porter F C Boltz, bds 33 Baker.

Singleton Philip J, machinist Penn Co, res 27 Baker.

Singmastc-r Joseph, res 177 Jackson.

Singmaster Joseph M, flue welder Penn Co, res 177 Jackson.

Singrey Frank E, res 252 S Hoagland ave.

Sink, see also Szink.

Sink Elizabeth W (wid Elijah), bds 514 Broadway.

Sink Miss Florence E, bds 514 Broadway.

Sinnigen Albert, tinsmith, res 26 John.

Sinnigen Henry, bds 22 John.

Sinnigen John, laborer Penn Co, res 22 John.

Sipes Abner, wagonrakr Chauvey Bros, bds 130 Clinton.

Siple John, laborer, bds 46 E Columbia.

John F Fhv L fiiL. book and joBlfiiNiERS

A. FOSTER, Msrchani Tailor, w. w^T.

488 B. L, POLK & CO.'S

Sircle Emanuel J, fireman, res Fairfield ave s of organ factory.
Sites David, wheel inspector American Wheel Co, res 17

Sites Edward F, Dentist, 86 Calhoun, res 206 W

Wayne. {See right top lines.)
Sites Emory A, res 670 Broadway,
Sites George W, action maker Ft Wayne Organ Co, res 229

Indiana ave.
Sites Henry G, Dentist, 82 Calhoun, res 15 W Lewis.
Sites John, laborer, res 670 Broadway.
Sithens Stevens G K, millwright, res 120 W Superior.
Siver Emett L, physician, 5 Schmitz blk, res 150 Clinton.
Sivits Alaska A, laborer, bds Racine Hotel,
Skatulla Charles patternmaker Bass Foundry and Machine

Works, res w s Ilanna 5 s of Pontiac.
Skeer Adolphus G, painter, res 60 W 5th.
Skelley Philip S, constable, res 11 McClellan.
Skelton Benjamin W, cracker ranfr, 209 Calhoun, res 126 W

Skelton Edward, laborer B W Skelton, bds 126 W Jefferson.
Skelton Wanda E, bookkeeper B W Skelton, bds 126 W

Skelton Wm W, clerk B W Skelton, bds 126 W Jefferson.
Skinner Benjamin C, engineer, res 367 Hanna.
Slager Henry L, clerk Carnahau <fe Co, rms 183 Calhoun.

Online LibraryR.L. Polk & Co. cnFort Wayne, Indiana, city directory (Volume yr.1890-1891, pt.2) → online text (page 3 of 34)