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Slagle Arthur M, laborer Penn Co, bds e s Metz 1 n of

Wabash R R.
Slagle Cecil B, draughtsman Fort Wayne Electric Co, bds

232 W Jefferson.
•Slagle Estella (wid John H;, res 232 W Jefferson.
Slagle James, laborer, res 67 Baker.
Slagle Levi H, engineer, res 22 Fisher.
Slagle Louisa (wid John), res 104 Butler.
Slagle Nora E, bds 142 Fairfield ave.
Slagle Wm S, engineer, res 64 Charles.
Slater Edwav.l, laborer Pcim Co, brls 1«4 Francis.-
Slater George" A, machinist Penn Co, res 184 Francis.
Slater John^ blacksmith Penn Co, res 196 Fairfield ave.
Slater Joseph, blacksmith, res 19 Bass.

Slater Monroe I, wood turner J Klett & Son, res 24Barthold.
Slater Sarah T (wid Isaac A), bds 24 Barthold.
Slater Wm M, letter carrier, bds 175 Fairfield ave.
Slattery Marmaduke M, electrician, res 302 W Washington.
Slattery Michael, watchman, res 65 Melita.
Slaudraff Theodore, expressman, bds 181 Taylor.
Slaughteroff Peter, res 273 W Main.

Troy Sieam Laundry.


iw^jpffj^iii^jj vmm >' 'i^ij

Jj Q HXJLL ^^'"*^' °''^' Varnishes and

Glass at 90 Gaihoun Street.


Slinker Betsey, domestic 271 W Wayne. ""^

Sloat Henry, bds 232 E Jefferson. jVj

Sloat H, laborer Penn Co, res 82 Montgomery. ^

Sloat Rolandus S, harnessmaker, 3604^ Calhoun, res same. ^^
Slocum Samuel, electrician Ft Wayne Electric Co, res 73 ZZ^ '

Brackenridge. ^3

Small, see also ISchnioll. SH

Small John E, works J O Keller, res 69 Archer ave. CD

Smaltz, see also Schmalz. ^^

Stnaltz Francis M, grocei-, 307 W Main, res 353 same. ^i^^

Smaltz John, elk F^M Smaltz, bds 353 V7 Main. ^

Smart Carlos M, printer The Press, bds 35 E Wayne. g TJ

Smead Albert, truckman, res 439 E Washington. ^ i^

Smead Miss Fannie, bds 44 Webster. £ O
Smead Frank K, mngr Union Pacific Tea and Coffee Store, " 'S

res 44 Webster. ^ !I3»

Smead John, laborer, res 252 E Wayne. *• CD

Smead John H, laborer res 43 W Superior. % q

Smcnner Catherine (wid Henry), res rear 122 Madison. ^ "^
Smenner Charles H, carpenter Ft Wayne Iron Works, res 117 S Cfl

Madison. *

Smenner Edmund, foreman Pearse & Loag, res 227 Barr. ^ §

Smenner Frederick D, brewer, bds rear 122 Madison. 2 ^i^

Smenner Phoebe, bds 117 Madison. * W
Smenner Maggie (v/id George), janitor 94 Calhoun, res 224 o Q

Lafayette, % m

Smenner Theodore, carpenter, res 92 Montgomery, | "^
Smethers John H, machine hand American Wheel Co, res JJ^ ■

1R3 Lafayette. s

Smick Manford M, coal, 80 E Columbia, res 88 W Main. | C^

Sraiek Solomon S, res 526 E Wayne. §■ aJ

Smick Wm P, clerk, res 44 Pontiac. J m^

Smidt John F, carpenter, res s e cor Diamond and Euclid. s i;

Smith, see also Schmidt and Schinit. ^ ^

Smith Mrs Abbie, bds n s Spring 1 w of Franklin ave. ^ ^

Sniitli Alico, domestic Windsor Hotel. = **
Smith Amelia A, market stall 60, res s s Illinois road 3 from x

Court House. ^ f"

Smith Andrew, machinist Wabash R R, bds 100 Butler. Z ^

Smith Anna A, dressmaker Mrs G J Stier, bds 230 E Lewis. • ^

Smith Anna M, milliner A Mergentheim, bds 115 Gay. ^ Jj

Smith Arthur E, bookkeeper EC Smith, bds 11 Monroe. 2. Z

Smith Ashland F, brakeman, bds 163 Wells. I Q
Smith Ashley J, machinist Indiana Machine Works, bds 163 % — -

_ WellH. ' g 30

Smith Benjamin D, student, bds 126 N Cass. *» "^

« Ti iVadg SAUCERS, at No. 5 East Columbia St

FlentlDn SlinS Headquartbrs for PERFECT SLIPS


490 B. L. POLK & CO.'S

Smith Calvin L, clerk Penn Co, res s w cor Washington and

Smith Miss Carrie A, bds 38 Douglas ave.
Smith Caspar A, engineer, res 100 Butler.
Smith Catherine (wid Charles), bds 88 W Washington.
Smith Mrs Celia, res 2 Madison.

Smith Charles, painter Charles Rivers & Son, bds 64 E Berry.
Smith Charles, stone mason, res 132 Chicago.
Smith Charles'A, clerk Ft Wayne Electric Co, res 40 Hen-
Smith Charles P, student, bds s w cor Washington and Barr.
Smith Christian D, finisher American Wheel Co, res 113

Smith Clarence E, teacher, rms 27 Pritchard.
Smith Clarence G, mugr Business Guide Co, and bookkeeper

Fort Wayne Newspaper Union, res 344 W Washington.
Smith Cora A, bds James L Smith.

Smith Cornelius S, physician, 38 Douglas ave, res same.
Smith C Percy, student S B Brown, bds 166 Barr.
Smith Mrs C L, supt Fort Wayne City Hospital.
Smith Daniel E, miller, res 122 Fairfield ave.
Smith Edward, porter Rich's Hotel, bds same.
Smith Edward C, carriage trimmer, 16 Lafayette, res 11

Monroe. i

Smith Egan H, taxidermist, 21 Calhoun, rms same.
Smith Elisha J, farmer, res 92 W Superior.
Smith Emma J, bds s w cor Washington and Barr.
Smith Esther (wid Samuel), res 53 W Lewis.
Smith Eugene B, foreman printer Fort Wayne Newspaper

Union, res 38 McClellan.
Smith Eugenie, bds 38 McClellan.
Smith Ewald, wood turner Fort Wayne Organ Co, bds 50

Home ave.
Smith Ezra D, driver Fort Wayne Street Railroad Co, res

225 Lafayette.
Smith Fernan'lo, laborer Penn Co, res 154 Broadway.
Smith Frank C, tiiLMuan, res 4G Elm.

Smith Frank 31, laljorer A Hattersley & Sons, res 12 Madison.
Smith Franklin H, laborer, bds 57 Hoffman.
Smith Fred M (F M Smith & Co), bds 50 W Superior.
Smith Frederick S, machinist Fort Wayne Electric Co, res w

s Hanna 9 s of Pontiac.
Smith F yi & Co (Fred M Smith), Hardware,22 Calhoun.
Smith George, fireman, res 45 Hurd.
Smith George B, molder Bass Foundry and Machine Works,

bds 343 E Lewis.

GPOrSfP Jann cut and ornamental stone Contractor

WUWIJqU ^UUpj 79aud 81 Ka.t Columbia Street.

OjnU P Hpinrirh booksellers and Stationers,

Oluilll (x liulllllUlij schmitz Block Mens Standi 116 Ittlbonn Mr^t.


Smith George B, laborer, res 6 St Mary's ave.

Smitb George E, stone mason, res 16 Gay.

Smith George G, well driver, bds 91 Franklin ave.

Smith George H, cigarmaker Christian Wenninghoff, res 63

Smith George M, blacksmith Fleming Mnfg Co, res 85 Bart-

Smith George W, carpenter, res 21 W Williams.
Smith George W, coil winder Fort Wayne Electric Co, res
1.3 Wall.

Smith George W, asst engineer City Water Works, res 39

Smith Harry A, bds 11 Monroe.

Smith Henry, clerk Penn Co, res 186 W De Wald.

Smith Henry, engineer, res 106 W De Wald.

Smith Henrv, laborer Fred Eckart, res 43 Elm.

Smith Henry, machine hand Fort Wayne Organ Co, bds 19

Smith Henry C, laborer Fort Wayne Electric Co, res 10

Smith Henry I, lawyer, 18 Schmitz block, res 342 Broadway.

Smith Henry J, clerk D N Foster Furniture Co, res 301 W

Smith Henry W, clerk, bds 106 W De Wald.

Smith Hiram, plasterer, res e s Calhoun 2 n of Cour.

Smith Homer T, tel operator, res 67 W Main.

Smith Ida M (wid George W), hair goods, 170 Calhoun, res
24 E Washington.

Smith Isaac, bds 388 E Wayne.

Smith Isaac M, car builder Penn Co, res cor Lumbard and

Smith Jacob, laborer, res 87 Home ave.

Smith iMrs James, res 114 W Berry.

Smith James (col'd), barber Jerome Peters, rms cor Colum-
bia and Barr.

Smith James, carpenter, ros 16 Wiiicli.

Smith James (col'd), cook Kicli's lIotel,res 227 W Washington.

Smith James, foreman American Wheel Co, res 236 E Lewis.

Smith James, laborer A McKernan, bds Wm A Smith.

Smith James A, salesman Singer Mnfg Co, bds 196 Barr.

Smith James L, carpenter, res e s Lumbard 1 n of Wabash R K.

Smith James M, sawyer J C Peters, res 95 Franklin ave.

Smith James S, plumber Robert Ogden, bds 104 Barr.

Smith John, laborer, res 55 Wabash ave.

Smith John, molder Bass Foundry and Machine Works, res
343 E Lewis.

Mr U^r^nf Sells CHANDELIERS and FANCY TAi.Lt
iFi Ixaag LAMPS, at No. 5 East Columbia SlrecL

Election Slips. Bg iJIj|Kg

492 E. L. POLK & co.'s

Smith John, porter Rich's Hotel.

Smith John C, laborer Wabash R R, bds 116 Butler.

Smith John E, driver J C Peters bds 2 De ^JoS

Smith John J, molder Bass Foundry and Machme Works, btls

16 Gav. ^ ,,

Smith John W, laborer, bds 119 Fairfield ave.
Smith John W, laborer The Herman Berghofif Brewmg Co,

res 1 Dwenger ave.
Smith Joseph, laborer, res 163 Wells.
Smith Joseph C, clerk, bds 9 N Cass.
Smith Joseph D, laborer, res 120 W 3d.
Smith J Sion, asst snpt, res 96 Butler.
Smith Kate (wid Charles), bds 88 W W ashington.
Smith Kelley, laborer, res 87 Pritchard.
Smith Lewis, lab Penn Co, res 53 ^V alton ave.
Smith Lizzie, seamstress D S Redelsheimer & Co, bds llo (aay.
Smith Louis, porter Rich's Hotel.
Smith Miss Lucv C, bds 37 Douglas ave.
Smith Manning, bookkeeper, res 353 E Wayne,
Smith Margaret (wid Caleb), res 233 John.
Smith Margaret S (wid J .AIcNutt), res 37 Douglas ave.
Smith MarV, bds 16 Winch.
Smith Mary, bds 63 Madison.
Smith Miss xMarv, bds 236 E Lewis.
Smith Marv, domestic Richard Smith. ,, r., n

Smith Miss Mary J, tchr Miner School, bds 38 McClellan.
Smith Millard F^ cigarmkr Scheie Bros, bds 225-Calhoun.
Smith Minerva (wid Elliott), bds 87 Wilt.
Smith Murray U, bds 37 Douglas ave.
Smith Nathaniel, musician, res 19 Lafayette.
Smith Odis, painter City Carriage Works, bds 63 Columbia.
Smith Payton, laborer H W Bond, res 97 Riverside ave.
Smith Philip B, mach Bass Foundry and Machine Works, res

14 Wall.
Smith Reader P, lumber, bds 37 Douglas ave.
Smith Reuben H, bairizaizeman, res 59 E 3d.
Smith Richard, laborer, res e s Piqua ave 4 n of RudisiU ave.
Smith Richard C, clerk Windsor Hotel.

Smith Roy R, clerk Fort Wayne Electric Co, bds 21 W Wil-
liams. ,,, _ , , -r,

Smith Rufus H D, hostler Fort ^\ ayne Transfer and Bag-
gage Line, res 41 Monroe.
Smith Samuel, stone mason, bds 16 Winch.
Smith Samuel jr, laborer, bds 16 Winclu, - *'
Smith Sarah A, laundress, rms 191 Calhoun
Smith Svlvester, canvasser, rms rear 202 Calhoun.


IN SEASON AT U— yy calholn stuket.—

EF ^ifPQ ^1 npntlQt ^^ Calhoun St.,
I I I OIlUOl ^-aniF UONIlOll Four Doom North of Wain*.

J Four Doort North of Wayn©.

Smith Susan E (wid Anthony), bds 211 St Mary's ave.
Smith Thomas B, machinist American .Wheel Company, bds

236 E Lewis. -^

Smith Thomas C, painter Penn Co, res 154 Montgomery. ^^^

Smith Vernon, carpenter, bds 29 Buchanan. ^^

Smith Walter -C, conductor, res 9 N Cass. ' ^^

Smith Willard D, truckman, bds 41 Monroe. ^^

Smith Wm, laborer J C Peters, res 2 DeGroff. C3

Smith Wm, farmer, res 27 Oliver. CH

Smith Wm, laborer, bds 14 Force.
Smith Wm, laborer, bds 50 Smith.
Smith Wm A, foreman A McKernan, res w s Burd ave 1 n of ^^^

Wabash R R.
Smith Wm B, bookkeeper Bass Foundry and Machine ZZZ

Works, res cor Calhoun and Grace. Q

Smith Wm C, plumber A Hattersley & Sons, bds 25 Charles. '~*'
Smith Wm E, canvasser Indiana Installment Co, bds 32 c^

Brackenridge. ^^

Smith Wm H, coil winder Fort Wayne Electric Co, res 35 ^.

Hood. • ^

Smith Wm L, trav agent American Wheel Co, res 79 Brack- —^

enridge. ' ._m

Smith Wm M, mngr Hunter Mnfg Co, bds 10 W Superior. -■*—
Smithers John, lab Olds' Wagon Works, res 183 Lafayette. ^
Smitley Homer B, carp, res w s Piqua ave 1 s of Marchell. ^
Smitley Charles, brakeman, res 367 Lafayette. ~"

Smock, see also Schmuck. • ryv^

Smock Frank L (G E Bursley & Co), res. 171 Clinton. UH

Smoscie Ciiatles, laborer M Orr, bds 112 Mechanic. -^^

Smyser Daniel F, clerk S Bash &:, Co, bds 253 W Berry. ^j

Smyser Frank D, res 253 W Berry, ■■

Smyser Miss Mary, tchr Jefferson School, bds 253 W Berry. ^
Smyser Mary A (wid Jacob), bds 253 W Berry. — ?

Smyser Peter D (S Bash & Co), res 246 W Berry. PJ^

Smyth Robert W, electrician Fort Wayne Electric Co, bds ^

50 W Washiiicfton. ^/5

Snider, see also Schneider and Snyder. "

Snider Alberta, milliner A C Keel, bds n s Propect ave 5 e of ^T

Spy Run ave. ._>

Snider Allen B, dentist A J Rauch, res n s Prospect ave 5 e _,^

of Spy Run ave. Oj

Snider George, carpenter, bds 57 Barr. ^^

Snider Jeremiah, brakeman, bds 12 St Mary's ave. ^

Snider Kate, domestic Hamilton homestead. C

Snider Lois M (wid Evan), res n s Prospect ave 5 e of Spy 3

Run ave. ^/j

fohn F Fhv ^ fin book AriD jobTriFters ""


Robert Spice,?

Pnmps, Pipe, Hose, Fittings and Brass Goods

8 WEST ?IAI\ and 11 PEAKL STS.

494 B. L. POLK & CO.'S

Snider Oscar, riramer, res 203 Lafayette.

SQider Rufus M, clerk F II Treep, bds 342 Broadway.

Snively Miss Carrie A, teacher Washington School, bds 36

Snively Catherine (wid Henry), res 36 Butler.

Snook Thomas, carpenter, bds 110 \V Main.

Snowberger Clyde, painter J Snowberger, bds 372 E Wash-

Snowberger John, painter, 372 E Washington, res same.

Snowberger Laura E, bds 372 E Washington.

Snowberger Mrs Mary, res 216 Lafayette.

Snyder, see also Sc/ineider and Snider.

Snyder Augustus G, machinist Fort Wayne Electric Co, res
107 Wilt.

Snyder Boyd W, clerk Bass Foundry and Machine Works,
res 138 Francis.

Snyder Carrie, domestic 336 W Washington.

Snyder Charles A, laborer, bds 320 Calhoun.

Snyder Charles W, wheelmaker American Wheel Co, bds 213
E Wayne.

Snyder Clarence B, bds 205 E Washington.

Snyder Edward P, laborer Olds' Wagon Works, bds 137

Snyder Eli, carpenter, res 204 High.

Snyder Emma, bds 204 Hanna.

Snyder Harriet (wid Wm), res 205 E Washington.

Snyder Henry, fireman, res 143 Griffith. ' . '

Snyder Henry J, elk Frederick Weidel, res 323 W Jefferson,

Snyder Herman, laborer, bds 34 Chicago.

Snyder Laac L, conductor Penii Co, res 46 Butler.

Snyder James A, baker Markey & Mungovan, bds 312 S Har-

Snyder Jennie, operator S M Foster, bds 205 E Washington.

Snyder John, laborerer A Ilattersley & Sons, bds 31 Wilt,

Snyder John, laborer, res 66 Oliver.

Snyder John, nurse Fort Wayne City Hospital.

Snyder John II, toaiuslfr, j-cs ■!'■'> Ilotliuau.

Snyder John R, hub selector Winch & Son, res e s Lumbard
n of Piqua rd.

Snyder John T, laborer Penn Co, res 320 Calhoun.

Snyder Joseph, clerk S E Hayden, bds 204 Hanna.

Snyder Joseph A, carpenter, bds 36 Oak.

Snyder Mary (wid Henry), bds 90 W Superior.

Snyder Mary, bds 66 Oliver.

Snyder Mary A, seamstress E C Smith, bds 31 Wagner,

Snyder Maud, operator S M Foster, bds 205 E Washington.

Mr Vnr\n S^^"s "^"^^ CHINA TEA and DINNER
I li iXaaK SETS, at No. 5 East Columbia Street.

' "^*^ '' .f ' Tf • ^ ■ iJ^^ff^ •' ;S'^^•M w L. ' ' j;:»v .

I I mi i i ii nii^ J I j i . ■! > i

Builders' Hardware, '3Pif !?l^/??,^SI


Snyder Minnie, seamstress E C Smith, bds 31 Wagner.

Snyder Sadie J, bds 23 Hoffman.

Snyder Samuel, bds 104 Barr.

Snyder Simon, res 145 Pfeiffer ave.

Snyder Wm C W, wheelmaker American Wneel Co, res 213

E Wayne.
Snyder Wm F, carpenter, bds 23 Hoffman.
Soest Christian, laborer Penn Co, res 87 Madison.
Soest Henry W (Soest, Nickey & Co), rms 493 Calhoun.
Soest, Xickey A: Co (Henry W Soest, Alfred J

_ Nickey), Druggists, 360 Calhoun."
Soliday Bros (Solomon D and George W), second-hand store

71 E Main. *

Soliday George W (Soliday Bros), res 432 E Wayne.
Soliday John A, letter carrier, res 98 N Harrison.
Soliday Solomon D (Soliday Bros), res 29 Elizabeth.
Soraers, see also Somniers and Summers.

Somers Charles M, driver Wm E Meiner, bds 30 E Columbia.
Somers Emma (wid Calvin), res 30 E Columbia.
Somers Lydia, bds 77 Holman.

Somers Minnie, works Troy Steam Laundrv, bds 22 Harrison.
Somers Wm M, fireman, res 325 W Jeffers'on.
Somiski Frank, laborer, bds e s Franklin ave 2 n of Lake.
Somiski Maria (wid Charles), res e s Franklin ave 2 n of Lake.
Sommer Carl, photographer, 30 Calhoun, res 41 Putnam.
Sommer Josephine L C, photographer, bds 41 Putnam.
Sommers, see also Somers and Summers.
Sommers Henry, machinist Penn Co, res 55 W Jefferson.
Sommers Henry G, drugs, 35 Calhoun, res 22 E Washington.
Sommers John F, conductor, res 19t3 Broadway.
Sommers Peter J, conductor, res 418 S Clinton.
Sonazin, see Sarrazbi.
Sonnenberg Frederick, laborer Bass Foundry and Machine

Works, res 136 Force.
Sonnenburg August, bds 45 Smith.
Sonnenburg Da'iiel, coremkr Bass Fouudry and M:ichine

Works, res 45 Smith.
Sontag Louis, tailor F Hardung, bds 185 Calhoun.
Sordelet Charles P, clerk Pfeiffer & Schlatter, bds 19 K

Sordelet Eliza, bds 16 Clay.

Sordelet Emil L, lab American Wheel Co. bds 57 Charles.
Sordelet Frank L, elk L Wolf & Co, res 212 E Jefferson.
Sordelet Pauline (wid Louis), res 57 Charles.
Sorg Barbara M, waitress J A Sorg, bds 61 E Main.
SorgEva (wid Joseph), res Gi E Main.

MC !/nnry SELLS all Kinds of CROCKERY AND
I fi iXadg GLASSWARE, at No. 5 East Columbia St.

A. FOSTER, Merchant TaiIor,^way„Tir.

496 R. L. POLK & co.'s

Sorg John, laborer, res 2 Glasgow ave.

Sorg John P, laborer Louis Diether & Bro, res 68 Maumee rd.

Sorg Joseph A, restaurant, 61 E Main, res same.

Sorg Mary B, presser, bds 68 Maumee rd.

8o$eilIieiliier Charles J, City Treasurer, City Flall^

res 49 Charles.
Sosenheimer John, 'res 52 Charles.
Sosenheiraer Mary (wid Benjamin), bds 33 St Martin;
Souder Daniel W, res e s Spy Run ave 5 n of Wagner.
Souers Philip, hostler Hoffman Bros, res 213 W Superior.
Sourbrinc Amos J, l)rakeman Nickel Plate, bds 20 Huron.
Soatll Wayne ISrick Co, Henrietta Thompson, Byron

S Thompson and Che><ter Scotton Proprs, w s Thompson

ave n of Wabash R R.
8ontli Wayne Greenlionse, B L Auger Propr, cor

Creighton ave and Webster.
Southern James, engineer, res 278 Webster.
Sovin Emanuel, carpenter, res 20 W 4th.

Spain John, laborer American Wheel Works, res 155 Hayden.
Spalding Christian, laborer, bds 100 Montgomery.
Spalding Thomas R, cigarmkr F J Gruber, res 256 E Wayne
Spalding Willard W, dairy w s Calhoun s of city limits, res

Spangler Amanda E, bds 26 Harrison.

Spangler Daniel D, cooper, res e s Spy Run ave opp Randolph.
Spangler George W, farmer, res 270 Hoagland ave.
Spangler John, bds 8 W Wayne.

Spanla Louis, lab Indiana Machine Works, bds 101 Wells.
Spanla Louis jr, laborer, bds 101 Wells.
Spanley Martin, market stall 16, res s s Taylor w of city

Spear John, fruit stand, bds 51 E Main.
Spearing Henry, engineer, res 8 Locust.

Speath Louis, ticket receiver Penn Co, bds Diamond Hotel.
Speckraan Charles, driver ^Michael Baltes, res 3 N Harrison.
Speckman Lizzie, domestic 309 W Washington.
Speece i?amuel P, tireman, bds 11 Butler.
Speidel Anthony, armature winder Fort Wayne Electric Co»

bds 272 E Jefferson.
Speidel Frank, molder Bass Foundry and Machine Works, res.

272 E Jefferson.
Speidel Herman, helper Penn Co, res 272 E Jefferson.
Spekert Caspar, mach hand Louis Rastetter, res 11 Caroline.
Spencer Calvin W, meat market, 13 Highland, res 15 same.
Spencer Cyrus, marshal, res 21 Huestis ave.
Spencer Cyrus M, laborer, bds 21 Huestis ave.

Troy Sieam Laundry "^Jt^^::^^:^^:}}.

Lm Om HuIL ^^^'^^s' Materials, Studies. Etc.

-■-" ^*^' jraU-JJj AT 90 CALHOUN STHliET.




Spencer David J, cigars, 39 Calhoun, bds Aldine Hotel. ^

Spencer Ellen J, clerk Root & Co, bds 216 W Wayne. *^

Spencer Frederick I, cigarmaker Scheie Bros, bds 88 Mont- (Ti'

gomery, ^

Spencer George E, compositor Fort Wayne Gazette, bds 58 7n

E Wayne. «-

Spencer George W, train dispatcher Nickel Plate, res 90 E C/D

Berry. *\ >

Spencer Martin V B, lawyer, 33 Calhoun, res 216 W Wayne. ^
Spencer Samuel W, driver, bds 21 Huestis ave. ' S^

Spereisen Crescentia, domestic 261 W Berry. ^7*

Spereisen Jacob A, blksmith, 165 Fairfield ave, res 56 Taylor. ^
Spice Elmer W, bookkpr ""' ' " ' " " •^—

Spice Kate, bds 21 Pine.

Spice Elmer W, bookkpr Robert Spice, rms 74 W Main. >^

Spice Kate, bds 21 Pine. ^

Spice Robert, Dealer in Pumps and Windmills, Light- ^

ning Rods,also Water Works and General Plumbing and

Natural Gas Fitting, 48 W Main and 11 Pearl, res 171 I §

Jackson. Tel261. {See left top lines.) g- ~

Spiegel August F, clerk, bds 36 Nirdlinger ave. o «

o ^


« c

Jackson. Tel261. {See left top lines.) „ _

_ ?gel August F, clerk, bds 36 Nirdlinger ave. o *

Spiegel August F jr, clerk Ernest Spiegel, bds 36 Nirdlinger. ^ q.
Spiegel Bernard, boilermkr Wabash R R, res 233 W DeWald. ^ (a
Spiegel Carl B, elk Meyer Bros & Co, res 13 Jonesi % ~

Spiegel Ernest, stopmaker Ft Wayne Organ Co, bds 233 W z

DeWald. o

Spiegel Mrs F C, milliner, 106 Broadway, res same.
Spiegel George, clerk, bds 233 W DeWald. ^^

Spiegel Gottfried E. Grocer, 183 Broadway, res 36 *^ *

Nirdlinger ave. ' h-H

Spiegel Gustave, boots and shoes, 132 Broadway, res 15 Jones. ■
Spiegel Minnie, milliner, bds 3'6 Nirdlinger ave. O

Spiegel Wm A, tuner Ft Wayne Organ Co, res 315 W 5 S

Jefferson. q ^

Spielmann Lizzie, bds 206 Madison. § K

Spielmann Mary (wid Peter), res 206 Madison. g W

Spielmann Victor, bds 206 Madison. • ^

Spillnar CharlfS, engineer, res 261 Ilanna. ^ ^

Spindler August, machine hand Horton Mnfg Co, res 104 m

Mechanic. § ^

Spindler Augusta, domestic 496 Harrison. >^ q

Spindler Jacob, laborer, res 176 E Jefferson. ^ •

Spitz Michael, market stall 3 7, res s s Leo road e of city limits, s 3. *•
Spollitz Frederick, laborer Wm Miller, res 236 Gay. ^ = J

Sponhauer Edward,- carpenter, bds 57 Barr. Sl \

Sponhauer Weidler S (Mossman, Yarnelle & Co), res 43 » | *

Union. r = §*

Sprague Miss Aurelia, dressmaker, 39 Wilt, res same. ^~ "

John F Ehv h Cn book and job printers

John PreSSler. "^^ *''' ^nrf Hot water Furnaces.

#wiiii I IWWWIUIJ Columbia, Barr and Dock Streets.
498 E. L. POLK & co.'s

Sprandel Wm F, clerk Aveline House, res 55 E Wayne.
Sprandel Wm F jr, porter Aveline House, bds 55 E Main.
Springer Lavinia (wid Jacob), res 103 Mechanic.
Springer Monroe, engineer Ranke & Yergens, res 46 Wall.
Springman Charles, sawyer American Wheel Co, res 21

Sprinkle Edward E, wagon maker, bds 63 W Main.
Sprinkle John, barber, bds 63 W Main.
Sprinkle Milton O, car builder Penn Co, res 415 Lafayette.
Sproat Alexander, salesman, res 135 Broadway.
Sproat Clarence E, laborer Penn Co, bds 135 Broadway.
Sproat Edward, driver, bds 135 Broadway.
Sproat Miss Lizzie, bds 135 Broadway.
Spuhler Mary, domestic 220 W Jefferson.
Spurgeon Henry D, stone mason, res 129 Wells.
Spurrier Dennis D, tinsmith, res 141 Force.
Squire Grant, helper Ft Wayne Iron Works.
Squires Frank, clerk Rich's Elotel.
Stace Alfred W, grocer, 253 E Lewis, res same.
Stack Michael J, llagman Penn Co, res 293 W Main.
Stack Patrick, bds 18 McClellan.

Stackhouse John W, fireman Nickel Plate, res 24 Boone.
Stadtler Christian P, res 73 W 4th.
Stafford Martin, engineer, res 273 E Lewis.
Stager Emma, works Model Steam Laundry, bds 71 W 3d.
Stagle Wm S, engineer, res 04 Charles.
Stahl Charles C, carpenter, bds 29 E DeWald.
Stahl Christian, laborer Penn Co. res 49 St Martin.
Stahl Christian F jr, ra;ichiiiist Penn Co, bds 442 Lafayette.
Stahl Harvey A, carpenter, bds 29 E DeWald.
Stahl J Henry, carpenter, bds 29 E DeWald.
Stahl Mary, seamstress, bds 49 St Martin.
Stahl Metter, lal)orer, bds 50 Smith.
Stahl Reuben, contractor, res 29 E DeWald.
Stahl Sarah J (wid John), teacher Bloomingdale School, res

59 nraekonritl:;o.
Stahl Wra, painter Olds' Wagon Works, bds 49 Francis.
Stahl Wm G, letter carrier, res 440 Lafayette.
Stahlhut Charles, clerk F P Mcnscb, bds 145 Ewing.
Srahlhut Frederick, policeman, res 145 Ewing.
Stahlhut Frederick jr, feamster, bds 145 Ewing.
Stahlhut John, driver Engine Co No 2, rms Engine House

No 2.
Stahlhut Lizzie, bds 145 Ewing.
Stahlhut Wm, teamster, res 82 Mauraee road.
Stahn George, draughtsman Penn Co, bds 85 ^[onroe.

Fine Comme[cialMPfiniing,^rtL?:J.^i!f.:

9hhn /?. Hpinriph Mers in books and FINE STATIONERY,

Olallll Oi llClllllbll) Blank Book., Etc. 1 1 6 Calhoun Street.

Stahn Oswald (Stabn & Heinrich), res 151 Montgomery.
Stahll &, llciliricll (Oswald Stahn, Louis Ileiiiricb),

Books and Stationery, 116 Calhoun. {See right top

Stakemyer Jacob, carpenter, bds 22 W Main.
Staley Edward, foreman Ryan Bros, bds 84 Fairfield ave.
Staley John, conductor, res 172 W Superior.
Staley Lizzie, domestic 44 S Wayne ave.
Stalf Leonard, res 122 Clay.
Stalf Louis, cari)enter, bds 183 Calhoun.

Standard .^Icdical and ^iir^ical Institute,

J W Younge, A M, M D, Pres, W J Carter, A M, M D,

General Mngr, 210 Calhoun. [Seeadv, j) i-)
Standard Hall, 40 W Berry.
Standard Oil Co, John Gilbert mngr, cor Columbia City rd

and Nickel Plate R R.

Online LibraryR.L. Polk & Co. cnFort Wayne, Indiana, city directory (Volume yr.1890-1891, pt.2) → online text (page 4 of 34)