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Staneky Mary (wid John), res 17 Brand riff.
Staneky Millard, miller, bds 17 Brandriff.
Stanford Caroline, bds 244 Erie.

Stanford Jeremiah 'SI, laborer Penn Co, res 244 Erie.
Stanford John, bottle washer, bds 244 Erie.
Stanford Lewis, laborer, bds 244 Erie. ^

Stanger, see also Stenger.

Stanger Alexander, laborer, bds 599 Lafayette.
Stanger Charles W, painter Olds' Wagon Works, bds 599

Stanger Eliza, domestic 599 Lafayette.
Stanger George, raolder, bds 599 Lafayette.
Stanger Henry, laliorer, res 599 Lafayette.
Stanger Kate, domestic 599 Lafayette.
Stanley Agnes, dressmaker, bds 45 Miner.
Stanley Chauncey, carriageraaker, res 45 Miner.
Stanley Miss Emma, teacher Bloomingdale School, bds 45

Stanley Joseph, molder, bds 1 Lumbard.
Stanley ^Larian, bds 45 ^liucr.

Stanton Clark, special pension examiner, bds 113 W Wayne.
Stanton Eliza A (wid Charles F), res 3S2 Lafayette.
Stanton John W, machine hand, bds 3S2 Lafayette.
Stanton Luella, clerk, bds 382 Lafayette.
Stanton Wm O, wks Winch & Son.'res 382 Lafayette.
Stantz Charles, butcher Fred Eckart, bds M L Stantz.
Stantz Martin L, boarding house, cor Clinton and Superior.
Stapleford Charles E, laborer Nickel Plate, res s s Baker ave

1 mile from citv limits.
Stapleford Francis A, tinsmith Penn Co, bds 248 Calhoun.

Inhn F Fhv ?j Hn BOOK AND JoeTBifi'TERS

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500 E. L. POLK & CO.'S

Stapleford Henry T, trav agt, res 226 W Creighton ave.

Stapleford Lucien P (Stapleford & Co), res 152 E Wayne.

Stapleford Thomas A, tinner, bds 248 Calhoun.

Stapleford & Co (Lucien P Stapleford), livery and coa4, 1

Stapleton Charles, teamster, res 217 Broadway.

Stapleton John, laborer, res 240 Erie.

Stapleton Robert, teamster, bds 240 Erie.

Star Iron Tower Co, J H Bass pres, H G Olds vice-pres, R T
McDonald sec, P A Randall treas, mnfrs of towers for
electric lighting and publrs American Electrical Direct-
ory, cor Plum and Nickel Plate R R.

Starbuck Lincoln A, switchman, bds 251 Calhoun.

Stark Christian, carpenter Penn Co, res 14 West.

Stark Erasmus, porter A C Trentnian, res 23 Nirdlinger ave.

Stark Frank J, bartender Ulrich Stotz, bds 10 Force.

Stark John, bds 10 Force.

Stark Martin, laborer Penn Co, res 10 Force.

Stark Miss Tena, teacher, bds 177 Calhoun.

Starkel Frank H, clerk L S & M S Ry, res 155 Wells.

Starkey Frederick, blacksmith Penn Co, res 6 Orchard.

Starkey Frederick W, helper Penn Co, bds 6 Orchard.

Starkey Mrs Hannah A (wid Orlando L), res 102 E Main.

Starkey Mary, seamstress D S Redelsheimer & Co, bds 6

Staub Alexander H (Staub Bros), res 31 Lincoln ave.

Staub Bros (Alexander H and George W), tinners, 18 W Co-

Staub George W (Staub Bros), res 130 W Main.

Staudacher George, rt.s 4o Wilt.

Stauffer Ellis, butcher Leikauf Bros, bds 101 Glasgow ave.

Stauffer Emil, tailor Gottlieb Stauffer, bds 182 Calhoun.

Stauffer Gottlieb, merchant tailor, 182 Calhoun, res same.

Stauffer Henry H, butcher, res rear 537 E Wayne.

Staus Conrad, packer F Eckart, bds 43 Elm.

Stauter John L, res 141 E Bcn-y.

Stayner Bernard L, elk Uozois, Beadell & Co, bds 96 E Wayne.

Steadley Charles, bds 115 (old No) Gay.

Steadley James, huckster, res 115 (old No) Gay.

Steadley Wm P, helper Bass Foundry and Machine Works,
bds 115 (old No) Gay.

Stecher Charles J, engineer, res 54 Buchanan.

Stecher Frederick C, helper Olds' Wagon Works, bds 54

Steel Martin, laborer, res 286 E Jefferson.

Steel Martin, laborer, res s w cor Lillie and Maumee road.


The Sienion Wall Paper Co.'-'"i:"Wail?ip;r and Wto Shadss

(Formerly the Wayne W»ll Paper Co.) ^ IS a. CA-X^XTQ-C^^T STSSEET-

M Plark fb Pn Commercial Printing,

Ifli UlUlli UC/ UUij iG WEST roLu.nisiA vriii:L.r.


„ ^ . ■ _ ,

Steele Johnson W, driver, res 276 E Washington. ^^

Steele Retta, domestic 99 Grant ave. \^

Steen, see also Stein. m

Steen Elizabeth (wid Joseph), res 84 Fairfield ave. _— ^

Steer, see IStier. \f^

Steffey Alexander, foreman S Bash & Co, res 82 Hoagland ave. -^ ■
Stege August, laborer Penn Co, ven 7 Summit, "2

Steger Albert, bookkeeper R Steger & Co, res Dawson. ^^^

Steger Gustav C E, elk R Steger & Co, bds 150 Montgomery. ^>
Steger Rudolph (R Steger & Co), res 150 Montgomery. "■"

Steg'er R & Co (Rudolph Steger), Hardware, Rasps, O

Mill Picks and Stonecutters' Tools, 126 Calhoun. 8,^^

Stegner Charles A, clerk Root & Co, res 350 E Washington, sa
Steib Jacob, molder Kerr-Murray Mnfg Co, bds 334 Lafayette. -^
Steib Joseph, lab Kerr-Murray Mnfg Co, bds 334 Lafayette. ^^
Steib Philip, cupola tender Kerr-Murray Mnfg Co, res 334 j^j^P

Lafayette. C3

Steichler Frederick, laborer, res 441 Hanna. CD

Steichler Jacob, laborer, res n s High 2 w of St Mary's ave. __^ ^
Steichler Joseph, machine hand American Wheel Co, bds 441 ^3

Hanna. ,

Steigerwald John, turner American Wheel Co, res w s Wal- * "H

ton ave 4 s of Pontiac. EHa

Steigerwald John A, turner American Wheel Co, res 63 CD

Madison. Cft>

Stein, see also Steeii. rjj

Stein Anthony, machine hand American Wheel Co, bds 44-^q

Butler. S3"

Stein Arthur C, laborer B L Aucfer, bds 57 Winter. v^^

Stein Charles F A, lab Horton Mnfg Co, res 300 E Wayiie.*"
Stein Charles F A jr, machinist Bass Foundry and Machine m Q

Works, res 57 Winter. | J^

Stein Daniel L, car builder Penn Co, res 318 Harrison. g^

Stein Freda, milliner W Malloy, bds 25 Boone. * JD

Stein Henry W, lab Bass Foundry and Machine Works, res S :; D

Hough. r —

Stein Joseph N, car builder Penn Co, res 333^ Hanna. j^ 2

Stein Mary, operator S M Foster, bds 333^ PLanna. ^ —

Stein Peter, laborer, res 122 Maumee road. ^K

Stein Peter, molder Bass Foundry and Machine Works, res j/ ^

157 Hanna. T -^

Stein Robert J, car builder Penn Co, res s s Howell bet Run- S O

nion and Rumsey aves. p {D

Stein Sophie, clerk H H Barcus, bds same. ^ W

,Stein Wilhelmina (wid Jacob), res 44 Butler. j^q

Steinacker Benjamin T, laborer, bds 112 Fairlield ave. • q)

John F.Eby& Co, ?^ Primers, Deiroii

uh3rl6S BOWmSn brated'sAWS, ISHamsinWeeV.

502 R. L, POLK & CO.'S

Steinacker !Mrs Frances, res 112 Fairfield ave.
Steiliacker Frnuk, Meat Market, 134 Fairfield ave,

bds 112 same.
Steinacker Henry, lab American Wheel Co, bds 112 Fairfield;
Steinau Charles B, shoemkr C Schiefer tt Son, res 71 Wells.
Steinau Edward, elk Renner, Cratsley & Co, bds 71 Wells.
Steinbach John W, elk Dozois, Beadell & Co, res 57 Pixley

& Long bldg.
Steinbach Michael, mason, bds 29 E Main.
Steinborn John, brickmaker, res 223 Walton ave.
Steinborn Theodore, lab Bass Foundry and Machine Works,

bds 6 Edgerton.
Steinbrennei-, see also Stoneburner.
Steinbrenner Frederick J, stock cutter Fort Wayne Oro-an

Co, res 105 Fairfield ave.
Steinbrunner Anna M, elk Daniel Klotz, bds 24 W Williams.
Steinbrunner Kate, bookkeeper Zoeller & Merz, bds24W

Steinbrunner Robert, foreman Penn Co, res 24 W Williams.
Steinbrunner Rosa, dressmaker, bds 24 W Williams.
Steiner Joseph C, barber John Munich, bds 41 Locust.
Steinhauser John, helper Penn Co, res cor E Lewis and Ohio.
Steinhauser Mary (wid Henry), res 31 Taylor.
Steinhauser May, operator S M Foster, bds 31 Taylor.
Steinhauser Nicholas, sawyer Louis Rastetter, res 21 Bell av.
Steinhauser Tillie, works Troy Steam Laundry, bds 31 Taylor.
Steinhauser Wm J, blacksmith Olds' Wagon Works, bds 31

Steinkaemper Anthony, carpenter, res 19 Rockhill.
Steinke August R, machine h.ind Fort Wavne Organ Co, bds

61 Oakley.
Steinke Edward J, wiper Penn Co, res 61 Oakley.
Steinmann Abraham J, car bldr Penn Co, res 346 Broadway.
Steinwalt John, laborer Jo.sepli Fromion, res Walton ave.
Steiss Charles, barber, bds 45 Pfeitler ave.
Steiss John, cooper, res 45 Pffiffor ave.
.Steiss John G jr, barber, 41 W Main, bds 45 Pfeiffer ave.
StellllOru Cliarles, Mnfr and Dealer in Boots and

Shoes; also Books and Stationery, 146 Calhoun, res 133

W Superior.
Stellhorn Charles, gardener Montgomery Hamilton, bds 213

Stellhorn Frederick, bds 133 W Superior.
Stellhorn Henry J, laborer Penn Co, res 22 Madison.
Stellhorn Sophia (wid Henry), res s s New Haven road 1 w

of toll crate.



Mirrors, Chromes, Easels, Etc. 181 Calhoun St.

Mr<? E A Flaelpr ^^^ i lli n e r,

Ifll Ol L.I ni I lUglUlj 14 WEST BKRUY STKKKT.


Stellhorn Wra, carpenter, bds 133 W Superior.

Stellhorn "Wm L, clerk Peter Morganthaler, bds 22 Madison.

Steraen Christian, brakeman, res 65 Boone.

Steilieil Clirisliail B (Stemen & Steraen), Pres Taylor

University of Fort Wayne, and Dean Fort Wayne Col-.

lege of Medicine, res 25 Broadway.
Stemen Elizabeth, bds 25 Broadway.
Stemen George B, physician, 311 W Main, res 292 same.
Stemen George C (Steraen & Steraen), res 493 Calhoun.
Steraen Harriet, bds 25 Broadway.
Stemen Lawrence W, canvasser Indiana Installment Co, bds

Windsor Hotel.
Stemen Wra E, clerk, bds 25 Broadway.
Stemen & Steraen (Christian B and George C), physicians, 74

Stemmler Henry, cigarmaker F J Gruber, bds 115 Gay.
Stempel Guido H, local editor Fort Wayne Gazette, bds 21

W Jefferson.
Stenger, see also Stanger.
Stenger Frank, blacksraith, res 111 Force.
Stenner Bernard, pluraber H J Ash.
Stenz, see also Stantz.

Stenz Henry, cigarmaker, bds 132 Lafayette.
Stephan, see also Stevens.
Stephan Anthony F, foreman Louis Diether & Bro, res 99

St Mai-y's ave.
Stephan Augusta, clerk Alexander Goodman, bds 32 Wall.
Stephan Edward, clerk, bds 32 Wall.
Stephan Emily, seamstress, bds Wm Stephan.
Stephan George P, carpenter, res 26 Union.
Stephan Julius C, checker, res 32 Wall.

Stephan Wm, chief draughtsman Penn Co, res n e cor Win-
ter and Pontiac.
Stephan Wra, mach Penn Co, bds cor Winter and Pontiac.
Stephens Emma A, searastress, bds 304 E Creighton ave.
Stephens James, laborer, uds Jacob Sanger.
Stephens Philip, res 26 Union.
Stephenson, see also Stevenson.
Stephenson Taylor, piperaan Sal'imonie Mining and Gas Co,

bds 22 E Columbia.
Steps Walter (col'd), waiter Hotel Randall.
Stern Raph S (Sara, Pete and Ma^), res Cleveland, Ohio.
Stemberger Martin, laborer Fort Wayne Steam Stone Works,

res 32 W 5th.
Stetter Frederick J, stopmaker Fort Wayne Orjjan Co, bds

42 Nirdlini^'or ave.

ElpPtinn ^iin<; Headquarters for PERFECrSLIPS


A, FOSTER, Merchant TaiIor,^w


ayne Si.

504 B. L. POLK & co.'s

Stetter John P, lab American Wheel Co, res 42 Nirdlinger av.

Stetter Louis J, carpenter Penn Co, res 46 Nirdlinger ave.

Stetter Mary (wid Louis), bds 42 Nirdlinger ave.

Stetzer Caroline S, bds 352 E Washington.

Stetzer Emma, bds 352 E Washington.

Stetzer Helen, clerk, bds 352 E Washington.

Stetzer Katie, dressmkr L A Worch, bds 352 E Washino-ton.

Stetzer Maggie, dressmakei-, bds 352 E Washington.

Stetzer Peter, laborer Penn Co. res 352 E Washino-ton.

Steup H C Gottlieb, clerk F Hardung, res 106 W Jefferson.

Steup Louis, driver Chemical Engine Co, rms Eno-ine house
No 1.

Stevens, see also Stephan.

Stevens Arbor C, brakeman, res 92 Oliver.

Stevens Edwin F, bds 92 Oliver,

Stevens George H, engineer, res 106 Jackson.

Stevens James, bartender Belger & Lennon, bds 70 Dawson.

Stevens James D, clerk, bds 125 Fairfield ave.

Stevens John K, molder Bass Foundry and Machine Works,
res 60 Hugh.

Stevens Lizzie (wid Wra), res 52 Hamilton.

Stevens Nelson, blacksmith H A Rose, bds 36 Oak.

Stevens Rufus L, upholsterer Penn Co, res 129 Holman.

Stevens Thomas, res 1 73 W Wayne.

Stevens Wm L, laborer B W Skelton, bds 248 Calhoun.

Stevenson, see also Stepheyison ,

Stevenson Wm L (Mommer & Stevenson), bds 60 E Colum-

Stewart Annie (wid Charles J), res 37 E De Wald.

Stewart Annie (wid James), res 205 E Washington.

Stewart Calvin M, carpenter Louis Diether & Bro, res n s
High s of city limits.

Stewart Charles, car builder Penn Co, res 801 Calhoun.

Stewart Charles, blacksmith Penn Co, res 149 Holman.

Stewart Charles A, molder, bda 149 Holman.

Stewart Fraiik, clerk Root Sc Co, bds 432 E Wayne.

Stewart Rev John P, res 292 E Lewis.

Stewart Joseph H, fireman, bds 149 Holman. '

Stewart Joseph H (col'd), laborer Bass Foundry and Machine
Works, res 61 Garden.

Stewart Miss Lockey, bds 292 E Lewis.

Stewart Mattie (wid Samuel C), res 40 Bass.

Stewart Mattie A (wid Robert M), bds 62 Wilt.

Stewart Miss Octavia, stenographer Ft Wayne Electric Co,
bds 228 W Jefferson.

Stewart Theresa (wid Wm D), res 228 W Jefferson.

TroySieam Laundry, Nos.48anii50Peafi$t.


RecoBrnlzes no Competition In Artla-
tic Wall and Ceiling DECOnATION


Stewart Thomas (Stewart & Hahn), res 136 E Berry.

Stewart Win D, trav agent McDonald, Watt & Wilt, res 58 ^^

Nelson. Q^

Stewart Wm F, machine hand American Wheel Co, bds 149 ffk

Holman. ^"^

Stewart Wm H, awningmaker, res 432 E Wayne.
Stewart & Hahn (Thomas Stewart, Wm Hahn), dry goods, f0S

28 Calhoun. Jrf

Sthair Archie S, blacksmith Theodore Tuttle, res 42 W Main. JJ^
Sthair Frank, hostler, bds 309 W Washington. ^

Sthair Frank W, blacksmith, bds 26 Harrison. ^

Sthair George A, saloon, 108 Broadway, res same.
Sthair John H, driver Coverdale & Archer, bds 26 Harrison.
Sthair Mary A (wid Henry), res 26 Harrison.

Sthair Wm, apprentice, bds 26 Harrison. Pi^

Stieb Philip, res 334 Lafayette. J' .

Stiegerwald Adam, res 63 Madison. pH

Stier Bros (George A and John A), barbers, 324 Lafayette, f^
Stier Charles J, clerk James Madden, bds 32 Clinton. b_

Stier Christina, dressmaker, bds 94 Buchanan. 3

Stier Clara, bds 32 Clinton. Q

Stier Frank G, molder Bass Foundry and Machine Works, res ,_

508 E Lewis. ^^

Stier George A (Stier Bros), res 324 Lafayette. ^^

Stier George J, clerk Dozois, Beadell & Co, res 32 Clinton. ^
Stier Mrs George J, milliner, 32 Clinton, res same. ^q

Stier Henry, foreman, res 106 Lafayette. a 30

Stier Henry A, bartender, res 94 Buchanan. §. ^

Stier Henry J jr, clerk Dozois, Beadell & Co, bds 106 La- qso

fayette. B^

Stier Jacob J, foreman Bass Foundry and Machine Works, © c

res 337 E Lewis. Ijg

Stier John, res 188 E Washington. ^ »

Stier John A (Stier Bros), res 180 Hanna. ' =0

Stier Julius A, laborer, bds 94 Buchanan. ^^

Stier Kate, bds 188 E Wn^hinirton. 3. >

Stier Louisa, bds 188 E Washington. ^ 5

Stier Rosa, bds 188 E Washington. "^

Stier Sophia, bds 106 Lafayette. 9<

Stier Wm A, barber Stier Broa, bds 94 Buchanan. "FP

Stierheim Miss Stella, bds 50 Harrison. .^

Stierheim Valeria (wid Jacob), res 50 Harrison. a

Sties Edward J, carpenter, res 52 Walnut. J2 ^

Stiles Frank M, carpenter J A Crow & Co, bds 54 Hamilton. |- 30
Still Smith, machinist, res 135 Madison. = |n

Stillgus James D (col'd), cook, res 68 Murray. ^H

ELECTION SLIFS,H?5te^^i^^^«;^^ '"

Mr Unnn Sells MAJOLICA WARE and Hand-Painted
I li iXdCig Plates, at No. 5 EAST COLUMBIA ST.

506 B. L. POLK & CO.'S

Stillborn, see Stellhorn.

Stilsou Ivy, domestic 111 Force.

Stimmel Charles, boilermaker Kerr-Murray Mnfg Co, res s w

cor Eliza and Chute.
SlinilUCl ]?Iark G, Agent Adams Express Co, res 27

Stine, see Steeti and Stein.

Stiner Bernard, plumber H J Ash, bds Fox's Restaurant.
Stinson Morris A, brakeraan, res 67 Boone.
Stirk Harry W, bookkeeper Coombs & Co, bds 16 Hoffman.
Stirk Marion A, clerk, bds 18 Hoffman.
Stirk Samuel W, collector Nickel Plate, res 16 Hoffman.
Stirling John, feed stable, 29 N Clinton,
Stoach Wm, laborer, res 507 E Lewis,
Stock George A, laborer Hoffman Bros, res 206 High.
Stockbridge Charles A, books, 15 E Columbia, res 225 W

Stockbridge Miss Mary P, bds 45 Shawnee ave.
Stockbridge Nathaniel P, newsdealer, 15 E Columbia, res 45

Shawnee ave, S Wayne.
Stockbridge Nathaniel P jr, clerk M Clark & Co, bds 45

Shawnee ave, S Wavne.
Stocking Miss Alice M, bkkpr S M Foster, bds 126 Ewing.
Stocking Henry K, engineer, res 126 Ewing.
Stocking John W, engineer, bds 126 Ewing,
Stockmanu Charles H, cooper, 101 N Harrison, res 44 E 4th.
Stockmann Charles P F, elk Fleming Mnfg Co, bds 44 E 4th.
Stocks John, machinist, bds 318 S Broadway.
Stockwell James S, engineer, res 184 Montgomery.
Stoehr Frederick, carp^^nter, res 502 Hanna.
' Stoelir John, Saloon and Boarding House, 199 Broad-
way, res same. ^
Stokes Edward M, engineer, res 44 McClellan.
Stoll Anthony, carpenter Frederick Kraft, res 74 Nelson.
StoU Carrie G, dressmaker, bds 29 Wefel. \
Stoll Com-a<l, res 20 Wefel. \
Stoll Emil, cabiuetiukr Ft Wayne Organ Co, bds 24 Murray.
Stoll Frederick, clerk, bds 46 Walnut. \
Stoll Frederick, coppersmith Wabash R R, res 46 Walnut.\
Stoll George J, mach Wabash R R, bds 46 Walnut.
Stoll Henry, res 25 E 2d.
Stoll Henry, policeman, res 11 Ohio.
Stoll Jacob, bartender Aldine Hotel, bds 25 E 2d.
Stoll Otto H, helper Bass Foundry and Machine Works, bds

40 Allen.
Stoll Wm H, helper Penn Co, bds 371 W Main.

Rpnr^p jppn Cut and OrnamBiital Stone Ccntractor

UUUI^qU ^UU|Jj 79 and 81 Kast Columbia Street.

Stalio S Heinricti, H'

Ijeadln? Dealers In ARTISTS' ITIATE-

rs. H6 Calhouu Street,


Stolte Charles, coachman, 122 W Wayne.

Stone Lester E, painter, res s 8 New Haven road 1 e of toll

Stonebrook Thomas G, painter Penn Co, bds 233 Lafayette.
Stoneburner, see also Steiiibrenner.
Stoneburner Ellas, painter, res 137 Walton ave.
Stoneburner Frank, harnessmaker A L Johns & Co, bds 137

Walton ave.
Stonecifer Benjamin F, conductor, res 43 E DeWald.
Stonemiller G, laborer Penn Co, res 63 Walton ave.
Stoner Archibald, brakeman, rras 3 76 W Main.
Stoner Harry, brakeman, rms 376 W Main.
Stookey Oliver, packer Fort Wayne Electric Co, res 14 E

Stoppenhasjen Charles, car builder Penn Co, res 33 Hugh.
Stoppenhagen Emily, domestic 335 Harrison.
Storch Wm, baker, res 507 E Lewis.

Stork Owen C, baker J H Schwieters, bds 41 E Columbia.
Storm Joseph A 31, General Hardware, Mechanics'

Tools and Farm Implements, 7 E Columbia, res 302 W

Story Harriet (wid James), res 16 W Superior.
Stotz Ulrich, saloon, 21 E Main, res 23 same.
Stouder, see also Studer.
Stouder Frank E, business manager Masonic Temple, bds 30

E Wayne.
Stouder Harvey F, bds S Current.
Stouder Henry G, fireman, res 21 Pritchard.
Stouder Jacob H, tla<j:man Nickel Plate, res 30 E Wayne.
Stouder Jacob M, salesman Pfeiffer & Schlatter, res s w cor

Runnion ave and Howell.
Stouder Leon, assistant ticket agent, bds 30 E Wayne.
Stouder Wallace W, foreman Olds' Wagon Works, res 30 W

Stouder Wm, brickmaker A McKernan, bds Wm A Smith.
Stouder Wm W, laborer, res 21 Buchanan.
Stougii Gcorgf A, ioremau John Pressier, bds 99 E Jefferson.
Stout Charles A, carriage painter M L Albrecht, res 105 W

Stout Frederick P, insurance agent, bds 126 Harrison.
Stover George, foreman, res 335 W Main.
Stow Eliakim, bds 119 E Main.
Strack Charles II, machine hand American Wheel Co, res 36

Strack Miss Desdemona, bds 237 W Berry.
Strack Edward W (Strack & Angell), res 237 W Berry.

John F.Eby&, Co. 7sr Primers, Detroit.

ELECTION SLIPS Headquarters for Perfect Sllps


608 R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Strack Emma, dressmaker Mary Strack, bds 131 Broadway.

Strack Miss Mary, dressmaker, 131 Broadway, res same.

Strack & Anc^ell (Edward W Strack, Byron D Angell), lum-
ber, 52 Calhoun.

Strader Isaac, driver Ryan Bros, res 191 Lafayette.

Strain Charles S, clerk J O Keller, bds 154 E Berry.

Stfangmann Conrad, carpenter, bds 123 Madison,

Strangmann Herman, porter Gross & Peilens,bds 123 Madison.

Strangmann Louisa, bds 123 Monroe.

Strangmann Wilhelmina (wid Conrad), res 123 Madison.

Strasburg Augusta (wid Frederick W), res 74 Wilt.

Strasburg Christopher (C Strasburg & Sons), res 119 Wilt.

Strasburg Christopher jr (C Strasburg & Sons), bds 119 Wilt.

Strasburg C & Sons (Christopher, Wra and Christian), rags,
etc, 106 E Columbia.

Strasburg Ferdinand W, clerk Root & Co, bds 74 Wilt.

Strasburg Frederica, clerk, bds 74 Wilt.

Strasburg Maria, clerk, bds 74 Wilt.

Strasburg Wilhelmina, bds 74 Wilt,

Strasburg Wm (C Strasburg & Sons), bds 119 Wilt.

Strasburg Wm, machine hand Louis Diether & Bro, res 74

Strass Carrie, clerk L Wolf & Co, bds 50 Douglas ave.

Strass Emanuel, trav agt J Nathan & Co, res 106 Webster.

Strass Emma, cashier Frank & Co, bds 106 Webster.

Strass Isaac, rangr D S Redelsheimer & Co, bds 50 Douglas.

Strass Julia, bds 50 Douglas ave.

Strass Kate, bds 50 Douglas ave. .

Strass ^Minnie, clerk Alexander Goodman, bds 106 Webster.

Strass Rev Samuel, res do Douglas ave.

Strasser Felix, laborer Penn Co, bds 131 Taber.

Strasser George J, machinist Fort Wayne Electric Co, bds 95

Strasser Henry, fireman, res 17 Colerick,

Strasser Rupert, res e s Winter 1 s of Pontiac,

Stratton George M, painter L O Hull, res Columbia House.

Straub Anton, candymaker Louis Fox tfe Bro, bds 60 E Wil-

Straughan Jesse R, civil entiineer, res 87 E Berry.

Strauss Mrs Ella, clerk A Mergentheim, res 120 N Harrison.

Strawbridge Charles T, stenographer Bass Foundry and
Machine Works, res 355 E Wayne.

Strawn Byron A, photographer, 2 E Columbia, res 150

Strebe Christian, machine hand Horton Mnfg Co, bds 375 W

J. F. CLINE. Reslaurani, 99 Calhoun St.

EF 9itP^ ^^ Hpnti^t ^^ Calhoun St.,
I I I OIlUOl ^-^Xm? UUllllOll Four Door. North of Warn..

J Four Door* North of Wajne.

Strebe Frank E, saloon, 375 W Main, res same. ^\

Strebe George A, boilerraaker Ft W, C & L R R, res 419 W ^^

Main. J^

Strebig Charles V, engineer, res 446 E Washington. a*s

Strebig Isaac, finisher Winch & Son, bds 465 E Washington. ^■'
Strebig Wm, cooper, res 101 Hayden. ^^

Sti'eet Commissioner's Office, D O'Brien commissioner, office

68 Barr. . .

Streetraeyer Caroline (wid Mathias), res 30 Laselle. L J

Streicher Anna (wid Andrew), res 35 Wefel.

Streicher George, barber S G Hubbard, bds 35 Wefel. »

Streicher John, bartender P Certia, res 131 Wells. Q3

Streicher Wm J, bartender C W Kline, res 13 Chestnut. ^^

Streng Edward H, packer Olds' Wagon Wks, bds 17 Baker. ^^
Strengtman Dickinson, teamster, bds 140 E Washington. ^

Streubel August, wagonmkr Fleming Mnfg Co, res 61 W5th. ^n
Stribley Lillian, domestic 9 Chestnut. r^

Stribley Nancy (wid Murray), res 16 Union. ttQ

Strickland Wm H, clerk L O Hull, res 148 W Jefferson. ^^

Strieder Christopher J, teacher St Paul's German Lutheran CD

School, res 166 Barr. ■

Strieder Gottlieb, clerk Gross & Pellens, bds 166 Barr.
Striker Christian, cabinetmaker Fort Wayne Organ Co, res ^ H

120 W Creighton ave. > h

Striker Tunis V, regulator Fort Wayne Organ Co, res 49 2| 4

Shawnee ave. m H

Stringer Elza T, merchant, res 76 W DeWald. m) Q

Stringer Miss Estella C, bds 76 W DeWald. A

Stringer iMiss Helen F, bds 76 W DeWald. g Jj{

Stritmatter August, laborer, bds 531 E Wayne. ^ H

Stritmatter Henry, laborer, bds 118 Maumee rd. -■ U

Stritmatter John, laborer, bds n w cor Coombs and Cochran. ^ •
Strobel Wra, clerk Custer House. " ^

Strodel Albert, cigar maker, bds 40 W 4th. H C

Strode! Annie B (wid Mathias), res 40 W 4th. . S 1:

Strode! Catlierine (wid August), saloon, s s Bluffton rd 2 w '" |j|

of St Mary's river, res same. ^ l

Strodel Christian G, washer L Brames & Co, bds 40 W 4th. ^ y
Strodel John G, saloon, 54 E Main, res 111 W 3d. "" ^

Strodel J George, harness maker, bds 40 W 4th. O

Strohm Christina, domestic 133 Barr. ^ 0)

Strohm Jacob, baggageman Wabash R R depot, bds 15 gr 1^

Poplar. O (Q

Strohm John, car builder, res 15 Poplar. C \^

Strohm Mary (wid George), res 15 Poj)lar, ^ hj

Strong Harriet E (wid Melzar), res '2;")d \V Wayne. CO ^

John F. Eby & Co. lit Prinisrs, Detroit. '

Robert Spice



I 48 AV'eat Iflaiu and 11 Pearl Streets,


E. L. POLK & CO. 8

Strong Henry, confectioner, 73 Webster, res same.

Strong Jared C, res 128 E Main.

Strong Josephine, bds 128 E Main.

Online LibraryR.L. Polk & Co. cnFort Wayne, Indiana, city directory (Volume yr.1890-1891, pt.2) → online text (page 5 of 34)