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Strong Miss Lourie E, teacher Clay School, bds 128 E Main. *

Strong Thomas M, laborer W W Spalding, bds same.

Strouse Matilda (wid David), res 20 Francis.

Strube Adolph, patternmaker, res 28 Scott ave.

Strubey G Charles, music teacher, 83 E Jefferson, res same.

Strucken Edward, laborer American Wheel Company, res

383 Lafayette.
Struckmann Charles, lab American Wheel Co, res 229 John.
Struger Frank, tool dresser Penn Co, bds 111 Force.
Strunk Amidore M, flagman Penn Co, rms Monroe House.
Strunz Christian, grocer, 72 Barr, res 99 E Berry.
Struver Louisa, bds 66 E Main.
Struver Wm, grocer, 66 E Main, res same.
Struver Wm F, elk Wm Struver, bds 66 E Main.
Stuart, see Stewart.

Stubnatzy Bettie (wid Ernest), bds 222 E Washington.
Stuck Jay, driver, bds 234 Indiana ave.
Stuck Levi A, notions, 07^ McCulloch, bds 67 same. •
Stuck Martin, carpenter, bds 239 Madison.
Stuck Solomon K, teamster, res 234 Indiana ave.
Stuckey Walter S, student Stemen & Stemen, bds Taylor

Studer, see also Stonder ^ . . ■

Studer Block, 228 W Main.

Studer H Leopold, saloon, 232 W Main, res same.
. Studer Jerome J, elk L Wulf & Co, res ]5 E Washington.

Studer Joseph, engineer, res 84 W 3d.

Studer Mary A (wid Bernard), bds 189 E Wayne.

Stuermer Adelina, dressmaker, bds 108 Maumee road.

Stuermer Julius, clerk Klinkenberg & Detzer, bds 108 Mau-
mee road.

Stuermer :Matilda, bds 108 :Maumee road.

Stuermer \Vm, builenu.iker, rus 106 Maumee road.

Stuhlmueller George, laborer Penn Co, res 68 Walton ave.

Stull Martin, laboi^er J A Koehler, res 56 Smith.

Stults Charles E, physician, 81 Wells, res same.

Stults Ernest, teacher, rms 27 Pritchard.

Stump Louis, car repairer Penn Co, res 33 Wall.

Stumpf Miss Martha, teacher Holton Avenue School, bds 389

Sliurgis Louis T, physician, 275 Hanna, res 132 Wallace.

Sturgis Mary (wid Wm E), bds w s Spy Run ave 1 n of Eliza-

M. F. Kaag

Sells MAJOLICA WARE and Hand-Painted
Plates, at No. 5 EAST COLUMBIA ST.

MonhanirQ' Tnnk ^^^^^^^^ ^ Schlatter,

lYIbUlldlllUd I UUIOj -33 Si iO EAST COLUL'BIA ST.-


Sturgis Miss Sadie L, teacher Hanua School, bds 2 75 Hanha.
Sturm Commodore P, soap presiser Summit City Soap Works,

res e s Glasgow ave bet E Washington and Mauraee rd.
Sturmar Wm F, machinist Bass Foundry and Machine Wks,

res 108 Maumee road.
Stuter Ferdinand, laborer, res 69 Home ave.
Stuter Frederick, truckman Wabash R R, bds 215 W Main.
Sintz John A, Physician, 50 W Washington, res same.
Stutzenberger Josephine (wid Frank), res 383 E Washington.
Stutzenberger Lena, labeler Summit City Soap Works, bda

383 E Washington.
Subkowski Henry, laborer, res 30 Smith.
I^acli Charles, Saloon, Billiard and Pool Room; Best

Brands of Wines, Liquors and Cigars, 303 Lafayette and

358 Calhoun, bds 24 Leith.
Such Emil, bartender Charles Such, res 24 Leith.
Sudbrink Wra H, car builder Penn Co, res 445 Hanna.
Suedhoff Ernest H, clerk Frank & Co, res 210 W Jefferson.
Suell Irvin, cook, rms 65 Baker.
Suelzer John, carpenter, res 418 Hanna.

Suelzer John W, meat markets, 281 Hanna' and 422 Lafay-
ette, res 287 Hanna.
Suelzer Wra, clerk John Suelzer, bds 287 Hanna.
Suetterlin Reinhard, blacksmith Bass Foundry and Machine

Works, res 35 jMaumee road.
Sukup Andrew, res 27 Laselle.

Sukup Joseph A, molder Kerr-Murray Mnfg Co,bd8 27 Laselle
Sukup ]\rary, operator Hoosier Mnfg Co, bds 27 Laselle.
Sukup Peter, molJer Bass Foundry and Machine Works, bds

27 Laselle.
Suleg John, vegetables, market stall 2, res s s Mayaville rd.

e of city limits.
Sulfer Charles O, brakeman, res 59 W Superior.
Sullivan Andrew, res n e cor Grant and Oliver.
Sullivan Cornelius, watchman, res '23 Taylor.
Sullivan Hannah, dressmkr, bds 50 Melita.
Sullivan Henry J C, musician, bds 347 Hanna.
Sullivan House, Warren Rogers propr, 2 Thomas.
Sullivan James J, flue cleaner Penn Co, bds 23 Taylor. ■

Sullivan John, laborer J A Koehler, bds same.
Sullivan John, brakeman Penn Co, res 76 Chicago.
Sullivan Mrs Kittie, res 92 Calhoun.
Sullivan Maggie, housekeeper McKinnie House.
Sullivan Mary (wid Patrick), res 50 Melita. ^

Sullivan Mrs Mary, res 174 E Berry.
Sullivan Mary A, dressmaker, bds 23 Taylor.

Inhn F Fhv }^ P.n book and job printers

A. FOSTER, Merchant Tailor

1 s-

J W. Wayne St.


B. L. POLK & CO.'S

Sullivan Michael, engineer, res 401 Hanna.

Sullivan Michael, truck rivetter Penn Co, res 118 E Greighton.

Sullivan Nathaniel, pedler, res 10 Hensch.

Sullivan Nellie M, converter worker Fort Wayne Electric Co;

bda 50 Melita,
Sullivan Nonie, bds 401 Hanna.
Sullivan Nora, laundress McKinnie House.
Sullivan Patrick J, brakenian Penn Co, bds 50 Melita.
Sullivan Patrick S, helper VVabask R R, res 23 Taylor.
Sullivan Thomas, brakeman Penn Co, res 69 Grand.
Sullivan Timothy, laborer, bds 91 E Washington.
Sullivan Timothy J, flagman Penn Co, bds 50 Melita.
Suit George, laborer Fort Wayne Gas Light Co, res \v s Spy

Run ave 2 n of St Mary's bridge.
Sulzer, see Suelzer.

Summers Anna (wid John), res 331 Lafayette.
Summers Bridget, bds 49 Grand.
Summers George T, bds 17 Burgess.

Summers James, saloon, 262 Calhoun, res 47 Douglas ave.
Summers Mary (wid John), res 49 Grand.
Suiiiiiiit €ity Galvaiiizcfi Iron Works, John

Pressler Propr; also Plumbing, Gas and Steam Fitting,

Columbia, Barr and Dock Streets. Telephone 249, {See

left top lilies.)
Summit City Green House, B L Auger propr, n e cor Greigh-
ton ave and Webster.
Summit City Soap Works (P A Randall, A L Griebel, B S

O'Connor, H C Graffe), C P Coy rangr, 12 Glasgow ave.
Snilllllit €ity JSteel Works, John Rupp Propr, n

end of Barr.
Summit City Woolen Mills, French & Jefferds proprs, 96 E

Sunday, see Sontag.
Sunderland Charles S, machinist Fort Wayne Iron Works,

res 27 W 4th.
Sunderland John W, f!;iginaii Penn Co, res 7 Duryea.
Sunderland Joseph E jr, elk Wabash R R, res 175 W DeWald.
Sunderland Joseph R, baggageman Wabash R R depot, res
, ' 177 W DeWald.
Sunderland Mary A, elk T J Fleming, bds 177 W DeWald.
Sundermann John, res 197 Lafayette.
Sunley George T, bds 17 Burgess.
Sunley Mrs Margaret, boarding house, 17 Burgess.
Superior Court of Allen Co, Court House.
Supple Mary, seamstress, bds 74 Montgomery.
Suter xVlbcrt S, carpenter, bds 509 Broadwav.

Troy Sieam Laundry "^

iiL rnK :Tioi>f-Ji6.\






Suter Edward, carpenter, cor Ferguson ave and Broadway, H m^

res 509 Broadway. ^ *"

Suter "Wm E, carpenter Edward Suter, bds 509 Broadway. ^ CD
Sutermier Carl F, boilermkr Wabash R R, bds 47 W Lewis. < at^
Sutley Harry, res 22 Fairfield ave. O

Sutorius Gottlieb, washer L Brames & Co, bds 176 Oakland. ^ t^
Sutorius Jacob, laborer Fort Wayne Steam Stone Works, res '^ ^

176 Oakland. O fH

Suttenfield A Moore, teamster, res 102 Fairfield ave. '*' ^

Suttenfield Bird, teamster, bds 102 Fairfield ave. > ^

Suttenfield Laura, dressmkr L E Burnett, bds 102 Fairfield av, r £T|
Suttenfield Wm, driver, res 183 W Jeflterson. _ mm

Sutter Daniel, laborer, bds 24 E Williams. —

Sutton Rev Benjamin A, pastor First United Brethren o .«

Church, res 54 Division. W U

Sutton David C, machine hand, res 212 W Creighton ave. _ Q
Sutton Harry E, machine hand Fort Wayn^ Furniture Co, ^ f^

res 210 W Creighton ave. O ^j

Sutton John, machinist, bds 13 N Calhoun. P ^

Sutton Joseph S, brakeman, bds 104 St Mary's ave. W CO

Swager August, laborer A ^NIcKernan, bds Wm A Smith. '^'*
Swager John, carpenter, res n s Cochran 2 e of Coombs.
Swaidner Jacob W, propr Hedekin House, 25 Barr.
Swaidner John L, telegraph operator, bds Hedekin House. "
Swain, see also Sicayne. I"5

Swain Benjamin F, lab<jrer Penn Co,, res 57 Grand. ^^

Swain Carl P, res 53 Walter. m

Swain Charles, teamster, bds 118 W Creighton ave. "^ |_}

Swain Charlotte (wid Jackson), bds 73 W De Wald. ^ H

Swain Elizabeth (wid Caleb), res 53 Walter. S ^T

Swain George W, driver patrol wagon, res 134 E Main. S? mmm

Swain George W, plasterer, res 118 W Creighton ave. "% JI'

Swain John D, plasterer, res 191 Jackson. | Py

Swander James, laborer, res 240 Erie. a

Swank Alonzo D, coil winder Ft Wayne Electric Co, res 21 ^ Op

Lincoln avo. ? *^

Swank Jennie, bds 168 E Jefferson. r mm

Swank Jesse, wagonmkr Olds' Wagon Works, bds 3 Dawson. W
Swann Clarence S, clerk postofiice, bds 19 W De Wald. » ^

Swann Emmet, res 178 E Washington. « ^

Swann J W Scott, trav agent Olds' Wagon Works, res 19 W ^ ^

De Wald. I H

Swart Meinhard F C, laborer, bds 91 W Williams. j JJ

Swart Wra, engineer Penn Co, res 91 W Williams. ? mm

Swartz, see iSchtoartz, Schwarz and Schwarze. 2

Swartzel Oliver J, helper, bds 109 John. f ^U

John F Fhv k Cn book and job printers

Inhn PrP9^lpr Mantels, Grates and Tile Floor.

JUIIll I ICOdiCI) Columbia, Barr and Dock Street..
514 B. L. POLK & CO.'S

Swartzel Wm J, wheel raolder Bass Foundry and Machine

Works, res 109 John.
Swayne, see also i^ioai?}.
Swayne Miss Margaret J, teacher and stenographer IMc-

Dermut & Whiteleather, bds 278 W Berry.
Swayne Rhoda A (wid Samuel F), bds 278 W Berry.
Swayne Samuel F (Swayne & Doughman), res 278 W Berry.
Swayne & Co (Samuel F Swayne, Newton D Doughman),

insurance, real estate and loan agents, 16 W Main.
Swayne & DoilS^liiiinn (Samuel F Swayne, Newton

D Doughman), Attorneys-at-Law, 16 W Main.
Sweedler John, laborer, bds Washington House.
Sweeney Abraham, carpenter, res 45 Harrison.
Sweeney Alexander, machine hand American Wheel Co, res

77 Laselle.
Sweeney Cornelius, watchman, res 19 Brandriff.
Sweeney Julia, bds 19 Brandriff.
Sweeney Maggie, bds 19 Brandriff.
Sweeney Philip, laborer Penn Co, bds 19 Brandriff,
Sweeney Wm J, hostler Ft Wayne Street Railroad Co, bd»

290 Calhoun.
Sweer John H, tinsmith Penn Co, res 259 Calhoun.
Sweer Philip, laborer, bds 408 W Main.
Sweet Edward R, res 183 Jackson.

Sweet Frank E, clerk L S & M S Ry, bds 25 Brackenridge.
Sweet Miss Jessie M, bds 25 Brackenridge.
Sweet Samuel B, asst genl frt agt, res 25 Brackenridge.
Sweetser Miss Fannie, bds 115 W Main.
Swenson Robert, painter L O Hull, res 58 Smith.
Swenv Charles F, engineer, res s e cor Lafayette and De-

Sweny Louis D, engineer, res 481 Lafayette.
Sweringen Frank H, car builder Penn Co, res 197 W Wayne.
Sweringen George, laborer Penn Co, bds 197 W Wayne.
Sweringen Lucinda (wid George W), res 197 W Wayne.
Sweringen Hiram V, physician, 197 Wayne, res same.
Swick Minnie, domestic -'•id \V Main.
Swick Peter D, ^Merchant Tailor, 50 Harrison, res cor

Lafayette and ^ladison.
Swift Bayless, rms 105 E Washington.
Swift Frank, hostler Jenson & Sargent, bds Racine Hotel.
Swift Frank M, laborer, bds Isabella Dodge.
Swinehart Isaac J, barber Edward Scheie, res 255 E Lewis.
Swinehart Sherman, truckman L S & M S Ry, res 129 W 3d.
Swinney Block, 11, 13 and 15 E Main.
Swinney Miss Carrie, bds Miss Theresa Swinney.

The Gospel Tidings

■V Non-Spctarian Hflicioos PnhlicatiOD, has 10.000
Circulatinii. Ailvertisint; Kiites made kno>Tii upon
application. Foster Block, 2U Floo>, Ft. Wayuft*

^tahn i?i Hpinrinh Dealers m BOOKS and FINE STATIONERY,

Oiailll Oi IICIIII lull) Blank Kooks, Etc. 1 1 6 Calhoun Street.

Swinney Sliss Frances, btls Miss Theresa Swinney.
Swinney's Park, see Allen County Fair Grounds.
Swinney 3IissTlieresa, res W Jefferson and County Fair Gds.
Szink, see also Sink.
Szink George A, blacksmith Penn Co, res 471 Harrison.


Tag Catherine (wid Christian), res 99 E Washington.

Tagtraeyer, see also Tegtmeyer.

Tagtmeyer Amelia, bds 2 74 W Washington.

Tagtmeyer Conrad H, foreman David Tagtmeyer, res 42

Tag'tlliever David. Lumber Mnfr, n w cor Webster and

N Y, C ct St L R R^ res 77 W Superior.
Tagtraeyer Henry W, carpenter, bds 42 Breck.
Tagtmeyer Lena C, dressmaker, bds 42 Breck,
Tagtraeyer Wm, engineer H Volland & Sons, res 47 Wells.
Tagtmeyer Wm, machinist Indiana Machine Works, res 274

W Washington.
Tagtraeyer Wm C, elk O H Kuntz, bds 77 W Superior.
Tait, see also Tate.

Tait Frank (Frank Tait & Sister), res 26 E Wayne.
Tait Frank & Sister (Frank Tait, Mrs Florence Reynolds),

millinery, 20 E Wayne.
Talbot Burt'B, brakeraan Nickel Plate, res 324 W Main.
Talbot John E, electrical engineer Fort Wayne Electric Co,

res 237 W Wayne.
Talbot Samuel L, tuner Fort Wayne Organ Co, res 108 E

Talmage Charles H, store keeper Indiana School for Feeblc-

Minded Youth.
Tancey Hugh, plumber James Madden, bds 138 Fulton.
TailCey ^licliael, Justice and Real Estate, 1 Bank

Block, res 138 Fulton.
Tanner Ed\vard E, brakeman, res 36 Hamilton.
Tanner Jauic.>, aluue cuUer ^Vm &:, S i Gfak-j, bds 312 W

Tanner John, stone cutter Wm & J J Geake, bds 312 W Main.
Tape Wm, sawyer, res rear 33 Elm.
Tapp Almina, bds 13 Ohio.
Tapp Ferdinand, bridge builder, res 13 Ohio.
Tapp Herman W, bridge contractor, 227 E Lewis, res same.
Tapp Robert W, bridge builder, res 146 Maumee road.
Tarbaugh Oliver C, machine hand American Wheel Co, bds

77 Huestis ave. *

Jnhn F Fhy ^ P.n book AfiD job printehs



516 B. L. POLK & CO.'S

Tarraon Harry, machinist Fort Wayne Music Co, bds Henry

A Tarraon.
Tarmou Henry A, carpenter, res e s Spy Run aye 4 n of
Riverside ave.

Tassler August, carpenter Penn Co, res 19 Wall.

i^ssler Frederick, laborer Penn Co, res 365 Lafayette.

Tate, see also Tait.

Tate Ellen, domestic Rich's Hotel.

Tate Frank A, well digger Frederick Weidel, res 348 Broad-

Tate Lizzie, domestic Rich's Hotel,

Tate Wm J, blacksmith helper Penn Co, bds 299 Harrison.

Taylor Alonzo R (col'd), restaurant, 62 E Colurabia,res same,

Taylor Andrew, brass molder, Wabash ave, res 8-i S Wayne.

Taylor Beal F, carpenter Nickel Plate, res n s Howell 2 w of
Rumsey ave.

Taylor Bristol W, machinist, res 413 Calhoun.

Taylor Bros Piano Co, Samuel R Taylor pres, Isaac N Tay-
lor sec, 138 Calhoun.

Taylor Charles E, machinist Bass Foundry and Machine
Works, res 50 Summit.

Taylor Charles N, conductor, res 90 Wells.

Taylor Edward E, bookkeeper, bds 407 Fairfield ave.

Taylor Frank B, student, bds 391 Fairfield ave.

Taylor Frank P, laborer, res 312 Lafayette.

Taylor Hayes E, clerk Union Pacific Tea and Coffee Store,
res 132 W 3d.

Taylor Henry C, res 131 Lafayette.

Taylor Henry J, bookkeeper Hamilton National Bank, bds 131

Taylor Hubert G, conductor, res 40 F. 2d.

Taylor Isaac N, sec Taylor Bros Piano Co, res 407 Fairfield.

Taylor James M, insurance, 20 Schraitz blk, bds 101 Calhoun.

Taylor Jesse M, teamster, res 11 Hoffman.

Taylor John, res e s Hanover bet E Washington and E

Taylor JuLu M, laborer Hoffman Bros, res s 8 Howell near
Rumsey ave.

Taylor John W (col'd), barber J H Roberts, res 203 Calhoun.

Taylor Joseph, painter, bds 55 Barr.

Taylor Joseph M, rivetter American Wheel Co, res 66 Oakley.

Taylor Mary (wid Philo), bds C L Hill.

Taylor Peter, kiln setter, res 525 E Lewis.

Taylor Robert S, Lawyer, 34 E Berry, res 391 Fairfield

Taylor Samuel M, train desp'atcher Penn Co, res 79 Holman.

The Siemon Wail Paper Co.['*^u" V'2llF:p:r and Wisiow S::::s

(Formerlr the W«jne TVaH P»p«r to.)' ISi C.AJrJ:E3:OXr3iT STXaEST-.

^^f • i?V5;'''5!'-*f71; ^"'^^ V • '•*"'V^v^'>i«v« ■^^»"9"^^"»^"*p

s;s?.!.i?isv M. Clark & Co.. p •" n t e r s,

used. I'll VlUI l\ \jy UUll 16 AVest Columbia SI.



Taylor Samuel R, pres Taylor Bros Piano Co, res 274 Webster.
Taylor Susan, bds 525 E Lewis

Taylor L^iiiversitv of Fort ^Vaviie, Successor to
Fort Wayne College, C B Stemen A M, M D and L L D
Pres, Charles McCulloch Treas, H C Schrader Sec, foot
of Wayne. "i**

Taylor Wm, butcher, bds 525 E Lewis. "2

Taylor Wm C, clerk, res s w cor Howell and Runnion ave. m^
Taylor Wm J, clerk, bds 131 Lafayette. ^

Teagarden Claude A, gasfitter H J Ash, bds 111 W Superior. ^"^
Teagarden Clarion F, engineer, res 111 W Superior, CD

Teaman jNIary (wid Andrew), bds i;iS Fulton. ^^

Tearman Thomas, car repairer Penn Co, res 73 Madison. m

Teepe Wm, laborer J C Peters, res 33 Elm. ^y^

Teeters, see also Teters. ^^

Teeters Wilson, electrician Jenney Electric Light and Power \ '
Co, res 111 Franklin. ^3

Tefft Charles W, car builder Penn Co, res 8 Hoagland ave. C3
Tegeder Eliza, bds 22 W Wayne. ^_^

Tegeder Frederick, carpenter, res 68 Wall. ;3

Tegeder Frederick, laborer American Wheel Co, res e s Laf-
ayette 6 s of Pontiac. "^
Tegtmeyer, see also Tagtmeyer. £H«
Tegtmeyer Andrew, machinist Penn Co, bds T7 Brackenridge. CD
Tegtmeyer Charles D, machinist, res 25 Clark, OQ
Tegtmeyer Elizabeth K, seamstress, bds F W, Tegtmeyer. q«
Tegtmeyer Ernst, laborer Penn Co, res 77 Brackenridge. -j^
Tegtmeyer Ernst jr, machinist, bds 77 Brackenridge. ;3P
Tegtmeyer Frederick, bolt cutter Penn Co, bds 12 Summit. ^'^^
Tegtmeyer Frederick jr, molder, bds 12 Summit. *"
Tegtmever Frederick, machine hand Horton Mufg Co, res 24 •■ O
Wilt. © P
Tegtmeyer Frederick B H, flagman Penn Co, bds 70 W Wil- !*<
Hams. » JD
Tegtmeyer Frederick H, lab Penn Co, bds F W Tegtmeyer, ^3
Tegtmeyer Frederick W, shoes, 352^ Calhoun, res w s Cal- « Q>

houn juncLiun Piqua ave.
Tegtmeyer Henry W, clerk C E Heaton, b.Is 12 Summit.
Tegtmeyer Louis F, cigarmaker L Dessauer tfc Co, bds 181 ^JQ
Calhoun. "" ^3"

Tegtmeyer Martin C, raolder Bass Foundry and Machine »■

Works, rms 181 Calhoun. • sO

Tegtmeyer Wm, candy mkr Louis Fox& Bro, bds 12 Summit. C p*
Tegtmeyer Wm, fireman, res 3 Brandriff. ^Ui

Tehart Abraham, res 43 Wall. gW

Tehl Eugene, helper Kerr-Murray Mnfg Co, bds 21 Force. Tg


Fi FHTinN ^i iP^ Headquarters for.Perfect Slips

LLLU I lull OLII OiAt JOILNF. EBY 1 CO.'S, Detroit

%^C4 ▼▼ Wi/VI r\%9 18 HARRISON STREET. .

518 R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Teiman Henry, hostler A C Perrin, btls 217 E Washington.
Telger Henry, market stall 52, res nr County Poor House.
Telgmann John, laborer, res 120 Eliza.
Telle George, machinist Fort Wayne Electric Co, res 189

Telley George W, asst foreman Penn Co, res 43 W Williams.
Telley Thomas, engineer, res 13 W Williams.
Telley Thomas H jr, messenger Penn Co, bds 13 W Williams.
Tellmann John W, molder Bass Foundry and Machine Wks,

bds 119 Force.
Temme Lena, bds 21 Erie.
Temme Mary (wid Bernard), res 21 Erie.
Temperance Hall, 94 Harrison.
Templar Harry, sliipping clerk Fort Wayne Electric Co, res

66 Wilt.
Tenbrook George W, works Indiana School for Feeble-Minded

Tenney Edwin L, engineer, res 309 W Jefferson.
Tenney Edwin L jr, machinist Wabash R R, bds 309 W Jef-
Tensing Sophie (wid Wm), bds n e cor Liberty and Coombs.
Terhl John, laborer, res 77 Harden.
Terry George H, conductor, res 92 Dawson.
Terry John F, conductor, res 59 W DeWald.
Terry Walter, brakeman, res 25 Elm.
Tesher Maggie, domestic 36 W Wayne.
Texton Hannah, works Indiana School for Feeble-Minded

Thackeray Harry, bds Clifton House.
Thaller Hennati, molder Bas.s Foundry and Machine Works,

■ bds 25 Force.
Thain Anna, dressmkr M C Flagan, bds 273 W Washington.
Thain Mrs Caroline, bds 26 Baker.
Thain Charles C, upholsterer P E Wolf, res 36 Boone.
Thain George, barber, 130 Callioun, bds 273 W Washington.
Thain John, res 273 W Washington.
Thain J.^liu jr, clerk, b,ls 273 \V \V:i.>irmgtun.
Thain Miss Kate, bds 273 W Washington.
Thain ^Nliss ^Minnie, bds 2 73 W Washington.
Thain Wra, mach Kerr-Murray Mnfg Co, bds 262 Calhoun.
Thallen Adam, laborer Winch & Son, res 150 Wilt.
Thavenet Alexander, switchman, res 512 Harrison.
Thayer Frederick, propr Lying-in Institution and Sanitarium,

57 Walton ave, res same.
Thayer Leonard E, traveling agent Fort Wayne Organ Co,

res 35 E Jefferson.

I JUImi Mirrors, Chromos, Easels, Etc. 181 Calhoun St.

MiLLINErFgOOdS Wi: 5iA/S5.'


Thiebolt George W, switchman. re> 100 W Superior.

Thiel Win, wagonmkr, 146 W Main, res 336 Main.

Thiel Wm jr, elk Keller ifc Brown, bds 366 W Main.

Thiele Diedrich, machinist Penn Co, res 84 Wilt.

Thiele Diedrich jr, carpenter, bds S4 Wilt.

Thiele Frederick, elk Wm Aleyer <.t Bro, bds S-i Wilt.

Thiele Henry W, clerk J Wildin:^ »fc Son, bds 84 Wilt.

Thiele Louise M, dressrakr Wm Malloy, bds 84 Wilt.

Thiele Minnie, bds 84 Wilt.

Thiele Wm, elk Gottlieb Niemann, bds 84 Wilt.

Thieme Andrew, watchman, bds 169 Van Buren.

Thieiue Bros* (John A and J Gottlieb Jr), Merchant

Tailors, 12 W Berry.
Thieme Charles F W, saloon, 17 W Main, res same.
Thieme Ella (wid George), res 36 Baker.
Thieme Ernest, helper, res n s. Liberty 1 w of Coombs.
Thieme Frederica (wid Andreas), res 169 Van Buren.
Thieme Frederick, laborer J A Koehler, res 72 Gay.
Thieme Frederick J, trav salesman, bds 216 W Berry.
Thieme Gottlieb C (J G Thieme *fc Son), bds 53 E Wayne.
Thieme J Gottlieb jr (Thieme Bros), res 216 W Berry.
Thieme Hugo P, bds 216 W Berry.'
Thieme John, machinist, res 51 Ferguson ave.
Thieme John A (Thieme Bros), res 310 W Washington.
Thieme John A, saloon, 170 Broadway, res 172 same.
Thieme John G (J G Thieme & Son), res 53 E Wayne.
Thieme J G ^ Son (John G and Gottlieb C),Merchant

Tailors and Clothiers, 37 E Columbia.
Thieme Miss Leonie C, res 216 W Berry.
Thieme Miss Matilda, bds 216 W Berry.
Thieme Miss Paulina A, teacher Westminster Seminary, bds

216 W Berry.
Thieme Theodore F, bds 216 W Berry.
Thieme *& Gross Block, s w cor Calhoun and Wayne.
Thiesen Charles M, tinner Pickard Bros, res 56 Wells.
Thiesraann Henry, vegt-tahles. market stall No 03, res w s

Ne'vV IL:Vt.:i r.ii.l ^'> iuil'j>.
Thing Samuel B (S B Thint; it Co), res Boston, Mass.
TllilliJ S » *fc Co (S B~ Thing, J W Emery, W A Prior),

Proprs Massachusetts Shoe Co, 36 Calhoun.
Third Presbyterian Church, n e cor Calhoun and Holman.
Tholen George H, teamster The Herman Berghoff Brewing

Co, res 2S Grant ave.
Tholen John G, molder Bass Foundry and Machine Works,

res 393 E Lewis.
Thomas Archer L, mach Indiana ^Lich Wks, res 405 W Main.

Flppfinn R\m HeaccL-arters for PEP.FECT SUPS


A. FOSTER, Merchant Tailor, w. wayne st.

520 E. L. POLK & CO.'S

Thomas Charles D, brakeraan, bds 17 Burgess.

Thomas Eugene S, cigars, 178 Calhoun, res 105 Lafayette.

Thomas Harvey, car builder Penn Co, res 300 E Creighton av.

Thomas Herman, lab American Wheel Co, bds 177 Maumee.

Thomas James R, laborer, res 533 E Wayne.

Thomas John, carpenter, res 409 W Main.

Thomas Liverton D, plasterer, bds 77 N Cass.

Thomas Louis T, machinist Indiana Machine Works, bds 110

W Wayne.
Thomas Sarah (wid Calvin), res 173 Jackson.
Thomma Jacob A, lab, res e s Fiankliu 1 n of Wabash R R.
.Thompkins Owen, carpenter, res 348 Calhoun.
Thompson Adelbert, traveling agent A L Johns & Co, res

283 E Washington.
Thompson Anna (wid John), res 49 E Main.
Thompson Benjamin F, res 132 W DeWald.
Thompson Benjamin F jr, engineer, bds 132 W DeWald.
Thompson Byron S, traveling agent, res 474 Broadway.
Thompson Charles C, gas regulator, bds 26 Harrison.
Thompson Charles F, converter worker Fort Wayne Electric

Co, bds 407 S Clinton.
Thompson Charles O, telegraph operator Nickel Plate, bds

288 W Main.
Thompson Ella, bds 49 E Main.

Thompson Frank, cigarmkr George Reiter, res 311 S Harrison.
Thompson Frank M, confectioner, 205 Lafayette, bds 290 E

Thompson Frank S, laborer Penn Co, res 225 Calhoun.
Thompson George W, wheel molder Bass Foundry and

Machine Works, res 240 E Lewis,
Thompson Henrietta, res 474 Broadway.
Thompson John, bds 329 E Wayne.
Thompson John R, foreman American Wheel Co, res 17

Grant ave,
Thompson Joseph, laborer American Wheel Co, bds 204

Thompson J Harry, lineman X Y, C ti; St L R R, rms 20 W

Thoiupson Milton 11, County Recorder, Office Court

House, res 241 W Washington.
Thompson Miss Minnie E, bds 474 S Broadway.
Thompson Nelson, foreman Coombs & Co, res 329 E Wayne.
Thompson Nelson W, car{»enter, res 111 Gay.
Thompson Oliver, laborer Penn Co, res 16 Holman.
Thompson Owen, carpenter Ft W, C & L R R, res 348 S


Wagons call at all Hotels
and Private Residences.

Troy Steam Laundry.

Ln Ulll I Wall Paperand Decorations


Online LibraryR.L. Polk & Co. cnFort Wayne, Indiana, city directory (Volume yr.1890-1891, pt.2) → online text (page 6 of 34)