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Thompson Peter A, clerk Jenney Electric Light and Power Q
Co, bds 329 E Wayne. JlT

Thompson Peter W, cement, bds Frederick Ziramendorf, •"

Thompson Richard, ticket agt Wabash R R, bds 9 E Wayne. (^
Thompson ^Miss Susan L, music teacher, 474 Broadway. m^

Thompson Thomas, laborer American Wheel Co, res 59 Gay. ^
Thompson Thomas D, raolder, res 290 E Lewis. f|^

Thompson Wm, driver Ryan Bros, res n s Chestnut bet Wa- |^
bash R R and New Haven road. 0H

Thompson Wm E, finisher, bds 17 Grant ave. a^

Thompson Wm L, watchman Penn Co, bds 132 W DeWald. ^
Thompson Wra W, porter G E Bursley & Co, res 204 Lafay-
Thompson 4& Scotton (Henrietta and Byron Thompson, Ches-
ter Scotton), prcprs South Wayne Brick Co, w s Thomp-
son ave n of Wabash R R. a%
Thornburg A vide W, carpenter, bds Adam McClish. jjj[
Thornton Edward, flagman Penn Co, bds 70 Murray. C
Thorp Edward, conductor Penn Co, bds 130 E Lewis. ■j
Thorp Mrs Elizabeth, res 130 E Lewis. "^
Thorp Henry D, bds 91 W Washington. ♦ CL
Thorp Jacob, brakeman, bds 130 E Lewis. h
Thorward Theodore, deputy oil inspector, res 33 Miner. fc-^
Threadgall George A, wheel molder Bass Foundry and Ma- ^
chine Works, res 3 Dawson. ^
Threadgall Harry E, wheel molder Bass Foundry and Ma- c~^
chine Works, res 41 Laselle. ®^2
Threadgall John W, res 356 Calhoun. IsS
Throckmorton John A, tool dresser Penn Co, res 132 Monroe. ''^S
Throckmorton Sidney G, cigarraaker F J Gruber, bds 132 l^-i
Monroe. ^ z
Thum Margaret W, housekeeper 111 Putnam. ^J*
Thumb Jacob, clerk E Shuman & Sons, bds 61 E Main. ^H
Thurnian Charles, clerk, res 89 W Jefferson. * ;3
Thurston AVm R, machinist, res 105 W Williams. iy.^.
Til)br\ls Miss Martha E, teacher Taylor University, bds same. jtTS
Tibbies Frank E, despatcher, res Itjo Lafayette. "r"
Tibbies John H, cabinetmaker, res 177 GrilKth. * 3-2
Tice Henry, hostler J C Brinsiey, bds Clifton House. t^s!^
Tiedmann Mary, bds 245 W Wayne. S'2*
Tiekenbrook Kate, bds n e cor Tons and Dwenger aves. s"^^
Tielker Frederick W, porter Penn Co, res 17 Barthold. |.r?
Tiemann Annie, bds 217 E Washington. «?"■
Tiemann Frederick H, carpenter, bds 424 S Broadway. ^^^
Tiemann Frederick W, carpenter Louis Diether & Bro, res • c s
83 Wall. 3 •


I li iVddg at Low Prices, at No. 5 East Columbia St.

John F. Ebv El Co.. ^^^^ *"'' Job printers

522 • R. L. POLK & co.'s

Tiemann Henry, hostler, bds 217 E Washington.
Tiemann John F W, laborer, bds 424 S Broadway.
Tiemann J Frederick, contractor, 424 S Broadway, res same.
Tiemann J Henry, carpenter, bds 424 S Broadway.
Tiemann Louisa, seamstress, bds 424 S Broadway.
Tiemann Wm, machinist Penn Co, res 217 E "Washington.
Tiernan Agnes, cleric Frank & Co, bds 73 Madison.
Tiernan Mary (wid Wm PI), bds 247 S Webster.
Tiernan Thomas, car repairer Penn Co, res 73 Madison.
Tierney Michael C, engineer Penn Co, res 23 Baker.
Tigar, see also Ty<jer.

Tigar Wm H, despatcher Penn Co, res 147 E Berry.
Tigges Anna, operator S M Foster, bds 177 Ewing.
Tigges Ernest W, checker Penn Co, res 177 Ewing.
Tigges Frederick R, lab L S ^t SI S Ry, res 154 Gi-eely.
Tigges George R, cigarmaker L C Heck, bds 177 Ewing.
Tilbury Charles, laborer, bds 546 E Wayne.
Tilbury Harrison, laborer, bds 544 E Wayne. *
Tilbury John J, finisher, res 546 E Wayne.
Tilbury Robert, machine hand Ft Wayne Organ Co, rms 223

Tilbury Scott, fitter Ft Wayne Furniture Co, res 70 E Main.
Tilbury Wayde, engineer, bds 4 Kansas.
Tilkens Frederick, carpenter, bds 72 Thomas.
Tiliier John E, bds 104 Barr.
Tillo Charles D, Mngr Ft Wayne Newspaper Union, res

153 E Berry. ^ ^

Timberlake Dora M, bds 301 Calhoun.
Tiramerman David B, fireman, bds 111 Wells.
Timmis Alonzo, laborer Joseph Fremion, res s s Eckart 4 e of

Timmis Harry, rivet heater Penn Co.
Timmis Rosa, domestic 138 Horace.
Timmis Wm, flagman Penn Co, res 150 Horace.
Timmis Wm, teamster, res n s Eckart 4 e of Hanna.
Tine Wm. lielpei-, Ixis rear 202 Callioun.
Tinkham Benjamin F, trav agent, res 24 Home ave.
Tinkham Clyde P, dentist, res 144 W De Wald.
Tinkham Miss Cora, clerk, bds 219 W Main.
Tinkham Frank, clerk J P Tinkham, bds 219 W Main.
Tinkham John P, coal, 120 W Main, res 219 same.
Tinkham Melvin W, student, bds 24 Home ave.
Tirk Edward, pipe liner Salamonie Mining and Gas Co, bds

43^ Columbia.
Titus Charles H, fireman, res e a Franklin ave 1 s of Hio'h.
Titus Philip, engineer, res 32 Gay.

George Jaap,;f J

rat'tor and Doaler in SILLS, CAPS,



pi L II ' ' L l-eatllnff Dealers In Al

Mann & He nr Cni "'^'''' -^""^ i*KArG«

VlUllli VX HUIimUMj ^^jE^XS. 116 Calhouu

lieadln;; Dealers In ARTISTS' ::»IATE«



Titus Roger, plasterer, bds 248 Calhoun.

Titus Theodore, engineer, res 130 Buchanan.

Tivoli Garden, cor Spy Run ave and Emily.

Tobias Isaac W, driver Fort Wayne Street Railroad Co, res

4 Melita.
Tobias Oscar, carpenter, bds 192 E Wa^^ne.
Todd Charles S, fireman, bds 103 Wilt.
Todd Frederick E, clerk J J Jenkinson, bds 186 Jackson.
Todd Ida, domestic 251 W Main.
Todd James, teamster, res 64 W Wayne.
Todd John S, flagman Penn Co, res 5S John.
Todd Mills, domestic 127 E Washington,
Todd Samuel L, res s s New Haven road near Section line.
Todd Warner W, genl car inspector Penn Co, bds Aveline

Todd W J, laborer Penn Co, res 230 Lafayette.
Toedtman Christina (wid Henry C), res 292 S Harrison.
Toedtman Frederick C, clerk L Schmidt & Co, bds 292 S Har-
Toedtman Henry F, elk BR Noll & Co, bds 292 S Harrison.
Toedtman Miss Lizzie, bds 292 S Harrison.
Toenges, see also Tonges.
Toenges Frederick, laborer, res 63 Buchanan.
Toenges Frederick W, shoemaker H Busking, res 17 Summit.
Toenges Henry, car builder Penn Co, res 212 E Lewis.
Toensing Henry E (Meinzen & Toensing), res e s Canal 2 n

of E Wayne.
Toerge Wra, toolmaker Ft Wayne Electric Co, res 83 Nird-

linirer ave.
Tolan Miss Alice, bds 62 W De Wald.

Tolan Brentwood S, architect, 108 Calhoun, bds 62 De Wald.
Tolan Charles B, clerk Kerr-Murray Mnfg Co, bds 62 W De-

Tolan Frank C, printer Ft Wayne News, bds 62 W DeWald.
Tolan Hattie T (wid Thomas J), res 62 W De Wald.
Toler JflTor-i'in E, laliorer, res cor Lafayette and Piqua ave.
Toler Jefferson V, teamster, bds J E Toler.
Tombaugh Daniel, laborer, res 38 Miner.
Tombaugh Thomas C, laborer, res 108 W Creighton ave.
Tomkinson Albert, plumber Robert Ogden, res s s Cochran

2 w of Coombs.
Tonges, ste also Toenges.

Tonges Wm, mason, res n w cor Holton ave and Maud.
Tonk August, laborer, res 84 Van Buren.
Tonne Frederick W J, foreman boiler shop Fort Wayne Iron

Works, res 354 E Washincrton.

L HULL ^^'* Psiperand Decorations


M. F. Kaag tl

Low Prices, at No. 5 East Colambia St.

524 E. L. POLK & co.'s

Tonne Helen, bds So-t E Washington.

Tonne Julius, foreman, res '454 K Washington.

Tons Gustav A, coil winder Fort Wayne Electric Co, res w s

Miner 3 n of Ferguson ave.
Tons Miss Lvdia, clerk L P Sharp, b.ls 75 W DeWald.
Tons ]Minnie"(wid Henry), bds 75 W DeWald.
Tonsing Henry, helper Penn Co, bds 98 Montgomery.
Tonsing Henry E (Borcherding & Tonsing), res s e cor Canal

and Erie.
Tonsing Wru, carpenter, bds 1 Tam.
Toohy Patrick, res 43 Melita.
Toomey Thomas, laborer, res 44 Baker.
Torrence George K, real estate and notary public, 80 Calhoun,

res 41^ W Berry.
Touey Anna A, domestic 15 Holraan.
Tourge Wm, engineer, res 60 Greene.
Tousley Abner B, brakeraan, bds 104 Ewing.
Tower Alexander M, machinist Penn Co, res 25 Williams.
Tower Floyd, machinist Penn Co, res 164 Brackenridge.
Tower Miss Frances E, teacher, bds 103 W Berry.
Tower Frank M, paperhanger Renner, Cratsley & Co, res 126

W Main.
Towns Nelson, wks Jenney Electric Light and Power Co,

bds 84 W Main.
Towns Sylvester, foreman Jenney Electric Light and Power

Co, res 84 W Main.
Towsley Edgar A, foreman East End Street Car Bam, rea 419

E Washington.
Tracey Thomas, fireman, bds 12 St ]\Lary*s ave.
Tracy Asbury, section hand, res cor Queen and Abbott.
Tracy John A, section hand, res s s Pontiac 3 e of Walton.
Tracy Rosa J, boxraaker W H Davis, bds 248 E Jefferson.
Trader August, stone cutter, res 525 E Wayne.
Trader Clara, seamstress, bds 525 E Wayne.
Trainer George J, helper, res 208 E Lewis.
Trainer John, rms 36 Baker.
Trarbach Charles, res 568 Lafayette.
Trarbach Frederick, machine hand, bds 568 Lafayette.
Trarbach. Gustav A, blacksmith helper Penn Co, bds 568 La-
Tratschz Herman, laborer Hoffman Bros, bds 168 N Main.
Traub Carrie, clerk Frank & Co, bds 221 E Wayne,
Traub Louis, cutter A L Johns & Co, res 221 E Wayne.
Traub Louisa, packer Louis Fox <fc Bro, bds 221 E Wayne.
Traub Rose, clerk Eleanor Kratzch, bds 102 Butler.
Traub Sophia, dressmaker, 17 Duryea, bds same.

JF Plinp A^Ieals at all Hours, Day and Night.


E. F. Sites

Calhoun St.,

I Fuar Doors North of \>'afne.



Traub Tillie, clerk Frank & Co, bds 221 E Wayne.
Trauerraan Isaac (L Dessauer & Co), res 92 W Mam.
Trautraann Emma, bds 120 E Wayue.
Trautmann Frederick J, expressman, res 115 Wilfc.
Trautraann George, liack driver Fort Wayne Transfer and

BajTffaire Line, bds 120 E Wayne.
Trautmann Henry J W, driver Fort Wayne Transfer and

Baggage Line, bds 120 E Wayne.
Trautraann°John, policeman, res 120 E Wayne.
Trautraann Louisa, elk B Guterrauth^ bds 120 E Wayne.
Trautraann Wm, laborer, bds 115 Wilt.
Travers Martin, machinist Penn Co, res 133 Holman.
Travers Marv, domestic Planna homestead.
Travis James A, brakeman Penn Co, res s e cor Winter and

E Creighton ave.
Travis Patrick, real estate, res 161 Holman.
Travis Peter C, conductor Penn Co, bds 58 Baker.
Traxler Daniel C, elk Adams Exp Co, res 400 E Washington.
Traxler Wm. rms 26 Court.
Trainer John W, foreman, res 279 W Creighton ave.
Trainer Roy, bds 279 W Creighton ave. , . , o^

Treaster Harry R, wagonmkr Olds' Wagon Works, bds 137

Calhoun. .

Treat James W, engineer, res 275 W Washington.
Trebra Lizzie, domestic 38 Summit. _,

Trebra Robert, blksraith helper Penn Co, bds 194 Madison,
Treep Frank H, wall paper, 68 E Main, res 250 E Jefferson.
Treese Annie, wks Troy Steara Laundry, bds 396 Broadway.
Treese Geor^re A, checker Wabash R R, bds 396 Broadway.
Treese Jame^s, truckman Wabash R R, res :39G Broadway.
Treese Rosa, wks Troy Steam Laundry, bds 396 Broadway.
Treiber Susan, domestic Harailton horaestead.
Trerable Anna M (wid Jacob), res 556 Hanna.
Tremble Jacob, laborer, bds 241 Barr.
Tremmel Anna, operator Hoosier Mnfg Co, bds 34 l^orce.
Treramel August, driver Hook and Ladder Co ]So 2, res 120

Treramel Charles, driver Philip Graf, bds 401 Lafayette.
Treramel Conrad, teamster, res 515 Hanna.
Tremmel John, raolder Kerr-Murray Mnfg Co, bds 515 Hanna.
Tremmel John, policeman, res n w cor Berry and Grithtfa.
Tremmel Peter, driver, bds 556 Hanna.
Tremmel Philip, conductor Penn Co, res 100 \\ allace.
Tremmel Rickie, operator Hoosier Mnfg Co bds 3 "t Force.
Trenam Miss Anna M, teacher Hoagland School, bds 16- W










e o









JohnF. Eby cl Co. °B Prinisrs, Oatroil.


Rnhpl*? ^niPP ^^^^rworks and General Plumbing,

nUUCi 1 0|JIUUJ 48 \Ve»,t ?Iaiii and 11 Pearl Streets,
526 E. L. POLK & 00. 's

Trenam George E, clerk Penn Co, bds 162 W Main.

Trenam 3Iary (wid George), res 162 W Main.

Trenary Broad, driver Fort Wayne City Railroad Co, bds 101

Glasgow ave.
Trenkley Celestine (Trenkley & Scherzinger), res 106 W

Trenkley Sc Sclierzill§-er (Celestine Trenkley,

Primus Scherzinger), Watches, Clocks and Jewelry, 78

Treiltllian All^lli^t C, Wholesale Groceries, Notions

and Liquors, 111 to 119 Calhoun, res 72 W Wayne.
Trentman Bernard, shipping clerk A C Trentman, res 330

Trentman Bernard H, res 161 E Wayne.

Trentman Bernard J, grocer, res e s Calhoun 2 s of Pontiac.
Trentman Block, e s Calhoun bet Berry and Wayne.
Trentman Miss Carrie, bds 72 W Wayne.
Trentman Edward A, bds 161 E Wayne.
Trentman Miss Mary, bds 72 W Wayne.
Trepera Jarolim, jeweler, 140 Broadway, res same.
Treseler Henry, dry goods, 108 Barr, res 152 Ewing.
Tresselt Charles A, bookkeeper Meyer Bros & Co, res 88 E

Tresselt Christian (C Tresselt & Sons), res 55 E Jefferson.
Tresselt C & Sous (Christian, Oscar W and Herman

C), Proprs City Flouring Mills and Elevator; Dealers in

Grain, Flour, Seeds, Salt, etc, cor Clinton and Nickel

PUte R R.
Tresselt Frederick T, clerk C Tresselt & Sons, bds 55 E Jef-
Tresselt Henry, car builder Penn Co, res 53 Melita.
Tresselt Herman, taxidermist, 83 N Cass, bds same.
Tresselt Herman C (C Tresselt & Sons), res 50 Oak.
Tresselt Oscar W (C Tresselt & Sons), bds 55 E Jefferson.
Tribus Joseph, bookkeeper Louis Wolf, res e s Ewing 2 s of

Trier John C, driver Pfeitler ct Schlatter, bds 294 E Lewis.
Trier Wm, carpenter, bds 77 W Superior.
Trimble E Rebecca, seamstress, bds 397 S Broadway.
Trimble Marion, conductor, res 138 E Lewis.
Trimble xMaud, bds 138 E Lewis.
Trimble Samuel, res 397 S Broadway.
Trinity English Lutliernii Cliurcli, Rev Samuel

Wagenhals Pastor, s w cor Clinton and Wayne. •

Trinity Episcopal Church, s w cor W Berry and Fulton.
Trinity M E Church, n e cor Cass and 4th.

I li iXdag SAUCERS, at No. 5 East Columbia St.

Sewing Machines,Shears*Pfelffer& Schlatter
— and Pocket Knive s, — » 38 & 40 E. Columbia.


Trisch I J, dressraaker, 96 Wells, res same.

Triskett Charles A, clerk McDonald, Watt & Wilt, res 2

Piqua road.
Tri-State Building and Loan Association, George W Pixlev

pres, A D Crussler vice-pres, C A Wilding sec, Joseph W

Bell treas, 13 and 14 Pixley & Long bldg.
Tritschler Charles, plumber, bd's 7 Fulton.
Tritscbler John P, res 7 Fulton.
Trone Henry, boarding house, 43^ E Columbia.
Trosen Harry, helper, res 225 John,
Trott Harry, machine hand American Wheel Co, bds 197

Trott Rudolph, painter, res 197 Jackson.
Trout John, laborer, bds 27 E 1st.

Trout Monroe, lab South Wayne Brick Co, bds 26 Thompson.
Troutner John, farmer, res 320 E Jefferson.
Troutner Nettie, bds 320 E Jefferson.
Trowbridge Addison, res 75 E Jefferson.
Trowbridge George E, stereotyper Fort Wayne Newspaper

Union, bds 75 E Jefferson.
Trowbridge Wm M, carpenter, bds Lake Shore Hotel.
Troxell Charles O, miller Monning & Baker, res 24 E Wash-

Troy steam Lauiidry, F L Jones & Co Proprs, 48

and 50 Pearl. {See left bottom lines.)
True Frederick C, teamster, bds G J True.
True George J, teamster, res w s Piqua ave 1 s of Rudisill av.
Truebenbach Henry, butcher, res 170 Brackenridge.
Truebenbach 3Ioritz, carpenter, res 98 Harrison.
Truesdalo Richard, fireman, res 104 Fairfield ave.
Trumbauer James M, cigarmkr C A Berndt, res 93 E Lewis.
Trumbull Charles, laborer, res s s Rebecca w of Runnion av.
Trythall James, forgeman Penn Co, r-s 43 E Butler.
Tuckey Gardner J, conductor, res 306 Hanna.
Tuersclimann Paul, coreraaker Bass Foundry and Machine

A\ urks, bds oi) j FurcL-.
Tulley George W, foreman, bds 43 W Williams.
Tumbleson Eliza (wid Joseph), bds 164 Harrison.
Tumbleson Walter H, insurance agent, res 164 Harrison.
Tunghans Edwin, carpenter, res n "w cor Harrison and Allen.
Turkopp August, waiter C Entemann.
Turman Furney (col'd), waiter, res s s Hayden bet Ohio and

Turner Annie E (wid Wm W), bds 177 W Superior.
Turner Charles W, laborer Penn Co, bds 377 Hanna.
Turner Delia, bds 65 W Lewis.

John F. Ebv & Co. ^ook and job printers

1^ Willi I I k.UJ VA/ VUlJ fl5an(107W.CO.'fOBt;SSST.,Ot:rKOir.

A. FOSTER, Merchani Tai!or,'wrway„7i"t;

528 E. L. POLK. & co.'s

Turner Frank, clerk, bcls 377 Hanna.

Turner George, res 18 Chicago.

Tunier James A, bookkeeper L C Zollinger, bds 65 W Lewis.

Turner Jolin, res 23 Elm.

Turner Levi, res 65 W Lewis.

Turner Wm, engineer, res 377 Hanna.

Turner Wm H, laborer C L Centlivre, bds Edsall House.

Tuttle Myron E, ti'ain despatcher Penn Co, res 333 Lafay-

Tuttle Theodore, blacksmith, w s Spy Run ave 2 n of Ran-
dolph, res 21 W 4th.

Tuttle Worthy E, musician, bds 21 W 4th.

Twimiller Joseph, brewer, bds 30 Schick.

Twomey Edward J, deputy county clerk, rms 159 E Lewis.

Tyger, see also Tigur.

Tyger Charles W, elk Charles Falk & Co, bds 69 N Cass.

Tyger Kate A, bds 69 N Cass.

Tyger Morton B, student, bds 69 N Cass.

Tyger Philip C, engineer, res 69 N Cass.

Tyler Miss Anna O, bds John Orff.

Tyler Charles J,carriage painter MAlbrecht,bds 31 Pritchard.

Tyler Frank, driver, bds 31 Pritchard.

Tyler James F, carpenter, res 31 Pritchard.

Tyler John L, teacher in writing Public Schools, res 391

Tyler Percy A, flagman Penn Co, bds 31 Pritchard.

Tyler Royal A, laborer G K Hubbard, bds 31 Pritchard.

Tyrrell Frank D, asst supt W^abash R R shops, res 250 W
Creightou ave.

Tyson Caroline (wid Enoch), bds 54 Oliver,


Uebelhoer Frederick, bds 169 Brackenridge.

TJebelhoor John, tinsmith PfMin Co, ros IGO Brackenridge.

L'ebelhoer Louise E (wid Philip), res Gs E Main.

Uebelhoer Mollie, dressmaker, bds C8 E Main.

Uebelhoer Roland W, watclies, 68 E Main, bds same.

Uebelhoer Sophia, dressmaker, bds 68 E Main.

Ueber Joseph, helper Penn Co, bds 231 Barr.

Uetrecht Frederick, carpenter, bds 230 Harmer.

Uhl Albert, raolder Kerr-Murray Miifg Co, bds 252 E Wayne.

Ulenhake Henry, switchman, res 43 Boone.

Ulery Eliza (wid John), res 332 W Main.

Ulmer Christian, driver, bds Theodore S L^lmer.

Ulnier Chri.>ii;ui, laborer Win cc ,1 J Gc-akc, res 191 Oakland.

Troy Steam Laundry '^''i«VV(^!;ti:,^X:'*^^'-






Ulmer Christopher F, driver Fort Wayne Street Railroad Co,

res 73 Melita. ^
Ulmer Emma, domestic 200 W Berry.
Ulmer Gustav, driver Adams Exp Co, bds 106 Lafayette.

Ulmer Theodore S, engineer Root & Co, res n a Prospect p^j

ave 3 e of Spy Run ave. . .

Ulrecht Herman, carpenter, bds 203 Gay. ^"^^

Ulrecbt J Henry, car builder Penn Co, res 203 Gay. ^^

Ulrey Mrs Sophie, bds 37 Wilt. *S

Ulrich Emil, lab Bass Foundry and Machine Works, res 16 po

University. ^^

Ulrich John, laborer Penn Co, res 237 Gay. ^^^

Urastead Elizabeth (wid John), res 509 E Washington. g*^

Umstead Pollen, bds 509 E Washington. J^Z

Ullistcail Ilarry D, Mnf r and Dealer in Men's and Boys' C^

Fine Shoes; Repairing a Specialty, 283 Calhoun, res 18 ^^ '

Murray. {See adv in classified JBoots and Shoes.) ^^3

Umstead Mary, tailor, bds 509 E Washington. T^ .

Underbill Alonzo E, driver Foster Furniture Co, I'es a w cor ' -^^J

Maud and Holton ave. j-s^

Underbill Elliot S, with Underbill's Monumental Works, res ^3

159 Hanna. ^^

Underbill Frank W, mngr Underbill's Monumental Works, ?y3

res 87 Wilt. - ^ —

Underbill Harriet (wid Phineas S), bds 109 W Washington. > ^
Underbill's Monumental Wks, F W Underbill mngr, 82 Barr. % ^
Underwood Thomas J, laborer, res 204 Francis. a ^

Ungemach J Henry, teacher St Paul's German Lutheran 2

School, res 15 Madison. S O"

Unger Ferdinand, tinsmith Penn Co, res s s W Creighton j^

ave 2 e of Broadway. ® m

Unger Frank A, laborer, bds 288 Calhoun. '^ ■

Unger Frederick G, laborer, bds Ferdinand Unger. J^ p..

Unger Gottlieb, meter repairer Fort Wayne Gas Light Co, i J^

res 117 Wells. S m

Unger John G, machine hand Fort Wayne Electric Co, bds ». 1

For.liiiaiul Unger. • ^ — ,

Unger John S, engineer Western Gas Construction Co, rms o ■*-

26 Pixley & Long bldg. ^ fTl

Ungerer George, carpenter, res 49 Stophlet. ? JO

Ungerer George L, pressman Fort Wayne News, bds 49 -j q^

Stophlet. f" <^

Ungerer Wm F, feeder Archer, Housh «&Co, bds 49 Stophlet. * pj
Union Block, n w cor ]\Iain and Clinton. 5; nn

IJiiioiiCi;;ar Box ^Inti^ and Job Printing Co, ^ q

Ruesewald & Didion Proprs, 49 E Main. ^ ,

John F. Eby k Co,


tlo and u; W. tou!,'re>.s St., ItKIUUlT.

Inhn PrPQQJpr Galvanized Iron Cornices and Slate Roofing

JUIIIl i lUdOlulJ Columbia, Barr and Dock Sir<<-iH.

530 B. L. POLK & CO.'S

Union Line, F N Kollock Agent, 79 Calhoun.

Union Pacific Tea and Coffee Store, 102 Calhoun.

United Brethren Church, s w cor Boone and Fry.

"United States Bakings Co, The Fox Branch, Louis

Fox Mngr, n e cor Calhoun and Jefferson.
United States Express Co, C B Beaver Agent, 79

Unker Ludwig, laborer Weil Bros & Co, bds 1 Oak.
Updegraff Miss Josephine, teacher Washington School, bds

34 Douglas ave.
Updegraff ^liss Sarah, asst Central Grammar School, bds 34

Douglas ave.
Uplegger, see also Oppliger.

Uplegger Charles, guard city jail, res 146 Broadway.
Uplegger Louis, barber, 45 \Vells, bds 9 Marion.
Upraeyer Henry H G, clerk Henry Treseler, res 108 Barr.
Upmeyer Mrs Mary J, bds 294 W Washington.
Upmeyer Wm, laborer Jenney Electric Light and Power Co^

bds 43| E Columbia.
Uran John G, conductor, res 47 St Mary's ave.
Urbahns August E, flagman, bds 2S2 W Berry.
Urbahns C Emil, tel operator N Y, C & St L R R, bds 282 W

Urbahns Elizabeth (wid John), res 282 W Berry.
Urbahns Ferdinand D, bds 282 W Berry.
Urbahns F Wm, despatcher N Y, C & St L R R, bds 282 W

^ Urban Philip, servant J F W Meyer.

Urbine Addie, wks Troy Steam Laundry, bds 19 W Jefferson.
Urbine James, clerk Clever Bros Sc Co, res 52 E Williams.
Urbine Nora, wks Troy Steam Laundry, bds 19 W Jefferson.
Usler Christian, machine hand Fort Wavne Organ Co, bds

518 Fairfield ave.

Vachon Frank A, teamster, res 22 W 3d.

Vachon John, laborer, res 135 Wallace!

Vachon Joseph, laborer, bds 89 W DeWald.

Vachon Richard, bds 292 Hanna.

Vachon T Alfred, machine hand Olds' Wagon Works, bds 91

E Washington.
Vachon Wm PI, car builder Penn Co, bds 292 Hanna.
Vachon Zachariah, res 292 Hanna.
Valenti Anton, fruits, res 12 Lafayette.
Valentine Charles F, car builder Penn Co, res 16 Bass. •

The Gospel Tidinp, i

>on-V(ftarian ISoll^riout* l*»il>Hra-

Office in Fo8t«r Block, -d Floor, Ft. Wayue, Ind..

Stahn & lleinficti,!!!l!:!,l™f««"ii™«!^


Valroff August, plumber A Hattersley & Sons, res 90 E Main.

Van Allen John, laborer, res 127 W Superior.

Van Allen John H, hackraan, res 48 N Cass.

Van Alstine Ellen (wid Wm), res 17 Jones.

Van Alstine ]Miss Lettie A, teacher Washington School, bds

17 Jones.
Van Alstine Perry, brakeman, res 241 Barr,
Van Ausdall Garret, barn man Bass Foundry and Machine

Works, res 33 Gay.
Van Ausdall Mamie, bds 33 Gay.

Van Buskirk Aaron E, physioiaa, 416 Calhoun, res same.
Van Camp Mrs Henrietta, res 36 Hamilton.
Vance Charles, bds 1S6 W Berry.
Vance Mary J (wid Lawrence M), bds 186 W Berry.
Vancura Jacob, machine hand Fort Wayne Organ Co, res 25

Vanderford Charles E, carpenter Louis Diether & Bro, res

106 Madison.
Vanderlast Herman, painter Rear & Bugert, bds 199 Broad-
Van Der Water Charles, laborer, res 129 Wells.
Vandewater Mary, domestic 391 Fairfield ave.
Van Fleet Ralph A, trav salesman, res 56 Douglas ave.
Vangorder Charles H, engineer, res 182 Greely.
Van Meter Eugene, laborer, res e s Grant ave 2 s of Penn.
Van Meter Mary (wid Wra), res 431 E Washington.
Vanosdale Benjamin, lab Heller & Bottenberg, res 33 Smith.
Van Osdale George, section hand, bds 33 Smith.
Van Osdale Laura, dressmaker, 33 Smith, bds same.
Van Osdale Wm }>[, fireman, res 30 1 Lafayette.
Van Slyke Ira }>[, conductor, res 51 Butler.
Van Slyke Rev Wm M, pastor Berry Street M E Church, res

26 W Berry.
Van Tilburg Emmons, engineer, res 407 W Main.
Van Tilburg Gacrie, molder Indiana Machine Works, bds 407

W ^fain.
Van Valkcnlnirg Frank H, trav agent, bds Aldine Hotel.
Van Vleet Miss Lanie, bds 66 W Jefferson.
Van Winkle Charles B, traveling agent, res 114 Lafayette.
Van Winkle Isaac, res 114 Lafayette.
Van Winkle Miss Mary E, bds 114 Lafayette.
Varner George W, painter, res 23 Holman.
Vaseraar Sophie, domestic 248 W Wayne.
Vasen Philip, plumber James Madden, bds 177 Griffith.
Vaughan Warren, res 45 Grand.
Vaughn Martin C, painter, res 3 Bass.

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