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MP !/q20' Sells table cutlery and spoons at
I li ivdClgj Lowest Prices, at No. 5 E. Columbia St.

i. L. Barkley,

^-W?«&-jf?5V-'. .;.,




532 R. L, POLK & CO. S

Vegalies Catherine (wid Jacob), res w s Franklin ave 1 n of

Veidel Conrad, helper Kerr-Murray Mnfg Co, res 80 Hayden.

Veit August, carpenter, bds 3 7 Wabash ave.

Veit Charles, laborer, Ixls 3 7 Wabash ave.

Veit Minnie, bds 37 Wabash ave.

Veit Philip, res 37 Wabash ave.

Veith Frank, horseshoer, 50 Barr, re's same.

Veith's Hall, 267 E Wayne.

Veith Joseph, bds 265 E Wayne.

Veith Mary, bds 265 E Wayne.

Veith Peter, res 265 E Wayne.

Veith Wra, laborer Penn Co, bds 265 E Wayne.

Verdilla George, cigarmaker, bds 11 ^Eelita.

Vernetzki Joseph, laborer, res 61 John.

Vernor, see Vomer.

Vesey Wra J (Randall &; Vesey), res 90 Thorn-pson ave.

Vetter Andrew, baker J H Scliwieters, bds 41 E Columbia.

Viberg Axigusta (wid Harmon), res 23 Douglas ave.

ViberiV CiJeorg^e II. Sheriff, Court House, res County Jail.

Viberg George L, machinist Kerr-Murray Mnfg Co, bds 23
Douglas ave.

Viberg Miss Mattie, teacher, bds 23 Douglas ave.

Viberg Mollie H, clerk G De Wald & Co, bds 23 Douglas.

Vincent Edward L, laborer C L Centlivre, res 37 Barr.

Vincent Fannie (wid Gustav), janitor, 20 W Berry, res 28 E

Vincent Frank M, painter, L O Hull, res 16 Laselle.

Vincent James, finisher French, Hannact Co, bds 105 Lafay-

Vincent John, laborer, bds 28 Melita.

Vincent Wm, laborer Wra 3Ioellering & Co, res w s Lafay-
ette 12 8 of Pontiac.

Vining John, bds John Vining jr.

Vining John jr, brickinaker A McKernan, res n w cor Glas-
gow avu and MauiiiLe read.

Violand Joseph, carpenter, res 11 Euclid ave.

Violand Milla (wid Louis), res 340 E Wayne.

Violet Henry, laborer, res 19 Penn.

Virgil Rev Almon, bds 70 Harrison.

Virgil Anna E (wid Thomas S), res 70 Harrison.

Vizard Anthony, blacksmith Kerr-Murray Mnfg Co, bds 47

Vizard Thomas, laborer, bds 30 Melita.

Vobay Victor, market stall 49, res e s Auburn road n of city

Tho Qiomnn Wall Danor Pn ^'■'<"'""'''> '''^^^J"® ^""^*p*''"*^'°-' ^*"''

llIC OIClllUII lldll rd{JCI UU. frs in ArtislsMlaterials.anJ Sole Agents of
Soale'i (Boston) Photoi^raphir i:<>pro<Iuct!oa8 of Works of Art. 191 Calhouo Street.

•^ 'T w.v i' .i . Vi '; v ■- ■ JH^.^/ii.^ i i . ii.v ^t^

'<■' V .•^•f^''^J!>wvT.i

Fine Commercial Printing, !^w^





Vodde Bernardina (wid Frederick F), res 430 E Washington.
Vodde Wm, laborer, bds 55 Lillie.

Vodenheimer Samuel, works^Liggett Bros, rms 5 N Harrison.
Voelker Frederick, car inspector Penn Co, res s s Chestnut 1

e of Warren.
Yogel Henry A, asst supt Fort Wayne Organ Co, bds Aldine ■■■

Hotel. 3

Vogel Veronica (wid Frank B), bds 324 Calhoun. i^

Vogel Wra C, tuner Fort Wayne Organ Co, res 160 W ^

Washington, ^T

Vogelgesang Ferdinand, laborer, res 1 Hanover. CO

Vogely Andrew, blacksmith, s w cor Maumee road and Ohio,

res 52 Oak.
Vogely Wm, stone rubber Ft Wayne Steam Stone Works, «p

res 157 W Main. - ^

Vogler Mrs Albertina, res 159 Madison. OJ

Vogler Miss Anna, bds 159 Madison. w j

Vogler Edward, tailor Thieme Bros, bds 22 W Main.
Vogler Julius, washing machines, bds 159 Madison.
Vogler Theodore P, grocer, 231 E Jefferson, res 161 same.
Vogtlin Henry, butcher Bernhard Weber, bds 121 Calhoun.
Voigt Herman, mason, res 72 Oakley.

Voirol Edward G, porter G E Bursley & Co, res 24 W 5th.
Voirol Emma, bds 244 Calhoun.

Voirol Frank A, watchmaker F J Voirol, res 244 Calhoun.
Voirol Frank J, watches, 244 Calhoun, res u s Suttenfield 2

of Clinton. D9

Voirol John J, laborer C L Centlivre, bds 244 Calhoun. S3

Voirol JosL'ph, fireman, res 147 E Jefferson. >©d

Voirol Louis, cigarniaker, bds Lake Shore Hotel. ?25,

Voirol Mary, bds 244 Calhoun.
VoUand Charles H, clerk, bds 279 W Washington.
Volland Henry (H Volland & Sons), res 279 W Washington. JJfl
Volland Henrv J (H Volland & Sons), res 17 Sturgis. . ^z^

Volland PI & Sons (Henry, John G, Wm G and Henry J) 3;^

proprs Volland Mills an<l de:"i!ers in tiour, grain and mill f s 2

feed, 14 W Columbia. ""S

Volland John G (H Volland & Sons), bds 2 79 W Washington. ^r>
Volland :\Iills, H Volland & Sons proprs, 14 W Columbia. ^"^
Volland Wm G (H Volland & Sons),bds 279 W Washington, s - ^
Vollmer Emma, clerk L Wolf & Co, bds 195 W Main. ~ ^Z^

Vollmer Frederick C (Fremion & Vollmer), res 166 Holman. H^S
Vollmer Louisa (wid Daniel), res 195 W Main. "p"

Vollmer Wra, clerk Renner, Cratsley & Co, bds 195 W Main. Bs»?
Vollmer Wm F, painter, res 168 Holman. e3s

Vollmerding Frederick, clerk Root S: Co, res 63 Hugh. 2?"^






534 R. L. POLK & co.'s

Vollriede Christian, niglit watchman J C Peters, res 3 Polk.

Volz Anthony, laborer, res e s Ilanna 2 s of Eckart.

Volz Anthony, polisher, res 558 Hanna.

Volz Baltzer, laborer, bds 558 Hanna.

Volz Henry, laborer Penn Co, res 19 Chestnut.

Volz Henry jr, molder Bass Foundry and Machine Works, bds
Henry Volz,

Volz Jacob, machine hand American Wheel Co, res 150 E
Creighton ave.

Volz Ulrich, laborer, bds 558 Hanna.

Von Behrens Ferdinand, carpenter, res 68 Nelson.

Vonfange Henry, cigarmaker H W Ortmann, bds 63 Baker.

Voorheis Peter V, agent Prudential Life Insurance Co, res
200 E Washington.

Voors Edward, machine hand, bds 175 Wells.

Voors John G, res 1 75 Wells.

Voors John G jr, saloon, 574 E Washington, res 572 same.

Vordermark Alice, teacher, bds 301 E Washington.

Vordermark Annie, bds 301 E Washington.

Vordermark Christina (wid Ernest), res Vordermark home-

Vordermark Ernest, rimmer, res n w cor Warren and New
Haven ave.

Vordermark E & Sons (John W and Henry P), boots and
shoes, 32 Calhoun.

Vorderraark's Grove, s s Maumee road 1 e of Glasgow ave.

Vordei'mark Harry, bds s e cor Walton ave and Maumee rd.

Vordermark Henry P (E Vordermark & Sons), res s e cor
Maumee road and Walton ave.

Vordermark John W (E Vordermark & Sons), res 301 E

Vordermark Kate, bds 301 E Washington.

Vordermark Miss Lillie, bds cor Walton ave and Maumee rd.

Vore Cara, laborer, bds 27 E 1st.

Vore Wm A, mach Indiana Maciiine Works, bds 2 Centre.

Voss Louis, bds 99 Summit.

Votrio Albert, laborer A ^li'Krrnan. lids Wm A Smith. '

Votrie Frank J, laborer Wm ^loellering & Co, res w 3 Lafay-
ette 6 s of Pontiac.

Votrie James, laborer, bds w s Lafayette 6 s of Pontiac.

Votry Alexander, laborer, res 206 Broadway.

Voughley Peter, drayman, bds 53 Walnut.

Vought John, bds 38^9 E Wayne.

Vought Wm S, real estate, 18 Schmitz blk, res 389 E Wayne.

Vreeland Henry S, mngr carpet dept Root & Co, res 186 Clay.

Vreeland Maud, bds 180 Clay.


fii\i Mirrors, Chromes, Easels, Etc. 181 Calhoun St.

Mrs. E. A. Flagler "»£^^ 5y.LL,-N£r.v sissK-rn

Cbeapest, Best and Itlost Fai«hloa-
J Town. 14 West Berry Street,


Wabash Railroad, master mechanic's office cor Fairfield ave
and Wabash R R; })assenger and freight depot cor Cal-
houn and Wabash R R.

W acker Anton, molder Bass Foundry and Machine Works,
res 8 8 Pontiac 1 w of Hanna.

Wackerraan John M (Wackerman & Wilkin), bds 91 Mont-

Wackerman & Wilkin (John M Wackerman, Oliver P Wil-
kin), barbers, 222 Calhoun,

Wackmiller John, tool keeper Fort Wayne Electric Co, res
51 Home ave.

Waddington Benjamin C, painter, res 158 Holman,

Waddington Rosanna (wid Wra), bds 158 Holman,

Wade Bridget, bds 172 Holman,

Wade Frederick M, clerk Wabash R R, bds 378 Calhoun.

Wade John, machinist, bds 172 Holman,

Wade Julia, bds 172 Holman.

Wade Miss Margaret A, teacher Hanna School, bds 1 72 Hol-

Wade Maria (wid James), res 172 Holman.

Wade Patrick S, messenger, res 140 Holman,

Wadge Etta (wid Richard), bds 143 Montgomery.

Wadge George, wool sorter, res 170 Montgomery.

Wadge Miss Georgina, teacher Clay School, bds 170 Mont-

Wadge Minnie, bds 143 Montgomery,

Wadge Wm, carpenter, res 143 ^lontgomery,

Wadge Wm H, clerk, bds 137 E Berry,

Waener George, baker, res 85 Buchanan.

Wafel, see also Wefel.

Wafel Wm, carpenter, bds 32 Colerick,

Wageraan Bernard, car repairer Penn Co, res Strawberry ave,

Wagenian Geortje, painter, res 165 Wells,

Wageman Henry, car repairer Penn Co, res Strawberry ave,

Wageman John, laborer, res 133 Franklin ave,

Was^Clllial!!^ Kev Samuel, Pastor Trinity English
Lutheran Church, res 54 E W.ayne.

Waggoner Robert T, driver Hook and Ladder Co No 1, res
65 Clinton,

Wagner Catherine (wid John), res 140 W Jefferson,

Wagner Charles, hostler, bds 309 W Washington,

Wagner Christina, domestic A Aehnelt,

Wagner Edward F, carpenter, bds 45 Butler,

Flpptinn ^linq Heailqijartiirs for PERFECT SLIPS


A. FOSTER, Merchant Tailor,^wa7nTir

536 B. L. POLK & co.'s

Wagner Ella J, bds 140 W Jefferson.

Wagner Eva, domestic 207 W Berry.

Wagner Frederick, laborer C L Centlivre, res 27 Randolph.

Wagner George E, engineer, res 154 E Lewis.

Wagner Henry, laborer Bass Foundry and 3Iachine Works,

res 5 Edgerton.
Wagner Henry E, carpenter, res 109 E Creigliton ave.
Wagner Herman, laborer, bds Washington House.
Wagner John, carpenter, 45 Butler, res same.
Wagner John B, machinist, bds 140 W Jefferson.
Wagner John C, pianos, 27 W Main, bds 238 E Jefferson.
Wagner John C, road master, res 35 N Calhoun.
Wagner John H, fireman, bds 35 N Calhoun.
Wa§^ner John T, Propr Union Saloon, Coffee House

and Restaurant; Orders Served at All Hours: All Kinds

of Wines and Liquors, 7 E Main, res 186 W Main.
Wagner Julian, carpenter, res \v s Piqua ave 3 s of Rudisill.
Wagner Louis, laborer Bass Foundry and Machine Works,

res 238 Gay.
Wagner Philip, bartender J T Wagner, bds 186 W Main.
Wagner Philip, molder Bass Foundry and Machine Works,

res e s Lake ave nr Tecumseh.
Wagner Rudolph, laborer, res 330 Force;
Wagner Susan, packer Louis Fox & Bro, bds 186 W Main.
Wagner Wm C, helper A Hattersley & Sons, bds 35 N Cal-
Wagner Wm W, telegraph operator G R & I R R, rms 209

Wagoner Austin E, carpenter Penn Co, res s s Leith 1 w of

Wagoner Franciska (wid Henry G), res 26 E Washington.
Wah Thomas, machinist, bds ^lonroe House.
IVah Kee & Co (Wah Kee, James Lanyon), Chinese

Goods and Laundry, S W Wayne. {See adv, p 67.)
Wahl Henry, turner, res Leikauf's Packing House.
Wah Lung, lauudiy, 104 Broadway, res same.
Wahrenbur^ Frederick, car buildur Peiin Ci*, res 12 Union.
Wahrenburg Henry, bricklayer, res 506 E Lewis.
Waibel George, clerk G W Seavoy, res 226 W Jefferson.
Waibel Placidus, cabinetmaker Fort Wayne Organ Co, res

226 W Jefferson.
Waite Florence, bds 188 Hanna.
Wakefield Elmer, machine hand Fort Wayne Organ Co, bds

851 Broadway.
Wakefield John F, carriagemaker, res 851 Broadway,
Wakefield Roscoe, cigarmaker, bds 851 Broadway.

Troy Sisam Laundry. ™ J«."^IJJ1


L/^ TTTTT T Paints, Oils, Varnishes and
. KJ. XI U J-JJ-J, Glass at 90 Calhoun Street.


Walbaum Eliza (wid Henry), dressmaker L A Worch, res G3 "^

Summit. ^P

Walbaum Frederick, machinist Bass Foundry and Machine ^

Works, bds G3 Summit. ^4

Walbaum Henry W, molder Bass Foundry and Machine — ^'

Works, bds 63 Summit. ^

Walborn Nancy J (wid John H), bds s e cor Creighton and 3
Walton ave. 25

Walch, see Walsh, Welch mid Welsh. ^^

Walda, see also Waldo. ^^^

Walda Amelia, bds 331 E Washington. ^

Walda Charles, carpenter Penn Co, res 329 E Washington, a U
Walda Charles F W, painter, res 47 Walter. 5 -f

Walda Christian, machine hand Horton Mnfg Co, res 325 W | O
Washington. f ^

Walda Christian C, carpenter, res n e cor Erie and Canal. 1 -■•
Walda Christopher F, carpenter Bass Foundry and Machine ^ JJ,
Works res Ridge rd Wayne twp. T Q

Walda Frederick, tailor, res s e cor Pontiac and Webster. S -j
Walda Hannah, operator, bds Frederick Walda. « vft

Walda Henry, laborer J C Peters, res 382 W xMain. ^

Walda Henry, upholsterer, bds 325 W Washington. c ^

Walda Henrv B (H B Walda & Bro), res 331 E Washington. 1 a
' TlTalda Ileiiry B <fc Bro (Henry B and Wm C),* W
Carpenters and Joiners, Jobbers and General Contract- « ^
ors; Store and Office Fixtures Made to Order on Short ? p]
Notice, Shop Erie bet Canal and Schick. {See adv, 5 -h
p 69.) « *

Walda Herman, painter, bds 325 W Washington. | ,^

Walda John F, saloon, 5 Fairfield ave, res same. 5 «M

Walda Louisa, operator, bds Frederick Walda. ^ I ■

'Walda Mattie, operator, bds Frederick Walda. » fH

Walda Wm, carpenter, res s s Erie 3 \v of Schick. | ^

Walda Wm, wheelmaker American Wheel Co, res 361 La- ^ "
fayette. « §

Walda Wm C (II B Walda Jc Bro), res 2G Schick. = ""

Waldmann Charles, helper Penn Co, bds 312 Lafayette. £

Waldo George, painter, res 71 Hamilton.


Waldo Miss^Grace M,' teacher Hoagland School, bds 99 E i J>
Washington. * ^

Waldo Henry, teamster, res 590 Calhoun. H m

Waldo Mrs Mary S, principal Harmer School, res 99 E Wash- 2. iS
ington. i ^J

Waldo Susan M (wid George W), bds 294 W Washington, e «.
Waldschmi<U George, laborer Penn Co, res 94 Walton ave. 5 ^
Waldsehmidt Goorge jr, clerk G W Seavey, bds 94 Walton. r» K

I li iXdaS SAUCERS, at No. 5 East Columbia St


John F Ehv & Co scok and job printers

638 K. L. POLK i co.'s

"Waldschmidt Jacob, niauhinist Penn Co, bds 94 Walton ave.

Waldschiuidt Kafe, domestic 90 E Wasbiiiffton.

Wales Edward A, paymaster, res 254 W Jefferson.

Walker, see also ^Vtlker.

Walker Andrew, clerk Penn Co, res 214 Francis.

Walker Antbony, molder, res s s Pontiac 2 e of Lafayette.

Walker Frank, finisber Ft Wayne Organ Co, bds 8 8 Pontiac
2 e of Lafayette.

Walker Frank R, clerk Penn Co, bds 306 Harrison.

Walker Jobn A, tank builder, bds 130 W Wayne.

Walker Leonard S, farmer, res 57 Miner.

Walker Mary C (wid Louis J), res 130 W Wayne.

Walker Peter, carver Fort Wayne Organ Co, bds 51 S Fair-
field. .

Walkey Frank, carpenter, bds Monroe House.

Walla George, teamster, bds 120 Union.

Wallace Miss Fanny, res n s Cochrane 3 e of Coombs.

Wallace Harry H, clerk Randall Hotel.

Wallace Henry H (col'd), waiter, rms 67 W Superior.'

Wallace Jeremiah, res 233 Lafayette.

Wallace John, boilermaker Pcnti Co, res 140 E Lewis.

Wallace Lucidia A, bds 140 E Lewis.

Wallace Wra, painter, bds 233 Lafayette.

Wallies G Frederick, carpenter, res i24 Harrison. *

Walsb, see also Welch and Welsli.

Walsh Annie, tailoress L J Feist, bds 165 Gay.

Walsh Carl, laborer, bds Washington House.

Walsh Garrett, watchman, res 165 Gay. ^^^

Walsh James M, laborer, rms 183 Callioun.

Walsb Jobn F, ])rakL'tnau Pciin Co, rms 183 Calhoun.

Walsh 31iss Mary E, bds 85 E Jefferson.

Walsh Michael V, clerk Aveline House, rms 41^ W Main.

Walsh Patrick H, laborer, bds 165 Gay.

Walsh Thomas A, laborer, bds 165 Gay.

Walleniath Amelia, bds 43 W Lewis.

AValtemath Charles H (C H Waltoraatli &, Sons), res 325
Lafa^s ctii/.

Waltemath Charles H, apprentice G F Yergens, bds 201 Laf-

IVnlteiiiatli C H A: Sons (Charles H, Wm H and
Louis F), Dry Goods, Groceries, Bakery, Flour, Feed
and Grain, 321 to 325 Lafayette.

Waltemath Emma A. dressmaker, 12 W Jefferson, res same.

Waltemath Henry F, car repairer Penn Co, res 43 W Lewis.

Waltemath Lazette (wid Henry), res 201 Lafayette.

Waltemath Lena, dressmaker J 31 Gould, bds 43 W Lewis.

George jaap, H

actor am! Dealer in SILLS, CAPS,

TEU T\ISLi:s. FL 1 «r.INO, ETC.



oi„L„ g UpjncipK Booksellers and Stationers,

Uldllll vl liUlilllUli) Scbniitz Block Kens Stand, 116 t'alhonn Street.


Waltemath Miss Lizzie, clerk C H Waltemath & Sons, bds
325 Lafayette.

Waltemath Louis, machine hand Olds' Wagon Works, bds
43 W Lewis.

Waltemath Louis F (C H Waltemath ifc Sons), bds 325 Laf-

Waltemath Louis H, pressman Fort Wayne News, bds 259 E

Waltemath Minnie, bds 259 E Lewis.

Waltemath Sophia, tailoress, bds 201 Lafayette.

Waltemath Sophie (wid Louis), res 259 E Lewis.

Waltemath Wm F C, laborer Penn Co, res 50 Maumee rd.

Waltemath Wm H (C H Waltemath & Sons), bds 325 Laf-

Waltemath Wm L F, clerk J D Lewis, bds 201 Lafayette.

Walter Amos R, trav agt McDonald, Watt & Wilt, res 27 4
W Creighton ave.

Walter August, laborer American Wheel Co, bds 149 Force.

Walter David, butcher Robert Hood, res 51 Biarr.

Walter Jacob (Walter & Ellert), res 28 E Wayne.

Walter Jacob, laborer Penn Co, res 149 Force.

Walter Jennie I, operator Wooster Mnfg Co, bds 51 Barr.

Walter John A, boots and shoes, 40 Harrison, res 22 Huron.

Walter Lillie, seamstress E C Smith, bds 51 Barr.

Walter Margaret (wid Frank), bds 12 Pine.

Walter & Ellert (Jacob Walter, Benoit Ellert), barbers, 105

Walters David B, rms 35 E Wayne.

Walters Edward, painter Charles Rivers & Son, bds 305

Walthour Louis, brakeman, bds 51 W Superior.

Waltke George, miller Monning & Baker, res 78 E Columbia.

Waltke Sophia, domestic A Aehnelt.

Waltke Wm II, laborer, bds 73 E Columbia.

Walton Charles E, train master Penn Co, res 43 Brackenridge.

Walton Clinton H, Ixl- 131 E Wnvne.

Walton Horace B, liagman Penn Co, res 26 Colerick.

Walton Joseph R, store keeper Penn Co, res 43 Brackenridge.

Waltsinith Julia, domestic Aveline House.

Wambach Mathias, painter Olds' Wagon Works, bds 332

Wambach Peter, laborer Penn Co, res 332 Hanna.

Warburton Anson L, patternmaker Kerr-Murray Mnfg Co,
bds 69 N Cass.

Ward Alice, binder C E Davis, bds 233 W Berry.

Ward Ambrose G, brakeman, bds 20 Leith.

I li fXddg LAMPS, at No. 5 East Columbia Street.

^^-^^ ^j^iKi^»^-i^5Krr"«^i?Spr?7Tf;w^

Flpptinn 9linQ Headquarters for PERFECT SLIPS


540 B. L, POLK & CO. S

Ward Amos M, carpenter, bds 91 E Washington.

Ward Miss Annie, bds 233 W Berry.

Ward Charles C, fireman, bds 20 Leith. '

Ward Charles L, clerk Fred Eckert.

Ward Daniel G, stripper G F Serge, bds 71 W 3d.

Ward Emma K, seamstress, bds 71 W 3d.

Ward Horatio N, crocker}^ 8 W Columbia, res 233 W Berry.

Ward John, stone cutter Wm & J J Geake, bds 312 WMain.

Ward John, section foreman Wabash R R, res 8 Bass.

Ward Loran D, binder C E Davis, res 71 Laselle.

Ward jNIichael, fireman, bds 12 St ^Mary's ave.

Ward Robert, brakeraan, res 71 W 3d.

Ward Samuel M, pedler, res 25 Euclid ave.

Ward Wm A, brakeman, res 40 Fontiac.

Ward Wm H, supt, res 20 Leith.

Ward Wm H jr, clerk J D Gumpper, bds 20 Leith.

Warner, see also TF er;/e?' and Woerfier.

Warner Charles A, cabinetmaker Fort Wayne Organ Co, bds

Windsor Hotel.
Warner George, blacksmith L C Zollinger, res n s Wagner 7

w of St Josejih river.
Warner George F, machinist Penn Co, res 38 Pritchard.
Warner Henry, laborer, bds Samuel Hinkson.
Warner Joseph, baker Christian Hoffner, bds same.
Warner Thomas C, printer Fort Wayne News, res 90 E Lewis.
Warnock Jane (wid Cory), bds 70 E Columbia.
Warren Perry S, shoemaker, res 44 Centre.
Warrick Charles A, fireman, res 390 Hanna.
Warrick Lee A, lab American Wheel Co, bds 396 Hanna.
Warriner Arthur F, clevk G W Seavey, bds 330 Broadway.
Warsthorn Anton, laborer, res 19 Laselle.
Warsthorn Anthony, laborer American Wheel Company, res

337 Lafayette.
Wartenbe Amanda (wid Ephraim), res 25 Hough.
Wartenbe Charles M, bds 25 Hough.
Wartenbe Wm E, laborer Penn Co, res 25 Hough.
Waser Carl R, instrumcii maker Fuit Wayue Electric Co, res

68 Miner.
Wa§llillS^toll House, Bernhard Weber Propr, 121 and

123 CalL'oun.
Wass Samuel L, foreman, res 290 E Creighton ave.
Wasserbach Charles C, laborer, res 68 Oakley.
Wasserbaeli J0I11I9 Merchant Tailor, 38 Harrison, res

Wasserman Emma, opr Hoosier Mnfg Co, bds 305 W Main.
Wassman Philip, music tchr, 305 W Main, bds same.


IN SEASON AT U i u'j caljiuin stki^et."


■^jp^ ▼^';PT^nH^:^>^^^^^'T^''T%^T?^^

£F QitPQ ^^S npntlQt S^ Calhoun St.,
oil OllUOi ^^-XTn? UUilUOll Four Doors >orth of Warns.


Waterbeck John C, butcher Kabisch & Son, res 68 Oakley.
Waterbeck John Z, machine hand American Wheel Co, bds

68 Oakley. C/D

"Waterhous Edward (Watei-hous & Bro), res w s Spy Run ^_

ave 2 n of St Mary's bridge. ^as

Waterhous John II (Waterhous & Bro), res 55 Barr. ^»

Waterhous & Bi-o (John H and Edward), blacksmiths, s e c™^

cor Columbia and Clay. ^ j

Waterhouse Arthur E, lumber, res 145 W Berry. r^

Waterhouse Margaret (wid John), bds Mary Dolan. ^ *!

Waterman George H, traveling agt G E Bursley & Co, res 41 ^2

Home ave.

Waterman John H, res 234 W Washington. T"

Waters Clara, domestic 377 Fairfield ave. q

Waters James, farmer, res 63 Elizabeth. i— H

Waters Kendall R, printer Fort Wayne Newspaper Union, ^^

res 78 Wells. ^^

Waters Mary E, nui-se, bds 142 Jackson. P3

Waters Robert K, compositor, res 78 Wells. ^Z^

Waters Sarah W (wid John A), res cor Thompson and S2

Wabash R R.

Watkins John A, carpenter, res 35 Grand. HEZ

Watkins Lewis T, switchman Nickel Plate, res 368 W Main. CD

Watkins Sylvester E, carpenter, res 581 S Broadway. PJ

Watkins Wm W, barber N C Browand, bds Robert S Swen- ^!*".

son. Z3
Watson James, machinist Penn Co, res 28 Stophlet. Qt^
Watson ^laria (wid Henry), res 135 Madison.

Watson Walter W, despatcher G R & I R R, res 113 E ^»

Washington. <— ^

Watt Wm H (McDonald, Watt «fc Wilt), res 229 W Berry. "^

Watterson David W, conductor, res 66 Wells. S^

Watterson Wm F, conductor, res n e cor Howell and Rum- ^

sey. r^

Waugh Charles R. brakeman, res 450 Lafayette. *—

Waugh J Edward, dentist, 74 Calhoun, res 2i>5 W Wayne. ^

Wavada ^Nlary (wid Louis), res 14 Brandriff. «—
Wayne Paint and Painting Co, James Wilding & Son proprs, C>

193 Calhoun.

Wayne Stables, John G Hooper Propr, 13 and 15 C^

Pearl. Telephone 41. ^

Wayne Street M E Church, s w cor Broadway and W Wayne. 3"
Wayne The, Wm M McKinnie & Co Proprs, Columbia O

bet N Calhoun and Harrison. ^
Weaver Mrs Carrie, res 356 Calhoun.

Weaver Charles, carpt-nter, res 12 Clark. C/p

John F. Eby Sl Co. "E Primers, DeiS


Robert Spice, 5

Pumps, Pipe, Hose, Fittings and Brass Goods


542 B. L. POLK & co.'s

Weaver Cliarles, teamster Winch & Son, res e a Grant ave 1
8 of Maumee road.

Weaver Charles W, trav agent B W Skelton, res 89 W Jef-

Weaver Ephraira, teamster, res Maumee rd 1 c of Glasgow av.

Weaver Equa C, laborer White's Wheel Works, res Euclid
ave 2 s of Maumee road.

Weaver Frank, bds 110 W Main.

Weaver Freedom G, tinsmitii Penn Co, res 146 E Lewis.

Weaver James F, fireman A Ilattersley & Sons, bds 2 Madi-

Weaver John, fireman, bds 164 Broadway.

Weaver John F jr, helper A Ilattersley & Sons, res 2 Madi-

Weaver Louis, brakeman Penn Co, res 28 John.

Weaver Mattie, domestic Clifton House.

Weaver Sarah, dressmaker, rms 145 Holman.

Weaver Theodore A, brakeman, res n w cor Pontiac and

Weaver Wm F, watchman Fort Wayne Furniture Co, res
w 8 Spy Run ave 2 s of Elizabeth.

Webb Charles P, ticket broker, 92 Calhoun, res Indianapolis,

Webb Marion A, trav agent, res 305 W Washington.

Webb Reuben (Kimball & Webb), res cor Jackson and

Webb Rhoda A (wid Augustus M), res 238 W Wayne.

Webb Samuel L, laborer, bds 211 St Mary's ave.

Webber Henry, molder Bass Foundry and Machine Works,
■ res 30 Oliver.

Webber Mary E (wid Benjamin), bds 787 Broadway.

Webber Milton N, saloon, 3 E Main, res 95 Fulton.

Webber Sophie, domestic 75 ^lauinee road,

Weber Adam (McXulty & Weber), res 81 Montgomery.

Weber Miss Amelia S, teacher Bloomingdale School, bds 344
E Washington.

Weber Andrew, foreman Penn Co, res 167 Clinton.

Weber Bernard, laborer Penn Co, res 20 Buchanan.

Online LibraryR.L. Polk & Co. cnFort Wayne, Indiana, city directory (Volume yr.1890-1891, pt.2) → online text (page 8 of 34)