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^ ^^1 23*1 Vf^ORT WAYNE & ALLEN CO., INO.

^ J^^4^NDlAf«» COCCECTIfOlSi


3 1833 01793 2341

'ff.-'' - ai


.. ...AND





An Alphabetically arrang-ed List of Business Firms ana
Private Citizens in Port Wayne — A Miscellaneous
Directory of City and County Officers, Public
and Private Schools, Churches, Banks, Incor-
porated Institutions, Secret and Benevo-
lent Societies, Etc., Etc. — A Classi-
fied List of all Trades, Profes-
sions and Pursuits — A Di-
rectory of A lien County.


PRICE, $6.00.


R. L. Polk & Co., Publishers.


Entered accordin? to Act of Coti?reS4, in the year 1903, bv R. t». Polk & Co
the office of the librarian of Cougress, at WasbinKton, D. C.


The publishers of the Fort Wayne Directory have not,
in twenty-nine volumes which have preceded this, had 'so
abundant cause to congratulate their patrons. Of many re-
markable years, the year 1902 has been one of the most re-
markable for the extent and variety of the prosperity of
this city, and we have every assurance of that continued
prosperity, which has been most prodigal to Fort Wayne.
The Directory of 1903 contains 27,924 names, which by
using a multiple of 2 only, gives us a population of 55,848
which makes the increase for past year 1,728. This may
not seem a large increase in population, but in ten years it
would mean 17,280. Just now Fort Wayne is entering
upon a new development. While all the industries of the
city have beer^ prosperous in a high degree the past year,
the retail trade v ill be increased in a marked, manner by
the energizing influences of the increasing number of elec-
tric lines runn'iig into and through Fort Wayne.

In the 'dst few months a combination has been made
which will make Fort Wayne one of the great centres of
electric lines in the country, and the nucleus of all the
STOwing towns in the radius of a hundred miles.

The City Directory is far more than a mere catalogue
of names and addresses. It contains information of every
description concerning the city which it represents; every-
thing that is useful and beneficial in the line of informa-
tion to business men and to society. It is an annual record
which becomes history of the city, of the people, their in-
stitutions and organizations. It is not only of value for
the use which is made of it for to-day, but for the certain
record which it preserves for the future. Every citizen
shQuid spend some of his leisure time in scanning the
irectcry. He will find some profitable suggestions in it
overy time he uses it. He should keep it in a convenient
place, accessible to his customers. A man who does not
use a Directory himself, cannot compete with those who do.
His customers' are entitled to the use of the Directory and
if he does not provide it for them, he does not give them
w\iat their money will buy elsewhere. The Directory is
unexcelled as an advertising medium. Its circulation can-
not be estimated by the number of copies that are printed,
but by the population of the city it represents, or by the
number of persons who use it. It is fair, therefore, .to
assume that the Directory of a city having a population of

55.000 inhabitants is the most effective ai
method of reaching- the 55,000 people.
r).^:^^^'''f^f headings in a Directory are really the tou.
dation of all advertismg, for it is exactly the place wher.
every mtelligent person will seek such information, but these
?un 3 ""' most effective where reference is made to I
full and complete busmess card. An appropriate adver-
tisement m the newspapers will attract the attention of a 1
Its readers, but those who come to buy what they have seen

dress of the advertiser and they seek it in the Directory If

Hie same aclvertisement appears there the advertiser makes

e. It some other advertisement appears instead, in

cases, It will be taken for the same one which wa.

seen m the newspaper and the Directory advertiser will

^ct the benefit of the newspaper advertisement. Anyone

advertismg extensively in a newspaper should have it

properly mdexed m the Directory as he cannot afford to

assume the risk of losing all of the value of the newspaper

otlTrZ ^^.'^""■! '°f^ °^ ""k"^-" - standard work
iLlZf ^^^ Publishers desire to thank their patrons
for past favors and to express their sincere appreciation of

^^^::^-' '' ''- '-^'^ ^' ^'^ ^^.-^^ p-

R. L. POLK & CO.




.cviations . .
habetical Li

of Names of Port

Page. I
— 83 Libraries



.jhabe.ical Lii-i of Farmers Names,

,'ounty 1

i3ands of Music 40

?anks 41

Ciiilding and X.^au Associations 41

'""••meteries 42

uiehf-s , 4

GuvPinnient 32


iassifi'.d Citv Directory 877

Council 33

Cor. ray Officers

i.'^'s i;) iun of Rural Routs

!■■ ; .- i.H:;=ir mc-nt

! c:-i'i:t!s and Asylums

I .-I,: ,!oiated Institutions

Jii.-. ices of the Peace, Allen County.
1 abor Organizations


iVames To Laie For Reffular Insertion 10

Newspapers 55

Parks 5 i

Police Departments ?.ti

Post Office ; ,f|t;

Public Buildings, Halls, Ete .'t!)

Public Schools — .... Hi

Railroads i. TJT

K-ates of Fare 37

Schools and Colleges

S( cret and Benevolent Societies

Standing Committees

Streets and Avenues

Teachers in Public Stehools

Ttlegranh and Telephonevfne.

Township Assessors X ,

Township Trustees Spy

47jTrustees Public Schools ••..>-»»

391 Ward Boundaries .Y^

53 Water Works Trustees ',




Allen F F

Bank of Wayne
Banks E E..'...

Barva B R

Beadell & Co...
Benedict George & Co
Berghoff Brewing Co

Berghoff H C

Boerger G W

right Inside lines
back cover
left side lines
page 5 illustrated dept
right center lines
classified engravers
front cover
page 3 illustrated dept

page 7 illustrated dept

Bram«s L & Son 161

Braun Construction Co

left top lines

Bro.'iius & Brosius

back cover

Biifhi,Box Factory

iJaivum. jgj^ center lines

irec Wm & sons

.^„, bottom, edge and page 3

.iTtlivre Brewing Co

I front edge and right top lines

Chapin & Denny 2

Citizens Trust Co

left center lines

Clark G W 87

Comparet D F

page S Illustrated dept

Cook W E

left inside lines

Curdes L. F

page 7 illustrated dept

Davis E Gregg

page 4 illustrated dept

IDehm G A

gc, classified milliners

Diether Lumber Co. .

Dun R G & Co

First National Bank

Fisher D C

Fitch C B...


side line;

front cov

right inside liri.

page 7 illustrated del

page 7 illustrated' dei

Fitch M W & Sons

page 9 illustrated de

Fort Wayne Book Bindery

left center lit

Fort Wayne Coal Co /

right center 1;

Fort Wayne Electric Works I

page 9 illustrated Irepr
Fort Wayne Mercantile Accid..nt ■

Assin page 4 illustrated dept /

Fort Wayne News Co.

Fort Wayne Oil aiic

)t i

'ight bottom, lines /
pbiy Co.... /

SupHy C

nc^bt top lines /

Fort Wayne Outfitters Co .:. ^ f

left center^
Fort Wayne Tea and Coffee House I
left inside

Franke H F

right bottom
Fraternal Assurance Society of

America back

Frederick Mrs C

left bottom.

Gauntt F G

left top lines and page 8 illustrated

Gerdlng & Aumann Bros

top edge and pa
Grand Rapids & Indiana Ry

back pi

Grosjean & Son

right inside



"najvies and changes'ofTddresses received


Allen Wm W, h 2401 Fox.
\hup John (col'd), h R R i.
Angevine Martha, (wid Wm E), h 20T2 Force.
Armstrong Daisv J, nurse Hope Hospital.
Arnold Clarence A, propr Ft Wayne Busmess College, h

428 Archer av.
Arthur W C, phvs 1016 Jackson, h same.
Baker Wm H. millwright Kehoe Boat Co, b 830 Washmg-

ton Boul.
Baltes John, contractor 406 Dawson, h same.
Bates Alfred H. h 1805 Wells.
Bassett Lewis A, trav agt, h 311 W Pontiac.
Batchelor Wm, h 11 40 Hanna.
Bayne Miss, nurse, r 533 E Wayne.
Beck Mrs E L, nurse, r 3522 Indiana av.
Berry Edward, h 1328 Zollars av.
Berder Mrs, nurse, r 212 E Jefferson.
Bixby E K, Penn Co. h 902 W Berry.
Blair T M b 333 Holman.

Blakeiy John f! vamisher Packard Co, h 2008 Warsaw.
Blakman Alvin H, carp Kehoe Boat Co, b 336 E Mam.
Blust Martin, mason, h R R i.
Bonharn C A, b 130 Douglas av,
Bradlev Nelson L, supt. h 1010 Liberty.
Bradshaw Robert S. mngr Wrought Iron Range Co, h 511

W Wavne.
Braithwaite Charles, barber, h 2136 Oakley.
Bramigk Mrs, nurse, h 1603 W Mam.
Broker Phihp. hostler, 407 W Berry.
Bu-ert Adam,' mach hd Penn Co, h 2147 Force.
Carter Alfred J, brickmason, h 2819 Hoagland av.
Cloonan Martin, saloon 1426 Calhoun, h 103 Master.son av.
Colwell C ], nurse, r 915 Barr.
Craft Harry H, engr C H & D Ry, h 1912 Webster.
Crooks Myrtle, trained nurse, b 432 E Berry.
Crow & Nassenstein, (J A Crow, Wm Nassenstein), contrs

cor Calhoun and Williams.
Cushing llmothy J, engr, h 439 E DeWald.
Daker Harry, carp Kehoe Boat Co, b 336 E Mam.
Davis Miss, nurse, r 92Q Washington Boul. -p • . ,,,

Deither Louis, (Deither Lumber ^o), h s w cor Fairfield
and W Creighton avs.



Haller G-ottlieb ... -^""^^ ,

„_..^ ^^ em.bo.ssed"lY„e-ba"ck cover ''''^''"' ^° ^^'^

Hanu.ton National Bank Perfection Biscuit Co "°^' ''''''' ''"^

fJankpr Ti T opp page 34S| ^ ^°- ■■■,••;;■•.■ /

H^^ ^''^r;:::::;::;::;::: f^-ers box ana Lun^ber^g..'"^^!^^ ""^^/

llariz.i; ic-. Cream co. .'.''' ^""°™ 'H^^^^'^*^'' H & Son .".". .''°."°"'' "'"

Hattersley A & Sons '^" "''^^'^ Imeslpickard Bro; . ^"" ^'"^-^ '^

Hazzard A. ... .-^^ - ^^1 'ine' front cover Powers LaunJ^ -

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