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in 2010 witii funding from

Allen County Public Library Genealogy Center




Manufacturer of


steel Boats to Rent at Rome City, Ind. Price 50c per day

Tin, Copper and Sheet Iron Work
Slate Roofing.

1333 Swinney Ave. Telephone 1063

Brunner & Metsch

Fresco Artists and General Painters

1339 Swinney Ave. Home Phone 339


Estimates and Designs for Churches, Public Buildings
and Residences Furnished on Application.



Combination Gas and Electric Fixtures i ]

2016 Fairfield Ave. Phone 6392

Fort Wayne, Ind.


.Practical Plumber..

Steam and Hot Water Heatingt Electric Light Wir-
ing and Supplies. Estimates Furnished.

806 Washington Boul. E. Telephone 2381






Tin and Hardware

Cornice Work, Corrugated Iron,

Steel and Slate Roofing,

Repairing, Spouting

All Kinds of Job Work

Promptly Attended to.



Hot Air




Of Tile, Wood, Slate and Iron

Tile Facings and Vestibules

423 Old Fort Place

Fort Wavne, Ind.


. . . AND . . .






An alphabetically arrang-ed List of Business Firms and
Private Citizens in Fort Wajne— A Miscellaneous
Directory of City and County Officers, Public and
Private Schools, Churches, Banks, Incor-
porated Institutions, Secret and Benevo-
lent Societies, Etc., Etc. — A Classi-
fied List of all Trades, Profes-
sions and Pursuits — A Di-
rectory of Allen County


PRICE, $6.00


R. L POLK & CO., Publishers


Entered according to Act of Congress, in the year 1908, by R. L Polk & Co., in th^
pffico of the Librarian of Congress at Washington, D. C-



This directory is an annual history and review of the
city. He who compares its issues year by year sees the
continual advance of Fort Wayne; its steady growth in
population; the extent and variety of its business houses,
steam and electric railroads and manufacturing interests.
Wiithin this book are the names of the vigorous, sturdy
men and women of Fort Wayne, who are the creators of
her greatness.

This directory is no epitome of the dead past, but a
record of the splendid life of an ambitious, growing city,
hardly yet conscious of her ever expanding strength. The
men and women of Fort Wayne are proud of their city,
proud of her achievements as a great and growing manu-
facturing and commercial city. They are proud too of
her fine schools which prepare her youth to cope with the
ever increasing calls of modern civilization. They are
proud of the opportunities the city ofifers for the cultiva-
tion of the humanities, the broad catholic spirit of her
many churches which accord to all men equal rights and
privileges in the attainment of that which satisfies their
spiritual needs. They rejoice in the spirit of benevolency
and charity abroad in the city, which manifests itself in the
liberal maintenance of hospitals and asylums, where the
weak, the incapacitated find succour and shelter; in the
literary and esthetic spirit which is seen in numerous club
and musical organizations. Furthermore the citizens of
Fort Wayne have abiding faith in the coming greatness of
the city.

The financial depression has scarcely been felt in Fort
Wayne as the rapidly subscribed for increased stock in
several of her leading manufacturing industries corrobor-
ates. Many flourishing institutions are making plans to
enlarge their premises, or to build more commodious
homes, having outgrown their present occupancies; build-
ing is booming and promises to remain so during the entire


year. Miles of new street paving is being contracted for
and great munici])al imi)rovenients arc contemplated.

Business is good in all lines of trade; our people are
all occupied; our business streets are filled with hustling
people; our residence streets are being filled with new
lionies and signs of prosperity are visible from all points.
"Pushing ahead" aptly characterizes the spirit of progress
and tendency to improve, and nothing speaks more em-
phatically for what the city is to-day and will be in the
future than the confidence the people themselves have in
the city wherein they live and have their own.

POPULATION. '^ I© "^ ^ ^

Nothing in life remains stationary, everything goes
forward or backward. If a city grows, success, prosperity
and happiness follows. If it does not grow it will decrease
in population and all the elements of hard times will be
present. It is therefore of vital importance that a proper
census be taken of the city at frequent intervals, and the
directory canvass affords indefinitely the best method, and
the statistics which the directory presents annually to the
people are like a merchant's trial balance; for its shows
clearly and definitely the actual condition of the city, its
people and their institutions and the possibilities that the
future may offer.

The number of names contained in this book is greater
than in any previous issue, and shows as the previous vol-
umes have shown, a steady and strong growth in the popu-
lation of Fort Wayne. There are 32,544 names, exclusive
of firms, non residents, etc. Using the conservative mul-
tiple of two to represent the names of those women and
children whose names do not appear in the directory, these
figures show a population of 65,544.

Fort Wayne is a progressive,' solid, substantial indus-
trial center. It is advancing methodically and surely, and
is proud of the class of people who make up the popula-
tion. In acknowledgement of the liberal patronage be-
stowed, and the many courtesies extended in the compila-
tion of this work we wish to express our sincere thinks.

R. L. POLK & CO.



Abbreviations 83

Additions and Removals 82b-82e

Allen County Council 45

Alphabetical List of Names of Fort
Alpliabetical List— Farmers Names,

County, rear of Directory 1

Bards of Music 45

Banks and Bankers 46

Building, Loan & Savings Assns 46

Cemeteries 47

Ciiurches 47-51

City Government 37

City Officers 27

Classified Business Directory.. 1103

Council Directory 3S

County Board of Charities and Cor-
rections 44

County Officers 44

Courts 44

Description of Rural Routes 32

Federal Officers 42

Fire Department 39

Fire Alarm Telegraph Stations 39-40

Homes and Missions 52

Hospitals and Asylums 51

Incorporated Institutions 52


Introductory 6

Justices of Peace, Allen Co 44

Labor Organizations 60-63

Libra ry 63

Miscf-llaneous Societies 63-65

Military Organizations 63

Newspapers 66

Officers of Allen Co 44

Parks 66

Police Department 41

Po.st Office 67-70

Public Building.s, Halls, etc 70-72

Public Schools 74-77

Railroads, Electric 72-73

Railroads, Steain 73-74

Rates of Fare 42

Schools and Colleges 78-79

Secret and Benevolent Societies 79-82a

Street.*^ and Avenues 12

Teacliers in Public Schools 74-77

Telegraph and Telephone Stations 82a

Township Assessors 45

Township Trustees 43

United States Courts 43

Ward Boundaries 31

Water Works Trustees 38



Aetna Life Ins Co

Anderson J B

Baker Leonard ...
Baltes E M & Co

Bank of Wayne

Banner Laundering Co

•deaden & Co

hler J E

►rtSerman L

opp 432


classified typewriters


rigiit top lines

left side lines

left center lines


under classified hotels

Berman Harry

under classified boot and shoe makers

Bicknese F C

left inside lines

Biemer & Co

right side lines

Bleke F W

classified coal

Blitz M J

left inside lines

Brooks A B C


Brunner Cornelius

left inside lines

Brunner & Metsch


Buckles W T


Carter Wm & Sons


Centlivre Brewing Co

front edge, right top and left side lines

Chapin & Denny

front paster

Chicago Rug Co

right side lines

Citizens Trust Co

left center lines


City and Suburban Realty Co

right center lines

Clark R W

back paster

Consumers Ice Co

right side lines

Curdes L F


Curran J W

classified hat renovitories

Davis E Gregg

front cover

Dtehm G A

cla.ssified milhnery

Economy Fuel & Feed Co

classified coal

Economy Motor Buggy Co

opp 307

Ehle & Hergenroether

contractors dept

Electric Shoe Repairing Co

classified boot and shoe makers

Engineering Co

left inside lines

Fav M VV


Federspiel F J


Fisher D C

back fly leaf

Fitch C B

back fly leaf

Fort Wayne Abstract Office

classified abstracts

Fort Wayne Automobile Co

opp 351

Fort Wayne Builders Supply Co

right side lines

Fort Wavne Business College


Fort Wayne Electric Wks

back fly leaf

Fort Wayne Electro Plating Co

' left side lines

Fort Wayne Fire Ins Agency

right center lines



Fort Wayne Outfitters Co /•••,•.

left center lines
Fort Wayne Oil and Supply Co

right top lines

Fort Wayne Printing- Co

left center lines and opp page 355
Fort Wayne Tent and Awning Co —

back paster

Fort Wayne Wind Mill Co

Freeman A M ■. ■■ ,

classified cutting schools

Freiburger G W & Son

back paster

Fuhrman Bros •

contractors dept

Gebert & Houk ^^,„

Geller W F •■■••^^

preceding each letter

Gerding Bros ■ ■ •

classified livery

Gerding & Aumann

top edge and page 4
Gerke E C

Gilmartin E & Sons

Globe Printing & Binding Co

Goeglein Bros

Green D F ..

Gruber Frank

Gunkel O F .

Haller Gottlieb

oack cover

opp 397

right inside lines

back bone



embossed line back cover

Hamilton Nat'l Bank Bldg

opp 432

Hanker H H

dancing academy

Hattersley A & Sons

embossed line front cover

Hauss D F

contractors dept

Hazzard Al •

right side lines

Helmke Edw P

back fly leaf

Hilbish Wm L


Hitzemann H C

left inside lines

Hoffman Bros Co

right bottom lines

Hull L O

right center lines

Hull S W

left top lines

Hutchins B M

left bottom lines

Interstate Realty Co

left top lines

Jacobs George

left top lines

Johnston W H

left center lines

Jones F L & Co

right bottom lines

Jones M L

left top lines

Jones O S

opp 526

Jordan & Sherrard

left side lines


right bottom lines

ieft bottom lines

ieft bottom lines

rlgiit inside lines

contractors dept

classified arcliitects

classified plumbers

back paster

left top lines

left bottom lines


Lehman Book «& News Co

right bottom lines

Lew Geo F

back cover

Lumbard S C & Co

back fly leaf

McKee G W

right center lines

McLachlan Wm

classified power machinery

Mahurin & Mahurin

top and bottom margin back cover

Meigs C A

front cover

Meyer H W

back bone

Moran P A & Co

right side lines

Journal-Gazette Co.

Jump E p

Haag M F & Sons

Kable's 3c Lunch Room
Kanning & Hachmeier

King J F

Koch Construction Co
Kover O J & Son —

Krudop G H

Kruse & Busching . .
LaDue & Carmer —

Mulqueen Dancing Academy

dancing academies

contractors dept
left bottom lines

Munday James

National Art Glass Co .

National Mill Supply Co

left top lines

New Process Shoe Repairing Co

classified boot and shoe makers

News Publishing Co

right bottom lines

Noll M F

right inside lines and classified plumbers

Novitsky Zelda

classified boot and shoe makers

Olds Coal Co

left center lines

Orr C W

opp 432

Packard Co

right center lines

Parrot Studio

left center lines

Pfeiffer H & Son

left side lines

Phenix Screen & Awning Co

left inside lines

Pickard House Furnishing Co

classified furniture

Pioneer Coal <fe Wood Co

bottom edge and classified coal

Randall Motor Car Co

right top lines

Rocholl Agency

right side lines and back fly leaf

Rogers H H

left center lines in classified business di-




Rundell Wm A
Rush Dr Fred .


right top lines


right side lines

Sander C W

right center lines and classified business

Schlatter C C & Co

left side lines

Schmidt G

left top lines

Seavey Hardware Co

right center lines

Seelberg Isador

left bottom lines

Siemon \vall Paper Co

left top lines

Somers & Kennerk

right bottom lines and classified notaries

Spice Robert

front cover and classified well drillers

Stafford J C

classified pianos and organs

Straus Bros Co

right top lines

Tanner E E

classified dancing academies

Taylor Miss Elizabeth

right inside lines

Thompson B S

opp 350

Thrasher & Herman

left inside lines

Tomkinson Albert

right top lines

Trisch D L


Ulmer C J

classified livery


right inside lines

right inside lines


riglit bottom lines


left bottom lines

classified coal

Vail B S & Co

Van Tochine J I

Vorndran Killian

Walk Over Boot Sliop

Walsh M V

Walsh W P

Walton Av Coal Co ..

Wayne Dry Goods Co

left center lines

Wayne Electric Shoe Repairing Co

classified boot and shoe makers

Wayne Stamp Co

classified rubber stamps

Weatherhogg C R

front cover

Weigand Henry

contractors dept

Wiegman H T

contractors dept

Wolf P E

left bottom lines

Wolf & Dessauer

right center lines

Wolke Wm F

classified contractors

Young J H

classified jewelers

Zimmerly F J

back paster

Zollinger L C & Bro

back cover

R. L. POLK & CO.'S





Abbott, from Pontiac south, second east of Walton av.

Adams, from Manford north, third east of Hartman.

Agnes, from Lafayette east, fourth south of Pontiac.

Alabama av, from Tennessee to State, sixth east of St Joe.

Alexander, from Pontiac south, first east of Walton av.

AUiger, from Winter to Grant av. first south of East Lewis.

Anderson av, from Spy Run av. east to St Joseph River,
first north of Prospect av.

Andrew, from Fourth north to Archer av, third east of St
Mary's av.

Andrew av, from Wayne Trace east to Coombs, first south
of New Haven av.

Anna, from Lidiana av east to Fox av, first south of Lin-
coln av.

Annie, from Parnell east to St Joe gravel road, third north
of Hicksville rd.

12 R, L. POLK & CO/S

Antoinette, from Walton av east, first north of Pontiac.
Archer av, from Wells west to G R & I R R, second north

of Hoffman.
Arcade Court, between W Berry and Wayne from Calhoun

to Harrison.
Arlington av, from Burnett av south, first west of Fairfield.

Baker, from Calhoun west to Fairfield av, second north of

Wabash R R.
Baker av, changed to Delaware av.
Baltes, from Spy Run av east to St Joseph river, second

north of St Mary's river.
Barr, from St Mary's River south to Wildwood av, second

east of Calhoun.
Barr (North), from St Mary's river north to Burgess,

second east of N Calhoun.
Barthold, from L S & M S R R north to Spring, fourth

west of Wells.
Basin, from NYC&StLRR north to High, first west

of St Mary's av.
Bass, from Hoagland av west to Fairfield av, first south of

Wabash R R.
Baxter av, from Hanna west to Lafayette, fourth south of

Bayer av, from Delaware av to Forest av.
Beadell av, from First av west to Funek ditch, second north

of Taylor.
Beaver av, from Home av south to Rudisill av, first east of

Begue, from E Wayne north to N Y C & St L R R, third

east of Hanna.
Belle av, from Fox av west, first south of W Creighton av.
Bequette, first north of W Main, from Davis east.
Berrv (East), from Calhoun east to ]\Ionroe, first south

of E Main.
Berrv (West), from Calhoun west to Nelson, first south of

W Main.
Bluff, from W Main south to Fair, first west of St Mary's

Bluffton rd, from south end of Broadway southwest across

St Mary's river.
Boltz, from Lafayette east to Warsaw, second south of

Bond, from New Haven rd south to W^abash R R, second

east of toll gate.
Bond av. from Organ av south first west of Fairfield av.
Boone, from Cherry west to L S & M S R R, first north

of W Main.


Brackenridge, from Calhoun west to Broadway, third north

of Wabash R R.
Brandriff, from Webster west to Hoagland av, third south

of Wabash R R.
Beck, from St Mary's av west, first north of N Y C & St

L R R.
Bright, from Taylor south, second west of Brooklyn av.
Broadway, from N Y C & St L R R south beyond Rudisill

av, sixth west of Calhoun.
Brooklyn, from P Ft W & C R R to Ontario, first west of

St Mary's river.
Brooklyn av, a continuation of Brooklyn from Ontario

south to Little River turnpike.
Brooklvn av, from Calhoun west, first north of P Ft W il'

C R R.
Brookside, from Taylor south to Leland, first west of

Brossard Lane, from Wells west to Short, first north of

Brown, from St Mary's river west bevond Paul, second

south of P Ft W & C R R.
Buchanan, from Lafayette east to Winter, third north of F

Creighton av. ,
Burgess, from St Mary's av west to L E & M S R R, first

north oi Breck.
Burnett av from Indiana av east to Fairfield av first north

of Rudisill av.
Bush, from Hicksville road north, first east of St Joseph

Gravel road.
Butler (East), from Clinton east to Lafayette, second north

of E Creighton av.
Butler (West), from Calhoun west to Fairfield av, second

north of West Creighton av.
Calhoun, from St Mary's River south to Rudisill av.
Calhoun (North), from St Mary's river north to city limits,

first east of Harrison.
California av. from Tennessee av north to State fifth east

of St Joseph river.
Canal, from E Wayne north to Maumee river, fifth east of

Caroline, from Suttenfield south to Pontiac, first east of

Carson av, from Parnell av east to St Joe Gravel rd, second

north of Hicksville road.
Cass, from St Mary's river north to Sixth, first east of

Cedar, from Maumee av south to E Lewis first east of


R. L. POLK & CO. S

Centlivre, from Spy Run av west, third north cf EUzabeth.
Central av, from Annie north to St Joseph river, first east

of St Joseph river.
Centre, from Fair north to N Y C & St L R R, first west

of St Mary's river.
Charlotte av, from Parnell east to St Joe gravel road, first

north of Hicksville road.
Cherry, from St Mary's river north to X Y & St L R R,

first west of the river.
Chestnut, from Calhoun east to Clinton, first south of Hol-

Chestnut av, from Rav west bevond Warren, second south

of V/abash R R.
Chute, from Maumee av south to Wabash R R, second

east of Harmer.
Clara, from Kentuckv av east to Crescent av first north of

Clark, from High north, third west of Wells.
Clay, from E Columbia south to Lasselle, and from Ox-
ford av south to Baxter av. fourth east of Calhoun.
Clay (North), from Sixth north to Spv Run, third east of

N CHnton.
CHfton, from Manford north, second east of Hartman.
Clifton av, from Thompson av west to St Mary's river, first

south of Wabash R R.
Clinton, from St Mary's river south to Pontiac, first east

of Calhoun.
Clinton (North), from St Mary's river north to city limits,

first east of N Calhoun.
Cochran, from Maumee river east to Canal, first north of

N Y C & St L R R.

Cody, from Garfield west to city limits, second south of
Columbia av.

Colerick, from Hanna, east to Smith, second south of Pon-

College, from Berry south to Stophlet, fifth west of Broad-

Columbia (East), from Calhoun east to Maumee river, first
north of E Main.

Columbia (West), from Calhoun west to Harrison, first
north of W Main.

Columbia av, a continuation east to city limits of E Colum-
bia, from Maumee river.

Comparet, from E Wayne south to Maumee av, fourth east
of Hanna.

Cook av. from Lawton av. east, second north of Annie.


Coombs, from E Wayne north to Maumee river, fourth

east of Hanna.
Coombs av. from Wayne Trace northeast of Curtice av,

second south of New Haven av.
Cora av, from Lawton av east, second north of Annie.
Cottage av, from South Wayne av to Broadway, first south

of Home av.
Cour, from Hoagland av east to Piqua av, second south of

KiUea av.
Court, from E Main south to E Berry, first east of Calhoun.
Creighton av (East), from Cahioun east to Savannah, sixth

south of Wabash R R.
Creighton (West), from Calhoun west to Broadway, sixth

"south of Wabash R R.
Crescent av, from Edgewater av north to State, first east of

Cressler boul, first south of Illinois.
Culbertson, from First av west to Funck Ditch, first north

oi Taylor.
Curtice av, from Coombs south to Slataper, first east of

Wayne Trace.
Custer av from Polk to High, first west of DeGrofT.
Darrow av, from Piqua av west to Hoagland av.
Davis, from W Main north to Marv, first east of G R & I

R R.
Dawson, from Calhoun west to Fairfield av,fcthird south of

Wabash R R.
Dalmon, from Lafayette west to Piqua av, first south of

Davton. from South Wayne av west to Broadway, second

north of Rudisill av.
Dearborn, from Edgewater av north to St Joseph boule-
vard, third east of Columbia street bridge.
DeGrofY, from Burgess north to High, second west of St

Mary's a v.
Delaware av from St Joe boulevard east to Walton av, third

north of Tennessee av.
Delta boulevard, from Edgewater av north to Lake av, first

east of Crescent av.
DeWald (East), from Calhoun east to Hanna, first north

of E Creighton av.
DeWald (West), from Calhoun west to Broadway, first

north of W Creighton av.
Diamond, from Walton av east, third north of Pontiac.
Dinnen av, from Thompson av south to Hartnett av, first

first west of Broadway.
Division, from ^laumee av south to Hayden. first east of


16 R. L. POLK & CO.'S

Dock, from Harrison east to Barr, first south of N Y C &

St L R R.
Dodge av, from St Joe Gravel road east to ^Malcolm, second

north of Hicksville road.
Dougall, from Dwenger av north and south, third east of

Glasgow av.
Douglas av, from Calhoun west to McClellan, sixth south

of W ^lain.
Downing av from Hoagland av to Fairfield av, third south

of Pontiac.
Dubois, from Alaumee av south to Wabash R R. third east

of Walton av.
Duck, from Clinton east to Barr, first north of E Superior.
Dwenger av, from Glasgow av east to citv limits, first

north of N Y C & St L R R.
Eagle, first south of Taylor from Garden to Reidmiller av.
East av, from Annie north, third west of St Joseph river.
Eckart Lane, from Hanna east to Holton av, third south of

Pontiac and from Lafayette east to Warsaw.
Edgewater av, from Columbia av east to city limits, first

north of Alaumee river.
Edith av, from Spring north to Margaret, third west of St

Mary's av.
Edna, from Spy Run av west, fourth north of Elizaljeth.
Eden av, form Oneida northwest, north of Elmwood av.
Edwin, secoiifti south of Taylor from Garden to Riedmiller

Edsall av, from New Haven av north of Xew Haven and

Fort Wayne turnpike, fifth east of Wayne Trace.
Edward, first north of Orchard av, running west.
Eleanora, from Mola av west, first south of Spring.
Eliza, from Francis east to Winter, first north of Havden.
Eliza av changed to Forest av.
Elizabeth, from N Clinton east to St Joseph river, first

north of Nussbaum av.
Ellen av, from Jesse av west to N Barr. first north of

Elm, from St Mary's river west to same, first south of W

Elmwood av, from St Joseph boulevard cast to Crescent av.

third north of Columbia av.
Emily, changed to Nussbaum av.
Emily, from Gay, east to Thomas, second south of E

Creighton av.
Emma av, from Gertrude av west to G R & I R R, first

north of Ellen av.
Erie, from Francis east to Walton av, second north of E



Esmond, from Calhoun to. Lafayette, second south of Pon-

EucHd, from Antoinette north to Penn R R, first east of

Wahon av.
Eva, from Huestis av, south to Alley, first west of Broad-

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