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4800 E. 14th Stree* Phone Fraitvsle 34*0


3 1223 04590 1254 lakeside seoo




FmU Information en Page 126






14th and Broadway

Oakland, California

Real Estate Loan




Gksncort 4002

Undertaking Company

2935 Telegraph Av. South West cor. 30th St

Telephone l^ke*ide 7400





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or Voorst




4 CO.




Borroughs Additional Towel System











The New Cloth Towel Service for Offices, Stores, Factories,

Theatres, Public Buildings.

Installed on Economical Monthly Rental Basis.

A Fresh, Clean, Cloth Towel Always Ready for Use.

A Neat Washroom Without Waste or Loss

Oakland- California Towel Co,

Phone Oakland 883

3 1223 04590 1254


3 1223 04590 1254







Not to be taken from the Library


Undertaking Company

Telephone Lakeside 7400

2935 Telegraph Ave. South West cor. 30th St., Oakland, Calif.

// You Are an Investor —

We offer you the benefit of our 40 years of
experience as a bond house in California.
Send for our current list of hi^h-^rade bonds.


hshrd HIT

Alexander Building 1602 Tribune Tower

Montgomery St.. Cor. of B •♦




Gaines-Walrath Company




1714 Franklin St. Tel. Oakland 1927 Oakland, Calif.

California Pottery Company


Since 1873

Manufacturers of Roofing Tile, Face Brick, Salt Glazed Vitrified

Pipe, Chimney Pipe and Fittings, Flue Lining, Drain Tile, Floor

and Wall Tiles, Face Hollow Tile, Vitrified Salt Glazed Septic

Tanks, and Kindred Clay Products.

W ° rk * : San Fr.nci.co: Oakland:

2 "j Local Yard 11th & Harri.on St.. Office. & Yard

™', Phone Market 9270 2265 E. 12th St.
Nllr » Phone Fruitvale 587


Goodyear Tires Campers Supplies

Mechanics Tools



Architectural and Engineering Construction




Member General Contractors Association

Warehouses, Office Buildings, Apartment Houses,
Garages, Hotels


Telephones Oakland 994 and 995 Telephone Piedmont 612






Containing an Alphabetical List of Business Firms and Private

Citizens of Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda, Piedmont, Emery-

wille and Albany, a Directory of the City and County

Officers, Churches, Public and Private Schools,

Benevolent, Literary and other Associations,

Incorporated Institutions, Etc.



Compiled and Published by R. L. Polk & Co. of California

470 Thirteenth Street, Oakland, California


PRICE WF f $18.00

(Member Association of North American Directory Publishers)
Copyright. 1927, by R. L. Polk & Co.. of California


The publishers present the 1927 edition of the Oakland, Berkeley
and Alameda Directory to its patrons and users with confidence as to
the complete and correct information contained therein.

The general arrangement is the same as in the past; the letter "A"
following a name signifies Alameda; "B," Berkeley, and "Pied," Pied-
mont. The Classified Section is arranged in the same manner.

The "BUYERS' GUIDE" occupies pages 109 to 222. This section
includes advertisements of the leading manufacturers, business and
professional men of the East Bay District, arranged by departments and
indexed classified headings. A careful perusal of this section of the
directory will be found interesting.

The Miscellaneous Section, giving information as to Churches, Fra-
ternal and Secret Societies, Lodges, Civic and Miscellaneous Organiza-
tions, Etc., will be found on pages 43 to 57.

The Street and Avenue Guide commences at page 58.

The Classified Section in the back of the book is complete and
lists every business and profession under correct headings.

Names coming in too late to appear in the regular Alphabetical Sec-
tion will be found on page 100.


The cities of Oakland, Berkeley, Alameda, Piedmont, Emeryville and
Albany have now grown together into one compact whole. The popula-
tion estimated by the publishers of the 1927 Directory is 504,225. The
number of names contained in this volume is 201,690. Owing to the fact
that the names of married women and minor children living at home
have been eliminated the publishers use the multiplier 2Vi, which gives
the estimated population of 504,225.

Directory Library
A library of City and County Directories is maintained by the pub-
lishers at 470 13th street for the free use of their patrons. As the latest
Directories are issued they will be added to the Library, thereby keeping
it up to date from year to year. We extend a cordial invitation to each
and every one of our subscribers to make frequent use of this Library
and to consult the directories on file here as often as wished.

Advertising Oakland

The Oakland, Berkeley and Alameda Directory is placed in the
Directory Libraries throughout the United States and in many of the
larger hotels in New York, Chicago and other large cities, where it
serves the public as a valuable book of reference and the city it repre-
sents as a splendid standing advertisement, for no other publication can
convey such an idea of the city, its business interests and all the various
institutions and organizations.

We are indebted to the Oakland Chamber of Commerce, the Berke-
ley Chamber of Commerce, and the Alameda Chamber of Commerce for
the following interesting data, commencing at page 10.


Oakland appeals to the homeseeker and the manu-
facturer alike. Nature gave the city a most ideal
climate, a strategic position on the Pacific Coast in
respect to world ports, the Great Western markets
and a scenic setting that is unrivalled.

The homeseeker finds in Oakland those things which
are always associated with a home-city — good
environment, splendid recreational facilities and
educational advantages that rank with the best in
the country.

The manufacturer finds that Oakland is nearer the
source of important raw materials than any other
Pacific Coast seaport; that production costs are
lower; that it enjoys exceptional transportation
facilities and that from Oakland they can serve the
eleven Western States and countries bordering on the
Pacific Coast at an advantage over any other Pacific
Coast city.

Our industrial department will be
glad to supply a technical engineering
report to any industry interested.



Hotel Oakland Oakland, California

Chamber of Commerce

Invites You to the Educational
Metropolis of the Pacific Coast


hooking Through the Golden Gate
Offers You:

An ideal living and working climate, cool

in summer, mild in winter.
The most favorable health conditions of any

city of its size in America.
A City Manager government.
A successfully financed Community Chest

providing for Berkeley's 20 welfare

The most modern and progressive police

and fire protection.
Exceptionally fine schools preparing for the

entrance to the University.
The University of California, one of

America's greatest institutions of higher

A high type of citizens interested in all that

is best in American life.
Attractive homes, artistically designed, set

in gardens of perennial bloom.


Chamber of


Object: To Promote the Civic, Economic
and Social Welfare of the People of Alameda

Invites you to visit the isle of beautiful homes, surrounded
on all sides by the waters of the San Francisco Bay.


Ideal climate throughout the entire year.
Unsurpassed industrial facilities.

A water frontage of 14 miles, five of which border on the Estu-
ary, providing splendid shipping conveniences for all kinds of
deep-water vessels, and six miles bordering on the San Francisco
Bay, serving as a palatial residential district.
A summer Mecca for those seeking an ideal vacationland.
The Beaches offer bathing, boating, dancing and many other
sources of amusement.
Beautiful Golf Course recently constructed.

See Alameda's Beautiful New Buildings — Community
Hotel, High School, Sanatorium, Masonic Temple, Odd
Fellows Home, all constructed within the last year.

The Chamber of Commerce offers an
extensive supply of literature, which may
be obtained at its office, or will be
mailed upon receipt of name and address.





Oakland, situated on the continental side of San Francisco Bay, is the third
largest city in California, the fifth largest on the Pacific Coast, and the fastest
growing industrial city in the West.

Though it has grown with tremendous rapidity, both from the standpoint of
population and the standpoint of industry, Oakland is a city of homes. Stretch-
ing away from the bay there is ample room for a city of several million popula-
tion before reaching the sloping hills which have become the exclusive residential
section of each of the several cities along the eastern shore of the bay.

It is only in comparatively recent years that industries, recognizing the
advantages offered by Oakland, began to claim the excellent factory sites along
the bay shore. Today there are more than 500 plants, making a total of more
than 2000 different products in this great east bay city.


Oakland has 27 miles of deep water frontage on the greatest land-locked
harbor in the world. Improved freight docking facilities have been installed by
municipal and private interests, and repair facilities, superior to any on the
Pacific Coast, are available here for the fleets of the world. Oakland lays claim
to the largest floating dry docks in the world and the largest marine railroad.
It has numerous other dry docks and marine railroads of lesser size.

A majority of the leading steamship lines, carrying either coastwise or
trans-Pacific freight, have made Oakland a regular port of call, and the volume
handled on Oakland docks is growing with great rapidity.

United States Government engineers recently recommended the expenditure
of more than a million and one-half dollars on the Oakland harbor.


The recently issued government census shows that Oakland gained 175.3 per
cent in the number of persons engaged in manufacturing in the five years im-
mediately preceding the compilation of these figures. In the same period of
time Los Angeles gained 87.9 per cent and San Francisco 45.7 per cent.

In the matter of capital invested, Oakland gained 226.9 per cent, San Fran-
cisco gained 124.1 per cent and Los Angeles 56.5 per cent.

Salaries and wages increased 37S.6 per cent in Oakland, against 176.5 per
cent in Los Angeles and 122.2 per cent in San Francisco; and the value of prod-
ucts manufactured gained 326.5 per cent in Oakland, 170 per cent in Los Angeles,
and 157.1 per cent in San Francisco in this five-year period.

W. C. Durant, when head of the General Motors, said that the efficiency of
labor in his Oakland plant was greater than in any other plant of the extensive
General Motors chain of factories throughout the United States. The fact that
the new Durant factory was located in Oakland in the face of the greatest kind
of competition from Seattle, Portland and Los Angeles, confirms the impression
that the Durants were eminently well satisfied that Oakland offers the best manu-
facturing conditions on the Pacific Coast. The manager of one of the largest
fruit packing plants in the United States recently said that, in his judgment, an
Oakland fruit packing plant's advantages in efficiency of labor over a similar
plant in the Sacramento or San Joaquin valleys amount to 20 per cent.


Oakland's climate is extremely equable. The average temperature for the
twelve months is 56 degrees. The days are never too hot for comfort and the
nights are always cool. Seldom, even in the so-called winter months, does the
mercury drop to 32 degrees F. It is due to this ideal working climate that Oak-
land shipyards — and incidentally Oakland is one of the largest shipbuilding

centers in the world — were the ones to set one building record after another
during the World War.


In point of health Oakland has consistently ranked among the first cities
of the nation for a long period of years, and statistics show that it has become
an increasingly more healthful place for residents during the last fifteen years.

In 1920 Oakland ranked second in smallness of death rate out of a list of
forty-three larger cities compiled by the United States Government. The rate
which was then 11.6 per thousand was exceeded only by Seattle, where the death
rate was 10.5.

It is noteworthy that Oakland, as indicated by the death rate, exceeds in
health conditions both Los Angeles and San Francisco; in one case 3.4 per
thousand and in the other by 3 per thousand.


The population of Oakland in 1910 was 150,174, in 1920, 216,261, a gain of
approximately 44 per cent in a ten-year period. At the present rate of growth
it will register a materially larger percentage of increase during the ten years
between 1920 and 1930.

The cities of Berkeley and Alameda and the municipalities of Emerlyville,
Piedmont, San Leandro and Albany have now grown together into one compact
whole. It is these seven cities which are referred to as the East Bay community.


Few cities in the United States can boast of a more perfect school system
than Oakland, or more attractive school buildings. Noted educators from every
section of the world have praised Oakland's educational facilities. The present
school enrollment is in excess of 45,000. In Berkeley, which adjoins Oakland
on the north, is the great University of California, the largest in the United
States in point of enrollment and incidentally one of the richest in the matter of

Oakland has 44 primary and grammar schools, 13 junior high schools, and
six high schools.


Oakland's new park and playground development — a noteworthy feature of
which was the acquisition this year of extensive municipal golf links — undoubt-
edly will be conducive to a still higher level of health and well-being among resi-
dents of this favored city. Among the Oakland parks which have attracted the
attention of tourists from all parts of the world is beautiful Lake Merritt and
Lakeside Park. Lake Merritt, situated in the center of the city, comprises 160
acres, and is surrounded by wonderful lawns and beyond these by beautiful mod-
ern homes and apartments. On one side of the lake is situated Oakland's new
million-dollar auditorium.

The waters of Lake Merritt are dotted the year round with canoes and
launches and during the so-called winter months many thousand of wild ducks
make Lake Merritt their home. Spring finds these traditionally wild birds almost
as tame as barnyard fowls. They walk on the lawns and among the sightseers,
apparently recognizing that their safety is assured.

The annual visit of these ducks that have adopted this spot in sunny Cali-
fornia as their home has been made the occasion for pageants on the part of
the people, and each January the now nationally known Wild Duck Pageant is
held on the lake shore.

Posessed as it is of all those things considered essential for a great metropo-
lis, with three transcontinental railways, its position on one of the world's great-
est land-locked harbors and with ample room in which to make a tremendous
expansion, Oakland's future is assured.



Alameda, known as the "city with unexcelled climate," is located on the San
Francisco Bay. It is one o£ the most beautiful homesites in the Bay District.

The Beaches located all along the south shore are the greatest vacation
attraction. They offer bathing, boating, playgrounds tor children, dancing and all
manner of amusements. These beaches attract the amusement seekers, not only
from Alameda, but from the entire Bay District.

The Beaches are not the only source of amusement, for the city has just
completed a Golf Course on Bay Farm Island in the south end of Alameda.
This course is now open and attracting golfers from all around the Bay.

The Parks, one of Alameda's chief beauties, serve every residential section.
Daily attendance averages 2085 people, the majority being children who seek
outdoor amusement and recreation so generously offered by the Park Depratment.

With all these residential advantages, it is not to be assumed that Alameda's
industrial attractions play a small part, for she is unsurpassed for industrial and
manufacturing purposes, having a water frontage of 14 miles, five of which are
situated on the estuary, offering splendid shipping facilities.

The Encinal Terminals, after looking over the entire East Bay District, found
Alameda the most favorable site for its location. It has plans for the construction
of seven more units such as the two already established.

The Alaska Packers Association, also located on the Estuary, is one of the
largest salmon packing concerns in the world. Alameda was selected as a base
because of the sheltered winter quarters furnished for its large fleet.

The Boyle Manufacturing Company have expanded their organization consid-
erably during the past few years. They recently purchased an area of land near
by their present factory and constructed a large factory.

Besides her natural beauty Alameda also has acquired embellishments in the
form of beautiful buildings. The new million and a half dollar High School
recently completed is the most beautiful and modern in the state. The Alameda
Sanatorium, situated in a most ideal site on the south shore of the city, is another
one of Alameda's new and modern edifices.

Alameda's most beautiful and outstanding building is the new Hotel Alameda,
built of old Spanish architecture and furnished in similar style. This hotel is a
transient-apartment hotel and serves as the social center of the city.

With its reputation as a manufacturing, horticultural and residential city, the
social life is not overlooked. There are lodges and benevolent organizations such
as the Elks Club, with its beautiful home, The Women's Adelphian Club, which
has done wonderful work since its organization and now takes its place among
the leading women's clubs in California. The Alameda Tea Club, the Shakespeare
Club, the Research Club, the Alcyon Reading Club are among the women's clubs
in active operation. Every school has a Mother's Club and the High School a
Parent-Teachers Association.

Alameda has a population of 36,000. It is under the City Manager form of
government. The complete system of paved streets, of which Alameda boasts,
possesses electroliers placed at intervals of 75 feet. Alameda owns its electric
light plant, which makes the electric rates about 25 per cent lower in Alameda
than in neighboring cities. Tax payers in Alameda are not taxed for street or
other public lighting.

Flowers grow in profusion in the city, the dahlia being the most prolific. A
unique blossom festival, the annual Dahlia Show, participated in by flower
growers of Alameda and held under the auspices of the Chamber of Commerce,
brings out thousands of dahlias.

The Alameda Chamber of Commerce recently published a new booklet which
gives some very valuable information on Alameda. They shall be very glad to
send out any literature upon request.


Reaching along the base of the gracefully rolling Berkeley hills, the city
looks westward over the glorious pageant of San Francisco Bay to the Golden
Gate, the mystic portal through which the commerce of America and all the lands
of the Pacific Ocean are interchanged. To the south of the Golden Gate it looks
upon San Francisco built on its many hills. To the north it faces the Mar-in
County hills rising into the gracefully chiseled profile of Mount Tamalpais. Close
at hand lies a long stretch of plain sweeping from the bay shore and crowded
with dwellings and the buildings of trade and industry. The whole panorama as
revealed from the height of Berkeley is one of beauty. and splendor.

Southward extends the fair city of Oakland, its ships lying beside the docks,
its factories crowding the waterfront and the graceful towers of its tall office
buildings marking the business center, with Lake Merritt glistening like a jewel
in its setting of park.

During the past thirty years Berkeley has emerged out of the obscurity of a
little college town of four or five thousand people to the present city. In those
pastoral days the country roads were dusty in summer and deep pools of mud
made walking difficult in winter. Two board planks served as sidewalks and
broad fields of grain and orchards of cherries and other fruit invited the way-
farer to loiter. The townsfolk carried their lanterns when they walked abroad at
night. A few of the wealthy residents had horses and buggies, and a horse car
went out from Oakland to Temescal, where a wheezy little steam dummy con-
nected with the University grounds.

Based on the comparative figures of the government census of 1920 and the
Berkeley Postoffice and Chamber of Commerce survey of 1926, Berkeley has a
population of considerably over S2.000 inhabitants, including some 5000 students
of the Univresity from outside homes. Of this number over 7000 are commuters
having their business in San Francisco. The metropolitan area of San Francisco
and the East Bay cities includes in a compact district on the shores of the central
Bay area a population estimated at 1,181,000 inhabitants distributed between the
cities of San Francisco' Oakland, Piedmont, Berkeley, Alameda, Richmond, Sausa-
lito, and the smaller intervening cities.

From the standpoint of climate, site, living conditions and educational oppor-
tunities, Berkeley is today a magnet attracting those who appreciate the better
things of life. The great problem today is to keep up with the growth in popu-
lation by making proper provision of schools, playgrounds, parks and other
necessities of a rapid-growing community.

Tile University of California is located in the very heart of Berkeley on six
hundred acres of beautiful hill slope and plain, with Strawberry Canyon in its
midst, cutting back into the Berkeley hills. In the classic white granite buildings
with red tile roofs, clustered around the graceful campanile, some 15,000 students
pursue their studies in the regular session, the intersession and the summer ses-
sion of the University. Included in the scope of its activities are one of the
foremost colleges of mines in the country and a college of agriculture that is
reaching out over the entire state in creating untold values to the land by its
investigations of means for destroying pests of fruit and farm products, by
teaching how to irrigate and to prune, by soil analysis and by removing tin*
element of chance from husbandry and developing it into a science. Its college
of architecture is training young men and women in the art of creating buildings
nobly conceived in the light of artistic traditions of the past and the engineering
skill of the present. Its college of medicine is endowing the men and women
who are to be the guardians of life and health of the people of tomorrow with
new standards of proficiency. So in law, economics, commerce, the natural
sciences, pedagogy, the classics, history, art and letters, the University of Cali-
fornia, under the presidency of the eminent astronomer, William Wallace Camp-

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