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doctrinal views.

,, Anacreontic Society, a musical union formed ; name changed to the
"Rochdale Harmonic Society" in 1806, and the "Rochdale
Choral Society " in 1878.

1804 July 23. Sir J. P. Kay-Shuttleworth, Bart, author of Scarsdale,

born at Meadowcroft.

„ Dec. 21. Rochdale Canal, which cost nearly £500,000 to construct,
was opened.


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10 ANNALS OP ROCHDALE. [1804-1813

1804 Rouleau of Roman brass coins unearthed at UDderwood.

„ College Street mill built by Mr. J. Pilling.

,, Act of Parliament to enable the Canal Co. to complete their works

,, Act of Parliament for making a new road from New Wall to Man-
chester passed ; amended 17th June, 1823.

1806 Jan. 2. Providence Chapel, High Street, opened ; a secession from

Union Street.

1807 Feb. 11. Burial ground attached to Providence Chapel first used.

,, Methodist Sunday School Scholars were, up to this time, taken
regularly to St. Chad's Church.

1808 June 1. " Shuttle Gathering," serious woollen trade dispute ; New

Bailey burnt to the ground. Military called in.
„ Coach and Horses Inn, Lord Street, was known as a Trades-Union

„ Daniel Lambert was on exhibition in the town. He weighed 52


,, Friends' Meeting House, George Street, opened.

1809 Summercastle Barracks were occupied by the Hereford Militia.
„ Wesley Chapel, Wardle, built ; cost £700.

1810 Drake Street, named after the then Vicar, opened about this time.
,, Particular Baptist Chapel, Hope Street, opened; School added in

,, Wellington Hotel opened ; originally it waB the residence of Mr. T.
Smith, a wealthy woollen manufacturer.

,, Primitive Methodists sprang up about this time.
,, Eighty licensed houses existed in the town.

1811 Nov. 16. John Bright born.

„ Mr. Jacob Bright refusing to pay Church rate, his goods were dis-
trained upon.

„ Secession from Union Street Chapel — many joined Black water
Street Chapel.

,, Hallfold Sunday School opened.

,, Lord Byron paid his only visit to the town.

1812 St. Stephen's Church (Lady Huntingdon's Connexion) opened.

1813 Sept. 29. New Burial Ground Drake Street opened.

„ Lieut. J. Hop wood, 25th Rifles, fell at Arcangues before Bayonne.

„ Quakers in the town numbered about one hundred.

,, Tithes of Rochdale and Saddleworth sold by public auction.

,, Nine pews in St. Chad's Church sold by public auction — a pew con-
taining ten sittings fetched £205.

,, Pitt Club, in memory of the great Statesman, formed; dissolved,


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1814-1820] ANNALS OP ROCHDALE. 11

1814 Bill to erect a new Parish Church introduced into Parliament ; it

was subsequently abandoned owing to opposition.

„ March 14. Providence Chapel taken over by Congrogationalists.

„ June 12. Rev. John Ely commenced his pastorate at Providence

,, Redcross Street National School built.

1815 Act of Parliament passed for building a Chapel of Ease (St. James's).

,, June 17. Tom Livsey, a local worthy, born.

„ Methodist New Connexion formed by Mr. W. W. Barton, Town

1817 Edwin Waugh born.

„ March Reform Meeting on Cronkeyshaw, Samuel Bamford spoke.

,, John Cockerill, Birches, founded the gigantic iron and steel works
at Servaing, Belgium. In 1882, the firm employed 10,000

,, John Kershaw became Pastor of Hope Street Chapel.

,, Stoppage of Messrs. Rhodes Bank.

„ Ladies' Charity formed.

,, Sunday School Union formed.

,, Sept. 28. Rev. T. Littlewood, thirty- two years pastor of Town
Meadows Chapel, died.

„ Nov. 29. Mr. T. B. Potter born.

,, Syke Chapel built.

1818 Rochdale Savings' Bank opened ; stopped payment 1849.

»» Clegg Hall licensed as a public-house ; license taken away 1869.

„ Sixteen Sunday Schools were conducted in the town.

,, Clover Street Unitarian Chapel built.

,, Post Office stood at Bridge End ; Miss Jane Lee, postmistress.

„ June 4th. Corner Stone of St. James's Church laid.

1819 William Howitt visited the Whitworth Doctors.

,, Aug. 16. Peterloo Gathering ; two Rochdalians injured.

„ Rev. W. R. Hay, M.A., became Vicar. He it was who ordered the
Riot Act to be read at Peterloo.

,, First Local Bank opened.

„ Miles Ash worth, as one of the Guard, sailed to St. Helena with
Napoleon I.

,, John Walmsley, Castlemere, was High Sheriff of Lancashire.

,, Mr., afterwards Archbishop Tait visited the Whitworth doctors.

1820 Number of rate assessments 1,040.

,, Beam engines introduced by Messrs. Petrie.

„ Power Loom Weaving introduced at Messrs. Pilling & Brierley's,
College Street.


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12 ANNALS OP ROCHDALE. 1820-1825]

1820 Aug. 3. Trinity Church, Littleborough, was consecrated.

„ Nov. 8. Last Bull Bait in the Roche. Fall of the battlement of
the river ; seven persons killed. ^

„ Sun-dial hung outside Mr. Lawton's shop, Lord Street; removed
in 1897.

1821 Feb. Mrs. Betty Stott, Smallbridge, by will, left an estate at Count

Hill, Oldham, to the Baptist Church, Town Meadows.

„ July 19. Coronation of George IV. loyalty celebrated.

„ Sept. St. James's Church consecrated by Bishop Law ; Rev. W. J.
ffarington, M.A., Incumbent.

,, Nov. 25. Panic in Union Street Chapel.

1822 Jan. 21. Sir William Bagenall Burdett, Castleton Hall, qualified as

a County Justice.

,, Feb. 25. Highway robbery on Middleton Road — thief sentenced to

„ Zachary Chapel, College Street, built.

„ Stocks near St. Chad's Church for punishing delinquents last used.

„ Lord Byron sold the right to hold a Market to the present pro-

1823 Foundation Stone of the Old Town Hall laid by John Roby— building

pulled down in 1858.
„ Jan. 31. Dr. W. R. Hay, Vicar, resigned the Chairmanship of the
Salford Quarter Sessions.

„ Lord Byron sold the Manor to Mr. James Dearden.

1824 Jan. 12. Market Hall opened ; cost £30,000.

,, Rochdale Cricket Club was in existence ; thirty-one subscribers.

„ Discovery of a leaden coffin and a lachrymatory in the Parish Church.

„ March 9. Mr. J. Entwisle, High Sheriff, left the town amid great
rejoicings to meet the Judges.

„ April 19. Lord Byron died at Missolonghi.

,, Bridge erected across the river, Manchester Road.

„ Smallbridge Independent Chapel erected.

,, May 24. Rochdale Gasworks, a private enterprise, which cost
£11,000, opened.

1825 8,000 flannel pieces were manufactured weekly in the town and


„ Rev. Isaac Gaitskill licensed to the Curacy of Whitworth.

,, The town covered an area of three-quarters of a mile in all directions
from the Market Place.

„ Act of Parliament for improving the road to Oldham passed.

„ Iron footbridge leading to The Walk erected by Messrs. Vavasour.

„ FirBt Act of Parliament for the government of the town obtained.

„ Methodist Sunday School opened opposite the site of Spotland
U.M.F. Church.


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1825-1830] ANNALS OP ROCHDALE. 13

1825 Government grant of £500 in aid of Ideal relief owing to depression

in the woollen trade.

,, Twelve watchmen appointed to watch and regulate the town.

1826 Hooley Bridge mills erected ; ceased running in 1861.
„ Rochdale Races " fully established.''

,, Caledonian Society for mutual aid in sickness and distress formed.

,, March. Wesley Chapel, Union Street, opened ; the building cost

,, Oct. 8. J. H. Wolfenden, an actor of repute, born. He died at
Hull in 1861, when 20,000 persons attended his funeral.

1827 Jan. 6. Rochdale Recorder, a constitutional newspaper, price 7d.,

published weekly by J. Astin. Became defunct 29th March,

„ Rev. J. W. Inchbald, M. A., appointed Vicar of St. Mary's Church,
The Baum.

„ Messrs. Leach and Tweedale, Healey Hall, introduced the Spinning
Jenny — a strike followed.

1828 Two public billiard-rooms were established in the town.

,, Historical and Topographical Account of the Town and Parish of
Rochdale, by J. Butterworth, published.

„ Value of the living of Rochdale exceeded £2,000 per annum.

,, Last public cock-fight ; it took place at Bagslate ; stake, ten guineas
a battle and two hundred guineas a main.

„ Messrs. Kelsall & Bartlemore, now Kelsall & Kemp, Ltd. established.

,, John Martin, the celebrated painter, finished the " Fall of Nineveh ""
at Hollingworth Lake.

1829 Mr. Charles Johnson appointed Chief Constable.

,, St. John's Roman Catholic Church erected. Accommodation, 500.

,, May 2. Second "Shuttle Gathering." A serious disturbance by
woollen weavers owing to the introduction of power-looms —
ten persons killed.

„ Feargus O'Connor addressed a political gathering in the old Theatre,.
Toad Lane.

,, Traditions of Lancashire, by John Roby, then residing in the town*

,, Independent Chapel, Moore Street, opened.

1830 June 28. William IV. proclaimed King amid general rejoicings.
,, Sep. Manchester and Liverpool Railway opened for traffic.

,, Great Strike in the woollen trade.

,, Rev. (afterwards Canon) Parkinson, B.D., instituted Incumbent of

,, St. James's (Wardleworth) Schools established.

,, Sunday School Union re-formed.

„ Ben Bull, local character, transported for life for horse stealing.


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14 ANNALS OP ROCHDALE. [1831-1835

1831 March 11. Public Meeting to advocate the town's claims to be

included in the Reform Bill, Mr. Elliott, Solicitor, presiding.

„ Dispensary founded; premises in South Parade rented. The institu-
tion afte wards removed to Lord Street, and left there in 1871 for
Elliott Street.

,, Belfield Wesleyan School opened ; new school erected in 1852.

,, Barracks between Black water Street and Toad Lane in existence.

,, Primitive Methodist Chapel, Drake Street, afterwards JefFerye's
Music Hall, erected.

1832 June. The town became a Parliamentary borough.

„ Aug. 22. Passing of the Reform Bill observed ; procession through
principal streets ; 2,000 poor folks entertained.

,, Aug. 28. Henry Hunt gave an open-air Address in the town.

,, Weavers' Society (with Library) at Wardleworth established.

„ Nov. 15. William Cobbett gave an Address in Clover Street Chapel.

,, Revision Court (first) held at the Flying Horse Inn.

„ Good Samaritan Society formed.

„ Fieldhouse Institute formed to provide education chiefly among
Messrs. Bright's workpeople.

,, Dec. Mr. John Fenton elected first M.P.

1833 March. Town Meadows Chapel closed.
„ West Street Chapel built.

„ Factory Act passed, Mr. J. Bright opposing.

„ April. Literary and Philosophical Society, for many years an
important institution, formed.

„ Milnrow Parsonage built.

1834 Sep. 10. Heywood Branch Canal opened.

„ Moore Street British School opened.

,, Public Sale at Reed Hotel of goods seized for non-payment of
Church rate.

,, Rev. Robert Jones, late Cemetery Registrar, then a Missionary,
read the Emancipation Proclamation to his Congregation of
Slaves in Jamaica.

,, Rochdale Temperance Society formed ; incorporated in 1895.

,, Rev. J. Ely, minister at High Street Chapel, resigned.

„ Smallbridge Church consecrated by Bishop Law.

„ Water Street Chapel, now Central Hall, built.

,, Rochdale Sunday School Union re-established.

1835 Jan. 6. Fleece Inn entered by thieves who stole £127 in gold.

Thieves not discovered.

,, April 3. St. Clement's Church consecrated. Rev. G. H. Cotton, -

„ Fish last caught in the Roche about this time.

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1835-1838] ANNALS OP ROCHDALE. 15

1835 Mr. John Entwisle elected M.P. for the borough.

„ Lord F. Egerton and Mr. B. Wilbraham elected County members
for the district.

„ June 19. Stage Coach overturned in Black water Street. Several
persons seriously injured.

,, Aug. Local prisoners first tried at Liverpool Assizes.

,, Sep. Secession from Union Street Chapel which led to the forma-
tion of the U.M.F.C.

,, Mr. T. Ferrand Dearden succeeded his uncle, Mr. T. Ferrand,

,, Calf Hey Methodist School opened.

„ Sep. 24. Mr. A. H. Royds and Mr. W. E. Royds were robbed by
three highwaymen at Slattocks.

1836 July 4. Act of Parliament to enable the construction of the Man-

chester and Leeds Railway received Royal assent.

1837 Jan. 8. - Baillie Street U.M.F.C. opened, cost £4,000. Gallery and

class-rooms added, 1840.

,, Jan. Rochdale Union formed. Mr. W. Roberts, Clerk.

„ April 17. Mr. John Fen ton elected M.P. See Elections.

,, June 26th. Victoria proclaimed Queen ; great rejoicings.

„ July 1. Mr. Thomas Spencer appointed Registrar of Marriages, &c.
He held the office until December, 1879.

„ Mr. W. Heaton appointed Magistrates' Clerk at a salary of twelve
guineas per annum.

,, Ash worth Chapel enlarged.

,, British Schools, Baillie Street, publicly opened; Mr. J. J. Curtis,

„ Dec. 31. Belfield Sunday School established.

1838 Aug. 29. Mr. Henry Kelsall, one of the first Nonconformists to be

appointed, qualified as a J. P.

,, Oct. Anti-Corn Law Association formed; Mr. John Bright elected
a member of the Provisional Committee.

„ Nov. 7. Feargus O'Connor and J. R. Stephens spoke at a torch-
light Chartist demonstration in a brickfield, now the site of
Messrs. Kelsall & Kemp's Mill, Baillie Street; 2,000 persons

„ Town Meadows Chapel Burial Ground discontinued.

,, Owenites opened a Social Hall opposite St. James's Church.

„ Rev. E. C. Lewis began his labours at St. Stephen's ; resigned Sep.

„ Public Timekeeper, erected by subscription, placed in the wall of
the Post Office, South Parade.

„ Mr. J. Eccles appointed Superintendent of the Fire Brigade.

„ Annual Assembly of the Association of Methodists held in the town ;
Rev. J. Molineux, President.


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16 ANNALS OP ROCHDALE. [1839-1841

1839 June 4. Manchester and Leeds Railway opened as far as Little-
,, June 11. Earthquake shock felt in the town.

„ Dec. 29. Dr. J. E. N. Moles worth, Vicar, read himself in.

,, Messrs. Brierley's Mill, Manchester Road, opened.

,, Commissioners' Rooms, Smith Street, where municipal affairs were
transacted till 1871, erected.

,, Father Dowling commenced a Roman Catholic Mission in the town.

,, Radical Club opened next to Weavers' Arms, Yorkshire Street.

„ Rev. R. K. Cook, Head Master of the Grammar School, appointed

Incumbent of St. John's, Smallbridge ; preferred 1881.
,, Court of Requests, for the trial of small causes, opened.


Jan. 23 Chartist Meeting in The Butts to adopt a petition for the release
of Jones, Williams, and Frost, imprisoned Chartist Leaders.

,, 29 Branch of the Anti-Corn Law League formed.

March Petition against the Corn Laws presented to Parliament — 9,700
signatures; 170 feet long.

Sep. Summit Tunnel, begun February 1838, completed. Forty-one

fatal accidents occurred during its making. The tunnel is
2,986 yards in length.

Queen Victoria's Wedding observed.

Mr. E. Wrigley, founder of E. Wrigley & Sons Ltd., appointed
Postmaster. He held the office till 10th September, 1859.

Spodden Brook was fished at this time.


Mar. 1 Manchester and Leeds Railway opened throughout.

May Boat Inn, Belfield, opened. The boat formerly carried passengers

on the branch canal, between Bluepits Railway Station and
the town of Hey wood.

July 1 Mr. W. S. Crawford (L) elected M.P.

Oct. 1 Rochdale Conservative Sick and Burial Association formed,
Mr. John Roby, President ; incorporated September, 1897.

Nov. 1 Rev. I. Gaitskill, M.A., succeeded Canon Parkinson, Vicar of

„ 24 Constabulary Force formed.

Dec. Great distress among the working classes.

Newbold Friendly Society formed; Mr. J. Sharrocks, President.

Chartists' Room over a warehouse at the top of Penn Street,

Buckley Wood Reservoir completed ; holding capacity estimated
at 24,271,312 gallons.


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1842-1844] ANNALS OF ROCHDALE. 17


May 1 Common Sense, promoted by Dr. Molesworth, published.

„ 14 Vicar's Lantern, started in opposition to Common Sense by
Mr. E. Taylor and others; both journals died in August,

June 2 Unsuccessful attempt made to levy a Church Rate of one half-
penny in the £.

Aug. 10 "Plug Drawing," a strike for higher wages; great disturbances.

Dec. 12 John Bright, Cobden, and W. J. Fox addressed an Anti-Corn
Law Meeting in the old Theatre ; £1695 5s. 5d. subscribed
towards the League Funds.

,, Oil Lamps used for Street Lighting owing to a dispute between

the Town Commissioners and the Gas Company.

Annual Assembly of Association Methodism held in the town.

John Bright elected President of the British Temperance Associa-
tion. .

Jonathan Fildes, Quarry Hill, by will left £2,000 to St. Clement's,
Willbutts ; £2,000 to St. John's, Smallbridge ; and £1,000 to
Redcross Street National School.


Jan. 30 Free Trade Hall, Manchester, opened ; John Bright spoke.

Mar. 17 Earthquake shock felt in the town.

April 4 John Bright contested Durham and was defeated ; the election
was declared void on account of bribery.

„ 18 Foundation Stone of Sparrow Hill School laid. A procession,
consisting of three bands of music, the Clergy, County Con-
stabulary, Freemasons, Orangemen, &c.,' paraded the town.

,, 29 Danby's celebrated picture, " Opening of the Sixth Seal," worth
a thousand guineas, on view at the Town Hall buildings, was
mutilated by some person unknown and rendered valueless.

July 25 John Bright elected M.P. for Durham.

Aug. 1 Act of Parliament to repair " The road from the New Wall on
the Parade in Castleton " to Manchester, passed.

Nov. 23 Petty Sessions adjourned on account of Van Amburgh's wild
beasts appearing in the town.

Price of Gas 7s. per 1,000 feet.


Jan. Rochdale Journal published by Jesse Hall ; only one copy issued.

Nov. 20 Messrs. Cobden, Bright, and Sharman Crawford addressed a
crowded Free Trade meeting in the Public Hall.


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18 ANNALS OP ROCHDALE. [1844-1846

Nov. Gas works taken over by the Town Commisioners.
Dec. 21 Pioneers' Society commenced business ; stock in trade : — butter,
1 cjr. 22 lb.; sugar, 2 qrs.; flour, three sacks at 37s. 6d., and
three at 36s.; candles, 2 doz.; meal, one sack; total cost
£16 lis. lid.
Bagslate races re-established.
Second Improvement Act passed ; town divided into three wards.

Number of Commissioners, 60.
Mr. W. W. Barton elected Town Surveyor and Valuer.

St. John's, Smallbridge, Chapel of Ease, assigned a separate

St. James's, Chapel of Ease, Wardleworth, assigned a separate


Rochdale Protestant Female Friendly Sick and Burial Society
formed ; the Society met at the White Lion Inn, Yorkshire

Rev. W. N. Molesworth presented to the living of St. Clement's.

Yeomanry Cavalry Troop formed ; Mr. A. H. Royds, Captain.

Rev. T. S. Mills, M.A., appointed Vicar of Littleborough.


March Milkstone Sunday School built; site given by Mr. J. Hoyle,

Aug. 14 Relief fund opened in aid of the sufferers by the great Quebec

Cant Hill Well Masonry erected by Dr. Molesworth.

Debt of the town £2,000 — it was occasioned by the widening of
Lord Street.

Rev. Hugh Bourne, a founder of Primitive Methodism, preached
at Drake Street Chapel.

Memorials of the Rochdale Grammar School published.


Jan. 10 Manchester Examiner and Times, of which John Bright was one
of the promoters, first published.

Mar. 23 Petition for the Repeal of the Corn Laws, signed by 8,000
persons, presented to Parliament.

July 8 Demonstration to celebrate the Repeal of the Corn Laws ; 12,000
persons took part in it ; Elihu Burritt spoke.

Aug. 2 Ernest Jones and Feargus O'Connor addressed 10,000 Chartists
on Blackstone Edge.

Moore Street School built.


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1846-1848] ANNALS OF ROCHDALE. 19

Dr. Moles worth placed in St. Chad's Church the font now used

Barracks off Toad Lane were given up.

Grammar School, School Lane, was pulled down.

The town became a municipal borough.

Wood-turning by machinery introduced by Messrs. T. Robinson
and Son.

Bridge Inn Sick and Burial Society formed.

Annual Assembly of Association Methodism held in the town.


, Jan. 11 Thirty-five couples were married at St. Chad's, being First
Market Monday.

,, 15 Rochdaie Pilot and Rochdale Reporter, No. 1, published.

„ 24 Temporary Church and School for Healey opened in Mr. Robert
Tweedale's mill, Broadley.

Feb. 26 Hon. B. Denman sat at the Wellington Hotel as Arbitrator in
the matter of the confirmation of certain Vicarage Estate

Mar. 8 Elihu Burritt, the American writer, lectured in West Street

April 2 Providence Sunday School opened ; cost £1,300.

,, 15 County Court first held: Mr. J. S. F. Greene, judge; Mr. J.
Woods, registrar ; Mr. H. Lord, bailiff.

July 28 Mr. George Fyler, London, Conservative candidate for the
borough, addressed a meeting in front of the Wellington
Hotel, Mr. J. Dearden presiding, and afterwards published
an address.

,, 29 Mr. W. Sharman Crawford returned for the borough unopposed,
Mr. Fyler having withdrawn.

,, John Bright elected one of the members for Manchester un-


Sep. 1 Bishopric of Manchester created ; Dr. Prince Lee first Bishop.

Sep. Carlyle visited John Bright at One Ash.

Church Institute formed.

Grammar School, Sparrow Hill, erected.

Mr. Robert Bell appointed Gas manager.


Feb. 9 Meeting of Spotland ratepayers to urge the separation of the
Spotland Township from the Rochdale Union.

April 11 Owners of Building Property Protection Association formed,
"owing to the arbitrary action of the Waterworks Co."


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20 ANNAL8 OF ROCHDALE. [1848-1850

May Messrs. Bright, having obtained a lease of a portion of Cronkey-
■haw, let the same in allotments to their workpeople.

Sep. 25 Rochdale Borough Benefit Building Society formed.

Oct. 6 Public Fast ; services in churches and chapels ; shops and public-
houses closed.

Dec. 17 Wesleyan School, Red Lumb, opened.

ged School opened by John Ashworth, Author of Strange
Eight thousand houses estimated to have been built at this time.

Dr: S. Radcliffe founded a £40 Scholarship at Brazenose College,
Oxford, to maintain two poor scholars from Rochdale Grammar
School, or any of the Undergraduates of Brazenose that might
be preferred.


Jan. 3 St. Bartholomew's Church, Whitworth, consecrated.

Feb. Rochdale Lantern published ; two numbers issued.

May 9 Parish hearses and gears sold under distraint for assessed taxes —
carriage duty not having been paid.

July 12 Foundation Stone of Christ Church, Healey, laid by Mr. Jacob
Tweedale with Masonic ceremony. The edifice was opened
in the year following ; Rev. R. Minnitt, Vicar.

Aug. 6 Richard Oastler addressed a large meeting in the Public Hall, in
support of the Factory Act.

Dec. 22 Rochdale Savings' Bank failure, liabilities £100,403 ; Number of
depositors, 2,963.

Pioneers' Society commenced their Educational department.

Mr. John Entwisle, Foxholes, was High Sheriff of Lancashire.

Messrs. Bright introduced carpet weaving.

Whitworth Co-operative Society formed; present premises opened

March, 1861. ;
Hallfold Chapel built.

Brickfield Co-operative Society formed ; taken over by Pioneers'
Society in 1896.

Rev. F. R. Raines, M.A., F.S.A., Vicar of Milnrow, installed
Hon. Canon of Manchester.

Oddfellows' Literary Institution existed in School Lane; 900

A number of Hungarians visited the town.


Mar. 21 Mr. Clement Royds, High Sheriff of Lancashire, left to meet the
Judges. A procession accompanied him as far as Bluepits.

April 22 Milnrow Pioneers' Society formed; premises opened in Kiln
Lane ; wound up, 1896.


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1850-1852] ANNALS OP ROCHDALE. 21

June 18 Mr. John Roby, Author of Traditions of Lancashire, drowned
on the sinking of the " Orion " near Portpatrick Lighthouse ;
remains buried in Providence Chapel graveyard.

July 26 Bagslate Races were held for the last time.
Sep. 14 Rochdale Freeholders Benefit Building Society formed. 24 acres
of land on the Freehold were purchased for £10,000, and
divided into 500 allotments.
Oddfellows in the district numbered about 3,000.
Walton Anglers' Society formed.

Rochdale and District Corn Mill Society formed ; premises taken

at Swallow Mill, Smallbridge.
Annual Assembly of Association Methodists held in the town.
Passmonds Mill (Messrs. Tweedale's) opened ; closed November,

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