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about thirty years.

The Summary Account, which appears to
have been written by Joseph Phipps, is as fol-
lows : —

The design of collecting the following
circumstances together, from minutes taken,
time after time, as they were transacted, is,
that there may not be wanting a record, of
the most general religious visit, that perhaps j to us. I
this capital ever received, by any one person ; i creatures,

agreeable to the advice couched in the follow
ing citation, from the writings of that truly
apostolical minister of the gospel, George
Fox, viz. " All my dear Fiiends, every where,
who have been moved of the Lord God, to
speak in steeple-houses to the priests, or in
markets to the people, or in courts, or in fairs,
or assizes, or towns ; let an account thereof be
drawn up together, in one book, with the sub-

and the tears streamed plentifully from several him, the testimony came with such demon-
of their eyes. They gave various tokens of stration, it all presently vanished, and left not
the reach they felt, by smiting their breasts, a doubt remaining. His condition was opened
and other sensible expressions of concern ; to him, his understanding enlicrhtened, and the
and, when she closed her speech, several cried bent of his mind so changed, Uiat he took all
out, " We never had such a visit as this ! this I opportunities of attending'^her afterwards, both
is not such preaching ae theirs, that come with j in public and private.

hell and damnation iu their mouths. She The 23rd, in the morning, she was at the

comes trom God, to offer his grace and mercy! Savoy meeting. In the afternoon, she ap-

IS great mercy to us, poor miserable j peared at three different places, in TothilU

indeed !" One woman tenderly j street, Westminster ; at three more in Long.

id originally des- ditch, pretty largely; once in Angel-courl.

acknowledged, that she had originally des- j ditch, pretty largely; once in An

Online LibraryRobert SmithThe Friend : a religious and literary journal (Volume 16) → online text (page 145 of 154)