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The 16th, in the morning, she went through
Long-alley, calling to repentance; and then
passed into the upper part of Moor-fields,
where she preached to a large concourse of
people, and afterwards had something part
lar to the children, several of whom stood
dropping their tears before her. Then coming
to the bottom of the Middle-field, finding a re-
newal of her concern, she appeared, a second

time, to a great number. Many expressed
much satisfaction, and prayed success might
lend her labours.

Returning into the city, soon after twelve
o'clock, she appeared by Wood-street end in
Cheapside ; afterwards, at two different places
Paul's church-yard, and again at Fleet-
ditch ; scarce less than half an hour at each
of the six times, and at some of them more.
.\t every place she was, generally, well re-
ceived. The strength and distinction she was
furnished with, in this great day's work, was
matter of admiration to us who accompanied

Many of the people, who had followed from
place to place, observed with astonishment,
that she not only held out, but seemed to grow
in strength to the last ; and concluded, it must
be owing to an immediate -support from the
Divine power. Some audibly confessed, they
had a feeling sense of it.

She then stepped into a Friend's house,
took a little refreshment, and went to the
Savoy meeting, (the meeting-house at West-
minster being shut up, in order to be repair-
ed,) where she appeared again pretty largely,
and a sweet refreshing season it was.

(To be continued.)


The semi-annual examination commenced
on the 8th instant, and will terminate on Third-
day, the 12th instant. Copies of the Order
of Examination may be had at this office.


A special meeting of the committee (o su-
perintend the Boarding School at West Town,
will be held in Philadelphia on Sixth-day, the
15th instant, at 7 o'clock in the evening.

Thom.'VS KiMBER, Clerk.

Philad., Ninth mo., 1843.

Marrif.d, at Friends' Mceting-housc, North Sixth
street, on Third-day, the 5th instant, Clarksow Shf.p-
PARD, of Greenwich, N. J., to Anne, daughter of Philip

, at Friends' niceting-house, Mcndon, Mans.

Charles Hadwin, of Worcester, to Mary, dyughler of
Rowland Ralhbun.

Departed this life, on First-day moniinf, the 3d of
Ninth month, 1843, Sarah Githlns, a much esteemed
member of Haddontield Monthly and particular meet-
ings. New Jersey, in the 68lh year of htr age. During
the course of a'painful illness, her mind appeared to be
centered in resignation to the Divine will. A l

Online LibraryRobert SmithThe Friend : a religious and literary journal (Volume 16) → online text (page 147 of 154)