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any Friends have any of the following books,
or any others not in this catalogue ; if they
please to part with them, and send them to
T. Raylton's, in White-Hart court, in Gra-
cious street, towards the completing of this
collection, they shall have any satisfaction in
money, or other books for thein."

In 1712, the books are published by " the
assigns of J. Sowle." In 1715, beside the
establishment in White-Hart court, the " as-
signs of J. Sowle" had taken the old stand
" at the Bible, in George- Yard, Lombard

In 1715, the Pretender made an unsuccess-
ful attempt to obtain the throne of Great
Britain. At that period parties ran high, and
efforts were used to bring into disgrace and
discredit all who were supposed to be Jaco-
bites. One individual to further this, under-
took to publish a list of the printers and pub-
lishers, with the supposed politics of each. In
this list we find the name of " Thomas Rayl-
ton, of George-Yard, Lombard street," who
is ranked amongst those who are " well affect-
ed to King George."

Although engaged in this his new line of
business, Thomas did not neglect his religious
duties. His friends testify, that after he set-
tled in London, " he was very serviceable and
edifying in his ministry, sound in doctrine,
mighty in the Holy Scriptures, zealous for the
truth, and a faithful reprover of any undue
liberty in the professors of it."

Although comparatively young, he was for
iTiany years before his close much afflicted
with infirmity of body. Yet such was the
fervency of his spirit, that he was often greatly
strengthened for the work of the ministry.
Even amidst all his weakness, in the
times when his bodily ailments were less
heavy upon him, he was enabled to bear his
testimony for the Truth, in most countries in
England. In 1722, although very feeble, he
took a journey to Yorkshire, his native coun-
ty, and visited his brethren therein, to his
and their comfort. From this service he re-
turned well satisfied. He now had a sense
given him that his departure was near at
hand, and said, " my day's work is nigh fin-

About the beginning of the Ninth month,
1723, he was taken with his last illness. He
bore the extremity of his pain with great pa-
tience and resignation. A few days before
his death, he, in a sensible, humble, and
thankful state of mind, spoke to a Friend to
the following effect : " I have settled my affairs,
being satisfied that my departure is at hand;
and doubtless it will be a glorious change to

To his wife, he said, " My dear be easy;
let me go, and rejoice when I am gone to so
great salvation."

In peaceful quietness, and with a full as-
surance of future happiness, he departed this
life at two o'clock in the morning, of the si.xth
of Tenth month, 1723, in the fifty-third year
of his age.

The business at the Bible, in George- Yard,
was carried on in the name of the " assigns of
J. Sowle" for many years afler the death of
Thomas Raylton. In the year 1740, I find
the publishing firm had changed. It was then
T. Sowle Raylton, and Luke Hinde. Whether
the first mentioned partner was our old friend
Tacy, or one of her children, I have no means
of ascertaining. I find books with the above
firm as publishers until 1749. I" 1750, Luke
■J 4 '

.742. In 17i

Hinde's name appears alone, and so continues
until his death. After this event, the business
was carried on by his widow, iMary, who, from
1767 to 1774, published various works. la
1775, we find this imprint, " James Phillips,
bookseller, successor to Mary Hinde, in
George-Yard, Lombard street." Towards
the close of the century, James Phillips asso-
ciated his son William, the celebrated mine-
ralogist, with him in business. The father
soon after retired, and left it all to the son,
who continued to publish Friends' books, and
the Annual Epistle, until about the time
of his death, lb

Online LibraryRobert SmithThe Friend : a religious and literary journal (Volume 16) → online text (page 154 of 154)