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report, that " The neat appearance of the
scholars, and their becoming behaviour, was
creditable to them and their care-takers ; and
the readiness evinced in answering the ques-
tions propounded, reflected credit on the pu-
pils and teacher, and elicited the warm com-
mendation of several of the visiters." Thirty-
six scholars were present.

On the following day the examination of
the infant school occurred, of which the com-
mittee say : " A very neat and interesting
collection of pupils, amounting to 1U2, was

present." In relation to both schools, they
add: "Upon the whole, the committee be-
lieve that the present investigation of the pro-
gress of the scholars has afforded as much
encouragement as at any former period.
While viewing the respectable appearance of
the pupils, and their advancement in useful
knowledge and moral culture, under careful
teachers, it was the belief of the committee,
that the labours of this Association had not
been in vain."

Trees have been planted in the yard to
afford shade for the children, which appear to
thrive well.

In the Second month last, many of the
children being nearly barefoot, the managers
purchased and distributed among the most
destitute of them twenty-five pair of shoes,
believing such a distribution of a portion of
the funds to be proper, and sanctioned by a
clause in the willof Josiah Hevves, who, many
years ago, left five hundred dollars to this
Association, and directed that " one hundred
dollars, part of said legacy, to be expended
and applied in the procuring of necessary
clothing for the poor children attending as
scholars in the said Adelphi School."

The house iNo. 12 north Front street has
been leased for a term of eight years, at a
rent of $5.50 per annum, having undergone
improvements and additions completely to
adapt it for a store, which cost the Associa-
tion $480. To meet this outlay, $400 were
borrowed on interest in the Eighth month last.
By this operation, an increased rent of at least
one hundred dollars per annum over the in-
terest of the expenditures has been obtained.

Signed by direction and on behalf of the
Board of Managers,

Josiah H. Newbold, Clerk.

Philadelphia, Twelfth mo. 29

Online LibraryRobert SmithThe Friend : a religious and literary journal (Volume 16) → online text (page 44 of 154)