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said to have " come out of great tribulation,
have washed their robes, and made

_______^______ 173

SHANK, Cleric. — Amos Cruickshank, John
Cruickshank, Robert Gray, James Morris.
John Glenny, Clerk. John Wigham, .\mos
Wigham, George Brantingham, James Gray,

The following Friends, as also John Wig.
ham, were prevented from attending the meet-
ing by indisposition, but felt desirous to sub-
scribe their names to the foregoing testimony,
Alexander Robb, William Joss, Elizabeth
Glenny, Jane Robb, Margaret Robb, Sarah

The foregoing testimony having been read
and approved in the General Meeting for
Scotland, held at Edinburgh, this 28th day of
Fourth month, 1828, is signed in, and on be-
half thereof, by

William Smeal, Jun., Cleric.

Signed, in and on behalf of the women's

Jane Wigham, Clerk.


them white in the blood of the Lamb." May
we, her survivors, be animated by her exam-
ple of dedication, so to follow her, as she en-
deavoured to follow Christ,— that our end
may be alike peaceful ;— and that we may
through redeeming love and mercy, be ad-
mitted into an eternity of rest with the Lord,
where we have no doubt her purified spirit is

She quietly departed this life at Aberdeen,
the place of her residence, on the 16th of the
Fourth month, 1827, and her remains were
interred at Kinmuck, on the 20th of the
same. She was in the seventy-ninth year of
her age, and a minister upwards of fifty years,

Signed on behalf of our aforesaid raeetino-,
held at Aberdeen, the 16th of Fourth month

tude tor their best "Uerest, beingTa;en;C;s| G.^;^iaS:;r^^£^; ^7
they advanced .n years, to discourage every | ham! Barbara Johnston." hT;nahCruTck;

Communicated fjr " The Friend."

Extract of a letter from Anthony Benezet to
John Pemherton.
" It is amazing what an influence the love of
the world, its esteem and friendship, and the
desire of amassing wealth, living themselves
in delicacy and show, in conformity to the
world, have upon many in our Society, who
in other respects appear under some impres-
sions of good ; notwithstanding they cannot
but be sensible of its woeful effects upon the
religious welfare of their oflspring, who here-
by, as mentioned by the apostle, fall into
snares and hurtful lusts, often to their perdi-
tion ; notwithstanding also the nature of our
profession, and a conformity to the example
and precepts of our Lord, lay such an abso-
lute prohibition on such a state. " Lay not
up for yourselves treasure upon earth," says
our blessed Saviour. " How hardly shall they
that have riches enter," &c. " Woe unto you
that are rich." " Be not conformed, but be
ye transformed," that ye may be better qua-
lified to follow Him who has called you, in
the way of the cross, to be soldiers in his holy
warfare. Learn of Him who was meek and
low : who though he was Lord of all, chose to
come in the form of a servant ; walked on
foot ; fed on barley loaves, &c. Some injunc-
tions, less likely to afifect the heart, we take
according to the full force of the expressions,
as with respect to taking oaths,

Online LibraryRobert SmithThe Friend : a religious and literary journal (Volume 16) → online text (page 65 of 154)