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official titles have been retained under the British Government, they no longer

i It is not intended to include any of the numerous class of people, British and foreign,
of good social position who reside in Ceylon, but who have their permanent home elsewhere,
and to whom the designation of Ceylonese is not applied.

2 From Ranpata, the gold frontlets worn on state occasions as badges of office or rank.
These frontlets became heirlooms in the family.

3 At the present day the maximum number of title-names that a man may have is fixed.
If the grantee has reached the limit, but wishes to take a new title-name, he drops the first
of those he previously possessed.


connote the same power and authority that belonged to them in former times.
The administrative functions of the holders of these titles are now subordinated
to the authority of members of the Civil Service, etc., of whom (unless they
are Ceylonese) no account is attempted to be given here. The important
modifications effected in the position of the Chiefs and Headmen by the present
system, which places a considerable number of Civil Servants, etc. , above them
in the official scale, must be understood, once for all, as qualifying everything
that is said about them in the following pages.

Official titles at the present day, in the Central, Western, and Southern
parts of the island, may be divided into two great groups, namely, those of the
hill country (the Kandyan ones) and those of the Maritime Provinces. The
hereditary titles of the Singhalese (apart from Don, which is peculiar to the
Maritime Provinces) are much alike in both ; but the titles of the wives and
descendants of chiefs differ considerably.

In modern times in the Kandyan kingdom, some of the most important
official titles, apart from titles borne by members of the Royal Family, were
Adigar 1 (Minister of State, the first Adigar being Prime Minister); Maha
Lekam (Chief Secretary) ; Disava (Governor of a Province) ; and Ratemahat-
maya (Principal Administrative and Judicial Officer of a District). In addition
to these principal classes there were many officers of the highest rank attached
to the Court. Amongst them were the Gajanayaka Nilame (the Chief over the
Elephants), whose office bore some analogy to that of the ' ■ Master of the Horse "
in England ; the Maha Aramudal Wannaku Nilame (Lord of the Treasury) ;
and the Maha Gabada Nilame and Uda Gabada Nilame (Treasurers, each with
distinct duties).

Appointment to these offices would be accompanied by the grant of patabendi
title- names, unless the recipient already possessed a sufficient number. The
principal chiefs and their male descendants, according to the usage of the
present day, bear the title of Banda, and their wives are styled Kumarihami,
or Walawwe Mahatmayo (the lady of the manor-house), and their daughters
Kumarihami, or Menike.

In addition to the administrative hierarchy, the Basnayaka Nilames (lay
incumbents of temples) also held high rank and influence. The greatest of
these chiefs is the Diwa Nilame, the principal lay officer of the Temple of the
Sacred Tooth in Kandy.

In the Maritime Provinces the highest official rank, peculiar to the Singhalese,
is that of Maha Mudaliyar (Great or Chief Mudaliyar). Next to him come the
Mudaliyars of the Governor's Gate. The latter title (a personal distinction
involving only ceremonial duties) is the English form of the Singhalese title of
Maha Wasala Mudiyanse = Mudaliyar of the Great Gate, i. e. of the Royal Palace
or Household (c/. "the Sublime Porte") ; and it obviously does not adequately
represent the force of the original. There are also Mudaliyars (not of the Gate)
whose rank is likewise a personal distinction not entailing the discharge of
any business duties under the Government. There are Mudaliyars exercising
authority in the towns and rural districts, as Mudaliyars of the Atapattu and of
the Kachcheri, and Mudaliyars of Korales, the last named having much the same
jurisdiction as Ratemahatmayas now have in the Kandyan country. There are also
Interpreter Mudaliyars employed in the administrative offices of the Government
at the present day, and in the Supreme and District Courts of the island.

A Mudaliyar, like a Kandyan chief, on his creation usually receives one or
more patabendi title-names, and he may thus either add to the titles which he
already enjoys, if any, or become the founder of a Mudali piruwa family.

The wife of a Mudaliyar is styled "Walawwe Mahatmayo, or Lama-etana,
and his sons and daughters bear the title of Hamu.

i Adikaran, from adhi, over, above, upon, implying superiority in place ; and karana,
the instrument in the sense of executive.


The offices of Maniyakaran, 1 Atikaram, 1 and Wanniya 1 in the Northern
and Eastern Provinces are similar to those of Ratemahatmayas and Korale
Mudaliyars. The official and other titles peculiar to these Provinces form a
third and separate group.

Presidents of Gansabawas throughout Ceylon are mostly drawn from the
landed aristocracy, as the principal chiefs are, and their office is held in esteem,
but it does not appear to carry titles with it in the same way. The admirable
system of Gansabawas (village councils and tribunals), with their patriarchal
jurisdiction and wise administration in communal affairs, is a valuable survival
from pre-historic times.

Below the Mudaliyars of the Gate and the Mudaliyars, are the Muhandirams
of the Gate and the Muhandirams, whose rank is also a, personal distinction
involving only ceremonial duties. The holders of certain posts under the
Government have the rank of Muhandirams ex officio.

In addition to these chiefs there are also several classes of Headmen, such
as Korala and Udaiyar, Vidana-Arachchi, Arachchi, Kangani, and Vidane,
discharging responsible and important duties, and they, like the principal
chiefs, are largely drawn from the upper classes.

With reference to noble and gentle families of European origin, it is sufficient
to recall here that Ribeyro says (Lee's Translation, p. 46) that there were
several hundred noble Portuguese families settled in Ceylon in his time. Some
of the greatest names in Portugal are borne by Portuguese families in Ceylon
to this day. The Dutch coats of arms depicted in the Lapidarium Zeylanicum,
and in Mr. F. H. de Vos's paper in the Journal of the Ceylon Branch of the
R. A. S. for 1898, bear eloquent testimony to the nobility of many of the Dutch
settlers in the island.

Besides the descendants of Portuguese and Dutch noblemen, there are also
amongst the Ceylonese (to mention only a few examples) representatives of
Malay Princes exiled to Ceylon by the Dutch ; of a French ducal house ; of a
Swiss family whose nobility has been recognized in Europe for centuries ; and,
in the female line, of a great German family whose name is famous in history,
and who yield to few families on the Continent in point of illustrious ancestry.

Want of materials has made it impossible to include any account of these
and other families of the kind in this edition, but it is hoped that with every
successive edition there may be a marked improvement in this respect. The
existence of the detailed records kept during the Dutch Administration should
render the task of the Ceylon genealogist a comparatively easy one.

In the preparation of this Introduction, and in the work done on the notices
which follow, unsparing use has been made of the kind advice and collaboration
of several friends (and especially Don Martinu de Zilva Wickremasinghe,
Don Charles de Silva Batuvantudave, Mr. Louis L. H. Pieris, and Mr.
Charles E. H. Corea), to whose erudition and generous help a tribute of
appreciation and cordial thanks is due ; and reference has frequently been made
to Mr. Justice Stark's and the Honble. Mr. de Alwis's papers published in the
Journal of the Ceylon Branch of the Royal Asiatic Society for 1853 and
1856-58 respectively ; to Davy's Account of the Interior of Ceylon (London,
1821) ; to the Niti Nighanduva, by Mr. Le Mesurier and Panabokke Loku
Banda ; to Ferguson's Ceylon Directory ; to Ceylon in 1893, by Mr. John
Ferguson ; to Mr. Justice Lawrie's Gazetteer of the Central Province of Ceylon
(which was made available for the purpose by the courtesy of the Librarian of
the Colonial Office) ; and to other works relating to Ceylon.

i Information regarding the titles connected with these and similar offices, and the
hereditary title-names and titles in use amongst the Tamils of Ceylon, would be welcomed
for insertion in the next edition of this work.


ABAYASUNDARA, William, Chevalier;
b. . Is a Knight of the Order of

St. Gregory the Great. A member of
the Municipal Council of Galle.
Residence: Galle.

ABDUL CARIM, Kasim Lewai Mari-
kar, Mudaliydr of the Governor's Gate,
Created May 23, 1892. Is a J.P.
Residence : Galle.

ABDUL HAMID, Snlaiman Lebbe Mari-
kar; b. March 15, 1865. Belongs to
the Pavalakkodi family of Tangalle
district. Residence: Hambantota.


b. . Is Consul at Colombo for

H.I.M. the Sultan of Turkey. Resi-
dence: Colombo.

ABDUL BAHIMAN, Mohamad o Cassim,
TheHon.; b. . HasbeenMuham-

madan Member of the Legislative
Council since 1889. His father emi-
grated to Ceylon from Surat. Is of
Arabic descent. Residence : Colombo.

ABEYESINGHE Wijeyewardene,

Nicholas Dias; b. January 28, 1858.
Belongs to the Abeyesinghe family,
formerly of the Kandyan Province, who
settled in Galle under the Portuguese
Government. Nicholas Dias Abeye-
singhe was Maha Mudaliyar in the time
of the Dutch Government. His son,
Abraham Dias Abeyesinghe, was Guard
Mudaliyar of Galle under the British
Government. Nicholas Dias Abeye-
singhe Wijeyewardene, son of the
last-named, was Attapattu Mudaliyar,
Galle ; and his son is the Kev. Abraham
Dias Abeyesinghe Wijeyewardene,
Chaplain of All Saints, Colombo,
father of the subject of this notice.
Is a Proctor of the Supreme Court, and
Member of the Municipal Council of
Galle. Residence : Galle.

ABEYEWIKRAMA, Edward Samuel,

Interpreter Mudaliydr ; b. December
30, 1856. Belongs to the Abeyewi-
krama family of Ahangama in Galle
district. Residence : Gabadawidiya,

ABEYK00N, John, Mudaliydr. Created
May 24, 1889. Residence: Alutkuru
Korale North.

ABEYRATNA, Don Abraham Perera,

Mudaliydr. Created May 24, 1888.
Residence : Madampe.

ABEYRATNA, Mahawasala— Karana
Liyana MudiyanselageDon Abraham,
Mudaliydr. Created June 21, 1897.
Residence : Kandy.

ABEYSEKARA, Don David Henry
Perera, Mudaliydr. Created June 21,
1897. Residence :

ABEYSEKERE, John Abraham, Muda-
liydr ; b. . Is Mudaliyar of
Alutkuru Korale South. Residence :
Colombo and Kagama.

ABEYSINGHE, John Gerard Gomes,

Basnayaka Mudaliydr. Appointed
May 24, 1890. Residence: Grandpass,

ABEYSINHA, Frederick Dias, Muda-
liydr. Created May 24, 1887. Resi-
dence : Galle.

Silva, Mudaliydr; b. May 21, 1841.
Descended from the de Silva Abhaya-
wardene family of Galle. Is Mudaliyar
of Wellabode Pattu. Residence:

ALAGAKONE, S.A. ; b. . Belongs

to a well-known family in Jaffna. Is
an Advocate. Residence : Jaffna.



ALAHAPPERUMA, Manuel de Silva,
Mudaliydr. Created May 24, 1894.
Residence: Galle.

ALAWATUGODA, Punch! Banda; b.

. RdtemahdtmayaofWalapone.
Residence : Walapone.

ALI, M.I. Mohammado. is Vice-Consul
for Persia. Residence: Colombo.

ALLEGAKOON, Rasaiya William, Mu-
daliydr. Created May 24, 1890. Resi-
dence: Batticaloa.

ALUVIHARE Wanisekera Bandare
Nayeke Wasela Mudiyanseralaha-
millage Wawalawwe Tikeri Banda,
Rdtemahdtmaya ; b. September 4,
1854. The Aluvihare family was one
of the first of the aristocracy in the
Dissavony of Matale. It traces its
descent from Wanisekara Mudeli, who
is said to have been a descendant of
Sri Wickerama Brahmanarala. Is
Rdtemahdtmaya of Matale North.
Residence : Aluwihara, Matale.

AMERESEKERE, Don Johannis, Muda-
liydr; b. December 25, 1822. His
grandfather held office under the Dutch
Government. His father, Don Daniel
Ameresekere, was Mohandiram of
Hewegama Korale. Residence : Han-

AMERESEKERE Ekanayaka Kulatil-
leka, James, Mudaliydr; b. October
10, 1848. Is a lineal descendant of
Arthanayaka, Prime Minister of Raja
Sinha II., King of Kandy, who reigned
from 1627 to 1676. Is Mudaliydr
of Pitigal Korle, Chilaw district.
Residence : Nattandiye Wallawwe,

AMPALAWANAR, Vayirawanatar,
Mudaliydr. Created May 24, 1895.
Residence : Jaffna.

ANDARAWEWE, James William Her-
bert, President; b. 1848. Belongs to the
Narasinghe Mudiyanselage Andarawe-
we family. Is President of the Tillage
Tribunals of Udahevaheta and Wala-
pone. Residence: Kumbalgamuwa.

ANTHONISZ, Peter Daniel, Companion
of the Order of St. Michael and St.
Geor(je;b. . M.D. St. Andrews ;

F.R.C.S. Edinburgh. Was Burgher
Member of the Legislative Council
from 1886 to 1895. Is a distinguished
surgeon and philanthropist. Belongs
to a Dutch family long established in
Ceylon. Residence : Colombo.

APPACUTTY, Sivagurunasher, Shroff
Mudaliydr; b. 1837. Is Shroff Mudali-
ydr, Batticaloa district. Residence:

ARASARAKONE, Levi Samuel Strong
Kulatunka, Mudaliydr. Created May
24, 1889. Residence : Jaffna.

ARUNACHALAM, Ponambalam; b.
September 14, 1853. M.A. (Cantab).
Barrister at Law. Registrar-General.
Son of Mudaliyar Arunachalam Ponam-
balam, Mudaliyar of the Governor's
Gate. Is a Civil Servant in Class ii.
Residence : Colombo.

ASERAPPA, Walter Nicolas Straube ;
b. . The Aserappa family was

founded in Ceylon by Thandova
Murthia, a merchant and shipowner,
who left Madras in 1663 on account of
political disturbances, and settled in
Ceylon. Members of the family have
been Shroff Mudaliyars of Negombo.
Is an Advocate of the Ceylon Bar.
Residence : Colombo.

ATTYGALLA, Don Louis, Shroff Muda-
liydr; b. July 10, 1848. Belongs to
the Attygalla family of Salpiti Korale
in the district of Colombo. Holds
the office of Shroff Mudaliydr of
Ratnapura. Residence ; Weralupe,

BAILEY, Benjamin Wenasitamby Se-
lappa, Interpreter Mudaliydr; b.
November 23, 1849. Is one of the
Interpreter Mudaliyars of the Courts
at Kalutara. Residence : Kalutara.

Dias Abeyawikrama Jayatilake Se-
neviratne Rajakumarun Kadukera-

lu, Maha Mudaliydr ; b. May 22, 1862.
This great chief is the son of the late
Mudaliydr Don Christoffel Henricus
Dias Bandaranayeke, Mudaliydr of
the Governor's Gate, by his wife
Donna Anne Florentina Phillipsz
Panditteratne. Is descended on the
paternal side from the father of
the Mahd Mudaliydr Bandaranayeke,
who held office under the Dutch
Government in 1767; and on the
maternal side from the Mahd Muda-
liydr Panditteratne, who held office
in 1796. Is a Justice of the Peace
for Ceylon, A.D.C. to His Excellency
the Governor, and an Adviser of the
Government on Native Affairs. Resi-
dences : Colombo, Yeyangodda, Weke,
Maligawe, and Malwana.



Wijeyawickreme, Mudaliydr of the
Governor'' s Gate ; b.
Son of Maha Mudaliyar Conrard Peter
Dias Wijeyawickreme Bandaranayeke.
Belongs to the great Bandaranayeke
family. Residences: Maha Walawwa,
Colombo ; and Jaela.

BANDARANAYEKE, Harry Willisford
Dias Wijeyawickreme, Mudaliydr ; b.
January 14, 1861. The Bandaranayeke
family is said to be descended from
Rama Chandram, a Brahman who came
to Ceylon from India, and landed at
Matotte (Matara). The family pro-
perty is at Bandarawatte in Alutgama
Gampaha. Is Mudaliyar of Siyana
Korale West. Residence : Alutgama

Silva; b. . Son of Don Andris

de Silva Batuvantudave, Pandit, an
eminent Oriental scholar, who held
the post of adviser to the Ceylon
Government on questions of Oriental
literature, and was the editor of
several classical works. His ancestors
emigrated from Sitawaka, in the reign
of King Mayadunne (in the 16th
century), and came to Galle, where
they received grants of land from the
Portuguese Government, which lands
the family still holds. Residence :

BEVEN, Francis ; b. . Is an Ad-

vocate and Justice of the Peace. Was
Editor of the Ceylon Examiner.
Residence: Franklands, Veyangoda.

BIBILE Jayasundara Rajakaruna Na-
varatna Pandita Attanayaka Banda-
ranayaka Mudiyanselage William
Reginald Banda, Rdtemahdtmaya of
Welassa ; b. April 23, 1865. Belongs to
the great Singhalese family of Bibile,
of Welassa in Uva, whose heads have
been Ratemahatmayas for several
generations. Residence : Bibila, Lunu-

BOGAHALANDE Ranaraja Karunati-
leka Wijesundara Disanayeka Mudi-
yanselage Lawrence Bernand Banda,
Rdtemahdtmaya ; b. November 3, 1852.
Belongs to the family of Kandyan
Chiefs known as the Ranaraja Karuna-
tileka Wijesundara Disanageka Mu-
dianselage. Is Ratemahatmaya of
Katugampola Hatpattu in the North-
western Province. Residence : Katu-
gampola, Kurunegala.

BOYAGODA Ekanayaka Mudiyanse-
lage Ihala Walawwe Ukku Banda,

RdtemaMtmaya ; b. February 20, 1841.
Is grandson of Duganna Nileme, and
of Kandipolla Disava. Residence :
Hiriyala Hat Pattu Kurunegala.

BRITO, Christopher, B.A. Advocate.
Belongs to an old family. Residence :
Dombawinne, Mirigama.

CANAGASAPY, Narasingha Mapana
Veragathiepillai (or Narasmka
Mappana Verakuttichchediyar Kana-
kasapai), Mudaliydr ; b. November 24,
1845. Belongs to an Indian family
settled in Jaffna district. Residence :


Mudaliyar ; b. August 12, 1828. Son
of Mayilvakana Mudaliyar, District
Mudaliyar of the Maritime Pattus of
Mulaittivu. Was in the service of
Government for forty-three years,
now retired. Residence : Mulaittivu.

CANDAMB Y, Grigoris de Silva Wickra-
maratna Gunesekara, Mudaliydr of
the Governor's Gate; b. August 2,
1831. Descended from the Candam-
bige family, whose ancestor is said to
have migrated from the Kandyan
district into Galle. Is Mudaliyar of
Guruwa Pattu West, Hambantota
district. Residence: Tangalla.

CANDAPPAH, Wisuvanader Pille Na-
varatnam, Mudaliydr; b. June 7,
1838. Has been long in the service of
the State. Residence : Puttalam.


Oxon. ; b. August 31, 1849. Belongs
to a family of considerable note. Is
Police Magistrate and Additional
District Judge of Matara. Was called
to the English Bar 1873. Residence :

CHANDRA WARNAM, Anthony Santi-
ago, Mudaliydr. Created May 24,
1896. Residence : Kandy.

CHERUBIM, Simon Julian, Interpreter
Mudaliydr; b. March 12, 1854. Is
Secretary and Interpreter Mudaliyar
of the Courts at Mannar. Residence :

CHINNAIAH, Venkadachala Cheddi-
yar, Mudaliydr. Created May 24,
1895. Residence: Batticaloa.



CHINNAPPAH, Hubbel T., Interpreter
Mudaliyar; b. February 8, 1862.
Belongs to the Vaitianatha Mudaliydr
family of Tellipillai, Jaffna. Residence :

CHITTY, James Morell, Advocate; b.

Belongs to an old

family. Is a Crown Counsel and

Forest Settlement Officer. Residence :


COOMARASWAMY, Ponambalam ; b.

. Was Tamil Member of the
Legislative Council from 1893 to 1898.
Is a Proctor of the Supreme Court. Son
of Mudaliyar Arunachalam Ponamba-
lam,Mudaliyar of the Governor's Gate;
and nephew of the Hon. Sir Muttu
Coomaraswamy, Knight, M.L.C. Is an
Oriental scholar. Residence: Colombo.

COREA, Abhayaratna Gunasekara Wi-
kramasundara Wijayasekere, James
Edward, Mudaliyar; b. 1866. His
father was Mudaliyar Johannes Chris-
topher Corea, Mudaliyar of Chilaw,
who was son of Mudaliyar Abraham
Corea, brother of Mudaliydr Simon
Corea. Is Mudaliyar of Chilaw.
Residence : Chilaw.

COREA, Abhayaratna Gunasekara Wi-
kramasundara Wijayasekere, Henry
Richard, Mudaliyar; b. November
23, 1839. Descended from the Corea
family, a family of repute in the
districts of Colombo and Negombo,
which traces its descent from Domini-
cus Corea, who was raised to the rank
of a Prince by King Wimala Dharma,
and was put to death by the Portu-
guese in 1601. Is son of Mudaliyar
Simon Corea Abhayaratna Gunasekara
Wikramasundara Wijayasekere, Muda-
liyar of Alutkuru Korale, and a
Justice of the Peace. Residence :

CROWTHER, Ebenezer, President; b.
November 10, 1844. Descended from
Narasinghadesa Mudaliyar, the head
of one of the seven original families of
Jaffna under the Indian Kings. His
son, Illankanarayana Mudaliyar, was
Reswadore under the Portuguese
Government. His grandson, Yiswa-
natha Pillai, was the Manager of the
Siva Temple at Point Pedro ; of whom
Ebenezer Crowther is a son. He is
President of Batticaloa North. Resi-
dence: Batticaloa.

DAMBAWINNE Rajakaruna Wijeya-
ratna Wasala Mudiyanselage Henry
Edward Banda, Rdteniahdtmaya ; b.
November 1848. Descended from
Dambawinne Disava, of Sabaragamua,
an Officer of State under the Kings of
Kandy. Is Ratemahatmaya of Udu-
kinda. Residence : Dambawinne, We-

DAMBAWINNE Wijeyaratna Rajaka-
runa Wasala Mudiyanselage Punchi
Banda, Basnayeke JYileme; b.
Descended from the ancient family of
Dambawinne. Residence : Welimada.

DAMBAWINNE Wijeyaratna Rajaka-
runa Wahala Mudiyanselage Loka
Banda ; b. 1820. Belongs to a family
of the military order under the
Kandyan Kings, indicated by the title
of Wijeyaratna Rajakaruna Wahala.
Was formerly Ratemahatmaya of
Wallawaya. Residence: Haldummula.

DANGAMUWE Attanayaka Wahala
Pandita Mudiyanselage Wijesinha
Banda, President ; b. August 14, 1857.
Is President of Village Tribunals, Udu-
kinda. His grandfather was Dangamu-
we Basnayaka Nilame ; his father was
Dangamuwe Loku Banda, Ratema-
hatmaya. Residence : Udukinda, Uva

DASSENAIKE Abeyaratna Gunawar-
dene, Henricus Lucius, Mudaliyar of
the Governor's Gate; b. June 4,1840.
Belongs to the Dassenaike family,
formerly of Kandy. His great-grand-
father, Samaradiwakere Wikrama-
singhe Dassenaike, moved from
Kandy to Hapitigam Korale on being
made Mudaliyar of the Korale under
the Dutch Government about the
year 1760. Residence: Hapitigam

DAVID, Rev. Christian; b.

Belongs to the well-known Christian
David family. Is Incumbent of St.
James's Church (Anglican), Kotahena.
Residence: Kotahena.

DE ALWIS Abesinha Rajakaruna
Igalaratna, Igalaratna Waraheneli-
yanage Don Aron Cornelius, Muda-
liydr ; b. February 2, 1840. Belongs
to the Igalaratna (de Alwis) family.
Was for many years in the service of
the Government. Received the rank
of Muhandiram in 1884, and that of
Mudaliyar in 1893. Residence: Kandy.



DEALWIS, Theodore; ft. . Son

of the late Hon. Albert de Alwis,
Singhalese Member of the Legislative
Council for some years. Is a Proctor.
Residence : Colombo.

DE FONSEKA Warnesuria Wijeye-
toonge Samerenayeke, Simon Richard,
Mudaliydr; ft. 1856. Son of Carolis de
Fonseka Warnesuria Wijeyetoonge
Samerenayeke, Maha Vidahu Muhan-
diram. Represents, in the female line,
the ancient Andradie family. Resi-
dence: Colombo.

DE FONSEKA Wijeyawardana Abeya-
koon, Don John, Mudaliydr ; ft. March
7, 1848. Belongs to the de Fonseka
Wijeyewardana Abeyakoon family of
the North-West Province. Is Muda-
liydr of Morawak Korale. Residence :
Kotapolla, Morawak Korale.

DEHIGAMA Nawaratna Attapattu
Wasala Mudiyanse Ralahamillage
Loku Banda, Basnayeke Nilame; ft.
May 12, 1857. Belongs to the Dehi-
gama family, descended from Dehi-
gama Nawaratna Attapattu Wasala
Mudiyanse Ralahami. Was elected
by a Committee of Chiefs to be
Basnayeke Nilame of Lankatilake
Dewala. Residence: Dehigama Wa-
lawwa, Kandy.

DE JONG, Philip J., Chevalier (the
late). Was created a Knight of the
Order of St. Gregory the Great by His
Holiness Pope Leo XIII. In the
higher ranks of the Civil Service during
the Dutch occupation there were
several officers of the family of de
Jong. The Chevalier's widow resides
in Colombo.

DE LA HARPE, Benjamin ; l.

Belongs to the noble Swiss family of
de La Harpe. Is a Justice of the Peace.
Residence: Colombo.

DE LIVERA Senewiratne, Alfred; ft.
December 31, 1826. Descended from
the Senewiratne family, a reputed
Kandyan family that settled in the
Low Country, and held important
offices of trust under the successive
Ceylon Governments. Is a Proctor
of the Supreme Court of the island.
Residence : Colombo.

DE LIVERA Senewiratne, Henry
Johannes, Mudaliydr; ft. March 15,
1850. Descended from Balthazar de

Livera, Mudaliydr of Hewagan Korale

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