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in a.d. 1800. Is Mudaliydr of Bentota
Walallawiti Korale. Residence :


DE R0SAIR0, Anthony, Mudaliydr ; ft.
June 12, 1840. Descended from the de
Rosairo family of Puttalam district.
Residence : Puttalam.

DE ROSAIRO, Emmanuel Frederick,
Mudaliydr; ft. September 10, 1856.
Is district Mudaliydr of Kalpitiya.
Residence : Kalpitiya.

DE ROSAIRO, John Manuel, Muda-
liydr. Created May 27, 1873. Resi-
dence : Puttalam.

DE ROWEL, Warnakulaweerasuriya
Jayetileke, Ambrosias, Mudaliydr.
Created May 24, 1888. Is a J.P.
Residence : Yaikal, Nainamadama.

DE SAMPAY0 Abeyeratne Jaye-
tilleke Wikremesinhe, Thomas
Edward; ft. . Belongs to a family

of note in the Western Province,
several members of which have held
rank. Is LL.B. of Cambridge, and was
called to the English Bar in 1881. Is a
Ceylon Advocate. Residence: Colombo.

DE SARAM Wanigasekere.Ekanayaka,
DE SARAM Wijeyasekere Karoona-
ratne, and DE SARAM Wiieyasekere
Goonatilakaratne. A leading family
in the Western Province, many mem-
bers of which have held high office,
several have been Maha Mudaliydrs.
It is at present honourably represented
in the legal and medical professions
and in the Civil Service, etc.; e.g.
John Henricus is District Judge of
Kandy, John Frederick and Richard
Francis are Justices of the Peace,
Peter is Itinerating Police Magis-
trate, Western Province, and W. F. H.
is Itinerating Police Magistrate of
Negombo and Kalutara.

DE SILVA, Charles, Mudaliydr.
Created May 24, 1889. Residence:

DE SILVA, Joseph, Mudaliydr; ft.
January 29, 1842. Belongs to the
Guruwatte family, an ancient family
in the Southern Province. Received
the rank of Mudaliydr for special
services rendered to the Government
in the Railway Department. Resi-
dence : Mount Lavinia.



DE SILVA Seneviratna Jayawardene,
Philip Miliano Michael, Inter-
preter Mudaliydr ; b. September 12,
1862. Is the son of the late Muda-
liyar Charles de Silva, Mudaliydr of
the Governor's Gate. The family
claims descent from a Chief of
Raigam Korale, who migrated to the
Colombo district in the time of Rai-
gam Banda, and was received into the
Roman Catholic Church by the Portu-
guese. Residence: Colombo.

DE SILVA, Simon, Mudaliydr ; b. Sep-
tember 17, 1843. Belongs to the
Agampody family of Kalutara. Re-
ceived the rank of Mudaliyar for
special services rendered to the
Government in the Education Depart-
ment. Residence: Colombo.

DE SILVA Suriyabandara Gunawar-
dena, John Edward, Muhandiram of
the Governors Gate ; b. August 4, 1853.
Belongs to an ancient Suriyabandara
family. Is President of Village Tri-
bunals in Alutkuru Korale North in
the district of Negombo. Residence :

DE SILVA Wijetunga, James Alex-
ander ; b. . Belongs to a well-
known De Silva family of Colombo
whose members have held office for
several generations. Residence : Ma-

DE SOYSA Dharmagoonawardene Wi-
pulajayasuriya Karunaratna Dissa-
nayaka Siri Rajakumaru Wasala,
Jeronis William Charles, Mudaliydr
of the Governor's Gate ; b.
Eldest son of Charles Henry de Soysa,
J. P., of Ceylon, and Lady de Soysa.
Mudaliyar de Soysa was educated at
Cambridge (M.A. 1897). He is a J. P.
Residence : Alfred House, Colombo ;
and Frazer Villa, Kandy.

DE SOYSA Dharmagoonawardene Wi-
pulajayasuriya Karunaratna Dissana-
yaka, Catherine, Lady (nee de Silva).
Was elevated to the rank of a Knight's
widow by Her Majesty the Queen-
Empress in recognition of the public
benefactions of members of the de
Soysa aud de Silva families. Is a
daughter of the Chevalier Jusey de
Silva, Knight of the Order of St.
Gregory the Great, and Mudaliyar
of the Governor's Gate, a noted
philanthropist. Her husband, Charles

Henry de Soysa, Esq., J.P., was
about to be knighted, when he died,
in 1890. He built several churches and
colleges and hospitals, and a medical
museum, and was a munificent donor
to charities both in Ceylon and in
England. Lady de Soysa's residences
are Alfred House, Colombo, and Frazer
Villa, Kandy.

DE VOS, F. H. ; b. . Belongs to

a well-known Dutch family. Is an
Advocate, and has acted as District
Judge of Galle. Residence : Galle.

DE ZYLVA Jayasekara Wijayaratna,
Adirian, Mudaliydr of the Governor's
Gate; b. 1828, at Ganegama, Ganga-
boda Pattu, Southern Province. Has
been Mohandiram of Trinkomali Ka-
chcheri, and Chief Mudaliyar of Batti-
caloa. Belongs to the Adihetti family.
Residence : Puliantivu, Batticaloa.

pulle William, Mudaliydr ; b. May 10,
1844. Belongs to the Allegarven Mu-
daliyar's family, of Batticaloa. Resid-
ence: Deveuayagampulle, Puttalam.

DIAS Wijeyawardene Bandaranayeke,
Don William Chapman, Mudaliydr;
b. . Son of the Rev.

Canon Dias. Belongs to the distin-
guished family described under the
name Bandaranayeke. Is Mudaliyar
of the Udugaha Pattu. Residence:
The Canonry, Colombo.

DIAS Wijeyawickreme Bandaranayeke,
Felix Reginald; b. July 26, 1861.
Belongs to the Bandaranayeke family
of the Western and Central Provinces
of Ceylon. Is M.A. and LL.M. of
Trinity Hall, Cambridge; F.R.C.I.,
J.P. Is a Crown Counsel for the island.
Residence : Colpetty, Colombo.

DIAS Wijeyawickreme Bandarana-
yeke, Sir Henry, Knight; b. August
22, 1822. Belongs to the Bandarana-
yeke family. Is a son of Mudaliyar
Don Jacobus Dias Wijeyawickreme
Bandaranayeke, Mudaliyar of the
Governor's Gate. Was educated at
King's Coll., London; called to the
Bar at the Middle Temple 1847;
represented the Singhalese in the
Ceylon Legislative Council, 1861-4 ;
was one of the leaders of the " Ceylon
League" movement for reform of
the Legislative Council, 1865-6.
Was formerly a Puisne Justice of the



Supreme Court of Ceylon, and has
acted as Chief Justice. Created a
Knight Bachelor in 1895. Residence :

DLDI, H.I.D. Ben Hadji Ali. Turkish
Consul at Galle ; b. . Residence :


DISSANAYAKE, Don Andreas Sene-
wiratne, Mudaliydr; b. April 4, 1839.
Descended from a family of Kandyan
origin long settled in the Galle district.
In the Dutch " Thombu " or Register,
the family is entered in the year 1753
as of the village Kodagoda in Talpe
Pattu, in the Galle district; and as
descended from Don Paulus Dissana-
yake, who resided at Kodagoda. Is
President of Salpiti Korale. Resi-

dence i Salpiti Korale.

DOD ANWELA . This family is an ancient
and noble one. Members of it held
high office in the time of the Singhalese
Kings, and now hold large tracts of
land under grants received for public
services. George William Banda is
Ratemahatmaya of Dambadeni
Hatpattu. Residence: Kurunegalle.

DOOLE, Baba Tajul, Arifin, Mudaliydr.
Created June 21, 1897. Is a J. P.
Residence : Hambantota.

DORAKUMBERA Ekanayaka Wijeya-
ratna Wikramaratna Dharmakirti
Rajakaruna Wasala Mudiyanse
Banda, Ratemahatmaya ; b. August 26,
1864. Belongs to the Dorakumbera
family of the Central Province ; and
is Ratemahatmaya of Matale East.
Residence : Dorakumbera Walawwa,

DORNHORST, Frederick. Unofficial
Leader of the Ceylon Bar. Was called
to the Bar in 1874. Residence :

DRIEBERG, James Stewart, b.
Is a Member of the Ceylon Civil
Service. Residence: Colombo.

DULLEWE Nawaratna Wikkrama-
singha Samarakon Jayatilaka Pan-
dita Mudiyanselagc Loku Banda,
Adigar ; b. . The Dullewe

family has long been one of the most
important in the Central Province.
Members of it have held the offices of
Adigar, Maha Lekam, Disava, and
Diwa Nilame. The present Dullewe
Adigar was Disava of Matale North
and East. Residence : Matale.

DUNUWILLE Rajakarunadara Ekana-
yake Wasala Mudiyanse James
Alexander Banda; b. March 24, 1850 ;
educated at Cheltenham College,
England. His father had a short but
brilliant career as an Advocate of the
Ceylon Bar. Is descended from the
ancient Dunuwille family of Kandyan
Chiefs. Residence: Tangalla.

DUNUWILLE Rajakarunadara Ekana-
yaka Seneviratne Wasala Mudiyanse
Robert Richard Banda ; b. January
30, 1856. Belongs to the distinguished
family of Dunuwille Rajakarunadara
Ekanayaka Seneviratne Wasala Mu-
diyanse in the Kandy district. Resi-
dence: Colombo.

DUNUWILLE William Banda; b.
August 1855. Son of Udanwitta
Basnayeke Nilame by the only
daughter of Dunuwille Loku Banda,
sometime Disawa of Udapalata. Is
in the Ceylon Civil Service. Residence :

EDIRIWIRA, Don Mathes, Mudaliydr.
Created May 24, 1887. Residence:

EHALIAGODA Dasanayaka Rana-
singha Mudiyanseralahamillage
Richard Banda, President; b. October
5, 1860. Belongs to the Ehaliagoda
family, being great-grandson of Eha-
liagoda Loku Disawa. Is President
of Village Tribunals. Residence : Das-
watte, Mawanella.

EKANAYAKA, A. de Silva, Mudaliydr.
Created May 24, 1882. Residence:

EKANAYAKA, Paules Alexander
Tennekoon, Mudaliydr; b. February
16, 1844. Belongs to the Ekanayaka
family, formerly of Attygalle in Hewa-
gam Korale, now of Colombo. Resi-
dence: Colombo.

EKNELIGODA Akrakknippa Wikra-
masinha Mahipala Basnayaka Mu-
diyanseralahamillage sTikiri Banda,
Disava. Is descended from the dis-
tinguished Ekneligoda family. Resi-
dence : Ratnapura.

ELAPATA Jayatileke Gunaratne Ten-
nakoon Mudiyanseralahamillage Eg-
bert Arthur Banda, Ratemahatmaya; b.
March 18, 1869. Descended from the
Elapata Maha Walanida, an ancient
Kandyan family. Is Ratemahatmaya
of the Paranakuru Korale. Residence :
Elapata Walawwa, Ratnapura.



ELIYATAMPI, Sapapati Nakappar
Nanapraksa, Mudaliydr. Created May
24,1890. Residence: Batticaloa.

ELLAWALA Ekanayeke Rajapakse
Basnayeka Mudianse William Banda,
The Hon., Rdtemahdtmaya ; b. Septem-
ber 5, 1835. Belongs to the Ellawala
Ekanayeke Rajapakse Basnayake
family of the Batnapura district. Is
a Member of the Legislative Council
of Ceylon, which gives him the right
to bear the title of Honble. Residence :

ELLAWALA Ekanayeke Rajapakse
Basnayeke Mudianse Francis Theo-
dore Banda, Rdtemahdtmaya ; b.
January 31, 1862. Is the son of
Hon. William Ellawala. Residence:
Batugedera, Batnapura.

ERAWWAWELA. This is a family of
note. An Erawwawela was Adigar in
the reign of Bajadhi Raja Sinha, King
of Kandy, and was sent by him as an
Ambassador to India about 1788.

ETIPOLA. An ancient family of dis-
tinction, of whom several members
have held the office of Disava.

FERNANDO Weerasooria Abeyewick-
renie Rajekarunaratne, H. Marcus;
b. October 21, 1864. M.D., B.Sc.
London. Grandson of Mudaliydr
Andrew Fernando Weerasooria Abeye-
wickreme Bajekarunaratne. Resi-
dence: Colombo.

FERNANDO Wanigasekare Gunawar-
dana, Theodore, Mudaliydr; b. Sep-
tember 18, 1837. Belongs to the Sin-
halege Fernando family of Panadure,
and has held many important offices
under the Government. Residence:

GIRAGAMA. This is a distinguished
family. Giragama Balahami Maha
Lekama was Disava of four Korales.
The late Giragama Diyawadana Nilame,
Ratemahatmaya'of Yatinuwara, was a
nephew of a Basnayeke Nilame, and
grand-nephew of the Disava.

GODEGEDARA, Dionysius Ratnayaka
[alias Dionis Godage] Kaehcheri,
Mudaliydr; b. November 25, 1855.
Belongs to the Godegedare Walawwa
family of Badulla district. Residence :

GOONERATNA, Francis Ernest Jaya-
tileke, Mohotti Mudaliydr of the
Atapattu. Appointed August 4, 1881.
Residence: Galle.

GOONERATNA, Leveris Fonseka Aba-
yasekara, Mudaliydr. Created May
23, 1882. Residence : Matara.

GOONERATNE, Edmund Rowland
Jayetilleke, Mudaliydr of the Gate ;
b. . Belongs to a family of

high standing in the Southern Pro-
vince. Is an Oriental scholar of note.
Is Honorary Secretary of the Pali
Text Society. Is a J. P. Residence:

G00NETILLEKE, Alfred, Proctor.
Supreme Court ; b. . Son of

Mudaliydr Moses Goonetilleke. Is
Attorney-General of Siam. Residence :

GOONETILLEKE. Dr. F. Williams;
b. . Son of the eminent Oriental

Scholar and Linguist, William Goone-
tilleke, Editor of the Orientalist. Is
a District Medical Officer. Residence :

GRENIER, Emma, Lady {nee Drieberg).
Daughter of John Drieberg, Esq.,
Proctor of the Supreme Court; and
widow of the late Hon. Sir Samuel
Grenier, Knight, Attorney-General of
Ceylon. Residence: Colombo.

GRENIER, Gerard, b. November 1, 1844.
Belongs to the Grenier de Fonblanque
family. Is Begistrar of the Supreme
Court. Residence: Colombo.

GRENIER, Joseph, the Hon.; b.

Has acted as District Judge of Colombo
and ^ Solicitor-General, and is Com-
missioner of Assize. Was called to
the Ceylon Bar in 1873. Is descended
from the French family of Grenier de
Fonblanque. Residence: Colombo.

GUNARATNA, Dandris de Silva, Mu-
daliydr of the Governor's Gate.
Created 1882. Residence.- Bandara-

GUNASEKARA, Bartholomew Deva-
rakkita Sumana, Mudaliydr of the
Governor's Gate; b. 1827. Received
the rank of Mudaliydr in recognition
of his literary merit, and eminence
as an epigraphist. Belongs to the
Gunasekara family, descended from
Don Daniel Abhayaratna Gunasekara,
Arachchi of the Guard. Residence:
Udahamulla, Western Province.



GUNASEKARA, Bastian Mendis, Mu-
daliydr. Created May 24, 1890. Resi-
dence : Balapitiya, Wellaboda Pattu.

GUNASEKARA, Charles Perera Wir-
aratna, Interpreter Mudaliydr ; b.
December 19, 1861. Descended from
the Cunasekara family of Matara ; his
ancestors have been Mudaliyars and
Muhandirams. Residence : Hamban-

GUNATILAKA, A. Robert, Mudaliydr.
Created May 24, 1889. Residence:
Pasdun Korale.

GUNATILAKA, Charles, Mudaliydr.
Created May 24, 1889. Residence:
Wellaboda Pattu.

GUNATILAKE, Habaragomuwe Jaya-
sundarakoralalage Don Abraham
Charles, Mudaliydr ; b. November 1,
1849. Is son of the late Mudaliyar
Don Abraham Gunatilake; and de-
scended from the Gunatilake family
of Panadura in the Western Province.
Is President of Village Tribunals of
Bentota, and holds other offices in that
part of Ceylon. Residence : Bentota.

GUNAWARDANA, Abraham, Inter-
preter Mudaliydr; b. July £15, 1859.
Descended from the Gunawardana
family, members of which have
successively held the office of Head-
man in Hikkaduwa. Residence : Kuru-

GUNAWARDANA, Abraham Saha-
bandu, b. July 24, 1836. Inspector of
Village Tanks, North- Western Pro-
vince. Is a J.P. Residence: Ku-

GUNAWARDANA, Christopher Walter,
Interpreter Mudaliydr ; b. April 17,
1864. Is Interpreter Mudaliydr of the
District Court of Badulla. Residence :

GUNAWARDANA, Don Adrian Amera-
sekara, Mudaliydr. Created May 23,
1882. Residence: Mahamodera, Galle.

GUNAWARDANA, John David Perera
Abeysekara, Mudaliydr of the
Governor's Gate. Created 1892.
Residence: Ranala, Hanwella.

GUNERATNA, George Ernest de Silva,
Mudaliydr; b. June 26, 1857. Is Pre-
sident of the Gansabawa, Morawak
Korale. Residence: Morowaka.

GUNERATNE, David Abraham Abe-
wickreme, Mudaliydr of the Governor's
Gate; b. June 24, 1836. Descended
from the Abewickrerne Guneratne
family. Is Mudaliyar of the Four
Gravets of Matara, and holds other
offices. Residence: Matara.

GUNESEKERE, John William, Inter-
preter Mudaliydr ; b. January 2, 1842.
Is Interpreter Mudaliyar of the
District Court of Kalutara. Residence .-

GUNETILLEKE Jayasundara, James
Francis Peiris, Mudaliydr ; b. March
22, 1855. Claims to be the lineal
descendant of the Jayasundara family
of Kandyan Chiefs of the ancient
" Walandure Walawwa " in the Pro-
vince of Sabaragamuwa, The first
settler in the Low Country of Ceylon,
about 200 hundred years ago, received
a grant of land and office from the
Government ; the family is known in
the Low Country by the name " Saba-
ragamueralala." Residence: Hakmana.

GUNEWARDENE, Don Cornells Ameri-
siri, Mudaliydr; b. April 13, 1828.
Was created Muhandiram for the dis-
trict of Galle in 1884, and Mudaliyar
in 1881. Was Councillor of the Galle
Municipality for twenty-one years,
from 1866 to 1887. Residence; Ma-
hamodera, Galle.

GUNEWARDENE, Edward Gregory;
b. October 13, 1858. Is a Proctor of
the Supreme Court of Ceylon.
Belongs to the Gunewardene family,
which is said to have migrated to Galle
in early times from the Sabaragamuwa
district of the Kandyan Province.
Residence: Kurunegalle.

HALPE Chandrasekera, E-Lanka Me-
Lanka De-Lanka Sri-Lanka. One of
the oldest families in the Kurunegala
District. The present head of the
house is addressed as Disava. Resi-
dence: Pidume.

Kalnknmara Rajakaruna Hurulle,

President; b. May 6, 1859. The titles
of Ilanga Singha Kalukumara Rajaka-
runa were conferred on an ancestor by
a King of Kandy. Is President of
Nuwaragampalata, in the North-
Central Province. Residence: Mora-
kawa,* Hurulupalata, North Central



HULUGALLE Semasinha Nawaratna
Wanninayaka, Rdtemahdtmaya ; b.
April 11, 1849. Belongs to the Hulu-
galle family, whose ancestors are
stated to have held the title of
"Wanninayaka, or Chiefs of the "Wanni
district, from time immemorial under
the Singhalese Kings. Is Rdtemahdt-
maya of the Wanni Hat Pattu. Resid-
ence : Hulugalla, Nikaweratiya.

Lebbe Marikar, Kachcheri Mudaliydr ;
b. May 15, 1838. Belongs to the
Tangalle Marikar family. The family
property is situated in Hambantota
district. Residence : Galwala Wa-
lawwa, Hambantota.

ILANKAINAYAKER, Perinpanayaka,
Mudaliydr. Created May 24, 1889.
Residence: Jaffna.

ILLANGAKOON, Don John Henry Jaye-
tilleke Abeyesiriwardene, Mudali-
ydr ; b. . Represents the great
house of Illangakoon, one of the most
important families in the Maritime
Provinces for the last three centuries.
Members of the family were Maha
Mudaliyars as far back as the seven-
teenth century. Residence: Maha
Walawwe, Matara.

IRUKANATHA, Arumukam Ilantalai-
vasinka, Mudaliydr of the Governor's
Gate; b. January 3, 1833. Belongs to
the Sinkamappa family in the Jaffna
district. Is Maniakar of Valikama
West in Jaffna ; and has held, and still
holds, many offices under the Govern-
ment. Received the rank of Mudaliydr
in 1871 ; and on May 24, 1889, was
promoted to be Mudaliyar of the
Governor's Gate. Residence : Batti-
cotta West, Jaffna.

JACOLYN, Emmanuel Benjamin, Inter-
preter Mudaliydr ; b. July 13, 1856.
Residence: Avisawella.

JAYASEKARA, Jayalat Tantirige Don
Bastian Wikremesinghe, Mudaliyar ;
b. May 6, 1833. Descended from an
ancient family of the Southern Pro-
vince, Gamawasam under the Kandyan
and Portuguese Governments, Kariya-
wasam (with the title of Jayalat Tan-
tiri) under the Dutch and British
Governments. Was appointed Muda-
liyar in 1869. Residence : Kandy,

JAYASINGHA, Galboda Liyanage
Don Ellas de Silva Amarasirri,

Mudaliydr; b. September 29, 1827.
Received the rank of Mudaliyar ou
May 24, 1890. Belongs to the Galboda
Liyanage family of Nagoda in Ganga-
boda Pattu. Residence : Nagoda, Ma-

JAYASURIYA, Daniel Fernando Wi-
kramaratne, Mudaliydr; b. Septem-
ber 28, 1848. Is Mudaliyar of Rayi-
gam Korale. Residence: Bandaragama.

JAYAWARDANA, Don Arthur Karu-
nanayake, Mudaliydr; b. January
1844. Belongs to the Jayawardana
Adikaraja family of Galle district.
Held many important posts under
the Government of Ceylon. Residence :
Mount Hilary, Galle.

JAYAWARDANA, Don Harry Obeye-
sekera Karunayaka, Mudaliydr; b.
July 14, 1870. Son of Mudaliyar Don
Arthur Karuuanayake Jayawardana.
Is Mudaliydr of Magam Pattu district.
Residence : Hambantota.

JAYETILEKE, James Edmund, Muda-
liydr; b. March 30, 1839. Is descended
from the Ranimuke Jayetileke family ;
and his father was a Mudaliyar of the
Governor's Gate. The paternal grand-
father of the latter was appointed a
Mohandiram of the Guard by the
Dutch Governor van Eck on January
11, 1765. Is President of Village Tri-
bunals, Gangeboda Pattu (Galle dis-
trict) ; appointed Mudaliyar on May
24, 1887. Residence: Baddegama.

JAYETILLEKE, Dr. Richard George,
b. June 5, 1871. Is a Medical Graduate
of Edinburgh ; and son of the late
Frederick Jayetilleke, District Judge
of Kalutara, and grandson of Muda-
liydr Cornelius Jayetilleke, Mudaliyar
of the Governor's Gate. Is District
Medical Officer of Pusselawa. Resi-
dence : Pusselawa.

JAYEWARDENE, Gabriel Wijeye-
singhe, Mudaliydr ; b. April 14, 1856.
Is a descendant of Mudaliydr Don
Adrien Wijeyesinghe Jayewardene,
Mudaliydr of the Guides, who, for his
services to the British during the
Kandyan wars, was in 1804 granted
extensive lands in the Chilaw district.
Is Revenue Officer, etc., of Tamanka-
duwa. Residence : Dambool.

JAYEWARDENE, John Vincent Gomis

Abeyesinghe, Interpreter Mudaliydr ;



b. April 6, 1861. Belongs to the Abeye-
singhe Jayewardene family. His great-
great-grandfather was invested, on
April 22, 1812, with the rank of Dada-
yakkare Muhandiram, which continued
in the family for four generations.
His father held the rank of Padikare
Muhandiram, and was connected with
the Maldivian Embassy till his death in
1893. Is an Interpreter of the Supreme
Court of Ceylon. Residence : Colombo.

KAILASA PILLAI, Chittambalam,

Interpreter Mudaliydr ; b. May 16,
1857. Belongs to the Kailasa family
of Jaffna. Residence: Colombo.

KANAKASAPAI, Venkedachalam Ched-
diar, Mudaliydr of the Governor's Gate.
Created May 23, 1882. Residence:

KANAKASUNTARA, Santiagupillai
Tampimuttu Rasakasiya, Mudaliydr.
Created May 24, 1889. Residence :

KARUNARATNA, Henry Silva P., Mu-
daliydr. Created May 24, 1895.
Residence :

KARUNARATNA, James de Silva Wi-
kramanayaka, Mudaliydr. Created
June 4, 1870. Residence : Galle.

KATUGAHA, Bandaranayaka Herat
Mudiyanselage Tikiri Banda, Rdte-
mahdtmaya; b. May 29, 1856. Belongs
to the Katugaha family of Udukinda.
His father was Korala of Mahapalata
in Udukinda ; his grandfather was
Yatikinda Ratemahatmaya ; and his
great-grandfather was Udukinda Di-
sawa. Appointed Ratemahatmaya of
Wiyaluwa in 1884. Residence : Wiya-
luwa, Badulla.

KEPPITIPOLA, Monaravila Rajapaksa
Wikramasekere Abhayaratna Banda-
ranayake, Ratemahatmaya ; b. October
1841. Belongs to a distinguished
family which came from Keppitipola
in the Four Korales, and settled at
Monaravila in Matale North. Members
of the family held some of the highest
offices under the Singhalese Kings.
Tradition says that this family is
descended from Brahmagupta, a Sakya
Prince, who was sent (with others) to
King Devanampiya Jissa (b.c. 307
to 267), by King Dharmasoka of
India, with the branch of the great
Bo Tree. Is Ratemahatmaya of Ma-
tale South. Residence: Hulangamua
Maha Walawwe, Matale.

KIRTHISINGHE, Kurukula Suriya Jo-
seph Kaitan Fernando, Mudaliydr;
b. January 22, 1835. Is descended
from the Kirthisinghe family, said
to have come from Kanjupuram.
Residence: Puttalam.

KUMARAIYA, Kumaravelu, Mudali-
ydr. Created June 21, 1897. Resi-
dence : Jaffna.

kam Charles Barr, Mudaliydr of the
Governor's Gate; b. February 2,1862.
Belongs to the Kumarakulasingha
family of Jaffna. One of his ancestors
received the title " Irumarapuntuyya
Kumarakulasingha Mudaliydr" from
the Dutch Government in 1756, in
recognition of his position as a direct
descendant of the ancient kings of
Jaffna. Residence: Dehiwala.

LOOS, Frederick C. ; b. .A Proctor
of the Supreme Court. Has acted as
a Member of the Legislative Council.
Residence : Colombo.

MADUWANWELA. This is an old
and distinguished family, the members
of which have been chiefs in the Saba-
ragamuwa province for a considerable
period. The present Chief is one of
the largest and most influential landed
proprietors in the Island. He is
Ratemahatmaya of Rakwana. Resi-
dence: Rakwana.

MAHAGEDARA, Holiyabandaralage
Jayasenewi Herat Wasala Mudiyan-
selage Loku Banda, Mudaliydr; b.
January 1865. Belongs to the Holi-
yabandara Jayasenewi Herat "Wasala
Mudiyanselage family. Is Mudali-
ydr of Puttalam Pattu. Residence:

MAHAWELATENNA, Wikkramasinha
Chandrasekara Seneviratna Dasana-
yaka Mudiyanseralahami Samuel Da-
vid Banda, Ratemahatmaya ; b. 18 .
Is Ratemahatmaya of Kadawatu and
Meda Korales in the Province of
Sabaragamuwa. Residence : Balangoda.

MAPITIGAMA, Kulatunga Wijekoon
Mudiyanse, Edwin Francis Banda,
Ratemahatmaya ; b. December 25, 1841.
Descended from the Mapitigama Ku-
latunga Wijekoon Mudiyanselage
family of Kegalla district. Is Rate-
mahatmaya of Galboda and Kinigoda
Korales in Kegalla district. Residence :

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