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Gondiwela, Mawanella.



MARAMBE, Wirasinha Mudiyanselage
Kande Walawwe Punchi Bandara
Andrew James, Rdtamahdtmaya ; b.
1858. Is descended from "Wirasinha,
a Minister of the King of Kandy, who
translated the Jatdka into Singhalese.
Residence : Kandy.

MENDIS, Gunasekara Wijayasiri-
vardana, Tirimadurage Abraham, In-
terpreter Mudaliydr ; b. June 13, 1860,
at Balapitiya, Galle district. Belongs
to an ancient family in the Galle
district, whose ancestors have frequent-
ly been Headmen ; his father is Muda-
liyar Bastian Mendis Gunasekara Wija-
yasirivardana Is author of Compre-
hensive Grammar of the Singhalese Lan-
guage; editor of the Kusdjdtaka Kdvya,
a Singhalese classical poem; and also
editor of the Jwinadarsaya, a monthly
Magazine in Singhalese, founded to
commemorate the Diamond Jubilee of
Her Majesty. Residence : Colombo.

MENDIS, Karunaratne Abaya Siri-
wardhana Rajapakse, Nicholas,

Mudaliydr of the Governor's Gate ; b.
April 13, 1843. Is a descendant of the
Kosgoda Deweni family ; and was
formerly Chief Interpreter of the
Supreme Court of Ceylon. Residence :

Lebbe, Marikar ; b. January 18, 1870.
Belongs to the Tangalle Marikar
family. Has acted as Muhandiram.
Residence : Hambantota.

MOLAMURE, Abeyakun Rajapaksha
Dassanayake Wehelleke Mudiyanse
Ralahamillage James Christopher
Banda, Mudaliydr; b. May 7, 1851.
Belongs to the Molamure Makandura
family, who have been Ratema-
hatmayas in Atakalan Korale of the
Ratnapura district. Is Itinerating
Police Magistrate. Residence : Mola-
mure "Walawwa, Ratnapura.

MOLAMURE, Abeyakun Rajapaksha
Dissanayaka Wehelleka Mudiyanse-
lage Alexander Francis Banda, Rdte-
mahdtmaya ; b. May 15, 1858. Belongs
to the Molamure Makandura family of
Sabaragamuwa. Is Ratemahatmaya of
Atakalam Korale. Holds various
offices under the Government, and is
also Basnayaka Nilama of Kataragam
Temple, Ammuduwa, Atakalam Kor-
ale. Residence: Makandura Walawwa,

M0LLIG0DE, Wijesinghe Danasekara
Wijesundara Mudianselage James
Robert Banda; b. December 23, 1864.
Belongs to the Wijesinghe Danasekara
Wijesundara Mudianselage family of
Molligoda in the district of Kegalla.
His father was Molligode Ratemahat-
maya, who was the son of Wijaya
Wikrama Raju Nilame, an officer of
the Household of the last King of
Kandy. Is Crown Proctor, and
Justice of the Peace for the district
of Kegalla. Residence : Kegalla.

MOLLIGODE, Wijesinghe Danasekere
Wijesundare Mudianselage Henry
Augustus Banda; b. April 24,
1844. His father was Molligode
Wijesinghe Danasekere Wijesundare
Mudianse, Ratemahatmaya ; whose
father was an officer of the Household
of the King of Kandy. Was formerly
a Proctor of the District Court of
Kegalla. Residence : Kegalla.

MOONAMALLE, Nathagone Samaradi-
wakara Wijayasundara Herat Mudi-
yanselage Richard Bernard Banda,
Ratemahatmaya ; b. September 1854.
Descended from the Samaradiwakara
Wijayasundara Herat Mudiyanse
family of the Walgam Pattu Korale
in Kurunegalle district. Is Ratema-
hatmaya of Demala Hat Pattu. Resi-
dence : Anamaduwa.

MOONEMALLE, Theodore Barcroft
Lewis; b. July 19, 1868. Belongs
to the Senianughe Chandrasekere
Navarake Wanninayaka Basnayake
Mudiyanselage family, whose members
formerly held office under the Kandy an
Kings. Is a Proctor of the Supreme
Court. Residence: Kurunegala.

MORGAN, Richard H., M.A. ; b.

Son of Sir Richard Morgan, Knight,
who was Queen's Advocate and after-
wards Chief Justice of Ceylon. Is
Registrar of the Diocese of Colombo,
and a Justice of the Peace. Was called
to the English Bar in 1868. Residence :

MUHAMMADU, Ossen Saheb, Inter-
preter Mudaliydr; b. September 29,
1859. Belongs to a family settled in
Matara for many generations. Is
Interpreter Mudaliyar, Hatton. Resi-
deuce : Hatton.

MUNASINGHA, Cornelius de Silva,
Mudaliydr. Created May 24, 1878.
Residence : Matale.



MUNASINHA Lissanayake, Charles de
Silva Velikele; b. January 3, 1864.
Belongs to the Munasinha family of
Polonnaruwa ; a lineal descendant, on
the maternal side, of Velikele Rate-
mahatmaya, said to be descended from
the Prince Kalinga who brought the
Tooth relic to Ceylon. Residence :

MUNASINHA Dissanayake, Francis de
Silva Velikele ; b. November 24,
1866. Belongs to the Munasinha family
of Polonnaruwa; is a lineal descendant,
on the maternal side, of Velikele
Ratemahatmaya, said to be descended
from the Prince Kalinga who brought
the Tooth relic to Ceylon. Residence :
Nattandiye Wallawa, Marawila.

MURUKESAR, Hallock Savarana-
muttu, Mudaliydr. Created May 24,
1889. Residence: Jaffna.

MUTTIAH, Chinka Vahu Teva Muta-
liyar John Talbot Tampi Raja, Inter-
preter Mudaliydr; b. September 9,
1868. Is descended from a family that
came originally from Karaikal in India,
and settled in the Jaffna district six
generations ago. Residence : Colombo.

MUTTUKISTNA. A leading family,
whose members have held high office
for generations.

NAVARATNAM, Visuwanatar Kantap-
par>pillai, Mudaliydr. Created June
19, 1891. Residence: Puttalam.

NUGAPITIYE, Ekanayaka Marasinha
Wasala Mudiyanselage Meddama
Banda, Mudaliydr ; b. May 19, 1860.
Belongs to the Ekanayaka Marasinha
Wasala Mudiyanselage family of Ma-
tale. Residence : Nugapitiya, Matale.

NUGAWALA, Rajakaruna Chandrase-
kere Wasala Mudiyanselage Loku
Banda, Rdtemahdtmaya ; b. December
1, 1841, at Nugawala in Harispattu,
Central Province. Is descended from
a Disa Adikaram family who were
Chiefs in the time of the Singhalese
Kings. Is Ratemahatmaya of Hari-
spattu. Residence : Nugawala, We-

NUGAWALA, Rajakaruna Chandrase-
kara Wasala Mudiyanselage
Meddunia Banda, Rdtemahdtmaya ; b.
May 12, 1842. Belongs to the Nuga-
wala Rajakaruna Chandrasekara Wa-
sale Mudiyanselage family of Nuga-

wala in Harispattu. Residence
Tumpane, Galagedere.

NUGAWALA, Rajakaruna Chandrase-
kara Wasala Mudiyanseralahamil-
1 age Loku Banda, Rdtemahdtmaya; b.
October 20, 1867. Belongs to the
Nugawala Rajakaruna Chandrasekara
Wasala Mudiyanselage family of
Harispattu in Kandy district. Is
Ratemahatmaya of Beligal Korale,
Kegalla district. Residence : Kegalla.

OBEYESEKERE, Don Solomon Christ-
offel ; b. February 12, 1859. Has been
member of the Legislative Council of
Ceylon, representing the Low-Country
Singhalese. Is the son of Don Bastian
Ferdinand Obeyesekere, Mudaliydr of
Talpepattu, Galle district, and Donna
Cornelia Susannah Dias Bandarana-
yake, eldest daughter of Mudaliydr
Don Solomon Dias Bandaranayake,
Mudaliydr of the Governor's Gate,
and J. P. for Ceylon. His paternal
ancestors, the Obeyesekere family,
have been Chiefs in the Southern
Province from the beginning of the
present century ; and his maternal
ancestors, the Bandaranayake family,
have been Chiefs in the Western
Province from an earlier date. Resi-
dence : Hill Castle, Colombo.

ONDAATJIE. This important family
is descended from a famous physician
attached to the Court of Tan j ore
(Arcot), whose son, also a Court phy-
sician, emigrated to Ceylon about the
middle of the 17th century. It is
distinguished in Ceylon on account of
its members, who have held the rank
of Mudaliyar, or have been clergymen
and doctors and scholars of note. It
can, moreover, claim the rare dis-
tinction amongst Ceylonese families of
having given a prominent figure to
European history. Peter Philip Jurgen
Quint Ondaatjie, who was born in
Ceylon in 1758, took an active part
in Dutch politics. He has been de-
scribed as " the Hampden of Holland,
who defended her liberties with his
tongue, pen, and sword." At the time
of his death in 1818 he was a Member
of the High Court of Justice in
Netherlands India. His grandson, a
Major in the Dutch service, was made
a Knight of the Military Order of
William Prince of Orange in 1840 in
recognition of his services in Sumatra
and Surabaya.



ORE, C. Proctor. Belongs to a well-
known family. Residence : Kalutara.

PALIPANA, Rajakaruna Anande Pan-
dita Wasala Nisi Mudiyanselage
Philip Bartholomew Banda, Rate-
mahdtmaya ; b. February 2, 1850. His
father was Palipana Walawwe Loku
Banda, the son of Palipana Disawe of
Uda Palate, grandson of Palipana
Disawa of Seven Korales, who was the
son of the Palipana Disawa of Uva.
This distinguished Kandyan family
has long held high office. Residence :

PANABOKKE, Samastawikrama Karu-
natilaka Abeyawardhana Bhuvena-
sekara Jayasundara Mudiyanselage
Tikiri Banda. Formerly a Rdtama-
hdtmaya ; b. 1848. The house of
Panabokke has long held a distin-
guished position in the Central Pro-
vince. The Bandaramahatmaya who
is the subject of this notice was
Kandyan Member of the Legislative
Council of Ceylon for five years. He
is now in the Civil Service. Residence :
Elpitiye "Walawwe, Gampola.

PANDITARATNA, Charles Philip
Rodrigo; b. September 24, 1872.
Belongs to the Rodrigo family of
Matara and Tangalle. Residence :
Giruwaye Walawwe, Matara.

PANDITASEKERA, Philip de Silva,

Mudaliydr ; b. . Is Mudaliydr

of Salpiti Korale. Residence: Kes-

Siriwardhana, Mudaliydr. Resi-
dence :

vupillai, Mudaliydr; b. May 8, 1848.
Claims to be descended from Paraniru-
pasinga, the only son of the last King
of Jaffna by his second Queen. His
great-grandfather, Pararajasinga, was
Mudaliydr of Nellore. Residence:
Chandilippay, Jaffna.

PEIRIS, James Henry, Mudaliydr.
Created May 24, 1889. Residence:

PEIRIS, Lokukankanange James
Lewis, Interpreter Muhandiram ; b.
April 19, 1857. Is Interpreter Mu-
handiram of the Police Court, Kalu-
tara. Residence: Kalutara.

PERERA, Henry D., Mudaliydr. Created
May 24, 1890. Residence : Colombo.

PERERA, John Louis Haramanis, Mu-
daliydr. Created May 24, 1886.
Residence : Messenger Street, Colombo.

PERERA, Samarasinha Gunasekara
Siriwardana, Don Joseph Martinus,

Mudaliydr ; b. November 23, 1829. Is
descended from Don Lewis Perera
Samarasinha Gunasekara Siriwardana,
who was appointed Mudaliyar of
Hewagam Korale on October 30, 1773.
Residence: Kegalla.

PERERA, Senanayake Wijeratne Jaya-
tilleke, Wahalatantrige Don Edward
Francis ; b. January 15, 1848. Claims
descent from the Wahala Tantrienhe
(or Chief of the household) of Don
Juan Dharmapala, King of Ceylon,
about the year 1550 a.d. One of his
ancestors, Don Jeronimus Perera, was
appointed Mudaliydr of Pasdum
Korale in 1757 a.d. ; his son, Don
Carolus Perera, was appointed Muda-
liyar of Salpiti Korale by the Dutch
Government in 1795, and re-appointed
by the British Government under Sir
Frederick North in 1799. Residence :

PERERA, Wijayagunawardana Sene-
viratna, Henry Aloysius, Muda-
liydr ; b. July 17, 1855. Descended
from a family of Kandyan origin,
whose ancestors were Mace-bearers
(Palkiyawadana) to the Kings of
Kandy. Is Mudaliydr of Colombo,
of the northern division of Salpiti
Korale, and of Ambatelempahala.
Residence : Colombo.

PERERA, Wijayagunawardana Senevi-
ratna,Philip, Mudaliydr ; b. May 27,
1851. Descended from a family of
Kandyan origin, whose ancestors were
Mace-bearers to the Kings of Kandy.
Is Mudaliydr of Sdlpiti Korale.
Residence : The Walawwa, Kesbewa.

PERERA, Wijewikrama Senewiratna,
Joseph David Conrad, Mudaliydr;
b. January, 23, 1849. The family of
Perera Wijewikrama Senewiratna have
been Mudaliydrs through many gener-
ations. Is Mudaliydr of Wellaboda
Pattu. Residence : Hikkaduwa.

PERERA, Wijiawikrama Senewiratne,
William Robert Henry, Mudaliydr;
b. March 1, 1851. Is a descendant of
Senewiratne Mudianse. Is Mudaliydr



of Gangaboda Pattu, Four Batgams
and Angamgams in Matara district,
Southern Province. Residence : Gan-
gaboda Pattu, Matara.

PERUMAL, Xavier Rodrigo Muniarem,
Mudaliydr. Created June 21, 1897.
Residence :

PHILIPPUPLLLAI, Chinnacheddiku-
lam Udayar, Mudaliydr; b. August
25, 1852. Is District Mudaliyar.
Residence : Sinnaichcheddikulam, Va-

PIEEIS, Romanis, Mudaliydr. Created
February 7, 1878. Residence : Pana-

PIERIS, Samarasingha Sriwardhana,
Paul Edward ; b. February 16, 1874.
Is a member of the Ceylon Civil
Service, a B.A. of Trinity College,
Cambridge, and Barrister-at-Law of
the Inner Temple. Belongs to the
Sriwardhana family, originally of
Diraniyagala in the Three Korales.
Residence: Colombo.

POHATH, Kehelpannala Angammana
Divakara Lankadhikara Senanayaka
Ginikanda Ilangakkon Senewiratne
Pohath Wasala Mudianselage James,
Interpreter Mudaliydr; b. March 5,
1836. Keceived the honorary rank of
Muhandiram in 1868, and ex-officio
Mudaliyar in 1892. Claims to be de-
scended on the paternal side from the
Angammana Ilangakkon family, whose
great ancestor, Upatissa, was Prime
Minister of King Wijayo, and Regent
in 505 b.c. ; and on the maternal side
from Divakara Brahmin, of whom the
tradition is that he came to Ceylon
from India after the war of Rama and
Ravana, and settled at Kehelpannala
in Paranakuru Korale. Residence :
Kehelpannala, Gampola.

POHATH, Angamana Diwakara Ilan-
gakkon Ginikanda Lankadhikara
Senanayaka Senewiratna, Wasala
Mudiyanselage James Ebenezer,
Interpreter Mudaliydr; b. May 13,
1864. Claims to be descended from
the Angamana Ilangakkon family, an
ancestor of whom settled at Ke-
helpannala some centuries ago. The
title of Ilangakkon is said to have
been conferred on a member of the
Angamana family by King Parakrama
Bahu V. of Kandy. Residence: Anura-

Pillai, Maniakar; b. May 1844. Is
Chief Headman of the Division of
Punakari. Residence : Punakari,

PRINS, Francis A. Belongs to the dis-
tinguished Prins family Is a Proctor
of the Supreme Court and a Justice of
the Peace. Residence : Matale.

PULLENAYAGAM, Solomon Swartz,

b. . Son of Mudaliyar S. Pulle-

nayagam. Belongs to the well-known
Pullenayagam family of Colombo,
Chilaw and Puttalam. Residence:


Interpreter Mudaliydr; b. September
3, 1867, at Jaffna. The Puvimana-
singha family is descended from Don
Diego Vas Puvirajesingha, Mudaliydr,
who came to Ceylon from Southern
India in the Portuguese Army. Resi-
dence : Jaffna.


Interpreter' Mudaliydr ; b. January 23,
1853. Is the son of Mudaliyar Manuel
Tamby St. John Puvirayesinghe, Mu-
daliydr of the Governor's Gate ; and
belongs to the Puvirayesinghe family
of Jaffna. Residence : Jaffna.

pawupillai, Mudaliydr. Created May
24, 1887. Residence : Batticaloa.

RAJAKARUNA, K., President ; b. 1846.
Is President of Village Tribunals in
Kalagam Palate. Residence : Mara-
dankadawela, North Central Province.

RAJAPAKSA, Aydrick de Souza, Mu-
handiram; b. December 16, 1841. < Is
descended from the Rajapaksa family,
whose ancestor, Medibe Clementi
de Souza Rajapaksa, was a Mudaliyar
in 1614 in the Galle district. Resi-
dence : Kalutara.

RAJAPAKSA, Don Johanes Bartholo-
mews, Mudaliydr; b. May 14, 1829.
His grandfather was a Maha Vidhan
Muhandiram. "Was created Maha
Vidhan Muhandiram in 1859, and
Mudaliyar in 1870. Residence : Matara,
Southern Province.

RAJAPAKSA, John de Silva, Mudaliydr.
Created June 27, 1878. Residence:



EAJAPAKSE, Tudor Dederick Natha-
niel de Abrew Wijeyagoonaratne,

Mudaliyar of the Gate ; b. , 1868.

Is the only son of Mudaliyar Sampson
de Abrew Wijeyagoonaratne Raja-
pakse, Mudaliyar of the Gate, J. P.
for Ceylon, a distinguished philan-
thropist ; and represents the aucient
family of de Mirando Seneviratne as
well as the house of Rajapakse, both of
which were of importance so far back
as the 17th century. Residence : Carlo
Walawwa, Colombo; and Rajapakse
Walawwa, "Welitotta.
RALAPANAWE, Kadugat Bandara Di-
sanayaka Tikiri Banda, RdtemaMt-
maya ; b. December 29, 1865. Belongs
to the Ralapanawe family of Anura-
dhapura district, descended from Maha
Eriyawe Kadugat Bandara Mudiyanse
of Maha Eriyawa in the North-West-
ern Province. Is Ratemahatmaya
of Yavuniya, and holds other offices
under the Government. Residence :
Yavuniya, Northern Province.

RAMANATHAN, Ponambalam, Com-
panion of the Order of St. Michael
and St. George; b. April 16, 1851.
Son of Mudaliyar Arunachalam Pona-
mbalam, Mudaliyar of the Governor's
Gate. Belongs to a distinguished family
which, since the establishment of the
Legislative Council of Ceylon in 1831,
has almost without exception furnished
all the representatives of the Tamils
in that Council. Was a Member of
the Legislative Council from 1879 to
1892, when he was appointed Solicitor-
General of Ceylon. Residence: Co-

RAMBUKPOTA, Senewiratna Mudi-
yanselage Kuda Banda, Ratemahat-
maya; b. March 18, 1859. Descended
from the Rambukpota family in Ba-
dulla, whose records at Rambukpota
are said to include grants from the
ancient Singhalese Kiugs extending
over a period of 500 years. Is Ratema-
hatmaya of Uda Hewaheta. Residence :
Uda Hewaheta, Maturata.

RAMBUKWELLE, Herat Ekanayaka
Wijeratna Wasala Mudiyanserala-
hamillage Loku Banda, President;
b. April 1848. Belongs to the Ram-
bukwelle family, one of whose ances-
tors was Disawa of Wellassa. Is
President of Yillage Tribunals in
Harispat tu Pata Dumbara. Residence :
Rambukwella, Wattegama.

RANASINHA, William P. ; h

Oriental scholar: Editor of a Singha-
lese newspaper. Is a Proctor of the
Supreme Court. Residence : Colombo.

RASANAYAGAM, Chellappa, Inter-
preter Mudaliyar ; b. October 22, 1870.
Descended from the last King of
Jaffna, the family title being "Iruma-
ruvuntuyya." Residence: Matale.

Mudaliyar; b, June 25, 1830. Re-
ceived the rank of Muhandiram on
May 29, 1869 ; and that of Mudaliyar
on June 5, 1872. Belongs to the
Ratnawibhusana family of Minuwan-
gode in the Galle district. Residence :
Dodandeniye, Matale.

RATWATTA, Abeyekoon Wasala Mudi-
yanselage Dingiri Banda, Ratema-
hatmaya; b. January 15, 1854. De-
scended from the Ratwatta family, an
ancient family of note in the district
of Matale. Residence: Kalagampalate.

RAT WATTE Wijayawardana Senawi-
ratne Pandita Abayakon Bandara-
nayaka Wahala Mudalivarumlage
Abeyaratna Ratwatte, Basnayake
Nilame; b. May 13, 1844. Is great-
grandson of the famous Megastenna
Adigar, Prime Minister of the King
of Kandy, who was sent as an ambas-
sador to Madras in the year 1796 ;
grandson of Ratwatte Adigar, and son
of Paranagama Ratemahatmaya, of
Matale. This Chief was elected by
a Council of Kandyan Chiefs to be
Basnayake Nilame of the Maha Dewala
of Kandy. Residence : Kandy.

RATWATTE, Wijayawardana Senawi-
ratne Pandita Abayakon Bandarana-
yaka Mudiyanse Senawiratne, Rate-
mahatmaya; b. May 1846. Belongs to
the Ratwatte family, descended from
Megastenna Adigar and Ratwatte
Adigar*(see above). Was elected, by a
Committee of Kandyan Chiefs, Diya-
wadana Nilame of the Dalada Mali-
gawa (lay Chief of the famous Temple
of the Sacred Tooth, Kandy) ; and is
also Ratemahatmaya of Pata Dum-
bura. Residence : Kandy.

R0CKW00D, W. G., The Hon.; b. March
13, 1843. M.D. Madras, M.R.C.S.
England, M.R.C.P. London. Has been
Tamil Member of the Legislative
Council since March 1898. Residence ;



SABAPATHY, Mappanar, Interpreter
Mudaliydr; b. 1857, at Puloli in Point
Pedro district. Residence: Nallur,
SAMARAKKODY, Wijewikreme Tille-
karatna, Louis Charles de Fonseka,
Mudaliydr of the Governor's Gate ; b.
March 3, 1840. Is a lineal descendant
of Samarakody Adigar, Prime Minister
of Kirtisri Raja Singha, King of
Kandy. The rank of Mudaliydr of
the Governor's Gate was conferred on
him when he received the titles of
Wijewikreme Tillekaratna. Is Presi-
dent of Alutkuru Korale South.
Residence ; Heneratgoda.
SAMARAKONE, Bastian Philipsz, Mu-
daliydr; b. September 16, 1838. Is
Mudaliyar of Pitigal Korale North ;
and holds various other responsible
offices under the Government of
Ceylon. Residence: Chilaw.
SAMARASINGHA, Martin JohnPerera,
Mudaliydr. Created June 21, 1897.
Residence: Kandy.
SANDIRASEKARA, Silamper, Muda-
liydr ; b. September 14, 1838. Counts
several Mudaliyars amongst his ances-
tors. Is District Mudaliyar of Pan-
ankamam. Residence : Panankamam.
daliydr; b. January 29, 1847. Belongs
to the Santhirasagarer family of Mal-
pattu Vavonia. Residence : Nedun-
kerny, Malpattu Vavonia.

Residence : Jaffna.

Residence : Mutwal, Colombo.
Santra Sakara, Maniyakar ; b. January
8, 1847. Is Maniyakar of Tenmoradchi.
Residence : Tenmoradchi.
Marikar Seeny, Mudaliydr ; b. May 4,
1819. Claims descent from the Khalifa
Abu Bakr. Was Interpreter Mudali-
yar of the District Court of Galle.
Residence: Galle.
SENAVIRATNA, James Perera, Muda-
liydr. Created May 24, 1889. Resi-
dence : Colombo.
SENEVIRATNA, Abraham Robert, Mu-
daliydr; b. November 27, 1840. Is
descended from the Budha Korale
Mahatmaya family, said to be of
Kandyan origin. Residence : Galle.

SENEVIRATNA, Alexander de Alwis,
The Hon. Has been Low-country
Singhalese Member of the Legislative
Council since 1888. Is an advocate
of the Ceylon Bar, Member of the
Municipal Council of Colombo, Chair-
man of the Ceylon National Associa-
tion. Belongs to a family of good
standing. Residence: Colombo.

SENEVIRATNE, Frederic William de
Silva, Mudaliydr; b. June 24, 1861.
Is descended from De Silva Sene-
viratne Epa, (Adipada) of Colombo.
Residence: Kitulampitiya, Galle.

SENEVIRATNE, Hidellikoralage
Abram J. de Alwis, President ; b. April
14, 1852. Is President of Village
Tribunals, Giruwa Pattu West. Resi-
dence : Kahawatta, Taugalle.

SENEVIRATNE, Mudiyanselage Mad-
duma Banda, Rdtemahdtmaya ; b.
July 20, 1853. Is descended from
Seneviratne Mudiyanse Adigar. Is
Ratemahatmaya of Yatikinda. Resi-
dence : Rambukpota Walawwa, Ba-

SENEVIRATNE, Solomon, Mudaliydr
of the Governor's Gate ; b.
Is Mudaliyar of the Atapattu and
Kachcheri Mudaliyar of Colombo.
Residence : Colombo.

SENEWIRATNA, Don James Caulfield
Herat, Shroff Mudaliydr ; b.
Belongs to one of the oldest families
in the Chilaw district, whose members
were for several generations in suc-
cession Mudaliyars of Madampe under
the Singhalese Monarchs and under
the Dutch. Descended from Tanivella
Bahu Raja, Sub-King of Madampe.
The family held all the lands at Ma-
dampe, but they were confiscated by
the British Government in 1804, when
the then Mudaliyar and his retainers
were outlawed because they had sided
against the British in the war with
Kandy. The order of outlawry was
subsequently recalled, and the Muda-
liyar's son, Don Barend Herat Senewi-
ratna, was appointed Mudaliyar of Ma-
dampe. Residence : Kegalla.

President; b. August 14, 1840. Be-
longs to the Navaratna family of
Navally Jaffna. Residence: Tellipillai,




daliyar, Maniyakar ; b. April 13,
1858. Is son of M. Suppiramaniar,
and grandson of S. Vaitialinga,
both of whom were Maniyakars of
Vadamiratchy West, Jaffna. Is now
the Maniyakar of that Division. Resi-
dence : Vadamiratchy West, Jaffna.

SINNAPPAH, Visuvanather, Mani-
yakar; b. November 4, 1834. Is
Maniyakar of Valihamam North.
Residence : Tellipillai, Jaffna.

SINNAYAH, C. Murukeser ; b. June
1, 1854. Belongs to the Nakarattu
family of Indian descent (Madura)
settled at Uyarapulam in Jaffna,
where they have long held office.
Residence : Uyarapulam, Jaffna.

SIRIWARDANA, Don Joseph Wijey-
singhe Wickramagunaratna, Muda-
liydr. Created May 26, 1876. Resi-
dence : Kandy.

SIRIWARDENE, Julius Ernest Pieris
Wikkramasinha, Mudaliydr of the
Governor's Gate. Created 1880. Resi-
dence : Ranala, Hanwella.

SIRIWARDHANA, Dionysius Theodore
Amarasingha, Mudaliydr. Created
May 24, 1897. Residence : Colombo.

SOMANADA, Ezekiel, Mudaliydr of the
Governor's Gate, Chief Mudaliydr of
the Eastern Province ; b. April 11,
1832. Is the head of the Somanada
Mudaliyar family of Batticaloa, and
the recognized Chief of the Native
Community of the Eastern Province.
Residence : Batticaloa.

TALDENA, Samarakon Jayasundera
Guneratne Mudiyanselage Benjamin
Banda; b. December 26,1836. Belongs
to the Taldena family of Uva, said

Online LibraryRoper LethbridgeThe golden book of India; a genealogical and biograhical dictionary of the ruling princes, chiefs, nobles, and other personages, titled or decorated, of the Indian empire, with an appendix for Ceylon → online text (page 62 of 63)