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l^tHtoriral ^ortetg.

DECEMBER 9, 1891.








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Snxlmry lltstnriral ^nmtij.

(§mcers fur 1915.






iExpntlihr (fiommtttrr.
The President and Secretary, ex-officiis,




Snarh nf SruatfpH of tljp ^prmaupnt 3Futtb.
ISAAC P. GRAGG, Secretary, FREDERIC W. RUGG, Treasurer,


(IJommottutealtli nf Massachusetts.

Xo. 9085

Be it known That whereas William M. Olin, George H. Xason,
Henry A. May, Francis Jackson Ward, John E. Oilman, George War-
ren, Dependence S. Waterman, Oliver D. Greene, Solomon A. Bolster,
Augustus Bacon, John Carr, Isaac P. Gragg, William W. Davis, Edwin
U. Curtis, Martin L. Gate, John A. Scott, William E. Shay, Frank
Ferdinand, John C. Cook, Kilby Page, Harlan P. Whitcomb, Francis

B. Perkins. John Perrins, Jr., Herbert F. Morse, L. Foster Morse,
Edward Seaver, John D. Williams, Horace T. Rockwell, Jediah P.
Jordan, Nathan A. M. Dudley, Joseph L. Bergman, Gorham Rogers,
Thomas R. Mathews, James L. HiUiard, Alfred Newmarch, Samuel

C. Jones, William A. Gaston, Robert A. Jordan, George H. Waterman,
and Joseph H. Frothingham have associated themselves with the
intention of forming a corporation under the name of the

for the purpose of 1st: perpetuating the History of Roxbury, and its
military citizens and organizations ; 2d : encouraging the volunteer
militia; 3d: advocating measures and principles that will tend to
strengthen the patriotism of the community, and have complied with
the provisions of the Statutes of this Commonwealth in such case
made and provided, as appears from the certificate of the President,
Treasurer, Clerk, Executive Committee and Trustees having the power
of Directors of said corporation, duly approved by the Commissioner
of Corporations, and recorded in this office :

Now, Therefore. I, William M. Olin, Secretary of the Common-
wealth of Massachusetts, do hereby certify that said William M. Olin,
George H. X'ason, Henry A. May, Francis Jackson Ward, John E.
Oilman. George Warren, Dependence S. Waterman, Oliver D. Greene,
Solomon A. Bolster, Augustus Bacon, John Carr. Isaac P. Gragg,
William W. Davis. Edwin U. Curtis. Martin L. Gate. John A. Scott,
William E. Shay. Frank Ferdinand, John C. Cook, Kilby Page, Harlan
P. Whitcomb, Francis B. Perkins. John Perrins. Jr.. Herbert F. Morse,
L. Foster Morse. Edward Seaver. John D. Williams. Horace T.
Rockwell. Jediah P. Jordan, Nathan A. M. Dudlev, Joseph L. Bergman,
Gorham Rogers. Thomas R. Mathews, James L. Hilliard. Alfred New-
march, Samuel C. Jones, William A. Gaston, Robert A. Jordan. George
H. Waterman, and Joseph H. Frothincham, their associates and suc-
cessors, are legally organized and established as and are hereby made
an existing corporation under the name of the


with the powers, rights, and privileges, and subject to the limitations,
duties, and restrictions which by law appertain thereto.

Witness my official signature hereunto subscribed, and

^\ the seal of the Commonwealth of Massachusetts

Seal ) hereunto affixed, this fifteenth of Way in the year

/ of our Lord one thousand nine hundred and one.


Documentary Secretary of the Co)umonu'calth.




I. NAM I-:.

This Society shall be known as the Roxburv Historical


The objects for which the Society shall be maintained
shall be as follows :

1st. To perpetuate the history of Roxbury and its mili-
tary citizens and organizations.

2(1. To encourage the volunteer militia.

3d. To advocate measures and principles that will tend
to strengthen the patriotism of the community.


The officers of the Society shall consist of a President,
three Vice-Presidents, a Secretary, an Executive Committee
consisting of nine members, including the President and Sec-
retary, who shall be members ex-officiis, and a Board of
live Trustees of the Permanent Fund.

The duties of the President, Vice-Presidents and Secretary
shall be such as ordinarily pertain to such officers, and such
other duties as the Executive Committee may at any time
request of them. The Secretary shall also serve as Treas-
urer of the Society and as Clerk of the Executive Committee.



The policy and the management of the Society, the ad-
mission and discharge of members, remission of dues, control
of expenditures, auditing of accounts, arrangements for the
stated meetings and annual dinner, maintenance of headquar-
ters, charge of Society property, except the funds and prop-
erty in the hands of the Board of Trustees of the Permanent
Fund, and all other matters pertaining to its welfare, except
nomination of officers, shall be vested, with full powers, in
the Executive Committee, subject to such votes or orders as
may be passed by the Society.


The annual meeting of the Society shall be held on the
second Wednesday of December in each year, at which meet-
ing the President, Secretary, and IJoard of Trustees of the
Permanent Fund shall make a report, and at which all officers,
excepting the members of the Board of Trustees of the
Permanent Fund, shall be elected to serve for one year
thereafter, or until their successors are duly elected.

The Society shall hold meetings on the second Wednesday
of March, June, and September, and at such other times as
the President may order, and every member shall be mailed
a printed notice of all meetings, at least three days before
the date for holding said meetings.

The Society may hold an annual dinner, on such day as
the Executive Committee may determine.

As far as practicable, all meetings of the Society shall
be held within the limits of the former town of Roxbury.
and all orders, notices, and communications shall be dated

Ten members shall constitute a quorum at any meeting
of the Society.

No subject of a sectarian or political nature shall be dis-


cussed or acted upon at any meeting or gathering of the


Any person interested in the objects of the Society, and
who shall be acceptable to the Executive Committee, shall be
eligil)le for membership.

All applicants for membership shall sign a printed form
of application, which shall be endorsed ])y a member of the
Society and filed with the Secretary, who shall lay the same
before the Executive Committee for their action. A majority
vote of any legal meeting of the Committee shall be neces-
sary for admission.


Any member desiring to withdraw from the Society shall
notify the Secretary in writing of his desire, and upon re-
ceipt of such communication l)y the Secretary, he shall be
considered as having withdrawn his membership, and the
Secretary shall make a minute to that effect on the records
of the Executive Committee, and notify the person with-
drawing of that fact, and shall report such withdrawal to
the Society at its next meeting.

The Executive Committee shall have i)ower to terminate
the membership of any member who shall be in arrears of
dues for two successive years after proper notice to said
delinquent ; and in case of such action by the Committee
the member shall be notified by the Secretary.


Any member who, upon his admission, or at any subse-
quent time, shall pay into the treasury through the Secretary
the sum of Twenty-five Dollars, shall become a Life Member,
and shall not thereafter be subject to the regular annual dues,
but in all other respects his standing shall be the same as
that of other members.



Persons who have rendered unusual service to the Society,
valuable correspondents, and former residents of Roxbury
whose public records have been meritorious, may be elected
Honorary Members of the Society, being nominated by the
Executive Committee and elected by a two-thirds vote of
members present at the annual meeting ; they shall not be
subject to any dues, and shall have all the privileges of other


Every application for membership shall be accompanied
by an entrance fee of One Dollar which, if the application be
granted, the Secretary shall turn into the treasury of the
Society, and which, if the application be not granted, he shall
promptly return to the applicant.

Every member shall pay an annual assessment of One
Dollar, which shall be due on the first day of January of
each year, and be paid to the Secretary as soon as possible
thereafter; provided, however, that from members admitted
subsequent to the second Wednesday of September in any
year no such assessment shall be due on the first day of
January next following.


The Society shall elect, as hereinafter provided, five of
its members who shall constitute a Board of Trustees of the
Permanent Fund. They shall have full charge and custody
of all funds and property committed to their care by the
Society, or by donation for either general or special purposes,
and all bequests left to the Society by will.

The members of said Board shall be elected as follows :
At the annual meeting in December, 1901, one member shall
be chosen to serve for one, two, three, four, and five years
respectively, and at each succeeding annual meeting, one

BY-LAWS. • 9

member shall be elected for five years to fill the vacancy
caused by the expiration of the term of oftice of any member.
The term of ofiice of any member shall commence on the
day of his election.

If the Society shall fail to fill any vacancy in said Board
at the annual meeting, or for any cause shall not hold an
annual meeting during the month of December of any year,
then the Executive Committee shall proceed to fill such
vacancy, and the Trustee so elected shall serve until the next
annual meeting of the Society, when an election for a Trustee
to fill the vacancy for the unexpired term shall be held.
X'acancies during the year caused by death or resignation shall
not be filled until the next annual meeting of the Society,
unless the number of Trustees is thereby reduced to less than
three, in which case a special meeting of the Society shall
be called by the President to fill such vacancies for the un-
expired term.

Said Board shall be organized by the election among them-
selves of a Chairman, Secretary, and Treasurer. They may
adopt any rules for their procedure, government, and care
of property, not conflicting with the By-Laws of the Society
or the act of incorporation.

The Board shall make an annual report of receipts and
expenditures to the Society at its annual meeting, and the
books and vouchers of the Board may be audited at any
time by any committee appointed by the Executive Committee
of the Society, and shall be so audited as often as once in
every year.

Not more than two members of the Trustees shall at any
time be elected members of the Executive Committee of the

No Trustee shall be paid any salary or compensation for
his services as Trustee or as Chairman, Secretary or Treas-
urer of said Board of Trustees.


The Trustees shall deposit all moneys coming into their
possession in some bank or trust company where interest is
allowed on deposit, or invest the same in the class of securities
that Massachusetts Savings Banks are allowed to invest in,
and shall not make any appropriations or expenditures out
of said funds until the principal and one-half of the accumu-
lated interest from said investments or deposits shall amount
to the sum of Fifty Thousand Dollars. The other half of
said interest shall be kept in a separate account, and may be
expended at the discretion of the Trustees in the necessary
expenses of the Board, or by transferring to the treasury of
the Society, for general or specific purposes, such amounts
as they may deem expedient ; they shall consider any request
made by the Society for an appropriation from said interest
fund, but shall have full power to accede to or decline such

When said fund shall have reached the sum of Fifty
Thousand Dollars, or at any time thereafter, said Trustees
may at their discretion invest the same in the erection or
purchase of a building which shall be located in Roxbury,
for the purpose of earning an income, and also in which there
shall be provided suitable rooms for the purposes of the
Society, but no such building shall be contracted for or erected
until the plans for the same are approved by two-thirds of
the Executive Committee of the Society.

The Trustees, at any time after said fund shall have in-
creased to the sum of Fifty Thousand Dollars, may make
appropriations out of said fund for the erection of monu-
ments or other suitable memorials in honor of historic per-
sonages, objects or events connected with the history of
Roxbur}' as a town or city, or as part of the City of Boston,
and may for such purposes make such appropriations in
combination with the City of Boston, Commonwealth of
Massachusetts, or any society, corporation, or association,
provided such appropriation shall not reduce the funds of


the Trustees to an amoitnt less than Fifty Thousand Dollars,
or in case said Fifty Thousand Dollars has been invested in
said building, to less than Five Thousand Dollars.

All real estate which may in any manner come to the
Society shall be taken and stand in the name of the Corpora-
tion, but the management thereof shall I)e in the hands of
the Trustees.

Xothing herein contained shall prevent the Society nor
the Trustees from accepting contributions of money for
specific or general purposes and expending the same.


Amendments may be made to the Uy-Laws in the follow-
ing manner :

Any proposed amendment presented in writing at a regu-
larly called meeting of the Society shall be read at that
meeting and referred to the Executive Committee for their

If such proposed amendment meets the approval of the
Executive Committee they shall report back the amendment
to the Society at the next meeting for its action, and a copy
of the proposed amendment shall be inserted in the call for
.said meeting.

If the Executive Committee disapproves of the proposed
amendment they shall report such action to the Society at its
next meeting, and said amendment cannot be again proposed
until after the next annual election of the officers of the

Amendments must receive the votes of two-thirtls of the
members present and voting when bnal action is taken in
order to be adopted.



General Nelson A. Miles, Rear-Admiral Charles O'Neil

Dependence S. Waterman.

Hon. Eugene N. Foss, Col. William A. Gaston,

Capt. Isaac P. Gragg, George G. Kennedy, M.D.,

Charles E. Osgood, A. Shuman,

Timoth}- Smith, John D. Williams.

Adlovv, Nathan
Alden, Gustavus F.
Alden, John W.
.Alexander, Col. Winthrop
Allen, Hon. Horace G.
Allgaier, J. Andrew
Andrews, Augustus
Andrews, Richard F.
Appleton, Harry G.

Babcock, Frank M.

Bacon, Anselm L.

Bacon, Augustus

Bacon. Horace

Baker, Herbert L.

Balch, Walter H.

Ballantyne, John

Ballantyne, Walter

Batchelder, Charles H.

Beal, B. Leighton

Beal, William W.

Beardsley, Addison P., D.D.S.

Berger, C. Louis

Bettinson, Edward W.

Bixby, Luther W.

Blaikie, J. Franklin
Bleiler, Charles
Bleiler, Frederick
Bleiler, John
Bolster, Stanley M.
Bolster, Hon. Wilfred
Boothby, Oren C.
Brackett, George A.
Bradford, William R.
Brooks, George W.
Brooks, Herbert G.
Buffington, Ernest R.
Buffinton, Eugene L.
Burlen, Melancthon W.
Burrage, Albert C.
Byrne, Harry C.

Calder, Capt. Augustus P.
Calderwood, Samuel H., M.D.
Callanan, Sampson A., M.D.
Carney, James H.
Carter, Thomas W.
Gate, Martin L.
Chadbourne, William L.
Charak, William



Chesley, Edwin E.
Clark, Don, L.
Cohen, Abraham K.
Cohen, David
Colgan, James W.
Connor, Edward F.
Conway, Joseph A.
Cook, Sherwin L.
Cottrell, Charles T.
Cressey, Darwin M.
Critcherson, William R.
Crosby, Thomas
Cruff, Frank E.
Cruff. Fred E.
Curtis, Hon. Edwin U.
Curtis. Nelson

Daly, Bernard T., M.D.

Daly, George

Dana, Lieut. James \V.

Daniels. Nathan H.

Davis, Frederick S.

FJavis. Hon. William W.

De\er, John F.

Dorr, Jonathan

Dorr. Tileston

Drury, Adelbert N., D.D.S.

Drury. Linus D.

Ellison. Willard R.
Emery. William H.. M.D.
Esselen, Gustavus J.
Estabrook, F"red C.

I'airlianks. James L.
I-'arr. Edwin L., ALD.
Faunce. Charles M.
Faunce, James B.
Ferdinand, Frank
Fisk, Everett O.
Flanagan, Thomas
Musk, Francis X.

Flynn. Edward F.
Flynn, James F.
Fogg, Maj. David H.
Foley, Matthew F.
Foster. Arthur L.
Fuller, Charles R.

Gallagher, Hon. Charles T.
Galligan, Eugene T., M.D.
Gammon, Irving P.
Garrison, Charles H.
George, Hon. Elijah
Gibbs, William H.
Gillis, Hugh D.
Gilman, Col. John E.
Gilman, John E., Jr.
Goode, George W., D.O.
Granger, Frank E.
Graves, Shirley P.
Greene, Thomas F., M.D.

Hackett, William N.
Hartung, Paul G.
Hatch, Edward A.
Hatch, Lincoln D.
Hawley, Capt. William H.
Hayden, Hon. Albert F.
Hayes, Herbert E.
Haynes, Frank H.
Hill, Albert F.
Hohenstein. Henry
Houghton. Frank
Howard. Otis M.
Howe, Alfred H.
Hunneman, Henry C.
Hunneman. John A.

James, Benjamin F.
Jernegan. Elliot C.
Jones, Lewis L.
Jordan, Col. Jediah P.
Joy. Capt. Mellen R.



Keefe, Garrett H.
Keen, Joseph H.
Kelley, Gustavus A.
Kellogg, Frederic L., M.D.
Kelly, Edward C.
Kelly, John L.
Kenfield, Chester B.
King, Harvey
Klemm, Frederick \V.
Knapp, George G.
Knowles, James G.

Leland. William S.
Leonard, Joseph M.
Loring, Harrison
Lowe, Frank O.
Lowe. Herman A.
Ludden, John M.

MacDonaid, James A.
Macfarlane, F. J., D.D.S.
Marston, John M.
Martin, Francis C., M.D.
Mazur, Louis

McCullagh, Frank R.. D. M. D.
McKinnon, Louis C.
McLeod. J. Scott, M.D.
Meins, Carroll L.
Meins, Walter R.
Melcher, Woodberry S.
Millett, George A.
Moore, William H.
Morton, George C.
Murphy, Timothy J., M.D.
Murray, Patrick E., Jr.

Kason, Capt. George H.
Nason, Samuel C.
Nay, Frank N.
Newell, Charles W.
Newton, John F.
Norton. Francis A.

O'Brien, Thomas J.
O'Connell, Maurice J.
Olin, Edwin R.
Oliver, Edwin H.

Page, Rev. Charles L.
Parker, Hon. W. Prentiss
Partridge, William H.
Patch, William T., M.D.
Patterson, John B.
Peabody, Joseph D.
Perkins, Francis B.
Perrins, Col. John, Jr.
Perrins, Lieut.-Col. William A.
Perry, Arthur D.
Perry, Francis A.
Phelan, James J.
Pierce, John F., D.D.S.
Pigeon, James C. D., M.D.
Price, Julius
Putnam, Nathan A.

Quint, Abraham S.

Rhoades, Charles W. C.
Richards, Edward E.
Rockwell, George A.
Rowe, Harry S.
Rugg, Frederic W.
Ruhl, Edward
Rumrill, Frank
Rumrill, William S.
Russ, Willis R.
Russell, William L.
Ryan, Capt. Thomas

Scales, Henry
Schooner, Joseph Y.
Sears, William
Seaver, Charles M.
Seaver, Hon. Edward



Seaver, Llewellyn D.
Shay, Frederick
Shay, Michael F.
Shuman, Edwin A.
Shuman, Samuel
Shuman, Sidney E.
Silver, Henry A.
Sinnett, George J., Jr.
Smith, Abram T.
Smith, Arthur W.
Somers, Clarence W.
Stackpole, Frederick W.
Stevens, Harry E.
Sullivan, Hon. Richard
Swain, William \.
Swan, Charles H.
Sweet, William L.

Tainter, George A.
Tappan, Ernest S.
Taylor, Everett AT., D.D.S.
Thomas. William H.
Thomasson, Aaron H., M.D.
Thompson, J. Gifford
Thwing, Walter Eliot

Tinkliam, S. Everett

Vallee, Francis

Van Amringe, William B.

Waitt, Warren H.
Waterman, Frank S.
Waterman, Joseph Rowell
Weinert, Paul H.
Weinz, Henry L.
Weld, A. Spalding
White, H. Warren. M.D.
White, Henry B.
Whittier, Alvin W.
Wiggin, Arthur M.
Wiggin, Charles E.
Wilde, Albion D.
Wilde, Irving H.
WiUiams, David W.
Wood, B. Frank
Wright, Chandler
Wright, James F.

Yendlev. Jnscpli R.

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014 075 156 A %


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