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THE Second Series of the ROYAL SOCIETY'S Catalogue of. Scientific Papers, com-
prising those published or read in the decade 1864-1873, commences with the
present Volume. In addition to the subjects admitted into the original plan, it
includes Inaugural Addresses, Biographies, and papers on the History of Science.

The titles of some papers published prior to 1863, but omitted in the First
Series, have been included in the present Series. They are distinguished by an
asterisk (*). Any additional titles that may be transcribed too late for insertion
in their proper places will be given in an Appendix to the Eighth Volume.

The numbering of the titles of each Author's papers is consecutive from the
First Series, or from the Additions at the end of the Sixth Volume of that Series,
as the case may be.

Although no pains have been spared to ensure the accuracy and the complete-
ness of the Catalogue, it is nevertheless liable to errors and deficiencies, which
are to some extent unavoidable. There are many provincial Societies, both English
and Foreign, of which it is not easy to procure the publications ; and the difficulty
of classing the titles under the names of their respective authors is too often
increased by the various forms in which those names are written, by the frequent
absence of baptismal names, and by the not unfrequent occurrence of typo-
graphical errors in the original titles.

It lias been found advisable to alter the references to certain well-known Journals
by substituting the title of the book for the name of the Editor. As in many cases
this had become imperative through the death or change of the Editor, the adoption
of some general rule became indispensable, and the one employed is (with two or


three exceptions necessary to prevent confusion) that adopted generally in Library
Catalogues. The List of Abbreviations, being supplementary to that prefixed to
the First Volume, contains only the titles of new works, and of those in which the
reference has been modified.

The President and Council of the ROYAL SOCIETY offer their best thanks to the
authorities of the British Museum, Patent Office, Royal School of Mines, Royal
College of Surgeons of England, Medical and Chirurgical, Geological, Zoological,
Linnean, Chemical, and other Societies, for the readiness with which access to their
libraries has been afforded during the preparation of the Catalogue.

They further take this opportunity of expressing their gratitude to the eminent
Men of Science who, in addition to their services on the Catalogue Committee, have,
at the cost of much valuable time, undertaken to read the proof sheets.

And, finally, they desire to acknowledge the valuable services of MR. HENRY
WHITE, who has superintended the compilation and printing of the Catalogue
from its commencement.



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[ Only four numbers published^]

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In 1851 there were two meetings held; the 5th at Cincinnati in
May, the 6th at Albany (N. Y.) in August. By some oversight in
copying the titles, the memoirs have been indexed as if there had
been only one meeting ; so that the enquirer is requested to look
in the 6th Report for anything he cannot find in the 5th, and vice

The American Chemist, a monthly Journal of theoretical Chemistry ;.
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[Fifth Series.] 8vo. Berlin. Vols. CXXI., 1864 CL., 1873.,
and" Suppl. V., 1871.

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&c., concernant le Service de Conducteurs des Pouts et Chaussees.
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Series. ~\ 8vo. Paris. Vol. I., 1869 X., 1873.

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Paris. [Fourth Series.] Vols VII., 1864 XX., 1870. [Fifth
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VIII., 1870.

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Vols. II., 1864 VIII., 1871.

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69. 8vo. London. Vols. L, 1865 III., 1870.

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graphiques et Commerciales, tenu a Anvers du 14 an 22 Aout
1871. 2 vols. 8vo. Anvers. 1872.

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8vo. Anvers. Vols. I., 1845 XXVIL, 1871.

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(Vaucluse). 8vo. Apt. Vols. L, 1865 V., 1871. [Second
Series.] Vols. L, 187111., 1873.

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herausg. von Dr. CARL BOGISLAUS REICHERT und Dr. EMIL Du
BOIS-REYMOND. 8vo. Leipzig. Jahrg. 1864-1873.

Archiv der Agricultur- See Hermbstadt.

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von E. KLEBS, B. NAUNTN, und O. SCHMIEDEBERG. 8vo. Leipzig.
Vol. L, 1873.

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Urgeschichte des Menschen ; Organ der Deutschen Gesellschaft
fur Anthropologie, Ethnologie, und Urgeschichte. 4to. Braun-
schweig. Vols. I., 1867 VI., 1873.

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8vo. Berlin. Vols. XXX., 1864 XXXIX., 1873.

Archly f. Ohrenheilk Archiv fiir Qhrenheilkunde, herausg. von Dr. von TROLTSCH (in

Wiirzburg), Dr. ADAM POLITZER (in Wien), und Dr. HERMANN
SCHWARTZE (in Halle a. S). 8vo. Wiirzburg. Vols. I., 1864
VI., 1873. ftfew Series.'] Vol. L, 1873.

Archiv Heilkunde Archiv der Heilkunde ; red. von Prof. E. WAGNER. 8vo. Leipzig.

Vols. I., 1860 XIV., 1873.

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GRUNERT. 8vo. Greifswald. Vols. XLI., 1864 LV., 1873.

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8vo. Bonn. Vols. I., 1865 IX.. 1873.

Archiv Physiol See Pfluger.

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Vols. I., 1865 III., 1867.

Archives Cosmol Archives cosmologiques. Revue des Sciences Naturelles, avec leurs

applications a la Medecine, a 1'Agriculture, aux Arts, et a
1'Industrie : red. par ALPHONSE DUBOIS. No. 1., 1867. Belgique

[.ZVo more published.]

Archives de Me*d. Navale . . Archives de Medecine navale, publiees par ordre de S. E. le Ministre

de la Marine ; red. par A. LE ROY DE MERICOURT. 8vo. Paris.
Vols. I., 1864 XXL, 1873.

Archives de Medecine com- Sec Bayer,

Archives de Physiol Archives de Physiologic normale et pathologique ; publiees par MM.

1868 V., 1873.

Archives de Physiologic, de Sec Bouchardat.

Therap critique, &c.

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par la SOCIETE HOLLANDAISE DES SCIENCES a Harlem, et vedigees
par E. H. von BAOIHAUER. 8vo. La Haye. Vols. L, 1866
VIII., 1873.

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surgical, microscopical, chemical, and mechanical : ed. by EDWIN
TRUMAN. 8vo. London. Vol. L, 1868.

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of Natural Sciences : ed. by J. M. CURRIER, &c. 8vo. Newport,
U.S. Vol. L, 1870.

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neously in English and German : by H. KNAPP and S. Moos.
8vo. New York. Vols. L, 1869 III., 1874.

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tkeque Univcrselle. 8vo. Geneve. Vols. XLX., 1864 XLVIIL,

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Archives Zool. Experiment.

Archivio Anthropol

Archivio Zool. Anat. Fis. .

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Artus, Vierteljahresschrift

Assoc. Francaise Compt.

Aube, Mem. Soc. Acad

Autun, Mem. Soc. Eduenne.

Auxerre, Bull. Soc. Sci. . . .

Archives of Scientific and Practical Medicine : edited by C. E.
BROWN-SEQUARD and E. C. SEGUIN. 8vo. New York. Vol. I.,
1873, parts 1 to 5 (pp. 1-492).

Archives de Zoologie experimentale et generale, par HENRI DE
LACAZE-DUTHIERS. 8vo. Paris. Vols. L, 1872 II., 1873.

Archivio per 1'Anthropologia e la Etnologia ; pubbl. da PAOLO MAN-
TEGAzzAe FELICE FINZI. 8vo. Firenze. Vols. I., 1871 in., 1874.

Archivio per la Zoologia, 1'Anatomia, e la Fisiologia ; pubbl. per cura
GIOVANNI CANESTRINI.) 8vo. Genova. Vol. III.,fasc. 1. 1864.
[New Series.'] Vols. L, 1869, Bologna II. (fasc. 1), 1870. Torino
and Firenze.

Natuurkunde. Tijdschrift, inhoudende Phijsica, Chemie, Pharmacie,
Natuurlijke Historie en Litteratuur, uitgegeven van wege het
Genootschap : Tot nut en vergenoegen, te Arnhem. 8vo. Aru-
hem. Vols. II., 1845 XIV., 1860.

Memoires de 1'Academie d'Arras. 8vo. Arras. Vols. XXVIII.,
1855 XXXVIII., 1866. [Second Series.'] Vols. I., 1867 V.,

Vierteljahresschrift fur technische Chemie, landwirthschaftliche
Gewerbe, Fabrickwesen und Gewerbetreibende xiberhaupt; herausg.
von Dr. WILIBALD ARTUS. 8vo. Quedlinburg. Vols. I., 1859
X., 1869.

Association Franeaise pour I'avancement des Sciences. Comptes
Kendus. Bordeaux, 1872. Lyon, 1873. 8vo. Paris. 1873-74.

Memoires de la Societe Academique d' Agriculture, des Sciences, Arts
et Belles-Lettres du departement de 1' Aube. 8vo. Troyes. [ Third
Series.] Vols. L, 1864 VI., 1869.

Memoires d'Histoire Naturelle ; plantes, poissons, oiseaux du dept.
de Saone et Loire. (Publication de la Societe Eduenne.) 8vo.
Autun. Vols. L, 186511., 1866.

Bulletin de la Societe des Sciences Historiques et Naturelles de
ITonne. 8vo. Auxerre. Vols. V., 1851 XXII., 1868.

Batavia, Notulen

Bath Microsc. Soc. Minutes.
Bath Nat. Hist. Club Froc. .
Beauvais, Mem. Soc. Acad. .

Beitrage Anat. Fhysiol

Beitrage Biol. Fflanz


Notulen van de Allgemeene en Bestuurs-Vergaderingen van het
Bataviaasch Genootschap van Kunsten en Wetenschappen. 8vo.
Batavia. Vols. L, 1863 X., 1872.

Extracts from the Minutes of the Bath Microscopical Society. 8vo.
Bath. Nos. 1 and 2. 1862-66.

Proceedings of the Bath Natural History and Antiquarian Field
Club. 8vo. Bath. Vols. L, 1867-6911., 1873.

Memoires de la Societe Academique d'Archeologie, Sciences, et Arts
du departement de 1'Oise. 8vo. Beauvais. Vols. L, 1847 VII.,

See Eckhard.

Beitrage zur Biologic der Pflanzen ; herausg. von Dr. FERDINAND
COHN. Breslau. Heft. I. 1870.

Belgique Horticole

Bengal, Asiat. Soc. Proc.

Bengal Photogr. Soc.

Berghaus, Annalen

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Berlin, Verhandl. Med.

Berlin, Sitz. Natnr. Freunde.

Berlin, Verhandl. Gesell.

Berlin, Zeitschr. Erdkunde.

LaBelgiqueHorticole: Journal des Jardins, des Serres,et des Vergers
fondl par CH. MORREN et redige par EDOUARD MORREN. 8vo.
Liege et Gaud. Vo!s. L, 1851 XXIII., 1873.

Proceedings of the Asiatic Society of Bengal. 8vo. Calcutta.

Journal of the Bengal Photographic Society. [New Series.'] 4to.
and 8vo. Calcutta. Vols. I., 1867 VI., 1871.

Annalen der Erd-, Volker- und Staatenkunde ; herausg. von Dr.
HEINRICH BERGHAUS. 8vo. Berlin. Vols. III., 1831 XII.,
1836. [New Series.'] Vols. I., 1836 V., 1838.

Annalen der Telegraphic, herausg. von Dr. P. W. BRIX : in Anschluss
an die Zeitschrift des Deutsch- Oesterreichischen Telegraphen-
Vereins. bvo. Berlin. 1872.

Verhandlungen der Berliner medicinischen Gesellschaft (1865-68)
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Sitzungs-Berichle der Gesellschaft naturforschender Freunde zu
Berlin. Berlin. 4to. 1865-70. 8vo. 1870-71.

fur Erdkunde zu Berlin. 8vo.
[This is a Supplement to the

Bibl. Ital.

Bibl. Univ. Archives

Bijdrag. Dierkunde

Bleekrode, Nieuw Tijd-

Bologna, Opusc. Scient. N.

Bonn, Corresp. Blatt Nat.
Hist. Ver.

Bonn, Sitz. Ber. Nieder-
rhein. Gesell.

Bonn, Untersuch. Physiol.

Bordeaux, Mem. Soc. Med.

Verhandlungen der Gesellschaft
Berlin. Parts I-IV. 1873.
Zeitschrift. ]

Zeitschrift der Gesellschaft fur Erdkunde zu Berlin : herausgegeben
von Prof. Dr. W. KONER. 8vo. Berlin. Vols. I., 1866 VIII.,

Giornale dell' I. R. Istituto Lombardo di Scienze, Lettere ed Arti, e
Biblioteca Italiana, compilata du varj dotti Nazionali e Stranieri.
8vo. Milano. I., 1840 XVI., 1847. [The 'second title, Biblio-
teca Italiana, has beeu chosen to prevent confusion with the
Giornale Istit. Lomb. in 8 vols, 1841-47.]

See Archives Sci. Phys. Nat.

See Amsterdam.

Nieuw Tijdschrift gewijd aan alle takken van Volksvlijt, Nijverheid,
Landbouw, Mijnwezen, Handel, Spoorwegen, Telegraphic en
Scheepvaart : onder redactie van Prof. SALOMON BLEEKRODE.
8vo. Rotterdam. Vols. I., 1859 VII., 1862.

Nuova collezione d'Opuscoli Scientifici ; compilata per cura dei Signori
R. TOGNETTI. 4to. Bologna. 1824.

Correspondenzblatt des Naturhistorischen Vereins fur Rheinland und
Westphalen. 8vo. Bonn. 18641873. [Appendix II. to the
Bonn, Verhandl. Nat. Hist. Ver.~]

Sitzungsberichte der Niederrheinischen Gesellschaft fur Natur- und
Heilkunde zu Bonn. 8vo. Bonn. 1864-73 (wants 1871 and
1872.) [Appendix I. to the Bonn, Verhandl. Nat. Hist. Ver.']

Untersuchungen aus dem physiologischen Laboratorium zu Bonn:
herausgegeben von Dr. E. F. W. PFLUGER. 8vo. Berlin. 1865.

Memoires et Bulletins de la Societe Medico-Chirurgicale des Hopit-
aux et Hospices de Bordeaux. 8vo. Paris et Bordeaux. Vols. I.,
1866 VI., 1871 ; continued in the

Memoires et Bulletins de la Societe de Medecine et de Chirurgie.
8vo. Bordeaux. Vols. I., 1872 II., 1873.

Boston, Mem. Soc. Nat.

Bo tan. Notiser

Botan. Untersuch.

Botanical Congress, Froc.

Botanisk Tidsskrift

Bouchardat, Archives

Bremen, Abhandl.

Brighton, Froc. Nat. Hist.

Bristol Nat. Soc. Froc

Brit. Fharm. Confer. Froc.

Briinn, Mittheil.

Bruxelles, Acad. Cent. An-

Bruxelles, Ann. Soc. Mala-

Bruxelles, Bull. Beige Fho-

Bruxelles, Journ. de Med. . .

Buenos Aires, Anales

Buffalo, Bulletin

Bull. Malacol. Ital. .

Bull. Sci. Math. Astron. . . .

Bullettino Telegraf.

Memoirs read before the Boston Society of Natural History 4to
Vols. I., 1866-69 II., 1873.

Botaniska Notiser ; utgifne af Th. M. FRIES, C. F. 0. NORDSTEDT &c
1865, 1866, 1868, 1871, 1872.

Botanische Untersuchungen aus dem physiologischen Laboratorium
der landwirthschaftlichen Lehranstalt in Berlin. Herausg. von
H. KARSTEN. 8vo. Berlin. Vol. I., 1867.

The International Horticultural Exhibition and Botanical Congress,
held in London, May 1866: Report of Proceedings. 8vo. London

Botanisk Tidsskrift ; udgivet af den Botaniske Forening i Kjobenhavn,
red Dr. Phil. PEDER HEIBERG (Vols. 1 and 2) ; afterwards by
HJALMAR KI^ERSKOU. 8vo. Kjobenhavn. Vols. I.-IV., 1866-71.
[New Series.] Vols. L, 1872 H., 1874.

Archives de Physiologic, de Therapeutique, et d'Hygiene. 8vo.
Paris. Vol. I., 1854, parts 1 and 2.
\_No more published.]

Abhancllungen herausgegeben vom naturwissenschaftliche Vereine
zu Bremen. 8vo. Bremen. Vols. I., 1868 III., 1873.

Reports and Abstracts of the Proceedings of the Brighton and Sussex
Natural History Society. 8vo. Brighton. Vols. XIX., 1872
XX., 1873.

Proceedings of the Bristol Naturalists' Society. [New Series]
8vo. Bristol. Vols. III-IV., 1868-70.

Proceedings of the British Pharmaceutical Conference, 1864-69.
8vo. London, 1869. [Continued in the Year Book of Pharmacy,

Mittheilungen der k. k. Mahrisch-Schlesischen G-esellschaft zur
Beforderung des Ackerbaues, der Natur- und Landeskunde in
Briinn. 4to. Briinn. Jahrg. 1864-68.

Centierne Anniversnire de Fondation (1772-1872) de I'ACADEMIE
Ho YALE de Belgique. 2 vols. 8vo. Bruxelles. 1872.

Annales de la Societe Malacologique de Belgique. 8vo. Bruxelles,
Vols. L, 1863 VIII., 1873.

Bulletin Beige de la Photographic, publie par LEON DELTENRE. 8vo.
Bruxelles. Vols. I., 1862 XII., 1873.

Journal de Medecine, de Chirurgie, et de Pharmacologie, publie par
la Societe Royale des Sciences Medicales et Naturelles. 8vo.
Bruxelles. Vols. XLVIII., 1869 L VII., 1873.

Anales del Museo Publico de Buenos Aires, por GERMAN BURMEISTER.
Fol. Buenos Aires. Vols. I., 1864-6911. (part 5), 1873.

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