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has been glad also to recognize distinction by the award of its
medals far beyond the bounds of the British Dominions. At the
same time the Academies and Universities of other lands have
ever shown a generous recognition of the labours of the Fellows
of the Royal Society, honouring them by electing them into their
membership or by conferring upon them academic degrees. This
confraternity of the commonwealth of science reaches to-day the
climax of its manifestation in our experience, when we receive


delegates from so many countries who by their presence here ex-
press the sympathy and goodwill of the various institutions which
they represent. To these institutions, venerable and youthful,
a formal expression of our grateful appreciation will in due course
be transmitted. In the meantime I will conclude these opening
remarks by again thanking you for your presence here to-day and
bidding you a cordial welcome to the halls of the Royal Society.'

The presentation of Addresses from the various Institutions
represented then began. The delegations, as arranged in the
alphabetical order of the countries represented by them, are given
in the following list. As it would have been impossible that the
Addresses should be read at the meeting, one delegate from each
country was selected who should briefly express the friendly
feelings of his compatriots. The Addresses themselves will be
found in extenso from p. 31 to p. 122 of this volume.





Imperial Academy of Sciences,

Bohemian Karl-Ferdinand Univer- Prof. Dr. Frantisek Vejdovskv, Rector.

sity, Prague
Imperial Academy of Sciences, Cra- Prof. Dr. Leo Marchlewski.

Royal Hungarian University, Buda- Prof. Izidor Frohlich, Rector.



University of Louvain . . . Prof. A. de Hemptinne.
Royal Academy of Sciences, Brussels Prof. Louis Dollo.


L T niversity of Copenhagen . . Prof. Hector F. E. Jungersen.
Royal Danish Society of Science, Prof. Eug. Warming.


University of Paris . . . Prof.EmilePicard, Membre de Tlnstitut.

Academy of Sciences, Institute of Mons. Gabriel Lippmann, President.
France, Paris Prof. Charles Barrois, Membre de

Observatory, Paris . . . Mons. Henri Deslandres, Membre de


Mons. A. Haller, Membre de Plnstitut.
French Society of Physics, Paris . Mons. E. B. Baillaud, Membre de


Botanical Society of France, Paris . Mons. Philippe de Vilmorin.
Chemical Society of France, Paris . Mons. Hanriot, President.
University of Bordeaux . . . Prof. A. Pitres.
National Academy of Bordeaux . Prof. A. Pitres.
University of Clermont-Ferrand . Prof. Pellet.
University of Lille . . . Prof. A. Schatz.

LTniversity of Nancy . . . M. Ch. Adam,|Rector.
University of Toulouse . . . Prof. Jules Drach.



EUROPE continued.


University of Berlin

University of Bonn
University of Breslau
University of Erlangen .
University of Freiburg-im-Breisgau
University of Giessen
University of Gottingen
University of Greifswald
University of Halle
University of Heidelberg
University of Konigsberg
University of Leipzig

University of Marburg .
University of Munich
University of Miinster .
University of Rostock .
University of Strasburg
University of Tubingen .
Royal Prussian Academy of Sciences,


Royal Society of Sciences, Gottingen
Royal Bavarian Academy of Sciences,


Prof. Dr.
Prof. Dr.
Prof. Dr.
Prof. Dr.
Prof. Dr.
Prof. Dr.
Prof. Dr.
Prof. Dr.
Dr. Otto
Prof. Dr.
Prof. Dr.
Prof. Dr.
Prof. Dr.
Prof. Dr.
Prof. Dr.
Prof. Dr.
Prof. Dr.
Prof. Dr.
Prof. Dr.
Prof. Dr.
Prof. Dr.

Prof. Dr.
Prof. Dr.

W. Waldeyer.

W. Nernst.

H. Kayser.

Adolf Kneser, Rector.


Oskar Bolza.

Walter Konig.

Woldemar Voigt, Rector.


J. Veit.

G. Quincke.

G. Winter.

Eduard Sievers.

W. Ostwald.

Eugen Korschelt.

von Groth.

Karl Busz.

Rudolf Hiibner, Rector.

J. Ficker.

H. von Vochting.

H. Rubens.

O. Wallach.
von Groth.


University of Athens

University of Rome .
University of Bologna .
University of Palermo . .
University of Pisa ....
University of Padua
Royal Academy dei Lincei, Rome .

Royal Academy della Crusca,

Royal Lombard Institute of Science

and Letters, Milan

, Prof. Andrew Andreadis.

. Prof. Vito Volterra.

Prof. Giovanni Guccia.

Prof. Marchese E. Paterno di Sessa.
Conte Ugo Balzani.

Prof. Vito Volterra.


EUROPE continued.

Royal Society of Naples . . Sir Archibald Geikie, K.C.B., P.R.S.

Zoological Station, Naples . . Prof. Reinhard Dohrn.
Royal Academy of Sciences, Turin . Lord Rayleigh, O.M., F.R.S.

Oceanographical Institute . . Mr. J. Y. Buchanan, F.R.S.


University of Amsterdam . . Prof. C. Winkler, Rector Magnificus.

University of Groningen . . Prof. G. C. Nijhoff, Rector.

University of Ley den . . . Dr. F. Pijper, Rector.

University of Utrecht . . . Dr. A. A. Nyland, Rector Magnificus.

Royal Academy of Sciences, Am- Prof. P. Zeeman, Secretary.


Dutch Society of Sciences, Haarlem . Dr. J. P. Lotsy, Perpetual Secretary.

Batavian Society of Experimental Dr. R. H. van Dorsten, Secretary.

Philosophy, Rotterdam


Royal University of Norway, Chris- Prof. Waldemar Brogger.

Academy of Sciences, Christiania . Prof. H. Mohn, President.

Academy of Sciences, Lisbon . . Mr. Edgar Prestage.


Imperial Academy of Sciences, St. Dr. O. Backlund.
Petersburg Prince Boris Galitzin.

Prof. I. P. Pawlow.

University of Moscow . . . Prof. A. P. Goubaroff.
University of Dorpat (Juriew) . Prof. Alexander Ivanovic Jarockij.
University of Warsaw . . . Prof. P. I. Mitrophanow.


University of Finland, Helsingfors . Prof. Anders Donner, Rector.
Finnish Society of Sciences, Helsing- Prof. J. J. Sederholm.


Royal Academy of Sciences, Madrid Prof. Rodriguez Carracido.


EUROPE continued.

University of Lund . . . Prof. C. W. L. Charlier.
University of Stockholm . . Baron Gerard de Geer, Pro-Rector.
University of Upsala . . . Prof. Allvar Gullstrand.
Royal Swedish Academy of Sciences, Count K. A. H. Morner, Vice-President.


University of Berne . . . Prof. Th. Studer.
University of Geneva . . . Prof. E. Naville.
Helvetic Society of Natural Sciences,

Federal Technical High School, Prof. P. Weiss.



University of Egypt, Cairo . . H.H. Prince Ahmed Fouad Pacha, Presi-
Gordon College, Khartoum . . Dr. James Currie, Principal.


Imperial University, Tokio . . Prof. R. Fujisawa.
Imperial University, Kyoto . . Prof. Jisaburo Yokobori.


University of California . . . Prof. H. C. Plummer.

University of Chicago . . . Prof. E. B. Frost.

Clark University, Worcester . . Prof. Arthur G. Webster.

Columbia University, New York . Dr. N. Murray Butler, President.

Cornell University, Ithaca, N.Y. . Prof. J. H. Comstock.

Harvard University . . . Prof. B. O. Peirce.

Johns Hopkins University, Balti- Prof. W. Bullock Clark.


Leland Stanford Junior University, Prof. Vernon L. Kellogg.


University of Michigan . . . Prof. William H. Hobbs.

University of Minnesota, Minnea- Dr. Arthur Hamilton.


University of Pennsylvania, Phila- Dr. Edgar F. Smith, Provost.


University of Princeton, New Jersey Prof. John G. Hibben, President.



University of Wisconsin . . Prof. Charles K. Leith.

Yale University .... Dr. Arthur Twining Hadley, President.

American Academy of Arts and Prof. Edwin H. Hall.

Sciences, Boston
Connecticut Academy of Sciences Prof. Ernest W. Brown, F.R.S.

and Arts
American Mathematical Society, Prof. H. B. Fine, President.

New York
American Philosophical Society, Prof. W. B. Scott, Vice- President.


Franklin Institute, Philadelphia . Major G. O. Squier.
California Academy of Sciences, Mr. Joseph D. Grant.

San Fransisco

Carnegie Institution, Washington . Dr. R. S. Woodward, President.
National Academy of Sciences, Dr. Arnold Hague, Secretary.

Smithsonian Institution, Washing- Dr. Arnold Hague.

Washington Academy of Sciences . Dr. L. O. Howard.

National University of Mexico . Dr. G. C. Martinez.


University of Adelaide . . . Prof. H. Lamb, F.R.S.

University of Melbourne . . Prof. Henry Laurie.

University of Sydney, New South Prof. T. P. Anderson Stuart.


Royal Society of Tasmania, Hobart Dr. Gregory Sprott.

Royal Society of Victoria, Melbourne Mr. J. R. Hogg.

Royal Society of New South Wales, Mr. Charles Hedley.



McGill University, Montreal . . Lord Strathcona, Chancellor.

Dr. W. Peterson, Principal.

University of Toronto . . . Mr,. R. A. Falconer, President.
Queen's University, Kingston, On- Prof. John Watson,




University of New Brunswick, Dr. C. C. Jones, Chancellor.

Fredericton, N.B.

University of Manitoba, Winnipeg Prof. Swale Vincent.
University of Ottawa . . . The Rev. Dr. Roy, Rector.
Royal Society of Canada, Ottawa . Sir Gilbert Parker, M.P.

Nova Scotian Institute of Science, Prof. J. G. MacGregor, F.R.S.

Halifax, N.S.


H.H. Maharaj Rana Sir Bhawani

Singh, Bahadur of Jhalawar,

K.C.S.I., Rajputana

University of Allahabad . . Rai Bahadur G. N. Chakravati.

University of Bombay . . . Dr. F. G. Selby, late Vice-Chancellor.

University of Calcutta . . . Prof. P. C. Ray.

University of Madras . . . Dr. A. C. Mitchell.

Asiatic Society of Bengal, Calcutta Mr. G. H. Tipper, Hon. Secretary.

Mohammedan Anglo-Oriental Col- Sir Theodore Morison, K.C.I.E.

lege of Aligarh

Indian Institute of Science . . Dr. M. W. Travers, F.R.S., Director.


University of the Cape of Good Hope Prof. A. H. MacKenzie.

Natal University College, Pieter- The Hon. J. C. Dove Wilson.


Royal Society of South Africa . Sir David Gill, K.C.B., F.R.S.



University of Oxford . . . Dr. C. B. Heberden, Vice-Chancellor.
Wadham College Rev. P. A. Wright- Henderson, D.D.,


University of Cambridge . . Lord Rayleigh,O.M., F.R.S., Chancellor.
University of London . . . Dr. Wilmot Parker Herringham, Vice-


University of Birmingham . . Sir Oliver Lodge, F.R.S., Principal.
University of Bristol . . Prof. Lloyd Morgan, F.R.S.

University of Durham (Armstrong Sir George H. Philipson, Vice-Chan-
College) cellor.
University of Leeds . . . Mr. M. E. Sadler, Pro-Chancellor.



BRITISH ISLES continued.

University of Liverpool .
University of Manchester
University of Sheffield .

University of Wales

Royal College of Physicians .

lloyal College of Surgeons
London Society of Antiquaries
British Academy
British .Museum

Chemical Society
Entomological Society
Geological Society
Geological Survey of Great


Institute of Chemistry
Institution of Civil Engi-
Institution of

Institution of Mechanical


Iron and Steel Institute
Linnean Society
Lister Institute of Pre-
ventive Medicine
Mathematical Society
Mercers' Company
Mineralogical Society
Pharmaceutical Society
Physical Society
Royal Academy of Arts
Royal Agricultural Society
Royal Anthropological In-

Royal Army Medical College
Royal Astronomical Society

Prof. W. A. Herdman, F.R.S.

Sir Alfred Hopkinson, Vice-Chancellor,

Prof. W. M. Hicks, F.R.S., Acting

Sir H. Reichel Vice-Chancellor.

Sir Thomas Barlow, Bart., F.R.S., Presi-

Sir Rickman J. Godlee, Bart., President.

Sir Charles H. Read, President.

Dr. A. W. Ward, President.

The Rt. Hon. The Speaker.

Sir F. G. Ken3'on, K.C.B., Director.

Dr. L. Fletcher, F.R.S., Director of
Natural History Museum.

Prof. P. F. Frankland, F.R.S., President.

The Rev. F. D. Morice, President.

Dr. A. Strahan, F.R.S., President.

Dr. J. J. H. Teall, F.R.S., Director.

Prof. R. Meldola, F.R.S., President.
Mr. R. Elliott-Cooper, Vice-President.

Electrical Mr. S. Z. de Ferranti, President.

Mr. E. B. Ellington, President.

Mr. Arthur Cooper, President.

Prof. E. B. Poulton, F.R.S.

The Rt. Hon. Sir H. E. Rosfcoe, F.R.S.,


Dr. H. F. Baker, F.R.S., President.
Mr. Horace Cullen, Master.
Prof. W. J. Lewis, F.R.S.
Mr. C. B. Allen, President.
Prof. Arthur Schuster, F.R.S., President.
Sir Edward Poynter, Bart., President.
Lord Middleton, President.
Mr. Alfred P. Maudslay, President.

Col. B. Skinner, Commandant.
Mr. F. W. Dyson, F.R.S., President.
c. 2



BRITISH ISLES continued.

London Royal Geographical Society Major Leonard Darwin, Vice-President.

Royal Horticultural Society Sir Trevor Lawrence, Bart., President.

Royal Institute of British Mr. Reginald Blomfield, President.


Royal Institution of Great Dr. Donald W. C. Hood.


Royal Meteorological So- Dr. H. N. Dickson, President.


Royal Microscopical- Society Mr. H. G. Plimmer, F.R.S., President.

Royal Society of Arts . Lord Sanderson, G.C.B., Chairman.

Royal Society of Medicine . Sir Henry Morris, Bart., President.

,, Royal Statistical Society . Lord George Hamilton, G.C.S.I.

Royal United Service Insti- Col. Sir Lonsdale Hale.


Zoological Society . . The Duke of Bedford, E.G., F.R.S.,


British Association for the Advance- Sir William Ramsay, K.C.B., F.R.S.,

ment of Science President.

Cambridge Philosophical Society . Sir George Darwin, K.C.B., F.R.S.,


Royal Cornwall Polytechnic Society, Lord St. Levan.


Royal Observatory, Greenwich . Rear- Admiral H. E. Purey-Cust,

Hydrographer to the Navy.

Manchester Literary and Philo- Prof. F. E. Weiss, President.

sophical Society

Ordnance Survey, Southampton . Col. C. F. Close, Director-General.

Ashmolean Society of Oxford . Dr. A. A. Rambaut, F.R.S., President.

National Physical Laboratory . Mr. R. Kaye Gray.

Society of Chemical Industry . Dr. Rudolph Messel, F.R.S., President.


University of Aberdeen .
University of Edinburgh
University of Glasgow .

University of St. Andrews
Royal Society of Edinburgh

Rev. Dr. G. Adam Smith, Principal.

Prof. James Geikie, F.R.S.

Sir Donald MacAlister, K.C.B., Vice-

Prof. J. C. Irvine.
Prof. A. Crum Brown, F.R.S.

Royal Philosophical Society of Prof. John Glaister, President.


BRITISH ISLES continued.

University of Dublin (Trinity Prof. J. Joly, F.R.S.


Royal Irish Academy, Dublin . Prof. J. A. McClelland, F.R.S., Secre-

Royal Dublin Society . . . Sir Howard Grubb, F.R.S., Vice-Presi-

Queen's University of Belfast . . Prof. J. Symington, F.R.S.
National University of Ireland, Dr. Alexander Anderson.

On the evening of July 16th the 250th anniversary of the
Royal Society was celebrated by a Dinner held in the ancient
Guildhall of London, which was attended by 490 guests. Besides
the representative Delegates whose names are given in the fore-
going list (p. 13) the company included a large number of the
Fellows of the Society, several members of the Government, the
Ambassadors of France, Italy, and Japan, the Archbishops of
Canterbuiy and York, Cardinal Bourne, the Dean of Westminster,
the Moderator of the Church of Scotland, the Lord Chief Justice
of England, the Master of the Rolls, the Lord Justice Clerk of
Scotland, and representatives of literature, art, and science. After
the usual loyal toasts the toast of ' The Royal Society ' was given
by Mr. Asquith, the Prime Minister, and was responded to by the
President. The * Universities at Home and Abroad ' were pro-
posed by Viscount Morley, Lord President of the Council, and
responses were given by Professor Emile Picard, of the Institute
of France, Professor Waldeyer, of the University of Berlin, and
Professor Winkler, Rector of the University of Amsterdam. The
toast of the * Learned Societies in the Old World and the New '
was proposed by His Grace the Archbishop of Canterbury, and
was replied to by the Marchese E. Paterno di Sessa, of the
Accademia dei Lincei, Rome, Prince Boris Galitzin, of the
Imperial Academy of St. Petersburg, and Dr. R. S. Woodward,
President of the Carnegie Institution, Washington. The last
toast, that of the ' City of London ', was proposed by Dr. Peterson,
Principal of McGill University, Montreal ; and, in the unavoidable
absence of the Lord Mayor of London, a reply was made by the
Right Honourable Sir T. Vezey Strong, the previous Lord Mayor.



The morning of this day was set apart for visits to places of
interest in London, such as Lambeth Palace, Westminster Abbey,
the British Museum, Bloomsbury, the Natural History Museum,
South Kensington, and the Victoria and Albert Museum.
Arrangements were made by which the several parties of visitors
were conducted over these and other institutions, and the chief
features of each were pointed out by the resident officials.

In the afternoon the Duke and Duchess of Northumberland
gave a Garden Party at Syon House, their residence on the
Thames, to which the Delegates and Fellows of the Royal Society
with their ladies were invited. As the weather was brilliantly
fine, a large company assembled in the picturesque grounds and
enjoyed the summer beauty of an English park.

In the evening a Conversazione was held in the rooms of the
Royal Society at Burlington House, which was numerously
attended. Among the objects of interest presented on the
occasion attention was specially directed to the large collection of
portraits hung on the walls of the tea-room and meeting-room.
In the short handbook which was supplied to the company
a brief account of each picture was given. The portraits are
valuable not only as likenesses of eminent men who have been
connected with the Royal Society, but not a few of them also as
works of art. On the walls of the tea-room hang contemporary
portraits of Francis Bacon, Isaac Newton, Robert Boyle, John
Wallis, John Wilkins, Christopher Wren, John Flamsteed,
Edmund Halley, John Locke, and other early Fellows of the
Society. The meeting-room contains portraits of more recent
Presidents. Among the exhibits shown on this occasion were
the apparatus devised by Mr. C. T. R. Wilson for making visible
the tracks of ionizing particles of vapour condensed upon the ions
set free along the paths ; and also some Cloud-photographs showing
the nature of the ionization produced by different kinds of rays. Sir
William Crookes exhibited his historical collection of Radiometers
and Otheoscopes. Mr. C. V. Boys showed his instrument for
experimenting with rotating soap-films. Some of the historical
relics in the possession of the Society were likewise displayed,
including Robert Boyle's air-pump, Huygens' aerial or tubeless


telescope, Newton's original account of his Reflecting Telescope,
dated January 1672, and some instruments that belonged re-
spectively to Christopher Wren, Joseph Priestley, Captain James
Cook, and Charles Darwin.


The arrangements for the morning were similar to those of the
morning of the previous day. In the afternoon, the President,
Council, and Delegates went by railway to Windsor, where, by
the King's command, they were first conducted to St. George's
Chapel and thence through the State apartments of the Castle,
where the visitors had an opportunity of seeing the treasures of
art collected by successive sovereigns of England. The whole
company was marshalled on the terrace overlooking the gardens,
the same geographical arrangement of the Delegates being
maintained as at the presentation of addresses in Burlington
House. The King and Queen then came down to the terrace,
and the President, Treasurer, and Secretaries of the Royal Society
were presented to their Majesties by the Lord Chamberlain.
The Delegates were then presented in succession to their Majesties
by the President. After the ceremony of presentation, the
company joined the large Garden Party which their Majesties had
invited to Windsor on the occasion, and the King and Queen,
conversing with their guests on the way, passed to the Royal Tent.

As the whole Celebration was to end on the evening of this
day arrangements were made for a series of farewell dinners,
smaller and less formal than the large banquet in the Guildhall,
when the hospitality could be mingled with more general
friendly intercourse. A number of the Fellows gave parties, at
which Delegates and the ladies accompanying them could see
a little of English homes. The other Delegates were entertained
by the Royal Society Club, a dining club connected with the
Society for some two hundred years. At these various parties much
pleasant conversation took place, the friendships which had been
begun on the previous days were further strengthened, and the
Fellows of the Royal Society bade their guests farewell with the
assurance that the Celebration had passed off as successfully as
could have been desired.


The various functions arranged by the Royal Society were now
completed, but reference should be made to the sympathetic
action of the Universities of Oxford and Cambridge in organizing
an additional day and inviting a considerable number of Foreign
and Colonial Delegates, together with a few Fellows of the Society,
to partake of the hospitality of these two ancient seats of learning.
On the morning of Friday, the 19th, two parties, about equal in
number, left London for Oxford and Cambridge respectively. At
Oxford the guests took luncheon at All Souls College, with the
Chancellor of the University, Lord Curzon, and the Warden and
Fellows as hosts. A garden-party in the afternoon at Wadham
was full of interest in connexion with the association of this
College with the early history of the Royal Society. The
Warden gave the visitors a brief address in the Lodge wherein
the meetings of the early founders of the Society were held when,
owing to the political troubles of the middle of the seventeenth
century, they could no longer be held in London. At Cambridge
similar hospitality was shown to the guests by the Master and
Fellows of St. John's College.

At both Universities Honorary Degrees were conferred on
a few of the more distinguished men who had attended the
Celebration of the Royal Society. As a permanent and interesting
record of the visits of this day, the Latin eloges pronounced by
the Public Orator of each University are here given. Those at
Oxford (by Mr. A. D. Godley) were as follow :


JONS OSCAR BACKLUND, Central Observatory, Poulkovo.

Hodie eos hospitio excipimus qui Regiam illam Societatem ducentos et
quinquaginta annos peractos celebrantem votis et gratulationibus salutatum
venerunt : quos igitur fautrix et altrix naturalis scientiae Universitas Oxo-
niensis oblata facultate quoad potest titulis exoptat ornare. Ex his primus
ad vos accedit qui antiquissimam omnium scientiam profitetur. Hie origine
Suecanus postea in Russiam invitatus migravit : ibi et aliarum turrium astris
observandis exstructarum et praecipue eius quae est apud Pulkowenses curam
suscepit. Quod si quid de studiis eius loqui audere possum, haec nomine certe
eos referre videntur qui longe aliam illi quidem scientiam e caeli motibus olim
deduxerunt : est enim mathematicus et mathematicas praesertim rationes


astronomiae adhibet. His artibus Enckiani illius cometae cursum et veloci-
tatem est emensus : propter quod insignissimo praemio Astronomica nostra
Societas hominem doctissimum ornavit. Nunc vero habet illud quoque
meritorum testimonium, quod Academiarum illius concilii, quod mox Petro-
poli conventurum esse audimus, Praeses est nuper electus. Praesento ergo
vobis JOHANNEM OSKAR BACKHAND, Turris Speculatoriae Principalis inter
Pulkowenses Curatorem, ut admittatur ad gradum Doctoris in Scientia, honoris

WALDEMAR C. BHOGGER, University of Christiania.

Eum ad vos duco qui ut geologicae scientiae nullum fere noil genus
tetigit, ita in rupium praecipue et saxorum structura atque elementis
scrutandis mirabilem peritiam atque eruditionem praestitit. Namque patriae

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