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Publications: Prof, articles. Clinical Osteo-
pathy, 1936-37-40.

Memberships: Pi Mu Epsilon, Phi Kappa Phi,
Phi Sigma Gamma, Beta Chapter; Lions (San
Diego), 1930.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Marriage counseling.
Bus. Address: Bank of America Bldg., San
Diego, Calif.

Home Address: 3418 Bancroft St., San Diego^

HOUK. Gareth Wesley, LL.B.
Justice of the Peace, Visalia Township; Police
Judge, City of Visalia; Lawyer.
Born: Visalia (Calif.), Dec. 12, 1903; s. of
Edith (Elliot) and Wesley F. Houk.
Education: Public schools and H.S (Visalia,
Calif.); Southwestern Univ. (Los Angeles).
Degrees: LL.B., Southwestern Univ., 1930.
Married: Martha Dorothy, d. of Justina and
Abram A. Harder, in Carson City (Nev.),
June 6, 1936; ch.: Gareth Wesley, Jr., Judith

Prof. Record: Employed by Sec. First Nat.
Bank of Los Angeles, Visalia (Calif.), 1922-
25, as bookkeeper; Sec. First Nat. Bank of
Los Angeles, at Los Angeles, 1925-28 as
teller- Sec. First Nat. Bank of L.A. at Ingle-



wood (("alir.i, lirjS-.'tO, as Ksclf)\v Clerk; ad-
mitti'd to the State Bar of Calif. In June,
liKU; employed hy law firm of Woodruff,
Musiek and Hartko (I,os Anj»cle.s), l!KH)-.'!2;
opened offices for Ki'neral praetlcc of law In
VIsalla. ISKVJ, and si III maintains sueh offlres;
apptd. Police JudKe of the Clly of VIsalla,
Auk., 19;W- ; appld., Justice of the Peace,
VIsalla Township, Aug., ISKM; elected Jus-
tice of the Peace of VIsalla Township, 19;i1
and 1938 — .

Direr forships: YMCA (Tulare Co.); Amcr.
lied Cross (Visalia Chapter); Visalia Park,
Playground and Recreation Com. (Pres.);
Tulare Co. Justices and Constables Assn.
(Pres.); Justices and Constables Assn. of
Calif. (2nd Vice-Pres.).

Membershipx: Tulare County Bar Assn.; State
Bar of Calif.; Visalia Sportsmans Assn.; Tu-
lare County Justices and Constables Assn.;
Justices and Constables Assn. of Calif. ; Vi-
salia Rotary Club.
Religion: Presbyterian.

Recreations: Hunting, fishing and gardening.
Bus. Address: Bank of America Bldg., or
City Hall, Visalia, Calif.

Home Address: 318 Fairway Dr., Visalia,

HOUSEHOLDER. The Reverend Don-
nell Howard. A.B., M.Th., D.D.
Clergyman ; Co-Pastor, Trinity Methodist

Born: Stratton (Ohio), June 2, 1902; s. of
Pearl Deborah (Nixon) and Averill K. House-

Education: Stratton Grammar School; Wells-

ville (Ohio) H.S.; Asbury Coll.; N.Y. Biblical

Seminary; Univ. of So. Calif.

Degrees: A.B., Asbury Coll., 1926; M.Th.,

Univ. of So. Calif.; D.D., (Hon) Asbury Coll.,


Prof. Record: Pastorates: Visalia (Calif.),
1929-30; M.E. Ch. So., Sacramento (Calif.);
Central Methodist, 1930-32; Univ. Methodist
Church, Tucson (Ariz.), 1932-36. Co-Pastor,
Trinity Methodist Church (L.A.), 1936 — .
Directorships: Board Trustees, So. Calif. -
Ariz. Annual Conf., The Methodist Church.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Volley ball, hiking, swimming.
Bus. Address: 1201 So. Flower St., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 1412 So. Harvard Blvd., Los
Angeles, Calif.

HOUSER, Frederick Francis. A.B., LL.B.

Attorney; Mem., Assembly, Calif. State Legis-

Born: Los Angeles, Nov. 14, 1904; s. of Sara
Isabel (Wilde) and Frederick W. Houser.
Education: Univ. of Calif. (Los Angeles);
Harvard Law School.

Degrees: A.B., U.C.L.A., 1926; LL.B., Har-
vard Law School, 1929.

Married: Dorothy Eleanor, d. of Mr. and Mrs.
A. N. Bodinus, Monterey Park (Calif.), July
4, 1925.

Prof. Record: Practicing law from admission
in 1930 to date; Mem., legal firm of Camp-
bell, Barstow, Grady c& Houser, 1932-34; Mgr.
of Bus. Properties, 1930 to date; Mem., Re-

pulilicin Co. Central Com., ID'JfMO: Mem..
As.sembly, Calif. Legislature, .'j.'lrd DIh., I!).}!-
:!.'i; same, lO.'J!) to date; Mem., Republican
Stale Central Com., lO.'iO-IO, t:x-officio, hy
virtue of being a party nominee either for
A.s.sembly or for Congress; Republican nom-
inee for Congress, 12th Dls. of Calif., 1932-
34 -.36.

MrmherHhips: Phi Beta Kappa, Phi Delta
Thcta (Pres., Calif. Gamma, 192.5); A.ssoc.
Chambers of Commerce, San Gabriel Valley
(Pres., 19.34), Dir., 19.32 to date; Alumni
A.S.S0C. of U.C.L.A. (Pres.. 19.33-3.5); Klwanls;
Ma.sons; Elks; Conservation A.ssoc. of .So.
Calif. (Dir., 1931 to date); Mem., Am. Bar
Assoc. (19.30 to date); Calif. State Bar (19.30
to date); L.A. Bar A.ssoc. (19.30 to date),
(Trustee, 1940-41); San Gabriel Valley Bar
AS.SOC. (19.30 to date); Alhambra Dis. YMCA
(Dir., 1931 to date).
Religion: Congregational.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Baseball, tennis, beach.

Bus. Address: 2 No. Garfield Ave., Alhambra,


Hoyyie Address: 19 W. Pine St., Alhambra,

HOUSTON, Professor Percy Hazen.

A.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Professor of English, Occidental College.
Born: Chicago (111.), Feb. 3, 1882; s. of
Auzella (Hazen) and Preston C. Houston.
Education: Phillips Exeter Academy; Wil-
liams Coll.; Harvard Univ.
Degrees: A.B., 1903, M.A., 1904, Williams
Coll.; M.A., 1905, Ph.D., 1910, Harvard

Married: Gemma, d of Luigi d'Auria, Phila-
delphia (Pa.), 1915; ch.: Robert, Donald,

Prof. Record: Instr., Eng., Univ. of 111., 1906-
08; Instr., English, Univ. of Texas, 1912-15;
Prof., Eng., Acadia Univ. (N.S.). 1915-16;
Instr., Asst. Prof., Eng., 1916-22, U.S. Naval
Academy (Annapolis, Md.) ; Asst. Prof., Eng.,
Univ of Calif. (Los Angeles), 1922-28; Assoc.
Prof., Eng.. 1928-37, Prof., Eng., 1937—,
Occidental Coll.

Publications: Editor (with J. K. Bonnell),
Types of Great Literature (Doubleday, Page
& Co.), 1918; Editor (with R. M. Smith),
Types of World Literature (Doubleday, Doran
& Co.), 1930; Doctor Johnson, a Study in
Eighteenth Century Humanism (Harvard
Univ. Press), 1923; Main Currents of Eng.
Literature (F. S. Crofts & Co.), 1926, revised
edition, 1934.

Memberships: Delta Upsilon; Modern Lan-
guage Assoc, of Am. ; Philological Assoc, of
the Pacific Coast.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Golt, tennis.

Bus. Address: Occidental Coll., Los Angeles,

Home Address: 2361 Allview Terrace, Hollv-
wood, Calif.

HOUSTON, Mrs. Percy Hazen (see
d'AURIA, Gemma Abkazoff)

HOUSTON, Professor William V..
B.A., B.Sc, M.S., Ph.D.

Professor Physics, Calif. Institute of Tech-

Born: Mt. Gilead (Ohio), Jan. 19. 1900: s. of



Lena May (Vermillion) and William Houston.
Education: Ohio State Univ (Columbus O.);
Univ. of Chicago; Univ. of Munich; Univ. of
Leipzig. „, .

Degrees: B.A., B.Sc. 1920 Ph.D. 1925, Ohio
State U., M.S., Univ. of Chicago, 1922.
Married: Mildred Harriet, d. of John P. and
Anna P White. Xenia (Ohio), June, 1924; ch..
Harriet Anne.

Prof Record: National Research Fellow, Calif .
Inst! of Tech., 1925-27; Fellow of John Simon
Gueeenheim Memorial Foundation, 1927-28,
Calif. Inst, of Tech., 1928-.
Pjiblications: Principles of Mathematical Phys-
ics (McGraw-Hill Book Co.), 1934.
Army Service: 2nd Lieut., Inf., Sept. 1918-
Dec. 1918.

Memberships: Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi;
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: Calif. Inst, of Technology,
Pasadena, Calif.

Home Address: 3207 Lombardy Rd., Pasa-
dena, Calif.

HOWARD. Clifford. LL.B.

Instructor, Semantics, Short-Story Writing,
Los Angeles Adult College.
Born: Bethlehem (Pa.). Oct. 12 1868; s.
of Agnes (Seidel) and William Howard.
Education: Moravian Prep. Sch.; Columbian
(now George Washington) Univ.
Degrees: LL.B., Columbia, 1890.
Married: Hattie S., d. of Capt William
Wallace Case, Washington (D.C.), Dec.
20, 1893; ch.: Hildegarde.
Prof Record: Asst. Secy., Commissioners
of District of Columbia; Wash, newspaper
Correspondent; moved to Calif. (Los Angeles),
1906- Pioneer Scenario Writer and Editor;
Instr. of Semantics and Short-Story Writ-
ing, Los Angeles Adult Coll.
Publications: Contributor (since twenty yrs.
of age) to magazines (fiction, essays, ar-
ticles); Author of several books: Twws,
Leaves and Blosso7ns, Thoughts in Verse Sex
Worship An Exposition of the Phallic Orig-
ins of Religion, The Story of a Young Man.
What Happened at Olenberg, The Passover,
Curious Facts, Graphology, etc.
Memberships: Authors League of Am , The
Writers (Hollywood), Am. Anthropological

Home Address: 803 No. Alexandria Ave.,
Hollywood, Calif.


Writer, Editor.

Born: Baltimore (Md.), May 18, 1895; s.
of Jessie (Higginbotham) and Benjamin t .

Education: Univ. of Calif.; Harvard Univ.;
Columbia Univ.

Married: Judith, d. of A. W. Bell, Los An-
geles (Calif.), June, 1917.
Prof Record: Motion Picture Writer; Editor,
The Frank A. Munsey Co. (magazine pub-
lishers) ; Instr., Lecturer, Univ. of (Jalif
Extension Div.; Writer, magazine articles
and fiction; newspaperman.
Publications: Contributor to Esquire. Coronet,

Story American Spectator, and other lead-
fng periodicals; Author of 1,500 magazine
stories in more than 100 publications; Co-
Author, Photoplay Plot Encyclopedia.
War Record: Private, Psych. Board, Med.
Corps, World War I.
Religion: Pantheist.

Recreations: Camping, exploration, anthropo-
logical research into Indian (especially Na-
vajo), life and customs.

Home Address: 2247 Cove Ave., Los Angeles,

Other Address: 2459 Prospect Ave., Montrose,

HOWARD, Hildegarde. A.B., MA
Ph D., (Mrs. Henry Anson Wylde)
Senior' Curator of Avian Paleontology, Los
Angeles Co. Museum.

Born: Washington (D.C ), ^pril 3 1901;
d. of Hattie Sterling (Case) and Clifford

Education Grade School (Los Angeles) ;mgh
Schools (Los Angeles and Santa Barbara)
Girls' Collegiate School; University of Cali-

Married: Henry Anson Wylde s. of Henry
Anson Wylde, Los Angeles, Feb. 6, 1930.
Prof Record: Asst., Zoology, U.C.L.A., 1924-
25 Research Asst., Paleontology Los Angeles
Museum 1924-25; Teaching and Research
Felow Paleontology and Zoology Univ. o
Calif.,' 1925-28; Avian Paleontologist Los
AnHeles Co. Museum, 1928-39; Sr. Curator
of Avian Paleontology, Los Angeles Co. Mus-
eum, 1939 to date.

Publications: Monographs and short papers on
fossil birds (particularly fossil birds from
thf Rancho La Brea asphalt deposits in Los

Memberships: Am. Ornithologists' Union; Am.
Assoc for the Advancement of Sci., Pai-
eontological Soc: Cooper Ornithological Club
(Pres. So. Div., 1941, Vice-Pres., 1940. Secy.,
1938-39); Sigma Xi, Phi Beta Kappa, Phi

Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Music, reading, badminton.
Bus. Address: Exposition Park, Los Angeles,

Home Address: 1630V2 Cicero Dr., Los An-
geles, Calif.

HOWARD. Kathleen

Opera Singer, Actress, Writer.
Born: Canada; d. of Alice (Farmer) and
George Henry Howard.

Education: Elmwood School (Buffalo, N.Y.)
Prof Record: Grand Opera debut in Metz
(Germany), 1906; three yrs., Court Opera m
Darmstadt (Germany) ; toured Holland, Nor-
wav, Sweden, Belgium. Scotland. England;
season of 1912, Royal Opera Covent Garden
(London); returned to U.S.A.. 1913 for
two seasons with Century Opera (New York) .
became member of Metropolitan Opera, 1916-
09 resigned to become New York Fashion
iditor of Harper's Bazaar; in 1933, went to
Hollywood to become motion picture actress,
which is present occupation; while in Ger-
many, recipient of brooch in form of laurel
wreath and crown from last Tsar of Russia;


WHO'S WHO IN C: A r. I p- O R N I A

was seconii Tros. of Kashlon Cioiip In New

Publicnlionn: Author, CotifcNuioriH tif ini Opera
8inf/cr; conlrlbulor to t^iiturddi/ Kvening
Pout and other publications.
Home Address: 5i).'>',) Franklin Ave., Holly-
wood, Calif.

HOWARD, Lowry Samuel, A.B.. M.A.
I'res., Monlo Schl. and Jr. Coll.
Bom; Minneapolis (Minn.), Feb. 20, 1891; s.
of Emma (Ilonstead) and John Joseph How-

Education: Pub. schs. In Wash, and Minn.;
State Teachers Coll., Cheney (Wash.); Stan-
ford U.; U. of Calif.

Degrees: A.B., 1917, M.A., 1920, Stanford
U.; Diploma, Wash. Teachers Coll., 1912.
Married: Gretchen, d. of Mr. and Mrs. C. A.
Darmer, Tacoma, Wash., Dec. 22, 1919.

Prof. Record: Instructor, Wash. State Teach-
ers Coll. (Cheney, Wash.), J912-15, and
summer session 1917; Asst. Dir. of Research,
Whittier State Schl., summer 1916; Stu-
dent Asst., Schl. of Edu., Stanford U., 1916-
17; Principal, Menlo Schl., 1919-21; Asst.
Supt., Whittier State Schl., 1921-22; Asst.
Supt. of Schls., Pasadena (Calif.), 1922-27.
Instructor at the U. of Calif. (L.A.), dur-
ing the summer of 1926, and Instructor at
Colo. Coll. of Edu. during the summer of
1935 and 1940. Since 1927 he has been
Pres. of Menlo Schl. and Jr. Coll.

Directorships: Secty.-Treas., Bd. of Trustees,
Menlo Schl. and Jr. Coll.

Publications: The Story of Menlo, 1931; Get-
ting Along in College, 1935; The Road Ahead,

Army Service: Psychological Examiner, U.S.
Army, Med. Corp., 1918.

Clubs: Phi Delta Kappa (Natl. Edn. Honorary
Frat.); Kiwanis (Palo Alto), Country (Los
Altos), Commonwealth (S.F.) Clubs.
Religion: Congregational.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Golf, moving picture photo-
graphy, book collecting (mental hygiene li-

Bus. Address: Menlo Park, Calif.

Home Address: Atherton, Menlo Park, Calif.

HOWARD. Robert Boardman

Sculptor, Painter.

Born: New York City, Sept. 20, 189S; s. of
Mary Robertson (Bradbury) and John Galen

Education: Berkeley (Calif.); Art Students
League (N.Y. City).

Married: Adaline, d. of William Kent, Kent-
field, 1930; ch.: Ellen, Galen.

Prof. Record: Exhibitions of sculpture and
painting in San Francisco and New York;
sculpture for Persian Govt, at Sesqui Centen-
nial Exposition (Philadelphia), 1926; numer-
ous private commissions in murals and sculp-
tures in Calif. ; murals and sculptures for
Golden Gate International Exposition (San
Francisco), 1939-40.

War Service: A.E.F. in France, 1918.
Memberships: San Francisco Art Assn.
Recreations: Skiing.

Huh. AddrcHs: 521 Francisco St., San Fran-
cl.sco, Calif.

Home Addrens: 2500 Leavenworth St., San
Francisco, Calif. •

HOWARD, Professor Walter Lafayette.

H.AKr., I!.S., M.S., Ph.D., F.A.A.A.S.
I'l'ofossor of I'omology and I'omologist, Ex-
periment Station, Univ., of Calif., Davis.
Born.- Springfield (Mo,), May 12, 1872; s. of
Nancy E. (Cooper) and Henry Tate Howard.
Education: Univ. of Mo.; Univ. of Leipzig;
Univ. of Halle-Wittenberg.
Degrees: B. Agr., B.S., 1901, M.S., 1903, U.
of Mo.; Ph.D., Univ. of Halle-Wittenberg.
Married: May Belle, d. of Thomas E. and
Ona Cooper, Gallatin (Mo.), June 25, 1908;
ch. : Robert, Edwin, Walter.
Prof. Record: Dir., Branch of the Coll. of
Agr., Univ. of Calif., 1924-37.
Publications: Various agricultural bulletins
and pamphlets.

Awards: Croix de Chevalier du Merlte Agri-
cole, 1933.

Memberships: Fellow, A.A.A.S., Amer. See.
Hort. Sci.; Sigma Xi, Alpha Zeta, Sigma
Kappa Zeta, Gamma Sigma Delta; Faculty
Club (Berkeley and Davis) ; Commonwealth
Club (San Fracisco).
Recreations: Fishing.

Bus. Address: Coll. of Agriculture, Davis,
Home Address: 24 College Park, Davis, Calif.

HOWELL. David H.

Research Associate in Mineralogy, Claremont

Born: Chicago (111.), Sept. 2, 1905; s. of
Margaret (Hayt) and Cornelius DuBois How-

Education: Ashville Sch. (N.C.) and Graduate
study Pomona College.

Married: Frances, d. of William F. Johnson.
Evanston (111.), Feb. 4, 1928; ch. ; Margaret
Hayt and William F.

Prof. Record: Scientific Research in Mineral-
ogy and Spectroscopy, 1936 — .
Publications: Papers in American Antiquity
and American Mineralogist on Researches.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.
Recreation: Yachting.

Bms. Address: Claremont Colleges, Claremont,

Ho7ne Address: 500 Harrison Ave., Clare-
mont, Calif.

HOWELL. Eugenia James

Painter, Patron of the Arts.
Born: Pine Bluff (Ark.), Mar. 7, 1883; d. of
Mattie (McEwen) and Thomas Stocton James.
Education: Higby Female Seminary (Mem-
phis, Tenn.) and Miss Brown's Finishing
School for Girls (N.Y.C.)

Married: Harry D. Howell, Sr., Pine Bluff
(Ark.), June, 1911; ch. : Thomas James and
Harry Darwin.

Prof. Record: Painter of outdoor childlife,
landscape; instrumental musician (piano).
Memberships: L.A. Art Club; Art Noon CHub;
Hollj^wood Woman's Club.
Religion: Episcopal.



Recreations: Travel, charities, church work.
Home Address: 7529 Franklin Ave.. Holly-
wood, Calif.

HOWELL. Sr., Harry D.


Born: Columbia (Tenn.), May 26 1880, s. of
Annie (Gunnels) and Stephen S. Howell.
Education: High School (Nashville, Tenn.)
Married: Eugenia Janies, d. of M^ttie (Mc-
Ewen) and Thomas S. James, Pme Bluff,
(Ark.), July 26, 1911; eh.: Thomas James
and Harry Darwin, Jr.

Bus History: Sales Manager for corporations;
5wner and Alanager of the Howell Motor
company of Baltimore (Md.) ; retired from
active business in 1922 and moved to Holb-
wood, Calif. Entered into authormg books
on industrial subjects.

Publications: Strange Stories of the Old
Deep South.

Decorations: Awarded the 1937 Bronze Medal
by the Eugene Field Society (St. Louis, Mo
a Natl. Assn. of Authors and Journalists).
In 1922 was voted among the first in U.b.
as a founder of retail service and distribution
by Assoc. Automobile Distributors.
Army Service: Past Lieutenant Colonel and
Civic Executive Officer Hollywood Hussars,
a past local cavalry riding regiment.
Clubs- Past Pres. Scimitar Club (Baltimore,
Md ) ■ Dramatic Dir. of Boumi Temple Shrine
(Baltimore, Md.); Past Pres., Holb^wood
Shrine Club- Past Dir., Hollywood Rotary
Club; Mem., Hollywood Author's Club Inc.;
Orator of his class, Albert Pike Scottish Rite.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Horseback riding, raising flow-
ers and shrubbery .on his estate, and wild
game hunting.

Home Address: 7529 Franklin Ave., Holly-
wood, Calif.

HOWELL, John Gilson, B.S.
Bookseller, Importer, Publisher, Lecturer;
President and Manager, John Howell-Books.
Born: Healdsburg (Calif.), June 13, 1874; s.
of Annie (Belshaw) and John Gilson Howell.
Education: Univ. of California.
Degrees. B.S., Univ. of Calif., 1896.
Married: Rebecca Ruskin, d. of Charles T
Richardson, Wellington (New Zealand), April
24 1905- ch : John, Jr., Warren Richardson,
Ruskin ' Richardson, and William Robert

Prof Record: Founded, Daily Calif ornian at
University of Calif., Jan. 1895 (now the larg-
est college daily in the U.S.); Asso., Business
Dept., S.F.7tforni«3 Call. 1898-1903; Vice-
Pres. and Manager, Paul Elder Co (S.F.)
1903-12- Reader, First Church of Christ
Scientist (Berkeley), 1912-14; Chmn., Bible
Exhibit Com., Golden Gate Intnl. Exposition,
1939-40- President and Manager, John How-
ell-Books (publishers and booksellers).
Publications: Co-author, Bible Handbook
(Chicago), 1936; The Lord's Prayer m Ara-
maic; the Language of Jesus; the I^ord's
Prayer in the King James Bible (with des-
criptive text), Dec. 1940.

Awards: Received Medal of Honor for the
best display of books, P. P. I.E., 1915.

Memberships: Amer. Booksellers Assn. (1st
V P 4 yrs ) ; Booksellers Assn. of S.F. Bay
Counties (Pres. 12 yrs.); California Historical
Soc (Charter Mem.); Book Club of Calif.
(Dir several yrs.); English Speaking Union
(Mem Exec. Com.); Intnl. Soc. of Anti-
quarian Booksellers (London, England); Au-
thors Club, and Authors Lodge (London,
Eng ) • Bohemian Club (S.F.) ; Commonwealth
Club (S.F.); Mason (14°); Delta Upsilon
(Univ .of Calif., Charter Mem.)
Religion: Christian Scientist.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Howe Hers Camp, Bohemian
Grove, Calif. (Summer Jinks) ; travel.
Bus. Address: 434 Post St., San Francisco,

Home Address: 181 Vincente Rd., Berkeley,

HOWELL, Professor Julia, Mus.B.,

Professor of Theory and Chairman, Harmony
and Dictation Department, University of
Southern California.

Born- Los Gatos CCalif.) ; d. of Mary Crit-
tendon (Neely) and Matthew Howell.
Education: Los Angeles (Calif.); State Nor-
mal School; Univ. of So. Calif.; Univ. of
Calif, and private study in theory (Carolyn
A. Alchin, Arnold Schoenberg).
Degrees: Mus.B., U.S.C, 1932 and MJVT.,
Eastman School of Music, 1933; Special Sec-
ondary Music Credential and Diploma, L.A.
State Normal (now U.C.L.A.), 1917.
Prof Record: Girl's Work Dir. of Long
Beach (Calif.) YWCA, 1913-14; Accompan-
ist (L.B. High School), 1910-13; Organist (L
B and L.A. churches) from 1913; Dir. of
Music (Redondo Union H.S. and Supervisor
of Music, Redondo Beach City Schools),
1917-20; at U.S.C, 1920—; Guest Prof, at
N Y Univ., summer sessions, 1926-29; served
at various times as Chairman of Theory Sec-
tions in the Calif. -Western School Music
Conf and in the Natl. Mus. Ed. Conf., in-
cluding the one for 1939 at L.A.; has given
demonstration harmony lessons for the sarne
organizations, namely at Chicago in 1929

Memberships: Pi Kappa Lambda, Mu Phi
Epsilon; So. Calif. Chapter, Amer. Guild
of Organists; U.C.L.A. Music Alumni; U.S.C.
Mus Alumni.
Religion: Congregational.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Gardening, books, old musical
instruments, exploring the United States.
Bus. Address: Univ. of Southern California,
Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 5321 Mt. Helena, Eagle Rock,

HOWELLS, Naomi. B.S.

Teacher, Katharine Branson School.
Born- Jefferson (N.Y.) ; d. of Margaret
Esther (CJoodman) and Charles Albert How-

Education: The New York State College for
Teachers (Albany, N.Y.); courses at Cornell
Univ., Columbia Univ., Univ. of Calif., Yose-
mite Field School. Studied at Zurich (Swit-

Degrees: B.S., New York State College for
Teachers, 1914.



Pn>l. Hccord: Has boon a Teacher in public
scliools of All)aiiy (N.Y.), 1915-17, Brook-
lyn IIoiKlils Seminary (N.Y.l, l!)17-i;); Asst.
in t'ryptoKaniic Ilerbaium, Hrooklvn Botanic
Garden (N.Y.), l!)l<)-2() and Hrjl-liJ; Teach-
er in tlie VValden School (New York City),
iyj2-27; Student in Zurich (Switzerland),
1927-28; Teacher in The Katherine Branson
School, Ross (Culif.), 1928 — .
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Walking, reading, and ornith-
ology, botany.

Bus. Address: The Katharine Branson School,
Ross, Calif. »

HOWITT, Beatrice Fay. A.B., M.A.
Associate in Research Medicine, Hooper Foun-
dation for Medical Research, University of
California Medical Center, San Francisco.
Born: San Francisco; d. of Alice (Chase) and
Dr. H. O. Howitt.

Education: Graduate of the San Rafael High
School and Univ. of Calif.

Degrees: A.B., 1924, M.A. 1925, Univ. of

Prof. Record: Clinical laboratory work and
bacteriology at the Stanford Med. School for
seven years; Research in the Zoology Dept.,
Univ. of Calif, one year, at the Connaught
Laboratories (Toronto, Canada) one year;
Research Asso. at the Hooper Foundation
(S.F.) fourteen years; Research at the Hoop-
er Foundation on oral bacteria, poliomyelitis,
encephalitis and equine encephalomyelitis and
other neurotropic viruses; has made an orig-
inal and special study on the relationship
of the virus of equine encephalomyelitis to
infection in man.

Publications: Author of various articles on
poliomyelitis, encephalitis, equine encephalo-
myelitis, endamoeba gingivalis and bacteria
ol the mouth.

Memberships: Women's City Club (S F ) •
Cooper Ornithological Club; Sierra Cluh';
Amer. Asso. for the Advancement of Science;
Soc. of Amer. Bacteriologists; Amer. Pub'
Asso.; Phi Beta Kappa, Sigma Xi, Delta
Omega, Phi Sigma.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Walking, swimming, mountain
and outdoor appreciation, photography.
Bus. Address: Univ. of Calif. Medical Center
San Francisco, Calif.

Home Address: 1341 Seventh Ave., San
Francisco, Calif.

HOWSON, Professor Carl Robert. M D


Physician, Professor of Tuberculosis, College

of Medical Evangelists.

Born: Hornby (Ontario, Canada), April 25,

1885; s. of Orpha (Hall) and John Atkinson


Education: Humberside Collegiate Institute
(Toronto, Can.) and College of Physicians
and Surgeons, Univ. of So. Calif.
Degrees: M.D., Univ. of So. Calif., 1913.

Married: Luella, d. of Mary I. Reeves in L A
Calif., 1919. ■

Prof. Record: General practice (Highland,
Ti.^ ;;,' 1913-18; specializing in Diseases of
the Chest (L.A.), 1918—; Chief, Attending

Staff, Tuberculo.sis Scr., L.A. Co. Gen
Hospital; Prof, of Tuberculosi.s. Coll. of

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