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Med. Kv.mgelists (L.A.>; Ex-Pres., L.A. Co.
Med. A.S.SO. and Calif. Tuberculosis •
Fellow, Amer. Coll, of Physicians; DIplomate.
Amer. Bd. of Internal Med.
Dirr'ctor.ihiji.i: Dir., Los Angeles Health and
Tuberculosis A.ssn., Calif. Tuberculosis Assn
Natl. Tuberculosis A.ssn.; Mod. Dir., La Vlfla
Sanatorium (La Vina, Calif.).
Publications: Articles in medical journals.
Clubs: Univ. Club of L.A.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: 1930 Wilshire Blvd., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Horne Address: 2477 Oak Knoll Ave San
Marino, Calif.

HOXIE. Wyckoff. A.B., LL.B.

Lawyer; President, Santa Ana-Tustin Mutual
Citrus Association.

Born: New York, 1882; s. of Grace E
(Wyckoff) and Dr. Frank Ho.xie.

Education: Cornell University and Albany
Law School.

Degrees: A.B., Cornell, 1903; LL.B., Union
Univ., 1907.

Married: Ruth Bowen Hodge, d. of Carrie
(Bowen) and Charles E. Hodge, N.Y., 1905.
Prof. Record: Employed: United Lead Co.
(N.Y.); International Harvester Co. (Auburn,
N.Y.); Lee, Higgison & Co. (N.Y.); General
practice of law at Auburn (N.Y.)
Directorships: Pros., Santa Ana-Tustin Mutual
Citrus Asso. (Tustin, Calif.) and Orange
County Fruit E.xchange (Orange, Calif.)
War Record: Food Administrator for Cayuga
Co. (N.Y.), during World War I.
Memberships: Phi Delta Phi.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.
Recreation: Wood shop.

Bus. Address: Santa Ana-Tustin Mutual Cit-
rus Assoc, Tustin, Calif.
Home Address: East First St., Tustin, Calif.

HOYT. Carrie Lucretia

Vice Mayor and Member of City Council.
Born: Petersburg (111.), Oct. 24, 1866; d
of Grace Isabelle (Terhune) and Judge
Samuel Stone Knoles.
Education: Schs. in Petersburg (111.)
Married: William, s. of Benjamin L. Hoyt,
San Diego (Calif.), Oct. 22, 1889; ch.: Isa-
belle A. Frost, William Knoles, Ralph Edwin,
and Effa Lois Jordan.

Prof. Record: Active in civic, patriotic, frat-
ernal and other organizations; Mem. of: Ber-
keley Library Bd.; Berkeley Women's City
Club; Berkeley Chamber of Commerce; Ber-
keley Traffic Safety Com.; Past Sr. Vice-
Pres., National Woman's Relief Corps; Past
Pres., Berkeley Chapter, American War
Mothers (two sons served in the first World
War); Daughters Union, Veterans Civil War;
Auxiliary to the Amer. Legion; Eastern Star.
Directorships: Bd. of Dir., Mobilized Women
of Berkeley; Vice-Pres., Eastbay League of
Calif. Cities; Treasurer, Women's Relief
Corps Home of Calif.; Vice-Pres., United
Veterans Council of Berkeley ; Vice Mayor and
Member of the City Council.
Religion: Congregational.
Politics: Democrat.



Recreations: Activity in the different organ-
fzitions with which she is connected.
Home Address: 2025 Lincoln St., Berkeley,
HOYT, Helen, B.A., (Mrs. W. W.


Born: Norwalic (Conr.) 1887; d. of Georgi-

ana (Baird) and Gould Hoyt.

Education: Miss Baird's School (Norwalk.

Conn.) ,„^„

Degree.: B.A., Barnard College. 1909


if ) Wl- ch.: Thomas Amis.

„,„„, Record; A^^V^ri^^ChlJ.IS'lS

gr'ie\r&"ri('f^'|Wi -
?,'ooi"^'T#3 ™f Sia'"=fi;j^' ;i».s;j<

Review New Republic, Smart Sei, notea loi
ftronT'and subtle love poetry and original
interpretations of the California landscape.
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Socialist.
Recreation: Reading.

Home Address: 2762 Woodshire Dr., Holly-
wood, Calif.

Other Address: Rancho del Molino, St. Hel-
ena, Calif.
HOYT. Roland Stewart. B.S.
Landscape Architect; Writer.
Born- Iowa City (Iowa), July 4, 1890; s. of
inna (Stewart) and Jacob Richard Hoyt.

Education: Des Moines «o^^)J"^"S S"oo°° oi
Iowa State Coll.; Grad Work., School or
Landscape Architecture, Harvard Univ., 1916-

Degrees: B.S., Iowa State Coll., 1915.
Married: Ethel, d. of Katherin (Wells) and
George P. Livingston, Des Moines, Sept 5
192of ch.: Livingston Beach and Roland
Stewart, Jr.

Prof Record- Started Capital City Nurseries
mes Moines) Vice-Pres. & Mgr., Landscape
(Des Moines^, ^^^^^^ Project (Los

Angeles) general landscape work and golf
course construction, 1922-26; Southland Corp^
(San Diego, Calif.), Landscape Architect in
charge of development, 1926-28; private prac-
?iciy^school and park work; subdivision and
golf course construction; estate and small
grounds development, 1928 — .
Army Record: 2nd Lieut.. Cav.. 1st Lieut.,
Tnf ADC Capt.. Staff. Spec. G-3. 26
months servk:e, 11 months overseas. World
War I

Publications: Planting Lists So. Cahf. (Liv-
ingston), 1933: Ornamental f Z^*^ .^^r,^"^/
tropical Regions (Livingston), 1938, Editor,
California Garden Magazine.
Membership: Rotary International.
Home Address: 2271 Ft. Stockton Dr.. San
Diego. Calif.
HOYT. Vance Joseph, D.O., M.D.
Teacher, Naturalist, Author.
Born: Arkansas City (Kans.), Apr 27 1889;
8 of Ella (Hoyt), Actress, and Edward Blu-

baugh; father killed during opening of Okla.;
adopted bv maternal grandfather, Edw.
Jonathan Hoyt (Buckskin Joe).
Education: Public schs. (Arkansis City).
nearees- D.O., Coll. Osteopathic Phys. and
Sufgeons (L.a'., Calif., 1910-14), 1914; M.D.,
Pacific Med. Coll., 1915.

Married: Ruth Luella. d. of Edward Ulm of
Dayton (Ohio), Jan 27, 1916; ch.; Albert J.
Prof. Record: Musician (band and theatre or-
chestra), 1906-14; Practicing Phys., 1916-3^
Author of nature features, L.A. Times 1930-
tl; Conductor of column "Walks and Talks
with Nature," L.A. Illustrated News. 1931-32,
Nature column, Robt. Wagner's Script, 1930-
4L Author and Tech. Dir. of MoUon Picture
Sequoia, 1935, Bar-rac's Night Out, 19db. etc. ,
nlatforr^ and radio lecturer on nature and
&o. American wild-life. Now devoting entire
time to writing and teaching in L.A. Pub.
SchI (Hollywood High, Manual Arts High
UniversUy High), in adult educ, teaching
the sublets of Amer. Red Cross First Aid
and Preparation for Marriage, etc.; also con-
ducting daily newspaper nature column.
Publications: Author: (nature novels) S«i;er
Boy, 1929; Malibu, 1931; Bar-rac (.ihebw-
graphy of a racoon), 1931; Zorra (the biog. of
1 7ox) 1932; Song Dog. 1939; Yanfeee DoodZe
rnPR Wpsi (Biog. of "Buckskin Joe ), 194/,
wofkiiS upon two new books, Toomah and
Wunk and Usumati; feature articles and
short stories in almost all well-known natl.

Memberships: Iota Tau Sigma ' medi^^yi"^^- ^ ;
Writers' Club (Hollywood); Screen Writers

Religion: Christian.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Nature.

Bus. Address: Los Angeles Bd of Educ, 1151
So. Broadway, Los Angeles, Calit.
Home Address: 2052 Kerwood Ave., W. Los
Angeles, Calif.

HUBBARD. The Reverend Bernard
Rosecrans. S.J., A.B., M.A., Sc.D.
Priest Explorer, Author; Head, Geology De-
partment, University of Santa Clara.
Born- San Francisco (Calif.), Nov. 24 1888;
r Katherine Cornelia (Wilder) and George
Milton Hubbard. .

Education: St. Ignatius Coll. (San Francisco)
1898-1906; Univ. of Santa Clara, 190b-u»,
Jesuit NoVitiate (Los Gatos), Gonzaga Univ.
(Spokane); Univ. of Inssbruck (Austria),
nearees- A.B.. Jesuit Novitiate (Los Gatos).
?913; M.A., Gonzaga Univ. (Spokane). 1921
Sc D , honoris causa. Marquette Univ., 19cS7
and Trinity (Hartford. Conn.), 1941.
Prof Record- He has been a Mem. of tlie
Jesuit order since 1908; studied or taught in
jI uit "nstns. in the U.S and Europe, 1908^
OR. Hpad Geology Dept., Univ. ot bania
aara sfnce 1926T has led explorations into
Alfska each year, 1926-38, known as the
"Clacter Priest." Scientific studies in Vo -
caSg", Anfakchak, 1931-32; in Gl^ac-r G ^
rx^v Alaska Peninsula and Soutneasiern
Alaska in Meteorology and Oceanography
Arctic Ocean north of Alaska and in islands
of Bering Sea; in Ethnology, tracing primitive
AsiaUc migration to No. America; in An-
thropology, locating many buried village sites
*'stone^age man; in Ichthyology studies^ o
salmon runs bound for Bering Sea in Pal-
lonTology, discovery of new genera fossil Jur-
assic marine life in Katmai.



I'uhlirtilidns Munh You Malrmuliii! , \\y.Y2;
Cnidtu of the Stonns, 1!K)5; ulso uulhor and
pholoKrapher of fenture film of lO.O'JO fl.
Ulslrlbule<l throuuliout the U.S., lille Aldnkirs
Silver MiliU»in: also Autlior and I'liotoKraplier
of Anialcchak. (10,000 feet) tllsUlljuled In
USA anti Kurope, translated Into French,
Spanish and CJerman; Contbr. Illustrated art-
icles to leading magazines.
Memberships: Explorers' (N.Y.)
Bus. Address: Univ. of Santa Clara, Santa
Clara, Calif.; 415 Le-xington Ave., New
York, NY

HUBBARD, Samuel. F.R.G.S.
Director. Pacific Telephone and Telegraph

Born: San Francisco (Calif.), May 17, 1863;
s. of Sophia (Hunt) and Samuel Hubbard.
Education: Oakland High Sch.; U. of Cali-

Married: Josephine A. E., d. of Gertrude
Louisa and C. G. W. VVolfsberger, at Black-
heath, London (Eng.), June 28, 1903; ch.:
Bessie Carola (Mrs. David Hyde Chick) and
Samuel IV (married Kathleen Sutherland).
Bus. Record: Ran cattle ranch in Yakima
Valley, 1884; engaged in gold mining (Grays
Harbor, Ariz.); Alaska Gold Rush, 1897;
Trading Post in Kuskokvvin River (Alaska),
1900-01; related to Alexander Graham Bell
(inventor of telephone), through his marriage
to Mabel Hubbard, his first cousin; Dir. of
War Savings in Federal Res. Bank during
World War I; Fellow, Roval Geographic Soc.
(Eng.), Class '86, U.C. ; Hon. Curator Arch-
eology, Oakland Museum; Headed Doheny
Scientific Expedition to Hava Supai Canyon,
Northern Ariz., 1924.

Publications: Pamphlet describing discoveries
of Doheny Scientific Expedition.
Memberships: Beta Theta Pi Fraternitv; S.F.
Com. Club; Bus. Garden Club of Oakland;
Fellow, Amer. Museum of Nat. History.
Religion: Christian.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Hunting, fishing, motoring, and
all outdoor sports.

Bus. Address: 244 Montecito Ave., Oakland,

HUBBLE. Edwin P(owell). B.Sc, A.B.,
Ph.D., Sc.D., LL.D.
Astronomer, Mount Wilson Observatory.
Born: Marshfield (Mo.), Nov. 20, 1889; s.
of Virginia Lee (James) and John P(owell)

Education: U. of Chicago; Oxford (Eng.)
Degrees: B.Sc, 1910, Ph.D., 1917, U. of
Chicago; A.B., in Jurisprudence, 1912, Ox-
ford; Honorary: Sc.D., Princeton, Brussels,
Oxford; LL.D., Occidental, (Jold Medals:
Barnard, 1935, Bruce, 1938, Franklin, 1939,
Royal Astronomical Soc. (Eng.), 1940.
Married: Grace, d. of John P(atrlck) Burke,
at Los Angeles (Calif.), Feb. 24, 1924.
Prof. Record: Rhodes Scholar at Oxford,
1910-13; Research Fellow, U. of Chicago,
1914-17; Astronomer, Mt. Wilson Observatory,
1919 — ; Van Nuxum Lectures, Princeton,
1933; Silliman Lectures, Yale, 1935; Rhodes
Memorial Lectures, Oxford, 1936; Natl. Acad-
emy of Sciences; A.S.P. (Pres. 1934); A. A.
A.S. (Vice-Pres. 1941); A.A.S. (Vice-Pres.

Directorships: Trustee, Huntington Library
and Art Galleries (San MarIno).
Pubticdtiona: The Realm of the t/ebulae
(Yale Press), 19.'J6; The ObHervalional Ap-
proach to Cosmology (Oxford Press;, 19;j7;
many contributions to technical Journals, etc.
Army Service: Enlisted, 1917; First, Officers'
Training Camp, up to Major, Commanding,
Battalion of Infantry In A.E.F.; Demobilized,

Memberships: Sunset Club (L.A.) ; Athenaeum

Religion: Non-Sectarian.

Politics: Independent.

Recreations: Dry fly fishing, camping, etc.

Bus. Address: Mt. Wilson Observatory, Pasa-
dena, Calif.

Home Address: 1340 Woodstock Dr., San
Marino, Calif. •

HUBERTY. Professor Martin Richard.

B.S., Engineer

Associate Professor of Irrigation, University
of California at Los Angeles.
Born: San Andreas (Calif.), May 16, 1894;
s. of Mary Ann (Dornallan) and August
J. Huberty.

Education: San Andreas (Calif.)

Degrees: B.S., U. of Calif., 1920; Engineer,

Stanford U., 1934.

Married: Gertrude E., d. of Fredric C.
Turner, at Berkeley (Calif.), July 5, 1930;
ch.: Richard A., Mary Ann, and Alice

Prof. Record: Teacher in Grade Sch., 1912-14;
Draughtsman, 1920-21; Asst. in Irrigation,
1921-24; Jr. Irrigation Engr., 1925-26; Asst.
Irrigation Engr., 1927-29; Assoc. Irrigation
Engr., 1930; Assoc. Prof, of Irrigation,

Publications: Cost and Value of Water for
Irrigation (Co-Author with Frank Adams) ;
Cost of Irrigation Water in California ('Co-
Author with H. Blaney) -.Hydrology of Putah
Creek Basin (Co-Author with C. N. John-

Aryny Service: Served in U.S. Army, 1917-
19, M.E. Air Service, Mem., A.E.F., Mar
1918 to April 1919.

Memberships: Tau Beta Pi, Sigma Xi, Alpha
Zeta; Post 99, American Legion (Past Com-
mander); Past State E.xec. Com. Mem., Amer.
Legion; American Geophysical Union; Am-
erican Society of Agricultural Engineers;
American Society of Civil Engineers ; American
Association for Advancement of Science, and
American Society of Soil Science.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations : Fishing and hunting.

Bus. Address: Univ. of California, Los An-
geles, Calif.

Hoyne Address: 826 Glenmont Ave., Los An-
geles, Calif.

HUBNER. Adolph


Born: Gdppingen (Germany), Sept. 19, 1877-

s. of Katherine (Buhler) and Adolph Hub-


Education: Realschule (Practical Sch.) Gop-
pingen (Ger.); learned trade in Stuttgart

Married: Kathe (deceased 1914), d. of Johann
Neef, in San Francisco, July 1, 1902.



Bus Record: Came to San Francisco, 1894;
ftarted in business for himself under name
of '•Peacock Confectionery," retired lJ3o
became famous after making a Violm ot
iuga? which he played f"r R'P'?>' f.^^^^V.^?
after being mentioned in "Believe It Or Not
has receded many awards and trophies for
his work.

Directorships: Dir.. Western Loan Assn. (San

Awards- Gold Medal and Silver Trophy at
fhe" 1915 Exposition for the best artistic
sugar ornaments such as the San Francisco
Ferrv Bldg., Lamp. Punch Bowl, etc. ; re-
ceived sevirkl more trophies at other exhib-
Uions; many gold medals for sharp shootmg
(expert shot).

Memberships: Deutscher Verein; Hermann
Lodee F & A. Masons. 127; Harmonie Sing-
fng Soc.;'san Francisco Rifle Club.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Dancing, singing, shooting, play-
ing cards.

Home Address: 1816-A O'Farrell St., San
Francisco, Calif.

HUDNALL. Floris Smith

Composer-Conductor, Poet.
Born: Midway (Utah), d. of Nellie (Springer)
and Carson Oscar Smith.
Education: Privately educated.
Married- Cecil LeRoy, s. of Minnie (Ash)
and Edgar L. Hudnall, in Tucson (Ariz.).
Prof. Record: As a child was Pianist, Com-
Doser and Conductor, and was billed for
yelrs as "America's Youngest Composer-
Conductor." Wrote and produced musical
drTma for school and theatre. Conducted
symphony, church choir and civic chorus at
faU Lake and throughout the nation^ Retired
for several years to develope the Sonnet Tech-
nique of Musical Composition; Sea Fever
"done in Coll. with John Masefield), was
first to be done with this technique and was
Dremiered at Univ. of Redlands, during
"Writers' Week," repeated the following week
at "National Poetry Week," Los Angeles^
It was also sung by Canrieron McLean
(Scotch baritone), in England during Coro-
nation Year. Over 30 poems including the
work of several Calif, poets, have been con-
Tracted for this art series. Robert Frost's
Stopping By Woods on a Snowy Evening,
Markham's The Man With the Hoe, and Carl
Sanburg's Fog are ready to go to press
Candels of Old Tucson, musical drama which
has been nine years in the making, goes to
press early in 1941. The premieres will
be at Tucson and Los Angeles.
Publications: Compositions: Springtime in My
Garden of Dreams (pub. by Pacitic Music
Press), 1925; Good Night Gamma Plus (pub.
by Gamma Phi Beta, National Sorority), 193();
Himnos Para Las Misiones (compiling, edit-
ing arranging folk hymns, some of which
date back several hundred years, also orig-
inal Postlude for organ) printed by Pacific
Music Press, under Imprimi Potest: Very
Rev Provincial Boniface Fielding C.P.; Im-
primatur: John J. Cantwell, Arzobispo de
Los Angeles, and many other compositions
between 1937 and 1940 published by Rayner
Publications, San Francisco (Calif.).
Religion: Catholic.
Politics : Non-partisan

Home Address: 16 Sloat Blvd., San Francisco,

Other Address: Windsor Hotel Apts., Los
Angeles, Calif.


Member, Public Relations Staff, Standard
Oil Company of California.
Born- Berkeley (Calif.), July 27, 1892; s. of
Mary A. (Ilackley) and A. W. Huggins.
Education: Berkeley High Sch.
Married: Claire, d. of Robert Goldthorp, at
HoUister (Calif.), 1924; ch.: Carol J.
Bus. Record: Vice-Pres. and Gen. Mgr., A I.
Hall and Son, Wholesale Jewelers JS-F.),
until 1923; Bond Buyer, Bradford Kimball
and Co (S.F.), until 1929; Vice-Pres., Air
Ferries Ltd. (S.F.), until 1931; with Stand-
ard Oil Co. of Calif. (S.F.), since 1931.
Directorships: Dir., Redwood Empire Assn.,
Contra Costa Co. Development Assn. ; Chmn.,
Promotion Com., Golden Gate International
Expositions, 1939-40, Western States Pro-
motion Council, 1940-41, Travel and Recrea-
tion Com., Calif. State Chamber of Com-

Navy Service: On active duty, U.S. Naval
Res. Forces, 1917-18.
Religion: Protestant.

Bus. Address: 225 Bush St., San Francisco,

Home Address: 2031 Beach St., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

HUGHES, Professor Elmer Howard.

B.S., M.A., Ph.D.

Professor of Animal Husbandry, Univ. of
Calif., Davis.

Born: Rewey (Wis.), Apr 8 1887; s. of
John T. and Sarah (Rundell) Hughes.
Education: Rewey High School, Univ. of Wis.,
Univ. of Mo.

Degrees- B.S., Univ. of Wis., 1912; M.A.,
Unlv of Mo., 1915; Ph.D., Univ. of Wis..

Married: Beulah Baker, d. of Elizabeth and
Russell Baker, Rewey (Wis.), 191J.
Prof. History: Farm Manager 1912-13; ani-
mal husbandry department, Univ of Mo
1913-16; Ass't. to the Dean (Agr ), U^iv of
Mo., 1917-20; animal husbandry dept., Univ.
of Calif., since 1920.

Directorships: Director, Calif. Swine Breed-
ers' Assn.

Publications: Inbreeding Berkshire Swine
fjour. of Heredity), 1933; VUamm A Content
of Barley (Jour. Agr. Research). 1933 The
Minimum Requirement of Thiamen for the
Growing Pig (Jour, of Nutrition), 1940 The
Minimum Requirement of Rebojloirinfor the
Growing Pig (Jour, of Nutrition), 1940, etc.
Army Service: U.S. Army, July. 1918 to Jan.,

Clubs, Soc: Kappa Alpha, Alpha Zeta. Gam-
ma Sigma Delta, Phi Sigma, Sigma Xi.
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Fishing.

Bus. Address: University Farm, Davis, Calif.
Home Address: 58 College Park, Davis. Calif.

HUGHES. Colonel Rupert. U.S.Army
Reserve, A.B., M.A., Litt.D,
Author, Poet, Biographer.
Born: Lancaster (Mo.). Jan. 31, 1872; s. of



Jt'iin Amelia (Summerlln) and Felix Turner


I'Uluciilion: Western Res. U.; Yule U.
Dcgrcru and Honors: A.B.. 1892. Lltt.D.,
liKiti, Western Kes. U.; M.A., Yule U., 189'J;
I'olish Order Foloniu Hestitula, iy2;5.
Married: Patterson, d. of W. 11. Dial, at
Madison (Fla.).

Publications: Author: The Lakcrim Athletic
Club, 1S9S; American Comiioscrs, 1900;
G}/(jfs Ring (verse), 1901; The Whirlwind,
1902; Love Affairs of Great Musicians, 1903;
Zal, 1905; Miss SIS, 1911; The Old Nest,
1912;VV/iaf Will People Sayf 1914; Music
Lovers' Cyclopedia, 1914; Empty Pockets,
1915; Clipped Wings, 1916; The Thirteenth
Commandment, 1916; In a Little Town, 1917;
We Can't Have Everything, 1917; Unpardon-
able Sin, 1919; Long Ever Ago (Irish stories),
1919; Cup of Fury, 1919; Fairy Detective
(for children), 1919; What's the World Com-
ing Tof 1920; Beauty, 1921; Momma, 1921;
Souls for Sale, 1922; Within These Walls,
1923; Golden Ladder, 1924; Destiny, 1925;
The Old Home Town, 1926; We Live But
Once, 1927; The Patent Leather Kid, 1927;
The Lovely Ducklings, 1928; Mermaid and
Centaur, 1929; Ladies' Man, 1930; No One
Man, 1931; Static, 1932; The Uphill Road,
1933; Love Song, 1934; The Man Without a
Home, 1935; Stately Timber, 1939; City of
Angels, 1941; (biography) George Washitigton,
1926, 27, 30; Attorney for the People, The
Story of Thomas E. Dewey, 1940; (plays)
Alexander the Great (toured the U.S. 1903-
04) ; All for a Girl (prod. 1908) ; The Bridge
(prod. 1909, later revived as The Man Be-
tween); The Transformation (produced 1909,
later revised as Two Wotnen ) ; Excuse Me
(produced 1911; three companies toured U.S.,
1911-12, two companies 1912-14, produced
in Australia, 1913, London, 1915) ; Uncle
Zeb (prod. 1913); The Cat Bird (prod. 1910);
(dramatizations) Tess of the Storyn Country
(prod. 1911); vaudeville sketches, including
Miss 318, 1912-14; composed A Riley Album,
Cain, and other songs; has written and
directed many motion pictures.
Army Service: Served Pvt. to Capt. N.G.N.Y.,
1897-1908; Capt., Me.\. Border Service, 1916;
Asst. to Adjutant General, N.Y., 1917; Capt.
Inf., Jan. 7, 1918; Maj., Sept. 4, 1918;
hon. discharged, Jan. 15, 1919; Maj., Res.
Corps, Apr. 3, 1919; Lieut. Col., Mar. 10,
1928; Colonel, 2nd Regt., Calif. State Guard,
July 3, 1941.

Memberships: Delta Upsilon, Phi Beta Kappa;
Bohemian Club (S.F.); Authors' Club (L.A.);
Coffee House (N.Y.)

Home Address: 4751 Los Feliz Blvd., Los
Angeles, Calif.

such; the oldest In the world In ixjlnt of

Directorships: Dlr., Western Pacific Huilroud
Co; Dir. and Past-Pres., Down Town Assn.
(S.K.I, S.K. Motor Car Dealers A.SHn., Natl.
Automobile Dealers Assn. (Detroit, Mich.)
Memhrrshi/is: The Family; Jester's; 32° Mas-
on, Past Potentate of Islam Shrine Temple
(S.F.), Chmn., Ticket Com. p:ast-West Shrine
Football Games (held yearly for benefit of
Shrine Hospital for Crippled Children).
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Traveling.

Bus. Address: 1499 Market St., San Fran-
cisco, Calif.

Home Address: 2800 Vallejo St., San Fran-
cisco, Calif. •

HULL, Professor Osman Ransom,

B.S., M.S., Ph.D.

Professor of Educational Administration, Uni-
versity of Southern California.
Born: Fallbrook (Calif.), Aug. 21, 1890; s.
of Mary Frances and Linn Ransom Hull.
Education: U. of Calif, at Berkeley.
Degrees: B.S., 1913, M.S., 1914, Ph.D., 1925,
U. of Calif., Berkeley.

Married: Evelyn May, d. of Cora Augusta
(Poppleton) and Alfred Huston, at Lebanon
(Ore.), July 22, 1914; ch. : Osman Huston,
Florence Eva, and Frances Edith.
Prof. Record: Asst. in Physics, U. of Calif.,
1912-14; Principal, County High Sch. (Cres-
cent City, Calif.), 1914-18; Supt. Schs.,
Sebastopol and Napa (Calif, i, 1918-24;
Prof. Educ, U.S.C, 1924—; Educ. Con-
sultant and Dir. of Sch. Surveys.
Publications: Co-Author, Los Angeles City
School Surve.i (with W. S. Ford); and survey
reports of Santa Ana, Santa Monica, Mon-
rovia, Huntington Park and others; Co-
Author, Pasadena City School Survey.
Memberships: Honorary and Professional:
Sigma Xi, Phi Delta Kappa: Amer. Assn.
Sch. Administrators; Amer. Assn. Coll. Pro-
fessors; Civic and social: Kiwanis; Mason,
Knight Templar: Alpha Kappa Lambda; Auto
Club of So. Calif.
Religion: Christian, Presbyterian.
Politics: Democratic.

Recreations: Camping, gardening, bowling
and golf.

Bus. Address: Univ. of Southern California,
Los Angeles, Calif.

Ho7ne Address: 1119 W. 29th St., Los An-
geles, Calif.

HUGHSON, William Leonard

President, William L. Hughson Company,
Incorporated, San Francisco.
Born: Buffalo (N.Y.), Nov. 13, 1868; s. of
Helen (McLeroth) and George H. Hughson.
Education: Public Sch. (Buffalo, N.Y.);
Heald's Bus. Coll. (Buffalo, N.Y.)
Married: Angelica, d. of Abbott L. Whitney,
at San Francisco Apr. 18,1892; ch.: Mrs.
Helen Diess, Mrs. Jeanne Reynal, and George

Bus. Record: Vice-Pres., Geo. F. Eberhard
Co. (S.F.), 1891; started Hughson and Mer-
ton, manufacturers' agents, S.F. (this co.
still in bus.), 1892; made first contract with
Henry Ford as dealer; the first dealer signed
up with Ford 1903, and still in business as

HULLIN, Philip Ross

Vice-President, Jones and Brand and Hullin,

Born: Sacramento (Calif.), July 20, 19(X);
s. of Marie (Menjou) and Nicholas J.


Education: Sacramento City Schs.; U. of
Calif., Berkeley.

Married: Gladys E., d. of Mary E. and
Thomas Strachan, at Sacramento; ch.: Mar-
jorie Jean and Phyllis Ross.
Bus. Record: Since leaving school has been
continuously engaged in the real estate
and insurance business; together with Chris
R. Jones and Wilbur F. Brand (both of
Sacramento), incorporated present firm in
Jan. 1935.



Mcmbershiiis: Alpha Tau Omega: Masonic;
Del Paso Country and Sutter Clubs.

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