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HYERS. Faith Holmes

i^ibrary Publicist; Los Angeles Public Library.
Born: HiUsboro (Ohio), d. of Emma J.
(Doggott) and Charles N. Holmes.
Education: Hyde Park High School; Univ.
of Chicago: Normal School Music Course;
Library School course, Los Angeles Library.
Married: Charles F., s. of Samuel Hvers in
Chicago (111.), 1909; ch.: Donald Holmes

Prof. Record: Teacher of Piano. 1910-15;
free lance Writer for newspapers and mag-
azines, 1918-25; Library Publicist. 1925 — .
Publications: The Library and the Radio
(pub. Univ. of Chicago Press). 1939; Com-
piler of Handbook of the Los Angeles Central
Library, Branches Handbook, Los Angeles
Year Book, 1940. etc. ; many articles and
stories in Chicago Daily News and Christian
Science Monitor; articles in educational and
library publications.

Memberships: Quota Club (L.A. Chapter);
Amer. Library Asso. (Chmn.. Radio Com.
1934-39) ; Calif. Library Asso.
Religion: Christian Science.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Reading, automobiling. garden-

Bits. Address: Los Angeles Public Library.
Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 981 Fourth Ave., Los An-
geles. Calif.

HYLAND. Clarence, M.. M.D.

Manufacturer of Biologicals; Director of
Serum Center of Los Angeles.
Born: Davis (111.), Aug. 12, 1886, s. of
Elizabeth (O'Malley) and M. L. Hyland.
Education: Creighton College of Medicine,
Omaha ( Nebraska ) .

Degrees: M.D. Creighton Coll. of Med., 1916.
Married: Mabel E., d. of V. G. Brown,
in Cleveland (Ohio), Sept. 1, 1923; ch.:

Prof. Record: Dir. of Laboratories, Mt. Car-
mel Hospital (Columbus, Oliio), 1923-28;
Dir. of Laboratories, Children's Hospital,
(L.A.), 1928-40; now, Dir. of Serum Center
(L.A.); frequent contributor to medical mag-

Army Record: U.S. Army. World War I,
22 months.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreation: Biological Research.
Bus. Address: 4524 Sunset Blvd., Los An-
geles, Calif.

Home Address: 4434 Gainsborough Ave.. Los
Angeles, Calif.

HYLAND, Richard "Dick" Francis, A.B.

.Sporl.s Columnist; licporter: Writer of "IJe-
hlnd the Line." Lo.s Angeles Times.
Born: San Francisco (Calif.); a. of Ellen
(Swell) and F. W. Hyland.
Education: Stanford University.
Degrees: A.B., Stanford University, 1927.
Married (1) Adela. d. of Earl Rogers, In
Santa Barbara (Calif.). 1928. one son. Rich-
ard Rogers. (2) Louise, d. of Lester Lans-
burgh, in Honolulu. 1937; one son. Lanrlc.
Prof. Record: Reporter for Los Angeles Ex-
aminer, New York American, Pan-Paclflc
Press Bureau (Honolulu), Universal Service,
Los Angeles Times; Western Editor, New
Movie Magazine.

Directorships: Assistant Secretary-Treasurer
of Hawaiian Sugar Planters' Assn. (Hono-
lulu, T.H.), 1936-1939.

Publications: The Line Smasher, 1931. and
numerous magazine articles and short stories.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Photography, golf, reading.
Bus. Address: Los Angeles Times. Los An-
geles. Calif.

Home Address: 1651 Lyman PI.. Los Angeles.
Calif. •


IDE, The Reverend Herbert Chandler,

A.B., M.A., B.D., D.D.
Pastor. First Congregational Church. Red-

Born: Woodstock (Conn.); s. of Abbie C.
(Chandler) and Monroe W. Ide.
Education: Amherst; Hartford Theological
Seminary: Columbia Univ.

Degrees: A.B.. 1898, M.A.. 1901. Amherst;
B.D.. Hartford Theol. Sem.. 1901; D.D., Po-
mona Coll., 1932.

Married: Harriet, d. of John H. McDonald,
Minneapolis (Minn.), May 2, 1906; ch.: John
McD., Herbert Chandler, Jr., and William

Prof. Record: Asst., Acting Pastor, South
Congregational Church, New Britain (Conn.),
1901-06; Pastor, First Congregational Church,
Mount Vernon (N.Y.), 1907-17: First Con-
gregational Church, Redlands (Calif.), since

Directorships: Dir. and Moderator of So.
Calif. Conference of Congregational Church-
es; Chmn., San Bernardino Co. Welfare

Publications: Numerous pamphlets and reli-
gious press articles.
Politics: Republican.

War Service: Camp Pastor, Camp Kearney,
San Diego, 1918.

Memberships: Phi Kappa Psi; Rotary; S. of
R. ; Masons.

Recreations: Travel, local history, genealogy,
and gardening.

Bus. Address: 18 W. Olive Ave., Redlands,

Home Address: 700 Alvarado St., Redlands,

INGHAM, Arthxir B., A.B., M.A.
Principal, Pacific Grove High School.
Born: Washington (Iowa), Nov. 8, 1884; s.



of Sarah Ann (Brinton) and John Wesley

Education: Univ. of Iowa; Univ. of Calif.
Degrees: A.B., U. of Iowa, 1909; M.A., U.
of Calif., 1930.

Married: Helen Hale, d. of John A. Rowell,
Sonoma (Calif.), June 12, 1915; ch.: Bar-
bara R., Louise R., and Elizabeth H.
Directorships: Pres., Coast Counties Athlete
League: Secy., Calif. Interscholastic Federa-
tion; Secy., Treas., Calif. Interscholastic
Federation Athletic Protection Fund.

Publications: Study of Educational Program

of the Pacific Grove High School.

Memberships: E.xchange Club; Phi Delta


Religion: Protestant.

Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: Pacific Grove High School,

Pacific Grove, Calif.

Ho7ne Address: 920 Fountain Ave., Pacific

Grove, Calif.

INGHAM, Edwin Ambler. B.S.

City Manager, City of Glendale.
Born: Chicago (111.), Aug. 4, 1887; s. of
Ellie (Colegrove) and Elmer T. Ingham.
Education: High School, San Fernando
(Calif.); Univ. of Calif., Berkeley.
Degrees: B.S., U. of Calif., 1912.
Married: Mary Irene, d. of Annie M. and
Frank A. Powell, at San Fernando (Calif.),
May 21, 1913; ch.: Theodore Alton.
Prof. Record: With Engineering Dept., City
of Berkeley, as Deputy Engr., Nov., 1913,
to Jan , 1915, I.B. Funk, Consulting Engrs.
(Los Angeles), Jan., 1915, to Nov., 1915, C.
C Kennedy, Cons. Engr. (San Farncisco),
1920-25; Asso. with C.C. Kennedy, 1925-28;
City Mgr. of Coronado (Calif.), and also
City Engr.; City Mgr. of Glendale (Cahf.),
June 1, 1937 to date; with Stone and Web-
ster (Boston), 1912-13; Asst. Supt. of Con-
struction for the Electric Bond and Share
Co. (New York), 1915-18; field charge of
engineering and construction for the upper
works of the Merced Irrigation Dist., 1923-24.
Memberships: Univ. Hon. Soc. (two: Scien-
tific Engineeirng) ; YMCA Board; Verdugo
Hills Boy Scout Council; Glendale Ro-
tary Club; Masonic Order; B.P.O.E.; Amer.
Soc. of Civil Engrs.; League of Calif. Cities
(Mem. of Exec. Com., 1936-37); Internat.
City Mgrs. Assn.
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: City Hall, Glendale, Calif.
Home Address: 1638 Santa Barbara Ave.,
Glendale, Calif. *

INGHAM. James King

Insurance Executive.

Born: Herington (Kan.), July 2, 1892; s. of

Margaret and Eli H. Ingham.

Education: Wichita High Sch.; Alexander

Hamilton Institute.

Married: Florence, d. of Lynn Mcllhenny, at

Kingman (Kan.), Nov. 6, 1896; ch.: Peggy

Lynn (19) and James K., II (3).

Bus. Record: Railroading; Bank Cashier;

Salesman for Ford Motor Co., Edgar Steel

Manufacturing Co.; Insurance Representative;

Sole Owner, Ingham and Co., Insurance.

Civic Activity: First Pres., Pasadena Junior
Chamber of Com.; Past Dir., Senior Cham-
ber of Comm.; Calif. Assn. of Insurance
Agents; Pasadena Vocational Bureau; and
Pasadena Athletic Club; Past Treas., San
Gabriel Valley Boy Scout Council. Rotary
activity: Entered Pasadena Rotary Club, 1929,
served on many committees; Pres., Pasadena
Rotary Club, 1932; Gen. Chmn. of District
Conf. (Pasadena), 1932; attended Rotary In-
ternat. Convention, Seattle, Mexico City and
San Francisco.

Directorships: Dir., Pasadena Univ. Club.;
Treas., Tournament of Roses Assn.; Dist.
Governor, Rotary Internat. No. 107.
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Golf, badminton, billiards, and
all sports.

Bus. Address: 91 So. Euclid, Pasadena, Calif.
Home Address: 1229 Solita Rd., Pasadena,
Calif. *

INSKEEP. Annie Dolman. B.L., M.L.,

Child Psychologist, Writer.
Born: CJold Hill (Nev.); d. of Christine Caro-
line (Hoerner) and William Hickman Dol-
man (Calif, pioneer).

Education: Univ. of Calif.; Univ. of Chica-

Degrees: B.L., 1893, M.L., 1896, U. of Calif.;
Ph.D., U. of Chicago, 1898.
Married: Prof . Lorenzo Dow Inskeep, II (dec),
s of Lorenzo Dow Inskeep, I, M.D., at Oak-
land (Calif.), June 11. 1S95; ch.: Lorenzo
Dow, III, M.D., and William Dolman (Pet-
roleum Engr.).

Prof. Record: Prof, at Mills Coll.; Child Psy-
chologist in Berkeley and Oakland (Calif.)
Public Sch. Depts.; Lecturer at U. of Calif,
summer session; at present engaged in re-
search work and writing.

Publications: Teaching Dull and Retarded
Children (Macmillan Co.); Child Adjustment
(D. Appleton Co.); Editor, Dolman Com-
vendium (an outline history of the Dolman
family from 1339 to 1940, privately pub.),
1940; magazine articles in educational jour-
nals,' magazine and newspaper verse.
Memberships: Natl. League of Amer. Pen
Women; Amer. Assn. of Univ. Women; Univ.
Women's Club (San Diego).
Religion: Episcopal.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Gardening and motoring.
Home Address: 2037 Soledad Ave., La JoUa,

IRISH. Florence Mathilde. M.A.

Executive Vice-President and Secretary, Sou-
thern Calif. Symphony Assn.
Born: Los Angeles (Calif.), Mar. 27, 1889;
d. of Minnie Aerick Behm.
Education: Elementary and higher edn. in Los
Angeles city schs.; Woodbury Coll.
Degrees: M.A., Woodbury Coll.
Married: Leiland Atherton Irish, in Los An-
geles, Nov. 27, 1912.

Prof Record: Gen. Chmn. and Mgr. of Hol-
lywood Bowl Assn. and So. Calif. Symphony
Assn for 12 yrs.; these two organizations
have 'sponsored "Symphonies Under the Stars"



in 1 l()ll.\\V()i)(l HdwI In the siiiiimcr .uiil the

So. Call!'. Symphony Assn., the I'lillli.irmonic

Orclu'stra six yrs. In the vvlnlfi-, producing

two sen.sons annually.

nircrtorships: K\cc. Vlce-Pres. and Secy.,

So. Calif. Symphony Assn.; Past-Pres., Eu-

torpe Opera Heading and Cosmos Clubs, Pro

Muslea Cliaiiter of Music; also on Bd. of

Dlr. of the foregoing.

Meit^hershinfi: EbcU (Los Angeles); Callfor-

nlana Parlor No. 247, Native Daughters of

the Golden West; Hon. Mem. of Hollywood

Oiiera Reading and liollywood Women's Clubs;

Town and Gown. (V. of So. Calif.); Sigma

Alpha Iota; Chi Omega (U. of So. Calif.);

Kappa Kappa Gamma (teachers' fraterntiy).

Religion: Congregational.

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Seashore.

Bus. Address: 423 Auditorium Bldg., 5th

at Olive Sts., Los Angeles, Calif.

Home Address: 317 Calle Mayor-Hollywood

Riviera, Redondo Beach, Calif. *

IRWIN, Aubrey N., LL.B.

City Attorney, Glendale.

Born: Anaconda (Colo.), Dec. 7, 190]; s. of
Erma (Hastain) and C. C. Irwin.
Education: Public schs., Yakima (Wash.);
Washington State Coll.; Univ. of So. Calif.
Degrees: LL.B., U. of So. Calif., 1927.
Married: Flora Lee, d. of Rev. Earnest B.
Cole, in Los Angeles (Calif.), 1929; ch.:
James Aubrey (8) and Mary Lee (3) .
Prof. Record: After admittance to bar en-
gaged in private practice until Mar., 1928;
served as Deputy City Atty. and City Pro-
secutor until Sept., 1929, "Asst. City" Atty.
until Oct., 1935; City Atty. to date.
Memberships: Glendale and Amer. Bar Assns.;
Gamma Epsilon (U. of So. Calif.); Phi Al-
pha Delta (Ross Chapter) ; Pi Delta Epsilon
(hen. journalistic) ; B.P.O.E. No. 1289 (Glen-
dale), Past Exalted Ruler; Lions Internatl.;
Glendale Club (Past-Pres.).
Religion : Methodist.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Mountain and ocean fishing,

Bus. Address: 111 No. Howard St., Glendale,

Home Address 1131 No. Howard St., Glen-
dale, Calif. *

IRWIN, The Reverend Walter Mc-
Master, A.B., B.D., D.D.

Born: Galesburg (111.), Nov. 9, 1872; s. of
Angle (McMaster) and John Newton Irwin.
Education: Knox Coll., Galesburg (111.);
Presbyterian Theological Seminary (Chicago).
Degrees: A.B., 1893, B.D., 1897, D.D., 1912,
Coll. of Emporia (Kan.).

Married: Bessie, d. of Emily Ann (Kings-
bury) and Thomas Crane, in Deer Creek
(111.), June 8, 1898; ch.: Dorothy H. (Mrs.
C. H. Crockett), Margaret C. (Mrs. M. C.
Petersen), and Grace K. (Mrs. F. Ernest

Prof. Record: Pastor, Morton Cong. Church,
Deer Creek Presbyterian Church, Delavan
Presbyterian Church (all in 111.); Shelby
(la.); West Side, Wichita (Kan.); Raton
(New Me.x.); Supt. of Home Missions of
Presbyterian Church, Synod of Kan.; New

Kra .Secy, of No. Pacific, Portland
(Ore.); Secy, of Gen. Council of Presbyterian
Church for Rocky Mt. Dlst., Denver (Colo.).
Religion: Presbyterian.
Politics: Republican.

Rrcreationa: Teaching a Bible class of adults.
Home Address: 4658 Felton St., San Diego,

IZAC, Edouard Victor Michel,
B.S., M.C.
Member of Congress.

Born: Cresco (la.). Dee. IS. 1891; s. of
Mathilde (Geuth) and B. Michel Izac.
Education: Schs. of la. and Minn.; U. S. Na-
val Academy.

Degrees: B.S., U.S. Naval Acad., 1915.
Married: Agnes, d. of Gen. De R. Cabell
(U. S. Army, ret.), at Annapolis (Md.),
June 5, 1915; ch.: Cabell (Mrs. Robt. Mel-
vin Waller), Edouard, Jr., Charles, Suzanne,
Forrest and Andre.

Publications: Prisoner of the U-90, and ma-
gazine articles on Internatl. Affairs and Natl.

Navy Service: Ensign and Lieut, during
World War I; was Director of Munitions
at Washington (D.C.) Navy Yard for three
yrs. after and then retired as Lieut. Comdr.
because of injuries incurred in service.
Decorations: Congressional Medal of Honor;
Legion d'Honneur (France) ; Croce di Guer-
ra (Italy) ; Cross of Montenegro.
Religion: Roman Catholic.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Swimming, camping, and hunt-

Bus. Address: House of Representatives,
Washington, D.C.

Home Address: 5380 El Cajon Ave., San
Diego, Calif.

JACKLING, Colonel Daniel Cowan,

D.S.M., B.S., Met.E., Engr.D., LL.D.
Metallurgist, Mining Executive.
Born: Hudson TowTiship, Bates County (Mo.),
Aug. 14, 1869; s. of Lydia Jane (Dunn) and
Daniel Jackling.

Education: State Normal School, Warrens-
burg (Mo.); Mo. School of Mines, Rolla

Degrees: B.S., 1892. Met.E., 1900, Engr.D.,
1933, and 1940, U. of So. Calif.; LL.D.,
1940, U. of Calif.

Married: Virginia Jolliffe in San Francisco,
April 5, 1915.

Prof. Record: Asst. Prof, of Chemistry and
Metallurg>', 1891-93, Chemist and Metallurg-
ist, Cripple Creek District (Colo.), 1894-
96, Charge of Constrn. and Operation. Metall.
Works, Mercur (Utah) Gold Mines. 1S96-1900;
Utah Commr. to Alaska- Yukon-Pacific Ex-
position, 1909; Mem., U. of Mo. Advisory
Council, 1933. American Inst, of Mining and
Metall. Engrs., Dir., 1925-28, 1938-41 and
Pres., 1938; Mining and Metall. Soc. of
Amer. (Councilor) ; Mo. School of ]\Iines
Alumni Assn., Pres., 1932-33; Amer. Chem-
ical Soc.

Directorships: Pres. and Dir.: Utah Copper
Co., Nevada Consolidated Copper Corpn.,
Mesabi Iron Co., Gallup Amer. Coal Co.,



Bingham and Garfield Railway Co., Nevada
Northern Rv. Co.. Ray and Gila Valley R.R.
Co • Dir.. Braden Copper Co.: Mana5::ing
Dir.. Mining Operations. Kennecott Copper

Armv Record: Colonel, Colo. State Natl.
Guard. Active Service. Staff of Gov. J. H.
Peabodv. 190."^-04: Colonel. S^aff of Gov. Wil-
liam Sprv (Utah>, 1909-13; Dir.. U. S.
Government Exnlosive Plants. 1917-19. A.-sst.
to U. S. Dir.. Purchases. Storage and Traf-
fic. 1918.

Auwds- Active Service Gold Medal, Colo.
State N G , 1904 : Distinguished Service Med-
al U S. Government. 1919; Gold Medal.
Mining and Metall. Soc. of Amer.. N.Y.,
1926 (for distinguished service in the de-
velopment of low-.grade minesi ; William
Lawrence Saunders Gold Medal, Amer. Inst,
of Mining and Metall. Engrs.. N. Y. (for
achievement in mining, 19.^0; The John
Fritz Medal, Kngrg. Soc. N. Y. ffor notable
industrial achievement in initiating mass
production of copper from low-grade ores,
through application of engineering nrincinles")
1933; The Washington Award. The Wash-
ington Award Commission ffor piooneering
in large-scale mining and treatment of low-
grade copper ores, releasing vast resources
from formerly worthless deposits), 1940.
?4emberships: Clubs: Menlo Country (San
Mateo Co.), Pacific Union, and Engineers
(.San Francisco). Alta (Salt Lake City), and
Mining (New York) .
Politics: Republican.

Bits. Address: 1800 Hobart Bldg., San Fran-
cisco. Calif.
Home Address: Woodside, Calif.

JACKSON, Professor Everett Gee.

A.B., M.A.

Professor of Art and Head of Art De-
partment, San Diego State College.
Born: Mexia (Tex.), Oct. 8, 1900; s. of
Fannie (Eubank) and Walter Benjamm

Education: Tex. A. and M. Coll.; Chicago
Art Inst.; San Diego State Coll.: Univ. of
So. Calif.

Degrees- A.B.. San Diego State Coll.: M.A.,
U. of So. Calif., 1939.

Married: Eileen Lois, d. of Edward Dwyer
of San Diego (Calif.), in El Paso (Tex.),
July 21, 1926; eh.: Jerry Gee.
Prof Record: Is an exhibiting artist; has won
several awards including: Anne Bremer Prize,
San Francisco Art Assn., 1929; Merit Award,
Los Angeles Museum, etc.; paintings m per-
manent collections of Houston Mus. (Tex.),
Los Angeles Mus., San Diego Fine Arts Gal-
lery; has lived, traveled and painted in old
Mexico for three yrs.

Directorships: Mem.. Acquisition and Edn.
Committtees, Fine Arts Soc. (San Diego).
Religion: Methodist.
Politics: Non-partisan.

Bus. Address: San Diego State Coll., San
Diego, Calif.

Home Address: 12.34 Franciscan Way, San
Diego, Calif.


Writer. Playwright.

Born: Hamburg (Ger.). June 5, 1902; s of

Fanny (Bloemendal) and Siegfried Joachim-


Education: Freiburg Univ. (Switzerland).
Married: Jill Martin; ch.: Ralph and Janet.
Prof. Record: Has been writing for several
years chiefly for motion pictures; some of
his recent credits are: Collaborated on screen
play Mad Aho^it Music and Rage of Fans
(Universal), 1937; The Girl Downstairs
(MGM) 1938; Three Synart Girls Grow Up
and Destry Rides Again (Universal) and or-
iginal story, Bachelor Mother (RKO), 1.U9;
collaborated on screen play, Spring Parade
and Back Street (Universal), 1940.
Publications: Five in the Jazz Band (Felix
Bloch Berlin), 1927; The Ugly Girl (Felix
Bloch), 19.30; Once There Was a Man (George
Marton, Vienna), 1936.

Memberships: Los Angeles Athletic and Riv-
iera Country clubs.
Religion: Jewish.
Recreations: Golf.

B'.is. Address: Universal Studios, Universal
City, Calif.

JACKSON. Frank Kennedy, A.B.

President and Half -Owner, Jackson Furni-
ture Company.

Born: Oakland (Calif.), May 27, 1885; s. of
Bertha L. (Kennersoni and Harry K. Jack-

Education: Alameda Grade and High Schs.;
Stanford U.

Degrees: A.B., Stanford U., 1909.
Married: Gertrude Elizabeth^ d^ of Elizabeth
(McKinstry) and William R. Cole, in Oak-
land (Calif.), NOV. 1, 1916; ch.: F. Kennedy
and Harry Armstrong.

Bus Record: Entered firm of Jackson Furni-
ture Co., in 1909. worked in every dept
held positions of Credit Mgr., Adv. Mgr
Merchandise Mgr., and Gen. Mgr.; was made
Pres. in 1931, which position he occupies to

Memberships : A t h e n i a n - N i 1 e . Claremont
Country. Athens Athletic and Oakland Yacht
C°ubsT Oak Grove Lodge. No. 215, Free and
Accented Masons of Calif., Oakland Consis-
torv No 2. M.R.S.. Ancient and Accepted
Scdttish Rite, Aahmss Temple (life mem.).
Shrine (life mem.); Quiet Birdmen. S. F.

Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Golf and boating.
Bus. Address: Clay and 14th Sts., Oakland,

Home Address: 811 Highland Ave., Piedmont,

JACKSON, Dean J(acob) Hugh, A.B.,

M.B.A., LL.D.

Dean Graduate School of Business and Pro-
fessor of Accounting, Stanford University.
Born: Warren Co. (la.), Jan. 20 1891; s. of
Ella Viola (Marts) and James Milton Jack-

Education: Simpson Coll.; Harvard Univ.
Degrees: A.B., 1912, LL.D. 1930, Simpson
Coll.; M.B.A., Harvard U., 1920.
Married: Frederica Ann Harned, July 29,
1914; ch.: Jacob Hugh and Charlotte Fred-

Prof. Record: Certified Pub. Accountant,
Wis., Mass. and Calif.; Instr. in bkkg., high



sells, ( n.-ncnporl. I;i. and St. I.nvils, Mo.t,
liil.i-IC: Assl. I'mf., rnmmcrct", U. of Ore,
1<)1(;-17; Assl. Prof, of Accounting, V. of
Minn., 1<)18-1<), Harvard U. Giiid. Sch. of Bus.
Admliiislrallon, l!>'-'()-21 : I'rof., l!)'j;!-27: I'rof.
of Accounllnt;, Crad. Sch. of Uiis., Sl.-inford
II., since liVJG. Doan since 1!).'!1 ; Asso. with
Price, Waterhouse & Co.. Now York, Boston,
and S.F., l!VJl-;«): ActiiiR Prof, of Kconomlcs,
Stanford, summers l!('j,S-2n: Lecturer at U.
of Chicapo. summer quarter, IHi;.'?, VVm. A.
Vawtcr Foundation, Northwestorn U., 19.32.
Directorships: Trustee, Pacific Sch. of Re-
ligion (Berkeley) ; Dlr., Amer. President
Lines, Ltd. (S.F.), Palo Alto Nat. Bank,
Palo Alto Mutual Building and Loan Assn.
Mc7nbcrships: Nat. Assn. Cost Accountants,
Pres., 19.38-39; American Accounting Assn.,
Pres., 1929; American Assoc, of Coll. Schools
of Business, Pres., 1940-41; Amer. Economic
Assn.; Stanford Research Club; Calif. State
Soc. of Certified Pub. Accountants; Council
on Foreign Relations. Inc.; AInha Kappa PsI;
Bohemian (S.F.1, Faculty (Stanford), Ki-
wanis (Palo Alto), Menio Country, and Rio
Del Mar Country (Santa Cruz) clubs.
Publications: Author: Axidit Working Papers
— Their Preparation and Content, 1923; Book-
keeping and Business Knowledge (with T. H.
Sanders and A. H. Sproul), 1925; Aud-
iting Problons, 1929; Accounting Principles,
1941; also articles in magazines and technical

Bus. Address: Stanford University, Calif.
Home Address: 445 El Escarpado, Stanford
University, Calif.

JACKSON. Joseph Henry

Literary Editor, San Francisco Chronicle.

Born: Madison (N..T.), July 21, 1894; s. of

Marion Agnes (Brown) and Herbert Hallett


Education: Peddle School (Hightstown, N.J.);

Lafayette Coll. (Easton, Pa.).

Married: Charlotte Ellen, d. of Edward

Gree'ev Cobden in Berkelev (Calif.), June

20, 1923; ch. : Marion

Prof. Record: Asst. Adv. Mgr., Nat. Carbon

Co. (San Franci-sco). 1920-22; Editor,

Sunset Magazine. 1922-24; Mng. Editor, 1924-

27; Editor, 1927-28; Literary Editor, San

Francisco Chronicle. 1929 — . Conductor of

NBC Program, A Bookman's Notebook, since


Publications: Mexican Interlude, 1926; Notes

On a Drum, 1927; Tintypes In Gold, 1939;

Extra! Extra! (with Scott Newhall), 1939;

Anybody's Gold: The Story of California's

Mining Towns, 1941; frequent contrib. to lit.

reviews, etc.

Army Record: World War I; Second Lieut.,

Inf., U.S. Army.

Memberships: Phi Kappa Psi; Bohemian Club

(San Francisco) ; Internatl. P.E.N., San

Francisco and New York.

Religion: Presbyterian.

Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: Fifth and Mission Sts., San

Francisco, Calif.

Home Address: Berkeley, Calif.

JACOBS. Jr., Edwin E.. A.B., B.S.

Publisher, Kingsburg Recorder.

Born: Ashland (Ohio), June 18, 1911; s. of

Mary (Cassel) and Edwin E. Jacobs.

Kihiciilion : Public schools (Ashl.ind, Ohio);
Ashland Coll.; Columbia I'niv, fN.YC)
firgrrrs: A.B., 19,33, Ashland Coll.; B.S. (In
journnlism), Columbia U., 19.34.
Married: Corrlne, d. of Catherine (Netcher)
and Charles Miller In Kingsburg (Calif.),

Prof. Record: Free lance writer; worked for
New York advertising agency; purchased
Recorder In 1937. Past-Pres., Chamber of

Directorships: Pres., Kingsburg Kiwanls Club.
Memberships : Sigma Delta Chi, Sigma Alpha
Gamma; Kiwanls.
Religion: Brethern.
Politics: Democrat.
Recreations: Golf, tennis.
Bus. Address: Kingsburg Recorder, Kings-
burg, Calif.

Home Address: 20th Ave., Kingsburg, Calif.*

JACOBS. Gordon Morse

Chairman, Siskiyou County Board of Super-

Bnrn: Henley (Calif.), 1878; s. of Tobitha
and Jehu Jacobs.

Education: Hornbrook (Calif.), pub. schs.
Married: Myrtle, d. of Mary E. and Wm.
Burrill in Gazella (Calif.), April, 1905; ch.:
Mrs. Fred Perrv (Triickee. Calif.); Mrs.
Bernice Jenni (Hornbrook, Calif.)
Prof. Record: 30 yrs. with the T. Jones Co.
(a large mercantile firm of Hornbrook) ; last
10 yrs. owner of Gordon Jacobs and Co.
(general merchandise firm of Hornbrook) .
Membershivs: Masonic Bodies of Yreka; (ex-
cept Knight Templars), All Scottish Rite,
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Hunting, fishing, and small rifle
Home Adaress: Hornbrook, calif.

JACOBS. Harold Duane

Assistant Administrator, Wage and Hour Di-
vision, U.S. Department of Labor.
Born: Paw Paw (Mich.), Jan. 28, 1890; s.
of Kate Hortense (Wilcox) and Fred Davis

Education: Public schools (Paw Paw, Mich).

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