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of Izora (Carter) and Geo. W. Johnson.

Education: Berkeley Public Schools; Univ.
of Calif. (Berkeley).

Degrees: A.B., 1926, J.D., 1928, U. of Calif.
Married: Doris Louise, d. of Emily and Geo.
E. Miller, Del Monte, Calif., Sept. 28, 1935.
Prof. Record: Admitted to practice law in
State of Calif, on Oct. 4, 1928; Member of
Calif. Assembly (1935-41) ; former Speaker
pro tempore.

Memberships: Kappa Delta Rho, Phi Delta
Phi, Phi Beta Kappa; Commonwealth Club
of Calif. ; Berkeley Parlor No. 210, Native
Sons of the Golden West; Calif. Aerie No.
1423, Frat. Order of Eagles; Berkeley Cham.

of Comm.; Member, .State Bar of C;illf. and

Mar Assn. of San Francisco.

Religion: Epl.scopal.

Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: Kohl Bldg., .San Francl.sco,


Home Address: 765 San Luis Rd., Berkeley,


JOHNSON, Senator Hiram Warren

United States .Senator.

Born: Sacramento (Calif.), .Sept. 2, 1866;
s. of Annie (DeMontfredy) and Grove Lau-
rence Johnson.

Education: Univ. of Calif, (left in Jr. yr.).
Married: Minnie L. (McNeal) in Sacramento,

Prof. Record: Began as Shorthand Reporter;
studied law in father's office; admitted to
Calif, bar, 1S88, and practiced in Sacra-
mento; moved to San Francisco, 1902; Mem.,
staff of pros, attys. in boodling cases, In-
volving leading city officials and almost all
pub. utility corpns. (San Francisco), 1906-
07; was selected to take the place of Francis
J. Heney (after latter was shot down in
court while prosecuting Abe Ruef, for brib-
ery, 1908), and secured conviction of Ruef;
Gov. of Calif., 1911-15, re-elected for term,
1915-19 (resigned Mar. 15, 1917) ; a Foun-
der of Progressive Party, 1912, and Nominee
for Vice-Pres. of U. S. on Prog, ticket same
yr.; U. S. Senator from Calif., for four
terms, 1917-41; Candidate for Pres., 1924.
Memberships: Native Sons of Golden West;
Mason, Knight Templar.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: Senate Bldg., Washington,

Home Address: 1360 Montgomery St., San
Francisco, Calif. •

JOHNSON, J. Leroy. A.B., J.D.


Born: Wausau (Wis.); s. of Jennie (Gunder-
son) and Edmund E. Johnson.
Education: Public Schools of Wausau; Univ.
of Wis.; Univ. of Calif.

Degrees: A.B., U. of Wis., J.D., U. of Calif.,

Married: Elizabeth, d. of Wm. J. Alpers, in
Westfield (N.J.), May 22, 1920; ch.: Wil-
liam A., Mary E.

Prof. Record: Secy, to Justice M. C. Sloss,
Calif. Supreme Court, 1915-16; located in
Stockton in 1919, following World War I,
and has practiced law in Stockton since
then; City Atty. of Stockton, 1923-34.
Directorships: Pres., Delta Investment Co.;
Dir., Masonic Temple Assn. of Stockton.
Army Record: 2nd Lieut, in World War I;
Pilot in 104th Aero Squadron in St. Mihiel
and Argonne offensives.
Awards: Silver Star Medal, USA. 1918.
Mem,berships : American Legion; Masons;

Religion : Congregational .
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Golf and gardening.
Bus. Address: Bank of America Bldg.,
Stockton, Calif.

Home Address: 1621 Argonne Dr., Stockton.
Calif. *



JOHNSON. Jay Milton, B.S., M.S.
Registrar. Le Conte Junior High Scliool,

Born: San Francisco (Calif.), April 27
1899; s. of Alice Pauline (Levander) and
William H. Johnson.

Education: Manual Arts H S.; Univ. of
So. Calif.; Univ. of Calif., Los Angeles.
Degree: Sec. Tchrs. Credential, U.C.L.A
1922- Supervisor's Credential, 1925, i^-^- '"
Ed., cum lande, 1934. M.S in Edn.. 1935,
Administrative Credential, Secondary Grade,
1936 (all U. of So. Calif.).
Married: Tvra Eleanor, d. of Axel Teurnee,
in Los Angeles, Nov. 19, 1922.
Prof. Record: Teacher in Los Angeles City
School System since 1922; Grand Ave. Eve-
ning Sch.. Metropolitan Evenmg High Sch.,
1922-25; Le Conte Jr. H. S., since 1922.
Directorships: Vice-Pres., B.Y^.U. of Amer-
ica 1926-27, Chmn. E.xec. Com., 1927-29,
Pres 1930-32. Chmn. Reception Com.,
World's 10th S. S. Convention; Pres., Bap-
tist Men's Council of So. Calif., 1933-35,
Mem Exec. Com., Natl. Council Northern
Baptist Men, 1930-36; Member, Exec. Com.
So Calif. Interdenom. Council Relig. t-dn.
(now Calif. Church Council), since 1928.
Publication: "A Study of Methods Used fo?
Improving School Attendance in Certain Cit-
ies of the United States."
Memberships: Phi Kappa Phi; Hollywood
Lions Club; Ellis-Orpheus Club of Los An-

Religion: Baptist.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: 1316 No. Bronson Ave., Hol-
lywood, Calif.

Home Address: 2604 Hollister Terrace, Glen-
dale, Calif.

JOHNSON, Josef Jerome, B.S., M.S.,

Astronomer; Research Fellow in Astrophys-
ics, Calif. Inst, of Tech.

Born: Decatur (111.), Aug. 28, 1899; s. of
Maud (Shiaudeman) and Elbert Evans

Education: Long Beach Poly High Sch..
1914-18; Calif. Inst, of Tech.; Ohio Wes-
ley an Univ.

Degrees: B.S., 1930, and Ph.D., 1935. CaUf.
Inst, of Tech.; M.S., Ohio Wesleyan Univ.,

Married: Harriet Alice, d. of Mary (An-
drews) and James C. McQuilkin, in Long
Beach (Calif.), July 10, 1930; ch.: Jerome
Andrews, Janet Elinor.

Prof Record: Research Asst., Perkins Ob-
servatory (Delaware, Ohio), 1931-32; Teach-
ing Fellow in Astrophysics, Calif. Inst, of
Tech (Pasadena, Calif.), 1932-35, Research
Fellow since 1935; Mem., Harvard Eclipse
Expdn. to Malaya, 1929, U. S. Naval Obser-
vatory Eclipse Expdn. to Niafou Island, 1930,
Japanese Naval Eclipse Expdn. to Caroline
Islands, 1934; Tokyo Observatory Eclipse
Expdn. to the Hokkaido, 1936.
Memberships: Amer. Assn. for the Advance-
ment of Science; Amer. Astronomical Soc;
Astronomical Soc. of the Pacific; Amer
Geographical Soc; Seismological Soc. of

Amer.; Sigma Xi, Tau Beta Pi, Sigma PI

Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Sailing, music.
Bus. Address: California Inst, of Technol-
ogy, Pasadena, Calif., and Palomar Moun-
tain Observatory, Calif.

Home Address: 1030 San Pasqual St., Pasa-
dena, Calif.

JOHNSON, Marcus S(hepherd)

Mayor City of Ventura; Drilling Superin-
tendent and Oil Fields Production Manager,
Lloyd Corporation, Ltd.

Born: Beaver City (Utah), June 12, 1895;
s. of Julia Esther (Shepherd) and Hyrum

Education: Brigham Young Univ. (Provo,

Married: Lillian, d. of Nina and Bert E
Ryan, in Riverside (Calif.), Nov. 15, 1921,
ch.: Donald Marcus and Nma Mae.
Prof Record: Commenced work in Calif,
oil fields 1919, immediately after discharge
from Army; employed in various capacities
as tool dresser, driller, drilling foreman,
with several companies (14 yrs. with Assoc
Oil Co.). until 1938; joined firni of Lloyd
Corp., Ltd., of Los Angeles (Calif ), as
Drilling Superintendent; advanced to OU
Fields Production Mgr., 1939—; elected to
office of Mayor, City of San Bueneyentura
(off. name), 1937; term expired April, 1941.
Army Record: Utah Natl. Guard Cavalry,
1913-17; entered Federal Service, April,
1917; promoted, 1st Lieut., Dec, 1917;
Instr., School of Fire, Fort Si 1 (Okla ).
Jan. to June, 1918; in France, June 1918,
to March, 1919, Commanded Battery A, 145th
Field Artillery; discharged from Base Hos-
pital 27, Ft. Douglas (Utah), July, 1919.
Memberships: Kiwanis; Archery Club of So.
Calif.; Ventura Co. Chamber of Commerce.
Religion: Latter Day Saint (Mormon), Santa
Barbara Dist. Pres.
Politics: Republican.
Recreations: Archery, fishing.
Bus. Address: Box 308, Ventura, Calif.
Home Address: 426 No. Catalina St., Ven-
tura, Calif.

JOHNSON. Milbank. B.S., M.D., LL.D.
Social Economist.

Born: Columbus (Tex.), Oct 13 1871; s. of
Philadelphia Wheeler (Borden) and Jehu
Warner John.son.

Education: Univ. of So. Calif ; Northwest-
ern Univ.; student, Johns Hopkins and Eu-
ropean Hosps.

Degrees: B.S., 1890, LL.D., 1917, U. of So.
Calif.; M.D.. 1893, LL.D.. 1920, Northwest-
ern U.

Married: (1) Louiez Lester LotJiroP of Gal-
veston (Tex.), Sept. 16, 1893. (2) Isabel
sfmeral of Cleveland. Sept. 8, 1920; ch^:
Mrs. Louiez Webb and Mrs. Evelyn Bruner.
Prof Record: Practiced at Los Angeles
(Calif ) 1893-1901; Prof. Physiology and
CUn Medicine, U. of So. Cahf., 1897-1901;
Chief Surgeon, So. Calif. Edison Co., 1901-
13- Pres Municipal Charities Commn. (Los
Angeles), 1913-17; Vice-Pres Pacific Mut-
ual Life Ins. Co. of California, 1917-36,
Dir., Amer. Ins. Federation. 1917; Pres..
Western States Taxpayers Conf.. 19^7.



Calif. Taxation ImpidM'mcnt Assn., liCTi -!.'(>;
Mom.. Bd. of Directors. Pasadena IIosp. A.ssn..
102f)-:«); Mem.. Los Angeles Hd. of Health.
1<M)<)-0J: Mem.. Bd. of Freeholders which
revised City Charier of Los Angeles. litlO;
Mem.. E.xec. Com. Calif. Mil. Welfare Com-
nnl.ssion. 1917-19; Pres.. Southwest Museum.
1920-26: Mem.. A.M. A.. So. Calif. Med.
Assn., Los Angeles Co. Med. Soc. Calif.
Conf. Social ARcncies (ex-Pres.), Am. Conf.
Social Work (Calif.).

Dirrctorxhips: Chmn.. Special Medical Re-
search Com. of U. of So. Calif.: Dir.. Pa-
cific Mutual Life Ins. Co., since 19.3fi; Chmn.,
Bd. of Dirs., Calif. Ta.xpavers' Assn., since

Memberships: Phi Rho Sigma (a founder,
1890), Phi Gamma Delta: Mason (.32° K.T.,
ShrineD: Calif. Landmarks: Auto Club of
Southern Calif, (a founder) ; Commonwealth
(San Francisco) clubs: Society Sons of the
Amer. Revolution.
Religion: Christian.
Politics: Republican.

Bus. Address: Subway Terminal Bldg., Los
Angeles. Calif.

Home Address: 344 So. Hill Ave., Pasadena
Calif. *

JOHNSON, Paul Franklin. Sc.B.

Executive : Retired Mechanical and Radio

Born: Downsville (Dunn Co., Wis.), Oct. 13.
1874: s. of Cora Estella (Smith) and Prof.
Warren Seymour Johnson.
Education: Grade schools: Milwaukee High
(1 yr.): Special at State Coll. (1 yr.)
(Whitewater, Wis.): Mass. Inst, of Tech-
nology (41,4 yrs.).

Degrees: Sc.B., Mass Inst, of TechnoIog>',

Married: Hannah, d. of Joseph Fouike, in
Philadelphia (Penn.). June 26. 1900: ch.:
Seymour Fouike: Mrs. Eleanor Fouike (John-
son) Bates (wife of Lieut. Com. John Wes-
ley Bates) .

Prof. Record: Various positions as: Moulder,
Machinist. Pipefitter. Billing Clerk. Order
Clerk, etc.. before 1898; Erecting Engr.,
1898-99: with Johnson Service Co.. as Fac-
tory Supt., Purchasing Agt., Sectv.. now
Dir.. Treas.. 1899—. Owner of Altadena Ra-
dio Lab.. 1919 — . Radio Store, Pasadena.
1921-26. Erected the 25-ft. tower clock in
Philadelphia City Hall. 1898: assisted Prof.
Warren S. Johnson and Chas. L. Fortier in
wireless expmts.. for which silver medal
was awarded. Paris Expdn.. 1899-1900-03;
Dr. Lee De Forest also an Asso., 1900; they
had first Wireless Sta. West of Atlantic
coast. 1900; owned and operated one of the
pioneer broadcasting stas. on Pac. Coast.
KGO. Altadena (C&lif.); license issued Aug.
13, 1922. Invented Thermostat Adjustments,
Acct. Systems.

Directorships: Director and Treasurer, John-
son Service Co., Milwaukee (Wis.), Dir.,
Rubio Canyon Land and Water Assn., Alta-
dena (Calif.).

Publications: Johnson's Motor Yacht Log,
three editions.

Army Record: Aeronautical Mechanical En-
gineer. Naval Aircraft Factory. Philadel-
phia, 1918 (not commnd. because of poor
hearing) .

Memberships: Fellow, Amer. Geographical
Soc; Pacific (Geographical Soc. (founder);

Amer. .Soc. of .Mechanical En>,'rs. ; Amer.
Soc. of Variable Star Observer.s; Astronom-
ical Soc. of the Pacific (life mem.); New
England Historic Genealogical Koc. Hlfe* ;
Amateur Cinema League; Amer. Museum of
Natural History : Amer. Radio Relay I.*ague;
Inst, of Radio Engrs. ; Natl. Geographic
Soc; Company H. 185th Inf.. Calif. Nat.
Guard (hon.), Ancient and Honorable Ar-
tillery Co. of Mass.: Soc. of Colonial Wars;
Soc. of the Founders and Patriots of Amer.;
Soc. Sons of the Revolution (life mem.);
United States Naval Inst. (Asso. Mem.); Al-
tadena Welfare Board: Calif. Anti-Vivisec-
tion Soc: Calif. State Humane Assn.: Pasa-
dena Humane Soc. (life mem.); Altadena
Chamber of Commerce: Altadena Property
Owners League: Altadena Citizens Assn.;
Balboa Tournament of Lights Assn.; Boy
Scouts of America (Trail Builders) ; Pasadena
Historical Soc. ; Pasadena Tournament of
Roses Assn. ; Pasadena Young Men's Chris-
tian Assn. ; Pasadena Flower Show Assn. ;
Rotary Club of Pasadena: Sierra Club: Staff
Commodore. Balboa Yacht Club (Calif.);
Amer. Power Boat Assn.; Auto. Club of So.
Calif.; Auto. Old Timers; Electric Club of
Los Angeles; Horseless Carriage Club of Los
Angeles: Los Angeles Athletic; Royal Vic-
toria Yacht Club; Univ. Club of Pasadena.

Religion: Christian Science.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Photography, touring, travel,
yachting, radio, hiking and genealogy.
Bus. and Home Address: 3100 Maiden Lane,
Altadena, Calif.

Other Addresses: Laguna Beach, Calif.;
Coleman Bldg., Seattle, Wash.; 507 E. Mich-
igan St., Milwaukee, Wis.

JOHNSON, Raymond Bertram

City Clerk and Superintendent of Municipal
Affairs, City of Martinez.
Born: Martinez (Calif.), March 24, 1899; s.
of Anna (Nielson) and Swan Johnson.
Education: Martinez Grammer School; Al-
hambra High School.

Married: Ruth. d. of Mary O. Winters, in
Grants Pass (Ore).. May 11, 1929.
Prof. Record: Worked for 4 yrs. in law of-
fice of Alfred S. Ormsbv (dec), from 1920-
24: elected City Clerk. Martinez, 1924 — .
Appointed Supt. of Municipal Affairs, City
of Martinez, 1938 — . Elected Public Ad-
ministrator of County of Contra Costa
(Calif.), 1926-38; "did not choose to run in

Directorships: Secy, of Martinez Lions Club;
Secy., City Clerks Assn., Contra Costa Co.
Memberships: Druids; Native Sons; Elks;
Alhambra Alumni. St. Marys Club.
Religion: Protestant.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Fishing, boating and gypsying.
Bus. Address: City Hall, Martinez, Calif.
Home Address: 25 Green St.. Martinez.
Calif. •

JOHNSON. The Reverend Recter Wil-
liam. A.B., B.D., D.D.
Minister, First Methodist Church, San Jose.
Born: Burns (Kan.), April 10, 1896; s. of
Alice ^lay (Bell) and Hamilton Edwin John-



Eiliicdtion: Kansas Wesleyan Univ. (Salina,
Kan ) ■ Colo. State Coll. of Education (Gree-
ley, Colo.); The Iliff Graduate of Theology
(Denver, Colo.).

Degrees: A.B., Colo. State Coll. of Edn.,
19''4- B.D., The Iliff Graduate Sch. of The-
ology, 1924; D.D., Honorary degree, Coll.
of the Pacific (Stockton, Calif.).
Married: Elsie, d. of Rose (Wilson) and G.
Bales in Kormoso (Kan.), July 23, 1919; ch.:
John Recter and Mary Alice.
Prof Record: Entered Methodist Ministry,
Northwest Kansas Conference, 1918, and has
served the following churches: Kanona and
Lenora (Kan.); Bennett, Idaho Springs,
Wesley Foundation of Greeley, and Palisade

(Colo") ■ Flagstaff Community Church, and

First Methodist Church, Tucson (Ariz.); First

Methodist Church, Redlands, and First Meth-
odist Church, San Jose (Calif.).

Directorships: Goodwill Industries of San


Religion: Methodist.

Politics: Independent.

Recreations: Golf, hunting, and fishing.

Bus. Address: 205 E. Santa Clara St., San

Jose, Calif.

Home Address: 170 So. 15th St., San Jose,


JOHNSON, Reginald Davis, A.B., B.S.,

Born: Westchester (N. Y.), July 19, 1882; s.
of Isabel Green (Davisi and Joseph Hors-
fall Johnson.

Education: Williams College and Mass. Inst.

Degrees: A.B., Williams Coll., 1907; B.S.,
Mass. Inst. Tech., 1910.

Married: Kathleen Bushnell Leupp, of Wa-
shington (D.C.), June 9, 1910; ch.: Joseph
Leupp, Ethel Murdock, Constance Davis.
Prof. Record: Began practice at Pasadena
(Calif.), 1912; practiced in Los Angeles, since
1922; appointed Cons. Architect, U.S. Treas-
ury Dept., 1935. Prin. works: Hosp. of tne
Good Samaritan, Santa Barbara Biltmore
Hotel, Santa Barbara Post Office (all in

Awards: Awarded Gold Medal, A. I. A., 1921;
Silver Medal, Architectural League of N. Y.,
1928; Gold Medal, Better Homes in America,

Memberships: Fellow, Amer. Inst, of Archi-
tects (Past-Pres., So. Calif. Chapter); Past
Mem., Jury of Fellows; Alpha Delta Phi,
California, Flintridge Riding Clubs.
Bus. Address: Architects Bldg., Los Angeles,

Home Address: 1380 Lombardy Rd., Pasa-
dena, Calif.

JOHNSON, Reginald Perry

Landscape Painter.

Born: New York City, July 10, 1905; s. of
Alma D. (Erickson) and A. Mandus John-

Education: Hastings-on-Hudson Grammar
School (New York); Redlands (Calif.) High
School and Chouinard School of Art (Los
Angeles, Calif.).

Prof. Record: Exhibited in various local ex-
hibitions at Los Angeles Co. Museum, Foun-

dation of Western Art, and other exhibitions at
Oakland, San Francisco, Philadelphia, Port-
land, New York, etc.

Awards- First Prize for water colors, Whit-
tier Art Assn., 1940; Second Award for oil
paintings, Laguna Beach Art Assn., 1936.
Memberships: Calif. Water Color Soc; La-
guna Beach Art Assn.; San Francisco Art

Religion: Christian Science.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Tennis, swimming, ice skating,
and bicycling.

Hoine Address: 1543 So. Barranca Ave., Co-
vina, Calif.

JOHNSON. Roswell Hill. B.S., M.S.,

Counsellor in Family Relations; Director of
Personal Service, American Institute of i?a-
mily Relations.

Born: Buffalo (N.Y.), Oct. 9 1877; s^ of
Mary Spencer (Hill) and William Henry

Education: Brown, Harvard, Chicago, Wis-
consin, Columbia and Pittsburgh Universities.
Degrees: B.S., 1900; M.S., 1903; Ph.D., 1935.
Married: Mary Emily, d. of Charles B_At-
wood in San Francisco, Calif., Dec. 25 193. ;
ch.: Helen S., Elizabeth S., Roswell H., Jr.,
Margaret L., Eliot R.

Prof Record: Prof., U. of Pittsburgh, 1912-
32- Exec. Secv., Social Hygiene Assn. of
Hawaii, 1934-36.

Ptiblications: Authored (with Paul Popenoe),
Applied Eugenics, 2 editions. In press Hap-
py and Unhappy Marriages.
Memberships: Sigma Xi; Fellow, Amer. Asso.
Adv. Sci.

Religion: Unitarian.
Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Gardening and naturalist.
Bus. Address: 607 So. Hill St., Los Angeles,

Home Address: 1212 No. Sycamore Ave., Los
Angeles. Calif.

JOHNSON, Sargent Claude


Born: Boston (Mass.).

Education: Worcester (Mass.); Calif. School
Fine Arts.

Married- Pearl, d. of William Lawson in
Macon (Georgia); ch. : one daughter.
Prof. Record: Calif. School of Fine Arts.
6 yrs.; student of Benimino Bufano, Ralf.

Awards: Medal, San Francisco Art Assn.,
1925 1931, 1935; Sculptor, Otto H. Kahn
Prize 1928; Harmon Bronze Award in Fine
Arts,' 1929, 1931.

Memberships: San Francisco Art Assn.; San
Francisco Mural Society.

Bus. Address: 2101 Scott St., San Francisco,

Home Address: 2777 Park St., Berkeley.
JOHNSON, William Templeton,
Born: Staten Island (N.Y.), Aug. 31, 1877;



s. of Carollno Soplilu (Thomas) and Oliver
Tcnipli'ton Johnson.

EiiurtUion: Slaton Island Acad., 18'.):5-96;
Columbia Univ.. i;K)(j-()7; AtclItT Laloux,
Kc'olo dcs Hoau.x Arts (Paris), 1<K)S)-11.
Mankii: (1) Clara Dclafifld Sturt'cs, June
L'l, 1!»05 (divorced ); ch.: Winthrop Temple-
ton, Arthur Delafiold, Alan Winthrop, Ka-
tharine Delafield. (2) Helen Hayes Gleason,
June 19, 1935.

Prof. Record: Began practice as an Archi-
tect at N. Y., 1911. rrin. works: Pub. Li-
brary and High Sch. (La Jolla), Fine Arts
Gallery, Junipero Serra Mus., San Diego
Trust and Savings Bank, Mus. of Natural
History (San Diego), (all In Calif.); 3 bldgs.
for U. S. Govt., Iberian Am. E.\pn. (Seville,
Spain), Bridges Music Auditorium (Clare-
mont, Calif.), United States Post Office (San
Diego, Calif.). Town Planner, U. S. Ship-
ping Bd., 1918; Mem., E.xec. Com., Nat.
Conf. on City Planning, 1912-16.
Publicutions: Contributor to Journal of the
American Inst, of Architects.
Membe7-ships: Fellow, Amer. Inst. Archi-
tects (Pres., San Diego Chapter, 1931) ; Fine
Arts Soc. of San Diego; Univ. and San Diego
Country Clubs and The Survey.
Religion: Unitarian.
Politics: Democrat.

Bus. Address: San Diego Trust and Savings
Bldg., San Diego, Calif.

Home Address: 4284 Jackdaw St., San Diego,
Calif. .

JOHNSTON. Faber Laine. A.B., J.D.


Born: Santa Clara County (Calif.), Dec. 23,
1888; s. of Cora L. (Laine) and William Al-
len Johnston.

Education: Santa Clara public schools; Stan-
ford Univ.; Stanford Law School; Univ. of
Santa Clara.

Degrees: A.B., Stanford U., 1914; J.D., U.
of Santa Clara, 1923.

Married: lima Mae, d. of Valentine Koch
in San Jose (Calif.), April 16, 1917; ch.:
Faber Laine, Jr.

Prof. Record: Admitted to Calif. Bar, 1914;
Prof, of Law, U. of Santa Clara, 1921-28;
Mem. of firm of W. A. Johnston and F.L.
Jolvnston (W. A. Johnston retired, 1935) ; has
been in private practice since 1936.
Directorships: Dir., Vice-Pres. and Counsel
of San Jose Building-Loan Assn. ; Dir., Vice-
Pres., Pioneer Investors, Inc. ; Dir. of Securi-
ty Building Company of San Jose.
Memberships: Santa Clara County Bar Assn.;
State Bar of Calif, and Amer. Bar Assn. ;
Sigma Alpha Epsilon, Phi Alpha Delta (fra-
ternities) ; B.P.O.E.
Religion: Christian Church.
Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Gardening, hunting, fishing and

Bus. Address: First National Bank Bldg.,
San Jose, Calif.

Home Address: 1184 Sierra Ave., San Jose,
Calif. •

JOHNSTON, Herbert Allan. M.D.,

Physician and Surgeon.

Born: Ontario (Canada), Oct. 8, 1873; s. of

Joancttc (Livingston) and James B. JohnHlon.

Education: Uarrle Collegiate; Toronto
Univ.; Univ. of So. Calif.

iJrgrccn: M.D., Univ. of So. Calif., 1898;
Fellow, American College of Surgcon.s, 1928!
Married: Ann Marwood, d. of W. M. WIfkctt
In Toronto (Ontario, Canada), Oct. 2, 19(XJ;
ch.: Lillls (Johnston) Doughty and Jessie
(Johnston) Thompson.

Prof. Record: Past-Pres., Orange County
Medical Assn., 1913; Organized Johnston
Clmlc in 1917, at Anaheim.

Directorships: Dir. on Advisory Board, Ana-
heim Branch, Bank of America.

Publications: Several medical papers.

Memberships: Rotary (Anaheim); Lincoln
Club (Los Angeles).

Religion: Protestant (Presbyterian).

Politics: Republican.

Recreations: Fishing.

Bus. Address: Johnston Clinic, 117 No Clau-
dina, Anaheim, Calif.

Home Address: 1401 So. Los Angeles St
Anaheim, Calif.

JOHNSTON. Professor Oliver Martin.

A.B., M.A., Ph.D.

Professor Emeritus of Romanic Languages,
Stanford University.

Born: Bastrop (Louisiana), Oct. 17, 1866-

s. of Mary Ann (Ruff) and Martin Lafay-
ette Johnston.

Education: Mississippi College; Johns Hop-
kins Univ. ; studied at Univ. of Paris, 1903-

Degrees: A.B., 1890, M.A., 1892, Mississippi
College; Ph.D., Johns Hopkins U., 1896.

Married: Arclissa Florence, d. of Benjamin
Franklin Boggs in Urbana (III.), Aug. 19,
1897; ch. : Winifred Belle (Mrs. Charles B.
Carpenter), Oliver Martin.

Prof. Record: Principal of Preparatory Dept.,
Mississippi College, 1890-91; Prof, of English,
1891-93: Fellow, Johns Hopkins Univ., 1895-
96; Lecturer on French Philology, Bryn
Mawr College, 1896-97; Asst. Prof, of Ro-
manic Languages, 1897-1900, Assoc. Prof.,
1900-13, and Prof, since 1913 at Stanford
Univ. and Head of the Dept. from 1913.
until retirement, 1932. Prof, of French,
Univ. of Calif. (Berkeley), summer of 1919;
Prof, of Italian, Univ. of Chicago, summer
of 1922; Prof, of French, Univ. of Wash ,
summer, 1924; Prof, of French, Univ. of
Colo., summer of 1926: Vice-Pres., Board of
Trustees, Berkeley Baptist Divinity School;
Mem., Modern Language Assn. of America,
Philological Assn. of the Pacific Coast (Presi-
dent in 1917); Amer. Assn. of Teachers of
Italian (President in 1931). Prof. Emeritus
of Romanic Languages, Stanford Univ., since
Sept. 1, 1932.

Publications: Syntax of Atonic Personal Pro-
nouns in Italian (published by Rowsell and
Hutchinson, Toronto), 1898; A French Gram-
mar for High Schools and Colleges (with J
Elmore; Alfred A. Knopp), 1926; contribu-
tor to Modern Language Notes, Romanic Re-
view. Modern Language Review, Zeitschrift
FUr Romanische Philologie, etc. Second edi-
tion, A French Grammar for High Schools



ond Colleges (published by F. S. Crofts and

Co.), 1936.

Religion: Baptist.

Politics: Democrat.

Recreations: Walking.

Bus. and Home Address: Stanford University,



President, Monogram Pictures Corp.
Born: Briston (Iowa), J^n 2 1892; s. of
Hattie (Burman) and John B. Johnston.
Education: Janesville High Sch (Iowa); Col-
Ice of Commerce (Waterloo, Iowa).
Marr^ed: Violet, d. of Lemuel Hite, at New
Rochelle (N.Y.), May 16, 1914.

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